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idViflttJttta OAJLfMUl "dWUSAti Wtii&vj&i iiAKOli aiieoa.
fr. ?? llcdleal Co., Jllkharf, Xmt.
(ifSfLRMriu 1 never looo an opportunity to
cutLincticl Dr. Miles' I'csloratlvo Nervine to any
3 r, onoarillctrdwltuiicrvouscnniplalnu
fXiji ?-' th0 asMtrance tlinl it mil not
'''""(ll-iiftxilnt iliim When our boy was
f t'eiltnnnf he old ho wns ftttnckcd with violent
a ii, t-o nctuncs ho would liato flvo or six
a MiliiadiiKladHjr wr Truro mmv pmvoi
i .! without arritrir: finally our ilrUKslit
m-i.aieodoj .. , - , Dr. Mile' It p
. 'he Ncr ("til RED vine Wotricd
. tile, nnd "too w ihW couij lco lhnt
Wit OtMtflTtD rflOMTHC fisist oosr. We
1 ililxo unities, ana I am happy to say the
i. ul.l wis ENTIRELY CURED. We used no
i il cr r incdy, and his euro Is complete. He U
I y lieal thy. You are at liberty to use my name In
ntMCOY. 8. 0. Hxacox.
Agent Pacific Express Co.
IlatUncs, Nebraska, April Ctb, 1802.
Dr. Miles' Nervine,
Bold by D. J. Fry, druggist, Salem
Steamer Ehvoot.
from TJ. I. Dock at 6 o'clock a. m. every Mon
day, Wednesday and Saturday.
trom the Central dock nt foot of Washington
etrcet every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday,
Concerning freight and pasneuger business,
call on the agent, At, HE 11KEN .
A new and complete treatment, consisting
of suppositories, ointment In capsules, also
aboxuud pills; a posltlvo cure for external,
Internal, blind orJleedlng, Itching, chronic,
rece'.l or hert-dltaty piles, and many other
dlHeases and female weaknesses. It Is always
a great benefit to the general health The
nrsi QlBCOVery oi u ineaicui euro rcuucnui uu
eratlon with the kuile unnecessary here
after. This remedy has never been known to
fall. $1 per box. 0 for $5: sent by mall. Why
sutler from this terrible disease whn a writ
ten guarantee la given with 0 boxes, to refund
the money lr not cured. Hend stamp for free
sample. Guarantee IsBned by WOODWARD,
CLARKE & Co.. wholesale and retail drug
gists, sole agents. Portland, Or. JJrooks
Lr eg agents lorHalem, 160 State street, Patton's
block. 6-2-ly-dw
Residence 882 Court St.
Sign and House Painter,
Inve orders at A H. Buren aon's furni
ture store or Stoat fc Qlle, grocers.
Opened to Students September 13, 1892.
This Institution offers the most practical
course of tudy of any school In the state, viz:
Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering,
Electrical Engineering, Academic and Oram
mar chool courses, tuludenu practice dally
lu wood ship, mechanic Bhop, and laborato
Tuition and Hoard per Tear, J150.
(Special Inducements to n few young men
who wish to work for their board and tuition
during vacations. Kor prospectus and lurther
Information address
President Salem, Or.
Kates, $2.50 to $5.00 per Bay
The best hotel between Portland aad San
Francisco. First-class In all Ita appointments.
Its tables are served with the
Choicest Fruits
Grown In the Willamette Valley. .
A. I. WAGNER. Prop.
Leavcordera atCotUe-I'arkhurst blockroom
15, Salem, Oregon,
PaDer Haneer and Decorator,
Offleo at Chas. Calvert' Millinery store,
Baled Straw.
Good baled straw for aale on J
roed, six mile aouth ot Baleaa. Price at bam
"" W. W. CULVER.
