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Rr the Reporters on Their Roand of
B v the Towd.
Said He was Insane Presbytery and
Synod News of the Courts
Stato Items.
Notaries rubllc.
Gov. l'cnnoyer has to-day Issued
notary public commissions to D. AV.
Ceolidge of Eugene, and J. K.
Vaito of East Portland.
In the Lead as t'sunl.
Oregon continues to lead in the
matter of production of wheat, as
show n by their October crop report
for I". s- In tu0 United States
the general average for winter
wheat is twelve bushels per acre. It
has yielded better than early expec
tation. The average as given for
Oregon is 10.3.
Death of Capt. Shields.
Capt. James Shields died in Al
bany at 10 o'clock last evening.
Capt. Shields was a pioneer in Ore
iron, an old and respected resident
of that city, and for several years
held the position of treasurer of
Linn county. He was a devoted
Christian and a faithful friend. He
was in the 78th year of his age.
Mrs. Smith's Tears.
When Barber Smith's wife, who
is in jail at Portland, heard that her
husband had thrown himself into
the river she wept bitterly, seeming
to be sorry that she had chosen the
until of thorns and civlng the idea
that she might yet reform. But it
is known for a certainty thut Smith
is among the living and in San
Francisco, no doubt. His idea in
causing the telegram to be sent hero
is not known, unless it might be to
enlist his wife's sympathy or bring
himself into prominence again.
Jackson County's Assfssuieut
The assessor of Jackson county
has tiled with the secretary of state
Iiis assessment roll for 18S8. It
shows : 2"3,0ol acres of land, val
uation 1,7:27,080 ; town lots$103,031;
improvements ?445,&30; merchan
dise and improvements, 5433,322;
money, notes, etc., 795,542; furni
ture, etc., ?104,7S2 ; 4570 hordes and
mules, 109,212 ; 11,144 cattle 1G0,.
337 ; 18,153 ; sheep, 20,150 ; 7,411 ;
swine, 12,943 ; gross value, 4,128,
701 ; indebtedness, 827,040 ; exemp
tion, 279,051 ; total taxable prop
erty, 30,150.21 ; number of polls,
He Was Insane and Knew It.
Yesterday evening PcrryDoutb.lt,
who has for several years lived
about twentv mibs east of Salem,
appeared before Sheriff Croisan and
Kiid he was crazy and wanted to be
sent to the asylum. An examina
tion was conducted before Judce
Shaw and in the presence of Drs.
Richardson and Rowland, which
resulted in the unfortunate man
being adjudged insane, and ordered
sent to the asylum. Ho was taken
out last night.
Douthit comes of a family in which
insanity is hereditary, and has for
years shown signs of insanity,
though never violent. He is forty
five years of age, and a bachelor and
has once before been in an asyium
in Washington territory. When he
was twenty-two years of ago ho first
showed signs of mental aberration,
and at times has been flighty ever
since. Self abuse is assigned as the
cause of his derangement.
Closing Exercises of the Presbvtcrv...
Assembly of the Synod.
The afternoon session of the Pres
bytery yesterday was devoted to
hearing reports of the various com
mittees and closinc un the unfinish
ed business.
The report of the committee on
homo missions was interesting and
2s ew fields are opening up, new
churches are being organized and
new ministers are being added to
the work. There are now no
churches in the Presbytery not sup
plied with preaching. The Presby
tery now has enrolled forty-live
churches and forty-nine ministers.
Rev. A. II. Lackey, late of Kan
sas, will undertake evangelistic
work in the state, beginning next
week at Euiruue.
Revs. Wm. Graham, E. M. Sharp
and Thomas McGinn were given
seats as corresponding members.
Rev. Wm. Travis was duly re
ceived from the Pembina Presoy
tery. Reports of the work among tho
Indiaus and French were heard.
They are encouraging.
The Synod was opened hist night
with a sermon by the retiring moder
ator, Rev. J. V. Mulligan.
Revs. Sharp and Boyd were elect
ed clerks, and Rev. Calvin R.
Shields was the unanimous choice
for moderator.
"When the synod convened this
mornimr the statistical renort was
submitted, from which the follow
ing facts are gleaned:
Oregen: 47 ministers; 45 churches;
ministers received during year 0;
churches organized 2.
