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Hood's Cures
" - r i .
" I am Truly Thankful
Vevf TTrtnH'i R.irjtnftriUiL. Tn iff fnV TAm.
rnctcd Tnkld eret-rtntl ferertfi i nMi. -
leaving me with mhlnt-lal ainl'mercu...
rial poteening-irom'wmcn .iiaveuiiBrja-
, IH netfralgla,nheuniaUn-ner-,
Mlrnilen J&ianeraKaeullUjtr
ganlakllig Hdor"8araparina'f "
ram p
hlnco It
began taking
linve not lost a day's work In 3 months, and
am in better heal!
In than an;
r time since U
J. II. Buldun, Cheltenham, r.
Hood's PIII8 care Liter lib. 26c
World's Fair, Chicago.
u&inmei Annua ana zuw biroec
m Fireproof) 2l rooms) near Fair
. areundt: bath on ovorr floor.
, American ana r.arupean onav.
1 to Radar.
v fc) a a&r. virsvciass im
wmo lor circular.
It is rumored that John' Stetson will
star Ruth Carpenter in? "Featherbrain"
next eeason.
Next season Corinne will appear only
in Gill and Frazer's new Irarlesque,
"Hendrik Hudson." "
Mmo. Tavary has" engaged Payne
Clark as the leadingitenbr for'her'bpeiw
company next season. '' '
E. H. Sothern vrill hext 'season produce
a play written for- him by Robert Buch
anan and based on'the life aud1 times of
Richard Brinsley Sheridan.
The venerable curiosities of the Bos
ton Museum have been givon to the Na
tional Historical society, and the space
(hey occupied will bo used for offices.
Charles' Frohmau has announced that
in so far as possiblo his Empire theater,
New York, is to bo devoted to the pro
duction of plays by American authors.
John Drew will have next season a
now play by Henry Guy Carleton, and
one which Henry C. de Mille had near
ly finished at the time of his death. Mr.
Drew resumes work in September.
Richard Harlow, who plays the part
of Queen Isabella of Castile in Rice's
burlesque "1402," does it bo well that he
la nlleged to have aroused the jealousy
of Theresa Vaughan, tho prima donna
of that company.
Joseph Brooks, manager of William
H. Crane, has contracted with J. H.
McVicker to place a stock company in
the latter's theater in Chicago each sum
mer, beginning next May, the contract
to run for five years. Mr. Brooks sup
plies tho players and plays. The first
work to be produced will bo by Augus
tus Thomas.
B. C. 550 Cyrus of Persia erected
posthousea and established a regular sys
tem of couriers. Both private and pub
lic dispatches were forwarded.
B. C. 200 The courier system which
now prevails in China was put in oper
ation. B. C. 81 Augustus introduced tho sys
tem of regular carriers throughout the
Roman empire, mainly for the use of the
government. Merchants and citizens
were allowed on payment 'of large fees
to send business and friendly letters by
the imperial mossengers.
800 Charlemagne established a system
of weekly couriers throughout tho fix
tent of his empire and of daily messen
gers between the principal cities. Much
use was made of these couriers by mer
chants and bankers in spite of tho great
cost of sending letters.
1156 The University of Paris estab
lished a system of foot messengers, who
boro letters for its thousands of students
from evory country in Europo and
brought them money from homo.
1470 Louis XI first established post
houses and relays of horses between im
portant parts of France. This act was
said at the timo to be duo to his intense
eagerness to hear news of any kind.
1481 During the war with Scotland
in the reign of Edward IV post stations
were established from London to Scot
land, and riders on horseback, changed
at every station, brought intelligence o
all that went on in tho army. Sf. Louis
The Devotion of a Canine Mother.
Half a dozen small boys, a shepherd
dog and her five puppies and a box of
matches caused a $500 fire ia Alleghany.
The dog and her puppies wero kept in
a vacant stall in the rear of George W.