A Atrange PuritiaHnti of fen Crystals at Hie
iifiiinni rw nnrmirnj
Tlio "nticlior lco," liy wliloli tlio ntcnift
pr City of Uoiton wn Imprisoned lit the
Tlintncs rlvrr itt Norwich, Isotio of tlio
fitrangeit of wintry phenomena, ltgoes
by vnrlotii mimes. West of Now Eng
land It H known ns "slush lco," nnd
abroad It lacnllfcd "ground lco," "bottom
lco" and "Joppored lco," It Is not formed
upon tho surface of water, but collects
on tlio bods of streams, This Is tliomosl
remarkable thing about it. Many thoo
rlcs linvo been ndVnnced to account for
Its formation. Ono scientist claimed
(hat It was tho result of rndlrttlOn of heal
from tho rivor bed, and thrit It was do
posited on tho stuno principle as dow
Another stoutly maintained that It was
produced by llttlo splculro of hoar frost
fulling from tho atmosphere into the
Tlio most ncceptttblo hypothesis, how
ovor, Is that tho wholo body of water in
which it h found is thoroughly chilled
by a mechanical action of tho currents
of tho stream, and that tho anchor ice
then naturally forms on tho stones and
other rough bodies at tho bottom. After
this general cooling of tho water to a
tomporaturo in tho neighborhood of 112
degrees Pahr., tho anchor ico will speed
ily coat a polo, for example, that is low
ered into tho stream. Tho nucleus hav
ing onco boon formed, tho small masses
of ico that cling by adhesion to tho asper
ities of tho river bed grow in sizo nnd at
length nttnin sufficient buoyancy to
loosen llieir lastenings nnd riso to the
'surface. In doing this they frequently
tear up small stones and clumps of
Tho anchor ico is clearly crystalline in
structuro, and in tho water resembles n
kind of fungus or vegetablo growth. At
times a stream will bo seen tull of little
masses of anchor ico floating along near
or at tho surface. Its consistency is
often very slight, so that if an attempt
is mado to grasp it in tho hand it readily
melts and disappears. It is confined
mainly to swiftly running streams hav
ing gravelly or stony beds, and it is a
fcaturo of tho winter that proves troublo
somo chiefly to mill owners.
It collects on tho head gates of tho
canals and on tho racks at tho entrance
of flmne. nnd if it isnllowed to pass into
a wheel pit is liable to stop tho wheel, as
it effectually stepped tho paddles of the
steamer City 01 Boston in tho Thames.
Boston Herald.
Why no Left tlio Farm.
"Why did Ileavo tho farm? I'll toll
you," said a gentleman at tho Lindell.
"I was born on a farm in Indiana, and
until I was 10 my father gave mo regu
lar tasks to do, which had to bo com--ploted
before any"pleasures were in
dulged in. There was a large family of
children, nnd every ono had his or hei
regular tasks, as my father, who was
judge of tho circuit court, was absent
much of the time. There was to bo a
neighborhood danco ono evening, and 1
had worked very hard that I might join
a party who were to stop for me. I was
cutting tho finishing touches on my toi
fot when tho wagon filled with boys and
girls drove up. On tho hind seat was
my girl, which perhaps was thcr-cause
of my misfortune, for having forgotten
to throw down hay for tho horses moth
er whispered that I oup.ht to attend to
that before I went away. I told tlie
boys to wait on mo a minute, nnd I hur
ried to the barn.
"It was an immense barn, and on son
cross beams roosted a score of turkeys.
Climbing up the" Udder hurriedly I dis
turbed tho turkeys, and with a 'cut, cut.
cut,' tho flock flew toward the open door.
Ono old gobbler evidently mistook me
for a post, as ho alighted on my shoul
ders, throwing me backward out of the
loft. I lay for some timo unconscious,
and after waiting for mo until patience
was exhausted tho boys came with a lan
tern to look for mo. I was recovering
when they camo in nnd was soon nblo tc
join tho party, but I made a vow that
night that I would never do anothei
day's work on the farm and I nevei
have." St. Louis Republic.
Tho Ameikun Woman and Her'natli.
Thcro is no doubt that women aro be
ginning to realizo moro and moro the
importanco of tho bath. It no longer
continues to bo a perfunctory duty, tc
bo gone through with as a matter ol
course on Saturday nights, much as the
family washing is undertaken on Mon
day. Tho relation of cloanliness to godliness
has" ceased to bo of importance. The
bath has grown to be considered, on th
contrary, a closo adjunct to woman't
beauty. Tho fair sex has learned tc
study tho bath and its effects upon theii
feelings, and incidentally tho action oi
tepid or hot -.rater on their fair skins and
its efficacy ia f.oftening and beautifying
their complexions.
