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Capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1893-1895, July 14, 1893, DAILY EDITION, Image 4

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Oar store fell f tfee choicest, fre'fees. sad Uieai style
goods. We oser rare Wgaias is every dopariaeai, and call
aitesUoo to toe xofwwrag
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17 Tie IxSfe Sfe tevttei mfee tb gSs Were tc8? !!
tito tsTfawfc Vynt Weareposfcivetbst
307 Commercial Street.
- IK -
Salem Improvement Co.
Valsz -iKl3f-Tle Itet tbt
t& Cjipitjid Jocejsai. baa Uieaop
IbeeodseJ fee SefrftJe&t Dcrtro-
Icts ii Ecfcctasatp Sec Mr. Di-bios.
lla abee Is a betfil. One of lU edisora
tvecrtoa filwt tt&tmeat topcocore
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erat. OfeoonetbieDessscetaiiaefcarx
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Sba to efcrg tfce Jocsxai. "rl4i
bbckzc&fl. Tbepopieoftbieniao-
Elty pot ap Ub ahacet aoythisrtb
J34 Fal Boy does. Tbey do act eeco
toboSd bha to aay aaeocsuACKty
tbey woaJd a ssaa- IX aaybodx
vaata aaytody cfaarrtd with aay
ertcksaodribe eaa ail tbey bare to
do b to bad tbe Dwoocrat tbe raooey.
Yog toorb tbe tot too acd be does tbe
nxL Of coarae, tbe Jocbxal u Dot
deesdiar Jlr. Donrnloz. He teem
aWe to take care of blasielf.
SH0OTt5O AT ifc3Il-f SVUSX.
Tberclia catoptnttilng io progresM at
HeMiooTille. Tbondar nlgbt two
iota went (torn there to a silcon io
tovraacd after beeriog op got into a
row in which ooe Joboaoo, a rtafct
abto dtlxa u ererely stabbtd by a
roach who was married to a womaa
there ooly two weeiu ago. Sherifl
Kaigbt who cune from there early tbla
morolas kaew so rxtrticolarB. Tbe
men are under arrett.
DiSXBVED Vacatiow. A. F. Uofer,
wife and daughter Marie took tbe
morning OTeriaod for a few weeks with
friend Eut asd at tbe world' fair
Tbe botioe&i manager eojoja a well
earned respite after nearly foor years
hard work. He learea tbe aCmirt of
the JocaxALln better shape than ever.
All bills are paid, no aAameot baa
trrtx been made on tbe stock holders
and there I a tola new in toe bank.
Cillmpios Black. W. W. Minnie,
of Albany, the champion bootblaek of
the world, is in tbe dty. He bas a
standing oflcr to put up VJW to f3X0
thai be can do a better and a quicker
job than any artitt in bis line in tbe
world. Xo match baa been arranged
thoagb it is believed feaiem has a man
in l&rgeant Zino, wbo is not easily pot
oat of tbe ring.
Omb Moxtii. Today Is one moo th
since tbe price of tbe Daily Jodexal
by mail was put down to one cent.
Nearly a thousand name on our
Daily liit attest tbe appreciation of
tbe people for tbe Oxe Cent Daily.
All wbo began June 13 are dropped to
day. No papers aent after time expire
for which tbey are paid.
Dot No Betteb. Mrs. M. A. II imp
wbo fell from a step ladder Wednesday
while picking eberrita Isdolog well for
a lady nearly sixty. Beaide breaking
ever ribs ber left arm at tbe elbow Is
out of place, and earning ber consider
able pain. Mrs. Ramp is entitled to a
gopd round lump of sympathy in ber
Nor ix a Buxa, Its. M. V. Rork,
Um Populist agitator bas one arm In a
aiing. No sling has yet been invented
to la anywise hamper that active brain
ad kaeu tongue of hi with which be
Iwfeea the eylU of a corrupt age and de-
ptet th woea and calamities that will
vartaka our country, In his opinion.