Idahe: ministers 21; churches 21;
ministers received 3; churches or
ganized 3.
Eastern Oregen: ministers 10;
churches 10; ministers received 0;
churches organized 2.
Puget Seund: ministers 27;
churches 40.
Alaska: ministers 9; churches 4.
Ministers of other bodies present
invited to sit as corresponding
Rev. D. O. Ghorniley elected rc
nortlmr clerk.
Row. L. G. Watson, W. B. Lee,
E. N. Condit and J. S. Bingham
and Elders Wm. Wadhams and W.
M. Ladd constituted committee on
educational interests of synod.
This synod comprises the Presby
terian churches of Oregon, Wash
ington territory, Northern Idaho
and Alaska.
At 2 p. m. this afternoon an in
terlocutory meeting was held, sub
ject: "Sabbath Observance."
At 7:30 p. m. to-night win no a
joint meeting of Pacific board of
mission and synod, managed by the
Rev. Tower preaches Sunday
J. Phillips has been appointed
deputy sheriff during court.
A. L. Brown is in Portland
examining tho water works system.
Mr. and Mrs. Rosenborg went
south on tho train yesterday morn
lug. A. Avery has purchased the gro
cery business of Paul Oberhehn on
Commercial street.
To-night Is given the social enter
tainment and literary program at
the Christian church.
Clark Braden is stumping Stay
ton, Aunisville and Shuck's mills
district for the proliis.
Jos. DuBois went to Portlnnd this
afternoon to attend the funeral of
his friend Oscar Clay.
Prof, and Mrs. MeElrovand Miss
MoFadden went yesterday to Cor
vallis to sec the sister-in-law of the
ladies, she being very low.
Mr. S. L. Wolf, of Howell Prairie,
lias bought a farm near MoMtnn
ville, and is moving his family and
household goods to that place.
Frank Belknap of Monroe has re
moved to Salem, he paid the Jour
nal otllce a call and reports every
thing as prosperous at Monroe.
Oscar I. Clay, commercial editor
of the Oregonian, ami well known
In Salem, died suddenly yesterday
morning in Portland, of heart
Prof. Thus. Van Seoy yesterday
received a telegram from MeClenny,
Florida, bearing the sad news of the
death of his brother at that place, of
yellow fever. The deceased was a
In attendance at circuit court is
Charles Cum Sin, the Chinese law
yer of San FnuicihCo. He looks
quite Americanized and uses choice
English In Ids conversation. He is
quite well educated.
A bold bad burglar bothers Bea
niun of North Salem considerably.
For several nights ho has been
making his way into the house but
has been sui'prisedtbeforo appropri
ating any valuables.
An old Silcmltc, M. C. George
will Boon beirin tho erection of a
number of cottage on his tract of
ten acres in Portland. Tho houses
will be of the niostconifortablomako
and will be provided with all modern
iniprovnicuts and conveniences.
It is now known positively that
the O. P. will push right on to Boise
City and make transcontinental
connection. It is also a well known
fact that S. Farrar & Co. are selling
fresh groceries, fiuits, etc., at the
lowest living prices. Call and
Canscs (treat Inconvenience- to
Shipping and Traveling
Jloodj In Portland.
When D. L. Moody, the famous
evangelist, stepped upon tho rostrum
of the tabernacle in PortlandWednes-
day evening, he was greeted by the
nppluusoof nearly 2,000 or roruaim
representative people. Mr. Moody
Is of medium height, and is inclined
to corpulency. Ho wears ft full
beard which begins to show signs of
age, as does his hair. He is not
what may be termed an eloquent
speaker, but he Is an earnest one.
This is proven by tho fact that he
held the entire Interest of tho whole
assemblage from the time ho uttered
the first won! until he had concluded.
The principal point of his lecture
was to show thnt the reason bo many
unbelievers and non-church goore
existed was because the ministers of
tiir. .iifr..n.nt iinnnniinntions uiu not
work In unison. A slight tittor
passed through tho houso when he
read the following extract from the
Bible: "Thou shall love they neigh
bor as thyself," and commented on
it as follews: "Now, dear brethren,
are not the Chinese your neighbors,
and do you love them as you love
Painless dontal operations at Dr.