No longer can it bo said that with tin
majority of American women a bath
means simply wiping tho face with a cor
ner of a wet towel, oven if the statement
was ever true.
Tho women of foreign countries in the
past undoubtedly had a greater appreci
ation of tho near relation of tho bath tc
personal beauty than tho women of the
United States. That a great change in
this direction lias been wrought is shown
by tho greater intelligence shown by
American women today in tho matter of
bathing, and their growing predilection
for what is known as Swedish massage.
Philadelphia Times.
An Inhuman Nurse.
Parents who are in thejiabit of putting
their children out to nurso will do well
to ponder over the following cuso re
cently tried in a police court at Paris:
From the testimony it appears that a
nurse woman was in the habit of giving
a baby in her charge an artificially
healthy complexion by cruelly painting
the infantile faco with cosmetics. Tho
child progressed so nicely that its weight
increased in an astonishing manner, ow
ing, it la taid, to soino shot which the
nurse placed in the baby's clothes. Final
ly the cruel fraud was detected, and the
woman received two years' imprison-
Good nntttrb should lend in tho list of
tho vlvtiifcs.
Itniti hns fallen only twlco In 20 year
at tfden, Arabia.
An holiest innri will keep n watcher
busier thitti a thief,
Mrs. C. V. Iltiutlugtofi has tho costli
est ruby" In this country,
Milk puddings nnd stowed fruit nro
good for billons' Ay anopsia.
A combined knlfrnnd fork fort-annod
men Is being mitnufnctured.
Wo seldom euro to bo reminded of our
duty by seeing another do It.
During tho Inst DO years lH8,0lC,000
pounds of gold wcro coined in Frnncc.
Davy, by tho uso of carbon points,
produced tho first electric light in 1802.
Thero aro over 4,000 South African
war medals in Englnnd awaiting claim
ants. Manufacture of tho Atlantic cablo wns
begun in 1&77. nnd 2.500 miles wero com
pleted. Jeremy Tnylor wns tho son of a bnr
bor and spont his youthful hours honing
Do not for ono rcpnlso forego tho pur
poso that you resolved to effect. Shake
speare. A carpenter is known by his chips, but
a barber is known by his shingles nnd
Tlio moon i3 brought to an apparent
distanco 6t 100 miles by tho strongest
Tho cat has nino lives, and pistols or
dinarily only seven shotB great mistake
Sugar of lead has nothing to do with
sugar, nor hns cream of tartar anything
to do with cream.
Tho prico of ice nt Devil's Lake, Mich,
is 0 cents a ton, while atShreveport.La..
it is 1 cent a pound.
Don't placo upon a small table a deli
cate triceo of Italian statuary covered
with a canopy of glass.
A man in St. Petersburg says ho has
found a now cholera bacillus. Nobody
has as yet tried to take it from him.
Tho most difficult character in com
edy is that of tho fool, and he must be
no simpleton that plays that part. Cer
vantes. Genuine politeness is always the out
come of a kind heart, and travelers usu
ally appreciate any thoughtful attention
from thoir fellow passengers.
SMTSaw the Emperor.
At the Woman's club hi Washington
the following touching story was recent
ly teld: "I was in Berlin in 1871 when
the Emperor William returned from
Paris, tho war over and Germany victo
rious. I sat in a baroucho opposite the
entrance of the palace. Around was all
Berlin all Germany, as it seemed tc
me. You could have walked on the
heads of the people, but you could not
have moved in such a crowd. The em
peror came and stood silently bofore
them, and they wero silent at first; then
tho shout that went up was almost aw
ful in its intensity, and tho emperor,
w'ith n military saluto and a few words
of thanks went in. But that did not sat
isfy them: they cried out again and
pressed up closer. A peasant woman
who had been standing near my carriage
said: 'Oh, let mo como in let mo get
nearer 1 I must sea himl I have lost twe
sons in this warl'
"I opened tho door, and she climbed in
and stood' up. I passed my arm around
her to steady her, and thon.we turned to
tho balcony of the first floor. In a mo
ment tho emperor appoared and stood,
tho center of all eyes and hearts. The
peasant woman folded her hands and
said: 'Pray for him pray for him, and
all theso in his position! They have sc
much' thero sho paused, but I knew
sho meant blood; she was thinking oi
her boys 'so much on their hands!
