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"FRIDAY, AUGUST 24, 1888.
Mrs. Melson of State street is quite
went to Portland
V. J. Herren
Mrs. Jos Aiken has gone to Port
land to live.
Miss Mary Hill went to Portland
on tbc morning train.
George Hatch goes to-morrow to
Yaquina for fifteen days.
It. H. Dearborn returns from Me
hania In improved health.
Mr. and Mrs. Pugh and family
have gone to Wllhoit Springs.
J. P. Veach is back from his three
weeks trip to Santa Rosa, Cal.
Dr. T. D.McCauley leaves Stay ton
to take up his residence in Seattle.
Mrs. Dr. Slatten and daughter
went to Portland to-day to remain.
Warden McKinnon at the peni
tentiary is oil duty on account of
Rev. J. L. Parrish and wife arrived
home Wednesday evening from
Forest Grove and Portland.
Mrs. Dr. Mary A. Thompson of
Portland is staying at ex-Justice J.
O'Donald's, on High street.
E. L. L. Johnson has gone to
jan Francisco on a business and
pleasure trip. Chas. Piper is back
in the store.
Mls Addle, daughter of Capt. L.
. Lovell, is not recovering from her
nekucf-1 which threatensto run into
typhoid fever.
Mrs. Allan Rhodes and son Clyde
have pone to Mount Hood forrecrea
.tion. Tf anybody should discover
i United States flag or a white hand
kerchief waving from the summit
kt them conclude the Salemites
have made the ascent.
trip through Oregon is becom
ing very fashonablo with California
people. On the morning overland
Win were Mr. and Mrs. Gill on
their bridal tour. Mr. Gill is the
tead clerk of the Southern Pacific
Wght department, nt Sacramento.
Mrs. Rachel Earle, of Grande
Ronde, Polk county, daughter of
Vr. and Mrs. H. A. Johnson, ar-
ired by yesterday's train from
ilifornia. Mr. Earlo remains
here for medical treatment from
hicli he finds marked benefit, and
opes soon to return in greatly un
loved health.
Commission Merchants.
Even the granger who shakes
the hayseed from his hair while he
discusses the profits made by "mid
dle men," cannot yet altogether dis
pense with the services of commis
sion merchants. But greater caution
should be observed in consigning
produce. Some of them have little
or no financial responsibility, and
too many of them break over the
business rule and the law against
speculating with the produce sent
them to sell solely on commission.
The Statesman this morning justly
scares the firm of Barclay & Robin
son, of Sau Francisco, for not sell
ing Marion county consignments
when importuned to do so, and so in
volving the fanner in the bank
ruptcy of the S. F. ilrni in nearly
sixty dollars charges over receipts.
The JouuxaIj is credibly in
formed that a Salem man
is out over $S00, having ut
terly tailed to get money or ac
count of sales although they had
frequently acknowledged that part
of his potatoes were sold. A merch
ant in another part of this county
was congratulating himself that he
had drawn on the same commission
men and had his drafts honored
before their collapse. But, hey
presto ! comes a change. The re
ceiver sends in a bill to reclaim a
thousand dollars.
C'sar-Shapetl Mass Weighing Fif
teen Thousand Tons, Contain
ing Three Million Feet
and Valued at Eighty
Fix e Thousand
Snfclj Toned rrom Xova
New York.
More About the 1'ire.
Tlio origin of the fire yesterday
morning, over Gibson it Singleton's
drug store, is still a mystery. Dr.
Smith asserts that lie left neither
fire nor light burning in the room.
He found near the outside office door
papers with kerosene ontlicni,and a
box that he knows nothing about.
But he can conceivo of no reason
why any one should desire to injure
him by incendiarism. If anything
of that kind was attempted it is
most dastardly being in the heart of
the business portion of tlie city. All
parties owning property involved
wore very v it-ely insured. The
State Insurance eompany yesterday
adjusted the los of Dr. II. Smith by
the preceding night's fire by paying
him $03. Gibson & Singleton's loss
was fixed at $14.50, which will be
dovided between the State and the
Northwest Fire and Marine. The
building belongs to the estates of J.
H. and Mrs. I. R. Moorcs and is in
sured in the State, Hartford, Home
and Phoenix companies, so the loss,
which docs not amount to over ?10U,
will be settled in full.
Marrylng "Itoyalty."