FlKKD.-8lcl!a WiUon, Ida Chaw,
MU Rlcbardsou and Georgia Bush
wars led IGO and costs before Police
Judge Edttlaai uight Tbeso people
i thy i ii n liquors at their places and are
Huiarly iatdui aouroe of revenue
la Um Hfime, It sot being dealrable
Isav a regular eelcoa llcente.
MoOVm.iiM oa other but wk
tmt "tU f,OfniVau Hour from tbe
i Milk TImm who havo ued It
T !
Sesstor Bixckaraa st Heppoerisra
tbe dty.
Jtra. and Mr. Jasper Mints aod fam
ily, and Mrs. Frant Wright roan were
psseGg3 fcc Newport, today.
Pesdietoa Tricaae: Dr. F. -H.
Gwisoe of Saksi, tbe father of Mix. H.
L. Talkingtoo, is ia the dty.
DaTid Link, fcrrxiy leader of tbe
CocTaJfts asd A&iay tacit, a fin tk-
lifl asd eorce pSayer, bxi eagagsd has
lerriees ia Geo. C. WW csaoe bscaa.
OEn ail nfofst to seed Sex a p&yf-
caa,a. lawyer to draw yecr wS,er
kfit sp y&er bcjoisd LcckwccxT
raasgr boy.
Prof. Aekeratn, cper!2tsdest
Mcitnarrath eoaatr. is tbe tuatitr to-
oigbt as tbe Sscth Stiisa Epwortb
Leafse. ETerybaiy cocse. E2gbt
A certain cere toe maTarfil fevers is
foasd in Himoocj Lira PegnlaSoc
XearfT ererroDe wbo kavw town
for tbe maontaio or tbe ocean orders
tbedxEfjEST Daily. One month
by rsaU 25 cents. Foar months IS
days for fl-M.
W. B. Walt of Polk county is a man
wbo wants all the news condensed and
fresh. He orders the One Cent Daily a
Send for one of my sample boots of
ti&Kte papers. I carry tbe largest stock
io aalem. Everything yoa want or
can expect from a bookstore. F. Dear
born, 233 Commercial street. 7-13 2t
Mrs. V. A. Mnnky Is home from
W. H. Byars of Portland, is ia
Dr. F. 3L Brooks, a son of John
Brooks, senior, and a well known prac
ticing physician at tfalem, baa located
atsuvertoa wttn bis family. JUe re
main oa the board of pension examin
ers of this dty and expects to be here
f once a week. Dr. Brooks is a gentle
man wbo will t missed here.
President Card well,Mrs.Card well and
others wbo attended the State Horticul
tural society did not return to Portland
until ibis morning.
Fine flavorrd, rich pure milk I what
Sbarpe's dairy delivers.
Van Eaton's grocery resorts to no
tricks but tbe customer gets full weight.
fresb goods and exactly what he buys,
or money refunded.
Mrs. E. Giese returned to Portland
today, after vliltlng with nephews and
nieces at Salem.
Mrs. Lucas and husband, of Eugene,
are gnesta of ber brother. Judge Bean
of East Sdlem, wbo returned today.
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Leveque returned
from San Francisco today.
G. W. Johnson was a paa&anger for
Portland this morning.
Judge Gto. H. Bamett is in Port
land to day.
Manager F R. Anson took this
morning's overland for Portland.
Tbe first binder to be started in Ma
rion county fur tbe season of 1SQ3 began
operations today cutting aa eighty acre
field of oaU on tbe farm of Stephen
Tlllotison on Ankney's bottom sooth of
The Methodist ladies picnic at Morn
ingaide was a great succeed. Tbe crowd
was so large that everything was eaten
up that was eatable.
John Robinson was fined five davs
for vagrancy la tbe rtcorder'a office'
this morning.
The will of John Blernev. deceased.
was probated today. II U wife Etixa
beth Blerney, and daughter, also Eliza-!
betb.are ex ecu tow. The value of the'
estate la about 11700. I
J. A. Van Eaton has auffldeotly re-'
covered from bis late Ulnet to go to
Portland today for treatment by a dty
physician. He was accompanied by'
his wife.