Tho emperor again thanked tho people
for their welcome and asked them tc
disperse thon, and they did. Almost
before I could recover myself enough tc
look around they wero all gone, and tht
great placo in front id tho palaco had
only a few other carriages, like my own,
waiting to drive off,"- -Cldcago Tribune.
An Episode on a New York Street.
Just before Broadway was reached ont
of the slightly animated skeletons thai
nro down in tho books of Colonel Shep
herd's Fifth Avenue stage lino as horset
jumped out of his traces nnd stuck hii
nose in tho snow at tho corner. Ho wat
one of four, and in a moment tho othei
tbreo wero tangled up and tho outfit
blocked the whole street. Two police
men camo up, andgftbe- skeleton pulled
his nose out of the snow and gazed intc,
tho holo with an indefinable expression
of sadness on his race. Tho policemen
took hold of him on either sido in front
and lifted him over tho traces again.
Then they did the samo with his hindei
parts and pointed him up tho avenue.
They untangled tho other three skele
tons, and at the end of another 10 min
utes tho stage was out of the way.
"What made him jump over the
traces?" the reporter asked one of the
"Saw an oat," answered both police
men in concert. New York Sun.
Queer Earth In California.
They are dredging some very queer
stuff down at McNear's basin. They
truck It a few feet below tho surface
and havo cut through about 12 feet In
depth of It thus far. It Is the very em
bodiment of toughness. It requires to
bo cut Into shavings, as It were, by one
passage of tho machine, and then in dis
engaging and lifting it theUOO-horsepow.
er machino is strained to tho utmost It
is very much like dredging a stratum of
India rubber. The same machine would
make at least fivO times tho speed and
headway through the friable rock that
underlies our principal streets. Besides
being tough, indicating a very large per.
ceatago of aluminium in its composition,
if. u muarkaUv hearY. much more so
than the hardpaa or ordinary clay ol
tho Ttcbuty.--rttai-uft lawMd
S5d9s?r Sir
A Yoiiiib Rnllor trim Wnn Saved From nn
Awful Kate,
"You havo no objection to tno per
onally Miss Feathercroft, I hope," ro
marked the young lady's somowhat elder
ly admirer.
"Why, Mr. Glaspy," sho replied, "you
aro not noting at n proxy for somo other
man, aro you?"
"As a proxy? Do I understand you
correctly, Miss Feathercroft? As a proxy
for some other man? Certainly not."
"In asking me to bo your wife you
meant yours Individually, did yon not?"
"I cortainly did."
"Thon my objections to marrying you,
Mr. Glaspy, must havo somo personnl
application to yourself, must thoy not?"
"Of courso, but"
"Very good. Let us dispose of this
point first. You asked mo to marry you.
I declined. You inquired whether I had
any objoctiqns to you personally. 1
asked you in reply if you wero acting a
agent f pr somo other man. You said you
wcro not. Now, then, if the fact be con
sidered established that yon wish mo to
marry you and I refuse to do so, It fol
lows Inexorably that my refusal is based
on tho fact that it is you yourself whom
I do not wish to marry. Do you follow
"I 1 think I do," said Mr. Glaspy
somewhat bewildered, "but"
"One moment. Observe, now, that
this refusal has nothing to do with any
other man. Hence whatover rontons 1
may havo for not wishing to marry you
apply to you personally and nobody else.
Therefore thoy aro personal to yourself.
Is that entirely clear in your mind?"
"Why, yes," gasped tho discomfited
Mr. Glaspy helplessly, "but still"
"Henco it must bo apparent to you,r
he proceedod, raising her voice, point
ing her finger at him argumentativolj
and following his now retreating form
around the room, "it must be apparent
to you that I do have some objections tc
you personally, and your question, oi
rather your assumption to characterize
it moro accurately, was founded on o
manifest misconception. I proceed now
to glvo some of my objections. First
ly" "You needn't, Miss Feathercroft I" ex
claimed Mr. Glaspy, recovering himself.