Some American ladies are accused
faring to Europe to marry tiristo-
nts and titles. But Salem has an
S stance of an European coming to
ilem nnd earrvlnir off a "roval"
ide. The fortunate groom is a
te, Christian gentleman, Rev.
wold Oberg, a nativeof Denmark,
itnow a thorough American citi-
. The accomplished bride, but
) longer "Royal," is well known
1 highly esteemed.
Harold Oberg and iEolia F. Royal,
4h A.B., of '88,weremnrriedin Dal-
Wednesday. Itis tho purpose of
k Oberg to continue his studies in
theological school at Evanston,
J-mMkI afterwards enter the minis-
Ipiri Oregon. Botli are graduates
n the Willamette University.
iUm lluMness Jlen Ar-p-reelMed.
h i only a few days binco that
e employment of Ex-Sheriff
to W. Minto by Messrs. Staver
Walker, in a very responsible po
n was noted. Now tho same
calls for another Salem man
' ex-official of Marlon county,
1 George Mack, late doputy
ly clerk, who exchanges his
(ion in Ladd & Bush's bank
one in Portland.
Sad tUe Jonrnil Abroid.
leoiwidemblo number of extra
fe of tho weekly are printed to-
f- uu those who desire to send a
paper to frlonds who are en-
Htog about Snlom are wolcome to
sail ready for mailing if they
'U and leave the addrossoa.
riltry Stkolirsklps.
ytfintendeut Yoder deeJNs to
the fact that only threoof
nOe H'linWslil.w nt tlin fitntn
""', to which Marion eouuty
p"u, are vet taken. Iinme-
-Vatjll 1 ra.l,.n .,!... 1.1 .A..,..,1i r..w
r"MiMuii milMilt LK JlUtui; twi
Far Silr.
w pUno h bargain. It will
Wke Inquiry at tills offlce.
The lire bell may sound out the
number of the ward in which a con
flagration is occurring never so dis
tinctly nnd it will be of no use in
directing persons to the scene if, ns
usual, nine out of ten ask in be
wilderment whero is tho ward
signified by the bell. Below wo give
the boundaries so that they can be
kept by the reader for reference:
First ward, all that part of the city
north of Center street.
Second ward, all north of Court
street to Center street. ,
Third ward, all north of Ferry
street to Court street.
Fourth ward, all south of Kerry
Cut this out nnd paste it on the
back of the door through which you
usually go when you run to n fire.
N. B. Don't forget to look at it
before you go tearing madly down
the street hunting for tho fire.
Home Again.
Mr. E. B. Piper, city editor ot the
Statesniau.than whom 'there are few
superiors on the Pacific coast in his
line, returned to-day from Califor
nia. As ho was part of the time at
Napa, where the writer was once
principal of tho public schools, we
would gladly have interviewed mm.
But as ho had his sister, Mrs. Lang-
don, Miss Addio Scrlber and Miss
Cospor, nnd numerous "big boxes,
little boxes, bandboxes and bundles"
under his wing, so to spotik, forbear-
niioo facemed to bo a virtue. Wol
come back to homo, the social circle,
tho bicycle, pencil, paste pot and
I'nMUktJ To-day.
The Wkkki.y Capita & Jouhnal
was published this morning, with
forty-eight columns of fresh and
choice reading matter. Original
and carefully written editorials,
spicy locals, the latest telegraphic
nows, Interesting corroBioiidenee,
and well selected news miscellany.
Tho resources of Oregon and of the
Wlllametto Volley In particular are
dwelt on with care and emphasis.
An excellent newspaper to send to
your frionds. Subscription price 1
a year in advance.
Cream wxla, ice cream Kxk, milk
shakes, lemonades at Strong & Co.'s
GbillreH GryftrPitcber'sCastsrla
s many readers of the Jouknwt.
are interested in, or observers of,
lumbering operations, it is believed
that an account of a recent great
venture will be acceptable reading.
Hugh R. Robertson, of St. Johns,
N. B., has long believed that great
expense could be saved by towing
an immense raft of logs from
Canada to New York, instead of
loading them on ships. It will be
remembered that he patented a
plan and attempted it last vear,
but in a gale the tug parted from it
and it drifted off causing great
fear of a collision with some ship.
However, it broke up and no dam
age ensued.
