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J0VJLM:N3r OAi'l'Jt'Ai. JOtijttKAt, M0NJLA1f,i JtlfJB lli, 1WM.
" I Ow My Life to Hood's
" Word! are powerless to express the gnt.
tudo 1 eel toward Hood's Barsaparlll, for
under Ofta'.'Iwfandfcnow that to this ie4l
tine I w y Hfc. Twelve years ago I
began to Meat,' followed by nausea t the
storaach, and later with relllag f the
Unkt, and severe pain. This -gradaelly
crew worse until 3 year age', Fhyslctftaa
told Be the trouble was
-Clwerby a Tumor
For teverafmentb I had been nnable to re
tain any solid food. I was greatly emaciated,
had f reaeat fccaaorrktf ae. and was sat
isfied ,th doctors were right In-saying my
life w hearty Tr. One day a friend
suggested that I try Hood's Barsaparlllai I
c!lil to, and for 8 or 4 days 1 was sicker than
cTcr, but I kept on and gradually began to
'set better.
l" began to Peel Hungry
Could, 'after' time, retain solid food, in
creased In weight, the saffron hue left ray
skin, the bloating subsided, and I felt better
all oyer. For 2 years my health has been
quite good, and 1 hare been ablo all the time
to do the housework for my family. After
What It has done for me I nerer hesitate to
recommend If ood'4 Bnrsaparills." Mm. Oo
DKff B.nydeb, lOJudson St, Albany, If. Y.
HOOD'8 PlLLS cnrelWer Ills, sonstlpaUoib
, J iBBdlce, aad ilck bsMae&e;
A New Remedy
A tnss SpsdSe a potttlr and pmiuiMnt elimlnstloo
fall poljoo from th blood, and a raitoration of healthy
vtfar to lh tlasuat u oflmd to luTcrtrl for lh fim lima
hi a iipi J which his ban undcrtoiRg tha motl tarcre
nirau axMtimtnu for lha pat thraa yean. Il hu not
yat fallad. and It will not fU, ai it U a Tru Specifto
far Srvnillllc poind and all blood dlscaMt. Do yon Us
Hmttt Sand for full partlculan and proof-fraa. Stop
Mag yew mum with mwcury and othar, poumts,
TMs raawdy will cura you in 30 to 00 dsjrs without fau.
Wt at raatoa a car or refund th uoasy.
IT Vint sKtms 1'OBTI.AND, OB.
tm til!' XTOanra HlJta known br molrtar
MM Wrr ilka panplxaUon,eauaa lotoiu Itoblna
"" vnaajwarns. This form anil jmitffi
titYT !
!. 0-ttm-KOt PILE REMEBY.
wklah aata dlraotlj on nana aCaatad
. aiatrtil wars. aUaraltohlDS'.agaatlns
PILES V2X?&:&&!5S&5iS?
Mold' by Bm-Lett & VanHfype
July. 4, 5, 6 and 7.
PRIZES $3,500.00.
Pacing jd
Tuesday, July 4th.
Sunning, seven-eighths mile dash, purse 1200
jnw7rara,mfja,i uesi in a,
Pontes not to exceed is bauds blgb.
Trotting, t: olasa, a In S .
Trotting, (-year-olaa, tall dul)
Paeta-, las class, a m 8......
Wedietrday, Jsly 5th.
RuBBlut, as-half mile. 3 year-olds, purse IU;i
KuaatBg, one-hall mile and repent, " 903
Trottjat, fcjt eiaaa.uius J! au
TrotUag.totasaa mllodaaU XM
Tkirsday, July Gtb.
RuboIbk, mils dash purae,$100
KhqbIhst. nile duh.
TrotUBg. 230 olaaa 2 In 3
PaveliJK, a-jrwolds.mllo daali,
Friday, July 7lli.
RuBBlBfT, i tulle duh puree, $100
Qesttlemeu's toadtr race 2lu3 " 100
ImsM "WMbout reord, owners to drive
KotiMtyruiinlog noe,o miles.. " !M0
TaaJfSM la tor ladles, entraaoa flee: they
taa eaaag aofaea as ofteaas they wish,
ADMXHSION: Gentlewon, 60 oents.
