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Capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1893-1895, July 10, 1893, DAILY EDITION, Image 3

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On, TALMA06 6 VyE ministhV or
Tha MMrlnti. f,w liy Whleli (toil Warn
t;of a Cuinlnif'(Jlinni Comparr-il Wllh
Which Alt llurtl.ly Chans Am m
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BodKLYN, July P. Rev. Dr. Tplinngo
ban clioocn n ulA, MiWftt for todily tho
ttfxt. "Atovcnlifi'UrfibnMmfl Do light"
(Zochariah xW,7). ' ' h
Vlillonyit'Mnnllftficttin(fos Is tho
tho nynioof for gloom nnft Bflitprlng, It Is
often rVntly rirfpcrfnl, Vrlfrhthntflmpreisa
Ive. I apeak ridt or tfnch night tih coino
dovdn with 'no fcfrifr'itoriffai lfit'ht' from
nhdvo or1 slivered tfrtrrtWilng up light
from bencatlAnihrJly, nurlllrifr, portent
ona brtt such rw you ofteri seo AvHcn the
poriip and fnnjrhifircnco, br""h6avtn tuni
out1 on Slight pWr.ido, itnd It Bco'rhs ns
hough tho song" jvlrlh Homornihil stard
bcglin' so I6hg' ngo vefo fchlriilng? yot
iiinong tho constellations and tho sons
of God were shouting for joy.
Such night's tho sailor blwses from tho
forecastle, and tho trapper on the vast
prairie, and tho belate'd'traveler by tHo
rondbido, and tho BoUlior from tho tent,
earthly hosts gazing npo'n heavenly, nnd J
siinpiierus guarding tueir tiocks aneiu,
whilo-angcl- handrnbtmr them set tho
silver bells a-ringing," "Glory to God in
'tho highest and on earth peace; good
will toWrd mbn."
What a solemn andrglorions thing is
night in tho wilderness! Night among
the mountains! JJIgt on tho ocean
Fragrant night "rnnohg "tropical groves!
Flashing niJTiF"aTnl.' arc.Hc severities!
Calm night on Roifiim campagna! Aw
ful night nmongthd'cordillerasl Glori
ous night 'raid sea after a tempest!
Thank God for 'tti"dnlght! Tho moon
and tho stars which rulb it are light
houses on tho coast towaru which, I hope,
wearo all Bftinng".-nnd"'blinfa mariners
are wo if with so many beaming, Unrob
ing, flaming glories to guide us wo can
not find our way info the harbor. My
text may well-suggest that tt3 the nat
ural evening is often luminous so it
shall be light in tho evening of our sor
rows of old age. of tho world's history
of tho Christian life. ''At oventinie it
shall bo light."
This prophecy will bo fulfilled in the
evening of Christian sorrow. For a'long
time it is broad daylight. Tho sun rides
high. Innumerable activities go ahead
with a thousand feet and work with a
thousand arms, and the pickax struck a
mine, add tho battery mado a discovery,
and tho investment yielded its 20 per
cent, and tho book camo tdMts twentieth
edition, and tho farm quadrupled In
value, and sudden fortune hoisted to'
high position, and children were praised,
and friends without number swarmed
into tho family hive, and prosperity sang
in the music and stepped in the dance
and glowed in tho wino and ate at the
banquet, and all the gods of music and
ease and gratification gathered around
litis Jupiter holding in his hands so many
thunderbolts of power.
But every sun must set, and tho bright
est day must have its' twilight. Sudden
ly tho sky was overcast Tho fountain
dried tip. The song hushed. Tho wolf
broke into tho'famiiy fold and carried'off
the best lamb. A deep howl of woe
camo crashing down through tho joyous
symphonies. At one rough twang of the
hand of disaster the harp strings 'all
broke. Down went tho strong business
firml Away went long established cred
it! Up flew a flock of calumnies! The
new book would not sell. " A patent
could not'be secured for theinventibn.
