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f" Tkc'Eyniiiff Herald
(4 i- -
r. n. ftovijg..raitr ! riuir
H. R. MJUt, i . , . , . ,., CI tap Mktoe
V. O. NIOKIiK Adrcrtistac Manaw
..,.aM .11 '
newetl power, ti needless devc-lpo
ment caused by tlio dissensions of
Christian power.
In (ho scientific world, radio tel
egraphy Iibb mado n marvellous ad
vnnco. In philanthropy tho world l
called upon for a great outpouring i
hatphdav, nnrnMnnn no, maa
TablMfeM datly tcpt Sunday, at
Fk ii..Lt.t n.'.v,,.!.,-- -. A... -
Klamath falls, at lis Ela-nth. atrial. f rotlet for tho millions of exiles mora
fc l-ft..fua,.A fa AtdkB il.tal .f llni farf t a ataa la. t ikkililHU llf I llik
urircn oil l ill lurhc.tt aiuai ui mu u.iiu.mii wimin t imi
In the political world, tho most rlr had Chrlstmns trees and enter-
n I
Personal Mention
Entered at tho pott'offlc at Klara-
thronSrti umwU fur their member and
mattoKV 7' ' ', - 'of power by tho Italian nlcT.Tl as trlcadiifc-taucrs were, given for Uu
. ' .2 "' &L :-,JJrr.-a r..L .cnln.t bnlshevl.nl. nil.. ''" 'cnortl " "
MKMrtEn or :rW3 asAootaited a ,ro,csl aRnlnt toihTin. mis-
S .., -'JPItESS '' ola has been forced by stern logic
Tha AfHtaJMI,Prosfl'U'ezelntTt of suffering to glvo.up extreme-com-ly
entitles tpjim. uio tor publlca- mun.m.
linn nl.MnMaMvAlaAiilrhM tTrariltiHlf nlUnl"a1'
i- twltk.I...f.... .-.... ,. I Whlln hi wnrlil la -at 1 1 1 alarircr-
nntiH ticuiivu iy " v --.. ... ..-., .--.
J. F Henley, a former on Iho Mm
rill rimil Wll ttl litivn vnaliidlnt-
Noter has tho holiday season been Paul Hilton, Uiwit Hilton, Marvin tiansncmn business
ra Kay for Mamutu tails society i uuton, Mr, and Mm, ticorgu Tlirnnh-
or, Jim Throshor and tho hosts.
. ,
MIm llniol Pry, who Is homo for
MIm Pmillue Itmltier- Heroine Hi lite
of Prominent Miu'ilitel Itfililont
to It. Is
MMa i jum i
sjlao tho local newt f aK from war psychosis, yet tho
1 ' i force of recovery have grown more)
older rrople, and an unlimited num
Iter .of Christinas illnter-uirtjj wro
held. Christmas day. The wedding
of MIm Marjorln Dejxell was one of
the Interesting, ovents of the week
Wednesday night, December 2i,
HmMtf'.nl&KMIlKlt SO, 102a powerful tlurlnr the year. The dls- M, Mnrjorlo Uolioll. daughter of
iMWyvt '"' ease of war hysteria has run part jjr. aad Mrs. U A Dolicll. became
,ttv' s
1 YOU IN 1923 '
HAT does 1923 hold In store
of Its Inevitable course
Vli-liir York, w ho lin.-i heeti worx. '
Ing hero foV unio time, Ib npoudliiK
tho holidays, with , his fuUioiv l- I
York In Aslilnud, .i
a money way, probably, for tho out
look ts tha't there will be more pros'
psrlty to be divided among the
American people.
the bride of Donald It. Newbury, of j
MeJford. Forty friends of the cou
plo wltnc'ed thu ceremony, which
was performed by the llev Arthur
!. Rice, at tho home of the bride. At
8:30. tho bride entered the p.itm
Mr. mill Ml. Tliniiinu l.nm? nml
01115 In chltdroil V, oiri 111 lnwn l iiiiit.ilni '
th0 KYnnssftpartmenli! 'itprjluests from Clllouulu nltcndii- t() tiuttlori
were: M'r. 'anil Mrs". Oeorptipry. of buil,neM,
Mlsa Olara Calkins, aiiii'.tfcia ,. , ,
Woods. Miss A.rrnobertij'll ..,.,. , ,,, nlKhl"from .