Ladle, it . Cblldrei) over IS yrt,
M els, t OwuhI maud, S5oU.
' ' ' okfIckrs,
ffMUsat, K. W. OOTTLV.
Mtosr w J-KUWIN-
Traasurer, I, L. i'ATTKKSON.
Meal Market.
-,JHH MVttfi
PfWllMft lUHMMftM Cl Uli ttUtr.
CapHal Journal Publishing Company,
i'ost Office ll'ock. Commercial Street
lally, by carler per month,.
Dally, by mall. 1 er year-,
, ew
, LW
Weekly, I pace, per year,.
Oompliments of a Soldier's Wife.
Ed. Jeuknal: With your permis
sion I would like to speak my little
piece thro' the columns of your papwrT
As a soldier's wife, a soldier's bIbIM,
und one who during the dark.Md
dreary days and nights of our nation's
trial watched by the bedside of the
sick and wounded aud wHo closed ihe
eyes and clasped the coldnumbed
hands of the dying here lu'tho agonies
of death, and, last but not least, a wide
awake loyal member of the W. K. C.
It'ls In the name of those noble wom
an, I would like to reotint the Insult ttf
our old soldiers, given by the persoh
named Kellermau, from the pulpit of
the M. E. church, one Sunday morn
ing. I have .wanted to gather all the facts
possible concerning the case, and I feel
Justified In reseating the insult.
lb the first place I would like to ask
that person (excuse me) I cannot say
minister of the gospel and dlgrace all
others of that name where he was
when these same soldiers (bat he Insult
ed with impunity In the holy sanctuary
of the most high? when they were
Hunting and being made cripples for
life, or sowing the seeds of disease 'Id
their system from exposure and hard
ships attending camp life In the army
that now makes the majority of them
Invalids and broken down old men In
their prime. They 'gave up home,
friends, and every tie that bound them
io all that was dear to the heart that
the union might be saved and her
homes preserved.
I will safely Bay that Prussia had the
honor of bis society. J do not believe
that he was living under the protection
of the good old flag at that time or bo
would in all probability never have bad
too opportunity of iunul.tlug the old
At the time; of the assassination of
President Lincoln men weredaugling
from lamp posts for using just such
language as he used. Abraham Lin
coln was a martyr to bis country and
so were thousands of others and today
there are thousands of living martyrs,
and, but for those noble men the pastor
of the M. E. church would not now be
drawing a salary of $1500 a year and
berating and begrudging the old sol
dier the trifling pension that is given
by the government.
In '01 men left pleasant homes and
busluess positions for the paltry sum of
$11 00 per month afterwards raised to
$18 00, How long would that man
Kellermau preach for that salary?
Would his lovo for souls be so great
that ho would preach four years foi
$13 00 per month and enduro the hard
snips of a soldier's life? Most emphat
ically no. The olerical suit of black
would not be worn long. As to the old
soldier 'perjuring himself, I wonder
what he did In the pulpit?
Did not ho as a foreigner baveto take
the oath of alleglenco to the old 11 i ?
And when he its grossly Insulted the
defenders of the old fltg did he not also
Jusult the flag they gave up all to de
Who is It that Is sowing tbo seeds of
anarcny on socialism broadcast in our
land, that cost the government thou-
sand of dollars at Chicago a few years
ago? Is It the old union soldiers or 1
Itjufttauoh mlserablo men from foreign
lands as this man Kellermau has shown
himself to bo?
Talk of deporting the Chinamen, bet
ter begin with such men as tho pastor
of the M. E. church.
Why a poor Uhlnaman would have
been mobbed had he used such lan
guage, The following from the lips of Abra
ham Linceln: This extraordinary
war lu which we are engaged falls hea
vily upon all olapscs but tho tuoat 'heavi
ly upon the soldiers.
It hath been said all that a man hath
will he give for his life. Aud while all
have contributed of their substance the
soldier puts his life at stake aud often
yields It up In his country's cause.
The highest merit is due the soldiers
who forever must aud will be remem
bered by tho grateful country for whose
salvation they devoted their llvfs.
Altho dead he yet apeaketh.
Mkmukrokthk W. R O.
Oautioa to Oustemers.