Stocks sank like lead. The insurance
company exploded. "How much," says
tho Sheriff, "willyoa bid for this piarjor"
"How much for this library?" "How
much for this family picture?" '
Will tho grace of God hold one up in
such circumbtances? "What have become
of tho great multitude of God's children
who havo been pounded of tho flail And
crushed under tho wheel and trampled
under the-hobf ? Did they Ho down' in
tho'dust 'weeping, wailing arid, gnashing
their; teeth?" When tho-fod of fatherly
chastisement struck them, did they Btfike
bickfecfftise they found one bitter cup
onHRe table 'of 'GodVsupiHy.dfd they
nni'dTtKo1 wholo aM?' DM !tke-? kneel
dovn it their empty raoBey vault and
sayV'All my" treJjw'rVg&i)?,'y pid
101 UDOU
K. 1 1 .-! Xf. L- -I-
and say, "Tho stocks aro down would
God I were dead?" Did the night of
their disaster como upon them moonless,
starloss, dark and howling, smothering
and choking their Jife out? Nol ' No!
No? At eventime it was light Tho
Bwif t promises overtook them. Tho eter
nal constellations from tho circuit about
God's throne poured down an Infinite
luster. Under their shining therbilI6ws
of trouble took on crests and plumes of
gold and jasper and amethyst and flame.
All the trees of life rustled la the aid-
summer air of God's love," Tfce"nlglit
blooming assurances of Cnrlst s'sympa
thy filled all tho atmosphere with heav,
en. The soul at every step seemed to
start up from its feet bright winged jov
warbling heavenward.
"It is good that I havo been afflicted,"
cries David. "Tho Lord gave, and tho
Lord hath taken away," exclaims Job,
"Sorrowful, yet always rejoicing," says
fit 13...1 HAmiI ClhA in1l wlnA onntf
all tears from their eyes," exclaims Jobs
f t.li,.,J.I,-..? k t Atrnntifrw.V Wol '
light XightfromthecrossI Light from
the promises! Light from the throne!
Btroamfng, joyous, putgushingeverlat'
The text shall also find fulfillment in
the time of old age. It is a grand thing
to be young to have the sight? clear and
the hearing acute and the step 'elastlo
and all nnr ntilaea marrhinc1 fan to the I
drumming nf a. atanl heart. Midlife and
old aira will ha deniad nunv of lU. but
youth-we all know what that la. Those
wrinklea were not always on your brow,
tlouyf " "-T&' - '
That snow waa not always on your bead,
That brawny ntucle did aot always
IdnchroHrim. You v. not 1 wJ'
nfo'wcnl cofutltitf
rliif now nrd. ton ft
(foJtMhti hllWdo, 6rlnrw bff your Imt
fjjfliw rhc,of npfil tli(f Will flying nkf
'Uul youth will not nlwnyn lnnt. It
tiny only long enough to giro tis pxit
brrnnt splrllo, nnd hrond shoulders for
burden carrying, nnd nti arm with which
to lmttlo our way through dlfllctiltlcs.
Info's path If you follow it long enough
will come tindor frowning crntt nnd
ncroM trembling cnusowny, Blessed old
go if you lot It como naturally, You
cannot hldo It Yon may try to cover
tho wrinkles, but yon cannot cover tho
wrinkles. If tho tlmo has como for you
to bo old, bo not ashamed to bo old. Tho
grandest things iri nil tho universe nro
old. Old mountains, old rivers, old
soon, old stars nnd an old eternity. Thon
do not bo ashamed to bo old unless you
nro older than tho mountains nnd older
than tho stars.
How men and women will llol They
say they aro" 40, but tliey are CO. Thoy
say thoy aro 20, bul they aro DO. Thoy
say they are CO, but thoy aro 80. How
somo peoplo will liol Glorious old ngo
if found in tho wav of righteousness!
(Hbw beautiful tho. old ago of Jacob, lean-
tner nn tin inn rtf mo b! iV t9 Trtlt. Oril-
cy Adams falling with the harness on
pf Washington Irving sitting pen in
hand nmid the scenes himself had mado
classical, of John Angell James to tho
last proclaiming tho gospel to tho masses
of Birmingham, of Theodoro Freling
huyscn down to feebleness and emacia
tion devoting his illustrious faculties to
the kingdom of God. At oventido it was
See that you do honor to tho aged. A
philosopher stood at tho cornorof tho
street .day after day saying to tho pass
ersby: "You will bo an old man. You
will bo an old man." "You will bo an
old woman. You will be an old woman."
Peoplo thought ho was crazy. I do not
think that he was. Smooth the way for
that mother's feet they have not many
moro steps to tako. Steady thoso totter
ing limbs they will soon bo at rest.
Plow not up that face -with any more
wrinkles. Trouble and caro have marked
it full enough. Thrust no thorn into
that, old heart. It will soon cease to
beat. "The eye that mocketh its father
and refuseth to obey its mother, the
ravens of tho valley shall pick it out, and
i;no young eagles snau eat it."
