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Capita! Journal Publishing Company,
ItortOfflMliUx Com .uerelal Street.
HOFER BROTHERS, - - - Editor.
Dalty, by carrier, per moolb
Dally, br mall, per jeer,
Wee I, pee, per year,
Tbe Orejjonlan and other authorities,
who are seeking to force onr fl nance
system to a deal level gold coin baela,
making all public and private debts
sud latereet payable in gold and noth
ing but gold, forget that It la very
doubtful If there is gold enough in tbe
world for that purpose. Certainly
there In not outside of 'be United
Bute, Eugland and Germany. Leav
iog out of tbe controversy tbd fact that
tbe great bulk of business la done with
bank checks, paper and silver money,
even In tbe gold standard con u tries, I'
ll wise to force all business to a gold
basis as a measure of value ?
Tbe flat element in silver and paper
bave been a valuable accessory in
swelling tbe volume orcurrency. Then
Is no more reasou for treating our silver
coinage as a commodity than there if
In treating Bank of England notes a
waste paper to be sold at a penny u
pound. Yet it is a well known fact
that Bank of England notes are not
Issued pound for pound ou a gold basis.
There may be defects in the laws of our
country that need to be remedied, but
tbe elimination of tbe government flat
would throw tbe world back into tbe
barbarous methods of barter, when a
few fortunate owners of gold would
bold all the rest of tbe world in bond
age and Hz tbe value of tbe labor and
Modern methods and Investment of
great sums of capital In silver mining,
wltb inventions for refining bave un
doubtedly cheapened that metal and It
Is proper to Hz a new coinage ratio.
That should be done and then our cur
rency should be established for a period
of yean ou a secure basis, the govern
ment to Issue Its notes directly to the
people. But there is no room for a re
turn to the age of barter, and no money
in circulation but the annually dimin
ishing volume of gold, and all tbe
sby locks In the world snatching for
that and constantly increasing Its pur
chasing power. As Mrs. Lease puts it,
there is not gold enough Id the country
to All the women's teeth, to say noth
ing of there being enough for tbe busi
ness necessities of tbe people of tbe
10th century.
Tbe battleship Monterey coating sov
eral mllllous is to bo moored at Port
land Friday to remain there an indefin
ite length of time until ordered else
where by the government.
Tbts heavy-plated steel-artnorod war
ship Is to bo exhibited as an Inspiring
object lesson of the United mates uavy.
It will cost ten cents to visit this terri
ble engine of destruction that could
bombard Portlaud out of existence In
an hour.
What beueflt can result from this
vessel lying ut anchor in the Willamette
river, 110 miles Inland, no oue knows.
The presence of a tnati-of-wur these
bard times with Its crow of four hun
dred men in Idleuefts, fed by the pro
ducers and taxpayers, Is not e. refresh
ing one contemplate. The Monterey
need not tarry to suit Oregon.
" F m r W "Fn W t r
!The Question!
Il a simple one easily
decided by reason sod
commoa sense.
tbe new scientifically
prepared shortening Is
Bade from pore beef suet,
and highly refined vegeta
ble oil. Lard U nude, la
the majority of catcs, In
the packing-house, and
not u of old, from the pare
leaf of the hog. Which is
Hkely to be the most
healthful? Decldo for
yoartelf. It mutt be
Send dine cents la Htmpt to W.
K. Falrbank & Co., Chicago, for
luadtome OxtoUa Cook llook,
containing tit hundred rccipet,
prtparcd by clot tnlatat autoo
riilct en cooking.
Coitl it oll ty all crocut,
KtAue all lubiiUuMa.
J14ty kr
ST. LOUIS bhs)
Tt tl LAnn
iiunTinTiiiiii 111 iiiu ii'jiiui
UTuuuDia ID LUU uimu
enromna lie ea"J"Ii ,711 Z l
. . j .
the, constipation b riles,
MS Pill:
ftaeftVA tiaAm flMODIe
peerflly unit arently nttoedlireetljsi
orim, e-lvlns; them tons and vifrorto
Sold .Everywhere.
