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J . iWW'l'W
It grocer.
'naiM.iHJ.JUl'l S'l1-
HjHn ii i i
Ourslor w full of tb obowost, frWt Ami UUt jljl
floods. Wo offer rare Urgaivs in ffverj dapartmont, and ail
attontion to tho following
Fla Marseille 08Wriif Bty--
Uwye " "
Baperlef Ifae. -. .. "
Paney tawel. (well wtxtli f1).
Turkey Red Tae L4ei Im)
Austrian - - i - - v - -
Lauac ,,-,.-....- ,
The abar are Jr a few asse xww Ff " ""rs
hy 8Tbe ladles ettalew re tatMc4 ! xas H " b" wr?
THE PALACE andThoecompany,
307 Commercial Street.
- IF -
Too arcgotaglo bsl or -sake ay Kef
ImprortaMaU esH oo ta caJersI sr
Tn.-j.l Wefcar a coca trts
l:j- to (apply aay Frtp-el eaouart, sewer
work, rradleg. etc
Salem Improvement Co.
AT MoRNLvosn.E. Friday the Pres
byterians take possession of Morning
side picnic grouuds, occaDyla? them
from 3 to 10 p. m., serving dinner, tea,
lunch, supper, sandwiches and Jor
cream between times. At nir&S tb
will be a camaflre to breojt c; itW
o'clock and go borne by lb Bfct f tfc
moon. Afj.tmen'd txte dimteia eae
test is talted of. dlng, hxacxia
and otber amosements, with a rtfreab
mtnt ctaod oo the groands. Cooaeaad
bring your family and hare a good
tttno, By the ladies of the Presbyterian
cborch. Electric cars ran rizht j4t
the groondj. Come and enjoy your
self Eettlement With Cbeditoes.
An Albany paper: J. I. Uowren, pro-
orietor of the .Lebanon bank, baa set
tled with bb depositor thereby trans
ferring, under the nominal considera
tion of 5,000, to W. B. Donaca and
many others, his Lebanon bank prop
erty, blocks, lots, 33 acres of land, and
also a bill of sale of his bank fixtures,
notes, etc., in fact all of his Lebanon
property. The property will be dis
posed of for the benefit of the creditors.
There is a difference of opinion as to
what per centage will be paid by the
transaction. Ail the attachment
against Mr. Cowen were withdrawn.
Takixo the Chowd. So arMorn-
ingslde is the best advertUed suburb of
the capital city. It possesses direct and
dose electric car line facilities and has
other merits. lis great natural charms
and lovely residence spots make it the
Ideal resort for pleasure seekers. Is it
any wonder all the new bouses are be
Ini located there? Property Is still
cheap and flue scenery, elevations and
natural drainage are desirable consider
ations to home seekers. See plats with
Pacific Land it Orchard Co.
Hard Times Defeated. Money h
scarce, and people buy nothing except
tney net their money'a worth. Ml
Pinkbam. the Court stieet milliner. U
selling her choice stock at prices thai
cannot be equalled. See ber bard time
oSers and you will be surprised. A
whole family can be fltud out for a
trifling sum. dw
Ox Whekijs. Frank Conorer, editor
of the Corral 1U Gazette, and wife and
Mlu Webber, came down on bicycle
from that city tiuoday to witness thr
ball game. Mr. Conover earned his S
year-old boy the entire distance on a
seat arranged on the front of his wheel.
Albany Herald.
Artistic Work. Some excellent
work has been done the past week
about tbe shrubbery on the state
grounds east of the capitol. This little
park is growing In beauty, and when
tbe Wlllson avenue Improvement U
completed Salem will have one of the
most beautiful parks on tbe coast.
Halt Fare. Tbe S. P. railroad will
sell half-fare round trip tickets for the
Balem races from all points between
Portland and Eugene. Tbe tiekeU will
be on aale beglnulug the 4th and will
be good to return until the 8th.