Itlaek and Mr Ocnrhardy,. who, Ik koley. when, tl.er Imvo been spend-'
vlsltlnu hero thfs woek from 'Oil- , ,Ilr ,,, fow wtck
Mr and Mrs. Allen Jonon are
lellghtful affair of th wcok i Ir;"!0, "'J'" luV'"K. TV ""I
. ,,,,,.., M ..... , ,, . I hrlstmiiK holldas with trlends ii.ul
was tho Christmas cv party hold
feint lri In S.m Francisco.
MAl'Dm.li, I'al., Dee 30, JudKo
H K Adiiiiis of this place siirpi'lsnd
hla frleinN by slipping uwiiy to ttiid
dim: ilurlui: tho luillduy and nv
turning with u bride, who win Mls
I'ajilliio I. ItDgers of liny, Atlwiim.
Irnforo tho marriage. Tho eeromotij
win performed by Judge V. II Her
-liner of ltcddlug. I
fl'he bridegroom Is n well known
rejdriitit of llutlo valley, where ho1
ha served im Justice of the pi'iw I
for a number of years. The hrldP
Isjh grndiiato of thu Amerlriiu Cut
verl!y,,of ('lilrapu, Is u trained.
uu'ro mid matron of the honplliil nt ,
Hny. j
Advertising pnyi. Try It and ho.
Tho aervlcPM tiiinurniw will ho con
dili'led lis follows llollni'SH ineetlnii
II a in: Hiiiuliiy Hthoiil 1! Ill) p in .
Yoiiiik I'miplim Legion 3U p. in ,
Hulwitlim Army iiieetiiiK h p. m .
WiKill night serlr(. II p m Tin;
eNemnit service will he cimiliirled
by i:nvo .1. Iiiiiiiiii, of I'littlnnd
Ills subject Mill be The lllnlllil of
Life In Three Ails."
no Olflenr In I'liurgo.
Christian Science Society
l.lliniry lltilu. Hrtl nml Main
Siiiiilny urbiMjl fiiiiu li lOt-W
Munilil)' Nertlcett .i 1 1 A. 91,
Vriie.diiy .Merllnjt . .HP. M.
Hiilijett fin- Hiiinlit). Otv, HI
"Clirietirwi Science"
Pr fc rjuiiliu room iln'il fri-'n n-mL
ln llhriiry open from' UHIO lo
I Mill p. in. on Tiuilrtv, Tliurs-
iln) nml Sutiiribiys
yii -nnl l, h.ri. tho Mmu MendelssoluFs wedding march, play
.and wherewithal to think must."' h" Ml" ,)oro,1,- XMl"
Aiffor other things that go to rMn. :... Y,r pMnintlnn hnvo '. The bride nud her father Joined
makotip happiness, a good thought' km ,nn. 1951 .mph l1"? bridegroom and his brother.
wlthvwhlch to start the new year Is ?r.. who acted as best. man. at the
thntTir. Ti' what we mk It and ,n he n1 wo naTP solemnly Improvised altar and the simple
real happiness a condition of heart ' ,worn t0 to'' certaln things. Presbyterian svrvlco was performed
nml iktinit'- '" t:lrtr!- Calkins, who nttiMided
wy7-. . . . m tne future snouia eoieinniy ,nV Mi ww ,lrm,Cl, , rrhW
"u; inen, wiin pepi nine is SWCar to start certain thlugs.
giving a new deal with tho cards.
.rorgt,ThP mistakes of 19!2 and It Is simply a' ease1 of' the atmo-
begltr atresh. phere overcoming tho hemisphere;
t the apartment of Miss Ttuby Fen
wick nnd l.orettn Jennings, In tho Heorge riiamberlaln, who hns bciM ,
Kvans bnltdlnr. Tho rooms wro In t'nllfornlu for the nast fow weeks.
bedockod living room on the arm j beautifully decorated with n Christ- " '" flmnth Falls nttendlng tin
or ner ratner, to tne strains 01 ; ,. r(y,i ,!!,,, )xor nn,j m(,. I business matters this week. '
llctoe. One of tho features of the
party was n crab basket full of
gifts for the guests, white another
The.atort of a new year Is always ,ne Poetve taking place ,o. tne
fascliuitlnir. boexusa it oiwni th ncgatlvo or a similar something.
rrepe-backed satin nnd carried an
aria bouquet of pink carnations The
bride wore apricot georgette crepe
embroidered In crystal beads, a most
becoming color with her blonde hair
and complexion. Sho carried a
doorTo? tho .unknown. The curtain 1 During these past 1921 times the showci1 Bouquet of whlt carnations
freslas and ferns, tier with a wide,
1 anW An n v, av . t e9 At., a, a, nil..... ....
