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SScts. n taonth tgr Mull
Prepaid la Advance.
No Papers Boat Wkn
Timers Out.
The I Cent
yj J.X..JL 1 JL J-jlJLj
NO. 171.
With tho high prices you aro paying for your Dry Goods, Clothing, Shoos, Furnish-
lg Goods, Etc., Etc. If not
fhere you get the best bargains
GOODS Bought for CASH and sold for CASH
in be, and are sold for a smaller
. W. THOMAS, 297 Com'l,
General Insurance Agency.
Itopresenting the followtne woll-known and reliable Cempanies:
Traders- insurance uo i.V."u"i,UD.""V. t v, -
National Insurance Co., Westonester Klre Ins. Co.,
Lion Klre Insurance Co., Imperial Fire iDBurance Cn..aisrn
London Lancashire Fire Ins. Boo., London iisaranoe l orporatlon,
Alliance Asurauoe Co., Norwich Union Fire Ins.aoo,
Oldest and Leading Firm In the City Devoted Exclusively to Insurance,
nsmwn nnA rp nn Irs unbolstered furniture. Lone Experience in the trade
Enables me to turn out first-class work.
feive estimates. State Insurance diock,
Ed. C. (
CHURCHILL! Spraying ,offlf its,
Lamoureux's Stables,
!rlKsuo7polrhorstBrUW " '
West Printing
First-class Work.
SG3 Commercial St.,
Electric Lights
On "iTeter System.
TheSalm Light and Power Company at
Eeat expense have equipped their Kleetno
lght plant with the m t modern apparatus
and are now hie to ofler the public a betUr
light than any sylem and at a rate lower
than any city on the oaast.
Arc and Incandescent Light
ing. Electric Motors ior all
purposes whore power is re
quired. Residence can be wired for as many HghU
fcs desired and the consumers pay for only
such HghU as are used. ThU being registered
by an tlectrto Meter. Office
179 Commercial St.
The Rustler Wood Saw
And he doesn't burn op half your wood, In
l.uenhe aus It. Hake your contract
Willi him hAVkAnallw noItawaAHiMM ut VAsllehl
portion, laiborn's book atore.tM Bummer
call at tho
for the least money.
margin than goods sold on
Insurance Co.,
Samples of coverings. No trouble to
unetneKfeia Btreei.
Choice Meats.
Wholesale and Retail
Dealer in Fresh, Salt and
Smoked Heats of allKinds
95 Court and
110 State Streets.
State Street.
H. L. LAMOUREUX, Proprietor.
Printers.- -
Reasonable Prices.
Balera, Oregon.
p"W ffifl..?"K ' "JtSSE&S?
limO lO IUIU JtlUUWM.T ---
Boom 12. Bush Bank block. 5 12d
CflflS. WOLZ,
rroprletor of the
South Commercial St, Balenu
All kind Fresh, ealt and Smoked Meat
and Sausages,
21SKCnmrtUISt - S!, rf.
(Nut oeer to Klein's.)
Specialty of Sportaele. and wpalrte Ooek
Bjos jfiSne, ana Jewelry.
LToraeri atCtotUs-lrkkurit blockooa
time. Be sure and get our
A Day's Programme Top Literary Men.
The London Hospital thinks tho after
noon nap quite unnecessary and pro
scribes this regimen for literary-workers:
They should never go for more than
eight hours a day. Early rising would
be good for mo9t of them. A cup of cof
fee and a piece of toast at half past 0
might be followed by an hour's work
from 7 to 8. Tho whole hour between
8 and 9 should be devoted to a thorough
ly good breakfast and a short walk.
Work from 0 to 12. Half an hour should
then be spent in gentlo sauntering in tho
fresh air, and a light lunch should follow
say a chop and bread, with a modicum
of light pudding, accompanied by a
small glass of lager beer. From 1 to 3
a pipe and a saunter, and at 2 a cup of
black coffee. From 2 to 4 work. At 4 a
cup of afternoon tea and a rest until 5.
From 5 to 6 or half past work, and at
half past 0 the real labors of the day
should be over and completed. At 7 a
good, well cooked, appetizing, slowly
eaten dinner, followed by- one cup of
black coffee, but no tea. At a quarter
to 11 a small cup of cocoa and one or
two pieces of toast. At 11 bed, and
sleep until 6 or 0:30. Tho brain worker
should not work more than fivo days a
week in this fashion. He should have
tw.o days of leisure in the week. The
first of those should be devoted to brisk
and thoroughly fatiguing exercise In the
ppen air, and the second to lolling, loung
ing, a little light reading and tho like.
Seeing by Electricity.