Ice Creams. Tbe truth Is they are
never good uulees carefully flavored.
You run no risk of adulteration or bad
taste In tbe mouth or otherwise by
using Price's Fruit Flavors aud Ex
tracts bold only by J. A. Van Eaton.
The Fourth. A leadlncr II rm of Sa
lem grocers has all preparations com
pletefortbeFourthof July. They have
all the eatables and flreablts, whole
sale and retail. Clark aud Eppley,
Court street.
Half Rats. Tbe 8. P. will sell half
fore round trip tickets July 1st, 2d, sd
aud morutug of tho 4th, good to return
UBtil midnight of tbe 61b, between any
polBts on their Hue.
hi iuii It1 IJ J-"1" """"-
at a a
..) tM
-W aftd
UtoA ap
Safecrite a Hule to tbe States picnic
L. D. MaUieay, a former sberifl of
tbif county died at 'Frisco recently.
Wheat, wool and bops are slowly but
merely shrinking in value,
Frank Dearborn returned from Port
land this morning.
Frank K. Lovell is home from bis
P&alasd vliit.
Jehn Hart started today for a visit to
b& eid Dakota home.
2. M. Conner, of Ballston, was a Ba
kes viiitar today.
Great sport at the Mornlngside social
Friday afternoon and evening.
Supt. E. B. McElroy Is home from
Corvailia commencement.
Hon. Phil Metschan and Ed. Giltuer
went to Portland this afternoon.
Tbe Lockwood measeneer office is
open all night, and a boy can be called
at any hour.
Herbert Batten case up from a visit
to Vancouver this morning.
Get a cheap home above tbe froga
and mists at Mornlngside. Salem
Motor Railway cars every fifteen min
utw. It was reported that Mrs. Hostels,
who lives acro-a tbe river, age 54, bad
dropped dead this morning.
Tbe Willamette Valley mills output
at present b all exported to China via.
Assist Miss Marie Vandersol's elocu
tionary recital at tbe Congregational
church Friday evening, June 30. Ad
mission 10 cts.
Tbe tru-tees of Willamette university
elected Miss Mary Reynolds, principal
of tbe preparatory department, to suc
ceed Prof. Cunningham who resigned.
E, Cooke Pattou, of Patton Bros.,
booksellers, has returned from the
world's fair. He has visited tbe prin
cipal Eistern cities and likes Oregon
better than ever.
Cbas. McMoody, formerly of Salem,
is at present confined as an invalid at
the Loa Angeles Soldiers Home, Cal.
The Sileni Motor Railway carried a
thousand people to Morniug-side jester
There would be more interest In tbe
booting matches if the big prize) were
shot ofl in place of being divided.
Judge 2. W. Garretson, general
agent for the Bankers' Life Ins. Co., of
Nebraska, has just located at Salem,
iith bis wife. They own some flue
lots on Ibth aud State and will build a
home. He has been in eastern Wash
ington and California for a number of
years, but prefers the climate at Salem.
Mrs Garresoa was formerly Mrs.
Daniel Clark of Salem, ber daughter
being Mr. B. C. Ward of this city,
where tbey are otopplng.
Don't forget the moonlight picnic on
Friday night, June 30th, at Morning
aide Park 5 to 10 p. m.
Orchestra and choir at tbe Morning
side picnic Friday afternoon and even
ing. The judges of the supreme court re
turned this morning from eastern Ore
gon, where tbey have been to render
some decisions.
Hat Patton started today for a two
months' trip In the East. He will at
tend the Y. P. 8. C E. national con
ventlon at Moutreal, Visit tbe world's
fair aud other attractions before return
Mb Stella Robinson, of Eugene, will
be the guest of E. F. Osburn and fami
ly for a few wwht
Mrs. Sam. Church, who has been
vUItlngattbe Murphy home for some
days, returned to Portland this after
noou. Her sister, Mr. Clark, arrived
from Portland today, and will remain
a short lime.
