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TUESDAY, DEO. 18. 1888.
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Canital Journal Publishing Company.
0 like, .Comer; Com t aml.Mbei 1) ISIreelrJ
One yenr, by inrtll.J.... 5J)0
mix mom hk. ny nuui . -z w
Three months by inr.ll 1 2i
I'er weolt delivered by currier.......... 15
Ono yenr SI W)
Hlx inontbH 75
Ono yenr, irpiildforlniidvnncc. 1
Hlx months " " " 60
3"l'otjnnstcrs nro authorized to rc
cclvp Hiiliscrlptlons.
as-Entered nsnecond-clnsH mnttf rat the
Snlcm.OrcKon.roHtonicc. Juno 21. 1888.
Following is an illustration of the
method of condensing long-winded
articles, as practiced in newspaper
offices. The Chicago Tribune puts
into ii few Hiicm every material point
in President Cleveland's message,
To the cotigresH of the United
SUites: The constitution Is 100
years old. TIio tariff is a tax. You
are neglecting public business. The
fishery question is still unsettled.
Affairs with China and Mexico
need looking after. I have uo'upol-
ogies to, make to" Sackyillc; he's a
chump. Naturalization laws need
revision. Sheridan was a grout J
mui. I am still troubleditboiit the
suiplus. I refer you to the reporls
of the secretaries of the navy and
Interior, and the postmaster-general
and attorney-general for informa
tion pertaining, to their depart
ments, and to the department of
agriculture for anything :you wish
to know concerning sorghum. Let
us bo good.
(J, A. It.
The position of the Grand Annyof
thellqpublic in the late presidential
campaign hits been pretty thoroughly
discussed. An exchange says very
few of these- dofeated candidates
sorehead G. A. It. men uru able to
see that the reason why they were
not elected Is because a majority of
the people who might have voted
for them had thoy been so disposed
preferred to trust their competitors
in the positions they aspired to.
Thoy get it through their heads
after awhile that somebody elaejgot
more votes than thoy, but they can
not bring themselves to believe that
tlio constituencies to which they
appealed have deliberately rejected
them, and so the)' nurse the notion
that there was somo mist'ike width
the people greatly regret and will
gladly rectify if given a chance.
Then having secured a renoui I na
tion and having been beaten itgain,
thoy settle down to the conclusion
that there was a fraud, trickery, or
coercion and that some bad agency
is responsible for their discomlluiro.
Gen. John M. Palmer of Illinois Is
n conspicuous illustration of this
class of victims. lie was formerly
a republican, but when tlut party
weaiied of giving hi:i. what lie
wanted hu went over to the demo
crats, who have been feeding him
on nominations for the seimtorshlp,
governorship and other oillees, far
beyond their reach or ills, lie was
their candidate! for governor .this
year as ho hud been once before,
and ho was beaten this year, when
lit) really expected to bo elected, a
good doil worse titan ho was before.
Tho.iosult is, that instead of accept
ing his defeat as conclusive cvhleJiio
that the people of Illinois do not
want him for governor, lie Jlgurcs
It out that lie was beaten because
tlio G.uV. 11., to which lie belongs,
went Intel; on him ami was used as
a machine to elect ills opponent,
and In. order toshow his disapproval
of Bitch .business he lias "sorrowful
lyliut (indignantly1 demanded Jils
withdrawal card of the pmt to
wbioh hu.brlongs and tlio post has
promptly .and properly given hint
what ho , asked, thus severing his
comuiuilmi with the organization.
"Woituist ihojavlll llvu long onoiigh
to see what urn nss lie hits mitilo of
liliusulf jinil nsJc to lie reinstated.
Important-measures of interest to
the .Southern California coast were
presented Hi the House. General
Vandevcr Introduced n bill to es
tablish a port 6f delivery at Los
Angeles a niucli-nccded and very
useful measure; also a bill to estab
lish a port of entry at Santa Bur
barn; also, another bill appropriating
1200,000 for harbor improvements at
San Diego. Morrow introduced a
bill establishing lighthouses at
Deadmitu's Island, Auucapa Island
and San Miguel Island; at Point
Arguollo, nt Port Harford and at a
point eight miles north of that port.
Tlio appropriations for these objects
amount to $178,000. Light is a
good thing to have, Copccially for a
mariner feeling his watery way
along a dangerous coast.