Office, 140 to 141 Wsshlngtoa St., H. Ie
A milk trust taxes tbe motherless
newborn babe; a leather trust exacts
dlvld- ids off Its tiny shoes; tbe rubber
trust eviee upon tbe nipple to Its nurs
ing bottle; a book trust reaps Its un
hallowed profit off every text book
used lo our common schools and col
leges; every dropof medicine prescribed
for the sick Is taxed by a trust; even
tbe tiour we eat Is passed through tbe
milling trust on tbe way from tbe farm
to tbe table. You may bo fortunate or
sagacious or uncivllzed enough lo escape
all these, but a coflln trust will catch
you when you die.
New Secretary and Finance Agent
Address of Dean Hansee.
Rev. J. H. Boork baa been appointed
by the board of trustees, secretary and
llnaucial manager of Willamette uni
versity. He Is devoting all his time in
promoting tbe welfare of that institu
tion and asks the hearty co-operation
of all friends of tbe institution. The
next few months well put in by ail
who wish to see tbe oldest Methodist
college on the coast prosper, will in
sure its financial success for next year.
Tbe best aid that can be given it is to
get as large a list of students enrolled
as possible. Home means is required to
take a course and yet not as much as
will be spent if students are sent else
Following is the report of Professor
Mattle L. Huusee, dean of the Wom
an's college of Willamette university:
The year of 18923, in the history of
the Woman's college, bos been of much
Interest and attended with some very
satisfactory results. The number of
boarders from the beginning to the
close of the year, for a different length
of time, has been thirty.
Of the different denominations rep
resented are Methodist, Baptist, Pres
byterian, Episcopalian, and Congrega
tional. Tbe college has been remem
bered in material tbiugs by tbe gift of
ten boxes of apples, by the president
of the board of trustees, Gen. W. H.
Odell. A lady, whose name was not
given, sent by Rev. W. T. Chapman a
silver cake basket.
The health of the occupants of the
college has been remarkably good.
There has been no case of protracted
sickness and any attack of indisposition
has been of merely temporary duration.
My own health has been greutly im
proved. For a time my strength was
reduced from the work of former years,
but at present It is almost fully n stored.
Tho duties of the College are of such
a nature that constant aud faithful at
teutlouU required iu dlscharulngthem,
a uumeratlou of some, claiming most
ly time and attention will illustrate the
nature and Importance of this depart
ment of educational eflort. Responsive
Itiblo reading, followed by tho Lords
Prayer, la conducted every morning Im
uiHllutely after breakfast U served, the
University study hours are from 0 to
12, and 1:30 to 3, Is observed by those
whoureuot occupied with recitation
part of that time. After lunch In the
evening, wo ussemble again lu the study
hall for evening worship, the form of
devoiiou Is varied, sometimes texts of
Scripture are repeated, or a selection is
read from the Bible, a favorite mode
has been for each oue to tako a chapter
from tho Bible, of her own choice, the
first evening, tbe first verse is repealed
tbe following evening, tbe 11 ret and se
cond verses, tbe uext evening, the first,
becoud and third, thus continuing until
each one learns and repeats tbe eutlru
chapter, by tlm method, different chap
ters form a part of the same devotional
exercises. This Is sometimes substitu
ted by Blnglug, followed by voluntary
prayer, and occassloually tho young
ladles particulate by otlerlng prayer al
so It Is an Important duty to.se that dur
ng study hours In tbe evening from 7
till 0, that each student is observing
them in her own place. At 0;30 all are
to bo lu their owu rooms, and not to
leave them for tho night unless allowed
to do so. Our etiquette club holds a sea
slonoooea wtek, its purpose Is to glvo
all the students at the college Instruc
tion aud practice lu the forms of cut
tured Chrlstluu society, much care U
exercised to have perfect manners at
the table, table tiuuuers betokeu tho
lady nud the Kutleman, correct de
meanor Is taught and cultivated, for
association in dally duties, ou theBtreet
aa also fur tbe drawing room aud Parlor,
Iu addition to this stated requirement!
suggestion us to correct ut unero sud
speech, arofreqeutly given by the dean,
wheu all are tajatnbled lu the evenlug.
Tae atmosphere ofthu college Is char-1
I acterlxed by elevated and noble Chris-
tlau life, and by.tbe observance of
methods- coutrJIIrig tbe home of every
at m il . II
Y(e,V"VT T n,?0WK"
,1 UnlrlMt.pWA.rit and ortLcmtuX manner.
