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Evening capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1888-1893, April 19, 1893, Image 2

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- i.-.uH'MWa":i ,- , .. Z,'t
I JhjfrJ,
-T.'"- - --'
awtwwwwttJiiiii I'lajijiH uini
to omul mmi
fsVMMt A,V, tf0ftf HUrliMV,
lkl TahUkg Company.
AM(MN HMtrttttfl Mrtti
. MPCfMlltOTHEflg, ' tilUth
' MM OMHWI'lllll 1 1 1 I i' 'I'"" '"
k&ti ft mtifttptf months M W
All whd riv (ho Wkkkly (Javi
At, JOVHUAU nrd HrRCll to book up
iMf wHJiitr)l remit wl)t tbey owe
m well m for the J ar Jftog, It Is our
ftiM W mnkfl II wore UiorouKlily Mian
wen popular family iiuwtiaier. More
Mian ever will U wok to U1 tbo peopte
loHfbt direction for good government
ntottm, economy and huldliifc nil public
uflUrlai (o rigid accountability to the
people. ItH.teleK'oplilo reotl will lie
More complete, than ever before, m ev
r Wnoe TlIK JoUKNAfc ban been uudei
1(4 preeeut tiMiiHKemunt, the Oregon
tou'a monopoly of furuUlitog the peo
fi new tow been broken, and tbo pco
pi we uo leiiger forced to receive all
MMtalBforsMilou through that mono
leotaauriel. Our weekly lUtn art-
tn very Jarco fur a Halem paper.
AdrrUere are welcome to call nud In
pMt wtr weekly IIhIn. lleoolvlng an
ttUrrly Independcut and complete for.
9ko and domttttlonuwH service through
the Associated Press, we pledge out
,Mdera toglve Ihcm the best wecklj
for the moneytho cbenpeat weekly
newspaper in Oregon.
Circulate the JouhnalJ Wo want
an agent and local representative al
every poatofflce in Oregou. Bend In
the local news. Bend us new 8Ub0cr.ll
era. We allow liberal cash commltwion.
Sample copiea to circulate free to any
address. Tiioho who hnvo read the
Journals month, a year, or going on
;four years under prevent management,
o& speak for It and any whether It lint
been true to tbo people, Intelligent,
Jaltbful, or not. We would like oyery
fender to feel that ho has a common In
tercet In making this paper and the
Mw It represents a success. Wo need
your support and counsel. Wrltous
for encouragement, counsel, or correc
tion. The latter will be especially valu
able. We want to live and let live; to
live and learn.
a Thk Jouhnal Imtll right.
Nothing cttn bo advertised In It with
My degree of Intolllguucu uud remain
' The people find It out.
The Mabel Jenncss lecture wasnd-
vertked In uo other way than through
TH H JouitNAL. The people saw It was
"a good thing. Bliu hud u large nud
fashionable audlonco.
f Advertise In Tits Jouunaij.
Whether you wish to marry, lecture,
or do any thlUK,but bust up In buslne,
.tell, the people nil about It in these
eolutnu. And you will succeed.
' " lbe Arbor day exorcises of thu Au
I'bHra school, situated In llnmdvn Turk,
'Met of Baleiu were very Interesting.
' Several tree were planted. Four
were dedicated to four of thu groat nud
' Jd men of our country.
Two by tbo G. A. It. and their wives
to Lbeoln aud OaiftoW.
Oae by thecHUetis to Oouorul Logan.
One by the teacher aud scholura to
Om. WJblugton, the father of our
The memorial address by Mrs.
Wands, on the lives of Lincoln nud
Garfield was luteusely Interesting and
tKofiouuoed good, by all who listened
The following young ladles also took
M eetlve part In the exercises: Misses
UlaDuttoo, Nettle llandull, Maggie
Daniels, Laura Fleming.
, The little folka also contributed their
Imm to the days' enjoyment,
'And hut but not least was the very
i Me Arbor Day address, by Comrade
sjunaeraoo, or Balem, wuo very ktiuiiy
lOapONded to the invitation extended to
MM by theeowmlttee of arrangement.