Evans' livery and feed stables oil East
street, near Elm street, and the boys
wero looking at the pups through a iriot
hole in tho side of the building, and fa
order to get a better view of them held
lighted matches to tho knothole. One of
tho lighted matches fell through the
Inothole into the straw in the stall and
aet it on fire. Tho boys seeing the blaze
ran away for fear and did not give the
alarm. The firo was discovered by a
When the fire broke out, the mother
of the puppies made a herolo effort to
save her offspring and succeeded in car
rying them all to a place of safety except
one. She had to leap over a high barrier
to get out of the stall, and the last one
the carried out was all ablaze when ahe
sprang from the flames with it in her
month. Her grief at not being able to
rescue the last was evident, and she had
to bo held to keep her from rushing back
Into' the 'flames for it Pittsburg Di.
patch. "'
WVebasssssssssssssssaVA V KT T7 I-4sssssssssssssssssssssssssbWi J
3usssssssssssssssssssbv 'woi' HBiJ
.ALT'. ffaACii-tmrevvfr r j
- t - , WJWlftLliH
qreenbnekinmllUnkNoUa Curry Ilaeterl.
Congretaman Onthwalte' Plan.
- Representative) Outhwnlto of Ohio has
takon up and in view of the dangor of
iholern invnsion will press vigorously at
tho noxt session of coturress a nronosl.
'Hon for tho freqnont oxchango of soiled
pupor monoy for now notes. An invest!
(ration made at his HUffgcsMon has shown
thftt old greenbacks and bank notes con
tain tlio germs of disoaso to an unusual
degree and that there is reason for ap
prehension of them as a producer of dis
ease In view of tho necessity of tho utmost
precaution against tho spread of cholera
Jn this country this summer Mr. Onth-
- 0
waite has introduced a bill directing the
rotary of tho treasury to make tho
necessary regulations to secure tho
"speedy and frequent redemption of all
Ohited States paper curroncy and all
national bank notes which havo become
soiled," impure, unclean or otherwise un
fit for use when presented in sums of not
less than $100, and for' the preparation
ind issue of now' United States papei
purrency in place of such as shall have
been redeemed."
The subject was first brought to Mr.
Onthwalte's attention by Dr. C. F. Clark
of Columbus, and soon afterward the
Bankers' association of Ohio adopted a
report in favor of legislation to secure, a
frequent exchango of notes. Dr. J. C.
Uraham, bacteriologist of Starling Med
ical college-, was asked to make an in
vestigation, and his report discloses tho
fact that old paper money is as full of
bacteria as eggs are said to be of meat.
Dr. Graham writes that he made an ex
amination of eight bills. A $1 bill of
the series of 1876 showed three kinds of
bacteria, and orio of tho series of 1880
two kinds. Two $2 bills of the same
series showed one bacterium each, and
another dollar bill, series of 1880, two
kinds. Tho bills were all much worn
and very dirty.
Tho oxamination of tho notes showed
that on each of them were a number of
bacteria colonies which might some day,'
rnder somo circumstances, develdp en
ergy enough to immigrate to the human
system. One of tho bills hod 13 colonies
of two kinds of bacteria. The doctor
says that it yet remains to determine,
tho nature of the various microbes to
ascertain whether they be pathogenic
germs capable of producing disease.
This work will require considerable
time. Tho roughened surface of old
bills affords a place for disease germs,
and attention should be called to it
New England Stationer and Printer.
The Stage In England.
The Standard says it is not be denied
that tho art of acting in England, like
tho art of playwriting, has suffered from
the influence of Mrs. Grundy. If wo had
better and greater plays plays of more
ambition and more daring we should
probably see an improvement in the
mimetio art. It is true that tho insular
potentate whom wo have named does not
exercise quite- as much authority as she
did. Still she has by no means abdicated
her position, and it is impossible to pre
dict or foresee at what particular mo
ment she will reassert her imperiled
prerogative. The young ladies of'tfhe
period have, no doubt, burst a good
many of the trammels which were en
dured patiently by their mothers at a
similar period of life. But la jeune miss
is still a personage on this siae or tne
channel, and though she herself may be
slow to bo shocked her elders and duen
nas are shocked for her.
