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Capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1893-1895, July 13, 1893, DAILY EDITION, Image 4

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307 Commercial Street.
- IF -
Ton rt rota t to trsUS or Ddii my Mr a of
Isiprurrnmest, aH D3 U nafien food lor
naatcrlftL W br tooipleV! rjKfc, nfl r
Ttejr to repplT my J7Bra orolrfcct, rror
Salem Improvement Co.
The Bio Bbtdok. dpealsiss of
boles In tb p!uklnf U t? DiJUu Tnto
Bcript uye: Tbut eomebody will be
respoiudbie for xsy acddent tb&t
ntlght car, come wilhont ByiDg,bat
vre hre It from good authority that o
put of the bride belosgi to Polk
oonnty. aod that ebe does do! intend
to drmw on ber treasury for Deeded
xepura. Tbe qoecUon of oirnership
sppexr to be a mix d one and it would
sot be ropri&lng to aee it end in an
anplf wpt liUR&uon. If Pole ooanty
invested $20,003. in -n-h&t it has no int
erest in preserving, tbe tax payer
over there bad better inquire after tbe
; vrbo make tbair Investments.
Soke Chaxoes. Prof. Arnold is
ready to move to Toom next week.
T. Bolton, irbo reoenUy came to Salem
from Canada, has taken tbe Arnold
plane, and Prof. Geo. Cochran will
move into the Irvine place vacated b
Mr. Bolton. Tbe IdDOoln Park neigh
borhood is one of the belt in tbe capi
tal city, and real estate is in good de
mand if The Jockkax. man does live
A Wak. There is danger of a bitter
war of words between the Perry dale
Patriot and the Amity Popgun. Tbe
iroaelad Monterey should be brought
op tbe Willamette and train its guns
on those towns until peace is restored.
Tbe only wars nowadays are fought in
newspapers and the warsbips should
be osed for the business for w bich tbey
are made.
A Salem Failure Tbe Capital
City lunch counter failed to open its
doors this morning. The proprietor
bad evidently decamped bag and bag
gage after the last customer was served
at midnight. Like some of tbe bank
failures be has large assets in un
punched tickets and no liabilities re
ported. At last reports bs was doing a
big business in bot trotters.
Itoos. Tbe city marshal has about a
dozen four-legged dogs under bis care
and has not yet had tbe bean to kill
any. They are slow sale at any price
and like wod! nod no buyers. Some
very poor people who already bave
dogs but no money bave been tbe only
inquirers. As all tbe fees go to the aty
there is no official bonanza in tbe dog
boslnesa, but all honor and glory.
A Good -Hotel. That is what every
town needs and io order to bave one
tbe people of a community should ten
der it ail possible support. If you bave
a friend in tbe city, don't try to ste
bow cheaply yoj can bave Iheoi enter
tained but take them to the good hotel
of your town that they may say a good
word for the place after leaving It.
Gbeat Danger. The boys who ride
on tbe electric cars should be stopped
from swinging down the sides and pass
ing from car to car while tbey are In
motion. This is a very dangerous
practice, which may reult f.tally at
any time, and while some boys may
heed killing, the JetmxAL would pre
fer to see it done In another way.
To Bee tub Bio Bui p. Chauncy
Ixtckwood, J. R. Wetherbee, Ben Tay
lor and about a dozen members of tbe
BaleaaY. M. a A. bicycle dub left
this morning for Portland where .bey
will visit tbe w&rtblp Monterey which
will be there tomorrow. Tbey return
Accommodating. A South Salem
waa who has been having bis wood
tolen right along by another neighbor,
lias found a remedy by banging out a
festers all ulgbt right over tbe wood
plld. While the lamp holds out to
burn tbe aieser who tole that wood
does Dot return.