Tiik failure of the Panama Canal
Company, so far predicted, seems
at lost to have come. The company
has vanquished by Interest. -Its
necessary expenses on the isthmus
have been enormous, and tho ex
penses caused by extravagance, bad
management and fraud have been
at least us great; but all these might
have been borne If thtj money to
meet them could have been raised
on reasonable terms. Hut when
money had to bo borrowed at 80, 70,
fiO, and 110 cents on tho dollar, so
that tho debt was swelled to two or
three times the amount Actually re
ceived, and interest hud to be paid
on the whole, and be paid out of
the proceeds of new limns, each con
tracted on more .ruinous terms than
the bust, Hesh and blood could not
stand the strain.
ltisfciiSd ithat wo are taught by
contrast. If (that bo so, and we do
not puvUoii Jt, wo would liko to
present a an tttyect lesson an Ore
gon wlntw, ami et in sharp con
trast with lie wluter of tlio Snow
bound Kut, far itbci contemplation
of tlloao Wiio urn breathing tho
burnt-out air ,uf furnace-heated
rooms, or ttiivttriug as thoy pass
along tho hweu highways of the
Atlantic bonier.
The establishment of an Industrial
or reform school hi this Mute Is immi
nent. Scarcely a day passes with
out the teeofding of acaso of some
young person who Is convicted of a
crhno and sent to a school of vico or
is allowed to go unpunished because
(there is no proper punishment adl
quiito to his years.
Many youths now going unpun
ished and daily training to become
hardened criminals might by a few
years of training and culture, bo
made useful and Intelligent citizens.
iTho state owns ample mil prop
erty In and about Salem fur the pur
pose of the school and the expenses
incurred in tlio construction of the
buildings necessary would be more
Ihuu repaitl by the savings on crim
inal prosecutions.
"THE' LATEST IN JEWELS. A man who has practiced medt-
cine for 40 years, ought to know
Corsage pins In doll and Roman llnkriat- j mlb from sugar; read what ho
terns are popular. ' nw.'i-
A well executed grasshopper,. la griea and' 'H'il'tViP-! ,1a1' ?? 18
brownish gold, Is a noyelbroocb, I MUWtH. W .It tf llwltff & Co.-Geu-
Anewly hatched chick Ja;
a tlnv enameled f Is U (JJg. .ulUSSdtlKl.WlS
"MP111 , J , ". nraotieoaiid experience, have never
AW topaz surrounded by" yellowish Ula. I .. I,rt.p,.rnI6li that I could pre-
moofis makes a beautiful unlsti for a single RI,rii)C, ...jit, 118 icll coniidence of
prong. hairpin. Pl!(.t.cs s r can Hall's Catarrh Cure,
A dull gold scimitar, before which is a , uitinufactuivd by you. Have pre-
diamond crescent holdnia parl between its scribed it a wre.it many times and its
points, is a pretty design in orooclies.
A peculiar pattern in garter bucklw repre
sents u circular corrugated plnquo of oxid
ized Bilvcr iioii which rests a colled serpent.
In link hlcovo buttpns a handsonio pairre
cntly seen had a jeweled initial uria Roman
Eol 1 plate, whilo tho bars wcro sot with II vo
diamond" each.
A heart of plain gol 1, paved with dia
mond", entwined with imothur set with 6rp
pbires imkesait nttr.ictivo top design for n
knifo ctlgo bracelet.
A "eaaonablo design for i will silver cases
l9,caccber intbouctof slopping a swiftly
i-ninaix hnll. On court plaster cases it it
spt-tially appropriate.
A shfclil of Mlvcr, o:i which isr.n armorial
beui-iii I isvg from n eu.'ruswl ntassof scroll
work of Co sauiu nu.-U.l. i-. a peculiar pattern
in gai lw buckles..
An 1.1-nstie d.-slju in Li iv km renreijeuts u
wild iw :u:d b,i'". .ii v. nivA. The pink
bki"--iii.i i c JinS iiiiw(u tin-colored Jvavci
produces a ptwiiiltig 1 1'iK't.
Tho ropoiis' e l.uihu' ti lot't'ifljil horse, hav
ing a t.roi:i U'nii'vudL'lhi.; .lointhSiuouth,
ts a design for cigar, wk'." 'ii-.-i will not bo
reliM'eu by nervuc(.,;n4ii3.
