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gapltal Journal Publishing Company,
I'iMit OtTle Ifloek ComuiereUI BtfeeU
Alli,byeirlr,pr months
, 100
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nessiy.s pag. !
M-x whiskey wllb
whiskey will get on top.
hanking and
Flu J out wBatsiate yiu are from by
next Tuesday at the male's picnic.
The press of tbe state la not abed
lag tears over Jim Lolon'a retirement
Those Populist res ilutlous about Pen
noyer ask Editor Joe.Gaston some hard
July 1st!
brate with?
Collection day! May all
have enough left to cele-
It la not a man's brains, so much as
the use he makes of tbem, that wine
him friends.
President Cleveland is appointing a
very clean and respectable class of men
to office injOregnn.
If the Democratic party is to admin
ister our tarifl laws, we had better not
have any McKlnley bill.
The people have some respect for the
anarchists aa compared wltn the gov
ernor who pardonpd them.
The man who charged Marlon county
S48 for what has always been better
done for $12 was not In it.
After next week of races comes the
week of meeting of the State Hortl
cultural society at Salem.
To keep up with Washington Oregon
hnuld have a war between her board
of world's fair lady managers.
At the 8tatee picnic every state will
ty to get Its best speaker to the front.
And there will be some good ones.
An accused man may weli pray to be
soared from falling into tbe hands of a
justice of the peace out of business.
We had supposed It impossible, but It
Isstlll possible for Astoria publishers to
find something to indulge in personal
ities about
If tbe farmers are to get anything for
their wool either the McKlnley bill or
thn Democratic nartv should be re
A polite way to call a man a liar is to
tell him hU statements sound like the
Oregonlan's estimates of race attend
ance at Portland.
Col. Robert Miller la to be congratu
lated upon having been appointed to
tbe inoet lucrative land ofllco in Ore
gonregister at Oregon City.
It was said one who would take 524
to charge an Innocent man with a crime
was uot fit to handle tbo public lands
fund. Cleveland seems to have thought
If there was a positive kuowledge
that whep this Democratic congress ad
Jourus, it would not meet arjaln for Ave
years, the people could staud it bet
Here Is a curiosity for you. Enclose
your address and 2 cts, 6 uts, 10 cU, 25
ota, or 81.00 and receive Tjik One Cent
Daily ot which this Is a sample one
day for every cent enclosed. Try It.
A Presbyterian woman proposed to
dance a hornpipe with the editor of the
Journal at their recent moonlight
picnic: shows all a Presbyterian knows
about dancing. The hornpipe is a solo
President Cleveland would not make
a, man Register of tbe Public Land
offloo who would charge the county
four prices for n half-service, or swipe
the funds of the Democratic campaign
committee and leave the party's bills
Congress is to meet the first Mouday
la August, Tho people almost prefer a
panto. It would he over and that
would be the end of It. 'Hut with a
ewton of cougrtsa it la not ortatn that
the country will be any better of! after
It is over, nor at nil certain that there
Will uot bo a panio Into tho bargain.
A ubsoriber at Switzerland, Or.,
ends a long criticism of Rev. 8. C.
Adam's Memorial day addretw. Ha Is
nlo au Independent candidate for tho
presidency, We doubt not he would
wake aa good a president ns some oth
. But he woultl have done bettor to
ucloe tils two cents and have sub
scribed for the Onk Cknt Daily for
two days. He would have saved a arwouty paylug tho first lustulltucut oi
whole lot of labor and by thla time the price always paid fur tin "luxury o
pouM bo a great Ucal happier, oily," T-, T. Gekr.
MObKAY, June , 1803.
Kl. Jot'HNAl.j Wo had eup.r this
evening on the farm at 0 o'clock and
afterwards I picked up a bundle of
papers and seated myself under the
big locust tree In the front yard to
read an hour, waiting for tbe cowo to
feed acroos tbo pasture towards tbe
barn and tbe milk corral.
And I was feeling awfully good, be
cause If any thing on earth can bo more
generous In its contributions to every
reasonable want or tbe Jauman soul
than the closing hours of a June day
like this, in tbo Waldo Hills, It has
never been my good fortune to have
beard of it.