. ,-. -. . -., n?gnn, flppnrTniir rriinoni n niguai Jru,u
beauty and richness of tone arid speech, any on, to clap their hands and contln
a consideration for the highest good of tied thLi domonttratlon for several m'o
every one; and to be Irreproachable merits. Upon- the teacher's asking for
and fautlei In every-particular of do- an explanation of their strange conduct,
m.annr Tlio hmanni f nvnnn la
ftv a we w arsjv wv m mm w w u w a v
priceless in the home, and an Inspira
tion in any circle of society. The
mind baa a reflex action on tbe body.
and tbe ultimate aim of thl instruction
is to aive conviction of tbe truth that
every llfo successful In an eminent de-
gree, must bo directed by a well regu
lated mind and Incited by the prompt
ings of a right heart. Each student at
tbe college must secure permission to
leave tbe campus. Tbe names of those
who call to see them are announced to
tbe dean; any departure from regular
routine must come under" ber spe
cial direction. Tbe necessity of such
close supervision is apparent even to a
superficial observer. Those who send
their daughters here, do this for tbe
purpose of securing their improvement,
and this is to be acquired under tbe
safest protection. It is rightfully their
expectation that at any time, day or
nigbt, If inquiry should be made as to
where tbe young ladies are who have
been sent here, for the purpose of secur
ing superior-advantages under careful
training, In what way they are occu
pied. This inquiry could, be promptly
answered by the dean, when they leave
to return to their bomes; they should
have a steady, fixed high purpose to
appear and to be as well equipped, as
those from any other institution In our
land. Tbey should bave the desire to
learn as much as possible, aodnot to be
satisfied wltb as little as tbey can es
cape with. They should be better in
formed, show much more of elegance
and culture than when they entered
the institution. Parents then have rea
son to be satisfied wltb the time and
money expended, and to be loud lngiv
Ine genuine praise of this institution of
their choice.
A Great Convenience.
World's fair visitors travelling via
tbe Northern Pacific R. R. and Wis
consin Central line, are landed at the
Grand Central station iu Chicago.
This magnificent fire proof building,
located in tbe heart of tbe city has
been fitted up as a hotel, run on the
European plan, with about 200 rooms
handsomely furnished and each room
l supplied with hot and cold water,
electric lights, etc
The charges for accommodations are
reasonable and parties can secure rooms
In advance by calling upon agents of
the Northern Pacific R. R.
By taking the Northern Pacific
through car line to Chicago, visitors
will avoid tbe discomfort of all transfer
in that city and can also travel between
the Grand Central station and world's
fairgrounds by trains which run di
rect between tbe two points.
7 13d 2tw&wlmo
Tbe Union Pacific now leads with re
duced rates to eastern points, and their
ihrougb car arrangements, magnific
ently equipped Pullman and Tourist
deepens, free reclining chair car and
fast time, make it tbe best time to trav
el. Two trains leave from Portland
dally at 8:45 a. m. and 7:30 p. m. The
rates are now within reach of all, aud
everybody should take advantage of
ihem to visit tbe world's fair and their
friends in the east Bend for rules and
Kchedules of trains, aud do not purcliaw
tickets until after eonotiltlng Boise &
Barker, agents, Salem, Or.
W. H. Hurlburt,
Asa't Gen'l Rss. Aireut, U. P.,
Portland, Or.
what a comfort it is to
have ready at hand a
remedy that never fails
to relievo Constipation,
and that, without pain or
discomfort; and almost
immediately cures head
aches, and dispels every
symptom of Dyspepsia.
Such a remedy is found
in Simmons Liver Regu
lator not a sweetened
compound to nauseate, or
an intoxicating beverage
to cultivato an alcoholic
appetite, but a medtcino
pleasant to the taste, and
perfoctly harmless when
given to tho smallest
child. , L. B, nover
disappointa. It possesses t
tho virtues ana perfeo
tions of a reliable remedy
of the kind endorsed by
eminent physicians.
" It atrbrdt mo pleasure to add my" teatl
mouy to thoas you reoelva annually In
rcferenc to your valuable medicine, I
eonildar Hlmmona LJver Regulator Ihi
beat family medleJna on tbe market. 1
bare prescribed It with excellent results."