"nM w. uim mv. w& ,uc v.c.um. I Hlfflfiillv hii hun In flnrflni- aim
drama. life I . ... . . . . . , . striped ribbon which blended with
'""'., mc. 1 plo things to swear to start doing. '..,., ... ,
T10 plot Isnot cut and dried la. ,. .. Mly ,0 ,...,. .,-,. thI " "S"-''01 "lor of the go-n. A
a.lrs-n. ' Y. . n f ,,- -., ' " .' M,y ' l0Cat "mP'e ma mall clutter of forn and freesla. In
' " w - not to do.
hclntshapo It. Many who starred In
previous' acta will fade to the back Yu eou,l swear not to make a
of tlie- stage- or be carried out million, an J .live up to It In aplte of
through tho wings, stilled forever. 'l Inclinations to tho contrary.
ThecAd' roles are always changing. Vo (0 ,wc,r ,. ,hoetla: pIe.
Wcatnnir MannflitlH nr Inlitir k.i .
.,,,,.. ., . . , " , ' " Phants. and. without an uncommon, the main ceremony.
Knows. The future I. veiled. "hant9- and M.s. C . L. Itoborts Mr. and
More than any year In the past J You could- .wear off smoking. Mrs. Oscar Shlve Mr. aad Mrs. Fred
,., ..,. ,' .. l-.v.r.v ..Y- .......,- , .. Fleet. Mr. nnd Mrs. A. M. Wordcn.
.,-- . ,r lor Krv .poc- --- -- "T,7 "" " ' ' Mr. and Mrs. Allied Collier. Mr.
tacular events In man's penetration , cigars for Christmas. .. mc
Of tho unknown. .. , , .., ... ,..in .r.. Ch.i'rllnn- Currln. .Mr. aii.I Mr. Kn-
A powerful undercurrent became fc ,,, nol break lt roore tnan neth Klal.n. Mr. nnd Mrs. George
HSalataajB In s. . Jul
her hair completed tho bride's cos
tume. Miss Claudia Spink In a simple,
unaffected manner charmed the
wedding guests with a seng: "To
You." by Oloy Speaks, Just before
Mrs. It. II. .Smith was n pasaengeri
un the murnlng train bound for Huu '
Prntli'lai.. uli.ir., aim , III altnti.l II...
Innovation which lent n charming ,,.. fw weeks' M.Itlng friends and
touch to tho nffalr were the little rulatlvt'i. j
Santa Claus deenrnted luncheon ba-,
kets found under the Christmas Henry Utell wus 11 county srat
tree bearing the namo of each ' visitor yuaterday fiom Ills ranch In
guest Present were MIsuh Mar- Iho valley. He Is preparing to leuMi
tiii: yi'KHT op Tin: ,uw
Moi'tilui; Si'itiiim
Lirtiliifx Scvieon
Ninth nt Pine St.
IIIIiId S1I1110I, 111:110 . 111, MmnlliK W'oialilji, 1 1 :IMI .i. 111'
' ' 1 1 ' m it-Uinldr iuhI, Jnleruit'illulo I, K OilIU p. 111. . , ttiMKiiit
. . l.tiiimclJkllr Srrtlio. 7:illl p. in.
,! A. 11. IIHISTV, MlnlMer t
Jorle Deliell. nilm'-Jth Keys. Flor-,
ence Ffleuger, Florencn Porter.
Clara Calkins, Grnc Fnrrand, May
belle Leavltt, Chnrloto Huntley,
Muriel Klllott nud Lillian LaYaolu,
toon for Salem to Hike his sent In
the liKllntllr.
W. T Lee. who for the pmt two
weeks has been confined to hit homo
with tin liftnrtr nf ltlmtinpii la nlilrtl
who wa, visiting here from !'" I l0 , nt ,. pbc0 ,)f Utl.i,l0M onco .
