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. $" Y Tffwr - -
rtinuaaisu daily, kxckit bunday,
by tun
Capital Journal Publishing Company,
l'.utOfflco niock.-Oomaterelal Btreet.
Imlly, by carrier, per month,.
Uillr.br mull, per year,. .
Weekly, Vtt Vt year,..
Tho numcroris bank'' fallurea have
opened tho people's eyes to two Impor
tant facta. Tho greatest lies have been
sent abroad "In tho alleged titatemente'
of assets an'd JlabllltlcVof failed and
suspended bank's Nearly all reported
moro asseta than liabilities. The mer
cantile agency report are now coming
out and show Just the opposite In Cal
ifornia the 320 failures for six months
according to Bradstreel'i report bad
assets 94,173.020, liabilities $7,693 010.
In Oregon for tho same period eighty
seven failures had usseU $500,449, debt
$950,693. Assets according to tblt
were a little over fifty cents on the
The other fact that must be apparent
from reports all over the country is thai
the banks bavo been doing a large busi
ness In loaning deposits.
Harper's Weekly mlnclngly deplore
the fact that Vice President Stephen
son has appointed his brother post
master at Bloomington, III., and madt
a clean sweep of the old, trained and
efficient employes for his own hench
man. This Is reform backwards. But ii
only proves that the country took a
step backwards when it picked up a
man who was iu bis prime when the
war broke out and was then not suffi
ciently progressive to be on the right
The business interests of the country
and the common intelligence of the
people demands that tho public mall
service of our country bo freed from
such prostitution to personal ends.
No man Is big enough, not even the
president, to treat tho publlo service
where It affects all the people as a pri
vate Bnap.
The loss of the lata State Agricultural
College Treasurer Shipley, by deposit
ing the college funds In another bank
has not yet been made good. No report
on tho matter was made at the recent
meeting of the Board of Regents at Sa
lem and the matter rests with the ex
ecutive committee composed of Judge
Boise, Capt. Apperson, Senator Weath
erford, Wallls Nasb, and tho new treas
urer, Dr. Applewhite.
Dr. Applewhite is tho successor of
Mr. 8h!pley and was placed under $40,
000 bonds. He Is relieved of the duties
of collector of charges from students
and purchasing agent for tho college,
these duties being placed under dlreot
control of President Bloss. The people
at large will probably hear very little
mora of the loss sustained by that bank
failure as under our government official
delinquents never lose their Uvea from
other than natural causes.
Tho old adago speech is Bllvor, sllenoe
is golden, has had two Illustrations re
cently. Undoubtedly Governor Walte'a
violent spoecb and Insane employment
of sanguinary epithets, threatening the
country with bloodshed under certain
exigencies, supposed to be unfavorable
to silver interests, baa hastened the
crisis In finances whtuh Is prostrating
Colorado. Such violent utterances are
always unfortunate, but doubly so as
they multiply tbo distress of inuocout
Comptroller Eokle's luvldlous ills.
Unctions against the boom states of the
Northwest does not help matters. No
man In a responsible posltlou,couuected
with tho fluaucial administration of a
great commercial people should allow
himself such freedom of expression as
will Injure thestandlng and asperse tho
integrity of commonwealths like Wash
ington and California. U proposition
to couio to the rescue of tho fulled Deu
ver banks Is another case of his mouth
flapping In the wind.
T)M Orefonlan thinks It is the farm.
ra buelnM to grow wheat and Imme
dtatoty put It ob the market, Itthluks
it W wot kla business to hold wheat.
TtMtltMltaapeculatlou ou the farmer'
part;!) taut uo business to become a
dealer and store his wheat In a ware-
Iioum; be has. nothing to do but harvest,
ll at ouoe aud prepare for another
CKf ; b buld leave possibility of rise
in yiw, cbaaoe of advauoo duo to
abort crop eJuwire, to tho bulla and
bwv mm! tUMlMilton. Mo should
)MMrvat nothing but wheat, leaving the
Larvestof trad, usury and proflUoe
advances toothers. Stick to your trade;
grow wbeat.
TUattatfa adyloo of tbo Oregoulau.
