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JJYENIHGr CAJKITAli aOtfJfiNA&j.frKIlUtf,, JTJ1y:.4, 1W&
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Jhlra liuli TfCilttama
Lynn. Mass.
For the Good of Others
Rov. Bin Williams Ilfcartlly En
dbrsos Ilood'fl-Sarsoparllln.
Vfe are pleased to present this from Rev.
A. A. Williams, of tho Slllsbeo streot Chris
tian Church, Lynn, Mass.:
" I see no reason why a clergyman, moro
than a layman, who knows whereof ho
speaks, should hesitate to approve an
Article of Merit
and worth, from which ho or his family have
been signally benefited, and whose commen
dation may servo to extend those benefits to
others. My v. Ifo has for many years been a
sufferer horn severe
Nervous Headache
for which she found llttlo help. Sho has
triad nuny things that piomlsed well but
pel formed little. Last fall sho took Hood's
S.irsnparlllj. It seems surprising what one
bottlo could and did do for her. Tho attacks
of headache decreased In number and were
Ie lolent In their Intensity, whllo hereon
oral licilth has been improved; Her appe
tite b also belter. 1'rom experience with
Hood's Sarsqparilla
Tlifvono heIUtIon In endorsing In mcr
Hi." A. A. WiLirvia.
HOOD'6 PlLI.S urutlmtiLst f.nully cathar
tic, cer.IIj a:.d e:toc.Hv. Try it box.
World's Fair, Chicago.
Calumet Ayenuo and 29th Street.
Fireproof; 241 rooms; near Valr
Grounda; baths on every floor.
Lmencan anu luuropean plans.
1 to 13 n day. First-class family
HMH1:UIE 1 liwunaar, vint-ciass isj
UNniluWa 1 Hotel. Wrtto ror circular.
A New Remedy
A true Specific a positive and permanent elimination
of all poison from Uie.blood, and a restoration of healthy
vigor to the tissues is offered to sufferers for the first time
in a remedy which has been undergoing the most severe
private experiments for the past three years. It has not
!xi laiiea, ana it win not iau, as 11 u a iruu opcciuu
or Svphilitic poison and all blood diseases. Do you be
he e it T Send for full partioilars and proof free. Stop
mung youE system wim mercury ana oiner poisons.
This remedy will cure you in 30 to 00 days without fad.
AVo guaruutee a cure or rafund the immey.
170 First Street 1'OIlTItA.XD, OB.
It has been sirr.iiijjeii to build it branch
line from Ililhnim station, on tho Penn
sylvania and Northwestern, to the head
waters of Clover run, Clearfield county.
Pa, A preliminary survey has already
been made.
A Slight Mistake.
Jeweler This watch needs cleaning,
Customer Why, jt was cleaned only
last week,
Jeweler So? Must havo been done
by somebody who didn't half do it.
Customer It wa3 done here.
Jeweler Hero? Oh, yes, by the man
I had to discharge a worthless fellow.
Customer You told mo thit you did
it yourself.
Jeweler Did I? Oh, yes. Ah,- now 1
eel You forgot to wind it up last night.
It is nil right now. Come again in a day
or two that I may eeo that it is running
all right. Dollar and a half, please.
Boston Transcript.
"One Out of a Hundred."
Tho Two Inspector.
Two gentlemen, strangers to one an
other, wero travoling in the same com
partment. During tho journey onool
them asked tho other to let hira measure
his valise. The latter consented. Then
tho first passenger, taking out a 8-foot
rule, proceeded to measuro tho article in
question, after "which ho said:
'I nin very sorry, but your valise is
too largo for admission inside the car
riage. I am a railway inspector and
must inflict upon you a fino of 5 francs
for transgressing the rules." .
The other paid the 5 francs and said
to his fellow traveler, "Will yon allow
me to look at your 8-foot rule for a mo
ment?" "With pleasure," said the latter and
at once handed it to him.