Morso taught tho world years ago to
writo at a distance by electricity, the tel
ephone enables us to talk at a distance
by electricity, and now scientists are
agreed that there is no theoretical rea
son why the well known principles of
llgnt should not be applied in the same
way that the principles of sound have
been applied in tho telephone, and thus
allow us to see at a distance by electrici
ty. It is some 10 years since tho scien
tific papers of the world were greatly
exorcised over a report that I had filed
at the Smithsonian institution a sealed
packet supposed to contain a method of
doing this very thing that is, transmit
the vision of persons and things from
one point on the earth to another.
As a matter of 'fact, thero was no truth
in the report, but it resulted in stirring
up n dozen scientific men of eminenco to
come out with statements to tho effect
that they too had discovered various
methods of seeing by electricity. That
shows what I know to be tho case, that
meu are working at this great problem
in many laboratories, and I firmly be
lieve it will bo solved one day. Prof ess
or Bell in McClure's Magazine.
Manrels of Architecture.
Each time I havo visited the Whit
City I have been more Impressed with its
beauty; eaoh time I have wondered again
hnw nnrthlnc? SO beautiful could fi&VO
sprung up in the neighborhood of that
smoke begrimed city or nnge, ugiy uuim
ingsandof long streets of unbeautiful
houses. Some one has said that while
the buildings of the Paris exposition of
1880 were such as one might expect to
find at Chicago those at tho World's fair
aro such as one might expect to find at
Paris. There is much truth in the re
mark, and certainly by far tho finest ex
hibit at tho fair is tho buildings those
whited sepulchers of staff which but
for a broken corner here and there which
reveals their hollownesa hare all the
effect of substantial stonework. Cor.
Dundee Advertiser.
No doctor's bill presented to the fam
illea who rise Simmons Liver Regula
a. . If. Iff.
For over two years my UtUe girl's life
became inflamed, the lids swollen and
verypaiofuL After trying wlousreme.
sUell nve her HsHssH The first bot
I awravate the
disease, but the symptoms soon abated,
and in a short time she was cured.
tie seemes to
was made miserable dv a case o -w .
The discharge from the noe was large,
":tTr.3 -ffniw Her eves
rnnxiaui usua iui uui
n Wild and Wooly
Gladstone Endorses India's
Gold Policy.
In Price by Demonetization of
Horrible Discover? of a Lake Michi
gan Light house Keeper.
A Wreck.
Sault Stk Marie, Mich., July 21.
Lighthouse keeper at Big Duck island
reports fiuding part of pilot house of an
unknown vessel and body of one man
found fastened in tho cabin and two
mure on the beach.
The Freemana boys, four in number,
are accused of participating in a triple
murder some months ago. Dee Taylor
one of the gang, was captured and hung
for the crime. Two weeks ago the gov
ernor sent company Bixth soldiers to
assist the sherilt iu arresting tho out
laws. Wednesday tho soldiers overtook
them and a battle ensued. Four sol
diers were killed and six mortally
wounded. Oliver Freemana is also
ahnt. ntul dvlnir. t
..,.- j n.
A Washington-. Bank.
TAOOMA.July 21. Tue Trader's bank
did not open for business this morning.
Notice is posted on the door and states
that the bank is temporarily closed on
account of dullness of money market,
withdrawal of funds and Inability to
realize on ousels.
Two Mors.
Washington, D. C, July 21. The
comptroller received notice of failure
of First National bank, Cheyenne.
Wyoming, and Farmer's National
bank, Henrietta, Texas.
Gladstone on Gold.
London, July 21. In the British
house of commons today Gladstone re
plying to a question said he did not
agree with the assumption that the
new monetary policy of India In sus
pending silver coinage, would create a
large demand for gold which would
possibly result in a further rise in price
of that metal.
Denver All Eight
Denver, July 21. No more failures
announced here today and none expect
ed. Confidence Is being rapidly res
tored. It Is understood that tho Ger
man and National banks received large
sums, and will shortly resume. Mer
chant's and baukers have Issued a card
declaring that their belief in the pres
ent trouble is only temporary, and de
claring that recent revolutionary utter
ances do not represent the people of the
state, and urgo congress to pass the free
silver bill.
Eckels Explalna His LasguaK.
Pobtland, July 21. In response
to a querry from the editor of
the Paclflo Banker and Investor of
Portland, a telegram baa been re
ceived from Comptroller of Currenoy
Eckels in reference to his New
York speech. Eckel says: "I do
not see that any explanation of Ian
gnsge Is nccessary.Tuere is no reflectloa
upon the state or any city except such
as have been known and looked upon
as cities where speculation was rife.
There Is no one but believes
that In states named a majority
of financial Institutions are ab
solutely solvent Ootbe other hand
do one will deny that In recent years
speculations baye been carried o la
certain localities west to a degree not
warranted by growth In populations.
Tea Killed.
Ashland, Ky., July 21. A report
just received from Wise county, says a
fight took place Wednesday In that
county between state troops and Flee
man's gang of outlaws, In which four
soldiers were killed and six outlaws
mortally wounded.