Jfbf flt. LouU agricultural paper, and
other authorities representing tho In
terests of the farmers at leastlu much
as tho Portland paper referred to, 'de
clares Just tho opposite. TUey nay the
shortage in tho wheat crop at homo
and abroad will send up tho price of tho
coming crop and advise all farmcri to
hold their wheat. All indications are
wheat will be higher.
bo far as the farmor's right to hold
his crop In anticipation of advances, It
cannot bo questioned. Tbo poor roads
In Oregon forco most farmers to haul
their grain to market Ks 'soon as It Is
harvested. If ho holds It, at the very
time be might obtain a better prlce'tbe
wagon roads might be Impassible. But
the whole country over tbo farmers
can and will hold Lack- their wheat
crop. This hiis'becn ,done before and
may bo done again. Undoubtedly fewf
er farmers than ever before ar able td
hold their crops back. This Is their
Do not suffer Irora sick headache a moment
longer. It U not necessary. Carter'! Utile
Liver Pills will cure you. Dose, one little plU.
dmall price. Bmall done, Hmall pill.
Mn. Cbaa. Smith, of Jlmes. Ohio, writes:
t have used every remedy lor sick headache 1
could heard fur the paitfllteen yean, but
jMrterTi Uttle Liver Fills did me more' good
han all thereat.
Have no equal as a
prompt and positive
cure ror mce neauacne,
Ulouanea. conill pa
twin In tbe tide and au 1
in In the side and aU liver troubles.
Carter's tattle I.lver Pills. Try them,
Miss Anna Worrel, of Albany, who
has been the guest of Miss Llda Thomp
son, has returned home.
Miss Floy and Edua Breyman, of
Portland, are visiting at their uncle's
Mr. Warren Cranston.
Miss Lotta Sherman, of Salem, Is the
uest of Miss Josie Hlbbard.
Mr. Cbarles Savage, of Salem, is out
at his uncle's L. C. Griffith.
- John Knowles has been suffering
from a severe attack of sickness but is
siowly Improving.
L. B. Geer returned from a visit to
Baker City Wednesday.
The C. E. is planning for an ice cream
social on next Friday the 28th.
Hawkers and Peddlers.
What ear-splitting cries we hear dally
in tbe streets of every large city i But
these itinerant dealers who hawk their
wares about are, wben under proper re
strictions, a useful portion of the com
munity, and not suclVnulsances as cat
arrh hawkers, This Is a stubborn dis
ease to conquer, but Dr. Sage's Catarrh
Remedy does it. It is mild, sooth iuir
and antiseptic, unlike snuffs that irri
tate, or solutions that burn. It corrects
offensive breath, and restores taste,
smell and hearing. Nasal catarrh often
ends Iu consumption. Apply the o-ly
cumin lime. Price 60 cents, by all
Saxex, July 21. Messrs. Manger fe
Henley, 69 Borough, London, S. E., re
port under date of June 20th: There
ports today speak certainly less favor
ably, the excessive beat, to all appear
ances, having beaten a large proportion
of tbe plantations. Many growers de
clare it Is quite impossible to grow more
than half of last year's crop under any
circumstances. Prices, although quot
ably unobanged, aro very firm In
deed. Watervllle, N. Y., Times: A re
markabjo thing about the late varlties
of hops this year is that they are al
ready in blow. This is from ten to fif
teen days earlier than last year. The
English clusters are beating tbe Hum
phreys In this respect. The past two
weeks have been very favorable for the
growth of tho vines, and In that time
thoy have Improved and show more
vine than was oxpeotod attll they are
not so vigorous as. last year, and a
lighter crop is expected. The crop will
bo a clean ono If present indications are
any ovldeuce.
Oneida, N. Y., Union, July 12: We
hear of several growths '03 hops having
been contracted for within the past
throe or four days at 18 to20o per pound.
Several purchases of '02 hops hnyo been
made In different parts of tho county
from 10 to 20o, tho heaviest lot being
over 200 bales held by Chas. Marshall,
of Pratt's Hollow. We learn that Mr.
Marshall received the last named price
as also several Madison parties. The
late reports counerulng tbe condition of
the crop In England and parts of (Jer-
mauy have had a tendeuoy to stiffen
the home market to somo extent. The
outlook for cawing orop through this
region is somewhat Improving.
Ms Pills
ttiem rHlar bat UavM Uioa law
euuittttt than brer, Tb llvwr as
to tfc er trouble, mm!
shmsjscimH. TBtfalJwFtMaaea
Xlow orblla.wlthMt wfctsTi bw
liuAlwayaeaa4ttt. fri,M.