A Spiritualist campmeetirg is to be
held at New Era, five miles south of
Oregon City, from July 7lh to the 23d.
Social at Morningslde Friday after
uoon aud evening, by the ladies of tbe
Presbyterian church.
Dick Humphrey, wbo now makes hi
home at Oregon City, U a Salem yUltor
of tfes Btos&s Drsspit
Char ef rr9ry.
IWf !trr IWe.
Mr, tUtf OrrgM r. I M. fe4l,
Kfd A CWmMC for nut JtMbasH A
lltimt. ft 4fe!Jat.
Cwfj. tf n trtal f f M. I ;
Ji t. L. M. HeH-ll Is Mrratt '
crt. I
Os(d tM give exat UagHsge but
HeafHI rt there were three Mil. ef ;
SsttR, HeiUbu A
Weodirard, Je
beld have raid. lie swre Jooet
paKl twa UIU and ese be paid. Tbe
jury HBdentood that this was tbe re
ceipt, $5.4, whleh Heasell swore he
had paid.
Cro-xamlDed; Heosell swore they
had bo settlement; that be wm to oQset
with medical service certain.
Rineo, Juror on trial In tame case;
kDew parties; Hensell swore be paid
this bill in question
Cross examined: Son of Harvey
Rlngo. Could not recall exact words
. j
but that was about It.
Bolter, juror; H&sell testified be had
paid some bills tnat Jones was to have
paid and bad agreed to pay to offset his
f.mt1- frwtf Kill TTa &tr1 h. hf1 inn.
j T . . , . ., ., .."'
posedJonesbad paid those bills, but be,
.. . ... I TT ,
nau noi aone so, ana lueu, oe, xieaseu
bad paid them. I
TlTk ab Sn rA es nftalAA t-TAeejall
,au ,i V ' rVT wit-. .7
said he paid two of those bills; third
one Jones nald. be said: he did not
oaAtn rn Irertrc itl&t whljK rvrtA Ks rv?H !
t- p x-h' .w.fnf Pni.nrt
. " . . . .. j i
.,,, ' .. . . , -j,t
bills amounting to t3o.49, paid by Jones
Jan. 19, 1891; receipt was dated Feb. 2-1,
1692; Hensell got this receipt, saying
tbe goods were bought for him. In the
name of Jones, and he wanted a receipt
mrde to him.
Cross-ex: Gave Jones a receipt;)
Jooea paid bis balance for 1S0 on Jan.
19, 1691; Hensell opened an account!
with tbe firm in March 1S81; first knew
of Hensell running a drugstore there j
about that time; witness was shown j
letters from house to Htmsell relating
to Hensell asking for this receipt; the
icuere were reaa, one u aruu, -. A dehghiiul season of recreation, re
Ing Jones had bought but one bill of unioQi inatnlctIont ud D0 noisej fight.
goods of about ten dollars; receipt was, Ujgoreannoa exploding,
read given by film to Hensell that The8UUa pJcnlc gUte talr
snowea payment ior iwo outs reierrea rgroQadi Jnjv FoQnh wlubeagre,
to as having been bought in tbe name ! gDCces. gj voor flmily b&sketready.
of Jones. Jones called and got bills re- i Tbe comm Fourtn
ceiptedafew days ago, that were in- 0rJaIy celebration have met with grat
ciodedin bis settlement Jan. 19, 1S91, ifjingeneeesH in getting sobscriotions
when he took a general receipt. to erect a plAtfoTm acd for otne"r inci.
Mr. Heiuhu: Identified copies of aeaUd ,, Deral ejtpeDS3 ofthe
bills and affldavit he made, showing all bration But a small amount of finac
transactlons with Jones and Hensell. M wiu ne:tsary. Ex-Govern-
Cresex: Could not remember In-, or & F Chadwick and Judge B. F.
dividual accounts; knew nothing about ufa bave coagented to deliver
matter except as shown by books. gbort addresses.