It is apparently assumed that nothing
is shocking in French, and we have no
doubt that scores of mothers will take
their daughters to Drury Lane to see
'tFrou Frou" or "Le Monde ou Ton
s'Ennuie" who would ask with horror
whether the lord chamberlain was dead
if situations at all analogous to those fa
either of these Comedies were represented
in,bone8t English. We are a curious'
people, and it is certain the' Frenoh
think us so. Their best comedies are
seeii on tho Btage. Our most amusing
ones are to ba seen off it. London Pub
lio Opinion.
Fear In Time of Pestilence.
During an epidemic of any kind each
individual should endeavor, as indeed lia
should under any circumstances, to
maintain his mental equilibrium in
other words, too keep cool. It is very
difficult in our time to accomplish this
for the simplo reason that somo journals
think it their duty to, print sensational
headlines and sometimes sensational par
agraphs, which have very little actual
foundation, but wmen excite ana wttuj
tho timid and sometimes even the brave
Tho writer was once in a foreign conn
trv whora an eDidemio was prevalent.
Bsl. never knewhow violent it was until
hef received the newspapers from hu
own country describing it. Such an ef
fect did tbev have upon his friends that
.ho was written to by several of them
urglac- him to By at once, woen as a
matter of fact he was fa no mora danger
than he would have been in his own
dwelling at home. The cholera was only
prevalent among the vicious, intemper
ate, and ignorant classes, who violated
tho rnoet ordinary rales of per weal
cleanliness, and yet the news sent from
the same places intimated that every in
dividual, even fa places entirely free
from cholera, was likely soon to be at
tacked and swept off the earth. Dr. D.
B, St. John Roosa fa Engineering.
A Blip of the Tongue.
A man was tried for theft at the Ox
'ord assizes. The foreman of the jury
.vhen giving the verdict mads a mis.
ske and said "Not uilty" instead of
Guilty," Though ie wished to rectify
he mistake, he could not do so, and th
ia was released from oustodj. to-
READY TO RISK IT. A, 0. U. W. TTm. 'Jf.M
limn mil !! Ill 11
Portrait of Supreme rteeortler M. Vf. flel
ell Chip from the Itenoh.
The twenty-first nutted meeting of the
supremo loduo Ancient Order of UnlUti
workmen of North Am erl en convened In
tho city of Toron
to on Tuesday,
June SO. It Is only
onco In a term of
yean that tho su
premo lodgo can
visit any particu
lar jurisdiction,
and It is an nns
plcious event in
tho history of tho
order locally when
Its chief legislative
body docs hold a
meeting In n par
ticular stntfl nr
province. Tho su- Mi Wi BCKZTT.
premo lodge Is especially interested in the
Jurisdiction it is visiting, and the members
of tho jurisdiction should bo particularly
Interested in tho work of tho supreme lodge
honoring it by 1U visit There has been
much Interest in tho relief law question.
The Krand lodge of Manitoba numbered
over 1,500 May 1, and it expects to reach
the 2,000 murk by August next
Balance in relief fund Juno 1, 1893, t-8,-
Tho grand lodge of Ontario voted $1,200
for the purpose of entertaining the repre
sentatives of tho supreme body.
TheTdegree of honor does ono good thing
at legist. It brings out the bald heads, who
not bnly occupy the front seats, but are tho
friskiest of all.
The supreme lodge enacts the general
ltuvB of the order and is of course interested
la-having its own laws enforced.
Buildings For the Use of the Order- Mem
bership of tho Various States.
The brethren in Maryland have secured
the elegant Johns Hopkins homestead and
converted it into a Royal Arcanum building.
In Philadelphia and Brooklyn the brethren
are moving toward the erection of suitable
buildings for the use of the order. Unique
council of Jersey City is to havo a fine
buildinK, and Conewango council of North
Warren, Fa., has had a building of its own
for 10 years. Tho grand councils of Illinois,
Massachusetts and Missouri have for sev.
eral years maintained headquarters for the
grand officers, and Ohio is to do the. same.
Tho prand council of Massachusetts at its
recent session gave authority to the grand
officer to hire and fit up a hall for the use
of the grand council, and also the subordi
nate councils of Boston.