After glancing at tho rule the other
passenger said, "I am an inspector of
weights and measures, and as your foot
rule is not stamped I must ask you to
pay me a fine of CO francs."
And the railway inspector had to shell
out. Voce del Popolo.
Irate Parent It's over an hour, since I
sent you to the store to get those things,
and now you havo come back without
Small Boy It was such aHongtlme
before iny turn came to bo waited on
that I forgot what yon-wanted.
Irate Parent Why. didn't yon come
homo to find out?
Small Boy 'Fraid I'd lose my turnl
Harper'a Bazar,
Grand Lodge of New York KlecU Officers,
Grand Master llurnham.
The grand ledge P. and A. M. of tho staU
of New York met at Masonic hall, New
York city, Juno 7. After preliminary busi
ness Frederick A. Burnbam Was placed in
nomination for grand master and unani
mously elected, there being no opposing
candidate. Afterward' tho following om-
ccre were nominated and elected: R. W.
John Hodge, deputy grand master; R. W.
William A. Sutherland, senior grand ward
en; R. W. John J. German, grand treas
urer; R. W. Edward M. Elders, grand sec
retary; Charles E. Ido, grand j unior warden.
Grand Master Burnhata is a Rhode Is
lander by birth and is still a young man.
being about 40 years old. His Masonic con
nections bog an
shortly after ar
riving at his ma
jority, His ar-'
uent temperament,
made him an en
thusiastic worker,
and his great pop
ularity with the
brethren has per
mitted his holding
nearly every elect
ive office lu the
onler. The same
Integrity and earn
estness In the dis-iliai-L'o
of minor
offices in the fra- r- A- DimxnAM.
ternlty have won for him the distinguished
position of chieftain of 80,000 Masons of the
Empire State, This number represents the
largest body of Masons under one jurisdic
tion in tho v orld, with tho exception of
Great Britain.
Cremation receives no encouragement
from tho Masons of Pennsylvffiila.
Bit). Alien Andrews, grand master of
Masons hi Ohio, bus divided tho state into
40 districts and appointed in each of same
a lecturer to disseminata tho revised ritual
adopted by the grand lodge at its lastan-
nual communication.
Tho "colored" Masons difficulty hns not
yet been solved in California, where the
"color" lino exists in tho craft.
There arc IS councils of royal, select and
supercxcellent masters in England, with 48""
In some old Scotch lodges it was tho
practice to suspend for VJ years. Thi3 was
ono way to avoid the punishment of expul
sion. In Sweden all princes of the blood are
Freemasons by birth.
There are now 803 lodges in New York
itate. The 1 ,000 mark should bo reached in
tho next two years.
In Utah the total membership is about
Connecticut has a lodge numbering in
membership nearly COO.
The only session in July is that of the
c;rand lodge of Canada. In August the
only grand lodge session is that of Indian
The Order Ha Made Immense Gains In
Membership Helmet Glints.
The supremo keeper of records and seal of
the order of Knights of Pythias sends the
following official report of the number of
members and subordinate lodges in the
Pythian world up to May 25, showing
an immense gain both in members and
lodges during the last year. Total number
of subordinate lodges Dec. SI, 1892, 5,572, a
net gain during the year of 071 lodges; total
number of members Dec. 31, 1892,413,014, a
net gain during the year of 50,020. This is
the largest net gain in any one year both lu
lodges and membership.
A Pythian castle is to bo erected in New
port, Ky., in the near future. It will bo
built by Eureka lodge, the largest and
wealthiest in the state of Kentucky. This
lodge has an option on ono of tho best and
most central sites in Newport.
An encampment and brigade meeting of
the Missouri brigade, uniform rank, will bo
held in St, Louis in October.
June 13 was observed throughout the or
der as memorial day. Many lodges held
services in honor of deceased brothers.
All members of the order under 60 years
of age who can pass a satisfactory medical
examination should become members of
the endowment rank.
Eighty-two new lodges and 0,299 mem
bers were added to Ohio's membership in
The Knights of Pythias aro now the third
in point of numerical strength In orders of
secret societies of the world. This, too,
though only 29 years old.