M. L. Jenes: HenseU introduced r. j. Hendricks is chairman of the
lu .c.p uu -ulc ucutu, cojnmjuee on naUVe sons and dangn
shown two bilU covered by receipt, re-! ten This Is tbe first time that tbe
celpteo as paid oy mm. At ume ne
paid the 177 for which be got a receipt,
which he had lost; had It when he got
tbe bills receipted second Ume.
Cross-Ex: Object of having these
rtceipted UIU was to snow wnen
be paid them, to make it positive that
be bad paid; bad no personal trouble
with the doctor. Only feelings or re- cate tbe states headquarters.
grtt- ! Mrs. H. W. Cottle, Mrs. John Minto,
Counsel for state objected to inquiry I Mrs. G. W. Gray, Mrs. Dr. Phllbrook,
Into feelings of parti. j Mrs. Lo Willis, Mrs. Geo. W. Davis.
Beubatu: Did you not tell Pbineas J are appointed as committees on decora
Bellinger, of Brooks, in presem-e of sev- j tioas.
era! parties that "I bad thought the ! The committee chairmen from each
old skunk would slink bimselt out of
Brooks but I am afraid some of us will
have to drive him out ?"
Objected lo by, Ford as irrelevant. It
made no diflereuce what Jones fcelinz
were toward him.
Objection sustained.
Jones Cross-Ex. centinued: Agreed
to pay these drug bills and freight for
H-'nsell; bad charged them to Hensell
for a note Hensell
gave nim for the
Benham: Did you not swear in the
circuit court that you had no Ive for
Dr. Hensell? I
Objected to. -'
Ford admitted that witness and
counsel for state bad no fceliogsof re-
spect for Hensell, and used rough Ian-
gusge toward him. Tbe state rested.
No witnesses were offered for the de-
fensebere. Holmes moved defendant;
be discharged and addre&sed tbe court
Condtt opened tbe case fur the state.
Defendant testified that he had paid
two certain bill. The bills of Jones
showed that he had paid them. The
bookkeeper showed that Hensell got
tbe receipt upon his owu statement
that the bills were bought in tbe name
of M. L. Jonfe. and he trT nn mnnpv
. . ,
n-h.n h. Mt It
Ford follewed: All tbe papers in the
trial were Introduced In circuit court as
competeut evidence.
Judge Bonham said there were two
objects in Interposing a non-suit; the
court bad suggested Ume was precious,
and tbe pleadings in the circuit court
case had not been introduced as a foun
dation lo establish perjury on a specific
charge, as the state had not introduced
the bookkeeper who had made the en
tries and that was tbe only way to
prove a book account.
Motion to dismiss overruled.
Dr. Hensell swern: Testified In cir
cuit court that be had bills sent to him
made out In Jones' name; receipt was
MH ( Mm In hUfU be lisd Mked
I two l IMS' hfcn M?i erf kwJo; h '
Jw tm ftM uj wih f fH
m ;rreJ: is Mea f mmJteil mrwo n
Jb I tad fmt t fy JIf8ef
drug aitd freight Milt. Wtered he IhmI
pM th9 MH ft whleh tb ie
, H him a reeeiptf U h gwl'ly be
I waitled I U ibel.
I Cftrw-exafattiatleB: There wm b
metlt ef the recHH la tke lettwn;
wm tot la Pertlaod, V&ftj iatt; tbe
date of receipt is FebriMry H; that
wa mbI me by tbe bMe; remember
.'..'. 1JM. ' . ,.,',..'
7" '" -"Y -h ...-.-,
j Jees was oet deallffc moare be wot
tor his receipts; they wrtKe that Joe
bad bought bet eee bill of flu.W. be
tween the dates of tbe three btlb re
ferred to; be showed bills from tbe firm
i.r.Mtmk.rfMf. tu. .r-. .r. i
I '
amloatioa of IId1I eootnd as
hour and elicited oethisg new. D-feo
oflered no rebuttal.