A iiewdcstgij Ijj slocks it a brouzofi-un)
of Mereiifi liloxvhiga'ioii I torn which turns
under his arm. Tlio tutiuaio rest upon a
handsomo base, in hiua tho clad; iff bit,
A pretty brooch seen in a JctveJerV swcl
recently .was a spray of lily of the v;tWy, in
enamel, ou a backgrotmd rcpresenthi'g'ouu of
tho dark green sheaves of tho plant.'
A costly brooch is fu tho shape of a sti.
pointed star, tho rays set with emeralds,
rubies and diamonds. la tho center is a larjt
brilliant surrounded by a circle of smaller
An attractive brooch has a conterpieco n(
moonstone on which appears u sculptured
head. Surrounding it aro siztoou diamond?
und pearls set alternately, the latter varying
from a puro whito to an almost bhvokcolor.
Enameled brooches and pins, whilo still in
....., ..u,u uu .u.Lcu tu Uura ine.r pop.:- . ,,,., ,,.-, n,.na,.mnit,in lo .-
larity with tho mottled silver bonboumures, I , ,, : """" 7... TV V- Vi
i".n iu jiiiitw uiium u iu uie luiiuw
m,, m rtr.iiim' uiwiii imajjfuminna i i ri
eflecf ii wtitnleniil, and would say
in ciiichibioii'tltat I have yet to find
a ciisc of catarrh that it would not
cure, if they would take itaccorditlg
to directions.
Yours Truly,
L. L. (7(iItSUCH, M. D.
Ollke, '2W Summit St.
W'v will give -H00 for any ca.Ee' ot
catarrh I hat cannot be cured with
Ilall's Catarrh Cure. Taken inter
nally. , F. J. CHEN FY t CO. Toledo, O.
r&TSold by druggists, 75c.
Puudita Itamabui lias raised T0,-
000 for scliools in India.
A Kounit l.rnf (Ipliilnn.
E. Bainbridge Muntlay Esq.,
Couiitv Attv., Clay Co., Tex., says:
'Have used Electric Hitters with
nti-st luippy results. My brother
also was very low with Malarial
Fever and Jaundice, but was cured
h timely use of this medicine. Am
satisfied Electric Hitters saved his
Mr. D. I. Wilco.ssott, of Horse
Cave, Ky., adds a like testimony,
sayiiif : lie pisitivelv believes lib
would have died, had it not been for
Electric Hitters.
Thisgivat leniedy will ward off,
as well as cure all Malarial Diseuscs,
and for all Kidney, Liver and
Stomach Disorders stands unequal
od. I'i ice fiOe, a nd Jl, at Dr. H. W.
Cox's Drug Store.
Saturn, the star that never twin
kles, will rise about three hours after
sunset during December.
The undersigned having b"en re
stored to health by simple means.
after mi tiering several years with a
severe lung nlleetlon, and that
combs, pins and bracelets on which tho en
ameled flowers are sualc flush with .the sur
face. 'v,,w
A handsome design in cuff buttons is a cir
cular plaquo sufficiently depressed In the
center to mako flush with the rim tho dia
monds u hich ncstlo therein. Eight platinum
leaves are placed at equal distances about tho
Watch case3 In oxidized silver aro now
seen in many designs. A spider snug within
his wob, scene from 'the familiar willow pat
tern on china, flowers, leaves, rocks and
landscapes, all etched, aro among those most
In fnvor.
A handsomo cigaretto o.iso is of oxidized
silver, having on its cover a female figure in
repousse surrounded by a sunburst. The
case is slightly curved iu order to fit snugly
against the body when carried in an upjic'r
vest pocket.
A peculiar flower brooch represents a blos
som similar to a largo foxglove. Tho lower
petals, which curl downward, nro of. pink
enamel; thoso which poinU-upwaid and con
flno tho stamens and pitils are paved with
diamonds, and tho pistils themselves are each
tipped with a smaller diamond.
Three entwined crescents, that in tho center
fcet with diamonds and those on the right und
left in rubles and emeralds rosiiectivel v. make
an exceedingly handsome brooch. Tho center
crescent is Mill further embellished by n lus
trous poarl. Jew ulors' Weekly.
suileitis the means of. curev . To
those who defciru it;' he will .cheer
fully send (free of charge) -a copy of
the prescription Ubcd(. .which. they
will tiud a Mire- cunt for consump
tion, catarrh, astnatba, bronchitis
and all throat and lilng maladies.
He hopes all sullerera will try his
remedy, im it is invaluable. Those
desiring (he prescription, which will
cost them nothing, and. may prove
a niosMtig, win piense aaurcss, itev.