Bome city folks who bad been spend
ing tbe day at Silver creek falls were
spinning by on tbelr return to the city,
and indulging in all sorts of hilarious
jollity, which, if repeated in tbo streets
of Salem by any of us plodding grang
ers, would subject us to a night's lodg
ing in tbe city calaboose; tbo Bheep Ju
tbe field just west of the. bouse were
beginning their evening foraging ex
pedition, while in the barn yard, tbe
work horses, just turned out for a
short play, were engaged in tbo great
est eflort of their Jives endeavoring to
win tbe affections of a young colt from
its bewildered and disgusted mother;
the bee hives, near by, were the scene
pf the greatest activity and interest,
while I particularly noticed that two
mourniDg doves were located each In a
an oak tree, fully a half mile apart, and
were exchanging plaintive lamenta
tions whose very sadness would bring
tears to the eyes of un Early Rose, evl
dently taking great comfort from tbe
self-imposed fiction that tbey were
beld apart by tbe ruthless enactment
of some heartless tyrant.
On mv left was a waving field of
wheat rapidly approaching harvest
time, and the meadow, even now, look-.!
log toward the barn for future protec
tion, wbile-on tho right was theyoupg
orchard, whose luxuriant branches
were lazily tossing in the evening
breeze, first in grateful recognition to
tbe generous earth and then immodest
thankfulness to the reddening rays of
tbe seltiugsun.
After leaning back in my chair for a
few moments, and feastlDg on a scene
such as can only be found on a farm
which has not yet been tainted by even
tbe suburbs of tbe city, 'and Indulging
a few pleasant reflections of which the
foregoing lines are tbe merest synopsis,
I reached for a paper which happened
to be the Weekly Journal, aud tbe
first thing 1 happeued to hte was the
letter of my frieud and neighbor, J. A.
Hunt in which he loudly laments the
degeneracy of the times as shown by
tho refusal of President Cleveland to
enforce the Geary law.
After reading Mr. Hunt's letter I fell
Into another reverie from which I did
not recover until oue of the milk cows
thrust her head over the gate and
bawled to mo iu awful tones that It wus
time to come along with that bucket I
I read alt of bis letter twice, and the
following paragraphs dozen times
Tho Cleveland administration seems
to Do staggered o"er the cost of return
ing a few ship loads of Chinese.
My God! bus not the blood of hun
dreds of tbouxatids of noble patrlott-
beeu rreeiy poured out upon the altai
of Americau liberty, and can we noi
spend a few millions sterling to pre
serve its iiiterestb.'
Now, I heartily approve of nearly, or
quite all Mr. Huut says iu his letter but
for tho life of me canuot shun tbe re
flection that had Mr. Harrison beeu re
elected, the Geary law would have been
In tho bauds of its friends; that be
slgued tbe bill aud being in accord with
its object, would bare seen to Its en
forcemeut; that but fur the Inordiniie
desire of a lot of old time Republicans
to "stand up and bo counted" and
therefore voted for Mr. Weaver in order
In have a 'change" Mr. Cleveland
would not now bo sitting In his arm
chair in Waihlugtou throwing cold
water ou Mr. Hunt's fondest anticipa
tions. Iu addition to this Mr. Cieve'and
came into power on a threat to put
wool aud many ot our other leading
products iu open competition with the
poorest paid labor iu the world, aud
this was all accompanied by a jwpular
demonstration, strong in some quarters
in favor of a flnaucial system which
would deluge tho country with paper
money, practically unlimited iu quan
tity aud irredeemable iu its nature.
Does any on? wonder, does Mr. Huut
wonder, that from the moment the re
sult of the election last November was
known, buslueM became paralj zed, men
with eapl'al to invest Immediate y
withdrew It from tbe channels of trade,
or that all kluds of Industries came to
Midden halt?
Leaning back In my chair uow, wllb
closed eye, I can recall I he pam .if
some of our esteemed fellow cltlzeiir,
former Republicans, who, aloul ji-ar
ago uow, were Instructing ourpeopl
about tho great necessity of Imv.ug a
"change;" it has come, and there i
really an amusing aspect to a situation
which meets with opposition from tbo
who worked the hardest aud bawlul
the loudest to briug It about.
Aa Judgo Tourgce rvctntiy said w
Prices Current by Telegraph Local
and Portland Quotations.
Halkm, July 1, 4 p. m. Office
Daily Capital Journal. Quota-
tlous for day and up to hour of going to
press wcro as follews:
Good shipping strawberries 3 to 3 ct
box. Hhlpper furnishes crate.
Peas H ceutfl a gallon.
Gooselerrles 15 cts a gallon.
Cherries 3 to J cts a lb. Continue
butcher STOCK.