Nothing ot original or superior merit but
has It Imitations and counterfeits, eento
luiperlllug the health ot cuuiuiuuitlos. For
this reason tbe rroi.rlstors of lioatatter'a
BiomsoU llttUrs caution tbelr patrout toccru.
Unite every bottls offered and It Is sold only
lu bottles) aud verify 1U many marks of ga
A sufficient warnlug to thme ninlltnllng
fraud can be found In tha unbroken linear
Judicial decisions, exposing and aaveraly pusv
UnlBir lluv ana drtM-tnil In Mtnutpiil.
tbe Allien, mill Ilia ra,iin.l.1 (t.ri. il. .Z
beliigmadatopreteetiha publ ofocuUieil.
neniuioerinanuiT4 sow in uoHlM obit.
nsvw by Uiellou or In bulk.
Good uew bnttae to rent, tlx block
from iKMt oMoe. AUo a furnUhetl
liouae to rent. luuulrv of Geo, M,
!. 6 ao-tf
Altsock's Porous Plnstcrs are unar
proaohable In curative proix-ftles, rap
idity and aafety of action, and are the
only reliable plasters ever produced.
Thfly have BUesfully steed the test of
over thirty years' uee uy tho public:
their virtues have never been (quailed
by the Unncnipulotis Imitators who
have sought to trade upou the reputa
UeStfif Allcoek's by making plasters
with holes In them, and clulmlngthem
t4JM6 "unl as good as Allcoek's," and
they stand today Indorsed by not only
the highest UiedlCal authorities but by
millions of grateful patients who have
proved their' eftlcaoy as a household
Beware of Imitations, and do not be
deceived by misrepresentation. Ask
for Allcoek's. and let no solicitation or
explanation Induce you to accept a sub
stitute. ,
County Coukt. The county com
missioners OuUrt visited the Ablrjua
bridge, on tho road near; Morley's farm
Saturday and afler inspecting the
structure it was decided to repair It
In the petition for tho vacation of cer
tain lots, blocks, streets, etc., In Aume
vllle, the petition was dismissed In
the petition of Jeff Myers for a tax re
bate of $2.08, the same was continued
until the July term Court adjourned
for this term,
A Eomance in a Nutshell.
Bbe went to a ball; wore too thin
clothing; caught cold; was very ill for
many days; a devoted admirer brought
a remedy, when her life seemed to bang
by a thread; she took It; recovered; and,
finally, married the man who bad
saved her life. And the remedy be
brought her was Dr. Pierce's Golden
Medical Discovery, which is a certain
uroforall throat and lung diseases
and scrofulous complaints, of which
consumption is one.
Don't lay awake at night. Take
dlmmons L(ver Regulator and secure
reotful sleep.
Baby cried,
Mother sighed,
Doctor proscribed :
The Nervous System the Seal
of Life and Mind. Recent
Wonderful Discoveries.
, No mystery has over compared with that ?
human life.' It has been tho leading subject
of professional research and study In all ages
But notwithstanding this fact It Is not gener,
any iinowr
that the seat
of life Id loca
ted in tho up
perpartof th
spinal cord,
near the bas
of tho bra In
and so sensi
tive is this
portion of th
nervous sys
tem that oven
the prick of a
neeulo will
causo Instant
Rofln dfi-nvAl-lnl Tifivn HnmnnetpntAil flint
all tbe organs of tho body are under the con
trol of tho nervo centers, located In or near
the base of tho brnln. unci tlmiwlipn thnsnnrA
derangod tho organs which they kupnly with
lutdaro also deranged
aiso uernngeu. When it is
membercd that u serious Injury to thu splnul
uuru mil cuuiu uuraiysis or i(K
io body below
the injured point, because tho nervo force is
prevented by tho injury from reaching the
paralyzed portion, It will bo understood how
mo uerangeiri
.ho uorangemont of tho nerve centers will
cause the derangement of the various organs
which thoy supul
thflv annnlv
with nerve force
Two-thirds of cnronlc
l-nnlf rilcnniina tit-tfi film In
tho Imperfect action of the nerc ie ut
mo uase or mo urate, not from n mo
ment primarily originating in tt It-
olf. Tho great mistake of pi i In
treating those diseases Is that ll.i . tlio
orgau rather than tbo nervo ccutert. which
aro the causo of the trouble
Da. Kimnkmh Milks, tho celebrated spo
clallst,ha profoundly studied this subject for
over 20 years, and has made many Important
discoveries In conneatloti with It. clilef among
them being the facts contained In the auovo
statement, and that the onllmiry methods of
treatment aro wrong. All hoaduche. dlul-
noss. aullneas, coufuslou, pressure, blues
mania, melancholy. Insanity, epilepsy. St.