A. O. U. W.
Summary of Progress For the Year 1803,
Chips l'roiu the Shop.
The summary of the results and the prog
ress made for the year 1892 comes as a sur
prlso in that it has exceeded the previous
year of 1691 and all former records. It is
difficult to appreciate the full measure of
this progress by tho figures glvlug the re
sult. The mind compasses its magnitude
more correctly when it Is remembered
that 'the new members admitted in 1893
more than equaled that of the first 10 years
of tho order's existence, and the disburse
ments to the beneficiaries of its deceased
members during tho year U03 mora 'than
equaled that of -the first 13 years of the or
der's klstory.-
Mlunesota and Illinois have followed In
lkia,jndi-acU reduced tho maximum age
limit to 45.
The important question for each of the
jurisdictions to solve is tho maintenance of
conditions equaling, as near as possible,
that which exists iu the order as a whole.
Eight assessments for the first six months
of 1893 against 1 1 for the same period iu 1893.
Twenty thousand dollars per day paid to
the Widows and orphans of its deceased
members 'la the ircord for 1893. It Is a
grand showing, and oery workman should
be proud of it.
Tacoma, Wash., proposes to beat the rec
ord of Seattle by initiating 1,000 members
In one night.
Knight of the Golden Kagle.
During the past teven months 27 tempU
Ladifcsof the Golden Eagle bare been in
stituted in Pennsylvania.
The number of Knights receiving benefit
dnrng the past 17 years, principally during
the pt seven years, l 20,239.
The IS German castles and the Swedish
eatU la Pwi&iyItmU fc ft flourUatofi,
cobOIUo!..,. rt. ,,
Itnall Gains In Kentucky Jurisdiction,
Chips From the Templo.
Kentucky Knights Templars do not ap
pear to havo progressed iu ratio with many
other jurisdictions. The membership Is re
ported as 1,831, a oain of only 10 for the
venr. DeMol.iy No. 12 leads with 009 mem
bers; Maysvlllo No. 10 follows with 20lj
Louisvlllo No. 1 has 109 members. A ma-
ority of tho commanderics appear1 to have
ost In membership. Tho annual conclave
of the grand commnndcry of Kcutuciy was
licld nt Mammoth Cave. Thomas F. J.
Counioy of Puducah was elected grand com
mander. There is a controversy in Canada over rit
ual. Many are advocating tho adoption of
tho American or United States ceremonies.
The grand commnndcry Knights Tem
plars of Pennsylvania met in Wilkesbarre
in tbclr fortieth annual session. Besides
transacting other routine business tho fol-
lowingofncers wero elected lor the ensuing
year: It. E. grand commander, Charles C.
Baer; V. E deputy grand commander, Irv
ing P. Wanger; E. grand generalissimo, Ed
ward B. Spencer; E. grand captain general,
Rev. Albert W. Ryau; E. grand prelate,
Samuel S.'Yohc; E. grand senior warden,
Henry M. Van Znmlt; E. grand junior ward
en, Henry H. Kulin; E. grand treasurer,
Mark Richards Muckle; E. grand recorder,
Mont II. Smith.
No assessments can bo enforced against
membersof commanderics except forlegiti
mnte expenses and excluding refreshments.
A Knight Templar tried and acquitted
for an ofl'ense in a lodge cannot again be
tried for the .sumo offense in a chapter cr1
commnndcry, the lodge being a body of
competent authority, and it being consid
ered that tho rule of once, in jeopardy Should
prevail. No np)ieal can bo had Ou acquittal
and only allowed on conviction.
Bro. Charles Wheelock wns elected grand
commander nt the annual conclave of tho
raud commandery of Knights Templars of
Bro. Moubray R. Duudas has been nj
pointed recorder pro tern, of California com
mandery No. 1 during the nbsenco of Hi
ram T. Graves, who will remain in Chicago
during the World's fair.