Veals dressed 4i cts.
Hogs dressed GJ to 6.
Live cattle 2 to2t.
Hbrep alive $1.50 to $2.00.
Bpringiambs $1.60 to, $2.00.
Salem Milling Co. quetes: Flour
In wholesale lots $3.20. Retail $3.60.
Bran $17 bulk, $18 sacked. 'Shorts $19
and $20. Chop feed $10 and $20.
Market is flat at 58 cts.
Oats 40 to 60 cents.
Hay Wild, $10; timothy and clover,
$12. Baled $12 aud 514.
Barley No demand except for feed.
50 cents.
Wool Best, 10 to 12c. No buyers.
Hops Small sale, 15 to 17c
Eegs Cash, 1C cents.
Butter Beat dairy, 20 to 2-5; fancy
creamery, 25.
Cheese 12 to 15 cts.
Farm smotted meats Bacon 12;
hams, 13; shoulders, 10.
Potatoes new 75 cts. to $1.
Onions 1 to 2 cents.
Beeswax 34c Caraway seed, 18c
Anise seed, 20c. Ginseng, $1.40.
Green, 2 c's; drv, 4 cts; sheep pelts,
75 cts to $1.25. No quotations on furs.
Chickens 7 to 10 cts; broilers 10toi2;
(IUCR8, ij; turKeys, slow sale, cnoice,
10 cts; geese slow.
Grain, Feed, etc
Flour Standard. $3.40: Walla Walla.
$3.40; graham, $3.00; superfine, $2.50
per barrel.
Oats Vblte,4Sc per bushel, grey, 46c;
roiiea, in oags, ?o o(r.o ou; oarreis,
$0506.75; cases. $3 75.
Hay Best, $1517 per tonjeommon,
$1013. ,
Wool valley. 13 to 14c
MillstufTs Brau, $17 50; shorts, $22;
ground barley. $260A24: chop feed. $18
per ton; whole feed, barley, 8085 per
cental; middling, sialyl per ton; brew
ing barle, 90(5,050 per cental: chicken
wheat. $1 22 J 1.24 per cental.
Hops-10 to J7jc.
Butter Oregon fancy creamery,22J
toe; inncy dairy, 1 ijfa.aic; lair to good,
lo&lOc; common, 12Jc per pound; Cali
fornia, 35(5; 44c per roll.
Cheese Oregon, 11 13; Eastern
twins, 16c: loung American, 16o per
perpounu; caiitornia hats, nc
Ensrs Oregon. 16c per dozen.
Poultry Cbiekeu91old,$3.60; broilers.
large, $3 004 On; small, $2.002 50;
ducks, old, $4.506 00; young, $3 00
6 00; geese, $9.00; turkey?, live, 12Jc;
.uressed, toe, per pound.
Woel: Oregon Eastern choice, 12
Hc;aoiuierior, u(o)iic; do valley, 16
Hops 1316c.
Potatoes Ordinary kinds of new in
sacks at 90c$1.15 per cental; new
Erly Roe, boxen, 00c1.25; new Bur
banks, $1 00 1 25 per cental.
Onions 8590o per cental for red,
and $1.00 1 25 for silvereklne.
Barley Feed, SllS2Jc per cental
for good quality and 85c for choice;
nrewing, uu(n)i.u per cental.
Oat Milling. $I.601 65: fanevfeed
$1.601, 65; good to choice. $1.451.50:
oommon to fair. $1.15il.35; gray, $1.30
(a)i ; DiacK, i.iofn)i.-i) per cental.
BicV IUadach and relists all the trouble tad
dent to a blllom ttate of the "stem, tuch as
Dininvu, Nausea. Drowsiness, Distress after
attar. Pain In toe Side, Ac While theirmost
remarkable success has been shown in curiae
Ileadacbo. yet Clam's Lmu Lire Piua
are quail raluable In Constipation, curler
and prsTentlss this annojinr complaint, hile
thy also correct all disorders of the stomach,
cumulate the liter and rerulal the bowels.
Etsb If they only cured
Ache they would be almost priceless to those
who suffer from this distressing complaint;
but fortunately their roodnen does not end
here, and those who once try them will find
these Utile pills raluable in to many ways that
they will not be willing to do without them.
Put after all sick head
w make our great boast.
while others da nnt
Our puis cure It
Cmtsji-s Lmut Litis, rius are wry small
and rery easy to take. One or two tails make
dose. Tbey are strictly vegetable snj j0
not rriiw or Dtim. but hr thoir i-mu inLv.
please all who use them. In TtaU at 8S cents;
Tror$I Sold everywhere, or sent by mail.