Your eorrespouueut here Is not ns
i aud would not be surprised to bo
i, but bad roads aud thu
k about the only topic to
wrtt about
Owraokool under MoBteluer'a gold-
mo ta dotwr very well, The school Is
Mtriy too Urge for the building about
iM aahokM WlHg oh the roll,
TM attsudsaae of the Sunday suhool
Aa.oMUHalMHWHt trf the Y, P. U, &
, la poolpoBod till the weHther U Ut
Tho abave MHy Is ihe outcome of
oar aWwday aehool, ami U Htade very
IptttroMsuc fer Ute young iwsmle
i M awe prustoeui mim yrpua
Mis Koto Pooler oaHie hoot from a
i to oor pmn. rrom wwhsmwim,
km aiMi la' aUottdliHt t4te normal
Vttm (M Kin Atttt tint tltni, Mntett, imi,
HnttUl. Mm V.. hi ttHit A Hktl
All xefclxK add frtftttrial In (lie klfH
iitttcH are (lie timet MHun tot (ho
Inner development of the ehlld
Tke kludtrfMrteti AwtoeMou of
MlfiHfHiMilk Alltm., wllloimn anew
kliidofgatleii In (fie nun partlMii W (it
Ti Mi Jlulldlig, Wliion Will be prac
tically free
'1 lie eilllil in iiBpjiitwv wiioii euiyinycut
hut hl employment must be within
hi capacity and lead to tangible re
nulls if ho Is to regard Industry as
n pleasure, and acuulro Industrious
The ehlld 6f over thrle years low a
powerful educational mllueiieo If do
prIVtMl of the comimriloiwlilp of his
equals, and the wisejHother will place
him In a kludergartenif there Is one
near uer.
The scIkxiIs must Instill- Into the
coming generations a greater refine
ment, keener discrimination between
gtKid nnd bad, and an ability to appre
ciate worth uot represnnted In caili
Child Garden Is tlio popular per
iodicals of Child literature; and tho Inst
number Is even better than those num.
bers which caused subscriptions to pour
In to the publishers ut tho rate of one
thousand u month.
Columbus also enjoyed a brief visit
from Miss Amallo Hofer,and tho many
here, who only know her through her
writings, will hereafter read with the
iincompndyliig memory ot her anlma
ted face and wonderful voice.
"X liavo wutcued chlluron as an as
tronomer watches tho heavens, or a
botnnlHt tho earth, nud I believe that
multitudes of men nud women who
tre, ruined had their doom flzcd'nt
eight or tou years of ago." Mrs. Bcud
dor, Tho mother should never uso words
thoughtlessly with her buby; every
word she sings or speaks to him, even
at an early ago, ought to present a
sound to which ho may fasten a
thought as soon us he Is able to think.
Kroebol says, "The Imprcrelons of early
childhood uro tho root fibres of later
Miss Amallo Hofer, editor of the
Kindergarten Mngazlno, was tendered
a reception by tho kludorgartucra of
Grand Rapids, Mloh., during her re
cent visit there. A most enjoyable
time was spent. Miss Hofer lectured
In Grand Ituplds, on tho Educational
Congress to bo conducted at tho world's
fair In July.
Thcro Is a story told of a man whose
blind eyes had been oponod and wlio
went about proclaiming tho discovery
nfunowsun. Btlll It was tho eamo
old huh that had been shining for cen
turies. Even so it Is whou our eyes
arc opened to the clearer light of truth
that have been shining down through
the ages. They seem llko tho discovery
of now truths till wo realize that they
ulways have been, "only wo have not
stood upon a pluno high euough
to see them.
"Tho kindergarten takes tho chil
dren before bud habits uro formed,
keeps them out of tho street, tenches
them how to play, to work, to think,
to boolean, orderly, economical, honest,
truthful and unselfish. This early
training more than doubles tho value
of the public school course whleh fol
lows It." The above Is an extract from
tho annual report of tho superintend
ent of tho publtu schools of thu city of
Albany. N. Y., and It shows in n gen
eral way the benefits derived rem the
mnlutouuuoe of a kindergarten school.
Asa corrective to many prevailing
erroneous Ideas of the kindergarten, wo
reverently wrlto what thu master him
self has said of It. "In tho kludeVgar
tun tho bodily ami mental powers are
to bo awakened uud developed, ways
and means for their oxerolso Indicated
aud provided, uud assistants trained;
so that every child, uo matter of what
rank or condition, may hero be nblo to
workout and faithfully express his real
nature, character aud true vocation In
life; educating hlmelf as being educa
ted." "Little children, especially thoe uu
dcrrchool age, ought not to boschttoled
nud taught, they need merely to bo de
veloped. It Is thu presslug need of our
ago and only thu Idea of u garden can
show us symbolically but accurately
also thu proper children." ThU Idea
lies In the very name of a kindergarten
(ohlld-garten) which Is destined to ful
fill tho need uf truo ohlldwaul iure
would It were umveirnlly ackuo wleiiged
and adopted!