"You needn't proceed to state the objec
tions. I'm glad you've got objections!'
he went on, firmly grnBping his hat.
"Butforthoso objections I might hnve
been by this time tho promised husbanc"
of a walking rhotoric and female De
mosthenes! Thank heaven for tho objec
tions! I have the honor, madam, to con
gratulate myself on escaping a horrible
fate and to wish you a very good even
ing!" Chicago Tribune.
Not Well Armed For Eating.
He was a small man, with a mouth
that looked as If It had been mado with
a can opener.
Ho sidled into a "dental emporium"
on tho east side, and when tho operator
got around his way tho visitor said:
"I seo you pull teeth without gas foi
60 cents," '
"Wo do."
"Pluggin como about tho same?"
"That depends on tho filling," said the
"Does, hey? Well, I'vo gotthree teeth
I thought mebbo you'd lump and do
three for $1. I can't afford no luxuries,
but tho food ain't heavy anyhow over
whore I board, and with them three
ragin cavities, fact Is, I'm starvin!"
New York Tribune
Little Peter is slow nt school, though
apparently bright enough everywhere
elso. Tho other day at tablo his motbei
alluded to him as a "backward boy."
The next morning in dressing ho put
his jacket on by accident the wrong side
beforo, and instead of removing it and
readjusting it ho had his sister button it
up at the back and went down to break
fast thus.
"Why, Poterl" his mothor exclaimed.
"What do you mean by coming down In
that way?"
"Oh," ho said, "I got it on that way,
and as you said I was a 'backward boy'
I thought maybe that was tho best way
to gol" Youth's Companion.
Scenes In China.
Girl (on seeing a Chinaman) What's
that, mamma?
Mother That's a Cliinaman, dear.
Girl Do all tho people in China dress
like that?
Mother Yes, dear.
Girl Gracious! How they must laugh
when they see each other! Exchange.
Host Likely.
A courting couple in the park.
He Is she happy, 'ittle optsy wootsy?
Bho Oh, so happy I Is topsy wopsy
He Oh, so happy!
She What would topsy wopsy do If
there was no ootsy wootsy in the world?
Gruff Voice of a Man in ttye Bushes
Topsy wopsy would be hugging some
other girL Wonder.
be Couldn't M.
MIm Peart Did you ever look at your
self in the glass when you were angry?
I Rival Belle No, I'm sever agry whsa
I I look in the gl.-New YorJL Wkly.
Starting a rastilnm
It Is n enprico of tho moment with a
certain sot of girls who strivo for fads
and cccontrlcltics to omit nil punctuation
marks in their lotters. Probably some
ono who couldn't put them in started tho
fashion, just as a girl at tho opora a
few years ngo found that a soro finger
throbbed and ached desperately If her
hand lay on her lap nnd was much ro
iioved when sho hold it upright. So sho
sat all tho ovening in a conspicuous box
with ono slendor gtoved hnnd touching
hor chock, with tho result of making the
attitudo a marked nnd raging fashion
that entiro season. New York Times.
Mrs. Lynn Linton's Ideas of rtnys.
Mrs. Lynn Linton, who has boon
called an Addison in petticoats, is a
groat lovor of tho theater and owns to
liking best tho play that amusos when
tho villain comes to grief and the good
girl majrrics tho hero. Sho calls plays
"fairy talcs for grownups" which sorvo
a gracious purposo in diverting us from
llfo's tragedlos. "In nn oarlior ago wo
ncoded tragedies on tho stage; lifo was
thon so much fuller of Maypole dancing.
Today wo llvo out our tragedies and
turn to the stngo for our Maypolo danc
ing as lookers on, becauso wo aro not
free to join in tno aancu.
Hand how to Attain it.
At l..t mnrlloAl n-nrk thHt telll the CUe.