CAtnx vraccrx c&, si To.
hill Mlk MfgM,
or rutrocnox trm-ax tn iu mn tu.
cvim aoxoKsuau uJ o utrr u o. w rw aj
A cciat ct'tJt m lu'cokbuuu m vniTEs.
sattriUDKi'oaura. siur.uJiii.
Wokld's Fair, Chicago.
H AVr I OtlosMt Atdu and flBth 8trC
WWW 1 bit UrouodJt trnth aa mrrr AdMjr.
Mas. B
Ennulra About
Tbo Limited Kxprewi trains of tho Chi
cago, JUiiwrauRpo AHUl'aui uaiiwoy
between 81. Paul and Chicago and
Omahrt and Chicago,
i ne trains are vesiintiicd. electric
lighted aud steam heated, with tbe flu-
eat Bluing and Bleeping Car Bervico In
tne worm,
The Electric reading light in each
berth is the successful novelty of this
progreselve&RcandlB highly appreciat
ed by nil regular patrons of thin line.
Wo wish others to know Its merit, as
the Chicago Milwaukee & St. Paul Rail
way is tbe ouly line In tbe west enjoy
ing tbe exclusive use of this patent.
For further iuformation apply to
nearest coupon ticket agent, or address
C. J. Eddy, General Agent,
J. W. Casey, Trav. Pass. Agt
225 Stark St., Portland, Or. tf
In bulk, all trood shipping varieties
of cherries iu the Willamette valley.
Oregon Fruit fc Produce Co., Salem.
Bis aw
A Great Mistake.
A recent discovery la that headache.
dizziness, dullness, confusion of tho mind.
etc., arc duo to derangement of tho nerve
centers which supply the brain with nerre
force; that Indigestion, dyspepsia, neuralgia,
wind In stomach, etc.. arise from the derange
ment of the nervo centers supplying these or
gans with nerve fluid or force. This Is likewise
true of many diseases of the heart and lungs.
The nerve system Is like a telegraph system,
as will bo seen by the accompanying
cut. mo mug
white lines are
the nerves which
convey tho nervo
force from tbo
nerve centers to
every part of tho
body, just aa tho
conveyed along
the telegraph
wires to every
station, largo or
small. Ordinary
physicians fall to
regard thla fact;
Instead ot treat
ing the nervocen
ten for thecauso
of the disorders
arising therefrom
they troat tho
part affected.
Franklin Miles,
M. D..LL.B., tbo
highly celebrated
specialist and
student ot nervous diseases, and author
ot many noted treatises on the latter subject,
long since realized the truth ot the first
statement, and his Restorative Tfrvlne
Is prepared on that principle. Its success
In curing all diseases arising from derange
ment of the nervous system is wonder
ful, as tho thousands of unsolicited testimo
nials In possession of tbe company manufac
turing the remedy amply prote.
Dr. Miles' Bestoratlve Nervine Is a reliable
remedy for all nervous diseases, such as
headache, nervous debility, prostration,
slecplessno, dizziness hysteria, sexual de
bility. St. Vitus dance, epilepsy, etc. It is
6old by nil druggists on a positive guarantee,
or sent direct by the Dr. Miles Medical Co.,
Elkhart, Ind,. on receipt of price, SI per bot
tle, six bottles for f. express prepaid.
llestoratlvo Nervine positively contains no
opiates or dangerous drugs.
8old by D. J. Fry, druggist, Salem
East and South
of the
Southern Pacific Company.
MOUtb. I
I Worth.
7m: p. m.
9:18 p. m.
8.15 a.m.
Ban Fran.
7:3oa. a
5:28 a. n
7.-00 p. re
Above trains ntup only at following nutiom
north ofRoseburg,ast PorUand Oregon City
Woodburn. riale.n. Albauv Tangent. Sbedds.
Ilalkey, Uarrlsbur?,JuncuonCUy, Irving and
fc3U a. in.
11:17 a. m
5:50 p.m.
4:30 p. II..
1:40 p. m.
7.-00 a. n
Albany Loeal, Uuliy Uxcept Suinlwjr.
SOJp. m.
7:52 p.m.
frflO p.m.
Diniug Curs ou Ogdcn ltoute
Second Class Sleeping Cars-
Attached to all through trains.
ffd Side Division, Between Portland
ami Cemllis:
.i. m. I ii.