Robertson and J. D. Leary tried
another one this year, with marked
success. It is an enormous affair
and looks in the water like some
prehistoiic whale or the upturned
bottom of a giant ship. It is cigar
shaped ; 592 feet long, o5 feet beam,
tapering to V2 feet beam at tho end,
3S feet in depth or hold and draws 22
to 23 feet of water. It contains 21,
300 spruce and pine logs, ranging
from 25 feet to a" feet in length, with
a diameter, nt the butt, of from 11
to 20 inches. It weighs about 15,
000 tons, contains about 3,000,000
feet of lumbor, board measure, oot
when launched $60,00(1 and K worth
from $S0,000 to Bo.000 delivered in
New York.
It was bound together with fifty
eight triple bands of seven-eighth-incli
criiciblo steel who ; through
the center thero runs a double one
and a three-quiutor-inch cable,
which is connected with the wire
bands by cross cables. Forty-live
miles of wiro and 3,500 feet of cable
were used. This went to Nova
Scotia from American factories
duty free, being for rc-shipment.
The great mass was built on stocks
and launched like a ship, and was
towed from the center cable. The
fee for towing it was i?o,000. To
bring this in the ordinary way
nouid have required forty-llvo
schooners at a total cost of at least
?30,000, a saving in favor of tho raft
Many attempts wero made to
aniioy the promoters of the enter
prise. Owners of lumber coasters'
endeavored to have congress pass a
bill prohibiting such rafts in the
American Avators, and Canadian oi
ponents claimed that tho timber
was intended for manufacture
abroad and was consequently liablo
to the export duty of $1 per thou
sand feet broad measuro that
Canada imposes on timber exported
for manufacture. Those obstacles
were, however, successfully over
come. It is probable that next year will
see several such rafts built, and
Messrs. Robertson fc Leary con
fidently expect that ere many yearn
they will send groat timber rafts to
Europe. The noxt raft will bo sup
plied with steering apparatus, and
tho logs on tho bottom will bo
peeled, thus tho raft will give much
less resistance to the wator and will
glide along much faster witli tho
same expenditure of force.
Tho having effected by this mode
of transportation is immense.
First tliore Is tho saving in freight,
and it costs little if any moro to build
such a raft than to stow the same
quantity in schooners. If the timber
is intended for manufacture the
Canadian export duty is $1 per
1,000 feet, while tho United States
imposes a duly of $2 per 1,000 feet
on manufactured lumber. But
under our laws unmanufactured
timber comes In free of duty, so that
a raft of these dimensions (300,000,
000) of fine timber, Intended to bo
sawed here, would pay a Cunadlan
export duty of $8,000 and 3vo the
Tutted States import duty of $0,000
were it already cut into beams,
boards, etc.
It would lie cut up Here ami jjive
Call on Winters & Thomas for tho
best groceries in town 1
Painless dental oiwrations at Dr.
T. C. Smith's, 02 State street.
It is said that 0,000 people wit
nessed Sells' circus in Portland.
Cream soda, ice cream soda, milk
Scotia to sunues, lemonades, at Strem: & Co.'s
Willamette Assembly of tho
Knights of Labor will meet to-night.
If you have oats to sell read the
ad of E. E. MeKinney & Co., Tur
ner. Sells' Bros.' mammoth circus will
parade the streets Tuesday of next
To-morrow afternoon Rev. Win.
Rollins will administer baptism by
immersion ititho creek.
The circuit court will meet In
Salem to-morrow to attend to
some unfinished business.
Mr. Judson, who lives near Pros
pect Hill, brought in a line lot of
peaches to Weller Bros., to-day.
Tho price of wheat is still upward
in tendency. Yesterday one load
sold as high nsGli cents per bushel.
McMinnviUo people believe that
they have fully quarantined their
smallpox case and that it will not
There is talk of getting a cotton
mill at Oregon City. Tho magnifi
cent water power thero ought to be
more fully utilized than it is.
The Oregoniaii says the Catholic
church at Salem is to have its win
dows made at the Art glass works
here. There are to bo eight me
morial windows in the building.
There is some likelihood of Dallas
gaining and Salem losing M. J.
Wilklns, late steward of tho asylum.
Mr. Wllkins and family are too
desirable members of society to be
willingly given up.
Owing to the hurried report of
tho funeral of Rev. Dr. Roberts,
yesterday, which took place as we
went to press, the name 6f Dr.
Tower, who ollercd the very fervent
and appropriate prayer, was
Conflicting reports are received
about Layton Tlndall, who was
struck so severely on the head by
Win. Davis, of the threshing ma
chine, at Ballston, some time ago.