Several otber witnesses wete called to
testify to tbe character of Dr. Heasel
. ..,.. . . ,
cumugc iuc ropeci oi me cur material
ly. Among these was Mrs. Henel,
wife of the defendant, wbo swore that
he bad no knowledge of tbe doctor
having been in Portland at tbe time re
ceiplbebad was dated. Other wit-
nessea were pretty sure the receipt was
to him In person and he
!. - .....
claimed he received it by mall.
This closed tbe evidence and court
i adjourned Ull 9 o'clock this morning to
i bear tbe arguments in the case.
At conclusion of argument by counsel,
the court bound Dr. Hensell over to tbe
' grand Jury in the sa.n of JlOX). He
v A
. 2
I "
The Fourth of July Picnic at the
Fair Grounds, Salem, Already
an Assured Success.
Bring out tbe babies?
Get your banners ready?
An orator from every state.
Baxset picnic, Fair Grounds, Dedica
tion, oratorical mtdal contest.
, Qregonlaa will be organized, and
der gQCh Jeider8lJj wlll
creditable showing,
For preaident of lhe d8y, jndge Hen-
ry of South Dakota has been celectedi
The committee will go out to the
j grounds tomorrow at 10 o'clock to select
a place for the speaker's stand, and Jo-
state are to act as a committee on per-
manent organization, each to appolut a
secretary to keep a register of the peo
ple from that state.
Tbe Second Regiment band, the fin
est in the state, will be on band early.
Grounds open at 620 o'clock. You can
drive right in.
Complete program published by Mon
day. No charge for admission to
grounds. The exclusive restaurant
privileges were secured by Westacott 4
: Irwin for the entire State Fair grounds.
Bounties. E E. Martin brought
160 squirrel scalps from his farm In the
bills, receiving $7.50 for bis crop. . Tbe
squiirels are .bringing the farmers
more net money than the sheep at
Lv Texas..-Rev. H. H. Brown,
l-.J-..U..U t . T..l-
i Texas. He Is lecturing and preachinir
on Spiritualism, and looking
for a
permanent position In that
wbich be followed some years ago.
Rare Offer. Bureu Jfc Son have a
few good second-band carpets which
can be had at a bargain.
The onlv Puie Cream of Tartar
Used in MilHoos of Homes
of tha 8Ut Bprtffl'i A-ttoeUtlon
-omr E!Ct9d.
iHerwKI etnvnU WVdewlay awl 1
day wHm-miI tb rla(e heHt(ig leur-
HinieMt hi Moforte.
The tmntitn were all bt all m ar
r-etl aad MftrWtrei were ea4u)ed
mb til lale In tb- ereMttir.
tiik match m.
No 4. Ten 4se. not HI. KlHxet,
CarenMe ad OreicnM Meaeb: Martin,
O. FrnaM, Hewe, HMMti awl A.
Stold Veaeti.
V . 3 4xb!.fNtt asd prin IIM.
2. IS estrte; F. A. Tvraer, talem Ild
aad G ctafc; mild S( aad get tbe
l&t ga; M. Wa(drt4,G.Stadde and
isvaiM rie eaeii: iejee maneeui
, to bU 51.
N.C SttiBgle, prizes aed pot 14;
as entries, F. X. Turner 0, getting tet
ter dog; Freman and Etass 19 each;
Piper, Farlow, Clark and Slsddeu 13
No. 7. 10 sincles and 3 pairs; 32 en
tries; Wm. Martin broke 10 singles, 1
in first pair and 2 In last, getting Vic
tor by dele $150. Kinzel and Long 14
each; Sladden, Gabrielson and Hudson
13 each.