The bright morning and hot noonday
of life have passed with many. It (a
4 o'clock! 5 o'clock! 6 o'clock! Tho
shadows fall longer and thicker and
faster. Seven o'clock! 8 o'clock! Tho
sun has, dipped below tho horizon. Tho
warmth has gono out of the air. Nino
o'clock! 10 o'clock! Tho heavy dews aro
falling. The activities of life's day are
all hushed. It is time to go to bed.
Eleven o'clock! 12 o'clock! Tho patri
arch sleeps tho blessed sleep, tho cool
sleep, tho long sleep. Heaven's messen
gers of light havo kindled bonfires of
victory all over tho heavens. At oven
time it is light light!
My text shall also find fulfillment in
tho latter days of tho church. Only a
few missionaries, a few churches, a feyf
good men, compared with tho institu
tions leprous and putrefied.
It is early yet in tho history of every
thing good. Civilization and Christian
ity aro just getting out of tho cradle.
Tho light of martyr staketr flashing'all
up and down tho sky is but the flaming
of tho morning, but when the evening of
tho world shall como, glory to Odd's
conquering truth, it shallbligh Whir's
sword clanging back in the scabbard;
in temperance buried under 10,000 broken
decanters; the worid's impurity turn
ing ita brow heavenward for the bene
diction, "Blessed aro the pure in heart;'
the last yestige of selfishness submpried
in heaven descending charities; 'all
China worshiping Dr. Abeel's Sav
iour; all India believing in Henry
Jfartyn's Bble; aboriginal superstition
acknowledging David Brainerd's piety;
human bondage delivered through Thom
as Clarkson's- Christianity; vagrancy
coming back from its pollution a tho
call pf Elizaboth Fry's Redeemer; fche
mountains coming down; tho valleys go
ing up; "holiness" inscribed on horse's
bell and silkworm's thread and brown
thrasher's wing and shell's tinge and
manufacturer's shuttle and chemist's
laboratory and king's Bcopter nnd na
tion's Magna Charta. Not a hospital,
for there aro no wounds; not an asylum,
for there are no orphans; not a prison,
for there aro no criminals; not an alms
house, for there are no paupers; not a
tear, for there are no sorrows? Tho lpng
dirge of earth's lamentation has ended
in the triumphal march of redeemed em
pires, tho forests harping it on vine
strung branches, tho water chanting it
among the gorges, tho thunders drum
ming it among the hills, the ocean giv
ing it forth with its organs, trade winds
touching tho keys and euroclydon's root
on the pedaL
I want to see John Howard when the
last prisoner is reformed. I want to see
Florence Nightingale when the last saber
wound has stopped hurting. I want to
see William Penn'when Hhe last Indian
has' been civilked. I want to seo Jtfhn
Huss'when tho'last'flame of persecution
has been extinguished. I want to see
John Bunyaa after the last pilgrim has
comp to the gate of the Celestial Cfty,
adovo ail, i want to see jesus -alter ine,
last saint baa his" throne and begun to
You havo watched the calmness and
the glory of the evening hour, The1 la
borers have bneIfro the field. The
heavens aN gkrivMg w4tafa Indescrib
able effulgence, s thought-lie sun In de
heavens are gk'
o1la Af n1frT)"rrf '
parting bad forgotten to shut the gate
after it All the beauty of cloud in d
leaf swims In the lake. For a star in jthe
iky, a star In the water heaven above
and heaven beneath. Not 'a' leaf 'Rus
tling, dr abee humming, or a grasshopper
chirping. Silence In the meadowsf al
ienee among the hills.
Thus bright and beautiful shall be
the evening of the world.
tup beats
The glory
of earthly conflict arOCOOlod.
of heaved filbr all'tbe
scene with life
and joy and peace. At eventime i u
light lightl
Finally, my taxtbUa fulfiiliB-i
HtMdof lfc uMt&fJfc T
AVtiMm VAUMAfj 'JOVUht'xti MOftiUlf. tfWT to, iW,
ftnow how n uliorl winter's tiny U, ntid
Jfrtw llttlo wnrk you oAil do, Now, thy
frletnH, lire l n slmf t winter's dny. Thd
sun rltws nt H and wtd nl 4. Tho birth
anil nnd dentil niigol fly only n llttlo
way npnrt. Iluitlsiii ntut httrlnl tiro
fiMf together. With ono limit! tile
mother rorltn tho crndlo, nnd with tho
oth-r ulie loneliest tho grnvo.