Void Zvrjwkr. ' I
YIltBtt kuwv bv malAK
MZmm 5"i -""wr- Tfcli torn oJ lUVC
pMtlairsUou, Mut lalMMi iMhtuc
w&Ua uu 41rMlr m nut tL
,, ' UU tuBjn. tain HAjurtwim
Bold by liajliett V Van Blvr.
AvifiJiwu oAJi'ia'Aij jotmi-, lflW3frfViN fli,
No ,
Use I
for Lard,
Thai's tliT happyantl
healthy condition of thous
ands of housekeepers who
have been bright enough
to try
which is a pure, perfect and
popular substitute for lard
for all cooking purposes.
The success of Cotto
lene has- called out worth
less imitations with similar
color and similar names.
Look out for these.- "All
that glitters is not gold'
and airthat's yellow is not
There is but one valuable
new shortening, and that is
Cottolene. It; is healthful,
delicate and economical as
a single trial will prove.
At leading Grocers.
Watch the name.
Bole Manufacturers,
"Women ahd Men and Umbrellas.
"Woman is said to bo man's intellec
tual inferior," a Fourth avenue umbrella
dealer said recently, "but I have noticed
that in regard to umbrellas and rainy
weather women have ten times moro
sense than men. Men will not carry
umbrellas until the rain is actually com
ing down on them, and about ten men to
one woman come in on rainy days and
buy umbrellas. This is also because
women take better care of their umbrel
las than men do. Men lose them more
frequently. To the average man an um
brella is only an umbrella, -while to a
woman it is a choice pieco of personal
property which cost' a good price and is
cherished accordingly.
"Of course tho men who got caught
down town in the rain generally buy
cheap umbrellas. They carry them but
a short time and then lose them, so help
ing our trade. One man in this city, a
violinist, buys a new umbrella every
mouth of his life. His limit in price Is
$1.50, and then he does not need to care
whether he loses his umbrella or not.
His head is so full of musio that he can
not have any other responsibilities, so he
buys a cheap umbrella, expecting to re
place it within a month. In the use and
core of nmbrellos women must be given
precedence) over tho other sat." Louis
ville Courier-Journal.
Remember tho barcalns in reliable
footwear, at tho New York Backet.
From Terminal or interior Points the
Is the line to take
To all Points East and' South,
It Is the dining car route. It runs through
vestibule trains; every day In the year 10
(No change of cars.)
Composed ofdlnlngoars unsurpassed,
Pullman drawing room sleepers
Ol lale.t equipment
Sleeping Cars.
Beat that can bo constructed and In which
aocommodatlans are both tree and tur
nlihed for holders of first and second-class
A.oonUnuort line conns :Ung with all
lines, aflordlng direct aud uninterrupted
Pullman sl eper eerTatlons can base
cured In advtceo tnroja any agent of
the road.
Through tickets to and from all points
In America, Kugland and Europe can be
purchased at any tloket ottlco of this com-
Kull Information cancernlm
tig rates, time
alls furnished
of tralns.roule andother detail
on 6!nlloallon to any asent or
Assistant General Passetu.-er Agent, Mo.
Ul Klrst street, cor. Waihtngton; Port'
land, Oregon
from U. P. Dock at ' o'clock a, m. every 'Wed
nesday and tuturday.
(ram the Central dock at foot ol Washington
street every Uunday and Thursday.
for Albany every Monday and Tuesday, re
turning kame dys.
Oouoornlng freight and passenger business,
eall ou thu ageut, ALU KUIUCnT'
VfOTICK U hereby given that bi
x authority
the county
Li di an oraer usuea out or
(Mart or in bu or urn
is Btataof Orrron fur th mini i
Marlon, on tbe 5th day June, 1893, I will, as
luuiiaumvoroi ineetai or William win
kleman, deceased, oj
Saturday, Uo aeth day of August. 1803.
atl o'olook ol aald day, sell at publlo auction
io tbo hUrnett bidder, the right, title and Inter
est of said dreed nt, lb and to the following
deertbd lands, to-wiu The south half ot tbe
oiurthwest quarter of .cotton 1 township a.
ouih of range east of Lb Wlllata tlo mld-
wn. ivuwiu'di w srw.ni reorieu.
The sale wlh te eiiBduclad a th w.t iii.
ureoo. terms of sal, cash.
iu. ysuniy uran nous m xanoa county.