The coloied grand lodgo of Ohio had 0
lodgcp, 1,190 members and 110 Initiates tl r
past year.
I. O. O. F.
Maine to Celehrato the Order's Fiftieth
lilrthday In the State Llnklels.
As tho fiftieth anniversary of the estalc
lishmeut of Odd Fellowship in Maine comes
this summer, n celebration of tho event is
proposed in Portland Friday, Aug. 25, un
der tho management of tho officers of the
grand lodge of that state. A circular letter
has been sent out to all lodges in the state
asking opinions as to the advisability of
such nn observance and also how many
members ea,ch will send to the event.
The grand lodge of New York will meet
in New York city in August.
The encampment branch in Ohio made n
gain last year of 1,200 and now number
14,593 members.
Have you joined tho encampment yetf
New lodges continue to knock for admls
Queen Victoria and American Odd Fel
lowship wero born and have grown up to
gether, but whllo tho former grows .feeble
tho latter increases in strength and vigor
Flesh is as grass that wlthcrctb, hut truth
remains immortal.
Massachusetts has 71 encampments, with
a membership of 10,398. Relief paid during
the year, 22,220.80.
Grand Master A. G. Weir of Nebraska
has recently been elected mayor of the city
of Fremont in that state.
General Underwood's report of 023 cnu
tons, with membership of nearly 25,000,
evidences that tho Militant branch Is grow
ing. Maine has 22,189 members, with invested
funds of $602,095.15.
The New York btuto convention of Rebek
ahs was attended by 07 delegates repre
senting 57 lodges, and in the transaction of
business proved themselves equal to the
grand lodge.
Tennessee and Maryland Forcluii Ahead,
Pythlun Sister Notes.
Connecticut at the olose of the year bad
49 lodges and 5,232 members. Tennessee
had 97 lodges, a gain of 18, and 0,910 mem
bers, a gain of 1,290. Maryland had 09
lodges, n gain of 4, with 7,653 members a
gain of over 000.
The Pythian Sister banner-now floats in
33 states of tho Union.
The grand jurisdiction of Oregon reports
five temples of Pythiun Sisters.
The order of Pythian Sisters is increasing
at tho rate of over 1,000 a month. The
largest templo on record Is Damonia tem
plo No. 45, Instituted by Sister Bell of Co
lumbus, O., there being 251 on tho charter
At the lust session of the supreme temple
the sign of purity was made the voting
sign instead of yeas .ami nays, and it was
enacted that the Bible must bo used on the
altar and that the members of a temple
must removo their wraps and hats when
entering ft temple room.
Colorado now has eight temples of Pytht
Ian Sisters.
The uniform rank now numbers over 45,
000 Sir Knights and is increasing at the rate
of 1,000 per month.
All the Cleveland divisions, uniform
rank, are having well attended drills and
enthusiastic meetings, as well as adding
many members each month.
New Ensland Order of Protection.
The reports of the supreme officers of the.
New England Order of Protection show a
handsome gain in membership during the
past year. These reports were presented to
the supreme lodge of this order at the sixth i
annual session held recently at Boston.
Supreme Secretary Cash reported 197
lodges and 18,855 members, of whom 18,650
were beneficial. From April 1, 1892, 23 lodges
i.u....i i wm ttusnended. and 2
' were consolidated with other lodges. By
states the membersliip is as follews: Maine,
I ra ii. a 7i7 members: New Uampshire,
0 lodges, 1555-membeis; Vermont, 11 lodges,
550 members; Massachusetts, 78 lodge,
6,781 members; Connecticut, 31 lodges, 8.B5
Therp were 78 deaths during the pwt year,
calling for the payment of benefits amount
fago 1181,000.
The maximum age limit for newmwn
ben U W years.
Rnniuu Tnunrir fisjihom reDOrUd the
receipt in the general fond as I17.7W.84
ana tie awiunemenu wjd.. iumiv
celpUiu the benefit fund from H
menu wewl HCWLW, 1jk4u41 WUaceoX
The NerVous System the Seal
of Life and Mind. Recent
Wonderful Discoveries.