Quarterly Conferkxub At
gouth Saleoi M. E. church tula even
lag, at 7 p. m. Preaching by presiding
ldrf at 8 p. w. Everybody wdootuo.
umiiw mxiying i f)iiiw'fii inpyBUi w pjw hji utTptwwffmrranwwiWjiLiy i m hhmm nn
a a a
'.'r'.V"g fc I
. WttoMc
-.- aad Hp
f the ft9ttll tfrfwn & OB WW"
ptaom W tor kbi the atobey aked
T cet.
v e are pomivs vbm
jitg io jr&icrtkB.
The John Morrell Co. Packing bouse
at Ottomwa, bas burned.
There were $15,312,751 of breadstufls
exported io June.
Window sbsdes never so cheap as
now at Wm. Sargeast's. St
Commercial bar silver in New York
u 76 cents per ounce.
Baby carriages at greatly reduced
prices. Wm. Sargeant. St
Tbe cold reserve at Washington is
increasing daily, and is now $S7,SS5,57S
Agxxl choice bouse to sell on eafy
terms. Will take carpenter work in
part payment. G. M. Beeler. tf.
Tom. Burrows' grocery is occupying
tbe Bosh brick adjoining while his new
store u being built.
Special ruled ledgers, journals and
cash books, with tbe new patent back
oa now kept in stock by F. S. Dear
born, tbe stationer. 7-lS-2t
Mra. W. H. Bishop, of Portland, who
has been visiting ber son Cbas. P., of
tbe Woolen Mill store, took her depart
ure todsy for Sodaville.
Wall paper is going for a song at
Wm. Sargeant's. St
Judge Geo. H. Burnett went to Al
bany this morning.
Mrs. C H. iAUgbead, who bas been
visiting at tbe borne or Wylie A.
Moores, returned to Albany today.
Pacific coast bops in ew York are
19 to 21 J cts.
Bsrrains in furniture at Wm. S&r-
geant's for a few days. 3:
John P. Robertson departed today
for tbe wilds of Lincoln county.
CapU H. L. Wells, of Portland came
up today on business connected with
tbe division officers of tbe Sons of Vet
erans. Thus. R. Badger, of Mill City and
family, bave moved into the Jones
boue, on 14th street, where he lives
with bis son in-law, County Assessor
Send for one of my sample books of
tissue papers. I carry tbe largest stock
in Salem. Everything you want or
can expect from a bookstore. F Dear
born, S3 Commercial street. 7 IS Ct
Tbe beautiful little town of Boena
Vista, up the Willamette, will be tbe
scene of a large religious gathering next
Sunday, July 16. The services will be
held under tbe auspices of the Metho
dist Episcopal church of that place, of
which Rev. Wallace Struble is pastor.
Mrs. M. A. Rmp was quite severely
Injured by falling from a step ladder
while picking fruit, fracturing too ribs.
Ferrral poetical contributions are laid
over in the waste basket.
Ecjt are rapidly advancing in tbe
Portland market.
An Albany exchange says there must
be a big demand for money at Silent.
tbe way building and loan bids run up.
There is some demand for money at
Back East they are having bard
times and cyclones too. Here we sim
ply have tbe quWt times. Albany
Mr. and Mrs. E. C Small went to
Portland this afternoon.
Mrs. Jestle Emmertoa, of Great
Falls, Mont, arrived In tbe city today, j
ooe win oe iqc guest or oer motner,
Mr. RE. Wands.
As the summer dust settles down
about your collar tbeee days, and colors
your hair red, remember the pomelaln
baths at Uoeye Mills' shop, and be a
Tbe Sharp dairy supplies the!
choicest Jersry milk and cream.
Tb Sons of Veterans meet tonight at
Good Templar's hall,
Tbe Board of Trade, and Salem mer
chants who were entertained at San
Francisco, wlH entertain the wholesale
merchants from that dty when they
visit Salem soon.