. j
Albany, Or., July RH. M. Beal
of Tbe Dalle has been appointed
receiver of the closed Lisa County Na
tional bank. He will arrive la a few'
daya to assume charge asd begin clos
ing ap the bueloese sf tbe bank. I
Status Afar iTrersfcy Etm-
ibs; fa Liberty Sfreel.
mmmoFMmi nums
Somt Blood SpilUtl j
TVoasd? Inflicted.
LatI dgbt at terra o'clock a ibxrp
ol froca a dq&ss wbifi Je tamiaeaed
lie sSoen asd a ereod of by-staader
w use cesr se ucse wc. a
r a.- - - - ..- oai.Mi f,M0r f
Bfee-tbined ceJtaSiii were dteappear
rngostof back doors and fiyisajLnaa
dhmetieoa fa great baste.
WocgTooo aod Hong Gisg were
both fcaud in a owe orlea dixabkd
Wccg Tooa daims that HoorGirg
hh Mm rm th hmA -arith an tran bar
yr that be, in order to defodd himself
-treat after bia asallant with a batcher
knife e&adcg tbe tojary mentkned.
Tr. 1. "V Smith m called and at-
tended to toth. He found that GlzgtJZJ?-,?Z '
woaadwasa dwp diagooal cot at the'jgj, Tbey prodoce-BO naoseaor
topof tbefcfi shockJer blade and that griping, batwiil do toeir work tbor-
it waa ereatlT swoBtn. Tooa's woand
on tbe forehead was not so bed bqt ap
peared as if U bad teen caused by a bar
oOrea or dob.
OScers DsBy ad Gibsoa uk the
meo ia eUody. Woog Teca wa boand
erer is cam of YSfJi to appear today.
ef tbe aSair, as stated to a JocaXAL
vrrker is tbat eoe of the man waa- cat
osg exZ, tbe ctbss was qsarrelling
with hto. Lee Qaong- made tbem
ffMy asd cc wear oat. He came in
aziia, op behind tbe one eottlsg meat
asd bit him with the tocg3, when tbe ;
rr-n i the ria slabbed bim with bis
ksi&s. Tbe one struck orer tbe bead
msa cave kjxoj n uux io jifc
Wow, aa it is downwards over tbe fore-
bead. Tbe weapon is an ugly piece of r
Chinese iron work, capable of hilling a
man. Tbe knife is also in court and
both are blooditaiaed.
Giog, tbe man wbo was stabbed and
WosgToon, who was bit orer tbe bead
with the curling irons which are about
three feet losg, were both held for trial.
G Jog's case is H for 2 odoek.
Bargains ia furniture
geant'e for a few days.
3: The Joxes. According to oar re
porter there are still a few Jones lft in i
Brooks. We are giad of It, The Jones
comprise tome mighty good people.
Baseball. The State League will
play games at tbe fair grounds park
Bitardaj and Sunday, at 3 p. m. Sa
lem vs. Oregon City, game called at 3
p. m., 23 cents.
TheEmpebob Comixo. William of
Germany is to vuit oar country and if
be knew of tbe display of Oregon f raits
and vegetables to be teen every day at
J. A. Van" Eaton's grocery be would
call care.
Axe You Nerrosx,
Are yoa all tired out. do you have that
tired feeling or sick headache? You
can be relieved of all these symptoms
by taking hoods Sarsaparilla, which
ivea nerve, mental and bodily strength
and thoroughly purifies the blood. It
also creates a good appetite, cares indi
gestion, heartburn and dyspepsia.
Hood's PiUs are easy to take, easy in
action and tare In efiect. 23 cents a
A good choice boose to sell on easy
term. Will take carpenter work in
part payment. G. M. BeeJer. tf.
Letter Froia Cyrus W. Field, Jr.
8 East 56th Street, i
New York, May 6ib, IMS.
Several time this Winter I have '
eufiered from severe colds on my lungs.
i Excn time I bave applied Allcock'a
Parous Plasters, and in every Instance
I have been quickly relieved by appiy-
log one across my cneat ana one oa my
back. My friends, through my advice.
have tried the experiment and alto
fouad it most tucceisfuL I feel that I
can recommend tbem most highly to
any one who may see fit to try them.