From Mrs. lleury WardBeecher.
MO Qrnugo Bt., HuooKlAW, N. Y.,
ftto. II, 1MM.
"I have, used AlUHtck'a Plaster fir
some years for myself and family, slid,
as far as able, tV.r tho many nulterer
who iiitiio to us for Hwltauiv,aud liuvo
found them a ueuulue relief for most
of the aeht and tutlos whleh llh U
lielrttv 1 have invd Alleock' nhwtora
ror an kiuimoi Mmeiisa ami acute miih,
aud, by frequent exeilmeuts, And
that they can u-Mitrol many weaHoi
Hotletnl Ih your etreuhtra.
"ThHatHive U the only testimonial I
hvt evr given lu favor of aHy (vUster,
OHd If my uamo has tn-ei uel to rvc
owHMMid a uy otkorlti without my
outuurlty or tMHethw "
Mm. illtMHV WAKI) ItltMCMHK.
jflViMkU (UPi'ML
'111-1 li-lTKH mtwumti' vamtjs i jH-Mimsji1 umwiaai
Murlerl County's' A)tporllomofit io
ollewltig slatlsllcsnresuriplkd from
the office of (he county superintendent
showing the apportionment of seljoof
moiioya among the 108 school districts
In this county Escli district receive
W), and in addition $1.8- for each per
son between the ages ol and 20 years
In the dlitrlot.
The table below shows the dlstrlbu
lion based on school population tut tout
No. J'cr Ami.
Year, Pupils Capita. Appor.
1800 7.1)18 8.88 81.811.80
1801 8 888 4.20 40,017.10
1803 0,181 AM 40,021.86
About four thousand dollars delln
rUent remains to bo apportioned whon
DIHTllMlhTION iiv uisTittcrm,
No. or MHtns of IVwtU Amt,
JJUirlct. Clerk. orilce Anpir.
1 Ciins.Lembeck.liuttevillef 'A)7 0-5
2 W M Case, Champoeg 237 06
311 Walker, Salem 201 00
4 M Baulfe, Hllverton 1,421 60
6-CJ) Abbott, Balem 184 85
0-O U Cornelius, Turner... 180 20
7 J Ledgerwood, Bubllmity 600 76
8-J V Etcs, Balem 293 60
0 W A Taylor, Mucleuy 471 05
10-It D Allen, Silverton...- 464 65
11 TLJJall, Aumsvllle 877 16
12-E Belgmund, Klumb.-.. 182 66
18 Bcott Jones. Gervnls 245 75
14 It N Longworth,Je(Ierson 808 25
16 AlbertJordun, Hubbard.. 080 45
1011 Henner, Wlilteaker... 210 05
18 J Vorhle, Wood burn 308 00
20 J W Wlnslow, Marion.. 880 60
21 W H BimpsHii, Bulem 830 8o
21-W J Turnldge, Galea. 107 65
23 J II Miller, Aurora 390 05
24 W Holmes, Balem 10,707 60
26 G HlmmoDB, Turner 227 80
20-F It Durette, Fairfield 150 05
27 J H Looiley, Jellerson .... 228 35
20-it E Downing, Sublimity. 245 76
30 K L Hlbbard, Wlllard 378 60
31 E M Havage, Brooks 502 40
82 V E Osborne, Champoeg. 210 80
84 OLeutheruinn, Wootlbura 210 76
85 -F P Lewis, Lewlsburg 243 80
80 W G Evans, Jlrooks 278 55
87 C W Pulmer, Bulem 210 16
3811 D Waldo, Aurora 304 05
40 F W Durbln, Howoll 424 10
41 Ward Hicks, Bllverton 254 45
42 W A White, Whltaker 800 05
43 It P Phillips, Bubllmity- 170 16
45 It E Kirk, St. Paul 680 70
48 A D Pettyjohn, Bulem. 316 40
