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mm. ii mi ii on 11 urn
hflt moro cool and light to wear than n silk, saloon, or Swiss
Evidently many ladies neroo
liasi boon surprising.
Dotted Swiss
PJaln "
Frenob Flannel
Outing "
To be worn with these waists we show
Windsor ties. ,
P. B. Our two granu guts win uo
307 Commercial Street.
" It1 -
foajare going to butld or make any lrlodof
Improvement, call on the underlined lor
material. Wo have a complete itock, and are
ready to supply any prepared contract, sewer
work, grading, etc.
Salem Improvement Co.
Saturday, Aug. 5. State Dairymen1"
convention, court bouse, 10 a. m.
i .... urn
Land Case. Attorney General
Chamberlain la In the city. He la re
tained to defend tbe occupants of the
city of Brownsville, Llnu county,
against whom a suit Is brought by a
party who has filed on the land. Tbe
people of Brownsville are very much
excited and an eviction scene In Ireland
would be nowhere compared to the re
sistance the people up there would ofler
If a court gavo color of title to tbo claim
ant. It seems years ago a connty sup
erintendent sold tbo original townslte
as school land, but the state bad no
title. Present titles run to a deed from
the railroad company as tbe land was
In the limits of the grant. Tbe claim
ant bases his hope on a homestead ap
plication tiled prior and Carl Schurz
when In control of public lands ruled
that such claims were exempt from the
grant. This makes a very interesting
case. It Is very doubtful if out of all
these complications any attack on pres
ent titles can succeed.
Board of Trade. A well attended
meeting of tho Salem board of trado at
Hotel Willamette Thursday night mado
full araaugements to receive and prop
erly entertain the Ban Francisco mer
chant's excursion and Vice President
Stephenson. Tbo former party will bo
here Aug. 1st, one hundred or more ar
riving at 1:40 p. m. and going South
on the overland at 0:18 p. m, Their
car will be brought to Commercial
street, where thoy will bo received by
a committee, shown about the city and
drlyen Into tho country at 0:30. A
banquet will be spread at tbo hotel.
The oommltteo on arrangements aro
President Cottle, of tbo board of trado,
and Alderman Kluln aud Gray, two
representative business men. People
having carriages Bbould report to them.
Secretary Wagner was appointed to
learn whether tho vice presidential
party would stop hero.
Exactly. As to whether tho editor
of the Democrat accepted (24 from Mr.
Bbaw for other than a proper purpose,
will be one of the matters brought be
fore tho graud Jury. Salem Demoorat.
Exactly right. Tbe graud Jury should
oouslder that Iftboro bad been any
evidence that tho Journal publishers
tried to blackmail Mr. Shaw he could
have laid It beforo tho grand Jury and
why did ho not do it? Instead, ho
gives tbo Democrat 24 to clrculato tbe
groundless accusation by distributing
extra copies of the Democrat. There Is
no reason that tbo Domoorat would not
do tbe same for auyono who had (24 to
Who Got the Monkv? John Gray
baa shown The Jouunal the niluutee
rf tho Democratic campalgu committee
Accord log to his record, and it seems
straight and entirely exonerates him
from any responsibility for uu paid bills,
Tub Journal advertising bill aud oth
er bill were ordered paid, aud those
MUKt showed (70 balance on band.
Silt when he asked for tbe money there
WM oa forthcoming, aud he does not
know who got It. Under the clroum
Txb Jouknal has nothing
i to say.
Svatx Btrket. In accordance with
IfMtftMtfoiM of the council the commit
1m oa street and public property has
dvettiMd fee bids tor the improvement
T HU street frew the west side of
High (oUm Mtteraolty limits. The
work k to be done la accordance with
phm and apeclfioatlofts filed la the of.
Jk at be elty surveyor. Each bid
sink m MeottspaBlMl by a oertttted
tbMfcforMGO, Ttwy mutt be submit
ted by Tuesday, July 3f .
tfofcllfngia effect,
hn awl ItarabM, k
alwaVs reliable,
ihbmiw'i i; law wmMAl UJ.J JJMMiaaiJUsWIMllL1 EMMftWsB
with this, as our sales lately
the moot complete and choicest lino of
, ".... i
given awny oepiemuer mu
Nearly everyone who leaves town
for the mountains or the ocean orders
the One Cent Daily. One month
by mall 25 cents. Four months 122
days for f 1.00.