Cyecs W. Field Jr.
Meal Tickets. Tbe best in tbe
dty are those arranged from tbe choice
fresh fru'ta and vegetables cold at the
People's grocery. Clark & Eppley,
Court street.
Giaxt Powdeb. Would not render
friable tbe bard tough substances made
of skim milk and sold as cream cheese
at many places. This is never true of
Clark St Eppley's Little Nestueca full
cream cheese.
Tk o!y Pare Cr of Tartar
Uft4i MillwM f Hwt4o Yrs tfct IfciiiW
Zscroade&issi ef Hsoks ftf IB Fas
est a Bstism 23tt
pa usfverrMy, and were today ad
Tbe few&ees Made J sort ef Ho-j 3,. piieejn the supreme eoart
tet Wffiaraette sew pcewanet a 13" i of Ui Kate.
fiedged red-wlsderwed bawdy boats.;
This to aa laratt to a bMberto rapect- j Crrr Haix- Tbe bead of tbe coo
aUe besCaon fcSaeik el Hakes. 'tractors, BoalhwJek & Ha ten! as. is
Looklcz est of the bstes dmisr room filed with tbe dty recorder In tbe ism
asdstarfsg pewpSela tb face fa a fcnr
dive. Ladies paxsisg a tbe street are All is ixnr ready fur tbe dly oouodl to
apt to be brushed or joititd by lb!, aod etoee tbe contract Tuesday
women oa the etreei. Tbe becte if J ereolog-
ow&ed by tbe Hirsb estate of tbai dty. ;
rcicu bj nse o a irwuacu - ,
a. vjdoott bu cMts flrtM io rto. 10 :
catch atteatios freca State street.
Tbe ptaee formerly had bitter tea
ants bat was vacant six months.
There tboald be a rigoross pretest
from all wbo Hve ia that bkdc
Pet Me Ia 3ty Little Bed.
IisenT.BilT. iiHT;
Axa 1 nt to m a XajL,
IVe a tsptSt v eai.
JUs&tictdietis nria vsj bead.
In other words, I am sefferinz from
biHioos attack; bet Dr. Pierce's
Pkaaast Pellets win bring me aroond
all nrnx br to-morrow.
They often
' oogniy. TlBy are coaTemeni io carry
In the Test-pocket, and pheasant to
take. In TiszSSS cents.
TGTTS PILLS in nse 3) jeare.
TbnndaT the foUowlaz Droceedinesl
were bad:
-ii t ti . r r T-
M. L. Crane, app vs. C- L. Joces,
r&rp.: appeal from Marson county;
iargned and eabmitted. Jedge Wbal-I
ley and G. G. Ames attorneys for'resp.,
and Bonbam & Holmes for app.
Goodate & Wbeekr, resp.; th. CoSee,
Cragin fc Stnbbings, apps.; appeal from
Manon coanty argaed and sabmiued.
Robert G. Morrow attorney forappj-
, Wm Kaaer, for rtsp.
Petitions for rehearing were denied
in the following cases: Marccam vs.
Senzfelder; HiaJop vs. MoSdsnhoor;
Habn vs. Guardian Asnrance Co.; B.
C Archbishop vs. Hack; Johnson vs
Fan no; and state of Oregon vs. South
ern Pacific Railway Co.
If tbere CTtr u a
LtTir FUSsare
r4tiat.t2i3 Csita'
i-Oiisi toow ttbt. OalJ o fell Sok. TrT
Alvsriatiid bxnb pcrjiilTe pais. Tt-er
SiUCAttioaiidisd lies leave yoa coan-
ce&td. VMTLfs't LiK Ltxtz VSli rsclii tt
! tomtit asd isake vwawitU. tte. oc pel.