I went into tho hotio of one of tny
pnrlshlonori on Thanksgiving day, Thd
llttlo child of tho hunouhold wnA hrlttlit
nnd glnd, nnd with It I Iwtttided up und
down tho hall. Christinas day cntnd.rtnd
tho light of that household hnd perished.
Wo Btoodi with black book, rondlngovcr
tho grave, "Aslici to Mhos', dust to dtutH
But I hurl away this darkness, I can
not hnvo yon weep. Thanks bo unto
God, who tnveth ns tho victory, nl oven
timo it shall bo light! I havo seen many
Christians dio. I nover saw any of them
dio in darkness. What if tho billows of
death do rlso nbovo our girdle, wH6 docs
not love to bathe? What though other
lights do go out in tho blftst, what do wb
want of them when all tho gntcs of glo
ry swing open before us, nnd from a
myriad voices, a myriad harps, amyriad
thrones, a myriad palaces, 'there dish
upon us, "Hosanha! 'Hdadnnnl
'Throw back tho BhuttcW nnd let the
sun como in," said dying Scovillo McCol
lum, ono of my Sabbath school boyB.
You can see Paul putting on robps nnd
wings of ascension as ho oxclalms:'"I
havo fought tho good fight. I havo fin.
ished my course. I havo kept tho faith'."
Hugh McKail went to ono side of-the
scaffold of martyrdom andcried: "Fare
well sun, moon and stars! Farewell dll
earthly delights!" Then went to the
other side of tho scaffold and cried!
"Welcomo, God arid Father! Wolcoirio,
sweet Jesus Christ, the Mediatdf bf tho
covonantt Welc&ine death! Welcome
A minister of Christ in Philadelphia,
dying, said in his last moments, "I
move into tho Hghtl" They did -not go
down doubting nnd fearing and shiver
ing, but their battlecry rang through
all the caverns of tho sepulcher and was
echoed back from all the thronos of
heaven: "O death! where is thy sting?
O grave! where is thy victory?" Sing,
my soul, of joys to come.
I saw a beautiful being wandering up
and down the earth. She touched the
aged, and they became young. She
touched the pbor, and they became rich.
Isaid, "Who id this beautiful being, wan
dering up and down tho 'earth?' THey
told me that her name was Death. What
a strange thrill of joy when the palsied
Christian begins to uso his arm 'again!
When the blind Christian begins" to see
again! Whon the deaf Christian begins
to hear again! When tho poor pilgrim
puts his feet on such pavement and joins
in such company and has a free seat in
such n great templo!
Hungry men no moro to hunger; thirsty
men no more to thirst; weeping mon no
more to weep; dying men no more' to
die. Gather up all sweet words, till 'ju
bilant expressions, all raptiirotis excla
mations. Bring them to me", arid I will
pour thom 'upon this stupendous theme
of the soul's disentlira'lthbntt Oh, the
joy of tho Spirit as it shall mount up to
ward the throne of God shouting! Froo!
Free I Your eye has gazed upon the gar
niture of earth and heaven, but tho eye
hath not seen it. Your ear has caught
harmonicsuncounted and indescribable
caught them from harp'o trill and bird's
carol and waterfall's dash and ocean's
doxology, but the ear hath not heard it.
How did those bjessed ones get up
into the light? What hammer kpoclcea
off their chnips? What loom woyo their
robes of light? Who gave them wirJgs?
All, eternity1 Ts not Idrig 'enough !to tell
it; Befaph'iih have not capacity' oriftugh
to realize tpthe marvels of redeeming
love! Let 'thd palms wave;"ltt 'the
crowns glitter; let tho anthems ascend:
let tho" trees of Lebanon ' clap tlieir
hands thby cafanot tell the half of it
Archangel before the thrond, thou
failest! Sirig on, praisb on, ye libstd of
tho glorified. And if with your scepters
you cannot'reach it and with your'sohgs
you cannot express it, thon lot all 'the
myriads of tho saved unite in-thoox-
clamation, "Jesus! Jesus! Jcsusl"
There will be a password at the gate
of heaven, A great multitude come up
and knock nt the gate, Tho gatekeeper
says, "The password." Thoy say: "We
havo no password. We were great on
earth, and now we come up to be great
in hoaven." A voico from within 'an
swers, "I never knew you." Another
group como up to the gate of heaven and
knock. Tho gatekeeper says, 'The pass
word." Tjiey say: 'Wo have no pass
word. Wo did a great many noble
things on earth. We endowed colleges
nnd took care of tho poor." A voitJo
from within says, "I never knew" you."