LMOp. m. I Ar.
naa p. m,
At Albanv and Corvallla connect
tralniotrnrpenn ltiln Rallrfwd
"iVI-KKM rKMN , ll. Kit KlTt.1 Nil.
4:o p. in.
7:2i p. m.
I Ar.
tarn, it
6:45 . m
To all points In tbe lfatm htate. Canada
and tCurope ran be obtained at lowest rates
irein n. ir.auix.Kii, Agent, aaiem.
K.t IUK1 rUtS, Anal. O. '. aud l"asa. A I
K. KOKH I.Kit, Vanacr.
The Yaquina Route,
And Orccon Development comrany's tem
hip line. S miles shorter. VU hours le
tluie than by any otlirr route, Klrt cbui
through passenger and
trelebt Hue from
1-uruai.a and all lolnl
lu the Wldametle
vaney to and rromivkn rrancucc.
I TIMK HCUKUULK, (Kxrept Sunday.)
Lv Albany Wu pmlLv Oarralllt 110 p m
' Ar Yaautna Si-U n m I l.v Yaauina ttli a m
Lv Cttrvalils. I0t5 aru Ar Albany U.I0a m
U A C, trains connect at Albany an J Cor
valll. The above trains connect at Vaqulna wllb
tkeimgoa IWvei puieut Oo.'a Una of kteauv
eia betwren Yaqulua and ban Francttco
H. II IVsMUttis from IVnland and all
wl'larae.tsvalivy point ran niaka cloe con.
ntctlou with tha IraiUkOftbe Yaquina Uotita
at Albany or Curvallls and If dUued to tvB
Kranclscu should arrange to arrt vs at Yaauina
tha evening ber re data of tailing.
me etening Der re dale or sailing.
PasscnMr and Kttlgbl lute
inwesl Kor Information apply
UULJtAN a Co.. Kr!bt and Tlel
uatea aiwaya th
iy U) Mt.rv.
Ticket Aran.
"509 and a Kront atrel. lortlnd. tr, or
u.v,uuuub,noiuiDi(i.rii, Act.
.. Or. clno . H . Oorvauu, Or.
C. II.UASWkXL. Jr arn'IFrclchtaod
l'aa. Agt, Ore, Devaioptnent Co.,
4 Uoaifomtrf tit
Before .Going to the Woild'i
-i -- -i nri -
Completed nud ready to wait on customers. Horses boarded by day or week.
at reasonable prices. We keep a full
meet all demands. Also Keep the finest
Bam and residence 2 block south of
-'CLEAN. - '
If you wquW be clean ancl have your clothes done up in
the neatest and dressiest mannor, take them to the .
where all work is done by white labor and in the most prompt
manner. (JOL.OiN.ttL J. OL.MST.ED,
Liberty Street.
July 4, 5, 6 and 7.
PRIZES 3,500.00.
Pacing i
Tuesday, July 4th.
Rnnnln?, gven-elghths mile dash, pane S200
Puny race, 400 yds, 2 best In 3 M lOu
Ponlea not to exceed 13 bands high.
Trotting, 2. clans 2 In 3 " 230
T ottlnir. 2-yearolds, mile dash " 150
Pacinc, 2:iicafs,3in:t - 250
Wednesday, July 5th.
Running, one-half mile. 3 yearoldg, parse lli
Kunnlng, one-hull mile and repeat, M 300
rrotllDg, 23 cia, 2ln3 " 250
Trottlcg, iJ2i clasa, 2 mile dah ' 300
Thursday, July Gth.
Running, j mile dash puree,$100
uuuning, roue assu
Trotting, 2:29 class 2 in 3 "
Pacing, a-jear-olds.mlle dash, "
Friday, July 7lh.
Running, t mile dash purse, $100
Gentlemen's roadster race 2in3 " 100
ilorees without record, owners to drive
fQvelty running race,6 miles ' 200
This race Is for ladles, entrance fiee; they
can change horses as often as they wish.
ADMISSION: Gentlemen, 50 cents.
Ladies, 25 cts. Children over 12 years,
25. cts. Grand staud, 25c I a. '
President, n. W.c 1TTLE.
Vice-President. W". J. VIIU'TV
Secretary, F. N. DERBY.
irea?urei j. I 'A1TEH80N
The House Mover.
451 3Iarim Street.
Uaa the best facilltlea lor moving and rais
ing bouses. Leave orders at uray JUroa., or
Address Salem, Oregon.