No mystery hasver compared with that or
human life. It has boon tho leading subject
of professional research and study In all agos
llut notwithstanding this (act It Is not Rcnon
any khowt
tlint tliosoal
of llfolsloca'
ted In the up
per pa rtoftiii
splnnl cord
near the ba
of the brain
and so sens!,
tire Is this
portion of th
nervous sys
tem that ovon
the prick of
needle will
cause Instant
Recent discoveries havo demonstrated thnl
alltheofgatasof tho body are under tho con
trol of tho nerve centers, located In or near
tho basoof tho brain, and tliatvvlicntliesaiire
deranged tho organs which they supply with
nerve fluid aro also deranged. When It Is ro
momborod that a scrlouv Injury to tlio spinal
cord will cawe paralysis of the body below
tho Injured point, becauso tlionervo force Is
prevented by tho Injury from reuchlnglhei
Diirnlvzod nortlon. It will bo understood linn
tlio derangement of tho nerve centers will1
cause ineaerangemont oi mo various organs
which they supply with nervo forco.
Two-thirds of chronic diseases are due to
tbo imperfect aQtlonof tlio nervo center at
tlio basoof the brain, not from a dei -o-ment
primarily originating In tho ore It
self. The great mlstako of pliyslcii In
treating those diseases Is that tliey tre ii tho
organ rather than .tho nervo centers nhlcb
aro tbq cause of the trouble.
Dr. I'RANttttM Miles, tlio celebrated spe
clalltbhss profoundly studied this subject for
over 20 years, and has tnudo many Important
dlscoverlos In connection with It, chief among
them being tho facts contained In the abovo
statement, and that tho ordinary methods of
treatment aro wrong. All headaclio, dizzi
ness, dullness, confusion, pressure, bluos,
ininla. molancholy. Insanity, epilepsy, 8U
Vitus diuico, etc., are nervous diseases no
matter how causou. Tho wonderful success of
Dr. MIIos' Restoratlvo Nervine Is duo to lli
f n't that It Is based on tho foregoing principle.
l)n. Milks' Restorative Nervine is sold by
ill druggists on-a positive guarantee, or Font
direct by Da. Milks Medical do,, Elkhart,
lud. on receipt of price, $1 jer bottlo. six
tvHtlcs for $3, oxoress prcpilu. it contains
Mther oplatos nor dangerous drugs-
eold by D. J. Fry, druggist, Salem
Deutscher Advocat.
Admitted to practice In all the courts
Special attention given to German speak
ing people and business at the county and
state offices. E. HOKKU, Notary Public,
Prices Current by Telegraph Local
and Portland Quotations.
Salem, July 14, 4 p. in. Ofllco
Daily Capital Journal. Quota
tlotiH for day and up to hour of going to
prees wero na follews:
Peas 8 cents a gallon.
Gooseberries 15 cts a gallon.
Raspberries red aud blaok 6 eta.
Cherries 3 to 0 eta a lb. Continue
Veals dressed 4 cts.
Hoga dressed 6 to Cj.
Live cattle 2 to 2.
Sheep alive $l.S0 to $2.00.
Spring lambs-SUO to $2.00.
Sulem Milling Co. quetes: Flour
in wholesale lots $3.20. Retail $3.00.
Bran $17 bulb, $18 sacked. Shorts $10
and $20. Chop feed $10 and $20.
54 cents.
Oats-40 to 60 cents.
Hay Wild, $10; timothy and clover,
$12. Baled $12 aud'514.
Barley No demand except for feed.
60 cents.
farm PitonucTfl.
Wool-Best, 10c.
Hops Small sale, 16 to 17c.
Engs ChbIi, 16J cents.
Butter Best dulry, 15 to 20; fancy
creamery, 25.
Cbeese--12 to 15 cts.
Farm smoked meats Bacon 12;
hams, 13; shouldera, 10.
Potatoes new. $1. .