Vitus dance, etc., aro nervous diseases no
matter how caused. Tho wonderful success of
Ur. Miles' Itestorattve Nervine Is duo to the
Dr. Milks' BtSTOruTiVK NKitviNnlssoldby
a I druggists ou a poiltlvo guarantee, or rent
direct by Da. Miles Mkuical Co., Elkhart,
Dd , on receipt of price, fl ror bottle, six
bottle for S3, express prepaid. It contains
wUher opiates nor dangerous drugs.
fold by D. J. Kry, druggist, Balem
ow mrocriov Ymnrai tm i mrr mu.
lnUi DMiiuttTAix. raavHrrs strictvek.
Cum OONORfcllOU kut OUtT Is Oil U rwl 4r.
suitrtai&avoaisT. ttMrAd.imit,xiiot
tULTDOR Mvrrttl Ctt, LASCASTtr-OUIiy
tor tHWL nM PUU .uppl. b.t lb. wim
teok. to mftk it nuUr. Curs Hitdwlu, brtshlta
o.iu.llo. Th.r hi mildly, n.llh.r trip, n.r
a sao. Hold
T i sms nrM, or rut! bo Sfta. Bold
.' ww.m .Winil 49U.U4 ru
Bold hy H.kett A
LaaYardjatftattl.larkhiuMttil,vilr mnm
IS, Haicnt.Orrgnn.
p Improrsd K4 Rstat. In amount and
Mw to Mtu Aeewtay la eiwldriuc Kuuu.
Mmm U, tssi Itank. blosk.
W' ?V(
for Infants
"Oastorla Is to well adapted to children that
I recommend It u superior to any prescription
known to me." It. A. Aacnta, It. D.,
Ill Bo, Oxford 8L( Brooklyn, If. T.
"Tbe use of ' Costorta ' Is so universal and
Its mnriu so well known that It seems a work
of supererogation to endorse It Few are tbo
Intelligent families who do not keep Costorla
within easy reach."
CUKLOS Miarrir, D.D..
New York City.
Late Pastor DIoomlDgdalo Reformed Church.
Tua CnrrAtra
Tbe solid vestlbuled trains of tbe
Chicago, Union Paul lie & Nortb-Weat-ern
LiDe.distance all competition with
ease. It baa tbe shortest line, fastest
time, Union depots and no change or
delay at the Missouri river, and is the
popular World's Fair route. 4-24-6t
Whether quaffed
from a vessel of
tin, glass or gold;
good for the young
or the old as
Root Beer
A delicious, health
giving, thirst-satisfying
beverage. A
temperance drink for
temperance people.
A 2-c. package malcci 5 gallons.
,SoId and Enjoyed Everywhere, t
m iiiiiniiiii iiiiisT
On easy terms and obeap. A 20 acre orchard
on aunnyti.de No. one. 3 miles south
of Baiem.
6S0 6t-dw JOHN HART.
Is now devotlnv his entire time to the busi
ness. Every farmer liavlbg wooa to sell
should se blm Every consumer of wood in
-alem who wishes to lay In their supply
should see him. Office wltb U. W . Johnson A
237 Commercial Street.
low Prices for Summer Trade,
The House Mover.
451 Main Street.
Has the best facilities tor moving and rais
ing bouses. Leave orders at iiruy Bros., or
address r'nlem, Oregon.
State of Oregon, Treasury Department
Balkv. JuneS, 1803.
Notice is lfreby given that there are funds
on hand sufficient to pay all outstanding state
warrants endorsed "1 resented and Not I'ald
for Wont of Funds," prlnr to, and Including
March 31, 1MM, and that nil such warrnn a wi.l
be paid upon presentation at this 111 on. In
terest on said warrants will not be allowed
after tbe data of this notice
6--2w I'll I U MtSTOH AN. Btato Treasurer.
