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Why pay 91.86 to $8 BO a
month for Dally Papor
when you can got tho Daily
Journal by Mall for SB eta.
a Month?
SB etc. a aaeatk by Matt
Prepaid la Attvaaee
No2 Papers Boat Wka
TlmoJU Out.
IjAxl JL -olJLj
i.W" 'I.
VOL. 6.
NO, 103.
i.mb.Ml J.li.
Is run on a well established plan of business. Buying for cash
uuau umy, inej enanxe tne customer to get ms goous at tne very ioweBt retau prices. jut
profits are small, which has resulted in giving us an exceptionally large trade. If we sell you
for $2.10 a fine dongola shoe that usually retails for $2.50, we have saved you 40c. with which
other articles may be purchased. If for 5c you can buy a paper of the best brass pins usually
sold at 10c, and all other articles in the same proportion, you can easily see that it will be
greatly to your advantage totrlide with Us. We can save you money on boots, shoes, hats,
shirts, window blinds, table linens, towels, laces, embroideries, ribbons, pants, overalls, hosiery,
underwear, and notions.'
Give Us j Call,.
E. T. BARNES, State Ins. Block.
General Insurance Agency.
Representing the follewing: well
8TATE INSURANCE CO., tna Insurance Co.,
Traders' Insurance Co., ' Bun Insurance Co..
National Insurance Co., Westchester Klre Ins. Co.,
Lion Klre Insurance Co., Imperial Klre Insurance Co.,
London & Lancashire Fire Ina.Boc., London Assurance Corporation,
Alliance Assurance Oo . Norwich Union Klre Ins.Soo.
Oldest and Leading Firm In the Oily Devoted Exclusively to Insurance,
Recovers and repairs upholstered furniture. Long Experience in tho trade
enables me to turn out first-class work. Samples of coverings. No trouble to
Rive estimates. State Insurance block, Chemeketa street.
Ed. C.
Lamoureux's Stables,
At the Commercial street bridge near Willamette Hotel. Now stock and ve
hicles belug added constantly. Only the best sendee rendered. No shabby
rigs nor poor borate. H. L. LAMOUREUX, Proprietor.
West Printing
303 Commercial Bt
Fron Terminal orkttrier touts' tkV
Is the line to take
To all Points East and South.
It Is the dining ear ronte. ltruns throuab
vestibule trains; every day in the year to
(No change of cars.)
Composed of dining cars unsurpassed? "
Pullman drmrlnr room sleepers
Of latest eqnlpmeat
Sleeping Cars.
Best that oan be constructed and In which
uoeommodatleB are -both tree and fur
nished (or holders or first and second-das
AcoaUnnocs Uaa senna sting- with all
tinea. aSordlat dlraet and uninterrupted
fullman tilt r T'lonscan be so
eared in asVrsrre Ujv ... any afent of
the road.
. Throucta tickets to and from all points
In America, KBflaad and Kurope can be
purchased at any Uekrtoaioe of this com
pany. ITull IsSormaUoa eoscerntsc rates, time
or UlB(rotes and other detail rumUhed
on apelleatioa to any actnt or
Northeni Pacific Railroad
- known and reliable Companies;
Wholesale and Retail
Dealer in Fresh, Salt sod
Smoked Meats of allKlnds
98 Court and
110 State Streets.
Spraying Oiitfits,
State Street.
Boek: andJob
Reasonable Prices.
The Yaquina Route.
ft I
And Oregon novelopment company V steam,
ship line. 235 miles snorter, 20 hours leas
time than by any other route, First class
through passenger and. freight line- from
Portland and an iolnU in the Willamette
valley to and from Kan Krancisoo.
TIME SOBEDUUS, (Except Sunday.)
Lt Abany!.-00 pmlLv OorvaUls !: p m
Ar Yaqnlnafc!0 p u I Lv Yaquina &5 a m
L.v Carvallla. 1035 am Ar Albany 11:10a m
O. CL trains oonnect at Albany and Oor
vallUt. The above trains conuect at Yaquina with
the Oregon Development Co.'s line ofsteans
rsoftween Yaquina. nnd Ban Francisco.