T. C Smith's, W State street
At 2 n. in. to-morrow an inter
locutory meeting in tho interest of
the young; at 5 to 7:30 p. m. tlio
society of Christian Endeavor of
Presbyterian church of Salem will
entertain tho synod at tho pastor's
halem Frtc of Smallpox.
We are glad to be ablo to an
nounce that young Mr. Mulligan,
Mm TCiiL'i'tio Bible audit who was
attacked with the smallpox
fvnrloloidl In this city, Is now al
most entirely recovered. Ho Is up
and around all right aiier a very
mild attack and will soon bo pcr
.ttn,i tn ,m nbout his labors. Those
who were thought to have been ex
posed to him are not afflicted and
the time for them to take it has
elapsed. Tho doctors assure us
there Is positively nothing to bo
feared now.
Article r Incorporations
rrwinv nrticles were filled with
the Secretary of State Incorporating
tho Sheridan Bros, hardware com
pauy of Roscburg; F It., J. P. and
It; S. Sheridan, Incorporators; busi
ness to be a general hardware and
agricultural Implement sale; capi
tal stock fSO.OOO In shares of $100.00
Before lh Ueeorder.
"Alas for tho rarity of human
charity" in this case means ulas for
the free use of old bug Juice. Jos.
Bell gets four days, Sam Huzlett
four and Henry Folgor five. They
are all plain drunks.
The case of Yong Slug Hoe, the
Chinese woman who was refused
tho privilege of landing at Portland
by the customs emnn.
brought up in the United States
court Wednesday. Proof that she
ww born in San Franeteeo In 18M
ww furnished upon the testimony
of her father and two acquaintances
who knew the family In Uiat cuy.
She was admitted.
Monduv October 15th: W. I
Druick, resp. vs. Adolph Nicholl,
app.; appeal irom aiuiuioiiiiiii
Tuesday Ootober 10th : Edward
Boyer resp. vs. J. M. Lett vena, app.;
appeal from Multnomah county.
Weducsduy October 17th : State
of Oregon resp. vs. C. M. Harding,
npp.; appeal from Multnomah
Thursday October 18th: Aaron
Mler. imp. vs. Tho Portland Cable
Railway Co.; appeal from Multno
mah county.
Monday October 22d : Tho Board
of It. R. commissioners of the fotato
of Oregon resp. vs. The O. It. & N.
Co. upp.; appeal from Umatilla
Tuesday October 23nl : A iiuri
mnn resn. vs. Jno. N. Young, upp.
appeal from Umatilla county.
Wednesday October 2n : ui.
Mlllnr mm. vs. Henry Llncli. rosp.;
appeal from Multnomah county.
Thursday October a-jlli : w. r.
Ulnes resn. vs. Thomas Hall, app.;
appeal from Unipn county.
A stubbing aflray occurred at
Brlghtenbuh yesterday morning.
Two Queoner brothers, whllo partly
intoxicated, became engaged in a
mw with the saloonkeeper atBrlglit-
enbush, and knives were drawn and
of tho Queoner
Silvkhton, Oregon, Oct. 11.
We hlivonovorliolinliliiinnro foreU
bleillustration of the old saying that
"forbearance reases to be n virtue,"
than has fallen under our observa
tion during the past two weeks,
while traveling along tho line of the
Oregonian Railway Company.
During the year'lSSO and 1SS1 the
citiKcns of this portion of Marion
county were highly elated over the
prospect of having a railroad and
when called upon by the projectors
of the scheme contributed liberally.
Durlnc the llrt three or four years
of the roads existence the majority
ot supporters seemed lo bo satisfied
and very little complaint was made,
but during the past two or three
yoars the road has b en run In such
a disgraceful manner that it is a
wonder the pcuple have not long
before this banded together and
cither torn up the track or compelled
the management tos op the running
of trains.
Some llino since the railroad com
missioners after a thorough Inspec
tion of the roadbed condemned It
and ordered the same repaired or all
trains tied up. After waiting a
long as possible the receiver has at
last commenced tho necessary re
pairs, and workmen are engaged
putting In new ties and bridges.