Klamath Agency. morr I
Thursday of this week Miss Mar- Wedding llceiwes have been Issiiod
garct Johnstone entertained n num- to Curies Mitchell and F.mnm Long,
her of her young friends nt a whist '"' ft Klamntli Falls, and to
party. Thrco tables if whist wero ,lnl", "i-nehK. nnd Miss La Verne
in progress throughout the evening fallen, both of Klamath Falls. .
after which a dainty luncheon was MM ,,., FfJ. wJ ,cavu f()r
served by tho hostess. Present were i,ork,.,rv ,omi,rrnw , ,.. mi,rMni:
Mlsc Kllxaboth Manning. Knthor- trnln nf,pr jm,n(. .,,, ,h ,,,,.
Ine I'Irlch. MargTet Hargus. Marlon lUj9 wUh ,icr p.lrc,, jr. and Mrs .
Wortley. Luetic Harlan. Ilonnla Lu- (icorge Fry. 1
' Ito.id maps 1I0 us llttlo good If we netur rousull tlinn. The
,' sain,, Is triH' of that lllble of olirs. Tho church exist (0 help
' mark "the trail" nml keep people In It. l.uit rhnitco for 1922.
1 1 Id" 11. 111. "r Veur ltoml"
7::ti i. in. iiifinisii.il iiii-im-., ..r tiiua"
Sllllll.l) Mll.Mll IIIIH'U 01 III it. III, ('. K, lit llltllt l. III.
.Hlxlli nml I'lnc M,
imilll L. HICK, MtH.Vr
evident la humanity during 1922
a spiritual wakening, a renewed In-.
once, or perhaps Just half
that Stevenson, Mrs. joiiii sargent, Mrs
I.awrcnro Mnhaffey, .Mrs. V. A,
Jones, Mr. and Mrs. Doll D. Gam
mon, tho Misses Florence Porter
Maybcllo Leavltt, Clara Calkins.
torest In tho hereafter. In our pur-"
poso horq- on earth, and that mys-1 Finding- almple things to swear
terlous-Tleptbf known as tha'. auocon ; not to.do''bWbeen aacasy as con-
eclous mlud. . Tinclng a girl she Is tho caact Image ' Audrey Robert, I.orctta Jennings,
-Psycho-analysis and similar phc-' of a movie star. 1 Dorothy Currln, Claudia Spink, Dor-
nomenn. Incorrectly called "crazes,", othy and Jennie DcUvIl Helen Shlve;
nl) .are. Icadlnjc up to toaie aensa- "ut tln,,,n"f lmPl9 thlnf to I Kenneth Perry. Tom Dulzcll. Carl
Uimnl new development for human-, "WMr to do bM been M hard M I Newbury, Lloyd Porter, lnnln Hob
,ly at large. convincing a bow-legged girl ho UCrts, and HIIIlo nnd John DcUell.
'.Shall we. In 1923, talk with Mars 1 kneck'kBCCll: 1 A reception followed tho ccro-
or Vonus..by radfo or mental waveeT j TtcalUlng the terrible shortage of ' on". Mrs. Roberts cut thn Ices
-.Shall wo discover now nsrchle lmnl thinn to ,to or- sl.Inr ""1 N- 31"T" Poured, assistc.t by
powers that havo been lying dor-' away a list frc.
inant In us. waiting until Destiny ,
fa ready for us to use them? All of Thia list Is so easy a college grad-:
u havi. hrn vn,,i rnn.M,... h. uato can grann It. Soveral charming partie-
T, ....., . .... .
euch latent powers exist. Occa
' i Miss Dorothy Currln, Mis Jrnnlc
Delzi-U nnd Helm Shivn as servers.
1 given In honor of Mr. and Mrs.
Wa Avn TcnturA sn far m tn rav vta.i...v i. riAn.ia .r i... .mini..
Monally they nro manifested by mys- b0M coul(, unJer.Una Bomo of ' Mt wcok Ono ;,f thQ clmrmlnP
ter ous happenings that no one can . m,nor , e,UoD1. affalr, was tIlP ,,Innr In honor or
ratlsfactorlly explain. ',.,. , la ; the bridal party given by Mrs. A
tThe world war. titanic struggle,, It Is the only 1923 list of swears U, Woncn a. , ,lnmo on Wa.u,
was no jorcrunnor or omcning mai wi siay sworn, wo mm. , lagton street. Thuraday evening. The
new and tromendous. Great splr- gWMr tfaat you w g0 hunBry ,f dining table was beautifully decor
Itunl or physic forces shook clvlllzn-' .. ..,. . ... ,. .h.i ated with pink carnations and ferns
ens. Frances Humphrey, Bsther Cal
klns.a Muriol Klllott, Margaret Huu
toon" and Dorothy Dclzell.
Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Rogers wera
hosts nt a small Informal dinner cco.
on ChrUtmas dsy when they had '
as their guests Mr. and Mrs. (llcnn iir- anJ ',- ' tD,ll,b tta
.i..i.r nn.i v.j nw. Mrs. nalevlnlnI1 UaBhlpr. Mrglnla Jt-an. were
.... ., . . i ., ...... 1,. 1 1 ..1 passengers on tho local train lust .
Is still confined 'to tho 'ospltal. but "
" nlrlit Thnv linvn litnn 111 Run .rnn.
Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Terwllligor
left this week in their cur for Cali
fornia. They wero accompanied by'
Charles (loieboom, who wilt make a ,
brief business lalt In San Fran.,
Moriilnu MrniH'iu
"I'lllllSriA.V FFNDAMK.NTAI.s"
. Km'iiInu Si-rmont
tiii: iiFiLiuvi. tiii: patifiln tiii: mti:ihal"
'l.l.TS STAHTi ItKillT"
Kilinol 10:00 11. in, Lvngur (llilll ji. m,
F. L. MOOIti:, .MlnlMer
. night. Thoy havo been lu 8an Fran- s. arm
near 1 -.. ... .. - ..!... ...., ... . -:
j ciscu una cumniiica uuimqss nnu
I pleasuro trip for two weoks past.
1 Miss Audrey Roberts, nrcompan-
her friends will, bo glad to
that sho expects to be nut
nary 8.
The wedding of L. F. Crawford. Ie' '" ll,,r ''l"'r. will l..ao lo
bookkeeper for tho Acme Motor , morrow morning for Grants Pas.,
company, December 1", camo ns n
il-lil 1.1 UL1!1.
whutu sho Is tvichlng In tho high
srtiool, after a brief Malt with
friends and relatives In Klamath
tpn to Its foundation. Leading up
tp what! Wo may know, before
t)e end of 192 J. Forward, across
the threshold of the unknown.
Tho Host-burg Nows-Reylew)
fr HAT bus 1922 done for hit-
man progress? In the
United States where last January
millions of people wero out of em
ployment, today tho Industries are That (unless you are too
goncrally busy. This cbango Is, ( you will pay youi' taxes.
howevor, only one movement of that ,
ceaseless tido of business ttyat keeps
rising and falling. Whether any
thing has-been done to prevent fu-j That you will let your colds get
turo harmful fluctuations Is a ciue- well of their own accord.
vou hav no thine to eat for a while.
, nud tho placet wor mtirknd with
That you will let It got dark ov-J novelty brlda and griitmi placo card
cry night Just after dusk. - Cou-rs ero laid for. Mr. nnd Mrs
. I N'owbury, Miss Clara' Calkins, Carl
That you wti pay tho coal dealer Nowbliry ,Um MayteIlo Leavltt. Ar-
what ho aks ou to. pay. .j t,lr y,,., Mrs. Jol( Sargent nml
Mr. nud Jlrs. Wo'rdca. - ', 1
1 1 v,
Friday afternoon llit.i Lornttn
That you will let congrfas forget .lennlng, Mrs. George Stnvenson nnd
That you ' will get wt If
stand In'thMlrain long enough.
why It was elected.
That, no matter how mad, you
I will refuse to lick Jack Dempsey.
That you will let porpelual mo
tion remain a secret.
Hon. Whllo two great strikes have
caused a disastrous loss, yet on the
wwolo labor relations huve gjlned.
e iiuiubuVy of strikes outside the
IK trado. This would Indicated
That you will
style-makers say' wear,
Miss Clara C.-ilklns oiitortatned for
Mrs. Newbury with n afternoon tea
an.l shower at the Calkin residence
on Wnlnut street. A large 1111 m her
of guests called between the hours
of four a'ad five to express their
wishes for liappinevA to tlui honor
guest. The gucet list on this oc
casion Ipcludcd: Mctdamcs Alfred
Collier, II. H. Culklns, Charles Col
lier, Lawrence Mahuffby, Kenneth
Kluhn. Uiu Mbises' Orato Farrund,
wear what tho nstly Koya' ,laly Ven'"Mi- Claudia
npinn, cniner t;.iiKin, ioroiuy uui
toll, Audrey Robot ti, Maybelle
surprlso to bis many friends hero.