New York has 214 councils and 29,343
members; Pennsylvania, 208 councils, 16,
220 members: Massachusetts, 143 councils,
14,207 members; Illinois, 84 councils, 10,681
members; Ohio, 129 councils, 0,253 mem-1
here; New Jersey, 81 councils, 8,883 mem
bers: Michigan, 70 councils, 5,895 members;
Maryland, 31 councils, 4,637 members; Mis
souri, 83 councils, 4,127 members.
Dr. J. 'R. Wright of Alleghany, Pa., is
one of the seven men who founded the or
der. He was tho first regent of tho council
and is still regarded as ono of the most val'
Uablo men in the order.
During 1693 New York initiated 4.798
members; Pennsylvania, 1,493; Illinois,
1,290; New Jersey, 1,250; Massachusetts,
' There has beau an increase of 78 subordi
nate councils during the year. Deputies are
at work in Maine, Vermont, Nebraska and
i Henry Goodwin, supreme guide, comes
from Boston and is widely known in the
literary circles of tne city oi culture. Air,
Goodwin is the proprietor of tho Crawford
House, which .Is the rendezvous of the lit
terateurs of the nub" ana a favorite place
for holding literary banquets.
The supreme council Is composed of a fine
looking lot of men, many of whom are of
more than state repute. ,
Supreme Officer Elected by Acclamation.
Notes of tho Order.
Tho eleventh annual session of the su
preme lodge was held in Milwaukee with
,150 delegates in attendance. For the first
time In years the Knights of Honor elected
their supremo officers by acclamation. Su
preme Dictator Klatz was nominated for
the same position, but declined. The offi
cers elected are: Supreme dictator, Mars
den Bellamy, Wilmington, N. C; supremo
vice dictator, John. Mulligan, Yonkers,
N. Y.; supremo assistant vice dictator, J.
W. Qolheen, Philadelphia; supreme report
er, B. F. Nelson, St Louis; supreme treas
urer, John W. Branch; supreme chaplain,
Rev. IL M. Hope, Virginia; supremegulde,
John II. Hancock, Louisville; supreme
guardian, John P. Shannon, Elberton, Ga.;
supremo sentinel, J. W. Smith, South Bos
ton; supreme trustees, George S. Hall
mark, Pensacolo, Fla.; W. S. Cantrell, Ben
ton, Ilia, and J. A. Whltbouse, Baltimore.
The report of the grand dictator showed
that last year 83 assessments were called,
amounting to $4,270,400.97, with a net gain
in the W. O. B. fund of $180,106.03.
The report of the uniform rank shows 01
commauderies on April 80 last and 8,960
Knights and a membership on Jan. 1 of
From Jan. 1, 1602, to March 81, 1893,
1,021,689.58 were received and $1,033,000 dis
bursed, leaving a balance in the treasury of
$62.61153; ' t ,
The report of the committee of pbysi
lans shows that last year 2,093 deaths oc
curred, a decrease of 55, with a death rate
of 16.3, an Increase of one-half per cent over
that of last year.
Knights of the Golden Eagle.
During the IT years pf the history of ths
grand caatjo of Pennsylvania only 17 sub
ordinate castles have surrendered their
charUrt, a remarkable showing, demon
strating ths wisdom of the pollcyof thj
grand! officers of giving encouragement and
even sustenance to the weaker, struggling
castles. It is better to save one charter than
to create two new ones.
The report of Grand Master of Records
J. p. Barnes showed that there were 4T0
castles In PennsylvanU, with a total BJtsi
benhip of 42,000. nst gain for the yes of
1,815 inembets and $fio,000 fa flnanos. j
The military branch of ths order elected
William E. StclDbach, Philadelphia, major
entl; Colonel Henry P. Reinleke, PhUa
lelphla, brlgatUr general of First bricade
uALmU JL Waliw, Philadelphia, bJa
JtosMeftn4kJa4. .
jomwal, iwiuy,
iimiliWr i in jiwwitwttBwwWIwwilwittBwij'iiiJiii
vaaB Tstsssssfl 1
Or. iriUt MttUcat tV, JGHAert, In.