Railroad Foreclosure.
ATLANTA,Ga., July 21. Tho Central
truBt'company filed a bill in the Uni
ted States court to foreclose a fourteen
and a half million dollars .mortgage on
the Georgia Paclflo road. This is part
of a re-organization sobeme.
Large Crowds Present and a Grand
Chicago, July 21. Tho weather con
tinues bright and cool. This Is Swedish
day at the world's fair and the Immense
numbers that marched in tho proces
sion, made it one of the most successful
national demonstrations yet held. The
various organizations which participate
formed down town and proceeded by
boats to tbe fair and marched through
the grounds to tho Swedish building,
where they were reviewed by tbe royal
commissioners. After the parade a
grand concert was held In the festal
half. Among tbe participants were: 0.
F. Landquist, of the royal opera of
Stockbom, and Mmo Ostenborg, the
famous Swedish soprano, brought from
Sweden especially for this day, aralsted
by Swedish singing societies and Theo
dore Thomas' orchestra of 140 pieces.
College fraternity day was also cele
brated by several thousand studeuto,
who made their presence felt with col
lego yells and songs.
Tho republic of Colombia dedicated
Its building today, the 83d anniversary
of Its independence.
Tho Illinois world's fair board Is mak
ing arrangements for a series of free ex
cursions for foreign commissioners
throughout the state. Moatof the roads
running through the state havo ex
pressed a willingness to enter into the
arrangements. Tho first excursion will
probably run next week Into Cairo,
stopping at some of the larger points.
Five others will be made In August.
Tho birthday of Queen Margborlta of
Italy was celebrated in tho woman's
building at tbe world's fair today with
addresses and an odo to her majesty,
followed by a reception to tho national
and foreign commissioners.
Kansas Labor Blot
PiTTSBUiia, July 21. Expllementon
account of yesterday's riot has greatly
subsided. Men in Lees Pit are still at
work, but oxpeot trouble this afternoon.
The most serious trouble Is expected
when the stockades are completed and
eflords made to put men to work.
Pensions and Tariff.
Washington, July 21. It Is re
ported here that Congressman Bur
roughs of Michigan will Introduce a
resolution in tbe house to investigate
the present workings of the pension of
fice with particular reference to tbe le
gality of certain orders which have
been made by Secretary Smith. It Is
understood Burroughs claims that after
A soldier has been examined In the le
gal way and a pension granted the
commissioner baa no right to suspend
him from the rolls or reduce his pen
sion or compel him to be re-examined
and go through tbe form of again quali
fying to draw a pension.
Wool growers and Importers will be
Interested In the text of tbe change of
classification made yesterday as shown
by the law. First-class wool Is pro
vided for In the tariff act as follews:
"Duty upon all wools of the first-class
shall be eleven cents per pound."
Wools of tbe third-class are dutiable as
follews: "On all wools of tbe third-
class and all camel's hair of the third
class tbe value whereof shall be thirteen
cents or lses per pound, Including
charges, tbe duty shall be thirty-two
per cent ad valorem,"
Baak Xmubm.
Ban Bbrnabdino, Cal., July 21.
This morning tbe first National baak
of this city, rc-opsasd IU doors for busl
seas. W SSSMM I I II
Set Ket Bstsf Scrlsc4.
New York, July 21. Hop quiet
and unchanged but returns of safes
bare a light tone UB.de r Influsaoe of un-
T. .. Lit k sTlAMMan AfArt jIttAAa aatlffl ttBL.
cent purchase that bav. opat4to
restrict aaerlKo eat. JMnana M now
Highest of all In Leavening Power. Latest U. S. Gov't Report
World's Fair.
Chioacjo.IIIb., July 21. Tho weather
continues bright and cool. Reductions
In railroad rates are already beginning
to be felt In the Increased attendance at
tbe world's fair, and It is believed that
from now on It will continue to grow.
Bank Assigns.
Milwaukee, July 21. The Com
morolal bank made an assignment to
A. B. Gell8UR8, cashier, who filed bonds
of one million six hundred and fifty
thousand dollars.
Rato Decision.
Washington, D. C, July 21. Tho
deolalon of the U. 8. Buprumo court in
the case of the Union Paclflo vs. Good
rich just reported, holds that all ship
pers must be treated by curriers with
ubsolute equality, distinctly recognizes
tho right of law making bodies to regu
late railways through railway conimls
slons, especially that fuaturo of state
and federal regulation which requires
carriers to obtain permission of com
mission before granting lower rates to
persons and places.
Big Fire.
Lono Island City, N. Y., July 21.
Two entire blooks of buildings, making
up the business part of tho first ward
together witbother property was burned
early this morning. More than ouo
hundred families aro homeless. Loss
eight hundred dollars.
The Site of Brownsville.