Prof. S. E. Starr went to Portland
this morning.
Wm. Faber, proprietor of the Albany
brewery, was In tbe city today.
The Little Major Hodgkins, tho Pla
mondons and Dumara go to Mehama
tomorrow for a mountain camping and
fishing expedition, chaperoned by Miss
Alice Bbirk.
Rev. J. S. Wblto of St. Joseph's
church, Is homo from Newport by the
The Corvallls Dally News appears In
a neat form and is tho best evidence
that tbe capltol city of Benton county
is the homo of enterprise.
Simmons Liver Regulator always
cures and provents Indigestion or dys
pepsia. Tbe Salem Democrat evidently mis
takes personalities for matters of real
Interest. The publio care very little for
an editor's personal controversies.
Do you know what a large percent
age you can save by buying your goods
for cash ? If you don't, you can easily
learn, if you will compare the prices at
tbe JNow York KaoKet, witn prices
asked at credit stores. w-f-w
C. T. Molntire and Arthur Lawrence
went oil this morning to camp a week
on tbe Rtokreal In tbo coast range,
They have a wagon load of canned
goods, provisions and fishing tackle to
exohango for brook trout.
Tbe Now York Racket has a good
lino of tho best St. Louis shoes, at
prices from ton to fifteen per cent,
below all oumpetitlou. w-fw
J. W. Harrltt and family have re
turned from a wcok at Soda Springs,
Linn county.
Lace ourtalnB, cheap, at the New
York Racket. w-f-w
Simple, harmless, free of taste or
oolor, works perfectly, antl-fermentlno,
Gilbert, Patterson & Co.
Simmons Liver Regulator never falls
to relieve the worst attacks of Indiges
tion. Why use common milk when you
can get Sharp's Jersey ?
TheLockwoodmessengorboysIn blue
do tbe rest you call one of tbe bluo
We aro happy. Our children are
huppy. There la cheap wholesome bread
on our table. We une tho Salem Mills
'Pride of Oregon Flour." None other.
Ed. J. Diven Is at Waldport by tho
sea today. A party of Salem young
men will soon follow.
Willis MoElroy la In charge of the
Educational Department corresnond-
eneo during his father's abscenca at
Sheriff Nobles of Morrow county
brought Grovor L. Wright, age 34, to
tho asylum today.
Deputy State Trotsurer F. L. Hodg
kin goes to Centralla and Puget Sound
The Merrill hop yards of Indepen
dence advertise for hop plokers at 60cur.
Few yards will bo supplied without
some effort of this sort.
Tho Statesman type, sot with their
maohlues, Is now supplied to the West
Bide and several papers, besides the
Mrs. Z. F. Parvin at Conservatory
plaoe. South Balem, has proluced won
derful effects in carnations and seems
to be quite a way ahead as a grower.
Mrs. D. A, Osburn and little daugh
ter of Corvallls are visiting relatives in
J. W, Lewis, of Balem.returned home
today, having lu charge a young man
by the name of Laskey, who escaped
from the Insane asylum about three
weeks ago. He found tho fellow over
at Blodgetta from where he halls. Toe
Coryallls Daily News.
Miss Mamie Chartnan. of Oregon
City is visiting friends in SUm.
County Judge Colverlg, of Josephine
oouuty brought thrte ohildreu to tbe
orpbaM' hoBM at Salem yesUrday,
jjgjjtmniJL,-ij!ii!xjt!jj'uii'jia ii" ' Hu'umiHi.jummg
Ono of Balem'u Many Solid Monled
Tbe statement of tho condi
tion of tbe Capital National
bank of balem, m called for by the
comptroller of currency, made public
In this Issue deserves more than passing
comment. It la really very creditable
as showing tbo stability of tbe Capital
City as a money center. Tbe bank
shows available cash assets, Inoladlng
gold coin, cash balanoes duo from other
banks, and marketable securities: (ex
cldslvo of demand and time loans and
discounts), aggregating In round num
bers $200,000, or nearly 60 per cent, of
all Its deposits and more than tbreo
and one-half limes the amount of tbe
legal reserve required by tbe national
banking law.