60 W H Hughes, Bulem 207 05
61 J M Culsforth, Gervals 454 66
62 E B Porter, Bllverton 137 00
61 John A Hunt, Clvmer... 202 60
60 -W E MuKee, MoKee 328 40
67 A H Cone, Hutteville 853 86
68 J A Hiirsey, Turner 328 40
CO David Gregolr, Gervals... 855 00
00 M J Euan, Drunks 170 16
01-H D Coudlt, Ale 445 20
03 (J I) Uiiwen Bllverton 824 05
05 B D.ivls, Howell 341 45
07 C 11 Osterhuudt, Mnr-
. llam 358 ft5
OS John Johnson, Gervals-. 310 70
00-W W Culver, Balem. 210 ft)
70-J It White, Mt. Angel 300 05
71 J M Lawrence, Itosedole 403 70
72 R O Moore, Ankney 207 05
711-Jus Drodle, Boon Mills... 103. 10
71 J iW Ekw, Mehama 415 40
76 Geo M Morly, Bllverton. 104 a
70 F A. Mongold, Gervls 703 85
77 W II Hobson, Slayton . 1,107 05
78 -M B Fuller, Balem 180 6(1
70 M Howe, Turner 037 25
80 Eva Keeuo, Bhaw 254 65
81 Frank Hurling, Btuyton. 120 35
HI L I) Bmlth, Gervals 315 35
83-W II 'I'ate, Bubllmity.... IBO'fcO
84 J I, Cook, Bt Paul 271 20
a5-B Dniwn, Argent! 281 00
80-Peter- Gutknecht, Bllver
ton 170 60
87 Aiithluti Wood, Turner 07 8
88 -CW Purrlsh. Bulem -.. 437 15
80 T EHerreu, Turner 180 20
00 F M Taylor, Mehama ... 1G0 10
1)1 John Dutch, Mt Angel.. 672 00
02--H L Eborbard, Champoeg 271 86
03 P tleusnii, Bllverton 101 15
04 Clms Dooth, Bllverton... 175 85
05-U W Davis, Bllverton. 02 R5
1)0 II D Havugo, Balem. 207 60
07 O W MeCown.Bllvertou. 160 05
08-A II Wright, Mehama 110 00
00 J H Dyruo. Balem 270 20
100-T T Geer, Maoleav 210 05
101 Joseph Hutshy, Mehama 110 00
102 Leon Glrml. Drooks . 180 60
103 J E Day, Woodburu 1,772 00
101 A Hayhurwt, Woodburu. 8S9 30
103 Willi Dunagau,Kllverto. 170 16
100-Eltn IliNithby, Mill Cltv. 03 60
107 -M A VauG.mler Hullt- 100 65
108-M llogan, Mill City 314 50
109 -John WllUUndepeudence 211 40
110-II P Hicks, Bllverton. 160 05
111 E W ltoss, Bllverton 137 00
1 12-W Doerller, Bubllmity 180 60
113-8 11 lOn lor, Balem .. 445 83
114 LnbanMauldlng.Sllvertoii 103 10
116-W I) Morehouse.Mlli City 160 40
llll-W II Adair. Balem 184 85
117 J H Myers, Niagara 230 06
118-11 E Wand, Balem 281 00
1 10 V A Manning. Gervals 237 05
120-PACorrell.Green Doslu 121 70
121-J B Neal, Mlnto W) 25
122-Jnoob Lelsy, Drooks 158 76
Molnt, districts,
Two Stepping Stones
to consumption are nllmenta we
often deem trivial a oold uud
a cough. Consumption thus no
quired is rightly termed "Con
sumption from neglect."
Scott's Emulsion
not only stops n cold but it is re
tnarkably successful where the
cough has become deep seated.
Swt's Emulsim is the
richtst fai-fmls jW
tk easiest ftf3d to
afo It arrests tmste
hhJ iuiJs w MmUky
ritwlkf ( Hm,K.Y.
.lOtiliKAli, WjaMttteiAtt AlJitiL iO, lM
Masti fitiflit oven ftiant.