21 5X Commnclil St., Sllsm, Orsgoa,
(Next door to Klein's.)
Specialty ol Spectacles, and repairing Clocks.
Waiolim and Jewolrv
Authorized Capital 500,000.
Balem, Oregon.
W, A.CUHICK, ITes. W. W. MAnTIN, Vice
1'rea. J. II. ALUK11T, Cashier.
8tate, County and City Warrant bought
at Par, dw
Deutscher Advocat.
Admitted to praettoe In all tha courts.
Bpeclal attention given to German speak
ing people and btuTnes at tbe countv aud
state offices. K HOFEIt, NoUry Fubllo.
Smith Premier Typewriter.
oa easy pay meats.
W. I. STALEY, Agwt, Salu-j.
H. W. BURl'KE, Qen-1 Afwt, 11 Third ;Bt,
rortld. Bead for aUlofU.
i f
""1 --g
and Children
Cantor!, carta Colic, Constipation,
fiour Stomach, Ularrbeea. KrucMUon,1 . '
Kills Worms, gives sleep, and promotes &
Without Injurious medlcaUoa,
" For aereral years I have recommended
your ' CastoriA. and shall always continue to
ana snail always continue io
ivarlablyprodaoed beaeflcUl
oo so as it una inv
Eownr F. Pasdxi. M. D.,
u Tho 'Wlnthrop," 126th Street and Tlh Are.,
Now York City,
Coirrjjrr, 77 IfcntBAT Btbsxt, Nrw Yoafc
p. ir. D'Adcr. oxo. o. BirtoiiAK.
D'ARCr'4 BINGHAM. Attorneys at Law,
Rooms 1, 2 and 8, D'Arcy Building, HI
state street. Special attention given to busi
ness In the supreme and circuit courts of the
state. 3 11
P. BOISE Attnmtyat law, Balem, Ore
gon. Office Z74 commercial street.
rfULMON FORD, Attorney at law, Balem,
X Oregon. Office upstairs In Putton block.
T F. CONN, Attorney at law, room 7, Mur-
t. poy uiuck.
J. B IGO KR, Attoi ney at lawialem, Ore
gon, unice over Busns Dane.
O . Attornej s nt law. omre over Capital
national Dana, oaiem, uregnn.
CI T. RICUARDdON. Attorney at law Of-
O. flco up stairs In front rooms ol new Bush
block, corner Commercial and Court streets,
satem, uregon.
TO UN A. (JAR-JON, Attorney at law, rooms
tf a ana 1, tiuna DanK ouuaing, oaiem,ur,
BON HAM & HOLMES, Attorneys at law.
Office In Bush blocs, between State ana
uourt, on Commercial street.
E. 1'OCUE, Htenographer and Tjpe
wrttest Best eauluned typewrltlne of-
oe but one in Oregon, over Bush's bank.
oaiexn, urrguu.
TELLA BHERMAN.-Typewrlting and
commercial stenography. Mom 11, Gray
k. lrst-clas work. Rates reasonable.
a BROWNE, M. D.. PhysteUn and bur
. geon. Office, Alurpby block; rcstaence,
Liommtrclal street.
A. B. UILLIS. specialist In diseases ol
the eye, ear, noso and throat, Boom 10
nana Dunaiug, -aiera.
DR.T O BMirH, Dentlkt. 82 State street,
Balem, Oregon. Finished dental opera
tions of every description.
rainless .opera
lions a specialty.
WD. 1'UUH, Architect, plans, speclflca
. tlons and superintendence for al.
classes ot buildings. Office 290 Commercial
street, up stairs.
CA. ROBERT, Architect, room 424, Mar
, quam building, 1' rtland, OiegiUs
Manufacturer of Wagons, Car
riages, etc.
Repairing tx Spealalty.
fltiop 45 Btate street.
r; Meets In their hall In rtate Insurance
building, every Wednesday evening.
A. W. DENNIri, M. W.
j. a, BELwuuu, neooraer.