Recorder's Oodrt. Gel Flndley
was committed to tbe county- jaUipoaJ
warrant from the recorders office, for
lode ent exposure of a black eye. He
iivwvv ua vvm4. vaw mm tviuii m
italnAn ravr.
jer&mjtru oajWal mvitXAU ramwDAr, jnr t&, mm,
ths rxsrif
' Talk J. fV4. TUef a4 RM
Tfef ft )Hftf1a ytm ( M
Orsrefrfs mt wm H report of
ewmwWe mi m fnitt Fair.
7U tHr r ) th
toWMtmt'Hi 4 Ufef hi Mm 4 re
"it'a tfaf4f ,,,,,w, ' Mifaiftb
MbfvHtg rc4s4r
"We. yr cinmHtt appealed t
eosSer a sut frwK exMMt i It aaade
darts tbe ewratog isNs&d wtoter bare
reached the MtowlBg cwsoU4f
"Fltti, la our npJaes tbe time ha
arrived tor at to make kaews at borne
aad abroad the tacts ovaorrsisg our
large and growing fruit ladustry. To
tbU rod we reomoxod that an ex ecu
Uve committee of fire be selested at
this meeting (the president to act as
chairman) wbo shall carry this into ef
feet. Tbey shall bare pswer to select
an auxiliary committee composed of
one from each local society and
from each county.
"Second, That a treasurer be select
d at this meeting.
"Third, That the time and place for
holding tbe fair, method of raising
funds, amount and character of premi
ums be let to tbe executive committee.
"Fourth, that tbe State agricultural
sooety, chamber of commerce, and
various boards of trade, and all other
bodies Interested in tbe development
of our reasorces, be invited to co-operate
with us.
The program yesterday was full of in
terest, ettry feature being carried out
reflecting great credit on tbe local com
mittee, tbe whole meeting being de
clared tbe most successful ever held in
the state. Tbe lively talks ofthedaj
were made by Mrs. R. E. Wane's, who
is always prepared to do ber pan well,
and J. J. Walton in his "Random
Shots," full of originality, humor and
sound sense. In tbe evening P. S.j
Knight gave a talk on tbe Commercial
aspects of horticulture.
The morning session was called to
order at 10 a. m., by President Card
weE. He asked all to unite with the
state society by paying a dollar. Thr
members of tbe state board had their
vouchers issued to them on the state
treasury for mileage and per diem This
morning and were all preparing to go
on tbe trains.
Tbe State Horticultural Society spent
the forenoon considering ways and
means of co-operative fruit marketing
and shipping, and adjourned at noon.
Citt FlAaXCES None of the Salem
banks are cashing dty warrants. War
rants are not at a discount, but tbe
banks are not making loans or taking
up paper of any kind that they can
avoid. Tbey are pursuing this policy
to keep their supply of coin as huge as
possible. Wbere warrants are pre
sented by merchants with good ac
counts, they are received as deposits.
Salem's Pride. Of all good things
she boasts, the "Pride of Oregon" flour
is first. It makes buuskeepers happy.
tiecauseit is always the same, and every
sack is warranted.
Meal Tickets. Tbe best in tbe
city are tboe arranged from the choice
fresh fru'ts and vegetables sold at the
People's grocery. Clark & Eppley,
Court street.
TheEmperor Comiso. William of
Germany is to visit our country and if
be knew of tbe display of Oregon fruits
and vegetables to be seen every day at
J. A. Van Eaton's grocery be would
call sure.
In the City Police Court.
Three dogs were sold yesterday by
tbe dty marshal. A Shepherd pup
brought 11.75; a fine bird div, a grade
spaniel, liver color and white brought
1175. A sbepberd sold for 2.50. No
dog can be sold for less than 51.76.
SeTden Flndley was fined flO and
costs for assault and battery.
Eight dogs were executed yesterday.
for not having license. Tbe chief Lord
and High Executioner of dog law,
shifted tbe duty upon one of his sub
ordinates. Tbey were decently buried.