Otilous 1J to 2 cents.
Beeswax 34c. Caraway seed, 18c.
Anise seed, 20o. Olueeng, $1.40.
Green, 2 cts; dry, 4 cts; sheep pelts,
76 cts to $1.25. No quotations on fun.
live poultry.
Chickens 7 to 10 cts; broilers ilOU12J;
ducks, 12; turkeys, slow sale, choice,
10 cts; geese slow.
Grain, Feed, etc
Flour Standard, $3,40; Wulla Walla,
$3.40; graham, $3,00; superfine, $2.60
per barrel.
Oats Whlte,45o per bushel, grey, 42c;
rolled, In bags, $0.256.60; barrels,
$6 600.76; cases. $3 76.
Hay Best, $1617 per tonjcouimun,
Wool valley, 18 to 14c.
MlllstuHs Bran, $17:00; shorlB,,$2l;
ground barley, $2024; chop feed, $18
per ton; whole feed, barley, 80a5 per
centui; middling, $2328 per ton; brow
ing barluv, 00ra05c per rental: chloken
wheat. $1.2246)1.24 )or ceutal,
Hops-16 to )8o.
Butter Oregon fancy creamery,22J
26; fanoy dairy, 17J2flo; fair to good,
lfiutlOe: common. 124o per neunu: Call-
,fonla, 35244a per roll.
Cheese uregon, & isj; juatern
twine, IGo; Voung American, 16c per
per pound; California flatty 14c.
Eggs Oregon, 20o per dozen.
Poultry ClilekeiiB.o!d,$4.00; broilers,
laree. t2 00ra)3.0o: ducks, old. $4.60
0.00; young, I2 604.00; geese, $8.00'
turkey, live, izjp; aresseu, joc, per u.
Woel: Oregon Eastern choice, 12(3)
15c: do iuferlor, 0llc; do valley, Ut?
Hops 16018c.
Potato Ordinary klacto of itew la
sacks at C5c3$1.00 per cental; new
K-r!y Jtoso, boxes, 76t(ai,uu; mew mat
batiks, . Ml DO per cental.
Onions 76Tu85o per cental for tA,
and $1.0001.20 for silversklns.
Barley Feed, 81 1 0821 o Per cental
for good quality end 85c for choice;
brewing, 0001.00 w cental.
OUs-MllfTug, $1.4801.60; fancy feed
$1.4601.60; Kod fn choice, fl.&S!.45j
eotutnoii to fain $1.1001.25; gray tlM
01.44; black, $1.1001.1) per cent!.
Natural Wood Finishing,
Cor, 30th and ChetaelteU Btreet,
Goo. Fondrich,
Vest meat and free delivery.
136IMat Street.
Estimates made on tall kladsoi
Residence Cor. I8i band Bclrlew'
BU Salem.
fc Vfc''fe''V't'yvi
Havo 'you abused tho laws of naturo and Injured your nervous Byetom ?
Aro you despondent and melancholy with confused ideas and gloomy thoughts ?
" ESPANO" will positively euro you. It contains no mineral poisons, and
is ruinarkablo for awakening organic action throughout tho system and an
improvement in every tissue. It produces hotter muscles, bones, nerves,! hair,
nails, skin, blood and gives vigorous llfo to tho unfortunate who has exhausted
his powers. Prepared in-tablet form and packod in boxes convenient to;carry
in tho pocket. Lath box contains 00 dosos or enough to last ono month and is
worth many times its weight in gold. Tho price $1.00 per box or 0 boxos for
(5.00 if ordered 'at ono tlmo and a guarantoo will bo given that any caso mcn
tionod abovo that it does not cure, tho money will bo refunded. As to our
flnancinlst&ridlng'WB refer' to any bank in this city. Sent charges prepaid to
any address in United States or Canada. Put np in plain wrapper with no
mark to distinguish what it is. Bend for circulars and testimonials. Addrosa,
1 Stockton. Street
An abla Brain and Nerve Specialist can at any tlmo bo confidentially
consulted entirely free of charge, personally or by mall, at tho 'above
Till NEW
Completed and ready to wait on customers. Horses bonnted by day or week,
at reasonable prices. Wo keep a full lino of Truck", Drays and Express to
meet all demands. Also keep the finest Stallions in this countv, for eervlco.
