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.yiliiiMliKi) JMdiY, KXOK.T HtfNIU V,
Hf Tit
Capital Journal Publishing Company.
t'xtOftlM lilac Own iireUI Street,
jMlly, by carrier, per month,..
.o sn
Ililly.bf mall, pe' J"V ?ffi
Weekly. S pkge.teryfl' ,,w
It lg AiiroriJui on. Every day addt
lloD;me from all purt of tho stiitc.
Tiiii Ojib Cbnt Daily linn a lint of
thirty 0ulonbcro nt Grutit'a 1'um,
wliiqli ftaoh thai pjace ovory itay from
J2 to 20 hours' ahead of the Portland
and 'Prfsco paper.
Tub One Cknt Daily Is popular
with farmera and town people alike.
For the first tlmo in the history of the
atate tho people In the country can get
a complete us cl tl prw dally news
paper for anything IIUu a reasonable
price 13 00 a year. If they can oulj
get their mall twice or three times a
week they cannot art ird to go without
ThkOnkCknt Daily. It is the best
lnsuruuce you cuu carry. It Insures In
telligence TJIK 11UP JIAHKET.
Friday's hop special to The JouitNAL
was the Orel dclluite indication as to
the future of this 'wportaut crop In
Oregou. Positive ussurauce of the fail
ure of this orop In Germany gives the
market a finer tone. Tnere will prob
ably be no more sacrifice sales and
while old bops may not advance much
they will remain at present figures.
Balem buyers are oflering to contract
crop of 1803 at 17 cents two months in
advance of delivery. That la a big fig
ure to start in at. Buyers who will
now be forehanded in making prepara
tions to secure their orop and be suro to
get pickers enough will realize hand
some results.
The public school system In often
termed tho dearest heritage of too
American people. It is meant in the
sense of being the most precious. It is
dear when it is made a wooden, mech
anical system, devoid of the real soul
ud spirit of education. It is dear
when directors advance their own In
tereeU by lmploytng incompetent rolu
tlonB to teach. The community that
has advanced to tho point whero tho
school board no longer employ their
own relations, should advance the next
step where head teachers do not employ
In overruling tho demurrer In tho
Roaoburg Soldier's Hotno suit Judgo
Burnett only did what oeems to be a
well established custom of legal proce
dure In tho state courts. Whero a mat
ter Is submitted without argument it Is
the rule to ovorrule a demurrer. In do
ing so Judgo Burnett expressed no
opinion, did not pass upon tho merits
of the question, but simply let it go to
the supreme court by consent of nil par
tie, and without predjudlco. All this
was stated fully at the tlmo and wasun
derstood by all Intelligent persona, The
subsequent abuse of Judgo Burnett as a
Salem man Bhowlng bias for Salem, la
uncalled for and will not bolp tho Rose
burg case.
Thelottor of Represoutatlvo Brown,
of Douglas couuty, on tho Soldier's
Home questlou Is of great Importance.
Not because of tho strong plea he makes
for his oily and county; ho does tha
out of loyalty to bis constituents. It is
whero be refers to the logrolllug evil
that be grows luterestlug. Ho proba
bly comes very near tho truth when he
says conservative cltlzous admit It is
for tho best Interest of tho state to have
tho constitution eufuroed.
If there were only towns enough In
tbestato tuera would be no end to the
logrojlluir. Appropriations could bo
secured for club bouses on the tops of
unlubablted mountains by their honor
able representatives. Gentlemen retir
ing from all the numerous commissions
oould all be provided for in these lustl-
tHttous. It Is doubtful if the ovll of
logrolling bas not already gono so far
m to override the constitution Itself.
Tke logrollers are uumerous enough to
override the taxpayers thomselves.
Great h logrolling.
Tint's Pills
m malt
ys) Mmi t m www
atisstataatltt. MNIkwHilMK
taut ud gup askekaaftalA eaaul
IMS tiiw, wiliMr mtrm
anlHwi Mma mi
,V "f'i'-'t'yi!
Your Liver?
Is tho Orion tnl salntatlon,
knowing that good health
cannot exist without a
healthy LI Vcr. Wlcn tho
Liver is torpid tho Bow
els nro sluggish and con
stipated, tho food JJes
in tho stomach u'ndi-
tude, despondency fand
ncrvonsnesa indlcatb how
tho -whole -system is do
ranged. Simmona liver
Ecgnlator has beentho
means of restoring moro
pcoplo to health and
happiness by giving them
a healthy Liver than any
agency known on earth.