Before Going to the Wold's Fair
Enquire About
Tbe Limited Express trains of the Chi
cago, Milwaukee &Bl. raui Hallway
between St. Paul and Chicago, and
Omaha and Chicago.
These trains are vestlbuled. electric
lighted and steam heated, with the fin
est Dining and Bleeping Car Service in
the world,
The Electric reading light in each
berth is the successful novelty of this
progressive age, and is highly appreciat
ed by all regular patrons of thiH line.
We wish others to know its merits, as
tbe Chicago Milwaukee & St. Paul Rail
way Is tbe only line in tne west eujoy
lug the exclusive use of this patent.
For further information apply to
nearest coupon ticket agent, or address
C. J. Eddy, General Agent,
J. W. Casey, Trav. Pass. Agt
225 Stark St., Portland, Or. tf
There is more catarrh in this section
of tbe country than all other diseases
put together, and until tbe last few
years was supposed to be incurable.
For a great many years doctors pro
nounced it a local disease, and pre
scribed local remedies, and by constant
ly falling tocure witn local treatment,
pronounced It incurable. Science has
proven catarrh to be a constitutional
disease, and therefore requires consti
tutional treatment. Hall's Catarrh
Cure, manufactured by F. J. Cheney
fe Co., Toledo, Oblo, is the only consti
tutional cure on the market. It is
taken Internally in doses from 10 drops
to a teaspoonfut. It acts directly on
tbe blood and mucous surfaces of the
system. They ofler one hundred dol
lars for any cose it fails to cure. Bend
for circulars and testimonials. Ad
dress, F. J. Cheney & Co., Toledo, O.
ft&Bold by druggists, 75c.
The Institute.
There were 138 teachers registered
this year at tbe county institute, which
closed this afternoon with the follow
ing literary pregram:
Soog, "America," by the Institute.
Quartette, "Tho Bridge," by Misses
Sbuferand Longacreand Messrs, An
derson and Drager.
Address, Dr. Geo. Whltaker, presi
dent of Willamette university.
Instrumental solo, Miss Mary E.
Selection, J. J. Krapps.
Objective science, J. T. Matthews.
Vocal Solo, Miss Longacre.
Quartette, "Musical MuBiclau,"Mlsses
Sobafer and Longacre and Messrs. An
derson and Drager.
Class in light gymnastics, by J. R.
Song, "God Be With Us Till We
Meet Again," by the Institute.
TUTT'B PILLS agreeabe in taste.
Sweet Peas. This is the fashion
able flower at this season, and beautiful
bouquets ornament the reporter's desk,
who has Henderson's latest styles.
Miss Minnie Colwell Is a successful
grower also. Miss Mollle Crelghton
has the famous Sherwood Hall collec
tion from California. The sweet pea
people Bbould get together and bold a
Col. Robert Miller is In the city. He
expects to take charge of the Oregon
City laud office AugUBt first.
Mrs. J. H. McKlbben, of Portland,
is In tbe city lu tbe Interest of tnojuve
nlle templars, This lady is graud
superintendent of tho order and will
meet the Balem Good Temlars at tbe
hall this evening at 8 p. m. The Juve-
uile Templars meet there tomorrow
evening at 7 o'olock.
J. Jay Cook and wife today sold to
Joseph Cook lot ono Marlon Fruit tracts
for $200.
Baby cried,
Mother sighed,
Dector prescribed t Caatotk.