Smith Premier Typewriter.
8oId on tsuy payment. For Rent-
W. I. STALtY, Agent, fa'em.
H,N.BTTBK,OenUgtn m Third Bu,
PortUad. fenaitorcatsioguo.
That is the fundninvntal principle of our
business and on it we stake our reputation
when making the .
Condensed Milk. In times of epidemics
when ail foods are called into question the
public can rely with perfect confidence on
the . Eagle brand and serve it with
the assurance that it is a food Free From
All Disease Germs. Remember that!
It's the food for children.
Your Grocer and Druggist sell it.
Tvery can is sterilized and every microbe Lilled.
line of Truck", Drays and Express to
Btallima In tols county, lor eervice.
postoftice. RYAN & CO.
(Northern Pacific R. R. Co., lessee.)
Two Through Trains Daily.
02Spml SUnn a 9-.am
7:ispm i sii-nuii Kjuam
4'l.Spm 1 Daluttu-ajlUOam
7.2,5pm 1. Avhland. a 8JQara
a s.47pm
10 45pm
Tlckeu sold and haegage cheefced through
to all polnisln the United states and Canada.
Close connection made In Chicago with all
trains going Kaxt and Month.
H'ormll Information apply to yonr nearest
ticket agent or J AS. O. POND.
Uen. Pass, and Tkt, Agt.. Chicago, in;
Bids for Asylum Supplies.
The board of trustees of the Oregon Btate In
sane asylum Invite fealed proposals Tor tbe
furnishing at the asylum reari-alem, "regon,
the following snnplles for the six months end
ing January 1, 1891 :
500 yards cotton flannel, Nashua XXX
1 20) yards Amoskeag, mariners stripe, blue
and white.
500 yards PeqnotA sheetings, 38 inch, un
bleached 500 ya'ds Lownsdale sheeting, 38 inch,
200 yards Continental, checked flannel.
BOO yards ulass crash, 8 Inches wide.
TOO yards bleached linen and French crash.
18 Inches wide
3)0 yards Amoskrag bine denim.
200 yards 9-1 bleached sheeting, Pequot.
100 yards superior satin damask, 68 Inch
20 yards Marseilles checks. York Mfg.
GOO yards Dragon doth, assorted colors.
1-' dor. while stay blndlBg y. Inches wide.
25 dor. ladled' c tton hose.
5 dor. mystic Turkey red handkerchlels, 31
75 dor. So. SS white (Coat's) thread.
2 dor. 'o. 16 white (Coal's) thread.
S dor. So. SO wnlte (Coat's) thread.
3 dor. No. 60 while tCoal') thread.
0 dor. No. 3ft b ack (Coat ) thiead.
SO yards table oil cloth, best quality . light
12 dor. papers pins.
, lOflOQ pounds beans, small white.
6,001 lbs granulated sugar.
6ti0 lbs G.C ugar.
B.i 0) bs. rolled ot, tn barrels, fresh ground.
3,000 bs cracked wheat.
I.OOJ lbs Gold Dust corn meal (or as rood)
fresh ground in barrels.
1SUJ IP hommy. rreah ground In barrels.
4,000 lbs choice Island rice.
20i, gallons New Orleans molasses, best
qu.llty. '
1,01) lbs corn starch, Oswego.
6 000 lbs Liverpool si.U
500 lbs cheese, Ciauslon's or as good, full
Ufl lbs C. 4 Co's A. & H. brand c irb oda.
aw lbs cream tatar. J. A, Ku ger's btsu
20gr.ss Vulcan Superior Bafety matches.
25 dor bro.ims.
2dnr wh sk brooms.
15 aor. cns oysters. Blue Point, or as good.
20aox cans oysters. Melds.
i'uuz.n corn, eaco or as good.
I001b. p. arl birley
TOO lb. sodi cracker XXX fresh.
1CV) lbs. oyster crackers XXX Iresh.
100 bs. Otwego giis starch.
20 boxes macaroni.
100 gallons kerosene, Pearl brand, In tanks.
SUgallous Albany splnd eo I.
5 gallon Albany cylinder oil.
JSFI?.!"1 mror leas, best roller process,
delivered aa VAnl. r m.w,
SO) lbs per day, more or less ot bei,
quuediatouaf nans ni r.,r .,,. kiJ
ters. ' " " "Hr.
200 pound Kirk's f-avon or as good.