Particularly so slueo the event' look j
place 111 iiiiisniuir nnu out in rviuiu-j
nth Falls. Mrs. Crawford, who was Mr nnd Mrs. A. I). Hamnker nnd
Miss Clara Sydow tif Los Angel son, J. C. llnmaker, ore speinllng
before her mnrrluge. camn to Duns- two weoks acatlon In Ashland ls
mulr for lh0 wedding. Soon aftnr, Hlng friends nnd relatives. They are
tho ceremony tho nowlywods cam , K"M" "r Mr- nn'1 Mr"- 8- c "a"m
on to Klamath Falls, and for the j knr- father and mother of A. 1). Hn
past few dns hnvo been tho guests l"aker.
of Mr. and Mrs. Hoyt nn Conger, -Miss Cecilia Mc.Mahon, who left
avenuo. They oxpect to llvo here. I bore a short tlmo ago expecting tu
nnd will bo pqrmanently at homo to remain In Portland for tho winter,
their many friends In the Lylc returned here Inst night nnd will
apartments from ow on.
Tin vniinpfr tent rtf thrt fltv in
joyed n holidny dauc at tho White! Vork a,,J c"lcaK Prchailmt mil
Pelican-hotel last night. Thp affair llnory-
was under, tho uuspcleii nf. Messrs.' .Mr. nnd Mrs. Leu Parker hnvo
Tom Ddlipll, Kenneth Perry, Prodi roturucll from Grnnts Pan wliero
Payco .ind John Ilonnttm,. ,iud was -they spent Christmas with thu elder
given Tor the group of cnlleg0 atu-i J,"- ' xrf"1' Parker. Tim trli
' . "It .. " m. .. 1 urn. .tk.l . I.w n.l,....n1.lli. n...l ,ttw
dents woo are nomo tor ineir tiinsi' "" "t- .,,u.nw.....i ...u, .,.w
mas vacations. Tho music wa fur- ""oport that tho snow lu thu mnuii-
tnlns was so deep that It was on n
iii:ri:priiiv tonkiIit hotkl hall ax.nk.
j .Si:ilVlt:i'.S JN ODD VFI.I.OtVS HALL
( liilillllilon, IOi.'IO n, in, Senln-o, II 11. 111. noil 7::tO p.
IIIHHOP VM. I'. iii:mi(.t).
j bn In charge of Gertrudo's millinery
1 shop, during tho nbaoiiro of Mtss
, Kcktuan. Mlsa Kckmau It In New
luvel with tho car doors In places.
ubu nuiuuury ui niiiiicM uvmiuts ine That you '
(fcl nud railroad Jndustrledsj less-, .wants you to
ui cotumonyofn..porlod ofrevlrr, ..tVf
ir trado. This would" ndleat!Vthat Tnat ,n"
That you will kiss any girl who, leavltt, Ilia Graham, Hazel Fry,
kl&sier. ,( l pioronco I'orter and Flurolicairneu.
I. W HVI -a a . .
missing link shall stayi C ' r-v'
JSj none of the many Christmas din-
rjtrs given thrs-yeauWas that of .Mr.
II farmers haveSuffered from low
pices for their' prpducts, yet tboy
lava mado progress toward saving
u ,.,w. i,., -,f.,u ... be tw0 n,Bht8 wmiout a day
Tniiuiion. nnu mcir young people aie 1 tween.
tOk'lliB hold of scientific production
prqblVms. 1 That you will bo behind with'
wiiiio th0 Irontica signed by tho ' J"'ir grocery un.
umpwhenxyour-, K , ;, ,, j.w
1" t ' ) .Md Mrs) M. .M. 'Dorlel
ump .' i Iftmo here. Their guest
et 'Amundsen visit! 4a WrtAw,..TJfjff51n
Dortelnnt 'pjttli
ts werii: .Mr.
two partlei to lndu'sirlul Vela- J "''''"' far as you aro concerned
ns were learning that co-opera-' That you wl umpheii-yourF.V? ?.
tin Is better than fighting. ,if .,.11. .. '.t, w 1 H,a M"
fin tho field of ..pgrlcuHurerhlle I
a. . .V .. . . I TriM... J. -.. ..Ill 1n
mat Tiiu mil iL
the North Pol. ,.r7SK "" J- "SSlMAl
That you will never Insist there, tholr liomp nt Topsy by antomobile.