N.B. PaMencers from Portland and all
Willamette valley points can make close eon
section with Urn trains of the Yaquina Konte
at Albany or OorvtUlU and If destined to Han
Kraaetoep, aboaMrrati to arrive at Yaquina
the eveolB beJbre date of aalllng.
Paasenaer and rrrtaht Kate always the
lS?V.to5.AS'0HB,M "PPl7 o Messrs.
HJ,LJJS(-relBt and Tteket AgenU
S80 pdM KroMt street, Portland, Or or
a O. KUQDK, Atft Wen'l Ft. k Paea. AgtH
Or. PaekoK.K.Oo.OorvaUU. Or.
C. H. HASWilUV Jr., 0n'l rrelgbt asd
Pass. Agt, Ore. Uevelopaaeat Co..
aw Montgomery Ht
Meat Market.
Km and Balt eaU of Uu b( gBlf.
Poultry and stock. Free delivery." Tt'
from headquarters; selling for
The Effect of a Itefusal on a Pin de Steele
Young Man.
Dashaway And is there no hope?
Miss Summit I am sorry to say it,
Mr. Dashaway, but there is none.
Dashaway Maude, you do not know
what you say. I am no ordinary man.
Love to me is not a passing fancy, the
idle amusement of a summor hour. Bo
side this rroat undying passion of mine
what is death? Nothing, I say abolute
iy 'nothing. You cannot know what it
means for a man like mo to love. It
came to me, not suddenly, but slowly,
until it filled every crevice of my being,
and now this great passionate yearning
tor you must have its answer. I will win
you yet. I will be patient You do not
know me, Maude. I am a desperate
man. I can wait. I do not ask you to
love me yet.
Miss Summit Mr. Dashaway George
r I am so sorry. I know it must be just
nwful for you, but what can I -say? Don't
you know that my heart belongs already
to another?
Dashaway To anotherl (Burying his
face in his hands.) I did not dream of
this. Then, indeed, there is no hope.
But (proudly) do not think that I will
kill myself. Not I am far too much of
man for that. I shall go to Africa. I
will yet show tho world that I am not a
coward. I will plunge into jungles. I
will court deadly disease, for death now
is robbed of all its terrors for me. But
one thing you cannot deprive mo of. No
one can take from me the memory of my
lore for you. That will ever remain. Its
chastening influence shall over surround
me. You may never ace ms again.
Think of mo safnetimes as one who loved
yon, not wisely, bnt too welL I go.
Farewell. (Bushes madly out.)
Cleverton (the next day at the club
I see Von Blumer's engagement ia an
Dashaway To whom?
Cleverton Maude Summit.
Dashaway That girlt Well, she'a a
nice little thing. I used to bo in love
with her myself. Lifo.
THey All Agreed.
Station Master Yon shouldn't smoke,
Traveler That is, what my friends
Station Master But you mustn't
smoke, sir.
Traveler So my doctor tells me.
Station Master But you shan't smoke,
Traveler Ahl that is just what my
wife tolls me. Tit-Bits.
Mrs. Wafllos Willie, what wero you
making all that noiso in the next room
Willie Bessie and I were playing man
and wifo.
Mrs. Waffles But did I hear you using
some very naughty words?
Willie I guess you did. Sho said she
wanted some now clothes. Cloak Re
view. President Cleveland baa directed As
sistant Secretary Birna to Inform Rob
ertP. Porter tbat bis resignation as
superintendent of tbe oensua Is accepted,
to take effect July Alt, and In tbe
meantime be Is granted leave of absence
from July 16tb.
Deutscher Advocat.
Admitted to practice In all the courts,
Bpeelal attention given to German speak
ing people and bnslneu at tbe county and
slate asset. K. HOCKK, Notary Public
Vi partnership heretofore ezUtlog between
U. W. Hawks and v.O. Lmii U tbls day die
solved by mutual content if.a IT.r 'X1
lirffomllKlrra. CL W. Vawfcs will 0QUC4
alfblUa dae and par oat atcasYls- afoopiiu
apalaettfcalm. dwU
Of the Late Failed Planking
ton Bank.
Rakiag tke Ruins f the
Storage Warehouse.
A Big Capitalist JBoliered to bo in
Mora Failures ireortad and Amnnnan I
becuritiea Weak.
Bankers Indicted.