7x-st d. a
Stealer Elwooc .
UXRMAN, Administrator.
onc6 Won a time.
Oh, ye, ne'H a dnt young Mtm
I've nothing ajtslnrt hire, my ilMf,
And It's likely lw thinks he Is court lag,
Ami It's who!ira, a bit bf a fear,
llut wlin 1 tiilnk tck to ttiy girlhood,
And.rfraf grandfather) be was the boyl
If thes ur'irw LhOM dy, my darling,
Ily this I'd be wlttilng yott Joy.
lie courted at fair and at frollci
He toasted Ine mors than h ought.
And I don't like to think to thU day, dear,
How he looked the day after he fought.
Twin aU a mistake that he fought for)
The other hoy wasn't to bUms.
Twas only a fancy of Talbot's
That alike laughed In speaking my name.
And the ways Talbot asked me to have him!
He'd not even pass me the tea,
Out he'd look In my eyes and then whisper
"It I was that teacup, machreer
If I gave him my hand just In friendship.
He'd sigh to bis boots or as deep,
And say In his beautiful accents,
"Ah, when can I have It to keep?"
It seemed that I couldn't well help It;
I Just plagued him out of his life,
Though still to myeelf I kept earing
That I should some day be bis wife.
And then came the day of the Jaunt, dear;
Twas to an' old ruin we went;
And hewafodered ma oil witb hlmeelf, like.
And I for the once was content.
I fancied a little blue flower
That grew in the crack of the wall,
And he .climbed like a goat tlU he'd pick It,
And Borne way he managed to falL-'
I don't know to this day how I did it; .
He'd have slipped,to bis death, at the last,
But I caught his two feet in my bands, dear.
And held for his life safe and fast.
And that boy as bo hung upside down there
And groping about for bis life,
Calls up, "You've my fate in your bands,
Let go If you'll not be my wlf el"
Could I murder him? No, that I couldn'tl
I gave him no'answer at all.
I only held fast till he'd managed
To ditch his two bands on tbe wall.
I stood there all laughing and crying,
And, well, you might fancy the rest
If you could, but these days are so different.
And each thinks her own day tbe best.
There'll not be another like Talbot,
No matter the day or tbe year,
And your boy'd nice, quiet, well mannered.
I hopo you'll be happy, my dearl
Margaret Vandegrift In Echoes.
Jack Tars Forgot to Sham Fight.
A curious, instance of the exciting
effect produced upon blue jackets,
even in mimic "warfare, is found in
tbe report of the umpires of the
naval maneuvers presented to both
houses of parliament by her majes
ty's command. During an attack in
Belfast lough tho f eehngs of both of
ficers and men ran so high that to
avdid personal encounters and prob
able loss of life it was found neces
sary to restrain the action which
might otherwise have been taken by
the guardboats even during peace ma
neuvers. In one case, it will be remembered,
a small boat was sunk by a collision
with a hostile steam launch, which,
after rescuing the crew, beat a hasty
retreat. But when the captured blue
jackets found that thoy were to be
regarded as prisoners, they, to a man,
jumped overboard and swam about
until a pursuing boat of their own
side picked them up. like true Brit
ons they determined they "never,
never, never would be slaves 1"
London Telegraph.
Columbus Also Discovered Tobacco.
Tobacco was noted by Columbus on
his very first voyage. It was first
cultivated by John Rolfe in 1612, and
as early as 1619 a lot of 20,000 pounds
was shipped to England. In 1732 a
tobacco factory-was. started on the
.Rappahannock river, and about 17C9
the first Bouthof the James river was
built in Mecklenburg county. In 1745
the exports from Virginia amounted
to 42,841 hogsheads of about 1,000
pounds each and increased till 1753,
after which there was a declino until
after the Revolution.- It is now grown
in most of the southern states, with
Kentucky in the lead. Chicago Her
ald. Great Britain's Volunteers.
Returns presented to the British
parliament show that at the end of
1893 there were 225,423 officers and
men on tho rolls t of the volunteer
forco. This force,' of course, is dis
tinct from the militia and yeomanry
cavalry, the former numbering somo
127,000 officers and men and tho lat
ter about 14,000. The percentage of
efficients in tbe volunteer force was
According to Appearances.
Barber They say John L. Sullivan
Man In Chair (impatiently inter
rupting) Do' you barbers always
talk about John L. Sullivan whon
you're sha jrainan?