Edward A. Wilsbn, Kings County,
New York.
A SKXSATlox luu been caused by
tho popu's refusal to tilcbs medals
and rulli imrlw vent to Home by uu
Irish priest, who intendoded them
for distribution iu Ireland. The
popo sternly said: "I cannot bless
them. The pooplo of Ireland arc
disobedient. Thoy khiu to prefer
tho giH)l of Dillon and O'lirion to
iho gopol of Jesus Christ."
l'Kiuu.i: genenilly have little Idea
of the bignlflcunco of our Alaskau
posstwidous. Tho coast lluo of ALis
ka, ltll luiles is noarly twice tlio
coiubliuvl Atluntiu iiudPacllle coast
Hues of tlio U. S. Tho market valuo
oi uiu uasKu itslierles for the iast
year U osilmutl at ?3,000,000, A
thousand tuiliupn, avomglpg ten
pounds, luiejj, have been taken in
Sitka bay iu a single haul. The seal
tlslu'rles yield to tho government
$317,500 unuually, or sutlioiont to
lay -1 per cunt, on tho sum paid
Russia for the country. A single
Island Is tuhl to lie practically a
mountain of ore und to contain min
eral wealth enough to jviy otl the
whole of our national debt.
Two Chicago clergymen Jnivo
provsd to their own satisftiPtiontlmt
daueliig in rwng, becauiw men nev
er.ilmiiM) with men. Yts, and by
wayofttrgumont it umy b pixivon
that marrying Is all wrong, bcaiiUH
1U0II nuver nmny umiIi other.
1. O. D. ttHUiU for IVi-totlleo l)e
jwiim.nt, and hIm for tin wuy.
4xf"iniii.- Put iiit the lXmovrnts.
ClIAIHMAN IhtlTO.N Of the Illtlllg-
ural conimlttehasntolved favorable
answei-s to his request for tho usoi
of tho corridors of the Interior audi
I'ostolllce Department buildings for
sleeplnjjquiirtorsfor tho troops di
ingtho luiiuituratloii. Tho available-
upiuv will uwoniotlato about
lo.noo men.
Thesub-Commlttee on Civic Or
gatiiiutlon hsaIrody retvlvwl ap
plications fhr positions in the )inrade
from V orrulatitlons. nggregHtlng
la.iKH) men. This is a,iwo mow tlHin
wvrviu the iarade four yet sago.
Dr. Joseph Tarkcr has just completed nine
teen years of pastoral servico in City Tcmplo,
"Tho King's Daughter" uow number 20,
000 In tho United State. Tho society is to
Imvo a monthly jiaper.
Tho total cost of tho recent Methodist gen
eral confeivtieo is said to have been 87.,000.
or over $3,000 a day, hich made $x"0,000 in
excess of tho sum provldod for by tho
Tho Luthornn church Is doing grand work
and uchioving wonderful success in America.
In 18T0 tho number of communicants in that
denomination in this country was less than
400,000. Now there are over 1,000,000.
Tho olovonth world's conference of Young
Men's Christian associations is to bo held iu
Stockholm this summer. These conferences
aro usually held onco iu three years. Tho
last ono was In Berlin in the eu minor of IbSL
As an Illustration of tho ehnnged attitude
of tho world toward Christian missions, tho
entertainment at tho Mansion house, In Lon
don, of the delegates to tho international
missionary eeiiforqne by the lord mayor,
who Is a Behriuu and a Roman Catholic, la
The Churck nrmy has becomo an In.
portnnt Institution in tho church of Enelaml.
It reports 100 evangelists for tho year, indi
cating mi iuereoio of flfty-flvo. Iu addition
to this n considerable number of tho officers
who havo jvisA-d through thecourso of train
ing, who for various reasons were not quito
ilttod for tho difficult work, havo becomo
Scripture readers and lay helpers.
Dd Inilrntlun.
"Thay say that Qulmby has Invented
medicine which Is haviug a large sale."
"I cunt Imagino how such a scheme as
that ever occurred to him."
"Neither could 1 until I reflected that ha
had one boon an undertaker." Nebraska
Btato Journal
Sweat unit Hitter.
IIow kweet and fresh the soft t prlng sir
A U-Um, a nppMlwr.
It ra&kea m t& Ukebut, oht wheirl
Coasara tno farUllserl
Durlloctoa Free Press.
It costs a New York Elevated
Railroad Company JdCOO totlropa
hot coal into pedestrian's eye,'
Nlpi(t In tho 15ml.