ISO) p-juuds Proeior A Gamble's Ivor
Ivory, or aa
flX poundu ai.ples, best quaUty.
l.OtU lbs. prunes.
IU) lbs. raUlcs.
a lbs. mace, ground.
&0lb.musur .ground.
Joo b. black pepper ground,
20 lb, cinnamon, ground.
30 lbs. ginger, ground.
IfOi lbs. Columbia, l-rand, or as good.
onlbs.CotaRtaa a st grade,
sunt GrtTarnmentJavsuflntgradsi.
ISo lb. Uesd Mocha.
eoo lb, chicory.
lfioo lbs. Blodre Hammer brand.
2 gross pens, Olllotl'No.40l.
1 gross lead pencils, rubber tip Ne. 2.
1 xroas load pencils, robber tip No.
I box london Incandescent pens, I
nl i
, No. i (gin-
tbx omton laenndescent pe,No.6(ren
ulnu )
1 lxx L'jndou Incandescent pens, No. 7 (gta.
1 team legal-cap paper (extra good.)
1 ' Journal "
I " ledger "
idor peDholdrm
i doz quait bottles Banford's premium
wilting fluid.
dox quart bottles BtafTord's commercial
3 quart bottles Banford's combined writing
lodf r teacups.
Ik doz saucers.
5 dcr. one quart roup bowls,
1 dor. onetallou pitchers.
3 doz, soup platte-s, Slnch.
1 dux chamber pots.
2 doz srup pitchers, 1 pint, glass,
lodoz. tuiubiers.
1 dor. lantern globes,
ldoz baker salts.
l.ooo pounds white lead.
1 barrel linseed oil, boiled.
1 barrel roof paint, Prince's metallc brown.
2o gallons turpentine.
2o pounds Venetian red.
10 pounds chrome green, dry In & pound
2 pounds chrome yellow. In oil.
5 lbs burnt umber, In oil.
5 lbs dry u tuber.
i cans rose pin k. In oil.
2 cans burnt sii-nua.
1 paper bronze.
i dor. Adams brushes No. So A- O. K.
doz. round sash tool.
2j lbs. French ochre dry.
6 boxes glass 7x3o.
6 boxes glass 8x2o.
loo pounds putty.
. 3 papers glaziers points,
2 dor. zincs car metal for Laclanch batteries,
3 dcr. fiber washers. V
8dor.4 " "
6d-z Lava tips.
1 dor. Elbe burner cocks.
1 dez: gas pltlers.
1 doi.jj lead "S" traps.
loo pounds solder K and .
4o leet 1 lead pip. , 6 pounds.
to fert 1 lead pipe i pounds.
4 pipe reamers, from & to H-
6 pounds asbestos c&bdlewli k.
I Jackson's scraper, 3-lncb flue.
1 extra Jaw each, 12 Inch, 18-lnch aud 21-Inch,
Utlllsou wrench.
2 doz JiellB.
K doz i ells,
k doz 2 ells.
KdorJi sockets.
1 doz finch sockets.
inch sockets.
fliuce unions.
AiH busbti.es.
a z ?:.'. nusniBfsi.
aozy, bushings.
1 doz. M Jenkins Bros.
y, doz K Jenxlns Bros.
hi doz. 2 JenKlns Bros.
valves, movable
valves, movablt
valves, movable
Kdoz H square head ston cocks.
1 doz i- uiler hone bibs finished.
1 dor Fuller i lain bibs finished.
a uu a r,uj uuu .HIV.
1 dox Jf sior and waste.
i doz yt air cocks,
K dox U air cocks.
3 dox4 Inch slim taper flies.
3 dnz 5-lnch ..mm
3 doz 6 Inch " "
1 each 7, 9 and 12 or. riveting hammer.
1 one pound 4 or. octagon bull pin hammer,
l.ooo lbs, each No. .8, 2o and 22 Ralvanlied
sheet Iron, best brand Sox SO.
2 boxes 2ox;8 XXXX tin redlppsd.
1 box 30X28 XX tin redlpped.
6 pacxages 2 fc. tlnntsd ilvets.
12 di z boiler handles.
1 pair 7 B soldering coppers.
1 pairs & soldering coppers.
3'o fts 8d flttihlng nails.
2oo lbs fad finishing nails.
4oo lbs 8d common nails.
4oo 0s lod oumraon nails,
loo Be id wire nails
3 gross eavh screws 1 Inch No. lo and inch
No 9
4 gross each screws Jf , y and 3 No 11.