CirMLt)iR.f 1 1 kierer Iom tn opportunity to
iiTroiutnd Dr. Mllss' KcttoratlTe Nrnrln to snr
n ,u ono aOllctcd with nervous eotnplalnu
rl ,(S S5. nlih ths awursnee that It Kill not
ij-u dl.sppolnt ihrra When our buywu
-htc m months old ha touatUckedwIth violent
.j.t.i aauictlmn he would havs flvs or ill
raaliaslncleday. Wr tsiio mhy rnvai.
without atntMTt tiDsllr onr drunltt
commended . inran Dr.MlWH-
otiilve NcfLtURFD ln Wstrled
. i .ui9, ana - '- . ""
could set that
lW? BEMCrlTCD raoM TMI fiat
'd three bottles, and Z am. hac
atr post, we
'blld vras
pj7o ear ta
ne undo
uher run
i her rrmedy, end cm cure Is compItM.
Ha is
now threo
year, old 1 HUUSflSMIlS
O ai . ....
Ifhealthr. YouareaniUrtrtouirtusitn
niMtqv. S.Q.H11COX,
, Asat Facias Exams q&
HatUncs, Kabmxa, April f th, 1W2.
Dr. Miles Nervine.
)xoaf esatiw eras voa
(fold by D: Jl Fry, druggist, Salem
Deutscher Advocat.
Admitted to practice In all the courts.
Special attention clvrn to German speak
ing people and business at the county and
state offices. K. 1IOFER, Notary i'ubllc
Prices Current by Telegraph Local
and Portland Quotations.
Salem, July 21j 4 p. m. Offloe
Daily Capital Joubnal. Q- ta
tlons for day and up to hour of going, to
presi were as follews:
Peas 8 cents a gallon.
Raspberries red and black 4 to 6 cts.
Cherries 4 to 6 ota a ib. Contlnuo
scarce. , ,
Veals dressed 4J cts.
Hogs dressed 6J to 0.
Live catllo 2 to 2.
Sheep alive 1.60 to $2.00.
Spring lambs $1.60 to $2.00.
Salem Milling' Co. quetes: Flour
in wholesale lots $3.20. Retail $3.60.
Bran $17 built, $18 sacked. Shorts $10
and $20. Chop feed $19 and $20.
64 cents.
Oats 40 to 45 cents.
Hay Baled, new $8 to$12; old $10 to
$14. Wild In balk, TO to $8,
Barley No demand except for feed,
60 cents. , .
Wool-Best, 10c.
Hops Hmall sale, 16 lo 17c.
E(tks Cash, 22 cents.
Butter Best dairy, 16 to 20; faney
creamery, 25. .
Cheese 12 to 15 eta.
Farm smoked meals Bacon 12;
bams, 13; shoulders, 10.
Potatoes new, $1.-
Onlons 1 to 2; cents.
Beeswax 34c. Caraway seed, 18c
Anise seed, 20c. Ginseng, $1.40.
Aides and pelts.
Green. 2 els: dry, A cts: sheen pelts.
76 cts to $1.25. No quotations on furs.
Chickens 7 to 10 cts: broilers 10tel21:
ducks, 12; turkeys, slow sale, choice,
1U cw; geese biuw.
Grain, Feed, ete.
Flour-Standard, $3.40; Walla Walla,
$3.40; graham, $3.00; superfine, $2.60
per barrel. 1
Oats Vhlte,45operbu8bel; grey, 42o;
rolled. In baits, (0.250.60: barrels,
JC.600.75; cases, $3 76.
Hay Best, $1617 per ton; common,
Wool valley, 10 to 12o.
Mlllstufls Bran. $17.00: shorts. $21:
ground barley, $2624; chop feed, $J8
ner ten: whole feed, barley. 8085 rer
coutalj middling, $2328 per ten: brvw-
Ing barley, wtstuoo per cental. cuiokbh
wheat. $1 22(a)l.24. percental.
Hpps JO to J7JC.