It acts with extraor
dinary power and efficacy.
At a genirsl fimllr remedy for dyspepsia,
Torpid Llvar, Constipation, etc., I hardly ever
tia anything else, and nsre nerer been dls
appointed In tha effect produced; It seems to
be slmost a perfect core for all diseases of tit
fltnmftrh anil Itawfllt-
W. J. MoSuwt. Macon. Oa.
The decision of the supreme court
upholding the state board of equaliza
tion is raislmr Portlands valuation of
mortgages from 60 to 100 cts. on the
dollar removes the last nope or tne
money-lending tax-dodgers of Multno
mah county.
Of course, It Is right. Of course, 'bey
should pay an 100 cts. on the dollar ex
actly the same as tho rest of the state.
It will add 575,000 to f 100,000 to Port
land's state tax for this year andagood
deal for last year. There is no longer
any doubt as to the validity of the
work of the state board in equalizing
mortgages In all parts of the state.
Portland can yet try another dodge
and'that may bo done. They may In
duce some non-resident to sue in the
federal courts and tie the matter up
there for several years and thus defer
the payment. Balem bos been much
abused and unjustly of lato about hog
ging it In state a flairs. But Portland
Is not exaotly angelical.
Before this paper is in tho bands of all
readers new wheat will bo rolling out
of the threshers In Oregon. We wish
to repeat tho advlco given already to
farmers to hold their wheat if possible.
Do not follow the advice of Portland
papers to sell at onco unless you are
compelled to do so.
Tho suggestion that a farmer bos no
business to soil or store -wheat is freight
ed with fatal results if followed. If it
could be known by speculators that all
grain would bo rushed from tho thresh
er to tho market it would bo a bonanza
for tho speculator. Hoooula bank on
the forced market, and -tho farmer
would bo missed.
It 1h bad enough now when so many
farmers aro forced to sell. Those in
debt for their farms, or to stores and
many oven to banks for money to bar
vest their crop, should sell of course
and pay their debts. But all who can
should hold. Wheat cannot go lower.
It Is almost certain to advance.
Balkm, July 22. Tho Jiop situation
In Oregou is very Interesting. There
will bo at least 40,000 bales at present
outlook, not couutlng the immense
UbW acreage. If balea average only
two hundred pounds, the orop will bo
worth $1,800,000 at above figures. A
orop like 1890 would swell the amount
to nearer two mllllou dollars, that
would be distributed among a few couu
Money Is still oloeo but hop growers
cat) get loans at the banks to harvest
bops provided tuoy have credit or good
security to oiler on something besides
the crop. Hops aro a hazardous orop
and no batik will loan ou a bop orop
only. Several of the Balem buyers say
they aro prepared to help their custom
ers. A muu with five nores of hops
aud no credit will bo lu a tight place.
As u rule growers prefer to muko loans
at banks, to being tied up in the bauds
of brokers.
Talks with several Salem bankers
show that they will ruako loans to bop
customers aud will do bo freely aud to
the full extent of their ability the same
as they have done heretofore. One
banker eays the report that they are
uot making loans at all Is false. Mouoy
Is closer tbau otbor years but bo good
loan is refused.
There is qui to an excitement among
farmers lu (own today over the pro
posed methods of aidiug those who
have no credit, One fanner 'from
Howell Prairie avys unleca tbosmalter
farmera aro helped there will be a great
takm'ty howl, He proposes that
farmers loan each otbor their credit by
Issuing each other oue dollar trade
tickets to be redeemed, cut of the crop
which Is to be oiarketed- in eommaa
aud the proceeds held for the oertlfU
cat (hat ure to become a lieu sgalust
tha product.