A Ulf mlsil MhkitiH Hltti thst iwl'
In laillntlHN rt Hsril ttf,
A good abrjf afxtit n Urdornuy
oilier Hiilifial In doubly Intoroatltitf
If the reader wtti be sure timt It le
Hot only true ouWaullfllly, hot hs
not beotl tlreeaed ost Iry tho writor'fl
ItriftgluaUort, Buch A atory Is tho fol
lowing, told by Mr, William Urow
eter, ouo of tho bent known of
American ornithologist. Ho was
standing sotno weeks at tho little
vlllngo of Bt. Mary's on tho const of
Georgia. Mocking birds were nbtin
datit, and being prote-ctcd by ovory
ono won half domesticated, build
Ing their nosbi in tho shrublicry thnt
BUiTOiindcd tho hotlscfl and hopping
alwiit llko robinn mwn tho grruw
plota nnd gravoliKl walks. An ornngo
trco In front of tho window was np
preprinted by n particularly fino
Ills ropcrU;ry Included tho notes
of nearly all tho birds In tho sur
rounding region, besides ninny of
tho characteristic vlllago sounds, and
most of tbo imitations wcro simply
perfect. Moruovor, ho was continu
ally adding to his accomplishments.
An instanco of this occurred ono
afternoon when noveral of us wore
pitting on the veranda,
A greater yellow legs (a well
known game bird of tho snipo and
sandpiper family) passing over tho
town waa attracted by my answer
ing whlstlo and circled Boveral times
above tho house reiterating his mel
low call.
Tho mocking bird up to this time
had been ringing almost uninterrupt
edly, but at tbo sound of these
strango notes he relapsed into silence
and retreated into tho thickest foli
age of bis favorite tree. Then wo
heard him trying them in nn under
Tho first note camo pretty readily,
but tho falling inflection of tho suc
ceeding threo troubled him. When
ever I ventured to prompt, ho would
listen attentively, and at tbo next at
tempt Bhow an evident improve
ment. Finally ho abandoned tho task, as
we thought, in dospair, and at sunset
that evening, for tho first and only
timo during my stay, his voice was
missing in the general chorus. But
at daylight the next morning tho
garden rang with a perfect imitation
of the yellow leg's whistle. Ho had
mastered it during the night, and
ever afterward it was his favorite
Tho discomforturo of tho rival
males in tho neighborhood was as
amusing as it was unmistakable.
Each in turn tried tho now song, but
not one succeeded.
Hurry ISilwurtU unri UU Specimen.
Tho lato Harry Edwards waa nn
enthusiastic amateur botanist. On
ono occasion ho was accompanied by
Mrs. Edwards and a friend of hers
upon a short excursion into tho coun
try. As they wero waiting at tho
station for tho returning train, tho
two women lounging back in relaxed
attitudes of utter fatiguo, tho actor
strolled away for a little walk. Pros
ontly ho camo rushing back, his face
full of excitement. "Soo horol" ho
cried, holding up to viowa littlo wilt
ing plant, JTvo looked for this from
Maine to Florida. It's an extremely
rare Bpochnon of tho" etc.
Tho ladies turned thoir heads lan
guidly iu his direction. Mrs. Edwai-ds
said nothing. Tho other drawled,
"It soems to mo a vory common
weed." Tho extinguished botanist
stared in blunk anger for a momont
Then ho turned on his heel. All his
rising fury could soizo upon was a
loudly uttered opithot. "You're two
cads I" ho flung back over his shoul
der. Now York Times.
A Woraiui', llHtulkercliler.
A woman's handkerchief is bo close
ly identified with hor that it Booms n
part of her presonco. and both in fact
aud fiction, particularly fiction, It
frequently figures among tho keep
sakes of tho anient lovor. Wo have
all thrilled at its discovery upon tho
breast of tho wounded hero.
It ia simply indispensablo to ovory
condition uf woman. If she is norv
ous, eho toys with it; enthusiastic.
sho applauds with it; tearful, It is
nor friend indeed. Moreover, in Beck
ing either to stop a streetcar or beck
on hor lovor, it is hor signal. In tho
latter capacity it contributed largely
toward bringing about ouo of tho
most renowned tragedies of our own
times. Philadelphia Times.
lilt roithumou Furtlflcallon.
Stephen Luugford, a wealthy fann
er of Madison county, Ky., has just
had completed for him here a stone
coffin. It weighs about 1.500 nouuda
and ia nuulo of Koutucky limwitono
i quarried from Langford's. farm. Uo
" ia SO yeara old, but ia aiiparoutly in
tho beat of health. Mr. Langford
says that tho couutry around his I
homo ia overrun with polecat, minks I
and groundhogs, and he believe the '
only way to keep them from devour
ing his body is to have it buried iu a
stoueeoftln. Cor.Pittsburg Dispatch.