More cues of tfjac XtHulietr, IBBcas&am I
eccuupxuae.caa teexrto xa ia Uase, viux
tta zn.. ictT: mnd tat le& zzazxrr. fcyialitt
OvnaTtlliiielXTts Ss tfcaa by asj odatr
...-.. :: "ZZ 1
i . iVT: rwyfSTU v,,nu".T.,o'doekm-,on Wednesday, July 26th,
July 13, liSS, to Mr. and Mrs. Jacob itgg. p!,. and gpeficluons can be
Denny, a daughter. eeea at tbe office of MeXally & Knlgb-
POPPA. At tbe borne near Safcm,
Tnurcdav. Jul? 13. 15S3. to Mr. and
Mrs. Karl Poppa, a son; weight 14
VAN PATTON. To Mr. and Mrs.
Freeman Van Pattoa of East Salem,
Thursday, July 13, 1SS3, a daughter.
BAGLEY. In Salem. Thursday, July
13, 1593. Edith R., wife of W. H. Bag-
ley, aged 23 years, 6 months ana 4
Mrs. Bagley was sick about three
weeks. She had trouble with ber teeth
which made it necessary to have several
of them extracted and that was tbe be
ginningof difficulty that ended in blood
poisoning and death at 650 o'clock last
Deceased, whose maiden name was
Reynolds, was bora at tbe Dalles.
When seven or eight years of age she
went with ber parents to Sdo, which
was ber borne until ber marriage with
Mr. Basiey, February 12 1SS3. In 1SS5
Miss Reynolds entered Willamette Un
' """J" nd oytxn later was grado-
ated from tbe aeaiemledepartment and
conservatory of music.
Mrs. Bag ley leaves a husband, a
daughter, Mildred E. 3 years old, ber
mother, Mrs. E. E. Pentland, a sister.
Miss Florence Reynolds, a sister, Mrs.
S. L. Brooks of The Dalies and a step
brother, E.C. Pentland of Independ
ence. She was a faithful member of tbe
First Congresratioual church. Her
many excellent traits of character, ber
genial and even temperament and her
graces of mind and person made ber
hosts of warm friends at Tbe Dalles, at
Sdo and in Salem when she was well
Tbe funeral service Saturday at 2 p,
m. at tbe Congregational church, P. 8.
Knight officiating. Interment at Ru
ral cemetery. Electric cars leave 12th
street at 1:45, asd after serrloe for cem
etery. Powder. No Aasmeaia: No ,
Wm. L. MIMer asd Oeorg JL Nell,
of Jatksosviltf, arrived front the East
today. Tbey are native soo of Oregon
1 wbebave receatly grsdeated with high
1 boaers from the law aobool of iflchl-
,ctf tlSW wiUi a aoore of good sureties,!
. K.rtT .nrHl nl In
ellpatleo Uke Hmmoas LlTer
CoL Rolert Miller, of Jacksonville,
arrived in tbe dty and received hearty
coagratulatiotu of many friends. It b
h first visit since his appointment to
be register of tbe land office at Oregon
In bulk, all good shipping varieties
of cherries in tbe WiHamette valley.
Oregon Fruit & Produce Co, Salem.
lf yoa want a desirable residence lot
in Capital Park don't bay until yoa
hare seen Levi Magee'a bargain. Ad
dress, Satem P. O. ;-SJw
Attentien: Capital lodge L O. G. T.
All the members are reqoeated to be
lax tneir nail rnaay evening lonoiaa
1 peaai meeiinz. imponani iaunesj.
j B order Chfef TetapUr w. x. Len-
t0o. 7-13 2:
By tbe steamer El wood to Portland
July l&th. Leaving Salem at 6 a. m.
sharp, and arriving at Portland at I p.
rxu, giving tbe afternoon for bonnes
and pkaare In tbe dty, asd an oppor
tunity to attesa toe reception at tne A.
O. C- W. ball in the evening: Return
libe following moroins or an v other
regular trip back, rare, round trip.
flXO. K. K. KYAX, Com.
Al W. Hbrex, Agent.
Tbe Trask River Toll Road, with fur-
msaed hotel and tarm. at its western
gate, in Tillamook coanty, title deal
and renting; for fTO to 110.0 a year
can , be secored now, in exchange for
productive atv propertv. or a good
farm in tbe Willamette valley. In
quire of X. W. G. at residence of B. C.