gested, p o i s o n i rlgtho
blobd; freaucnt headacho
' ensues: a lcoling of lassi
If nvery farmer Who hm Vi or J100
worth of credit could mnko It avmlnliln
to help lib poorer nlltfhlnr liam-Ht Ills
crop It would Ikj n' grcAt relief. But
oredlt Is a mnrKutnble commodity and
oAn be dfip04tffl of by going on a note
at the bunk m well no by Mnulng a hop
certificate. In the itutlevlll district
It Is Mid tho hop- griW4MautoeUtloii
have secured fundi. That shows the
Value of owoperalluii,
A Remarkable Affidavit Mado by a
Weil-Known Business Man,
A filleted with Locomotor Ataxia for
Fifteen Years-Did not Walk a Step
for Five YearsWas given up by
tho Lending Physicians of New
York City and Discharged
From the Manhattan
Hospital as In
curable. (From the New York Tribune)
For some time there bas ieeu an In
creasing number of stories published in
tho newsnatiers of New York City, tell
inir of marvelous cures of various dls-
eases that have been made by diUerent
medicines aud treatm6nts. It has long
been the intention of the Tribune to in
vestigate one of the most Interesting
cades that could be found atid give the
truth to the woild us a mutter of news
Happening on the case of Geo. L'liom
uiedleu, the other day an investigation
was maae wun tne lonowiug very
happy result.
When the reporter called on Mr.
L'Homtnedleu at the residence of bit
cousin. Mr. Edward Houubtaling, 271
W. 134lh street, ho said: I am 61 years
or hub and won b-trn in Hudson. . Y
r Rrvprf mv time in the army, being
corporal of Company A, 21st N. J. Vol
unteers. It has been about fifteen years
since I noticed the first symptoms of
my disease. I couBUlted Dr. Allen of
Yorkville, and also Dr. Pratt, since de
ceased "Dr. Pratt exhausted his pow
ers'ln my behalf and finally told me
that be could do nothing more lor me.
"Finally I was nnvlsea ny ur. uui to
go to the well-known scientist, Dr.
Hamilton. He gave me a most thor
ougb examination and did me no good.
I felt I was growing weaker every day,
and went to the Manhattan Hospital,
at 41st Bt. and Park Ave., and was
under treatment by Dr. Seguin. He
treated me for about three months, and
then, told me that I had locomotor at
axia and was beyond the aid of medical
science. I was now a complete physic
ul wreck; all power, feeling and color
had loft my lege, and it was impossible
for me to feel the most severe pinch or
even tho thrust of a needle.
"If my skin was Bcratohed there
wpuld be no flow of blood whatever,
and it would take it fully six weeks to
heal up. In the night I would have to
feel around to find my legs My pains
wero excruciating and at times almost
unbearable. I would take large doses
of morphine to deaden the pains.
About five years aco Dr. Lewis A.
Sayre of 2856th Ave , made a trial of
the French method of stretching the
spine. Although I received no benefit
from this treatment I shall always feel
grateful to Dr. Hayre ror his great inter
est and kindness.
"do severe bad my case become by
this time that I could not wulu with
out assistance, aud was almost ready to
give up life.
''1 beiran tho use of Pink Pills for
Palo People in September last. I took
them rather irregularly at first with
tho cold water treatment. In a very
short time I was convinced thatl was
irettlntr better and I began the use of
the Dllla in earnest, taking about one
box overt' five davs.
'Theurstslgn of Improvement was
in November 1802, when I bad a rush
if blood to the head aud feet caUslntr u
Btinnlntr and prickling sensation. Ft-b-
ruurvl2d. 1803. was the first time in
flvo years I had ever seen any sign of
blood lu my reet, ivroiu mis time on l
becran to tmnrove. My strenath and
appetite have gradually returned; I now
nave perient control ot my dowois, auu
the pains have gradually left me. I
can sit aud write by the iiour aud walk
up stairs bv balancing myself with my
huuds. Without doubt I am a uew
man from the ground up, and I have
every reason to believe that I will be
hale and hearty lu less than 0 mouths,
I bavo tukou ubotit 12 boxes of pills."
Sworn to before mn this Eleventh
day or March, 1803.
H. E. Melvillk.
Commissioner of Deeds.
fSEAL.1 New York City.
The reporter next called on Mr. Rob
ert W. Smith, a member of the firm of
Marchai & Wtutn, wno saiu:
"I havo known Mr. Geo. L'Homme
dleu for twenty yeurs. He became con
nected with our firm as secretary lu
1870, and attended slrlotly to his office
duties until 1881. wheu ho was stricken
down with bis trouble. As the disease
advanced he was obliged to succumb
aud reluctantly uavo ut hlaofilce work
I know that be tried various physicians
and their treatments without the least
success, and. as ho states, he wasflnan
ally discharged from the Manhattan
Hospital, and told that ho was id the
last stages of locomotor ataxia and was
beyond the bopo of bumau aid. About
six months ago, or ho. be was advised
to try Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for Pule
People, with tho cold wuter trvatmeut.