The annual meeting of the eports
mens' association was held at tbe Hotel
Willamette and it was vfter 1L-.30 o'clock
before it adjourned. The next place of
holding tbe tournament for 1S94 result
ed in Portland and to be under tbe
auspice of the Willamette Rod and
Gun club. Tbe date set is between
June 1st and 10th. W. A. Story was
elected president, W. J. Riely secreta
ry, Harry Beel treasurer, all of Port
land. Sntx, the Prizes Go. At the
auction sale now in progress in tbe
former Easton music store, three valu
able prizes were awarded yesterday.
Mrs. B. Casey, of Oak street, received
tbe first; Miss X. Kemp, of North
Salem, second, aud Miss Chase, of 17th
street, third. Free prizes are eiven to
the ladies every afternoon, but tbe
greatest prizes consist of the great
-acrifices at wbich goods are bought
Dress patterns and cloaks of tbe choic
est kinds are going ofi like hot cakes.
Eiocctioary Recital. Miss
Mary VanDersol and her pupil? will
iive an elocutionary recital at tbe First
CongregaUonal church, Friday evening
June 30:h, assisted by some of Salem's
best musical talent. Miss VanDerso'
will recite tbe "Chariot Race," from
Ben Hur. Everybody come. Admis
sion 10 cts. Look out for program in
tomorrow's Journal.
Mo.vey Market. It continue
tight. Loan companies are doing no
business in this state. They say loans
are being made in Washington on five
years at 10 to 12 per cent, there being
no usury law in that stat.
New Brick Store. Paul Oberbeim
business will in a few days be removed
into bis new brick store just finished.
The old building now occupied will
then be removed and another two-story
brick erected exacUy like tbe present
new one.
U. B. Meetings. At their hall near
tbe depot Prof. Baldwin will preach
Friday evening. Quarterly meeUng at
2 p.m. Saturday. There will also be
meetings Saturday evening and Sun
day morning and evening.
Flags at the New York Racket.
Prof. Smith, of the reform school, re
turned this morning from a month's
visit n Michigan and at tbe world's
H. S. Simon, the cigar dealer, has
just been remodeling bis stand on the
corner, which improvement must last
until a One brick block takes it place.
Just received at tbe New York
Rtcket, a new lot of shoes of all kinds
Prices low. Call and see.
Black satteen and light dress shirts
and white laundried and unlaundried
shirts at the New York Racket. 2dlw
I can save 20 per cent, buying
stamps and seals from F. S. Dearborn,
the stationer. Do uot pay traveling
agents exorbitant prices.
Think of it, I am giving away to
everbody who makes a purchase at my
store a piece of sheet music free. F.
8. Dearborn, statlouer, 263 Commercial
Tennis shoes of all sizes at the New
York Racket. 2d-lw
Rich golden Jersey milk Is beine sup
plied by tbe dairy of B. J. Sharpe.
AvnW x a ..-:-. .. ,
io Years tht Standard
I . I .
tjuiiiu nwrir un imvniK xrwiu
difjculty in IxfirW up in uich
Umw m theme.
Made Goods
At low pricoa enablos tho
t win ownnn
i mill aiunii
to bear up and increase tho
bu-iness every vear.
Emma Vaders has replaced Lavinia
Shannon in the company of Frank Hen
nig. Sam Collins, who ha been playing in
"The Black Crook." has joined "The Isle
of Champagne."
Mme. Cottrelly has been engaged by
Manager John H. Russell as a member
of Russell's Comedians next season.
Dr. George W. Purdy, Fanny Bice's
husband and manager, sailed for Europe .
recenUy in search of a new play for his j
wife. I
Actors are very particular about their j
tames. Henry Miner will not see any one
who calls for Harry Miner, and Thomas
Q. Seabrooke is very fond of his Q.
Joseph Grismer and wife (Phoebe Da
vies) will summer m San Francisco.
Their next season's tour with "The New
South, however, will probably be opened
in the east.
Henry Irving and his company will
sail for America on Aug. 15. Their fares
from London to San Francisco, where
they will open their American tour,
amount to over $11,003.