CflflS. WOLZ,
Proprietor of tho
South Commercial 8L, Balem. v
All kinds Frssh, nalt and Bmbked ileata
and BauBages.
from TJ. 1'. Dock at 6 o'clock a. m. every Wed
nesday and Hmurdny.
trom the Central dock at foot ol Waahlarton
street every uunday aud Thursday.
for Albany every Monday and Tuesday, re
turning tame days.
Ooneemtng freight and passenger business,
call on tbe agent. ALTlJCHKEN.
Bargains in Land.
H. W, Smith, postmaster ol Lewlsvllle, and
W. P. Murphy, ol Saltm, have lor sale abou
2.000 acres nfgooa farming and stock land In
tbe Lueklamuta rountry In Polk, countv.
Prloes range from 16 to KO per acre. All eood
firoperry, and on the market for the first
Ime. Great bargains. Call on or address
mp BDove, aw j-ls-tl
BiJs for Asylum Supplies.
The board of trustees of tbe Oregon
state Insane asylum Invite sealed propos
al for the furnishing at the asylum near
balem, Oregon, the .following supplies for
the six months ending, 'January 1, 1884:
, 500 yards cotton flartn?!. Nashua. XXX
brown. " '
1.200 Yards Amonklnsr. mnHnrn ftlrlr,
blue and white. '
sou yarus Pequot A sheetings, 36 Inch,
500 y
Lownsdale sheeting, 36 Inch,
300 yards Continental. rhck1 Ainn.l
300 yards Glass crush, 18 Inches wide.
700 varus, bleached linen and French
crash. IS Inches wide.
200 yards Amoskeag blue denlra.
200 yards 9-4 bleached sheeting. Pequot
. 100 yard' superior satin damask, 6-8
Inch wide,
300 yards Marseilles checks. Tnrlr ffcr
600 yards Dragon cloth, assorted colors.
13 dos. white stay binding 5-8 Inches
K dos. ladles' rnttnn hnaa
' J4Bneh My,U Turk" w handkerchiefs.
thread.1" te c,ark' sill Enl
threlui N U WhlU Clark's Mile End)
thridf N" M Whl'' Wrk'a Ml, )
Steamer EM.
Properly Constructed Hedge Fences
are thejnost durable,
Tliei cheapest and best fences in uso. Winds do not blow it
down; floods do'not wash'it away; overflow's do not injure it;
it does not decay. This diagram shows tho method of planting
and training tho Hedge. For farther particulars call at our
office over
Saleim, Oregon.
CerrespoBdeace Solicited.
If you would be clean and have your clothes done up in
the neatestand. dressiestmanner, take them to the
where all work is done by white, labor and in the most prompt
Liberty Street.
10 doz No. 36 black (Clark's Mile End)
60 yards table oil cloth, tbesJ .quality,
light color.
12 doz. papers pins.
10,000 pounds beans.
6,000 lbs granulated sugar.
(1,000 ths O. C. sugar.
6,000 lbs. relied oats, In barrels, fresh
3,000 lbs cracked wheat.
4,000 lbs Goldt Dtlst corn meal (or as
good) fresh ground In barrels.
2,000 lbs hominy, fresh ground in barrels.
4,000 It8 choice Island rice.
200 gallons New Odrleans molasses, best
1,000 Iris corn starch, Oswego,
6,000 lbs. TJverpool salt..
600 lbs cheese, Cranston's or as goad,
full cream.
160 lbs C. & Co's. A. & H. brand carb
300 lbs cream tartar, J.i A. Folger best,
or as good. i ' ,
20 gross Vulcan Superior Safety match
es. 25 doz. brooms.
2 doz. whisk brooms.
15 doz. cans oysters, Blue Point.
20 doz. cans oysters, Fields.
10 doz. cans corn.
10 boxes vermicelli.
4 boxes 26 Worcester sauce, Lee & Per
rlns. 100 lbs pearl barley.
700 lbs. soda crackers ..XXX fresh.
100 lbs oyster crackers "XXX fresh.
100 lbs Oswego gloss starch.
100 gallons kerosene, Pearl brand. In
20 gallons Albany spindle oil.
5 gallons Albany cylinder oil.
600 barrels more or less, best roller
process, delivered as wanted.