111 0r,
Tho prisoner was a tramp arnwted
for chasing a watchdog all ever the ,
back yard and kicking kbs kto a
Guilty or not rUtyr wked
JOskM fttWRlV.
"I -km only nwkisg tk growlw,
'Sixty rtiw, r.
OI'KMA iOOfiM HMit'lt.
103 COtltT BT,
Mrs. B, F. rhrntgani
iO'J iHrtle 8trt
att'KUSA TlttAL
T. .f.KIHMS.
Natural Wood f inlihing,
Oor, rth and Clietnelet Street.
' Embalming.
llcxtfaclllllMln tlieclly.
A.M.OU)U(HI, - IMHtiilflBl.
Oh, the drumt
There Is emtio
Intonation In thj-crtim
Slonotonjr or uttoiancc
that utrlkc tho eplrlt
As we hear
Throuith tho clear
And unclouded atmmphcro
Tliy palpltatlim ayllahles roll In upon tho ear.
There'a n part
Or tho art
Of thy miulr thrnbhlnB (""art
That thrllU u eotnethlnK In us that awakens
with a ttart.
And In rhymo
With tho chlmo
And ezactltudo of time
Goes marchlnc on to glory to thy melody sub-
And the truest
Of the brt'ust
That thv rolllns roba of rest
In a 'patriotic spirit an a Continental dressed.
And ho looms
From tho glooms
Of accntury of tombs.
And the blood ho npllled at Lexington In llrtoc
beauty blooms.
And his u) es
Wear tho ruIo
Of o. purpose pure and wise,
Aa tbo lovoof them la Ufted to a something In
tho skies
That is bright
lied anil whlto
With a blurr of starry light,
As it laughs in silken ripples to tho breezes day
and night.
Thero are deep
Hushes creep
O'er tho pulses as they leap.
Asthy tumult, fainter growing, on the silence
falls asleep.
While tho prayer
Rises there
With tho sen and earth nnd air
As a heritage to freedom's sons and daughters
James Wliltcomb Itlloy
Clitttnpafjne owes its quality to the
Boil, a mixttiro of chalk, silica, light
clay nnd oxide of iron, and to tho great
care and delicate manipulation iu manu
facture HoocFs Cures
Mrs. F. o. Stono
Geneva, Ohio.
Consumption, Hopeless Case
Cough, Short Breath,
In tho Sldo.
Restored to Perfect Jlcalth by
I Hooil'a SarsaiHirtllii.
" For the comfort and health of the human
family I write unsolicited to tell ot tho
wonderful benefit Hood's Barsaparllla has
dono mo nnd how highly I prize it, I w as In
very poor health for four years, limine a
terrible ialn and swelling in my lett side,
one plosli'lan pronounced my nttUctiou
neuralgia. I kept getting worse. Another
doctor treated me for
I becamo very weak and poor In flosh iiiad a
cough nil the time, nnd sometimes I could
uot lie down for I was so dl.ir'r.t, hort
( fan-nth. I consulted seven phjMclans,
and the c-oucluMou was that I certainly had
consumption and
My Caso Was Hopoloss.
Ono physlehn advltod me to go either south
or to Oolonuio.es 1 could not llro In tha
nortfi. My hutbamt was in the drug busl-
Sd'lull u? to u!Uto 8 BWa bUt a Wena
Hood's Sarsaparilla
I did gli e It a trial, and found so much v Irtua
tn It that 1 continued with IL 1 cannot tell
how much thU medlclno has helped me, I
bare luiiroirr.l miildly iu Itrnlih ever
sine I began with It, and am now ablo to do
sy own work. .Nothing I luva ever Uken
equals Hood's Rjmparllla. 1 feel like a new
person." Miu.1', IXhroxE, lienea,Ohlo.
Hoorl'a,Pllls t easily, yet prompUy
aademclcntly, and thu liver and bowels. '
The House Mover.
451 MaiH Strict.
JltJt.tornoTlM and ml,.
u. .-. .. i iivM..; .." "" raif.
HISKIM HrHill tnr.nnrl. . ...
advre Nlen. Or?
Wij,deat ..ruy Ur,., or
JJJ-' 'SLi'ilTiT'Tt-.t JWS-
I VOTH'K U WIt eiyrB .ihUtt alK
bMn will britrr u ..iSJLrr JI
V Mr n at k.tti , U ,, , .11 I,1,r,7
I IMS Hf blin.Kml kin, M..t ".."k V .
vbii mt n ilia..
stti jii
3ty MUiirjm
Tile for Sale,
Brick and Tile Yard,
NOltfit flAhfcM.