Tho last time I saw Mr. L. L'Hommr
dleu he bad gamed tho uso of his limbs
tosuoh an extent that no could walk
(in stairs with the help of his wife, aud
is now doing much Important work for
us at nis Hume,
Rout. W. Smith."
Hworu to and sudsonuhi nerore me
this Elevonth dav orMarob, 1803.
r8KAXi 1 W. H. Woouhull,
Notary Public, New York County,
au analysis otjur. wiiuams' rink
Pills show that they ooutalu, in a con
doused form, all tbeelemeutsnecceaary
to give new life aud riobneea to the
blood and restore ahuttsred nerves.
They km an unfailing specific for such
diseases as locomotor ataxia, partial
paralysis, fl. Vitus' dance, solatica,
neuralgia, rueuuiausm, aervoua ucaui
ache, the after ettect of la grippe, p!p.
tation oi mo uearc, paie auu autiow
complexions, and all forma of weakness
eittter in male or reunite, rum liU
are sold by all dealers, or will be sent
post paid on receipt of price, (60 cents a
box -they are uever sob) In hulk or by
the 100) by addressing Dr. 'Williams'
Medicine Co., Bchuectady, N. Y., or
Brockyllk), Ontario,
JOOlliJAifrSA'i.'UitMlf, JUM llii, iim,
Vrnwfrii i ia'ti nif,YiuWirmw
H6od' Curat
Mr. J. 11. Stlllman
" I am Truly Thankful
For Hood's Barssparllli. In tha war I con
rMted trphaid ferer and ferer and actie,
leftTlng ma with tnnlarlal and merea
rial fotnle from which 1 hare tuflered
erer since. In neuralgia, rheumatUra, ncr
Yam proairatica and general dt11ltjr.
ftlncal began taking Hoods SarsaparlllA I
liare not lost a day's work In S months, and
am In better health than anr time since the
war," J, JL Stillmam, Cheltenham, ra.
Hood's Pills euro Xlrer His. 35c
World's Fair, Chicago.
..Ma,. ClnmetATnue and Zrth Street.
HnTFI mm Klreproofi Ml rooms! near Vulr
nUI Imtm QrennOi: betbs on ererj floor.
con ana narvpexn pm.
mrai-ciu luiuir
for circular.
Write l
Tba Popnlatlon. Within a Radius ofTwtan-
ty-flro Slllea From the City Hall.
Mr. John Murtagh of Chicago refers
to Tho Sun an inquiry as to the popula
tion of the metropolitan district that is
to say, the territory within a radius.of
25 miles from the Pottery, Ho asks if
thore are not 4,000,000 people in this re
gion, Probably, almost certainly.
The central point of the metropolitan
district is by convention and common
osago the City hall, not the Battery.
Within a sweep of 25 miles from the
City hall there were in 1890, according
to tho defective enumeration of Mr.
Porter's census, the following popula
tions within the limits of New York
New York city 1,515,301
Brooklyn 603,843
Rest of Kings county 83,201
Lons Island City S0,600
Newtown town 17,540
Jamaica town .i 14,44i
Flushing town 19,800
Hempstead town 23,750
North Hempstead town ,,,,.,,. 6,134
Vonkers ,,..,, &?.E3
New Rooholle town, 0,057
Eastchester town 15,443
Pelham town , 3,011
Westchester town 10,029
Mamaroneck town 2.0S5
Richmond county (Staton Island) fil,C03
Total. 2,602,017
And within tho same radius on the'
Now Jersey side of tho Hudson river:
Jersey City 163,003
Hoboken city 43,043
Bayonnoclty v. 19,033
Rest of Hudson county 49,442
Newarkclty ; 181,830
Orange city 18,844
Heat of Essex county. i 55,424
Elizabeth city 1 07,701
Plalnfleld city 11,207
Rahwayclty , .., 7.105
Rest of Union connty 18,831
Bergen county within radios. 41,853
Patereon city ,' 78,817
Passalocity ,.., 13,028
Rest of Passalo county within radius.... 0,033
Morrlstown city 8,150
Rest of Morris connty within radius..., 11,401
Somerset county with radius.., 4,250
New Brunswick city 18,003
Rest of Middlesex within radius, , 10.88U
Monmouth county within" radius. 7,709
Add New York within radlu 2,502,617
Total 8,402,728
The New York state census of 1693
enables us to correct the shortcomings of
tho Porter enumeration and at the samo
time to bring tho figures two years nearer
to tho present tune:
New York city and county 1,801,739
Brooklyn and Kings county 095270
Queens county in radius (est.).,, 125,000
Westchester In radius (estj 80,000
Richmond county 63,153
New Jersey In radius (In 1890) 810,100
Total 8,605,578
Thi3 does not allow for three years'
growth in the New Jersey district or for
ono year's growth in the New York dis
trict. In tho No w Jersey region depend
ent upon this metropolis population In
creases at a phenomenal rate. Between
1880 and 1600 tho gain in Essex county
was about 35 per cent, in Hudson about
00 per cent, in Passalo moro than 54 per
cent It is a modorate assumption to est!