Barber xtot always. We general
ly try to sLw up a customer, and we
talk to hhx -cordin. Chicago Trib
une. The tails of comets, as is well
known, always stream out in a direc
tion away from tbo sun. The cor
onal Tays also extend outward from
tho sun, and many of them exhibit a
curvature recalling the forms of
comets' tails.
That there is tnagioin numbers is
apparent to every arithmetician.
Mathematics, in fact, is acknowl
edged to bo the only positive science
the fundamental powers of which
never vary.
Tho waters of tho Atlantic ocean
are a sort of whirlpool on a gigantic
calei tu0 central point of which is a
short distanoo to tho southwest of
tho Azores.
A Jersey City man dovotos himself
to the collection of doorknobs, old
and now, and claims a museum num
bering over 8,000 samples.
Tbe man who studies constantly on
wo Bum;v-in. iu uo pwtect
thatia never overeducated a&d
never will be.
im -'it'll
An Interfiling Story tof Fraetlent Joke
With a Horrible Deque!)
"It was tho most oxpotiflivo drink
thatover I took," sald-tho till mam
"How'a that?" asked ttib short
Tho tall man looked out of tho of
flco window at tho crowds hurrying
along Wall street. Ho thrust his
hands into his pockote. Porhaps ho
found lees thero than there might
have been, for ho reflected a bit bo
foro ho began his story, which runs
this way:
"Well, onco I had a great scheme.
Thero was a good deal in it really,
and I was confident that I only had to
interest some capital in it to mako a
pretty turn for all of us. I had been
making overtures to Bevoral inon
oyed men and had an excellent pros
pect of carrying this deal through
with one of them.
"Tho-day I was to have-another
talk with ny capitalist a couple fit
friends of mine came in and got me
started on a subject I was greatly in
terested in. Then ono of them said,
'Oh, Tjy tho way, let's see your watch
a moment' I pulled ifc outof my
pocket and handed ittohim. i Be
fore il knew what he was about he
had walked off with my timepiece.
"Knowing the chap, I didn't wor
ry, but I couldn't see what he want
ed with the watch. Half an hour
later .1 ran across my capitalist, and
after wo had talked a little I asked
him totake some quick action re
freshment. Mind you, I had been
talking as if money was as plenty as
planks in a lumber yard.
"We went to a restaurant that was
handy, and standing up to the bar
gave our orders. The chemist be
fore serving us reached around to
the cashier's desk and pulled out my
missing clock.
" 'Here's your watch, sir,' says he.
'Sixty-five cents due on it, please.'
"Naturally I was embarrassed.
So was my guest, but he drew him
self up Btiffly as he said:
"'Really, I have some change,
"But I had the funds. I paid the
clerk, redeemed my watch and had
a drink with my capitalist. As we
walked out of the place the atmos
phere was very chilly. Ho said good
by as soon as we were outside, and
after that he had no use for my
scheme. Nobody could ever convince
him that I hadn't personally hocked
my watch, and I didn't try to."
"And the fellow who borrowed the
watch?" queried the short man.
"Oh, he explained that it was a
' 'And what became of the scheme ?"
"That reminds me," said the toll
man, "it's just as good as ever.
Now, if you want to put in a lit
tle" "Sorry,"saidtheshort man hastily,
"but I'll have
York Times.
to bo going." New
Shipbuilding on the Great Lakes.
The shipbuilding industry on the
great lakes, including engine, boiler
and other machine works, comprises
over 30 firms, with an invested cap
ital of $15,000,000 to $18,000,000, aside
from the builders of small craft not
represented in the registered ton
nage. A few of the largo establish
ments still construct wooden vessels.
The business of others is largely con
fined to repairs, and some of them
have great drydocks for repairs and
are builders of iron and steel, wooden
or composite vessels or all of these
as well. Their united capacity is
equal to that of all the seacoast and
river shipyards combined. The ton
nage passing Detroit in 1890 was 21,
888,472 tons 1,000,000 tons greater
than that of the entire foreign and
coastwise trado of London. Engi
neering Magazine.
Napoleon's Words About Suicide.
Suicides, like fires, seem to have
their cycles. Every despondent man
or woman should paste in his or her
hat tho words which Napoleon spoke
to a person who said ho would avoid
a certain situation by blowing out
his brains. "Yes, I can do that,"
said the emperor, "but those who
wish me well could not profit by it,
and those who wish mo harm would
bo pleased."