Ward, 15th street, near Court, Salem,
vregon. , ,-ow Im
To Bander asd Contractors.
Salex, OrJuly 12. Seafcd propos
als will be received at the office of the
J secretary cf state for the erection of an
.- addition to tbe State Reform School
boildingi Bids to be opened at 12
! wn, arcntteets, saiem, Oregon, begin
niug Tuesday, July ISth. Bidders will
be required to accompany their bids
with a certified check of 250.0) as evi
dence of good faith. The right is re-
servea to reject any ana all bids.
G. W. McBridf.
E. B. McElboy,
Board of Trustees.
The Union Pad He now leads with re
duced rates to eastern points, and their
through car arrangements, magnific
ently equipped Pullman and Tourist
sleepers, free red I nine chair car and
fast time, make it tbe best time to trav
el, too trains leave from .Portland
daily at 8:43 a. m. and 7:30 p. m. The
rates are now within reach of all, and
everybody should take advantage of
tbem to vuit the world's fair and their
friends in tbe east. Snd for rates and
schedules of trains, and do not purchase
tiexeu until alter consulting .Boise 4
Barker, agents, Salem. Or.
Ass't Gen'l Rasa. Aeent, U. P..
Portland, Or.
A Great Convenience.
World's fair visitors travelling via
tbe Northern Pacific R. R and Wis
consin Central line, are landed at tbe
Grand Central etation in Chicago.
This magnificent fire proof building,
located in tbe heart of tbe city bas
been fitted up as a boteL run on the
European plan, with about 200 rooms
handsomely furnished and each room
i supplied with hot and cold water,
electric lights, etc.
Tbe charges for accommodations are
reasonable and parties can eecu re rooms
In advance by calling upon agents of
tne ronnern jfacinc it. K.
By taking the Northern Padfic
through car line to Chicago, visitors
will avoid tbe discomfort of all transfer
in that dty and can also travel between
the Grand Central station and world's
fair grounds by trains which ran di
rect between the two points.
7 13d2twdbw1mo
There is more catarrh In this section
of tbe country than all other diseases
put together, and until tbe last few
years was supposed to be incurable.
For a great many yeara doctors pro
nounced It a local disease, and pre
scribed local remedies, and by constant
ly uuiiog tocare wun local treatment,
pronounced it incurable. Science has
proves catarrh to be a constitutional
disease, and therefore requires consti
tutional treatment. Hall's Catarrh
Cure, manufactured by F. J. Cheney
A Co., Toledo, Ohio, U the only oossU.
tutlonal cure on tbe market. It l
taken Internally in doses from 1
toateaspooflfuX It acta direct!
tne wood and mucous surfaces of tlM
.. . j
system. They oner one hundred del
lararoraaycaseitfaiU to cure. 6ead
for drculars aad testimoolals. Ad
dress, F. J. Cheney 4 Co., Toledo. .0.
W-e uy orufauts, 75c
The Greatest place on
Earth to Buy Cloth
ing is at the Woolen
Mill Store.
All Wool and Lowest Prices
Remember ia naHrg coSee '
That tbe same fiavor will no rait ev- i
errtise. j
That eqsal parts of Mocha, Java and
B wiH be relished br a good many peo-1
That eTerr cae eaaa&S be rated to a !
acery by propsriy bleadiag two or more
irirAi i
That a mild coffee cxa b nzadedaa-j
geroajly erxoag asd Kill retain the nald
cess of fiavor.
That the Cavor is improved if tbe
Eqaid is tarsed from tbe dregs as sooa j
as the proper ssength is obtained. i
That where tbe peroolatkia rtethcrl is '
nsed tbe coffee tbcrzld be giimudvery
se or the strength will ret be extracted.
That if ti grosnd coffee is pa into
the water and boQed it shoald be rather
cearse: otherwise it will invariably be
Thatin serving the cups asd cream
shcald be warm. Tbe cream should be
pstia the cap before the coffee is peered
ia. but it is iaarsterial whea the scgar '
is added.