Butter Oregon fanov creamery ,22
25c: faucy dairy. J7i2no; fair Jotoa,
I610o' common, I2c per peund: Call
forula, 3544o per roll.
Cheese Orpgon, (A 121: Eastern
twins, 10c; Young American, 16o per
per pound j uaiuornm nats, 140.
jliiggB un'Kou, xui&zzto per unzen.
Poultry ChlcK6U8,old,$5.00; broilers,
large, $2.003.0o; ducks, old, $4.60
0.00; young, f2 604 00; geese, $8 0(1
turkey, live, j-juj uresseu, 100, per 10.
Woel: Oregon Eastern choice, 120
15c; do Inferior, 0011c; do valley, 14
Hops 1018lo.
Potatoes New Early Hose. 0c360:
50c00 per cental.
nauics, wwiAN per cental.
Onions 768So per cental for Mel,
nd $1.0001 20 for sllversklns.
fur good austlty and 83o fpr cbto
irewlng,00Ku0 percental,
Oats-Mllug, 11.4501 (2; ft Bey fee
II 4501,62): good to cnoloe.f I.&501.45:
oommon to fair, $1.1001.25; gray tlM
d)i;4t;.Llk, M01.S fir M!,
toa d!, lM
HOU8I8 lAfMfltt(),
Natural Wood Finishing!
Oof, nth and OhtmeiaU itirset.
Go. Fendrlch, M
Ikstwtatsnd free dsti vary
3GItat. Street.
BTONE ' AND imiClt
Estimates made on (all kladsol
Resident Oor. IBtband Bel view
I fcVVt'feVt'V
Have you abused the laws of naturo and injured your nervous system ?' I
Are you despondent and melancholy with contused ideas and gloomy thoughts ?
' ' ESPVNO ' ' w'H positively euro you. It contains no mineral poisons and
Is remarkable for awakening organic action throughout the system and ani
improvement in overy tissue. It produces better muscles, bones, nerves, hair,
nails, skin, blood aad gives vigorous life to tho unfortunate who has exhausted
his powers. Freparedjn tablet form aad packed ia boxes convenient to carry
In the pocket. Each box cbntairis 00' doses or enough to last ono month, and is
Hvorth many times its weight in gold. Tho price .$1.00 jor box, or 0 boxes I oi
(5.00 if ordered at one time and a guarantee will be given that any ease menl
ironed abovb that it does not cure, tho money will bo refunded. As to our
financial standing we refer1 to any bank In this city. Bent, charges prepaid t6
-any address, in United Statesvor Canada. Put up In plain wrapper with no
mark to distinguish what it is. Bead for circulars and testimotuJs. Address',
is'jpANxmm 3vo3iio:csa3 oo.,
1 Stocktom Street
SAN FRAN&BC0, CAL., U. 8. A.
Aa able Brain and Nerve Specialist cas at any time bo confidentially
consulted entirely-free of eaarge, personally or by mall, at the above
address. , ,.
i .
Completed and 'ready to wait on customers.' Horses boarded by day or week,
at reasonable prices., We keep a full line of Truok, Drays and Express to
meet all demauda. Also keep tho finest Stallions in this county, for service.
! Barn and residence 2 block south of postofilce. ItYANxfc CO.
If you would bo clean and havo your clothes done up in
tho neatest and dressiest mannor, take them to the
where all work is done by white labor and in the most prompt
manner. k - COLONEL J. OLMSTED,
Liberty Street.
Hates, $2.50 to $5.00 per Day
The beat hotel between Portland aad Ban
Kranolaoo. PlrsV-elaas tn all its appointments.
It tables are served with tne
Choicest Fruits
Urewn In tho Willamette Valley,
A, I. WAGNER. Prop.
Meat Market
- i
rresh and Bait meat of thai bast quality,
Poultry and alook. Tree delivery.
Yaquina Route.
And Oregon Development company's steam,
ship lias. 386 miles shorter, ' hours joes
time than by any other route. Vint else
turouth Baaeeoser and trelcbt Hoe from
I'orUaud aud all lolaU In the WIUamHW
valley to and from lan FrancUoo.