mato tho growth in tho New Jersey sec
tion of tho metropolitan district at 10
per cent during tho three years. If we
suppose that the growth in the Now
York section since tho stato census of
1603 has been only 1 per cent, the grand
total is:
Figures as above ,,,., .,,.... 8,665,570
Gain la Now Jersey since 1690.,., 81,000
Gain in New York aince 1699,.,.,.,.,.,, 45,831
Grand total .,,, 3,002,407
Mr. Murtagh is perfectly safe In assur
ing bis Chicago friends that 4,000,000
people now livo in the metropolitan dis
trict within n radius of 25 miles of tho
New York city hall. Now York Sun,
It is estimated that there aro 3,000
moro paupers in London than there wero
this tinio a year ago.
The total amount contributed to Pres
byterian churches during the past year
was over f 14,000,000.
Over 25,000 women in this country aro
engaged hi tho decoration of different
kinds of china and pottery.
Atravelerin tho Pyrenees says that
the burning question of the region is,
Shall strangers lo considered as prey
or a harvest?
Franklin left behind .him more max
ims than my of bis countrymen, and
j prudence is tho pivot oa which they torn.
A,, Rhodes.
aV 'BaaR
I ALL A MISTAKE. if 'aaKaW a m Vflf If Ul 1 1 1 IB
TlieCflonorTwi. JlrJ WtiotVere Not M lilt
"Aro you Biiior8tltiou8?"nike(l tho girl
with the blue nnnsfimlo,
"Not a bit," answered tho girl with
the whito waistcoat,
"Neither nm I, but Nellio is awfully
io. Why, tho other day sho dropped a
fork at tlid brrrtkfast tnblo and ran tip
stairs to cnrl her bangs, perfectly sure
that Bam was on his way from California
to snrpriso her."
"And did ho come?" breathlessly aflked
tho girl with tho white waistcoat.
"Of courso not. And there's Minnie.
Why, sho dreamed tho other night that
sho was nt a big funeral, nnd as dreams
go by contraries sho refuses to wear her
new evening dress becauso sho is suro
sho will bo invited to a swell wedding
right away."
"How foolish of hert Why, her father
would havo to buy her ti bow dress it
that ond wns Boiled."
"So I told her. Well, 1 am not super
stitious, but I thould hato to marry the
thirteenth Baron of Blazerfield, us Jen
nie expects to do. Something awful will
be sure to happen to her especially if
sho continues to put on so many airs."
"Yes, indeed. ' Speaking of that re
minds me of Delia. You know she
dropped her bouquet as she started np
the aisle to bo married. Everybody said
that was suro to bring her ill luck."
"What happened to hor? Do tell me?"
"Oh, nothing, only she got 110 pres
ents, and tft of them werd souvenir
"Oh, you know how superstitions Fan
is about the number 18. Well, the other
day a sudden shower came up, and she
tookrefugoin the first street car that
came along, As soon as she saw the con
ductor's number she was sure some
thing awful would happen, but It was
risk it or ruin her new dress. 'Oh, it was
just awful!"
"What was it? Tell me quick!"
"Why, right across from her was a
girl sho hadn't spoken to for a year, and
with her was Charley and Fan had only
returned his ring the day before,"
"How perfectly dreadful! I must tell
you about Effle. She dreamed the other
night that a runaway horse knocked hor
down, so of course she was afraid to go
out that day."
"Of course, it might"
"So she just staid in, and young Bore
by saw her at the window and come in
and road his epic poem to her."