Marshal M'nto bas issued tbe follow
ing erder:
Pol'cemen will hereafter take no
bail money from anyone under any
drcumstancea except by order of the
I dty recorder.
county jail last night by policemen
Gibson, Keene and James. One was;
drunk and two were Tags.
The caly Pure Cream of Tartar Powder. No A turnouts; No Atern.
Used in Millions of Homes 40 Vears th SUadanL
Wmk f tf CMt? Kerns! It4fot4
Tii M.rff mni$ anrwsl NkMtHH
U tHtitg fc4ety Ibe W
ttstwe8i ef OtMtaty NtrWliMlt
FJftyHsia atWBt-s weft erld lb
Art day fd twtuty mtt tfc f tbt
tltdar rtaw.. FsHHrwMig are tbe
al WHi
A W frertt
C V tra
Bykl WMil
A w Ixwijt
Or WHxtft
Srartne fMaeJI
T E MNebeN
IMaa BgHagtn
lit Gam
Ltrretta SUIT
Nellie Starr
Minale Tatter
Mary CbDden
Maud Krew
' M Learned
May Salmon
Martha Wilson
N B Nlebris
Anna Fisher
Jessie Nelson
Ellen White
, k 1 Aadenoa
Mssdr Fetter
Rll Aoobard
On CTFlyBg
J J Keapp
Harry Hunter
6 A Jones
Jende Starr
Ida Sanders
E.la Flnlay
A RSlestaund
Elizabeth Morris
MI 8 V Cooper
Kiraie uuie
D L Dutton
Lottie Pound
Noab Welch
Rose Moore
Maltie Beatty
Jennie Timberlake Marie Rockwell
Carrie K Ben tley
Lizzie Jakes
un .MUlKey
N FDrager
Carrie Woodram
Millie Eastman
Claire M In man
Minnie Ireton
W D Freeman
H ESkirom
Onch Skirom
Katie Ross
W B Powers
Grace Rabies
Phebe Hammer
Mabel P Crichtoa
LUlie SUyton
Myrtle Knight
Belle Aitken
G Aschenbrenner
Miss JaDe Morris
Maltie Meyers
Mary A Kelley
Grace Reed
Agnes Matlock
Ruth Matlock
Grace Jones
Alice M Smith
Lena Preacott
W A Matthews
EA An franc
Grace Cleaver
Zua Skeels
V A Manning
J D Alexander
May Hoover
Alena Chapman
J D Niman
J T Matthews
Mrs M H Paasmore
MS Wade
F A Myers
A C McDonald
Grace E Jones
Utm of oUierx oS. rcmiaJ tu
Matrlea life mar be ntrirme.
We trust to be forgiven this parody
of lines, from Longfellow's immortal
"Psalm." Husbands wbo are wise and
thoughtful, know that tbe happiness
of the home depends largely on tbe
health of the mistress of the home.
Many are the tasks which daily con
front ber. How can a woman contend
against the trials and worries of house
keeping, if she be suffering from dis
tressing irregularities, ailments and
weaknesses peculiar to her sex? Dr.
Pierce's Favorite Prescriptioa is a
specific for these disorders. The only
remedy, sold bv druggists, under s
positive guarantee from the man
ufacturers. Satisfaction guaranteed in
every case, or money refunded. See
printed guarantee on bottle-wrapper.
Going to tlie Weald's
Tbe Limited Express trains of tbe Chi
cago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Railwaj
between St. Paul and Chicago and
Umana and Chicago.
These trains are vestibuled, eleetrii
lighted and steam heated, with tbe fin
est Dining and bleeping Car bervice in
the world,
Tbe Electric reading light is each
berth is tbe suoceasful novelty of thb-
P regress! re age, and is highly appreciat
ed by all regular patrons or this line.
We wish others to know its merits, e
tbe Chicago Milwaukee &. St. Paul Rail
way is the only line in the west enjoy
ing the exdusive use of this patent.