Mr. and Mrs (1, W, Houston en
teitalnud ou ChriKtmas day with a
charming dinner und niusicalo. Pies
unt wore Wlllarif Smith, Ray Lu
cas, ur. wisocaner, .miss Mary
Duttlor, Mr. and Mrs, Leo Houston.
Mr. and Mrs. JumcHlIllton served
oyt of Shnntiing and flihorln. This, Christmas dinner to mombers of
pjfat gain la largely offsot by tho I nut what we started out to say their family nnd a few friends.
Covers wero laid for Mr. nnd Mrs.
Washington conference havo not
b'tteii ratified ns, yet, that meeting
greatly, Improved relations In tho
Pacific territory, Japan has gotten ' ,g tho bogt
That you will say this Is tho
worst blankety blank country In tho'
universe, even though you know It
wmmuv,im w ' zrinwi it Yoar-'
nlshcd by llouston'n orchestra.
Wednesday evening the Junior, Mr. and Mix J. L, Sinuii, rulathns
Hlks wero hosta at a dance for thu of Mrs. It. C. (Iroesbsck, arrived
high school poople and nlumnao of hero a short lime nRo from Cneru
tho Klamath county institution. A j Texas, und wlllina' their futiiro
largo number or young piirfplti at- j ''" '" Klamath cvaaty. Hroun.
tended this uffalr nnd helped to ' ho wa mnyor of tho Texas town,
mako It on., of tho moit successful ' w" "'" tlU) llv" Bl(,t;lc lUHlneni
of all the Junior Klk parllc. ' ttllh "lH f-'ther-ln-lnw, Ihirr W'nt-
' brook, 'near Merrill.
The annual "watch night party", Mrs. L. C. Mooro. of tho Wcitorn
given by the Blks will bogln Sun- Transfer company, arrived homo last
day night aim continue Into thn night from Cnlifonnla Sho bus
ea.ly runHrs of Janunry 1, After becif
12:01 dnnclntr will tin thn reiilnrn tn ItOsa.
ofWiio'Varty ' ( famllyjUpon lMrWWfifn M
. k QaTi9axtitm!W7tyr$yA
COMINd EVENTS U D,,ll" Co"rl' vK'thlWf1 liero for
'lf "'i'ni' i few wpejiw. r It-j l;i Jienn eight
iif.c 11 ,.i T,n ii.Mu. J years sIik-a Mrf, .RuurMwt In Klniii
aa h. UIIU VHUi al t t (S V I J
I can furnish Trappers with this accnt for a
short time only, qo the rtmount is limited.
This scent is the one used successfully on 'tli3
Lnkc County Desert. Tin price is One Dollar per
ounce, postage prepaid. Comes in one, two and
three ounce bottles.
113 North Fourth Street
,tf&uji fui;lt ilareydiHoD
wAtaw, rh- a
In. Martinez, (Jtycktou an.f San-
'ViH ting 'Ini-mMrsflfy-tiPi-
I mdSE"f!r1uff!'9Wr'Vft Ji WABlllNhTfJk Ili d., Dee. 3V.
Jan. C.-.v'.,niinP nf nirnM. . Prolont Hiirdliig todUy noiuInuUiil
on. Wmnn'u nniinf ,.. ak. , John S. Coko 11 f Mnrshflolil, to bit
Jim. 8.-yfjicKiiiiir mooting of
Klamath Spnrjsmcn's Associa
tion, Chamber of Commerce
United Ktates attorney for tho Oiu
gon district.
Cakos, cakes and' mora cakes nt
tho Hon 'liui. Run our window fiat-
't ..
21) 31)
Has been closed on uccount of flro
In llnivln biillillng, WVitrh for ox.
tniordinary uunoiincumont In tills
pupor sliortly. ' no
(let roaiilta by tiatng clasi adi,
When you buy Crater Lake Butter you
get fresh butter made every day. We have
no storage butter.
, i u
Remember westill make icecream.
Jiiftat thing 03 yur lodp supper of( fo
cial function.
-- - Utift - - -
Phone your order to us; Wc deliver
free of charge,- '
Klamath Falls Cr.eamery
nmwmtSkW!asmi Harife-wwww"
JMlt-i .m,'

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