Um4 im Mffliotts of Homm 40 Vmts tfe 'Hminrtt
AnKomla going tllo rounds of tho
pros that n aulotdo club composed of
thirteen members exists in Portland,
and that Its personnel comprises two
bankers, three bank clerks two retired
capitalist and two lawyers. We dis
credit the truth of this Item very much,
because of (lie professions and busi
nesses represented. Bankers, bank
clerks and merchants, during these
times of financial depression, maybe
inclined to Join euoh organizations, but
when real estate dealers and lawyers
ore Included, It Is absolutely inoredul
ons. There is suoh a hotbed for mush
room newspaper growths, In the Will
amette metropolis that some editors
should have been named to bave tbe
matter plausible. The reporter evi
dently mixed drinks beforo he banded
tbe "copy" to tho compositor. Times
Confessed Abson. W. A. Smeltzer,
a farmer near Silverton, lost bis dwell
ing and barn by fire July 11th. He
gave out the statement that at tbe time
he was away in tbe mountains, and re
turning later found nothing but ashes.
He bad an insurance of S800 on tbe
buildings in the Phoenix Hartford
Company. Yesterday W. H. Bagley,
the adjuster1, went to tbe place to in
quire into the particulars and fix the
loss. Tbe resnlt was that Smeltzer
made a confession that he burned tbe
buildings. He gave himself up, and
was brought to Balem by a constable.
Complaint was entered in Judge Batch
elor'a court, 'and he waived examina
tion and was bound over in $800 bail,
which he failed to produce. He is said
to own considerable property in tbe
East and has a family there.
Don't Yon Enow
That to have perfect health you must
have pure blood, and the best way to
bave pure blood is to take Hood's Bar
saparilla, tbe best blood purifier and
strength builder. It expels all taint of
scrofula, salt rheum and all other hu
mors, and at tho same time builds up
tbe whole system and gives nervo
Hood's Pills may be had by mail for
25cts of C. I. Hood & Co., Lowell, Mass.
i 'i i.ie -
Inhuman, The Leon Washburn
circus people nearly had trouble with
tbe Humane society. Several com
plaints were mado at tbetr inhuman
treatment of animals in their show and
the secretary called on the manager,
and notified them not to let It happen
again. The lassoing was barbarous.
Tbe way tho riders rowelled the horses
until their sides bled Bbould send them
to prison.
Next Tuesday. Acting upon a sug
gestion In these columns, tbe Second
Regiment band will give on open air
concert at Morningside next Tuesday
Roof Burned. About 11 o'clock
Thursday morning the residence on the
Croisan homestead which is situated
about three miles south of Salem on the
Hall's ferry road, was found to be on
fire. The entire roof was nearly con
sumed before tbe flames could be
cheoked. The fire orglnated from a de
fective fiue.
Wab Not Shot. Peoplo who went
to see the man shot out of the cannon
at the circus yesterday were cheated.
The man who bought Little Nestucca
cheese at Clark & Eppley's never was.
O i
San Francisco, July 21. Wheat
December $1.20.
Chicago, July 21. Wheat 63J; Sep
tember 66.
Portland, July 21. Wheat valley,
7JJ1.10, Walla Walla .02J.
NOTICE 1 hereby Kivsn that by authority
of au order Issued out t the County
ty.on the 5thday ofJune.lxdJ. I will as admin.
lstratorortheetateotUiraUoon. deceased, on
8. turd. y the ad hday of Aujr..lS93,ata o'clock
of said diy.nell at publloauctlou to th blih- st
uiuuer mo rieuu uue and interest or sld de.
cedent In and to the following- described lands
iu-wiw luHiMua reai property consisisni an
undivided oue-haU lnteistt In aid lotbeloi-
lowing real premise to-wlk Commenolnr at
a point on the south boundary line or lot a In
block 68 as shown by the recorded plat of the
city of Salem, Marlon county, Oregon, 6 feet
westerly from tbe southeast corner of said tot
O and ruonlng tbenoe at right angles with
said south boundary Una northerly to the
north boundary line of said lot e: Ihenno
westerly along said north boundary line S3
feet; thence southerly at right angles to said
north boundary line to the aouin boundary
Una SS feet to the plaoe of beginning.
The ala Will be mndnnlMl ml lh mit ilmr
of the County Court House in Marlon county,
Oregon, terms ol sale. cash.
TJT-aw Administrator,
Remember tha hariratna In rail a Vila
I footwear, at the New York Racket.