B describes the effects, points the remedy. This
It scientifically the most valuable, artistically
tho most beautiful, medical book that has ap
peared for years) SS pages, every page oeauug
a half tone Illustration In tints. Somo of tho
subjects treated are Nerrous Oeblllty, Irnpo-
tency, sterility, ueveiopmpnt, aniajwiu, iuv
Husband, Thoio Intending Marriage cio,
rvrru Man irio irauM knmn (he Oram! Truths.
the rialn fttett. the Old Sterett and Ktw 2ls
eovtrici of Medical Settnce a applied to Mar
ried Life, who utouM atone for past folliet
and avoid future pitMlt. thmtld write for thlt
It will be sent free, under seat, while the edi
tion lasts. If convenient enclose ten cents to.
pay postage alone. Address tbo publishers,
Our rEBFECTION SYIlIKaE frw with Ttry ttl
Iiolwn. Po not BTAIN. ritEVHNTS BTlUCTOItE.
Cure. OONOKRIKEA slid OIXFT In On. to Foes d.ri.
BuUbj-.Iltlia'OaiSTB. BanttouiyAdilreuIorll Si
HALYDOIl lrrcrfmim Co .LANCASTr.lt. OHIO,
In raisins; a family of nine ohtldren, my only
remedy for Coughs, Colds and Croup was onion
syrup. It Is Just as offaotlva to-day as ltwas forty
uunn's Onion Syrup, wbloh Is already prepared
and more pleaaant to the taste. Sold everywhere.
Large bottles SO oonts. Take no substitute for lb
years mco. now my BTaaaoniiurou ub at.
Sold by HuskeU & VnuHlype.
Dr. Powell Reeves & Co.,
The Old Reliable Specialists,
Late of Now York Hospitals. Graduate with
High Honors. Twonty years experience
as Professor, Lecturer, Author and
BiieclalUt lu Chrouio Diseases.
Cough and
Difficulty of
ly treated
lo remedies
tested and
proved by
Who is ono of nature's noblemen,
thoroughly devoted to his profession
and ever ready to help tho afflicted.
middle aged men. The awful effects of early In
discretion, producing weakness, LOST MAN
HOOD, night emissions, exhausting drains,
bashf ulnesa, loss of energy, weakness of both
body and brain, unfitting one for study, business
and marriage, treated with never f alllug success.
Oet cured and bo a man.
syphilitic taint, rheumatism, eruptions, etc., of
ail kinds, blood poison from any cause whatever,
cured promptly, leaving tho system pure and
healthful. ...., . ,
itt, sediment In urine, brickdustor whltei pain
while urinating, frcquoucy of; llrlglit's disease
and alt diseases of tho bladder of both sexes.
flTlDDU throat, lungs, liver. dyspepsia, ludl
bAlailftn gcstlon, and all diseases affecting
the bowels, stomach, etc.; diarrhoea, dysentery,
eta' Troubles of this character relieved atouoe;
cures eflected assoou as possible.
DDIVJTD diseases, gleet, gonorrhoea, syphilis,
rilliniu htdrocele, varioceie, tenaern
IHIIIl.H U)UrUVlD, TBWUVVtO, fc.u, uvm,
swellings, weakuesa oi organs, and piles, fistula,
rupture, quic-iy cureu wn
thout any pain or do-
tuition from business.
nnllu city. Thousands cured at homo by
correspondence and medicines sent secure from
observation. Enclose 10 cents In stamps lor
book on Sexual Secrets. Address,
Now Located at 210 Com'I St, Salem.
iimimn vnur troubles If llvlnir awarirom me
OOlce 1M Commercial street, In Willamette
hotel building, nearly opposite the postoftlce,
Office Hours from 8 a. m. to 5 p, m,
All order fur water or other business will
receive prompt attiitltn at tbe omm. Hills
for water ure payable the 1st of each month.
It Is desired thai as many consumer as
possible pay thilr bills at the office,
J. If, WALLAOK, I'reTfd'ent.
J, M, HAIITIN, Superintendent,
215-, CemmsrcUl St., b!o, 0rf es.
(Next door to kimb's.)
BeeolaJtyol fertale, and repalriB,; Cloek,
""" vwMeweirx,
mm Ki ?--aM
J. TV Wr y YtSr
muee-a. i. 1
W vSff
for Infanti
"Castor I a Is so well adapted to children that
I recommend It aa superior to any prescription
known to mo." It. A. Ancnxn, M. D.,
Ill Bo. Oxford St, Brooklyn, N. Y.