For further Information appl
nearest coupon ticket agent, or adj
C J. Eddy, General Agent,
J. W. Casey, Trav. Pass. Agt.
25 Stark St., Portland, Or. tf
Attention! Capital lodge L O. G. T.
All the members are requested to be
at their ball Friday evening to hold s
;-peclal meeting. Important business
By order of Chief Templar W. N Len
on. 7-13 2t
There is more catarrh In this section
of tbe country than all other disease
put together, and until the last few
vears was supposed to be incurable.
For a great many years doctors pro
nounced it a local disease, and pre
scribed local remedies, and by constant
ly falling tocure with local treatment
pronounced it incurable. Science ha
proven catarrh to be a constitutional
disease, and therefore requires consti
tutional treatment. Hall's Catarrh
Cure, manufactured by F. J. Chenej
&. Co., Toledo, Ohio, is the only consti
tutional cure on tbe market. It is
taken internally in doses from 10 drops
to a teaspoonrui. it acts cirecuy on
tbe blood aod mucous surfaces of tb
system. Tbey ofier one hundred dol
lars for any case it fails t? core. Send
for drrulars and testimonials. Ad
drea, F. J. Cheney & Co., Toledo, O
ffSSold by druggists, 75c
Persons wishing to trade wood for
dally or weekly newspapers, and also
parties owing us wood on account are
hereby notified that we are now In a
hurry for it. Bring lu your wood (or
some fruit will be taken.) Hqfer
Bros., Pubs. Journal. dw-tf
t aiy n tM trM it4
n thM U( ef Hv tjptB w ft
MtJlunJL 5'jra. tT-irlsTtiL l
l.lW" I
Mtne. r w o N4 wwi tt im
rvasaraabis rnxf m ! to ha la rnrtef
nSei ji Cjirm Urrvt Urn VMM
ar fottUtr rtOvaM In Ooriti!Ki eorftf
and tepTfPttfig thti in7D4 rntAJot bH
ihrr tint oaiiwt aB diordrs ef !M ttocnach,
rtnuvu ux Xrvr aad rrc2aw ta Ur.
E tf tkrf tAf tvni
.el Ur vooU to thnrt rrtett t Cbom
b taStr tirra tbit dlttrnnler eemplalBt:
bat f ortoattttr Uwlr tayiam torn oat rod
tv. miA HKMt who oik- trr tbB vfll find
Uwm ttOe pm TahM la nnur r "
Ukrr -ma not be vwoz to oo wacw i
; tbom.
t after S tick bead
b Cm baas d to laaar Bres tbst here U where
n raike oar crest coat. Osr pOt cere
w&B ocbers do ace
Ciam'i IfflU Lrrzx TuiM anrtrrisaB
asd verjMsrtoUke. Oo cr tvo piai cake
a doe. Tb7 are tSriaij vrcetableaad da
sot trspo or parze, bot by their cmtJe acrtco
plaaee all vbo ess UtRB. la Tail U SS e2:
frrrar$l Sold ererrrtare, or eeot by Bait
ClffTB Ylir-'KI R, Srv Tt
bUE bULbfc bllfe
Baseball, Auburn bas ust organ
ized a baseball club. The boys of Au
burn have formed a dub with E. W.
Silson as their captain.
By the steamer Eiwood to Portland
July 19th. Leaving Salem at 6 a. m.
snarp, ana arriving at .fortiand at 1 p.
m., giving tbe afternoon for business
nd pleasure in tbe dty, and an oppor
tunity to auena tne recepuon at the A
O. U. W. hall in the evening. Return
tbe following morning or any other
regular tr.p d ce. lure, round trip.
SUM. B k. kyax, Com.
Al. W. Here, Agent.
In bulk, all good shipping varieties
or cnernes in tne Willamette valley
Oregon Fruit & Produce Co., Salem.