TIM K HOHKDULK, (Eioept Bunday.)
Vr A)banyt.-00 p m I Uv OerrallUl: p m
Ar Yaaulaafc p m tv YaqulDa.: m
Lv OwrvabKuieeam I Ar AKasy..U:Wa m
O. A a trlas enmseat at Albany and Oor
The abeve tralui conaeet at Yaquina wttb
taeOrrgooDevel'-pmeBt Oo.'s lias of aUaia
era betweea Yaqulua aad Ma rraneUoo . ,.
N. R Paetmrs rreas Purtlaud and all
Willamette valley polste aa make etoe con.
DcctUMtwIlb the train of the Yaquina Route
at AKway or OorvalUs aad If deallnad t Baa
Kraaeltoe.tboaM arraBe to arrive at Yaquina
tb &! bei A tear aallloc.
faianir aad rrrlsbt Katta alwara the
Invert Wo iDferaaatlae) applv to Mesira.
HULMAsauo.rttiiki ana iicaev Afesie
su KBii Ma Vmni itraeL Portland, liri. or
a u. Moaujc, Atft wu'i ru e. Act,,
ur. raenas & ud I'lrrauu, u
Jjr., Oea'lKrticbtasd
mmklMl)Al)mmmmimMiliiwtomm Mi'lwAlito&kimh
Screen Doors
Xorley Si Wlnpitonlo.
Dhop It Htats itfMt.
J, K. MUMtW,
jllpinlr Mi.!
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Take It J
Only 9 cants a da? dsltmea'ftt
jour door.
Moat Market,
ad.Conimrlal Street.
Qood msaU, Prompt dstlverr,
David McKlllop,
joni' a MtoiN
BtatoBtreet, - - Baleoi
Slcam food Saw
Lsavs orders at Ralem Im
pruvament Uo., 85 stats street.
This wonderful preparation is'purely Vegetable :""oompomuM
from the prescription of the Ofllclal Physician to the Court of Spain.
"Eapano " recreate Mental and Nerve Power in Man and Woman.
An infalliblo remedy for Ncrvotts and General Debility,
Nervous Prostration, Creeping- Paralysis, Weakness caused
by DebilitatlnglVosses, Accesses or Over-indulgences, In
cipient! Seftening: of the Brain or Paresis, Difcxincss, X,oss of
Memory, Confused Thoughts'and all Brain, Nerve or Sexual
Weaknesses. It has no equal in restoring tho.Stomach. and Brain
to its normal condition following the ,ibuBo of Alcoholio BeverafM,
or indulgence in the Opium, 'Morphino or Chloral habit.
East and South
of tb
Southern Pacific Company
Houlb. I
11X p. m.
Kl8 p. m,
8:1ft a-m.
Han Kran.
Ar.l 7:&&u.to
LiV. I t:Va a. id
bv.l 7,-OQp.ro
Above trains atop ouly ul lollbwlnu station
north of Itoeburs,lat Portland Oregon City,
Wood burn, tialeni, Albany Tangent, riheda.
ItaUey, UarrUburit JunotlonUlty,lrvlug an4
i.to a. in. tv.
11:17 a. ra U.v.
VM p, m. I Ar,
Ar. I M v, lu,
J.v. 1, 1:40 p. m.
IiV. ( 7K a. w
Albany txioali
liallr tCaeept BuudHr.
S (JO o. in
P.irllurin Ar.
7:Si a, tn.
M a. ni.
ljut p.m. IJjvi
aalem Lv,
Albany Lv,
W) p.m. Ar,
Ulttiflg Ours h Ogdea Keute
, AD
Second Class Sloping Cars
Attaohed to all tbrougU'tralas,
r?MtS& Wmt, letnn Frtlui
uA Cvtrilla;
pailt. uxowrr aoiroAT).
. I jLv. Purlland Ar.
'limuv, ux,
Vta n. m. I Ar. rtorralll Lv.
At Albany aad (torvalll coaaaet
train afOrecnn Palfln Kallmad.