Another' grtiup comp np to tho gate of
heaven and knock. The gatekeeper1 says,
"Tho password." THey answer", '''JW'o
werO wariderers from'Godond deserved
to die, but we heard tho voice of Jesus."
"Aye, aye," said tho gatekeeper, "thAtls
the pnsswprd! Lift up ypnr heads! ye
everlasting gates, and let these peoplo
come in," They go in and purrpufld'the
throne, jubilant forever.
Ah! do you wonder that tho last lours
of the Christian on earth pro 'illuminated
by thoughts of the coming glory?,1' ""Light
in tho evening. The medicines may be
bitter. The pain may' be sfiaW. The
parting may bd heartrending, ""Ye$ light
In the evening. Ah1 all the stars of fifth
sink their anchors of pearl hi kVe and
river and sea, so the waves of 'Jordan
shall be illuminated with the" down flash
ing of the glory to come. TUe'ajfing
soul looks up at the constellations. "The
Xrd is my light and my salvation; whom
shall I fear?" ' "The Lamb "which is in
the midst of tho throne shall lead them
to living fountains of water, aed God
stall wipe away all tears from their eye."
.Close tho-eyes of the departed -one;
earth would seem tame tl it enchanted
vision, Fold the bands; life's work is
eaged. Veil the face; it has been trans.
ignjtA. $fr. Tppjady hM dying our
aid, i,r1i)t," Coming nearer the axpir
ingjntanept, he exclaimed', with fllomi
nat countenance, "Light" Tn the last
fnstalif df U4 breathinfte lifted up his
uWQacriedrMLtfb HigHifttlc
Jf? ..,..;; Pp-.y..,- 'Vn ry
fM?M V-SH. VrH
Br. mum fMe ., xuman, jmo
Dm BiWi Tat 30 run I vru ttonblM wlt&
asari aiMwv.
IIimmi Would frcqnenUr hT .fiUllns
tnd olhorinr at night, ilni to tit tip or
t of twS to brMth. lUd pain la iajr.ln
nmlit ana
ml nnt A?
tlda and back meet fth time; at lut I becaa
Aropueal.' i if" tit? nenroui ana nwrij won
out. Tbs lrt esdiament woald earns sis to
with flotwttas'.' Tor thd Ut Bfteett reari I fuld
aotiletp onmy leRtlda orUckunUlMcantftklnc
Tour ttto Hart Cur. I bad not taken It very
Ions nntU I felt nnch bettar, and I can now UMp
on -oitfew ald or back without Uia la Mcoa
fort. I Jjt no pain, molherlnr. dtopcr, no wind
on nomach or other dlsagrcaabla irmptomt. I am
sola to i do- all my own hoax work wlUjpu toy
trouble andooniidar mjMlf cured.
EikhartiInd.vitsM. Mm. iSumu Hitch.
It li now fourjtara alnco I tiara taken apy
xnedldno. Am in better health than I bar wa
IfflWifflps CUBED
Brthir mod my Ufa 7f w t "," T
and made mo a wall woman. I am now W yaut
of age, andasiablstodoaroodday'a wotki i
Ifoy ,29th, 169X Mas. Elmiju. IUTCK.
aoCb on a posivive guaMantkk. '
tfold by D. J. Fry, drugglBt, Salem
Prices Ourront by Telegraph Local
and Portland Quotations. '
Salem, July 10, 4 p. m. Office
Daily Capital Journal. Qi..lta
tionsforday and up to hour of going to
press were as follews: '
Peas 8 cents a gallon.
Gooseberries 15 cts a gallon.
Raspberries red and black 5 cts.
Cherries 3 to 0 cts a Itr. Continue
scarce. '
Veals dressed 4 cts.
Hogs dressed oj to 6.
Live'cattle 2 to 2.
Sheep olive $1.50 to (2.00.
Spring lambs 51.60 to $2.00.
mill prices.
Salem Milling Co. quetes: Flour
in wholesale lots $3.20. Retail $3.C0.