-W. i IVAJUC, M, P., Tracjr City, Tana,
UM UC Xtchimo rrusa tun by uUUM
LrZmT aftyrm. TV font tad BUMS,
Ynji MURrnwa or yttoratramro rixSl
vfciolt Mtk diraatly a
ag M .ii.i ttm m wmw. .i
rtUCO eiMll. lr.Mak.e,l
Bold by BtuLett A VanBlypc
CWIiVm CUrt V1 u.
'imawwia i vetmon prow
" "?"Hn? wMwhtah took
UlftUJU 111 Is, lib. tlUIlURUIII m.uuvi
"At about 11 o'clock the children all
......,...... ., i
10 VOS tOld that ttlPT Mil It Oecans
Altny was hanged. The teacher then
garo thorn a little talk on the awful
crime for which Alwy had mads atone-ment-nrrd
drew tho leon from tho story
Uiit Is so obviods to all."
It is incredible, bat true that this il-
lustration of the low average of our cir
ilization should bo set down in cold print
as "rather smniinj." It Is sufficiently
terriblo that children should bo permit
ted by their parents to know all the hor
rors of nn execution, but tho teacher
"gave a Httlo talk on tho crime.' Why
not something to divert those morbid lit
tle minds from tho contemplation of
crime? Better a wholesome fairy story
or a recess for a game of tog. Instead
the greed'Of personal notoriety was fed,
and the training in vice went on by the
appearance of tho incident in print next
The wretched little prigs who clapped
their hands because sin bad met with
punishment will grow up Into the sort
of men and women capahlo of asking to
have tho United States troops called out
to keep the fair gates closed on a Sun
day. Truly, the spirit that burned Ser
vetus is hard to kill, and the crude prim
itive instinct of eliughtcr dies hard in
the children of Adam, who are not
taught and tanght and taught again
that nothing light puts out darkness,
and nothing bnt practice of the one "new
commandment" will ever make the
world begin to-keep those 10 old ones of
Moses. Boston Transcript.
She May Be Runnlnc; Yet.
Manifestations of fear are various," and
there is evidently ono woman In New
York who believes that sho who runs
away may livo to see another runaway.
A runaway team came tearing down
Broadway at a terrifio rate tho other
day. At Thirty-third street tte horses
decided to turn toward Fifth avenue, and
as the only thing which could have
stopped them the big apartment house
at that corner did not get in their way,
around the corner they went liken flash,
and then they "streaked it" for the East
In tho crowd thereabout was a woman
who puts not her trust in runaway
horses. When sho saw the plunging,
galloping team turn to the east she
turned to the west. Gathering her skirts
In her hands sho made across Sixth av
enue at a fairly, good trot.
Reaching the pavement she looked over
her shoulder, and seeing that the horses
were undoubtedly going in the opposite
direction she increased her speed to a
sharp canter.
Another backward glance soon showed
her own and tho exertions of the horses
were putting a safe distance between her
and danger, they having gone a block
from the corner in one direction while
she went 60 yards in the other direction,
so she was encouraged to get into a live
ly gallop.
This, together with the speed of tho
flying animals, was so successful in
stretching space between her and them
that sho settled down for a long, Bwift
run. Nobody in tho neighborhood
stopped tho horses. Nobody stopped
Perhaps she is running yet New
York Tribune.
Dearth of Popular Bonca.
There seems to bo a dearth of songs
that appeal to the popular ear this sea
son. Whether tho music of new comic
operas is less "catchy" and tho variety
stage tunes less tuneful than of old, or
whether there bo some other cause, it is
certain that this year has furnished no
successor to tho list that may be said to
begin with "Shoo Fly" and takes in
"Whoa, Emma," "Sweet Violets,"
"Whito Wings," "McGlnty," "Annie
Itooney," "Maggie Murphy's Home" and
dozens of others the songs that one
could not escapo from, that were bruised
by serio comics, battered at amateur
concerts, mangled on cheap pianos, lac
erated by tho Tvhwtling of street boys
and murdered by hand organs.
Pretty melodies many of them were
before they became omnipresent, but.
1603 has none. "On the Bowery" has
been hummed and whistled here much
this winter, but that was only because
Louisville was a little belated, for Hoy t's
song had become a "back number" in
New York long before, Thoy say that
tho popular air in the metropolis now is
"Daddy Won't Buy Mo a Bowwow,"
bnt it has been sung hero without meet
ing with favor. As a proof that there
Is no song by which 1803 can hereafter
bo recalled, I heard a newsboy yesterday
splitting the air with the sibilant sounds
of "I Wbistlo and Wait For Katie."