And yet some writers have assert
ed that Napoleon attempted suicide
by taking poison in the palace at
EVmtainobleau after signing his abdi
cation. A person in utter despair
does not think of precept or exam
pie, Now York Tribune.
Danger From Strange Animals.
A dainty, clean, cunning kitten
looks innocent enough, but it is well
to know just where it has been be
fore permitting tho children to fondle
it. The measles, whooping cough,
scarlet fever, with other contagions
diseases, havo made sad vacancies in
home circles, rso ,carefully, guarded
that ther has been no "known?' pos
sible chance for Infection. Cais should
bo kindly fteated and dogs also, but
both ro given to visiting. Is it well
to permit tho children to fondle
strange petal Philadelphia Press,
Patrons of the Astrologers.
Astrologers, like fortune tellers,
are, largely pakonirod. by those who
are in love .orwhp wanT be and by
inose wno are anxious to get into
matrimony or to get out or it In
addition to thesp there, are not a few
busineea men,pecuJatQr, politicians
., , i.rJrlr?r
rin 'f"f"" .i.r. ....... i.-.. - aaag
tt rt "- 1 1 - - "--- -- ..
I for
Take no substitute
Skin Food.
Ladies -wbo sutler
from Cutting tVlnds
and Scorching Hun
vlll find
Mrs. Harrison's
Lola Montez Creme
' The Skin Food,
The best remedy for
keepl g the face cool
and free from Irrita
tion, as It sooths aud
comforts thefkln and
niev-nts frecKlen or
sunbn r. it is not a
"b-autlflrrbut a sKtn
leaioruuYo ana pre
servative. In little Montez Ceme Is rubbed
In the sKln and thoroughly wiped off again,
Jurt before applying powder, tha complexion
will be sorter, and the powder will ren aln
longer, desldes preventing tho ponder from
clogging the pores of the sKln- Price 75 cents.
For sale by FRED LEOG, Druggist, Patton
Block, Balem, Ore.
For a?y special or complicated blemish of
(ace or form, write
America's Bkatjty Doctob,
16 Geary Bt., Pan Francisco, CaL
Superfluous Hair Permanently Removed.
In rslsinc family of nln children, xmr only
remedy ror Cough., Colds and Croup wu onion
irrap. Xtlejuitae effective to-day mm ltwaeforty
Sears aco. Wow my crandehlldren take Dr.
ojin'e Onion flyrnp, whioh la already prepared
and more pleaaant to the taate.-SoM everywhere.
Iiarge botuee 60 cents. Take no eabetltnte for lb
Bold by Bafkett fc VnnSlypo.
Lumbago. Sofattcsf
Kidney Complaints?
Lame esbcks ko
With Electro-Kagrfetlo SU8PEN30RYe
, uteet-Patents I Vt Iu(r, emuU I
TnQ core without medicine all Unlm malting froa
overtaxation of brain nerve force, i neeut. or India.,
eretion, aa nervous debility, eleeplewiesf. lannor.
rheumatism, kidney, liver and bladder eomplauta;
perai jli health, etc. jThi electrlo Belt contains
K5S5W.I!!tr,""u " " h Oorrent la
InManUyfeltbr wearer or wa forfeit Si.0oa.eo, an2
VU1 care allot the above dUeaaea or no w. Thou.
5E.MZt bMn "fed by this mamloualnvantiaq
Jteri all ether remedies failed, and we Rive hundreds
of teeUmonlala In this and every other state. """"
-JLT,r,rtU t? sxicnuo scsraxsoBT, the
freatees boon ever offered weak men. ran wkVaH
MSars Send for IUnaM Pamphlet, mailed ,salad.tna
go. lTartrtreet.IaKTJiicA OKI.
A New Remedy
A true Specific a poutivt and permanent elimination
ofall poion(rom the blood, and a restoration of healthy
vigor to the tissues is ottered to sufferers for the first time
In a remedy which has been undenroinz the most uwn
private esperUnents for the past three yean. It has not
filling your system wuh mercury and other poison.
This remedy will cure you in 30 to go days without fn.
"We guarantee a cure or refund Use mousy.
170 First Street
- movement of tha bowels each -1-t linineeeirr
laeka to make It recnlar. Cure Headache. brUhua
the Xyee and oleer tha ttoSplertontteruian
p.m.tloa. Th aetalltuy. neither krtSe no?