Bran $17 bulk, $18 sacked. Shorts $10
and $20. Chop feed $10 and $20. ' f
54 cents.
Oats-40 to 60 cents. ' h
Hay Wild, $10; timothy and clover,
$12. Baled $12 aud $14. I"
Barley No domaud except for feed.
60 cents. ' " ' ','
Wool Best, 10c.
Hops Small sale, 15J to 17c
Ecrgs Cssli, 10 cents. '
Butter Best dairy. 15 to 20: fancy
oreamery, zo.
Cheese 12 to 15 cts.
Farm smoked " meats Bacon
hams, 13; shoulders, 10.
Potatoes new, $).
Onions 1 to 2 cents.
Beeswax 34c. Caraway seed,
Anise Beeu, ma. uinseng, $i.4U.' '
Green, 2cih; drv, 4 cts; sheep pelts,
TS cts to $1.25. No quotations on furs.
Chickens 7 to 10 cts; broilers 10tol2J;
ducks, 12; turkeys, Blow sale, choice,
10 cts; geese slow. '
Grain, FeeiT, ate.
Flour-Standard, $3.40; Walla Walla,
$3.40; graham, $3.00; fiuperfluo, $2.60
per oarrei
Oats VhIte,45o per bushol, grey, 42c;
roiled, in uugs, m.zo(a)u.ou; Darrois,
$0.600.75; cases, $3.76.
Hay Best, $1517 per ton; common,
Wool valley, 13 to 14o.
Mlllstutl's-Bran, $17.00; shorts, $21;
ground barley, $202-t; chop foed, $18
per ton; whole feed, barley, 8085 iper
cental; middling, $232S per ton; brew
ing barley, 0005o per cental: chicken
wheat. $1.22i1.24 per cental.
Hop 16 lo )7o.
Butter Oregon futioycreamery,22J
25oj fancy dairy, 17j20o; fair to good,
16010c; common, 12fo per pound; Cali
fornia, 3544o' per roll.'
Cheese Oregou, 11 13; Eastern
twins, lOo; Young American, 10o 'per
per pound; California fluts. 14c.
Eggs Orecon. 18o fer dozen.
Poultry Chlckuus,old,$4.00; broilers,
large, $3 OO04.Ou; small, $2.000260;
ducks, old, $4.6000.00; young, $3 00
06.00; geese, t.00; turkey. Jive, Igjcj
dressed, 15o, per pound.
Woel: Oregon Eastern choice. 12fa
ISordo Inferior, 0011c; do valley, 140 J
Hops 16017c
Potatoes Ordinary kinds, of new lo
acks at COc0$.O() xr ceDtal; new
Erly Be, Iwxes, 75c1.26; new Bur
oauks, $1.0001 .85 per cental.
Onlons-4u05Ou per cental for red.
snd $1.0001.25 for sllversklos.
Barley-Fffd, SI82Jo per cestal
for good quality and 65o for choke;
brewing, 0001.00 percental.
Oats Milling, $1.4601 60; fancy feed
$1.4601.60; good tooholpo, $1.8-501.45:
oommou ti fair, $1 1001.2-5; gray, $1.80
01.44; black, $1.1001.20 percental.
If you want a desirable residence lot
la Capital Park' don't buy until you
have seen Levi MageVs bargain, Ad-
dre-, miew P, Q, HW
ft J,HHKM.
UOVtfK VAttmttU,
flsluulWood finishing,
Cot, tout and Cliemtl Btrwt.
Geo. ffondrich,
i)at meat and fres dellrery,
13Clbtal Street.
Katlmatpa made on all klndici
ItldencCor. 18th and Bolvlew
Bt. Balem.
' Leave
Havo you abused tho laws of nature and injured your nervous systom ?
Aro you despondent and melancholy with bonfuBcdldeas and glootaythouglitB ?