Marcus R. Mayer has sailed for Eu-
rope and trill be absent about two
months. He is going to engage artists j
for the Parti company and will visit
Mme. Parti at Craig-y-Nos castle. '
The name of Hoyt's new play is "The
AHTV White Flag." There is nothing in "
the tiUe to indicate the subject matter
of the play, but Mr. Hoyt has his reasons
for bestowing this title upon his work.
T. Henry French says that he ex
pended nearly $30,000 on "The Prodigal
Daughter," and the amount required
every week to ran the stage will be
about 4,000. The manager hopes to get '
all of his money back and more beadea,
of course. He has decided to keep the
drama on the stage of the American
theater, New York, during the summer.
Nelson. 2:10. and Directum, 2dlJ, are
about the only present first class stal
lions that will do much racing this sea
son. A KB is now before the Michigan leg
islature providing for the licensing and
registering of stallions. Tbe license is
to be conditional on soundness.
Dobie is making no engagements for
Nancy F just now and will not do
so until he has learned what he may ex
pect her to do this year. She is in good
There are 591 entries all told for the
annual meeting of the New England
Trotting Horse Breeders' association, for
which 117,500 in purses and stakes have
been hung up.
General Miles' fine bay mare has a nice
looking bay colt by Palo Alto, 2:08,
with a marked characteristic of some of
the general's exploits. On his neck is a
perfect tomahawk in white.
As a rule, a double giuted horse is faster
as a pacer than as a trotter. Had Smug
gler. 2:13i; Edwin Forrest, 2:18, and
Bonesetter, 2:19, been permitted to take
their chosen gait they would doubtless
have been great pacers.
Dr. Wackley of London, editor of The
Lancet, owns tbe great prize winning
mare Drab, now on her way to be ex
hibited in the English hackney class at
the World's fair. During her stay she
will be bred to Allerton.
Twenty new engines are soon expected
on the Long Island road. They will be
used on the main line and the Manhat
tan Beach division. The road at the
present time is obliged to "cut corners"
in order to make the motive power go
Bv Julv 15 tha Saranir? sml T V
Placid road will be completed. The line
will be 10 miles long and will extend
from a point on the Adirondack and St. '
Lawrence to Saranac lake, thence to'
Lake Placid. It will be a new line for '
tourists to the Adirondack mountains.
For Good Values and Low Prices Call on
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1000 GOOD BOUND 1000
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Patton Bros.,
jBookaalters and Stationers,
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WAN rED Slnrle bone and bngicr bird
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1 talninc 3o rooms, all furnished. In good
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Irqulreof PH1L.K. MtETZ. over Toiuml
Shoe Store, 116 Mt- St. 6-05
COM SALE. A very nicely kxatwl lot. with
C hone, on Mill street south ot Willamette
university For terms and particular. pleaM
tnqatr at this office. 5-S-lm
THIS PAPER U kept on flle at E. C. Dake'l
Advertising Agency, 64 and 63 Merchants
Exchange. San Francis- o, California, when
contract for advertising can be. made for It.
HELP WANTKD. AeenU paid a good com
mission, and $3X0 dlxlderd among
them next winter. Special attractions io b
poshed this year fox which we want the ser
vice of best orenU everyw ere.
Room S chronicle Bblldtzur, (fan t racclKO.
CHRISTIAN CIENCE Literature of all
kinds on sale at 25 Liberty street. 4-5-ly
ATTENTION. Osh money paid for ran.
battles, old Iron and all kinds nf metals,
a so hide, at old CYrart Hooe, K&Iero.
l-S6-ly 1. TOLPOLAR-
owln? me. Bote or accoants that arfl
overdue, of $5uo or under, p'ee pay op and
save co u.
On easy terms and cheap, a TO acre orchard
oa Sonsy Side No. on. J miles south
OJf SsJem,
53at-dw JOHN HART.
The Rustler Food to
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