500 lbs per day, more or less of beef,
as required In equal parts of fore -and
hind quarters.
Fish as required, giving price per pound
for furnishing the different kinds, per
fectly fresh and sound.
2,000 lbs Kirk's Savon, or as good.
1,000 lbs. Prdetor & Gamble's Troy, or
as good. r
2,000 lbs. apples, good quality.
1,500 lbs. peaches. ' r '
1,000 lbs. prunes.
100 lbs. raisins.
25 lbs. mace, ground.
60 lbs. mustard, ground.
300 lbs. black pepper, ground.
20 lbs. cinnamon, ground.
30 lbs. giuger, ground,
1,000 lbs. Columbia brand, or; as good.
4.000 lbs. Costa Rica, first grade.
300 rtis. Government Java, first grade.
150 lbs. Real Mocha.
600 lbs. chicory.
1.600 lbs.
Sledge Hammer brand, or aa
2 gross pens, GUIott's No. 404.
1 gross. lead neoetbu rubber itlD-No.
1 groM l6adiptritk,t rubber
up no.
V4,Ubl A
10 dox, tea cups.
10 dox. suueers.
5 doz. one quart soup bowls.
1 doz. one gallon pitchers.
3 dox. soup platters,, 9 Inch.
1 dox. chamber pots.
3 doz. syrup pitchers. 1 put,
10 dox. tumblers.
1 dox. lantern globes,
1 dox. shaker salts,
, L0O0 lbs. white lead,
i 1 barrel linseed oil, boiled.
1 barrel roof paint.
30 gallons turpentine.
m ids. Venetian red.
19 lbs. chrome green,
3 lbs. chrome yellow,
dry In
dry In
5 lbs. raw umber, In 1 pound can.
6 lbs. burnt umber, dry In 1 pound,cns,
6 lbs. dry umber, in 1 pound cans.-
4 cans rose pink. In 1 pound cans.
3 cans burnt sienna.
1 paper bronze.
V doz, Adams brushes No,
U dox. round sash tool.
20 lbs. French Ochre dry.
3 doz. K ells.
A. O.
tt doxn ltt ells.
dox. 3
dox. U sockets.
1 Inch, sockets.
Vdox, J inch sockets.
H dox. 3 Range, unions.
dox. KxM bushlnn.
2 doz. ttxfi bushlnir.
2 doz. UxU bushings.
uox, vn j i
eaklns Bco'j valves, move-
aoie dints,
tt doz. U
Jenkins Bro's. valves.
able disks.
I, dox. 3 Jenkins Bro's valves, ov
able disks.
tt doz. square head stop cocks.
1 doz. Filler hose bibs rlulshed.
1 doz. Fuller plain bibs finished.
1 doz. 1 stop and waste.
1 doz. stop and waste.
tt doz. air cocks.
tt doz. J4 air cocks.
1 each 7, 9 and 12 oz. riveting hammer.
il one-pound 4 oz. octagon ball pin
1,000 lbs. each No. 18, 20 and 22 galvan
ized sheet iron, btst brand.
. 2 boxes 20x28 XXXX tin redlppod.
l box zoxzg x.x. tin reutppea.
6 packages 2 lbs. tinned rivets.
12 doz. boiler handles.
1 pair 7 lb soldering coppers,
pair 5 lb soldering poppers.
200 lbs 8d finishing nails.
200 lbs 6d finishing nails.
400 lbs 8d common nails.
400 lbs. lOd common nails.
100 lbs.' 4d wire nails.
3 gross each screws 1 Inch No. 10 and
,lnch jNo. 9.
4 gross 'each screws ,, ltt and 2 No. 11.
2 gross each screws brass tt No. 4
No. 6.
6 boxes glass 7x12.
1 box glass 8x20.
100 lbs. putty.
2 papers glaziers points.
tt doz. papers each 4 and 6 oz. tacks.
200 feet ' round iron, Norway.
100 feet 7-16 round iron, Norway,
75 feet round Iron, Norway.
50 feeUfocU flat' Iron. Norway.
i 100 XeetrittxU flat Iron, Norway,
60 feet lxtt flat Iron, Norway.
tt keg No. 3 hind shoes (Burden's).
tt keg No. 3 front shoes (Burden's).
tt keg No. 5 front shoes (Burden's).
tt keg No. 6 hind shoes (Burden's).