HThe use of 'Castorla' h so universal and
Its merits so well known that It seems a work
of supererogation to endorso It- Fow aro the
Intelligent families who do not keep Castorla
within easy reach."
Cablos Marttk, D.D.,
New York City.
Late Pastor Bloomlngdalo Reformed Church.
Tub Cintaur
X3XT 1893
All ' Roads lead to Chicago.
Excursion Kates to tho World's Fair.
Jgjjliti Choice Meats.
Los Angeles, California.
If you would bo clean and hjivo your clothes done up in
the neatest and dressiest mannor, take them to tho
where all work is done by white labor and in the most prompt
Front Street, Salem, Oregon.
best class of work in our lino at prices to compote with
tho lowest. Only tho best material used.
-Proprietor of tho-
All liouse-llnlsblnK irjuterlul made to order at tho lowest Portland
prices. Bee us beforo you buy.
cllllrl tltUIHU
WUItsr. Wltb.sl IMLI
w.statM r.iulllts from
kuui'Um of tisle, a.rt . I.i.i,tn...l sr IxUxr.iI.e,
as Mistl siasaiu... arsis., lea.ti. as m.m e.biuii, ,i..p
Uifin,, lasfusr, ibtvnsiuB, slda.f , llrtr a&J Ll.da.r
MBPl. lull, I.e. luk, lamkas, I.I.IU., s.Mltl 111 ...Ilk.
MS. TbU .IMIII. k.11 H.-lu ffuatrrsl lar.taal M.r
all .liars, as Km a nn.al ibsl Is laikuillr l.li tr IS
!, . I w torl.il SitUOO, eUI r all f Ib.tl.l.
e.'M. .r a. a . Tauad &Ye Use sartd by Ibl, snr
fol.o lor. oil. a ofl.r all .ibsr r.a.xll.1 folios'. oo w.
Sir alfcortaj of tosMaooeUto la IbU ell oror olk.r Halo.
" aa T. loouoi.a.via VI U1HIP ealfaejosri
fKauilbooa r eSoroa woo ... M W ITrl ILL SILTS
S.o4 (or lUaaual! readouts, toallad. ooolo. fro. 4oroo
tf(ir oMWSjflStl IIIBUISU J . a, -
xjazr aar.aBO'X'wtvxo cio..
Ho. 172 Flrat St.. PORTLAND. ORE.
NeuJ M?at Market
IN COrrLK iUAX'K.---
I Tbe best go
' Wwast jrrte.
Tb best goads, tbe beat service
and tbo
ft all
and Children.
Castorla cures Colto, Constipation,
Sour Stomach, Diarrhoea, Eructation,
Kills Worms, gtros sleep, and promotes) dt
Vfchout injurious medication.
" For several years I havo recommended
your Castoria,' and shall always conUnue to
do so aa It has Invariably produced beneficial
Edwin F. Pibdx-, H. D.,
Tho Wlnthrop," 125th Street and 7th Avr,
New Tork City.
Comtant, 77 Mintiux Strut, Nkv York.
Wholesale and Retail
Dealer in Fresh, Salt and
SmokcdtSIcuts of allKinds
95 Court and
110 State Streets.
INCORlATp J18013
C. Cross,
a "BcrksMrc & Poland-China Pigs a Specialty.
Fancy Poultry, All Varieties.
Eggs for Hatching.
Nlles Pacific Coast Poultry and Stock, Illustra
ted, oOceutH by innil.
Liberty Street.
Tho Thirteenth Annual Stal
lion Show of Fine Horses
will take placo at
Saturday, Marck 25, 1603. at 1 p. w.
All persons from everywhere bavla
lions will please attend. . ,.
farmers, brlBst your mares aad eoltt. ,
T his proml4U be tbo targes aad beat sMal
lion Hhowyet Held.
A number of bones will bo am Atr MP) .
and buyers will havo a flao eMmUMray,,M
vt Ilia laaat.
My order or tbe WlUajaeUe VaUo
Urecder'a aavoeUtloa. T.n, HUAW.
lamUte VaUar Mam
i -
meat, New York Telegram.
?Iia$l.QffflJ - v.-
" i' - MIS?.u

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