If you want a desirable residence lot
in Capital Park don't buy until you
have seen Levi Magee's bargain. Ad
dress, faalem P. O. 7-S i w
Are You Nervous,
Are you all tired out, do you bave that
urea ieeung or sick headache? You
can be relieved of all these symptoms
"j iiug uuws oarsapaniia, wnicn
ives nerve, mental and bodily strength
And thoroughly purifies the blood. Ii
also creates a cood appetite, cures indi
gestion, heartburn and dyspepsia.
Hood's Pills are easy to take, easy in
c ion and sure in effect. S3 cents a
The Trask River Toll Road, with fur
nished hotel and farm, at its western
ate, in Tillamook county, title deai
tod renting for 8W to SICKX) a year
can be secured now, in exchange for
oroductive atv property, or a good
farm in the Willamette valley. In
quire oi .. w. Ii. at residence of B. C.
vara, rstn street,
near Court, Salem,
i-fQvc lm
Teacher (to hrtle Johnny) What
mount did the ark rest on?
Little Johnnie I don't know, ma'am.
Teacher Oh, yes. you da Mount
Little Johnny Oh, yes,- I know.
Mount Ar-ra-ra Boom-de-ay. Harper's
VHiUVers at an Early Are
Bertie (aged 3 years) Varam ain't
my face dirty?
Mamma No, Bertie; doat yon know
nnrse washed Bertie's facothis'moming!
o cimsusg o as laea) twat
care, mamma; feels dirty. Oh, I des it
must be whisters tomin. Texas Sift
ing. She Knew.
You understand, Betty," said ths
mistress, "that we are to move oat of
this house the first of next monthf
'04," answered Betty. "Pve been
sweepin all the dirt into the registers for
the last three weeks, mum." Chicago
Caasht oa the Fly,
He (musingly) I should think a bridal
tour to the World's fair would be an
event to be pleasantly remembered in
She (entlmsiasticaUy Oh, it would!
But, John, this is so sudden. New YorV
"Have you noticed that loss of mem
cry often accompanies deafness?"
"No; doeaitT'
Yes, deaf men seem to forget that
trains have the right of way oa a rail.
way track." Grenoble Monthly.
A Sofstlou.
Mr. Jones I assure von. Mis Ptv.i
It was a terrible storm. Every moment
I was expecting the lightning to strike
ths tree I was under.
Mis Ethel Then why didn't yougtt
under some other tree? Life,
A For lludtsl FtUtr
Baits They say Corbett is a very eco
nomical fellow aad savea hisow
Ma business has to bs dose &ttd to no
oeed. Brooklyn Life.
11 Firs
The Greatest place on
Earth to Buy Cloth
ing is at the Woolen
Mill Store.
ll Wool and Lowest Prices
To Buildsrs aad Contractors.
Salem, Or., July 12. Sealed propos
als will be received at the office of tbe i
secretary of state for tbe erection of an '
addition to ibe State Reform School
building. Bids to be opened at IS
o'dock m., on Wednesday, July 2Stb,
1S93. Plans and spedQcaUonscau be
seen at tbe office of McNally it Knigh
ton, architects, Salem, Oreson, begin
ning Tuesday, July 15th. Bidders will
be required to accompany their bids
with a certified check of $250.00 as evi
dence of good faith. Tbe right is re-1
served to reject any and all bids. '
S. Pexxoyer,
G. W. McBrtdf.
E. B. McElkoy,
Board of Trustees.
The Illinois state board of agrical
tcre has published a list of certiScated
stallioas for 1S32, with their pedigrees.
That game little horse, Pluakett,
2d8," says an exchange, "will be out
among the free for all pacers again this
Colonel W W. Turner of Spokane,
Wash., has purchased the pacers Gold
Medal. 2:14. and a W. G., 2:22, and
will campaign them oa the Montana cir
cuit. The American trotters Mattia H.