8old by Bwwkett A Vnn Plypo.
NOTICE U hereby RiTn that by authority
of an order tssned out t the County
kmrt o the mate of Oregon, t r Mario roun
tjr, on the iSthdsyof Jane. 1x93. 1 will as adwln
latrato oflhee-tateolCoralioon. derwosed.on
S.turd.y the aj n day cf Aur..lBJ,t I oNiloek
Cf ,1 d .y.sell at publleauetlou to th high st
bidder the rtght, title and Inle'eat or ..Id rt.
redrut in aod to the following described land
to lt: Tht ald real pr perty cons sts or an
undivided one-hjull InUisst In as 4 to tha fol
lowing real premise to-wlt: Commencing at
a pdnt on tbe south boundary line or lot a In
block 63 as shown by tbe recorded plat of the
city or Palem, Marion county, Oregon, 6 feet
Westerly from tha southeast avnuntulil uii
a and ruining tbenee at right angle with
said south boundary Una northerly to the
nonn Dounaary una or aaia lot a: inert
westerly along aald n"rth boundary lite 83
feet: thenoo southerly at rtaht angles to aald
north boundary Una to the mcini' bnnnilarv
line 05 fret t th pUoa of beglunlng.
Thu kale will baeandueted at thnwaetrln-r
of tha Ooanty outt llou-e in Marion oountr,
Oregon, terms otamla. cash.
0. o.
ilUViwejUWrttf,, JV&ltW
-- .y
'vejs A .S-
oti2 TiLlr
7-W-Bw AdmlnUtrator.
- - -,ftiaqy?r.M.i
Is often ruined by manufacturers, who
relying upon that alone allow the char'
acter of their goods io deteriorate. The
Condensed Milk Is always the same.
Rest assured that its standard of excel
lence is constantly maintained. Its
purity, cleanliness, richness and perfec
tion of orocess in manufacture hn nw
equaled. It stands FirtJt. It has
Thirty Years.
Grocer and Druggist sell it,
for the 'Eagle brand.
If start
Do y&tymt ihmlt Vfheit next In need try 1 ptfr.t
est In the world. '
Ifyouwint a fine DRESS SHOE, tniio tatteliW
stylM, don't pay $6 to $8, try my $3, $3 JO, $4.00 er
$ J Shoe, Tbty fit equal to eottom mads ami look vi
wear u well, If you with to econombo In yoor footwur,
ia to by purchasing W. L DtwrjsJ Sbcsi, Nasi ui
erics stamped en the bottom, look for It when you boy
XV. Zm DOUGXAS, Brockton, Kass. Soli bv
KkAUBsk Bkos.
(Northern Pacific R. R, Co., Lessee.)
Two Through Trains Daily.
6:25omll Minn u
8:10a tn I &45pm
8.00a ml f :00pm
U.IOam! 7Kpm
8U5aml 30pm
7:15pro I StPaul a
4 uipmi uuiuth a
7.apmll . Aahland. a
lu.amia inicagol
Tickets sold and baggage checked tbrccrh
to all point. In the United Utates and CsnsO.
Close connection made In Chicago with til
trains going East and Kouth.
Kortull Information apply to your neural
ticket agent or JAS. C.POSD,
lien. Pass, and Tkt. Act. Chicago, 111
SALEM, Oragon
Private work a specialty.
C. B. CLEM ENT. Managir.
The House Mover.
451 Marion Street.
Has tbo best facilities lor moving and nl
Ing bouses; Lave orders at uray Bros., or
address Halem, Oregon.
Smith Premier Typewriter.
Bold on easy payments.
For nett
W. I. STALEY. Airent. Sslem.
H.N. BURPEE, Gen' I Agent, 101 Third Bt,
Portland. Bendlforicatalogue.
tt53, v, 1 is.r TI..I
Xgg me li iNc in"' I
8:45 m,
1 DAYS, to
ta the Quickest. O-1
Um Qulck9r to Omaha and K-
Pullmm and Tourist Sleepers Fr Rt61'
leg Chair Cin, Dm ng Cart.
KOrratea and central UUbrraaUun "
irMdrew, ,r.L
W Wasalugton V-
. 4J30a:
2.2sV mil
9 Bin asMWwaBBsr4wM
syjBisaaa, .yu!...,. .. .,A .ALfea--:

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