"Gracious! Did Emma oyer tell you
how she finally helped Qeorgo to pro
pose?' "No. Pve often wondered how"
"Why, she asked him if he was at all
superstitious. Of course he answered
"She just said: 'Neither am L But a
fortune teller told me yesterday that you
wanted to nskine to marry you and wore
afraid I would refuse. Wasn't it fool
ish?" "Well, I never. What did he do then?"
"Emma didn't tell mo, but their wed
ding cards are out."
"Oh, Susie says she is going to tell
Fred, that the last nail has fallen out of
her horseshoe."
"But I don't understand."
"That means that she is to bo married
this year, goesie."
"Goodness, that mustbe why Phil took
all the nails out of tho one ho gavo mo."
"Vory likely. It's tho only way he'd
ever havo the courage to ask you. Well,
Pm glad I'm not superstitious like some
"So am I. Let's cross over and get
somo soda water."
"All right, but wait until this funeral
posses. It is awful unlucky to cross be
tween tho carriages nt p, funeral." CMV
cago Tribune.
How It Was Done.
"Talking about bright landlords,"
said Creighton, "I never met one equal
to tho landlord of the P House in
Portland. There were fivo of us there
who all wanted pie, and bo only had one
pie in the house. Yet ho gave each a
"Impossible!" interrupted Robinson.
"None of your miracles here."
"It is true, though," said Creighton.
"Yes, but tell us how ho did it," chim
ed in tho logical man in the corner.
Creighton grinned. "He sent out for
another pie." Boston Budgot.
A Jolly Honeymoon.
'SbeThifl'barrid article 'implies that
you married me for money.
Uth-Well, don't contradict it. I don't
care to be taken for a fool. Life.
What Delayed Her.
Mrs." parley Yon are so late. Jfou
should have been here two hours Jjo,
I got so tired waiting for you,
Mrs. McBride I'm very sorry, dear,
but I came as soon as erer I cordd. Yon
tee, Jack gave me bis coat to sew a "but
ton on this morning before be Vent to
the office.
Mrs. Darley I see! Wero the letters
to interesting as that? Brooklyn LU.
- '"T " 7
i w7 fi iiijj b'O i I
lk ,tw,K" t' iM shi ::aaB ''IB B V Baift mil
lot infants
"Castor! a I m well adapted loehOlrea UuU
I recommend Its superior to any prescription
known to me.H 71. A. Jtaimsa, K.D.,
111 So, Oxford St, bifcoUa, V. T.
"The use of 'Cwtorla'ls gonnlrenal and
Its merits so well known that It aeema a work
of supererogation to endorsa It. Few are the
Intelligent families who do not keep Oattorla
within asyreaeb."
Guuvos Hurmr.n.D.
New York City.
Late raster Bloomlngdale Bef ormed Church.
Tax CBjrrau
in Food.
Ladles who taller
from Cutting Winds
and Scorching Bun
will nnd
Mrs. Harrison's
Lola Montez Creme
The fkln Food,
ThoTel "remedy for
keepttig the face cool
and free from Irrita
tion. na It sooths and
comforts theckln and
piev.nts frecKlcs or
Ronou r. iiisnm a
' brautlfler but a- sKln
restorative and pre
servative. If a little Uontex Oreme Is rubbed,
lathe RKln nnd thoroughly wiped off again,
Jntnefore applying powder, the coiuplezlon
win us miner, auu iuq puwuer will xvjiiu
longer, desldes preventing the ponder from
clogging the pores of the sKln rrh.e 75 cents.
For sale by FRED LEGO, Druggist, Fatton
' Block, Balem, Ore.
Forney special or complicated blemish of
factf or form, write
America's Beauty Doctor,
26 Geary Bt., Pan Francisco, Col
Superfluous Hair Permanently Removed.
A New Remedy
' A tni Specific a potitirs and permanent elimination
tt all pouon from the blood, and a restoration of healthy
vigor to the tissues is offered to sufferers for the first time
In a remedy which hubeen undergoing the most serere
private experiments for the past three yean. It has not
yet (ailed, and It will not fail, as it is a True 8peclOa
lor Syphilitic poison and all blood diseases. Do you be
lieve it t Send for full particulars and proof free. Stop
filling your system with mercury and other poison.
This remedy will cure you in 36 to Co dart without faS,
We guarantee a care or refund the money.
170 First Street
From Terminal or Interior Points tho
Is the line to take
To all Points East and South.
It Is the dining car route, ltrnns through
vestibule trains; every day In tbs year to
(So change of cars.)