They are going back to forgotten favor
ites in sheer desperation. Louisville
What CUlnno Immigration Meant.
Even an eastern preacher can grasp
the idea that in busiuess one merchant
or manufacturer can only bold his own
against another by practicing like econ
omies and keeping his wages fund down
to tho lowest point which his workmen
will tolerate. It may be beyond the pow
ers of the preacher to grasp the equally
undeniable fact that wages are regulated
by the competition of workmen for em
ployment Let in the Chinese in suffi
cient numbers, and they will, by the op
eration of a law that is as imperious as
that of gravitation, regulate wages in
the United States. That means simply
that white men in order to compete with
coolies would be forced to become coolies.
Does ny American who is not more
concerned about keeping 400 mission
aries in the Chinese empire, with its
population of 400,000.000, than for the
future of this republic and Christian
civilisation, think it desirable to
como without restriction the Chine
immigrant who brinim with him tha ml-
IcroDMoisuca industrial and social po
'HtWrW mftrtaflyA,EOTaMt
He Wonffln't Come flown, Nn Finally
Agreed to It.
He was whitewashing a board fenco
en Beaublen street when a womnn step
ped up and ooked him how much ho
would charge to whitewash n kitchen
ceiling. lie replied that his figures were
75 cents, when sho Indignantly exclaim
ed: "Why, I have had three dlfTercntmen
offer to do it for 50 cents, and ono, said
ho'd make a good Job of It for 40."
"Doan' doubt it, mum doan doubt it
fall," hocalmly observed, "but who war
dem pussoii8? Was dey scrubs or art
ists? Was dey gwino to mop dat cellln
or put on do whitewash wid do hnn ob a
bo'n decoratorr
"They guaranteed to do the work fipt
" 'Zactly, mnm, but how yo' gwino to
tell 'bout it? When dey goes away, do
ceilin am all wet. Nobody kin dun tell
under fo' hours wheder it was do work
ob nn artist or a scrub."
"Seventy-five is too niuch."
"It am too much fur do whitewash,
mum, but dar's odder con6iderashuns.
Tze a purfectly 'spousiblo pusson. I
knows my bizness. I doan' call yo' in
from de parlor whar yo' am playin on a
$600 pianer to ox queahuns. I dean' spill
no whitewash on yo'r valuable lie paint
ins an statuary. I doan' damage yo'r
moquette carpets or break yo'r $300
"Can't you say 50?" she asked.
"An 6'j osin an agent cams along
when Tin at work dar?" he went on
without heeding her. "He wants to see
de lady ob de house to sell her a rug on
de installment plan. Does he see yoT
Not much I inform dat pusson dat
when we wants rugs we buys de best
an pays cash down, an he goes away wid
a flea in-hisear."
"Make it 60, then." -
"J Fm dar in de house, yo' doan' hev
to go round an pick up yo'r diamonds an
hide yo'r bankbooks an yo'r purse. Ha
lady calls fur yo wid a kerndge to go
calun. yo' leave me m do house wid a
feehn ob s'curity. U yo' wants to go
down to de dressmaker's to see 'bout dat
$70 dress, why"
"Well, PU give you 751 When will
you come?"
"Fust thing in de mawnin, mum.
Thanks. Just go right along now an
doan' bodder yo'r party head no mn
Yo' has s'cured an artist an a 'sponsible
pusson combined, an when I gets frew
wid dat ceilin do naybers will bo so jeal
ous ob yo dat yo 11 hev to shet up do
house and go off to Sarytoga two weeks
ahead of tune," Detroit Free Press.
Abience or Mind.
"Talk about absence of mind," said
the man with the ginger beard, "I guess
the minister of a little church my folks
useter to go to when I was hvin out in
Kansas he took the cake. Tell you
what he did. You see, the congregation
had chipped in an bought the old feller
a bicycle so he could git a little exercise,
as well as git to the church easier, which
he had about five mile to go.