Take It
Carpenters and Builders,
Bhop 05 BUl itreel.
StoroPIltlnKa hSpoclalty
Meat Market,
20S Coinimrolnl Street.
Good tnr-att, Prompt delivery.
Oalt JoenUa Any delivered al
your door.
State Btreot, - - Balem.
P. II ll'AKCV. OKO. 0. IllMAM.
D'AKOY & BINGHAM. Attorneys at Law.
Itoi.ms 1, 2 and 8, D'Arcy IJulldine. Ml
luite street. Bpeciat attention given to busi
ness In the supreme and circuit courts of the
suite. a
Rl UOldK. Attormy at law. Balem, Ore
, eon. Olllce iffl Commercial street.
rillLMON FoKO, Attorney at law, Balem,
JL Oregon. oniceupstAtrsIn l'atton block
K. CONN, Attorney at law, room 7, Mur
, puy block.
HJ. BiGaKn.Attoineyailawjaleni,Ore
, gem, ofllce over busn's bank.
J. Attorneys at law. OUlre over Capital
ullouiil bank, Balem, Oregon.
,J T. HICUrtllDdON, Attorney at law Of
O. lice upstairs In front rojms of new Bush
uiuck, corner Commercial and Court utrcots,
iiuem, uregon.
JOHN A. UAltiON, Attorney al law, rooms
Hand 4, liush bank building, Halem.Or.
BOMIAM & HOLMES, Attorneys at law.
Olllce lu Hush blocit, between titateand
uurt, ou Commercial street.
111. wrllest Best equlppeU typewriting of-
s r H. IflOIIR. Htflnnpninhpr nnd Tiw.
iKu but one In Oregon
over Bush's bank,
'iELI.A. HHKUMAN, Typewriting and
O vominerclalslenograptiy, mom 11, Oray
uiuek. lr8t-cla,.B work. Itates reasonable.
Dtt.-A. I. (jlLiLla.specIallstlu dUeases of
I lie eye, ear, nose and throat, Itoom 10
inisli Imnk biuldiug, -ulem.
-U.T O HMini, Dentist. 82 Slate street,
XJ Salem, Oregon, hiulshtd dental opera-
nuns or every description, painless opera
tions a specialty.
Wl. I'UUIl, Architect, plans, speclflca
. lions and superintendence 'for all
cliiM-is ol buildings. Olllce W0 Commercial
street, up stulrs.
A. HOUEHT, Archlicct, room 421, Mai.
quain building, inland, Oregon.
Manufacturer of Wagons, Car
riages, etc.
Repairing a. Specialty.
Huop 45 Btate stnet.
i , neeis in ineir nan in Btate insurance
uuuaing, every Wednesday evening.
A. VV.DENNia, M. W,
J. A. SELWOOD, Recorder.
SALEM, ... Oragon,
Office removed to 211 Commercial nt.
Kntes reasonable,
le. Public and private work
O. B. CLKMENT, Manager.
2ISWCommerclISt,, - Salem, Oregon.
(Next door to Klein's.)
Specialty ol Spectaoles, and repairing Clocks.
WatchoH and Jewelry.
(Northern Pacific R. R, Co., Lejiee.)
Two Through Trains Daily.
1 ftipti
7 15.un
ii23pml . Minn. a
7:Spm I .Ktlaul.a
USpin I.. Duluthu
T-'-'Pin I . Ahland.
8:45am 4:15pm
8.30am SMIlnm
11.40am tlMpm
8'J!am 3;wpm
trgXran'du't'n ' "
uen. 1'ass. and Tku Agt. chiS'Vu
Leaving Portland, 8:45 A- M.
7 Hours Quicker to St, Paul,
23 Hours Quicker to Chicago,
40 Hours Ouicker to Omaha and
Kansas City.
er'addlS: " BU. oaU o
!ufo g-ii - - -y11 i
1 1 mm k m,
Fruit mid Cigars,
K. T.illMirHKDVH,
Olffar and Tobncco.
lIlMilAM) 1'AHLOK,
UAQ Ootit'l Strt.
Itemodcln, ro-cover nnd rcpnlrg
clRdi work. UhemeketA ilreet,
Mule jDnurnnro iikwk.