Some late advices say ills recovery
to mental and bodily soundness is
quite doubtful.
Good schools do much to build up
a town. Salem realizes that. Mix.
S. E. String, of Junction City, is
visiting the faintly of M. G. Wllkins,
and will locate here as soon as she
can find a house to rent, so as to
send her children to school.
"Edward, why do I hear that you
luivo dlsobeyod your grandmother,
who told you Just now not to Jump
down these stops'.'" "Grandma
didn't tell mo not to, papa; sho only
came to the door nnd said, 'I wouldn't
jump down tluo steps, boys.' And
I shouldn't think she would nil old
lady like her."
No band concert to-night as Prof.
Cooiner lias sevored his connection
with the 2d regiment baud to
nccept a more remunerative position
in Portland. The many creditable
public performances of those under
Ills instruction, as well as ills own
splendid and often original solo
playing on the cornet, have well
demonstrated his skill. In tho
musical line he will he much missed
in Salem.
1-Ia.s just received
Cambridge Bibles,
Plain and Fancy Stationery,
Embossed Scrap Pictures,
Birthday Cards,
Day School Rewards,
nn i vet i norm
MAi a ii a
Natural Law in theSpiritual World 25c,
Leather Card Cases,
Leather Pocket Books,
Leather Purses,
London Incandescent Steel Fens, Nos. 1, 2, 3,
I u I t 1 J
, !i & f!
., W XV u,
Afino Wriliiig Tablets.
nluyineut to men
York in
around how
iiHteiid of men in the wild of
Nova SeotiH. Tliirt io not the only
economy, however. There id grout
waste In timber wwed or nwiiu
fucUired where grown. All the
wxirfetuirb left behind. In fuet, it
l entiututed that the ordinary wuate
weuld pwy tho freight of h ntft.
1)1 KI.
I.AWRKKCK. At liM hOiiM a f
totttli of Hah, WedBenUjr, AHftwi
Hng. rf OHUMmMtoii. Jvt Invent
He whs buried yeMerdny afternoon
at 4 o'eloek In the I. O. O. V. eeme-tery.
A Sid Corlffif.
At the dopot today, Ford'H liearne
nnil a number (if carriages wero
awaiting the arrival of the I2U n.
in. train with tho remaliiH of Mr.
t. I). Urower, of Yaqiilnn, who died
after a few daj-H lllnos yehtorday,
August 28d, 1888. Sho woh the
daughter of Mr. Hum C. Klchoy, a
well known Oregon pioneer, brother
of Mm. Dr. "W. C. "Warrlnor, former
ly of this county. Mr. Clilllnghain
Ih her coumIii. Her huaband and
their only child, a boy orolghtyoars,
Mr. and Mre. Jtloliey and Mr. It. A.
Htralford accompanied the reumliiH
here. At tho depot they were met
by Mw. and Mlwt OrHceOlllliigliHin,
Mr. William ISodnwii and wire, a
sinter of Mrn. Urowcr, Hiid Mr. S. B.
Itlehey her brother, mid wife, from
J'oitlaiid; and by Klder lliirnett,
iwwtor, mid Dencoii H. A. Jiiiiiwoii
and J. W. Webb lute ittwtor of the
Christian church, Salem. The r.
maiiirf, after appropriate hervlccs
were laid to rent In the I. ). O. F
Ifirklfi'i Aral' Blio
The bent salve In the vorld f
itit,brulMg, sores, ulcere, HiUtrlu-ur..
fever tmnm, tetter, ohappe hmi-I-clillblMltiH.
corns, anil all nkln unit
tUrn, and positively oureabllw,
no jmy required. It la gulrmit!
to give perfect satUfaetloii, ot mom.)
refunded. Price 25 cents nr l"
For wl ' Dr. H. W. Cox.
Clolliing, Cents' PiiriiisliiiiK Goods
I now oiler mv entire utouk at actual llrnt cohI. and until I find auuh
a buyer 1 will continue to gull at retail at greatly induced pricuH.
I have the iargol mid iih well Selected xtouk utt you will dud 111
My object in cloning out Ih that I may devote my wholo altimtlou !
my hiislnoftrt In Solo.
Call early and see trie
bargains I have to offer
you. ,
282 to 286 Commorcial Street, SALEM.
Gai'laml Stoves,
Charter Oak Stoves,
Brighton Rang
Ab a ftipltte Stork f llirthurc awl Fan Slacliiwry, WagNW ami Carriages

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