Barn and residence 2 block south of poatollke. RYAN & CO.
If you would bo clean and havo your clothes done up in
the neatest and dressiest mannor, tako them to tho
where all work is done' by white labor and in tho most prompt
Liberty Streot.
East and South
f the
Southern Pacific Company.
7.-U.' p. in.
B;1S p. m.
Ar. i
7:84 a. m
Balein l.v. I fi:3Sa. ui
rem sun.
Ar. Han Kran.
t.v. 7,-wp. m
Above imlns Ujd only ul follewing: sty lions
north ontosebanr.Kast Portland Or-on City,
Woodburn, Haloin, Albaur Taageut. ribedas,
Ilalsey, Jlarrlsburj.JuDctlouClty, Irving and
b.au a. in. I iiv.
11:17 a. m I Lt,
0 p. in. Ar.
Ar. I iM p. iu.
i.v. ( 1:40 p. id.
liV. 7.-00 . m
Albauy Lrfical, Dully Ksoopl HUQUuy,
6 UJ p. BJ.
TM p.m.
1MB) p.m.
Tjv. Portland Ar,
Lvs salem Lv,
Ar. Albany Lv,
TM a. to.
ftlulmg Oars a Ofdea Reuto
Second Class Sleeping Cars
Attached to all thronjh tralos.
ftitSfe IMirBetweei Pwtl&ftd
7nJ a, w. Lr. HirMssnd
L- JJ i .J 1
AT. I SuU p, iu.
Lv. 11W p. S3.
At Albany and Oorvallls connect
Instil r Orcein furtto lUllroad.
To all mloLs Im the Xsitita UtaUe. OaaaaVa
and Kmocw cm be bMina at lowest rates)
Jivr. sHiefsMM, Atm.tir.mvmr.A4i-
KX.OUi Mm ii iter
Screen Doors
Morlpy & WInstanloy.
Bhop 61 State street.
-BrM. awl Tile
NOHTlf flALUlt.
Talce It I
Only 3 cents a day delivered at
your door.
Meat Market,
S05,Coinmroal Street.
Good moats. Prompt dellTery.
lavi(J. McKillo.,
Steam Wood Saw
Leave2rder!.rat Salem Im
provement' Co... 93 State street.
BtAte fcitreot, - -
This wonderful preparation is Purely Vegctablo : compounded
from tho prescription of tho Official Physician to tho Court of Spain.
"Espanq" rccreatcB Mental and Nervo Power in Man and "Woman.
An infalliblo remedy for Nervous and General Debility,
Nervous Prostration) Creeping Paralysis, "Weakness caused
by' Debilitating-bosses, Excesses or Over-indulgences, Di
cipicnt Softening of the Brain or ParcsiB, Dissincss, I,os3 of
Memory, Confused Thoughts and all Brain, Nerve or Sexual
Weaknesses. It has no equal in restoring tho Stomach and Brain
to its normal condition following tho abuso of Alcoholic Beverages,
or indulgence in tho Opium, Morphino or Chloral habit.
Iyeove orders atCottle-Varkhurst block,roum
15, Halem, Oregon.
Have had 18 years experience training fr
track or carriage, 'forms reabouable. Can be
found at WotUoolt' stable, or address Halem
e-fl-lm JAM1CHKINU.
On Improved Ileal Estate, In amounts aud
lime to suit. Mo delay In considering loans.
loom 12. Hush Hank block. 6 IMu
On easy term and cheap. A SO acre orchard
onHunny UldnNo. one. 8 mile south
of Haiem.
&J4t-dw JOHN U ART.
Farm far SmIo or Trade.