2:11: Silver King, 26i; E. N
2S6J; Lysander Pilot, Lma, by Park's
Volunteer, and Dick B are now in Ger
many. Old L. C Lee, 2:15, the black pacing
stallion that went through tbe grand
circuit three or four years ago, is is
training again this year aad has paced a t
mflft in 2JSf. j
The late Lelaad Stanford of Califor-
nia was from boyhood a etronir lover of I
the horse, and after be had accumulated
a fortune he founded one of the greatest
breeding estahhshmeats in the world.
"The horse to be a good driving one
must have a good driving mouth," says
aa exchange. "This causes the bit to bs
one of the most important parts of the
harness, as it touches the most sensitive
part of the horse."
The acorn looks little, but it contains
a whole forest.
A lie can. run fast, but the feet of
truth never slip.
Give some people money enough aad
they will vex themselves to death.
The charity that begins at home aad
stays at home geaerally dies of heart
It is hard for a fool to understand w-'H-r
ho is seldom overtaken by aay one going '
ms way.
What we take to be trouble would
often be welcomed as a friend if w
could but sea its face. Ram's Horn.
ri.?t, ? Jra ta qw
una am lujiia ft- ar fan bsx sa. asU
tryka a.'mirexScS; SSuC
Sold by Baskett it Van Slype.
A -rfP. rtS;
CTV A S. o xiss)& .
tij rvfr uif
f 1 lii U ljm
Hardware, Wagons, Carts, Road Machinery
Latest Improved Goods aad Lowest Prices.
N. W. Cor. St-te and Liberty Sts. SALEM, OREGON-
Down Tine v Go
We have cut in two the prices on men's Summer coats and
$2.00 coats and vesta for $1,00
3.00 " " " 2.00
5.00 " " " 3.00
Ladies Jackets at your own price.
jjl.. Bargains in every department
0H3U.H0ttg CORNKR, - - - gAUEM, OREGOT.
AjBtafccJL&Q.Ctoiiti tiitlaaworVi,
"TTrrn-i milium, ,. .
We flont need to pusnr
Herd's Fancy Tablets
PBacetbeTlrairorthrfreiraarrtt Vt9
Kujj- extend an Invitation to oa trtca
not c ana te lor Tnrwj rec Tfct aorta
xmrtnciBE than telhne von. We are tiT-1
sea olr mn on these eoosa. It roa vtl.1
fCiT ineiQ a zair inai on vui use so ou
Kn. Will oe pleased to abow ?o lius lnu
rbetner j"oa tmy or sot.!
Patton Bros.,
p3ooIcaeIleirs and Statlooora
i TTTAJiTKD A first etau Ctrl to da booe
Y work. Comer winter and Ferry.
mai8 PATER 1s trot on file at E. C EaU'l
A. irenlslnr rency.aaa 65 MercbiEU
m-iiforala, fttn
contran lor adTertttdnc can rcde
ior n.
LX fCIESaUJii cti i3
kinds on eale at 138 Uberty csn. U-lj
ATTKSnOXCn money paid tor np,
baaiea,ola Iron anC all klndi ot sasn,
sxbo hide, at oia Ooart fioiM, f&lnn.
Rrsnlar Seventh .Day AC vent si iwritet it
old Unitarian HaH opposile o-ra bnme,Ea
Vera, tutor aye Saboaih ehool at Is . n,
followed by Bible latUcr and other terittt.
Prayer meeUnj Wednesday 753 p. ra- t-S
Tbtirsday Jtily 20
Artemoon asdNirht
Len W. Washburn's
Great European . . .
Three Bice Orcca, Eojal Kneliah ieartf!e,
Aviary, Mnarum and Aonarlam. RelitJ
Wild Wert, and Boznaa Hlppodr jme.
ID a.m. Open Dens of WEd Briu. x
Suarn Plana, Varretotu Swam Btct-i"
tbe Manter War EUphaat -CopiiL"
hifc. ,
Doors open at land 7p.m. rertoricaee
one bom- later.
Admtssta ta CbUdren, HalfPnce.
g-m JjAfi.,,.i-iA-
..w... .Ajril..alfMiar

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