!jfta.ij!ijju!!aLjgjjejyuuaii M?i?iatf
At Balem, In tbe Bute of Oregon, at the clot
of business, July 13, 1891:
Loan! and discount 1318,701 SI
Overdraft secured ami uuiecured... 9.0i 04
U. 8. ilond.i to leoure circulation ..... i,ww uu
Siocinecuriiies, etc ...... .... ,-..-
Hn from annmviid rMMrveaffautjr...
.4 49
uxm si
Due lroni other National IUi.m...... I
3.909 VK
Due from itAte baaki and banker)
32,387 09
4.919 31
Other real ettate mortg tgti owned..
Current expenea and taxes paid....
Premlumi on IT. H. bondii
3,710 00
Oueoki and other oaeh ltom ........ 1,41 87
Hllli of other b tnka 630 00
Fractional paper curreuoy, nickel
andcentM.................... 40 71
Bpecle....... W.M7 01
Legal tender note... ...... 3u0 00
Hedemptton fund with U. H. treo.
urer (5 per oent. of circulation).. 853 00
TotAl 03,6.K 70
Capital stock paid In . . f 75,000 00
Surplus fund
Undivided pmflla .....................
National bank, notes outstanding...
Dividends unpaid .. ...
la.vuu uu
18WS 06
17.100 00
325 00
IndlrldualdepajlUBjiJ cttocheok
D-man 1 certificates of deposit -
2G9,5iX ZO
103 917 68
321 75
Cortl nl checks .. . .-
Due to other National bank ...
Total S 1)05.635 70
State of Oregon, County of Marlon, 38:
a, j. 11. Aiuen,casnieroi me nDOve nsraea
bank, do solemnly swear that tbe above state
ment Is true to the best ot my knowledge and
belief. J. H. ALB KKT, ( 'ashler.
Bubscrlbed and sworn to before me this 19th
day of July, 1893. J. J. bHAW,
notary puoiio for Oregon.
Correct Attest:
W. A CUrtli K.
Machine Oil. Farmers, buy your
oils at tbo Blue Front, and save 25 per
cent. dw
For rent. House of 8 rooms, new,
nasement,bard finlsb, apply at premises
No, 57 Division street. 7-25
A good choice bouse to sell on easy
termB. Will take carpenter work in
part payment. G. M. Beeler. tf.
Two sheep. Owner call and pay ex
penses. W. H. Hunt, North Balem,
Meat Market. 7-18 tf
Economize in Paper.
Clean newspapers, tied in bundles of
100, not cut, lor sale at this otllco at
fifteen cents a bundle. A heavy straw
wrapping paper, large sheets, two cents
a pound. JNext uoor to the postonlce,
Stockholders' Meeting.
Notice is hereby eiven that the an
nual meeting of tbe stockholders of tbe
Capital Consolidated Gold and Silver
Mining Company, of the citv of Salem.
Oregon, will bo held In tbe office of tbt-
compauy, on tbe secona Thursday, the
10th day of August, 1803, at 3 o'clock v.
m., for the election ot directors and
such other business of may come before
the meeting. J. M. Haas, Beo'y.
Salem, July 20, 1803. 7:19-d-2w
The Trask River Toll Road, with fur
nished hotel and farm, at its western
gate, in Tillamook county, title cleat
and renting for f 600 to (1000 a year
can be secured now, in exchange for
productive city property, or a good
farm in the Willamette valley. In
quire of N. W. G. at residence of B. C.
Ward, 18th street, near Court, Balem,
Oregon. 7-7-dw lm
To Builders and Contractors.
Salem, Or., July 12. Sealed propos
als will be received at the ofllce of the
secretary of state for the erection of an
addition to the State Reform Bchool
building. Bids to bo opened at 12
o'clock m., on Wednesday, July 26tb,
1893. Plans and specifications can be
seen at the office of McNally fc Knigh
ton, architects, Salem, Oregon, begin
ning Tuesday, July 18th. Bidders will
be required to accompany their bids
wltb a certified check of $250.00 as evi
dence of good faith. The right is re
served to rejeot any and all bids.