On easy terroi. four mile east of Uubllmltr.
oontalning 117 acre- will trade for property
in or near naiein. a. u. nuvc,
S-8-dw Kubllmlty.Or
1 1 p. in. Chi-h leavo Hetcl and
Ptollice dally tw Asylum,
Penitentiary and Cemetery oh
Capital City Railway.
Car leaves a. m,, eMtaeet
lawltk verlaad trala. aa4
cam leav Hte1 every 3
mUatt'H frMt : a. m. t 11
b m. fr all MlRtH n the Uae
xeeatiwj Centetery Car.Takeit
Cto et PwweiHter I'rjUuH.
nnil L'nndics.
F. O. Qloolc
The Upholsterer,
ltctnodels, re-covers and repaint
nphoLstcnd furniture. KlrsU
Fakm mate insurance block.
Bates, $3.50 to $5.00 per Pay
The best hotel between Portland and Baa
Pranelsoo. First-class in all It appointment.
Its tables are served wltli the
Choicest JTritAta
Urewn In the Willamette Valley.
A. I. WAGNER. Prop.
A HAItQAIN lflo acre with tmprovemeoU
over half undrr cultivation, rest pasture and
some good timber. Term very ttny, Ad
drs O. I,. NASH,
O-W-lm-dw WheaUand.Or.
I JL-U'JJJ. 1 l-J LU. ..., ,1 .11.11
i'. ii. D'Aiior. ato. a, jjikoh ak.
D'AHOV Sc IIINOUAM, Attorneys at Law,
llooms 1, 2 and , U'Arcy llullding. lit
aute street, flpocliil attention given to busl
nesa In the supreme and circuit court of the
state. 2 11
l 11U1UK. Attorney at law, balem, Ore
Kon. Oltlce 271 Commercial street.
mlI,MON KOItU, Attomey at law, Bulem,
X Oregon. Utile upstair In I'atton block.
J, UipUKIt, Attorney at la waloiu. Ore
gon. Ofllco over Hush' bank.
J . Attorney t law. Ofllre over Capital
National bunk, Halem, Oregon.
JOHN A. OAlt-iON, Attorney at law, room
Hand!, Hush bank building, Halem, Or,
BON HAM it ilOl.MKH. Attorney at law.
omoeln Hush block, between auteand
t,ourt, on Commercial street.
K. 1-OtlUK, Htenograpber and Tjpe
, write! Hest equipped typewrltina of-
Co but one In Oreirou. Over Mush's bank.
Halem, Oregon,
THUiA HIIKUMAN Trpswrltlna; and
I commercial xenography, room 11, Gray
ock. jrlnt-ctaa wcric, Kate rcaftouable.
It A. OAVI3, lAiv rvt Graduate, of Vtw'
york.rtveasDccuil attention to tlM dis
eases of women uud children, pom, Ibruat,
lungi, kidney, skin dlsrase and surgery,
Ottyua at residence, lot state street. Consult,
lion from to i u. iu. aud 2 to 5 p. m. 7-1-aea
a Mrpi'
1-iIyhkiian andrijroeon.
Onlce Slorommerclal strecUn Kldrld Week.
itMiattoee no uomuercMi sir.
Q a IIKOWNB, M. P.. l'hj'iwtaaaiUsluri.
Q. con. oitlce, Murpuy Wlojki yeiaewoe,
iKj, . om mt rclat street.
DH.T U HMlTif, Ueutlst. Mt Mvtf
' sutam.()rinn! KlnUhe itnsitsil
noil of every description. MilBtM'
nr I). i'UUII. Architect.
VV . linns and sunerlntsuMlssiee
class ol buildings. OOtee 2M (Mm
street, up uur.
P. J. LARSEN & 00.,
MMUsfdCtuMrol Woiw, Cr
rlgM, ,
T)llOTKOTIOU)K). t A.O.U. Wv-
L Mttulu tblrWJ Mt. In
L, Heeu iu tneir' n . iwm
. w. vsns w
J, flf RbUnUVf WWWlfS
mf '
72 -
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