At present people traveling over
this line take their lives in their
own hands, and only through an
interposition of divine providence
do they safely arrive at their destina
tion. By a careful Inspection of the
roadbed it will bo noticed that a
majority of the ties have entirely
rotted out and the rails are in many
nlaces lvlnc on the bare ground for
several feet, while in some instances
sticks of wood have been taken oil
the tender and put under the rails.
One of the engineers says that while
the ground is dry and hard, It made
no difference whether thero were
any ties under the rails or not, but
us soon as the rainy season set in
and the ground become soft the rails
would then spread out and it would
be impossible to make a trip with
out getting oil" the track. j
We do not understand why it Is
that the employes of this company
do not receive their pay at the ex
piration of each month, for tho road
Is in a paying condition. They
have all tho freight they can handle,
and receive, we aro hnforniod, $45
per day for carrying tbo mull. The
telegraph and express lines idso
bring in considerable revenue.
One of tho most gigantic outrages
ever perpetrated upon the public
was committed by this company
recently. About forty people pur
chased tickets In Portland for
different stations along the lino and
when tho train arrived at the lutul
inir no boat was thero to take tho
passengers across tho river, and the
transfer had to be made by wagons.
The distance by the wagon road
across Ray's ferry is about ilvo
miles and several passengers had to
walk and curry their baggage, there
being only two wagons to carry
forty passengers, baggage, mall and
A few days ago parties in Sllverton
made arrangements with this com
pany to huul oats from that place to
Ray's landing and deliver tho same
to the O. It. & N. to be taken to ban
Francisco, tho price to Iks paid per
car from Sllverton to Han Francisco
being 35. Thinking they would do
as agreed tho contracting parties
loaded two cars and way billed
thorn "Ray's Landing care O. It. &
Co." In a few days tho 1)111
returned to the shipcr, but instead
of bolng f85 as previously agreed
upon, was made out for $51. Com
ment Is unnecessary.
Wo would also call tho attentlt U
of tho postal nuthoiltles to tho fact
that the mall is handled In ti very
loose manner on the traliiH, hardly
a day passing without some mall
being earned past its destination.
The only remedy wo can see, Is
for tiie people of Bulom and Silver
ton to stand in together and offer
sulflclont inducement to the South
ern Pacific to build a brunch road
from Salem to that point, whloh wo
think could Ikj easily managed, and
oaks !
i wk havk uiruvr.n Ol'H
Direct from tho Knot, every gnnucnt having been turnip to order for ix.
kini: xi:v srocic ok
Dress Goods and Trimmings, Flannels, Blankets; New Slock of Carpels,
lings, Porlicrs, Shades and Lace Curtains.
Tho nubile aro cordially Invllctl to Inspect our ummnmth stock.
.1. 31. KOSEXBKUG & CO.,
White Corner.
liiwuMini'iminiU'i hf ! mmmnwiini mnnniiiiiiiiiii iw-mnimcnrntT
11. K. Dullow.
.Dubois bros.,
Sample Rooms for Commercial Travelers,
I'rom 51 toJJl neriluy.
SALEM - - OllKllON.
For Sale.
A Reed. Iron frame. Horse Tower. (IihmI
for nil uses, from one to mil capacity.
All ror Uiu low price ol 8. Call ut tho Jli
clilo Ciller, Vinegar .V Fruit I'uwervlnii
Company'" otllce. Salem, Oiepin.
School Tax Notice.
I No. '.'I In Marlon county are now (lite
iindeollrctnlilont tlieolllcuor tliuctoilt.ln
thu opem houso on Court street, Nilcm,
mill must ho lmld liy the llrstof December,
or become ucllnuucn.. HMlvoNi
October ilil, '88. CletU.
. UnuhmtcHHtuitents In
Classical, Literary, ScicA,
Normal, Husinoss, Law,
It li the olilest, laiRCt nnil least expen
sive Institution of leurulUK In the North
School opens llrst Momlny In September
Heml fin' tnluloBito In
17: Salem, Oregon.
M. M. iVIBiVD,
Filing Saws a Specially,
Shop on the alley, opposlto MIiiIo'h l.lvj
cry Stable, salclii, Or.
l'ortho treatment or all illscusim or men
ami women
Meilleateil vapor tmths, oxygon Inlinla.
.. . . . it ul,iliiil
tlons, oieciro iiiiikiii'iii.".. "...