That a level teaspooafsl of the groin -A
coffee to each cap is the standing allow
ance, from which deviatioa can be made
m either drrecsoa according to the
strength deeired. Exchange.
a j.
Hamlia owes sx205 performers.
Keatscky has bat 23 trotriag tracks to
116 in New York.
So pool Tltn- will beaDowedia Cca
secticat this seasos.
Kee!er.2i. by Krag Rene, will be
campaigned this year.
AxteHwill have 3 mares at $ 1.000
service fee tHs seasoa.
Several paeamatic tire saTVifs have
beea shipped to Berm&da.
Allen Farm has 93 samiaatioss to the
(33.CC0 Ken tacky mtcrhy.
Breeders -of Shetlar.d ponies ia this
country have farmed aa association.
A turf expert declares that worry is as
f bad far domestic animals as for men.
Turf, Field and Farm's philosopher
says that an inferior celt is expensive
even if it is given to yoc
How's This? If no part of the big
bridge belongs to Folk coanty, Salem
aad Marion coanty better make It a toll
bridge to pay expenses.
Baby cried.
Mother sighed,
Doctor prescribed: Oastoria
Persons wishing to trade wood for
dally or weekly newspapers, and aleo
parties owing us wood on account are
hereby notified that we are now in a
hurry for it. Bring in your wood (or
some fruit will bo taken.) Hofeb
Bros., Pubs. Jocbxal. dw-tf
In all derangements of the liver a cure
la certain if you take Simmons Liver
Hardware, Wagons-, Carts, Rod Machinery
Latest Improved Goods and Lowest Prices.
N. W. Cor. State and Libertf St. SALEM. OREGON.
Down They Go S
We have cut m to the prices on men's Summer coats and
$2.00 coats and vests for $1.00
3.00. " " " " 2.00
K nn (( ( II nnn
llf, w.yw -
y s aaiea JacKets at
Bargains in every department
We dost rsd to pcaor
Herd's Farcy Tablets
iBetset!eTtrwofti!irc"-B;t7l W
IK-lT erLtsd aa laTttaiVx so oa Ijrtui
iTtelt cs saa o S&c yeciwl rea. Tcii t oott
jjoavtaaex fca tetHa-g tob. WearebaT-
ItscaMcFaaoatbetecoolL Ii ysc vlll
reisecsazairmai ioiuck soou
, wiuupnuKimuisvjwuaiuN
eicer yoa oct cr aos.
Patton Bros.,
slcallara and Stationer!
ITTJASTED A Ont etua zlri to Co tool
i If ntHCbair MlaMraadFerr.
I AilTertii ArSCT.HaidGMerrhinU
-terra t i vro i t-uurAn rA x r rurii
rTrhrj. Eaa Francf fro, taiijorzla. vbfit
lecotnc-SaraaTtrgiiagtam bsaa tor b.
X lCIE5CE-Uln!En
of a3
kta&soa aiie at OS Ufatrty ssreec
5 TTEXTIOX. Caii roasty T& "Pi
I i. lAlle,oM Inxs asd aU l&a&B ol emit.
BIarSereat Dtix Adrtet-x. aerriK tt
cMUollarsan Hall oppoti o-r tzmH
Jcra. Satcr aya. Ki.?)ttth sEbool at 13 a. m,
faUowKibxRiWeieiiilry and M&crMrrtn.
Prayer mtritrg Vttinnnaj 733 p. sa. (-17
Thursday dcily 20
Altereoia asd Ntf bt
Lean W. Washburn's
Great European . . .
Three Rice C tens. Royal KTrrTlth XtctrU,
Aviary, Moteom aod Aqcartnm.Raitic
WUd Weil, aad Roaiaa fllppodr zm.
M a.m. Opea ea of WEd Beua, VS
Steam Piano. HarreSoos Stoa Bocae "Sjtx "
tb Homitr Way Bepha.nt "CBpId,- I V
Ooorsopeaat Jaad 7p.ta. rerionaao
oa boor later.
Adxlis'KJ tp C&adres, Hair Price.
your own price.
' fssfsBBsssV
lf X.Q,OimW Mafc.wafW

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