Milwaukee, July 112. The grand
jury Indicted all ofQcera aud directors
of tbe Planklngton bank for transac
tions leading to tbe failure of tbat In
stitution. THK FinBTKAP.
Search (u tbe rulna of tbe Cold Stor
age warehouse at tbe Worlda Fair for
moro bodies continues. It probably will
not be completed before tho end of tbe
week. Tbe meata and vegetables in
tbo warehouses are already beginning
to taint and the odor is becoming
extremely disagreeable and the men
dnd It difficult to work steadily at tbe
ruins. It Is now believed tbat Blen
buber, a Capitalist of Marquette, Mich,
is among the victims of tbe Are trap.
Louis J. Frank, a fireman who jumped
from tbe tower, died this.. morning.
New York Markets Feverish.
New Yoiik, July 12. Blocks opened
with enormous business and weak with
losecea of 1 and 2 per cent. The mar
ket is flooded with unfavorable rumors.
When found the rumors could not be
verified, a more hopeful feeling-developed
and a sharp rally ensued. At
noon money ou call Is stringent at 10
and 20. After all stocks weakened
again. At noon market feverish.
One of tbe chief items of contribution
to excitement and weakness was tbe
fact a well known trader was forced to
throw over some 40,000 shares f high
prloed Vauderbilta and the bears took
advantage of tbe fact to pound tbe mar
ket. Tbe general opinion Is there Is
nothing In situation to warrant yester
day's and today's breaks. On tbe con-
trary among banks and in flnanciol
clro'esa better state of aflalr is reported.
BpniNdFiELD, Mo., July 12. The
Bank of Commerce failed. Last state
ment showed assets of (250,000; surplus
$10,000; deposits $170,000.
.Garnett, Kansas, July 12. Tbe
Bank of Garnett, one of tbe leading In.
atltutlons in Andeon county, failed.
No statement. Bank held $13,000
county funds. It Is believed to be able
to pay In full.
World's Fair News.
Chicago, July 12. A viking ship
arrived at tbe fair grounds today, meet
ing with appropriate welcome.
Tbe bandsomo Boutb Dakota build
ing at tbe world's fair was dedicated
IS l 11 I I HISS
Ohicage Kews.
CnicAao, July 12. Charles W.
Barnes, stationer and bookseller, made
assignment tbls morning. Assets f 177,
000; liabilities (113.000.
LondoB Flat.
London July 12. Stocks are flat.
There Is considerable excitement.
Americap railroad securities declined
(S5 per cent,
Tbe failure of Frank Boyer Is re
ported. At tbe close of the market it
is unsettled. It Is feared other brokers
will fail tomorrow. American railroad
sscoritiss are exceedingly deprnsssd.
War In Samoa.
Sydney, N. S. V., July 12. Advloes
from Samoa iedlcate tbat war is Immi
nent between tbo Malietoa and Mataa
fa faotlons. A British warship has
boon ordered te join tbe German and
American vessels to protect foreigners.
The Irish Question.
London, July 12. The house of com
mons in committee of tbe whole con
tinued tbe discussion of clause 0 of tho
home rule bill. This clause concerns
the question of Irish representation at
Westminster. Henry Beton-Karr,cou-servativo,,
moved tbat Irish members
of the Irish parliament bo elected for
tbo same constltutencles which would
elect the Irish legislative council. Un
der this amendment the Irish members
in tbe bouse of commons would num
ber forty-eight, Instead of eighty as pro
posed by the bill.
Wm. Broderlck, conservative, for
Guildford dlvison of Burrey, agreed
with BIr Richard. He aald Irish were
both impecunious and garrulous and
therein lay two reasons for reducing
their representation in the bouse to tho
minimum. Thomas Bexton, anti-Par-nelllte
for North Kerryt Interrupted
Broderlck to say that such language
was grossly impertinent and ought not
to be. tolerated in tbe house. The
chairman told Bexton tbat he wa.a out
of order and must withdraw his ex
pressions concerning Broderlok's
spoech. Bexton expressed a willingness
to obey tbo chairman in case Broderlok
should first express regret.
For two or three minutes tbo house
was in an uproar. Gladstone spoke a
few words in favor of' tbe chairman's
decision! but added tbat tbe person
striking tbe first blow ought to make
tbo first overtures for reconciliation.