"Well, one Sunday tho folks had all
gathered and waited and waited, but no
preacher showed up. Some of 'em lowed
he was sick, and some of 'em lowed he
wasn't, and at last a committee went
out to see what was up. Now, what do
you supposo that there ahsentminded
old feller had did? Ho'd jist got on that
there machine a-thinkin about his ser
mon, and tho sinners, and tho collection
and all that sort of thing, and 'stead of
startin for the church ho had started the
wheels backward aud never como to bis
self till he was nigh onto seven miles in
the wrong d'rection. I never see a sheep
isher lookin man in my life than he was
when we caught up with him an asked
him where he was goin."
The soft snore of the grocer arose on
and fell off the still summer air with a
mechanical regularity of vibration, and
the man with tho ginger beard filled his
pockets with herrings and cheese and
went down to tho blacksmith shop to
see if any horse trading was going on.
Indianapolis Journal.
nia Object.
Bingo Well, old man, Til saygoodby
now. I'm off for the World's fair to
morrow. Going to take all my family
with me.
Kingloy Why, I thought you weren't
Bingo I wasn't. But I understand
there is a place thero whero you can
check your children, and I want to 6ee
If I can get a little rest Clothier and
The Code.
Caller Why are you waving your
handkerchief so wildly?
Murilla Since papa has forbidden
Jack the house we have arranged a code
of signals.
Caller What Is it?
Murilla When he waves his handker
chief five times, that means "Do you
love mer and when I wave frantically
in reply it means "Yes, darling."
Caller And how do you ask1 other
Murilla We don't. That'a thewhole
Cc4. Harptr'i Baxar,
' L ft": r.
for Infants
" Caetort a U totnU adapted t ehlVirm that
1 rfooooMod It ae mpertar to any preeerrptfea
known to me." IL A. Aacxxa, X. D.,
Ill So. Oxford EL, ErooUo, S. T.
"The rue of 'CMtcria'U aonnlrertat and
IU nvrlta n well known that It teems a work
of (apererontloa to endorse It. Few are toe
Intelligent farolli who do not keep Oaaiorla
within eejrreach."
Cuoos JUrrrw, D.D ,
New York City.
Late Faator Bloomlncdale Beformed Church,
' Tna Cnrratnt
W. L
Do yen wear them? When next In need try a pair.,
Bast In the world.
$2.00 FOR BOYS
If yoawant tfine DRESS SHOE, made lathe btetl
styles, don't pay $6 to $8, try my $3, $3.50, $4.00 or
$5 Shoe. They fit eqsil to custom made and lock and
ww u well. Ifyouwlshtoeeonoralzelnyourfootweir,
do to by purchasing W. L. Douglas Shoes, Name and
pries stamped on the bottom, look for It when yoa boy
TV. L. DOUGLAS, Brockton, Mats. Sold by
Kkausse BKoa.
Skin Food.
Uidie who snQer
from Cutting Winds
and Scorching Han
will And
Mrs. Harrison's
Lola Montez Creme
The Skin Food,
The best remedy for
ketpli g the race cool
and free fr m Irrita
tion, as It sooths and
comforts the skin and
Drevf-nta frecKlee or
sanbn r. it Is not a
beanllfierbnt a sKln
restorative and pre
servative. I a little Montex C eme Is rubbed
I tbe sKln and thoroughly wiped off again,
nu nefote applying powder, the complexion
lll be sorter, and the powder will remain
oneer. desldes prevention tne rjowder from
Ingeinp the pores of the sKln- Price 75 cents.
For sale by FRED LEGO, DrucgUt, Fatten
uiuck. cairn,, ure.
Forany special or complicated blemish of
iticeur lurxii, write
axkrica'8 Bkaott Doctor,
16 Geary 8t San Francisco, Cal
Superfluous Hair Permanently Removed.
Private work a specialty.
C H. CLEMENT. Manager.
F I1W00(.
from TT. P. TVutV-nt A nVlA.lT a M ....... trrM
neaday and Baturday.
Irom thllOnlrsl dfutkr .1 tVvi. ... us .1.1 -..
street every Unnday and Thursday.
for Albany every Monday and Tuesday, re
turning came days,
Uoncernln? frefcrht. .nil nficm-- k.im..
eall on the aent, AL HERRENT'
Electric Lights
On Meter System.
TheHflt.m f.tf.1.. .. nL - ".u .
---.-. '& uM unci iMuipnuT mi
ereat expense Gave equipped their Eleetne
Light plant with the moat modem apparatus
,.nt?..now"Dle 'oofler the publlo a better
light than any sy.tom and at a rate lower
than any city on the coast.