""SPANd" will positively euro yoti'. 'It cdntalns'no 'mineral polsdna and
is l markablo for awakening organio action throughout the system and an
improvement in every tissue It produces better muscles, bones, nerves, Tiair,
nails, skin,' blood an'd gives vigorous life to the unfortunato who has exhausted
his powers. Prepared in tablot form and packod in bores convoniont io carry
in tho pockot. Baclr box contains 00 doses or enough to last pno montli and is
worth many times its weight la gold. Tho price $1.00 per box or Q boxes for
$5.00 if ordered at one tlmo and a guarantee will be given that any caso men
tioned above that it does not cure, tho money will bo refunded As' to our
financial standing wo refer to any bank in this city. Sent charges prepaid to
any address in United States or Canada. Put up In plain wrapper with no
mark tddistlnguiBh what it is. Bend for circulars and teEtiinonuls. Address,
X Stockton Street
An able Brain and Nerve Specialist can at any time bo confidentially
consulted ontlroly freo of charge, personally or by mall, at thb
n i
Completed Bnd ready to wait On customers. Horses boarded' by day or week,
at reasonable prices. We Keep a full lino of Truck", Drays and Express to
meet all demands. Also keep the finest Btatllons In this county, for service. i
Bam and residence 2 block south of postofilee. RYAN & CO.
If you would lio clean and havo your clothes done up in
the neatest and dressiest mannor, tako them to tho
whero all work is done by white labor and in tho most prompj;
manner. COLONEL' J. OLMSTED, '
Liberty Street.
Meat Market.
Kreh and Bait meats of tbe bet quality,
lonltr and stock. Free delivery.
A New Remedy
A Irut SpecIAe petltlr vA ptrmiMnt llmbutlon
fsll polion from tli blood, nd a ituoratlon of Ulihy
vifor to lh (Imum i UInd lo nUTcrcr for lh tift tiro
la ranwdr wlxch luu Un unclnoJn2 lh matt urn
ftirilt (iputnunu for tin put iWm jn. Il hat not
Tt faUod. ami It U1 not fall. M II U a Trne gpeolrla
lor brpluliik eoitoa and all blood dLeatu. Ho you bo.
bt it J Sand for full panlcuUrt and proof In. Stop
tftlni your rjrtn with nxreury and othrr poliont.
ThU rcmody will cur you la 30 to 00 dayi without fall.
W Kuanwte a euro pr reiuud tlto tuoaey,
Addrca '
X70 ttnt fitroot I'OltTLANK, OK.
Ssfors Going to the Woild'a Fair
The Limited Expreas trulus of the Chi
cago, Milwaukee & Bt. Paul Railway
between Bt. Paul and Chicago and
Omaha and Chicago.
Tctaee train are vestlhuled, electric
lighted and steam treated, with the flu
eat IHhIuk and Bleeping Car Bervlco In
the world!
The Electric reading light In each
berth U the kuceeeeful novelty of this
progressive age, and Is highly appreciat
ed by alt rc'Klr jmtrous of thla line.
We wish others to know Ita nierlU, as
tlte Chloaco Milwaukee & Bt. Paul Rail
way Vs the only line in the west enjoy
ing the exclusive uw of this patent.
For further information apply to
nearest coupon ticket agent, or address
O. J. Eddy, General Agent,
J. W. OABKY.Trav. Ytm. Agt.
, . T
Screen Doors
ANO JOhtUNfle-
Morlojr & Wlnstonloy
ft hop at BUtflnlfMt.
Meat Market,
JtOO.ComutarolAt straat,
Good nnli, Prompt delivery.
Take Itf
OnlyScetiUa Any delivered nt
your door. ,
David McKlllop,
lorderillnt Salem Im-
owve Dirooi, - -
mi.,. ... .
proveineat Co., its Slats street.
This wonderful preparation i Purely Vegetable : compounded
from tho prescription of tho Official Physician to tho Court of Spain.
" Espano " recreates Mental and Norvo Power in Man and 'Woman.
An infalliblo remedy for Nervous and General Debility,
Nervous Prostration, Creeping Paralysis, "Weakness caused
by Debilitating: fosses' Excesses or Over-lndttlgences, In
cipient Seftening: of the Erain or Paresis, Disslness, IfOSS of
Memory, Confused Thoughts and all Brain, Nerve or Sexual
Weaknesses. Ii has no equal in restoring tho Stomach and Bhdn
to its normal condition following tho abuse of Alcoholic Beverages,
or indulgence in tho Opium, Morphino or Chloral habit.
... i . i . i i i i i i
Leavoordera RtCottlc-l'ftrlchurat block.room
IS, Halem, Oregon.
Jfavehad 18 jean experience training for
Iraok or carriage. Terma rwuouxble. Can be
found at Weitaoott'e ctable, or addrean Halem.
01 m JAMlib KINU.
On Improved Ileal Eatate. In amount aud
lime to aulU Mo delay In oonalderlng ioani.
Itoom 12. Doah Itank block.