Kxruiatn rtiAlN i ii u. t aiiKKrmtwiiA i
Cft IPSrTlaTd XrirKSaT
r. MrMlnnvUI Lv. H5a.
To allpolnuln tb ra.Um state. fStaada
nil Kuiau mn iki obtained ai inwni rate
Ulned at lowtsl rate
Uroca W. W. aKINMKK
. 'u. lW.UUWW A.. ... U.I.h
P..C1J, J.aU. W
Agent, eaieu,
mid Candies.
V, Oi Bloote.
Tho Upholsterer;
Ilemodals, rs-corers and n
upholstered nirnltnrs,
iDholslered ntrnltars. First-'
efaas work. Ohentakata strut.
Btats Insurants block.
i '
Have had 18 vcara ezserlence f ralnlne Her
track or carriage. Torms rroMinable. (an be
louna at, weauooll's itstue, or addreea Half m.
, 9-ll-lm JAMKHKINU.
r''-! "
i.'i iaaa-BBwaw
1. H. D'AHOY.
S'AllOY A UINOHAM, Attorney at Law,
ltoomt 1, 3 and 8, li'Arey KulldlnK, lit
ie street. Special attention glvea to bil
ucu In. the lupreme and circuit court of t hs
state, 3 11
RP. UOIAK Attorney nt law, Halem, Or.
, gon. Office Vi Commercial street.
miLMON FORD, Attorney at Isw, Salem,
X. Oregoa. Offlco up stairs In Patten bloc.
HJ. DIOQEIl. Attorney at law,8lem,0r.
, gon. Uflloe over uuih's bank
fj . Attorneys at law. Ofilre over Capital
National bank, Balem, Oregon.
JOHN A. OAlt-iON, Attorney at law. rooms
8 and t, Uuah bank building, Balem, Or.
II. r 110NHAM. W.K, XlOIJaJUl,
BON HAM A H0L.MB8, Attorney at law.
Oflloe In lJunh block, botwoea State aad
ourt, on Commercial street.
f . POQUE, Btenographer oad Tjp-
doe C
..t.A. iiu .,:?.; ka..im r-
doe nut oue In Oregon. Over Hush' bank,
Balem, Oregon.
'1KL.LA HlIKtlMAN.-Typefrrltlnc and
commercial stanosraDhr. room 11. Gray
ock. JflritVcUui work. Hates reaaoaabl.
DU A. DAVIt), Late Poet Oraduato of New
York, give ipeclnl attention to the die
eases of women and children, oosa, throat,
lungi, kidney, skin dlaraaes and surgery,
OOlce at ruldence, lot State street. Counulla
tlourromSto3a.u).audKto3p,iu. 7-1 -Sua
co Slorommerrlal treet,ln Eldtldge block.
Itfamence no oommerciat street.
a 11KOWNB, M, D.. Pliywclam aad Wwr
geoj), umce, iurpoy uiou reeweaee,
Uotnmrclal street.
:, totnmrclal i
vlt.T O HMITU, ltenttat. its Bute afreet
saiem, Oregon, rinnuea oenuu oyera.
ions of every description.
Painless toast.
nr i). l'uuii.
3t, plaas, special
uleudenca for ait
VV . tlon and auiwrl
eiawe oi uuiiuuig.
street, up stairs.
OAos 'm UowmewiaA
Manufacturer of Wagoas, Car
rlagcs, etc.
pelrtns: Specialty.,,,
huojJ Btata street.
Meet tn their hall la Ba4a laes
3. A. BKLWOOD. Heaortfer.
Oh aasy torms and cheap. X 3t ae oraJiawt
oaHuuoyBlloNo.ofl. SmtteaeaeuS
K w a" J"44 alsPiasF s'a K JFssbbjjbbb
Oa easy terms, tour aHs eaea af aVabltssMgr.
T 1. " gay.
aaiaiaing in aeeea- (wi
I or er ttalem.
A BHOAINlaawtUili
over Mt undr twUWatlea, seat
won gooa tiMistr. furm j 'W9
1"TW' 71
Sra M&9&
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