East and South
f th
Southern Pacific! Company.
huuih. r
m nil.
7.-W p. in.
9:18 p. m.
8:15 a.m.
Han Frnn.
Ar. I 7:dou. iu
l.v. I 6:2fl a. in
bv. I 7:(m p. m
Above trulUH stop oul at loliuwing Mttious
north of Koseburg.linst l'ortlundOr;gon City,
Woodburu, Halom, Albnuy Tangent, dbedds,
JInlscy, Harrlsburj, JunctlonClty.lrvlug and
8:30 a. in. I i.v.
11:17 a. m 1 i.v
6:50 p. ro. I Ar.
Ar. I
i:.u i, in.
1:10 p. m.
7.-00 ii. m
Albany I.iichI, Uully l.xrrpl nuniluv.
6 1X1 p. m.
7.52 p.m.
9.0(1 p. ra.
Ar. I lu:;iou,u).
Lv. 1 7:3 1 a. m
I a-. I H:30 . m.
Dining Cars on Option ISoute
Second Class Slueping Cars-
Attached to all through tniTne.
vest Side Division, Between Portland
anil Cervallis:
1:m ix. in.
12:10 p. m.
Al. I
12:fiS p. PP.
At Albany and Corvallis connect
trains of Oregon 1'iwlflo Itnllronil.
KXVItfn IKAIN (UiMIT nm H'lf
:iu p. m.
7:25 p. m.
Ai. ,
I v
c;.uu. in
To all points In the Kutmi mhW-h. t'onadav
and Europe can be obtuima ut 1. v.i8t mteft
lrom w W. 6KINMJK, Agent, Milein.
E.P.ROUEKS, AMit.ti. ) ui.u lUbb.Ag'l
K. KOK1I1.KH, MniiHi-er.
The Yaquina Route.
11 11
And Oregon llovelopment company's steam
blp line. 'J23 miles shorter, '.0 liourn iesa
nmninun ny any otn r loutf, KJrt elus
Ibrough passenger uud lieli'lit lino fioni
Portlaid nnd all joints lu the VliliuntUo
valley to and from ian FraucNce.
T1MK BOUKDULK, (Except Sunday.)
Lv Albany 1 00 p m Lv Ooi vullls 1:40 p m
Ar YaQUlna-.fi:.l0 p in Lv Ynquiuu B:!1- a in
Lv Corvallis 10:65 am Ar Albany U:J0am
0.4 0. trains connect at Albuurand Cor
vallis. 'ihe above trains connect at Vuquina with
the Oregon Devehpment Co. line of bteam
6S between Yaquina und Han Fmniltco
J?ii!r:Ka8Sen,k!fr8 f,om I''-"lurid nud all
Willamette ulley polnucan ii.ukocloho con
nect on with the trnlns or the Yaquina Routo
at Albany or Corvullls and if dotlutd t hnn
Kranclswj shouldnrranetounivimt Yuqulna
the evening before dateof sullli g. ""
ies.eDgiSr .nd, K'tlgbt KuU-. alwns Ihe
imiti 5 V 'rt-lght and 'licket Agents
200and20JKrontBircH. l'ortlnud.Or., or
0. O. -UOI.UK, Ao't lien') Ft. a Pais. Agt .,
r h iilmvM i C,K-" I'orvHllii., Or.
C. H. UASWbLL. Jr.. Gtn'l KrelKhl i.nd
Pass. Agt. Ore DeieiopineutCo.,
bOl Jloiitfeoincry nt.
From Terminal or Interior Points the
Is the line to tuke
To all Points East and South.
(No chance nf mm
. v.,utiuk iixun nceiiers
.01 lutt-Bt equipment
Sleeping Cars.'
ammodaMl?.confct1Uc(1 nd ' Wcli
n coni,nnot 'Ine coniiottine win. nil
cui1,lnanadAri-TVS,,0nK M
the road. aaT,,l -.tu nay agent olft
lnttrica'tnV Rn5 n'n a !
purchased.'! ,eJaf.dva!a(J Er n U
purcnaseuatany tlctctotrtceothikCf.ni.
Mexican War
torcasejf fyml
Undsr Ami a t ' !
i ; "..' t"i. wud
Nortliern Pacific Ra
"utjrt,HlJeTt. llw
- -"-- - i - r -- jrikCL a-ja.

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