Arc and Incandescent Light
ing. Electric Motors lor all
purposes vrliere pewcr.is re
quired. S"1 na he. eqnnmersipay for only
euch lights aa are u.edT Thl belS reSatere5
bran K win. viui.. i rtgaT "ihkiw
- .mvw..- VIX1CV
17.9 Commeccial St.
(MS. W0LZ,
Proprjelorof the
South Commercial 8t, Salem.
aadBaosa'5 Freu lt fW"! Smoked Meats
J. H, HMS,
21SKCwfefelH, Slei,0rfa.
(Next door to Data's.)
"i " m,t wjy;'y. ? nfunu laoeea, i
(atrarsf la VWWXe) I
roR .4iH JffiPMhdfc.
irr -MKla y vGjim
llWrbtUtUCLbXl-r. rWlLW
and Children.
Caxtnrla enrw OotSe, Omwtltntbn.
Sour Stomach, DUnba. Xructauon,
XJSa Worms, jtvea oWp, and promot d
W -Jiout lnjurfou medlcaUoa.
H Tor sereral years 1 hare reeommivtJ
lnrarlably produced UneAcUl
Enwi r, rxatm, M. D,
"Tho Wlnthrop," 128th Btreet and Tth Are,
Hew Tork City,
Coxmrr, T7 Utraoar Strut, Nrw You.
Rheumatism; )
LumhsKo. Selaticgf
Kidney Complaints,
tame tmcKj c
I With Electro-Maenetlo SUSPENSORY.
ii -aiiiil ucn in,rTtw,li
Win cure withoot medicine all Vkm rwalOii frea
erertautlon of brain nrrro force, uccmortii4i
crKlon,u ortoiu drbUltr, iMplncaeu, tuirw
ylmiimnm. kldwrr. Htm- and bladder corapliW
tame back, lumbago, edatloa, all female- cooplataui
ruwral 111 health, etc. TMa electric. Celt conulS
W4.i ral taprmauau orer all othera. Correal l.
tuttanUrfolt by wearer or in forfeit i,OOO.eo, t&l
wul core all of the abors dUoatea or Co par. ilea.
aacda hare Iven rarrf I
after all etiuwwmMllM fa
by this marrelona Inrmtko
failed, and we Klre hsMreli
Of teedmoolala In thla and rerr other et.tjL
wr i-ejrwrai ta,r.n BU4.TBIC BTSTETVIKT. IM
orninru bmrim mm
Va. 17nrstret,rOKTIAND ORX.
(Kortharn Pacific R. R. Co., Lessee.)
Two Through Trains Daily.
1 M'nn n 9-45am t,!5pta
I StPaul a eUSUim IWpm
1 Dulntha'lljOam 650pm
I . Aohland. al cUftiir.l iXpm
lt'hloi(roB 5.47pml045pm
to all nolnia In the tlnitf StAlm sndUinsda.
Close connection made In Chicago with all
trains going East and Mouth.
for lull Information apply to your nearest
ticket agent or J as. C. POND,
lien. Pass, and Tit, Agt., Chicago, ill
The House Mover.
151 Marion Street.
Has tbe best facilities tor moving and rail
ing houses. Leave orders at oray Bros., or
address Halem, Oregon.
Smith Prpmier Typewriter.!
Sold on easy payments. For Rest.
W. I, STALEY, Agent, Salem.
H.N. BURPEE, Gen' I Agent, 101 Third St,
Portland. flendrnrslnlnrue.
S t. tuinu
sj.i?tv, i ne LIIMQ Midi
Hours' "ucker to 0m.?ha ana
Pullman and Tourist Sleepers, Tree Reclin
ing Chair Cars, Dm ng Cars.
Kor ratM sjiJ frenorel lnioxmatluO call
oraddreea, .
W. U,UimLBUnT,AHi."
i'".f.'M .:. in
-sn "" "nV..
IIHIIAI.1' .'--
The Rustler W &
ljw.j .. i ...i .nnr wood.
'luinuraoiumD u. ua.i " .mrarti
suei, wuto tie saws n. suae Jl".Vicli
with hlsn peronally orlettveon er SaT
olar store liearborn'a book to.M BB affrij
VttM, or a4rea ae by mall, f ,f"
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