8. Pennoyer,
O. W. McBridf.
E. B. McElroy,
7-12-td Board of Trustees.
Hard times and too much stock. A
we are overstocked with gilt wallpapei
and high grade stock, and, as it has al
ways been known that the border has
been the expensive part of papering a
room, we will sell all our gilt wall paper
iuio ween, ni iiio regular price and will
give the borders free of ebarce. slmDlv
as a present (and this oflar is for this
week only.) Some of our stock bowev.
er, is maraed down at greatly reduced
prices and we will limit tbe amount of
border to be given away. We wlllslve
H yards to every roll of wall paper
uuujjui luua aiiuwmg enougn tor each
room. If you do not wish to paper
your home now, buy your paper and
bave the work done at anv time,
7-lfl-4t o. W. Hawks.
07 SUte street "Yellow Front"
The Union Paclflo now leads with re
duced rates to eastern points, and their
through car arrancrements. macrnlfln.
ently equipped Pullman and Tourist
sleepers, free reclining chair car and
fast time, make it the best time to trav
', , Two trains leave from Portland
dally at 8:45 a. m. and 70 n. m. Th
rates are now within reach of all. and
everybody should take advantage of
""" ! iuu wonaa rairana tbelr
tnvnus in tue east. Bend ror rates and
schedules of trains, and do not purchase
tickets until after consulting Boise ft
Barker, agents, Salem. Or.
Aes't Gen'l Rass. Agent, D. P.,
mmm Portland, Or,
Faro far Sale er Trade.
Not nocessnry at all. You
can get Summer Coats and
Vests in all etyloa and s'zoa
and Balbriggan underwear
To Keep You Cool
Satisfaction Alter Five Years.
A Broadway car caxna bowling
along toward the postoffico one after
noon recently when the Blush and
mud in the street were an inch or two
deep. A well known federal office
holder stood on the down town cross
ing at Barclay street. He hod a
woman with him.
As the car approached ho put up
his hand authoritatively. The driver
motioned that ho would stop at tho
upper crossing, as the rules pro
scribed. The .government official
stamped his foot and pointed to the
spot where he stood as much as to
"You will Btop right here."
He got fooled. The car whizzed
by and stopped on tho corner where
the driver said it would. The fed
eral officer waded through tho mud,
dragging the woman after him, and
entered the car. The conductor gavo
the signal, and the yellow car went
rolling on up town.
When he had gone a block or two,
the driver stopped his whistling,
glanced cautiously back into the car,'
and then said:
"That man played me dirt when I
got me nat'ralizashun papers five
years ago. He made me wait fur
him fur free hours, and I never for
got his face."
And then tho driver resumed his
whistling, which he kept up during
the entire trip. New York Herald.
Brothers Who CaU on Girls.
The girl who has a brother knows
how a young man is apt to talk at
the breakfast table the next morning
after he has made an evening call.
"Yes," he admits, "I did stay later
than I ought I knew that very well
but what's a man to do when a
girl starts a new topio of conversa
tion every time he makes a move to
go or tells him that he is always in
a hurry to get away when he comes
there f You have to be polite 1" And
she knows with what a relish he al
ways tells about tho young lady who
informed him flatly one evening that
10 o'olock was the loavinor hour at
her home. He did not-enjoy it par
ticularly at the time, he owns, but
ho has had a mighty respect for that
young lady ever since.
So the girl who has a brother pon
ders on these things and never urges
a gentleman caller to remain after 10
o'clock has struck.
She knows that when this brother
calls on three different young ladies
within a week he does not discourse
largely upon the other calls at either
of the places. This knowledge keeps
her from believing herself to be the
only and particular star of any gen
tleman who comes to see her fre
quently and never mentions visiting
tie other girls. It makes her less sus
ceptible and more suspicious. Chi
cago News-Record.
Impartial writers say that the goia
contained in the medals, vessels, chains
and other objects preserved in the Vati
can would make more gold coins than
tho whole of the present European cir
culation. Bombay seems a very progressive sort
of place. It has a Sorosls and a cooking
class. Recently at a competitive exam
ination over 100 Parses girls cooked a
Inng list of Indian delicacies to show
Hardware, Wagons, Carts, Road Machinery
N Ml r. c. . Inpwwa Goods aad Lowest Prices.