' . j-i.d .....I . ,.iiI,iiIiiiii 111 tlifl
Miss Knox
Will continue Her School for the en
suing year at the LITTLE CENTRAL
SCHOOL UUILUINU, tor. Uiurcii ami
Marion Sis., beginning
SKi'TiMiinm io.
Boys and Girls.
on tho 'Jlth
..... .. ......... -.
Thoiouuli liutnio-
Hpras-H, etc. Olllcoanil winllarluni hi it ho
llatiK uiiicK. miwiiiiiiiHm iii.
No. TOI Commercial Street,
SALlr, - - OUKdOX.
-iihai.hu ijc-
Pluioling, Gas and Steam Filling.
Tinware and Artistic Motal Work
a Specialty.
HOYNTON COMl'A.NY'H I'urrmciw. Im-
tikblUUtxl In 1M3
mi's Auction
nsuxl frwilv. Roth
I .......i mil ttnilll hill llflf f.ltullV.
uujn r.c ..... ....v ..... .. ti,n oouki ik, otiy iimnuguu, aim
A phynlelan was culled, who wweU (,uw K,yo tj( ()f thI(J JMM3tIon
up tho wound. I u ,ieoiit wv of truvullnir. Wo
The hchuol will
tt U.ttilf.ttilu.t
... .- .......... .. - -.- r-- -.-
llt.ii in uiu primary nun
English Branches.
In eourhc.
TKKMH unit further Inrormatloii tuny Im
""""""'""'"""""riHV.i'. 11.1'OHT.
Cor. ChvuiekvlH mill HIiiIhHIk.
WHluinuLto University.
MOHl HIICIHWirill M'lllKll Of lllllulc Oil tllO
Iturthwokt count. About
(.'oilmen In
FMiino. Orn Singing. Violin,
llurmony, und Countur-
Diploma on completion ol coil rue.
Teaehum: Z. M. l'nrvln. Fmnkln 1.
Join, KviitNu. Awil.luiit.I.tiUl .M.Hinllli.
l'lrt term billi Miimlny, Keptninlxir
8, W. Hetnl fiir euUiliue. Koriiirther
Munleul Dlris'tor.Hulum, Or.
Tho mphl growth and Improve
ment or Atihlaiid continue without
nbatoment, and by the clow or the
year he will bo able to reeord a pro-
grei greater thau that or any year
before In the history or the town.
would ttuggwt thnt the oUImiih or
Bilvortou hold a mum ineetltig and
take the iimtter tinder winwlilurwtlon.
or so4 uttiii.
John Ulrleli llullw, a native of
Bwltserlawl, tolay declared hi lu-
tentloii to become a atlum ol the
United Btate. befure County Clerk.
l'ror. Price, the well-known inet
ullurgkt and mining exjert ot Hau
Kranctaeo, lian returned to that city
from an extWHletl tour through Ore
gon, Washington and Idaho. He
luw no Iteeltatlou In wtylug tlutt It kt
tlte most womlerful mining country
In America.
Xuvf In Mi(in "I ' "" illovry in
mMlMiiH,wlilh limrlyii IikhiI hium4Ii6U
KhuiI aaiii HliiMMt lntiiiitanwmly on th
lllllllMC IWUH III III IWtll, li, Mill
umiioiM or iinMeawinl to the
UMte, The iiiHiiiifclurrof It ulMlm tiMl
.nil n.i.i
or H.rH
mil tw elwnl ami ntlmt
wt want, an
no wy
u a.nu.1 Ium nver Immhi kiMtwn IwHtfa, ftml
by HPlitylnK It to thu MttMllve or "r
livth, tW urn b elii(!
ulll.mil ailti Uiiull IliiuA til
klmU of lUnual work iluue wltlMHit ivtln,
., , .. f..,.4..1l....... wmWbUirll oiiUr. Jl. HinllU. TmUi
Goods on iliti iiiKlallineiii MintotMiforoioMiw.
jwn4milarmlUlCMlu(Mi.t. MHI
Call unti B
Salem's Popular Job Printar,
Hteto IrMuntiiM llulldlmc. Oar. i o
nMMvial uHd Clttinekvto tret. Ut-lu
tkSiiEij LAmu
:,uLv.r. .

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