Composed of dining cars unsurpassed,
Pullman drawing room sleepers
Of latest equipment
Sleeping Cars .
Best that can be constructed and in which
accommodations are both tree and tar
nished for holders of first and seoond-clatf
Acontlnuocs llne'eonaejtlng with all
lines, aflordlng direct, and uninterrupted
Pullman alt eper reservations can be so
cared In ndvttsee tteosgk any agent of
the road.
Thiough tlokets to and from all points
la America, England and Kurope can- be
purchased at any ticket office of thla com
Pull Information concerning rates, time
of tralns.routes and other details furnished
on upDlicatlon to any 'agent or
Assistant General Passenger Agent. Ny,
121 Pint street, cor. Washington; Port.
land, Oregon
On Improved Real Estate, to amounts and
time to sulu Ho delay In considering loans.
Room 12. Bush Bank block. S 12d
Electric Lights
On "Meter System,
TheSalrn Light and Power Pom pany at
great expense have equipped their Kleetno
Light plant with the m isl modern apparatus
and are now able to ofler the public a better
light than any syetem and at a. rate lower
than any city on the coast.
Arc hhiI Incandescent Light
ing. Electric Meters fer ill
purpescs wkere pewcr is re
quired. Resilience can be wired for as many lights
aa desired and the consumers pay for only
tacb lights, aa are. used. ThU being registered
by an hJectnc Meter. Office
179 Commercial St.
j. h: HAAS,
roXbeMrtftUSL. . 'Wi,0raja,
(Xt'ar 1 toeta't)
fisiiiHWyos.fcsetnslsa. aa repatatikf
I Vrseeeeeeeeeeeleel U .CeSJtBetaLpW
and Children
Oasicrla enrts Oofta, Constipation,
Bour Btotnaciv Diarrhoea, Cruetatlon,
Kill Worms, grrea sleep, and prcrnotM A
JU'Loal Injurious medicaUoa,
For aerrral years I bars reoommendea
your ' Castorla, and shall always continue te
do so as It has lnrariably produced beneficial
Eowik r. PMBIt, H. D.,
"The Wlntnrop," 128Ui Street and Tth Atb
Mew York City,
ConrAjrr, 77 Mrraaxr Btbist, Mbw Yosuc
Do pa Wear lhcra7 When nsxt In need try a pair.
Beat In the world.
Ifyoawant 1 (In DRESS SHOE, made In the latest
stylet, don't pay $6 to $8, try my $3, $3.50, $4.00 or
$5 Shoe. They fit eqaal to custom mads and look and
weir at ttl. If you wish to economize In your footwear,
do to by purchasing W. L, Dcogfat Shoes, Nam and
pries stamped on the bottom, look for It when you buy
W. X. DOUdLAB, Brockton, Mass. Sold by
Kkaussk Bitos.
(Northern Pacific R. R. Co., Lessee.)
Two Through Trains Daily.
4 05nm
lM!nn a
I StPaul a
8:10am I 5:45pm
8 00am P.OOpm
11. 10amj 7 35pm
8 05am I 4S0pm
500pm 1145pm
l Duliitba
1 . Ashland, t
Tickets sold and tiaggage checked through
to all points In the United Htatea and Canada.
Close connection made In Chicago with all
trains going Kant and fouth.
For lull information apply to your nearest
ticket agent or JAS. O. FOND,
(Jen. Pass, and Tkt. Act., Chicago, III
Prlyate work a specialty.
O. B. CLEMENT. Manager.
The House Mover.
451 Marion Street.
Has the best facilities lor moving und rais
ing bouses. Xjeave orders at Uray Bros,, or
address Salem, Oregon.
Smith Premier Typewriter.
Bold on easy payments. For Rent,
W. I. STALEY, Agent, Salem.
B.N. BURPEE, Gen' I Agent, 101 Third Bt.
Portland. Benditbrjcalalogue.
'a The LINE That
1 DAYS to
lliaw Quicker to Omaha and Kan
" n City.
Pullmtn ind Tourist Steeper, Free Reclin
ing Chair Cart, Dining Cin.
Kor rata and general Information call
W. H. HORiJHJKT, AsstjO. V. A.
M Wadnoaau
sLsHii'-.tif iTitiJiMm
-fTl ' .fftW
ir ' 1 -Lrfe
VssLsBr ?-tfmw' H
WmmmmmZJw r mm W
mmmwmWrft A m W
', jji

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