N. W. Cor. State and Liberty St. SALEHi 0REGON.
Jackets at Cost
Xifc3ir "howinB ,le8ant line of
All Wool Challies,
Cotton Ohalliea,
Lawns, Dimities,
at lowest prices. om"
PmltmmmMiUfnmilh, tnu.lt.u4 wJ4ti4 ftrtd8
j&rsj: j
,;iv s ;
we have all the Intent. 1vlpnf TnhlpmS
both lu fanov and nlaln nflrwtr mirt cnii
suit tbe most fastidious. We have overU
150 style to select from. Our prices ran gel
tutu oo up. ji juu oniy Ewa a smaui
amount ol DHDer come and see how mnchl
we can irlvn vnn far flvAvnfji ititHnv ihAapl
Lt.li .r - SI
uuu uiuois.
Patton Bros.,
Boolcaollera and Stationers.
WANTED. A nrst class srlrl to do house
work, Corner v Inter and Ferry.
3 IBIS PAPER Is kept on file at E. O. Dake's
. Advertising Agency, 61 and 65 Merchants
xohange.San FrancUro, California, where
contrao'a for advertising; can ba made for lu
kinds on sale at 828 Liberty street.
of aU
bottles. old Iron and nil blnrtu ct niiiV
mODflV TAlrt far ran.
also hides, at old Court House, Balem.
J-25-ly I. TOLPOLAB.
,R??u?r8eventhi)ayAdventt services at
old Unitarian Hall opposite opera house, Ba
lem, 8atur-iays. Baboath school at loa. m.,
followed by Bible reading and other services.
Prayer meeUng Wednesday 7:33 n. m. 6-27
"VTOTIOE Is hereby given that by authority
JLA of on order Issued out of the County
Court of tbe Bute ol Oregon for the county
of Marlon, on the Oth day of June 1893, 1 will.
as rnardlau of the persons and estate of Shel
s ana estate oi snei
and Emmett Boone,
ls jxxrae. uinuae -tsoone
minors, on
Saturday, the 20th day of August, 1893,
at the hour of 1 o'clock p.m. of said day, sell
at pnbllo auction to the hlg-bes bidder, aU
the right, Utle and Interest ol said bbella
Boone In and to the said following described
lands, to-wlt: That said real property cob
slstsof an undivided one half Interetln and
to the following described real premises, to
wlt: Comnenclngatapo'ntonthesouth boun
dary line of lot S In block GS as shown bf the
recorded plat or tbe city of Balem, Msrion
o nnty, Oregon, 08 feel westerly from the
southeast corner of said lot 6 and running
tbenoe at right angles with said south boun
dary line northerly to the north boundary
line ol said lot 5; then re westerly along said
north boundary line 55 feet; thence southerly
at right angles to said north boundary line to
the sauth boundary line of said lot 5; thenre
easterly along saldsouth boundary line 55 feet
to I he place or beginning.
Thesxle will be conducted at the west door
of the County Couit ilouse In Mar'on county,
Oreeon, terms of rale, cash. A. O. CON DIT,
7-27-5t Guardian of the above named minors.
NOTICE Is hereby slven that by authority
of an ordr Issuod out of the County
Court or the State of O-egonfor Marlon coun
ty, on thejth day of June, 1893, 1 will, ks ad
ministrator or the estate ot Duenna Boose,
Saturday the 28th day or August, 1893,
at 1 o'clock of sa'd day, sell at publio auction
to tbe highest bidder tbe right, title and la
termor said decedent In and to tbe following
dee rlbed lands, to-wlt: Lots Nos. 5 and 6 la
block No 51, ti NoitbBslem, Marlon county.
Oregon, aa shown by tbe recorded pl-t of said
North Halem, In the oOlce or tbe recorder of
conveyances of sain U rlon county.
The sale will be conducted at the west door
of the county Court House in Marlon county
Oregon, terms or sale, cash.
7-47-51 T.O.BILA.W, Administrator.
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