Albany, July 21. A dlspatoh from
Brownsville says that much excitement
was created there today by the fact that
a man namod Monk had filed upon
102 acres of land comprising about half
the town.
The land was originally Bold as school
land to J. H. MoHargue, It was after
wards claimed by the Oregon & Cali
fornia railroad and was repurchased an
railroad land. Monk claims now that
the title of tbe railroad company was
not valid and files upon It as vacaut
land. Tho Improvements are worth
Attorney Weatherford, of Albany,
and O. P. Coshow, of Brownsville, who
now own part of the land, will go to
the land office tomorrow to begin a con
test. Factories Closing.
Milton Hillb. N. H., July 21. Tho
agent of tho Waumbeck company has
lseued orders for dosing mills here for
six months as soon as goods now iu
process of manufactureshall bo finished.
The reason assigned Is lack of orders
except at ruinous prices. This Is the
first lime lu tbe history of the company
that work has been ordered to cease on
account of the condition of the markets
and tbe result will be a serious blow to
many employees.
Portland, Malno, July 21, The
directors of tbe Westbrook Manufactur
ing company's gingham mills decided
to shut down from July 20th to Sep
tember 4th. Goods now being manu
factured cannot be sold until October
and no money can be realized until
spring. ..
PLATTBBuna, N.Y., July 21. Tho
Chatenguay Ore k. Iron company
closed down today, as did also the
Crown Point Iron company mines and
Iron makers at Crown Point The
cause given Is dullness In Iron trade.
Thousands or men aro thrown out of
English Labor News.
London, July 21. Representatives
of 140.000 miners at Blrmlogbam,voted
In favor of a resolution to call out those
roeabersof tbe federation who have
not been liotlfl.d of a reduction in
wages. Delegates representing 101,000
awn voted against the resolution. It is
provided that the miners la question
shall give notice to tbelr Blasters of the
termination of contracts on neat mat.
leg up day.
Tarklih Atrocity Reward.
London, July 21. Fachmaa Pasha,
governor of Cesar, who has person
ally directed the Inhuman tortures of
Oarletlaa prkoaers at Cesar, has beca
decorated by Ike sultan of Turkey and
will soon be promoted.
moos uyer jeguwtoi
England, Rnssiu, and China Tak
ing a Hand.
Foreign News From All Four Con
tinents. I'akib, July 21. The RuPBlan fleet
lu Chinese waters Is under orders to
proceed to (he Gulf of Slam for tho pur
pose n ' supporting and protecting' tho
French readouts of Slum, It la ex
pected to urrlyo there soon.
Paris, July 21. A dispatch from
Bangkok states that the Siamese court
Is greatly agitated. Preparations are
apparently under way for tho departure
of tho king and court from tho capital.
Reports of tho intentions of tho king to
leave Bangkok have spread among tbe
populace nud caused much excitement.
Tbe dispatch adds that It la stated that
a popular agitation In favor of France
has started in tbe province of Battam
bang and troopa have been sent to put
down tbe sedition.
Thesonato today passed unanimously
a resolution approving in every respect
tbe attitude of the government in the
Siamese affair.
In Blam.
Banqkok, July 21. The belligerent
attitude of three French gunboats op
posite the middle of the city is causing
great anxiety among tho people. Tboy
aro clearod for action and arecontlnual-
ly beating to quarters and training guns
on Siamese gunboats that happen to
pass. Blam Is doing her best to con
vince the Froncb minister that bor In
tentions aro amicable, but that freedom
of action In the negotiations Is much
restricted by tho pressure exercised os
tentatiously by tho Frenoh war vessels.
London, July 21. A special cabinet
meeting was .ummoned at whloh there
was a full attendance. France's de
mand on tho Siamese was discussed at
length and the evontual instructions
for tho Marquis of Duflerln, tho Brit
ish ambassador to France, formulated
and approved.
Immediately after tbo mooting Earl
Roseberry , secretary of state for foreign
aflatrs, communicated with the admir
alty in regard to tbo disposition of the
fleet In Asiatic waters. Late In tbe af
ternoon speolal orders wore dispatched
by the admiralty to Vlco Admiral Fro
mautlo, commandor-ln-cblof of the
Chinese division. Even If not alarmed
by tho course of Franco tbe government
Is believed to realize that the Siamese
affair Is fraught with most serious pos
sibilities, for whloh Immediate prepara
tion must bo made by Great Britain.
Peruvian Item.
Lima, July 21,-Geu8ral Caceros, the
ofllolal and military caudldate for pres
ident, Is having a proclamation con
cerning tbo campaign Beorotly prepared,
There Is great Indignation among the
citizens of the United States residing la
Peru because tho cruiser Alliance baa
been ordered to proceed to Corlnto.
They believe that owing to the political
situation iu Peru tho vessel should have
been kept in Peruvian waters.
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