2 gross each screws brats No. 4 No. 6
y, dox. papers each 4 and 6 or. taciu.
2oo leet Ground Iron, Norway,
loo feet 7-16 round iron, Norway.
75 feet $i round iron, Norway,
to feet y,x4 flat Iron, Norway,
loo leet JjjK flat Iron, Norwsy.
5o feet lx5 flat iron, Norway.
ii Keg No 3 hind shoes (Burden's).
Uxeg No. 3 front shoes "
H ket; No. 5 front shoes "
'A keg No. 6 hind shoes "
2d ds Sweet American steel toe calls No. 4.
1 18 inch rasp ( Heller Bros )
l.ooo E beat blacksmith's coal,
lo lbs. H Iron washers,
lo lbs. o 16 lmu washers,
loo feet angle steel JixJf.
1 blacktmtth stock and dies from 6-16 toM6
thread. 16. 2o. 24 and 32 10 1 lnrh nitii itsm
i . . - H A..A
and 4 dlts.
1 HeU wig's patent bolt clipper No. 2.
5oo feet Ji manllla rope.
6 packages X and 5f No. 8 copper rivets.
K roll sole leather. Btocktnn extra hnwffi
to 27 lbs. a side.
3 sides or skirting, plump, 14 to 17 lbs, a side.
2 domestic calfskins, brand li. B
3 buck skins, mealum size shaved.
lo lbs absorbent cotton.
2 lbs acldum carbollcum pure,
1 lb acldum boraclum.
1 lb acldum murlatlcum O, P.
3 lbs acldum murlatlcum commercial.
1 lb acldum sulphurlcum aromat,
5 lbs aqua ammontae fort.
S lbs ohloroformum bqulbbs.
1.20O empty capsules No. 1,
L200 empty capsules No. 2.
1 lb Aula extmrt cnnnahla InH nrv.ik na
orP.D 4 Co. " "--
u A "Xr xtracl buchu Fol. Wyelh Bro. or
PACo1"101 zlDSiberU Wyeth Bros, or
u1!1? 2"? extract hyoscyaml Wyeth Bros, or
i.lib.fl,uld exlra8lycyrrh Wyelh Bros.orP.
1). 41.
-.i'u"- ttuli ,ract Sarsap. Co. for syrup, ry
ethUroH.orP. u.aCo,
llblluldATIni.lunn. UV.,1. IIhy. 1 II
. - .,,. u.,.u. .
A fluid xtract prunUVlrg. Wyelh Bros.
6 gallons glycerine pure.
So lbs. flaxtetduieal.
J dozen medicine classes It or.
2 gallons.. l rlclnt
8 ox oi. lemon
8 nx. oi auranUl.
1 Ih perslu Sac h. Falrehlld.
i B hhensceUne Byer.
sIse?0Xn t:mUa Emul coi H'eroll, la-ge
? ST0111 .boxti "sorted sizes.
J ft iuiv. Doverl.
J B Pulv. acsclae. ,
Ofts. soda R-irct
a. fts Potass Brom.
3 Bh. Pwtats. cltras.
3 fts. Pota. lodldum.
foox. quinine Kulph. it. M.
oft sulphur sub-lm.
6 ft- sodiibkaib.
&oft sulph niagneslae.
lpoJ&d.cl IVilu'ana (or avrup.
J dux arrliige- Da dson's'No. 1.
tm.n 7r,ne XXX rtflned.
o z a tlf,brtn
ni!K?!,,.'V.b,MnM therfflc of board.
SfS,,s.m-uJit . '. ' "'"uan.e tbtrewl b, and
f?,mf lJrllrtnal packsgea when p.tble. Ibe
ihLSL " .V' ' Was U re.eed.
Drllverv oi fcUDnll. win .- . ,. k ki
ln t.r.n.V.V -T". -."., " "
bida'8n.??,V.'l",",,,.'ncn nwiany eaJ-n
n i hiiW m "frla'a of bUtp teTuiuit be
r?.,ihimc,or? fbld mu-t I elide all
ii.. JYTk?? ,0'"u ,n 'u ot be respective
oih.' "" tUons or floor, mraland
flm0ld'i,-lSfHof, ! PrrihlHited fromcn.
advenisoment does not contain a ru-l and
comjleM description of the JiWe. to M pur-
dVyTjuiVSr1 'l S 'tla p-m
wf -HyfkYiWnk W Jkr

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