25 lbs. Sweet's American steel toe calks
No. 4.
1 16 Inch rasp (Heller Bros.)
1.000 lbs. best blacksmith's coal.
10 lbs. 'A Iron washers.
10 lbs. 5-16 iron washers.
100 feet angel steel ttx.
1 'blacksmith stock and dies from 5-16
to 1-16'threod, 16, 20, '24 and 33 to 1 Jnch
.with 4 taps and 4 dies. .
1 Hilweger i s-eiHbo)tlIp'peNo. 2,
600 feet manllla rope.
6 packages tt and no. 8 copper riv
ets. 3 doz. each of 4 Inch, 6 Inch and 6 Inch
slim taper files.
tt roll sole leather, Stockson extra
heavy 25 to 27 lbs, a side.
, 9 sides of skirting, plump 14 to 17 lbs.
a Bide.
2 domestic calf skins, brand H. B.
3 buck skins, medium size shaved. -
10 lbs. absorbent cotton,
2 lbs. actdum carbolicum pure,
1 lb acldnm boraclum,
1 lb acidum milrlatlcunr C. P. ''
3 lbs. acidum fnurlatlcum commercial.
1 lb acidum sulphurlcum aromat.
5 lbs. aqua ammonlae fort.
3 lbs. chloroformum 8qulbbs.
1,200 empty capsules No. L
1,200 empty capsules No. 2.
1 lb fluid extract cannabis ind. Wyeth
Bros or P. D. & Co. t,
2 lbs. fluid extract' buchtt Fol. Wyeth
1 lb fluia 'extract staglberls Wyeth
Bros, or P. D. & Co.
1 lb fluid extract hyoscyaml Wyeth
Bros, or P. D. & Co.
X rt fluid extract glycyrrh. Wyeth Bros,
or P. D. & Co.
3 lbs. fluid extract Sarsap. Co. for syr
up. Wyeth Bros, or P. D. & Co.
1 lb fluid extract senna Wyeth Bros,
or P. D. & Co.
2 lbs. fluid extract prunls Vlrg. Wyeth
Bros, or P. D. & Co.
6 gallons glycerine pure.
50 lbs. flax seed meal.
1 dozen medicine glasses tt ox.
2 dozen Ol. rlclnl. n
8 oz. Ol. lemon.
8 oz. Ol. aurantll.
lb pepsin Sacch. Falrchlld.
oz lb phenactlne Bayer.
1 dozen Phillips Hmul. cod. liver oil,
large size, t
? fl0?? Pln SP. asaorted'slzes.' ,
1 lb Pulv. Dover!. "-" '
1 lb Pulv acaclae.
5 lbs. soda Borat.'
20 lbs. Potass. Brom.
2 lbs. Potaao. dtras.v
?JH?- P9.tJ.'oddum.
500 lbs. Ple.v adoBhyllln, U grain each,
60 oz. qu n'ulp. 'K. ll7
5 lbs. Bulphur subllmv
5 lbs. sodll bicarb.
60 lbs. sulph magneslae.
1 lb sol toltunana for syrup.
1 dox. syringes, Davidson's No. L
o ids. vasenne (XJtX) renned.
8 oz. untl febrln.
Samples may be seen at the office of
board, Goods must be In accordance
therewith, and come in original pack
ages when possible. The right to re
ject any or all bid Is reserved. Deliv
ery qf supplies will be required within
ten days nottee of acceptance of bid.
A copy of ,the advertisement must ac
company each bid and Ou name of
class of suppHs must beesTthe eavel-
Item and teSt'teTuM ot" he Aspect
Ive cjsjy with exceptions ot Mf. meat
Autln'v.olRor'are BraMbH4 'from
ol puroHases wnen
SI eempli
MoC ceatawt a
fuR aSI eewplet
ptsoM ttlMsrr
S o'eJoek p. a
oa Moa4r. Jui
llA.nl nt trtitra.
Wm. A, IfyNLT, Clerk of yoard.
it !
e jweti
ed ak
r I'lm

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