On eaty term and cheap. A SO arre orchard
ua ouuu omv iiuuub, ouitivaauufru
of Haiem.
(n-wet-rtw JOHN 11AHT.
i'Hrin for BhIo or i ratio.
On raay trnm, four mile eait of bubllmlty,
eoiitalning 117 acres' will trade for properly
litornearrialem. , . O poVK.
HMk, Hubllmlty.Or.
1 1 p. hj . Chth Ioyc llftcl ami
Patentee lally jfr Any(HHi,
feHiteMtiary aittl Cemetery iH
Capital City Railway.
Car teaves ft a. m., ceaaect
IiHfwltH verkwd trala, a4
earn leave Mitel eyery
wlautcM fVam :!IO a. M. le II
. m. far MfaluU aa the Uaa
Tta at ,raafier TrfOta,
nnd Candle.
I. O. Elloole.
Tho Upliolstarcr,
- , " IlemodeU. re-oover and ra
BliACKSMITHING. ' ntiholturtd nirnlturo. FiiaU
. iiia
claM work. Chmtekeia ictrctt.
Bute Insarancs block
Bates, $2.50 to $5.00 per Iky
ThBbot hotel between Portias!' a4tlSM
KrancUoo. Flrtt-claM In all It appolatmeeto.
Its tables aro served wita the
Choicest JTruita
Grown In tho Wl)lameUo'Vauey.
A. I. WAGN& Prop.
A BAIIOAIN lOo acre with ImprbverrlenU
over half under cultivation, rout, pavtuxe and
come good timber. Terms jvery eaay, Ad
diem O. U TjiABH,
Q-37-lm-dr vy'hcailaoil.Or.
rnoPKss.ioN'Ai. and -nnBiNEsa cards.
I', n. D'Aitov, aco. a. binohak.
TVAnoY A I1INUHAM, Atiorney at Law.
J Ilooms 1, 3 and 8. D'Arcy Hullding. Hi
Suite street. Special attention glvoa to bual
iieaa in the supreme and circuit court or the
state. V
R1M1013K. Attorntyat law, Palem, Or.
, Kon. Ofllcei.74 0ommerolat street.
rnlLMON KOIID, Attorney at law. Balem,
X Oregon, Otuce tipalalra InJ'attop blook.
HJ. IliaaKlt, Attorney ntlawalwn,Or
. gon. Ofllce over Huh bank.
. Attorney a at law. Offlre over capital
utlonal bank, Halem, Orrgoru,
JOHN A. OAU30N, Attorney at law, room
a and i, lluah bank, buUaing, miou.Or,
11. r-. HONUAM. W. II. HOLM KM.
BON HAM & HOLMES. Attorney at. law.
OlUcelnUuah block, betweea State and
umrt, on Commercial Btreet. ,
Htenoa-ranher and Tip-
wrlteat Heat equipped typewriting of-
ca but one In
Oregon, over tatr imuk,
Halem, Oregon,
QTKLLA HHKUMAN.-iTypewrltln and
O commercial ileuography, room 11, Qray
block. i'lraKlfl work. Hate ruuMBab.
T-lt A. O AVld.Latol'iMt Graduate of Nw
XJ York, give ipt-ctal atieutioa to tha du
tuaci of womeu and chlldrear noiw, throat,
lunga, kidney, akin dlwaata and iturgary.
OOlM at realdonce. lol State atreet. OonauiUf
tloufromWtota.'ta. and a to 5 p, m. 7-1
ii i " 1 1 1 t ' i "
unice 8lorommenial treet4n KldrldabMk.
Uretitence tJo Commercial trt.
O. IIIIOWNB, M. D.. l'hyicJBaadtMir.
i gvun. lijncv, jHur.v ., 4 , b.m.
, i oiiuntrcuti airwiu
IUT O HMirH, DeaUs.t. tt8 8te. UMt
Salem, urcnon. rmnaea aww uwia.
on of every CeuiripUaa. iWMM nfa
Hop a apeolal
O.l'UUll, Arcliltact, plan, tfwotOea.
lion and upertuUndrar ler'wl
a ol building, yaw -jm MtVMrwi
P, J. LAmW Qp.,
Manufacturer of Ntow Otft
J-lagee, ete
KrulrlnK u Bpolalty. , .
I A.O.U. W-
r Meet In thir ball 4a WaUli
balldlag, evvry WdawjryjtJa:.
. i
-r jk ' ft , ,

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