Is it not better to nip consumption,
the greatest scourge of humanity, in
the bud, than to try to stay its pro
gress on the brink of the grave. A
few doses of California's most useful
production. SANTA A1UA, the king
of Consumption, will relieve, and a
thorough treatment will enre. Na
sal Catarrh, too often the forerunner
of consumption, cuu bo cured
These remedies arc sold and -fullv
warranted by D. W. Matthew's & Co.
100 State Street, Salem, Oregon, nt$l,
or three lor $2.50.
St. Louis is the only large city in
the country that will bend a solid
republican delegation to congress.
Reasoning ftom a Sound Text.
Say tho doctors and who shall nay them
nil-? a special predisposition seems re
vuif It to the development of rheumatism.
Whero there Is Hits tendency, most ot us
know from observation what a a deep hold
disease takes when onco Incurred nnd ne
glected for a short time. Is not this a
sound text, then from which to advocate
the early use of llosteter's Stomach Hit
ters In a nmliuly so hard to dlslodiro as
rheumatism? Another thing.. It is well
ascertained that a falllngotrin vigor, resul
ting from Ind gcstlon nnd mal-uutrltlqn
Increases llnbljlty to rdcuinatlsm. What
then Is mero likely to net ub preventative
than this potent rcctlllcr ol Iho gastric
troubles that Increase tho rheumatic ten
dency. Malaria, constipation, dysneptla,
bltllousnes, debility and kidney troubles
succumb to this genial provcnuulvo and
A Straocer Among Strangers.
New York Bello Do you know that larg
m No w York 1 there aro only four hundred
people tben ho can claim to really belong
Omaha Man Shouldn't wonder. It" th
lonUct nUod I ever sot into. Omah
Gcorgo F. Tcntecost, tho "Evange
list." Is preaching In England. His
children are being educated in thut
Don't Experiment.
You cannot all'ord to waste time
In experimenting when your luncs
are iu danger. Do not permit, any
dealer to impose upon you with sonic
immuioti ot i)r. King's kcw- Dis
covery for Consumption, Coughs
and Colds, but be sure you get the
genuine. Decause he can make more
profit lie may tell you ho has some
thing Just as good, orjust the same.
Don't be deceived, but Insist upou
getting Dr, King's New Discovery,
wiiien is guurainceii to givoreienn
ullThro.it, Lung and Cliest iilleo
tlons. Trial bottles fans nt Dr.' H.
V. Cox's drug More. ' Large bottles
' A mail bag the capture of a hus
Aa Absolite Care.
OINTMTSNTis only put up In kr,-.
iwi-ouneo tin boxes, anil U ,u
iltMluto euro for old sores, toittsr
vi-iutuds, chapped bauds, uu.i ,.i
Uli eruptions. Will jxwltiv.-.ir.-
si! kinds of piles. Ask f..i ,
.!'K5IN'AL ABIETINE ().'..
MK.NT. bom by. W. mjtS
( .i.. KM State Btre)ti Sulvm, i. j.
. v nt jH.r box by mall so cvtiu.
Ok o
o 0
Leather and
Hides, Pelfs and
231 Commercial St., Salem, Or
Findings ! Aafm I
u AY am v
tea u k N hsWmK
"trr-" a-a SH
TSKaoaKxvaseniw wiuaa
Fruit Farms of Ten to Forty Acres !!!
These lands aro not ottered at climmced prices. The soil and location are-
Especially adapted to growing PEARS, PRUNES, AND OTHER
FRUITS for shipping green to the Mining district? and
Farther East, whilo the mutual cooperation in
Shipping, storing and selling fr.iits will
lie no small consideration.
The Very Jest Land For Fruit Growing
The canneries of SALEM, W00DBUEX and ALBANY are at easy
of access. None but first class families desired. Will meet
Parties with team. Correspondence solicited.
Mtavton, Or.
A Complete Line of
Beautiful Holiday Gopdst
Has,. just been received nt the Old and Established
f?alem Jewelry Store of
S.W. Thompson & Co.
All kinds of Watches, Jewelry and Silverware. Prices satisfactory ana
Goods 'First Class. ' . . "
282 to 286 Commercial Street, SALEM.
- Gailand stoves,
Charter Oak Stoves,
W V i rJrightwi Range
Also a CuBipletf Stick f Hardware aad Firm MuMmr;, Wagons and &K
jaSpTJ 1 1 I rp 'SnfiRf

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