Balfonr. leader of the unionists, said
tbat acting under his advice his honor
able friend (Broderlok), refused to apol
ogize. Tbe chairman turned appeal
Ingly to Bexton. "I'm willing to do
anything consistent with my duty to
please the prime minister," Box ton
said, "but considering tho gravity of
tbo. insult oflercd to ray countrymen I
have decided not to mako an apology.
I submit myself to the judgment of the
Loud cheers greeted tbls statement.
Tbe chairman hesitated and finally or
dered Bexton to withdraw. Sexton
shouted, back, "auoh a course- Is-unprecedented.
Why aln Inot named and
my conduct submitted to tbe house?',
Karr's amendant was rejected.
London, July 12. In response to an
Inquiry in tho house of commons G. E.
Russell, parliamentary secretary of tbe
Indian office, stated tbo object of tbe
sllyer legislation in India was not to
fix tbe value of tbe rupee at 10 penoo or
any other amount, but to prevents
future fall in price. He added be bad
not yet fixed the ratio of value between
tho rupee and soyerign.
Union, Or., has had a copious rain.
Civil service examinations at tho Sa
lem postofllce, Saturday, Aug. fitb.
The silver leaguo convention Is in
session at Denver.
Township ten south range five east
In Bantiam district Linn county, has
been opened for settlement
The purpose of recent action on sil
ver in India, was to prevent further de
cline Mrs. Stanford gave ten thousand to
tbe Ban Francisco midwinter fair.
Corbett and Jackson have signed to
fight next Juno for ten thousand dol
lars. Gold to tbe amount of (335,000 was
shipped from London for New York
Governor Markbam arrived last night
nt'JPrUco. He would not state who
would succeed tbe late Senator Stan
ford, nor when be Intended to make
the appointment.
Silver Is advanclDg. There was but
one response to the counter proposition
of the government at Washington to
the silver brokers, and tbat was limited
to an offer of 100,000 ounces at 71Jo.
This came from New York by tele
graph. It was promptly accepted. To
day another effort will be made to se
cure more sliver, and as tbe price ia
London Is up id to 83jd, maybe tbe de
partment will have to pay more than
71 Jo, if it decides to buy at all. It Is
stated (be purpose of tbe acting direct
or of tbe mint just now la to secu
steady qotatlons rather tbaa to affect
tbe market one way or another, and
when tbe quotations become steadier it
is probable the purchases of silver will
be resumed In largur amounts.
Highest of all in Leavening Power. Latest tJ. S Gov't Heport
Kills a Brother of
Sawdust, Ring.
Opium Smuggling Iudicmenta
Fourid at Portland.
Chicago, July 12. William Kohoo.a
well known heavy weight pugilist from
California,, is taken to detention houpl
tal, violently insane. Before beiug
taken in custody hemndo n violent at
tack on his room mate, Carl Edelmuth,
another western pugilist. They arrived
hero about a week ago, from Portland,
Oregon, and wero trying to arrange for
a fight before tbo Columbian Athletio
club, at Roboy, Edelmuth Is in a dan
gerous condition.
Smuggling Opium.
Portland, July 12. An additional
libel was filed upon steamer Haytian
Republlo today by federal authorities.
The indiotment contains flvo counts ,all
referring to smuggling of opium. In
July 1802 the ptcamer la acousod of
smuggling in four hundred pounds.
In August eight hundred, In Septem
ber fourteen 'hundred, in January, 1803,
ten hUtidrod, and In February nine
hundred, making a total of forty flvo
hundred pounds since July 1802,
Prohibition Thrown.
TorKKA Kb., July, 12. In a Letter
to A. J. Richard, of Fort Bcott, Attor
ney General Little, intimates the State
administration has thrown prohibition
Civil Service Examination,
Tbe regular seml-anual postal exam
ination for tbe Salem offico will be
held Saturday, Aug. 6, 1803. Pereous
desiring to take this examination will
please apply at once to tho secretary of
the board at tbe postofllce,
No applications will be received after
;bo close of business on Monday, July
17, 1803.
Tho civil service commission takes
this opportunity of stating that the ex;
amlnatlons are open to all reputable
citizens who may deslro to enter tho
tho postal service, without regard to
their political affiliations. All such
citizens whether democrats or republic
ans, or neither, are Invited to apply.
They shall be examined, graded, and
certified with entire Impartiality and
wholly without regard to their pol
itical views, or to any consideration
save their efficiency, as shown by tbe
grades tbey obtain In tbe examination.
For application blanks, full Instruc
tions, and Information relative to tbe
duties and salaries of the dlflorent po
sitions apply at tbe postofllce to tbe
secretary of the board.
Boott BozortTir,
Beoy. Board of Examiners.
In all derangements of tho II vor a euro
Is certain if you take Simmons Liver
In bulk, all good shipping varieties
of cherries in tbe Willamette valley.
Oregon Fruit & Produce Co,, Balem,
6-18 dw
Simmons Liver Regulator is la
valuable la tbe nursery. It is a gentle
laxative, ana Harmless.
Bak Francisco,
Decmber (1,81.
Chicaoo, July 12.
July 12,-Wbeat
-Wheat C5J;8ep-
PoKTLAhD, July 12.1 Wheat valley,
(1.107JI1.10, Wall-Walla (1 00
TUTT'S PILLS la use 80 years.
To prevent fevers, keep the llverac
tlve eiid bowel regular with BimtBous
Liver Regulator.
Governor Ponnoyer was seen at the
depot as he left for Portland this after
noon. Ho was asked If he was urging
tbe nomination of Judge R. P. Boise,
of Salem, for his successor.
, "I am not suggesting anyone," said
the governor. "We have in Oregon
three distinct party organizations aud
three stnto tickets will be nominated
next spring. If this coming session of
congress falls to do anything for free
sliver, tbe Populists will sweep this
state by Ave thousand plurality. In
that case Boise for governor and Pierce
for secretary of stute, will bo a winning,
"How about Boise on the Republican
ticket ?' was asked.
"He nor anyone else could be elected
under tho conditions I have stated."
Tho governor admitted that ho was be
ing criticised a good deal in certain Po
pulist papors tbat were run for personal
purposes and wero doing all In their
power to divide tbe ranks of that party.
At this point he stood off a delegation
of horticulturists who wanted him to
address their convention, saying he was
not making speeches not submitting to
Treasurer Shipley is Lying at the
Point of Death.
Representative Beutly of Corvallis
was in tboclty today enroute for Spo
kano Falls an legal business. He said
to a .writer that matters at the O. 8. A.
college wero proceeding nicely. Tho
new building was golug up at once.
Contraot Is not let yet. Eckertof
Corvallis will probably get It, as two
bidders before him have not material
ized. The treasurer of tbe. Board of
Regents,;Hon, A. R. Bbipley Is lying at
the pol n t of deat h. He Is u nable to sign
warrants or resign. He. will not ap
point anyone to aot for him, The
board could declare a vacancy
which really exists and same hie suc
cessor, and that will probably be doua
SALEif, Jply 12.
Mary A. Ramp vs. Marlon county,
appeal from Marlon county; argued and
submitted, Bonham & Holmes attys.
for app.; James McCain and D'Aroy &
Bingham for reap.
Alexandor Esson vs, Valller Wattlers
appeal from Marlon couutyiargued and
submitted. Bonham & Holmes attv.
for app.; Geo. H. Williams atty. for
Judge Burnett has been sitting at
chambers In tbe county courtroom to
day. His Honor looked a little ugly.
Tho fruit growers had taken charge of
his temple of Justice up-stalrs and virt
ually turned him out. A Yamhill
county warehouse occupied hb time
all tbe forenoon. District Attorney
McCain Is In attendance, and also' has
some cases In the supreme court.
If you want a desirable residence lot
in Capital Park; don't buy until you
have seen Levi Magee's bargain. Ad
dress. Salem P. O. 7-8 2 w
Said the
to himself, "If the
moon I could get.
whenever I'm dry
my throat I could
r Ttumnnii I a
,-., nOTH..-. , . -
quarts witn a qvar
itr I lMar; yow eaa
purchase five gal
' kxwof
Root Beer.H
:i ii
AmMM ejaaaLBSaal fjflbAaJ tf ejaMBBaBst g SU4
srSss 4" 'tP' m esPsi ipSBBsej !,
M vissse i
JsssssssssssssT jtsflHE
TAfff aHay MsfaSi sssf VsM
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