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2et. a. nsatk by MH
Prepaid ia Advance
No Papers Seat Wbwa
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Tiata is Oni.
VOL. 6.
NO. 16.
sk- jfLaLsafe
A V . mT H H A
zm zm
fc A vk t S BJi S. H fl
Is th.jfc the way you have been buying your goods ? We
have tried it for a year and a half in our bu-ineaB and it has
proved a decided success.
Try this same method for yourself once. Buy from a cash
store. Save the usual per centage added for bad accounts at a
credit store, and you will be happily surprised at the result.
The New York Racket
Offers you genuine bargains in BOOTS and SHOES, HATS,
general line of notions.
Bring your cash and get full value for it.
General Insurance Agency.
Representing the following well-known and reliable Cempanies:
STATE INSURANCE CO., iEtna Insurance Co.,
Traders' Insurance Co., Hun insurance Co..
Notional Insurance Co., Westchester Klre Ins. Co.,
.Lion Klre Insurance Co., Imperial Klre Insurance Co.,
Ijondou j; Lancashire Fire Ins. Boo., London Assurance Corporation,
Alliance Asurauce Co.. Norwich Union Fir- lns.doc.
Oldest and leading Firm In the City Devoted-Exoluslvely to Insurance,
Recovers and repairs upholstered furniture. Xong Experience in T.be trade
enables me to turn out flrst-class work, Samples of coverings. No trouble to
give estimates. State Insurance block, Chemektta street
Ed. C:
CHURCHILL Spraying outfits,
Ss ,103
BURROUGHS State Street.
Lamoureux's Stables,
At the Commercial street bridge near Willamette Hotel. New stock and; ve
hicles being added constantly. Only the best service rendered. No shabby
rigs uor poor horses. H. L. LAMOUREUX, Proprietor.
West Printing
First-class Work.
803 Commercial St.,
On improved Real EataW. In amount sod
Ume toiulu .No delay In contlderlnj loans.
lloora 12. Butb Bank block. 8 134w
(MS. W0LZ,
Proprietor of the
Booth Commercial HC, Balem.
All kind vyech, salt and Smoked Meat
Ad Saaaagea. f '
Ins. Block.
Choice Meats.
Wholesale and Retail
Dealer In Fresh, Salt and
Smoked Heats of allKinds
OS Court tend
110 State Streets.
Reasonable Friccs.
fialem, Oreeen.
LeaTcordrs atOotUe-l'ajrkkurat blockoom
IS, Balem, Oregon.
Manufacturer of Wagons, Car
" rlages, etc.
Repairing ft SpaolUty.
Baop 5 State treU
over ba'tundrr cultivation, reat pa.tur.acd
mm -woo. rawi v,trr .'"i'.Ji,"
Sr-lav4w WaUe, Or.
Two Wtt ormillni; Meet.
Heallby meat is firm, clean and at
tractive in nppearanco. In this cli
mate, when proporly lolled, properly
cleansed and leisurely bandied, it is
not only unnecessary but positively
deleterious to froezo it The differ
ence between moat killed in the Chi
cago method and that killed accord
ing to the methods so long and suc
cessfully practiced by Californian
butchers is apparent at a glance.
Great efforts have been made to in
troduce meat killed in the Chicago
style, but they have been unsucceos
The proof is positivo that what
may suit the eastern palate and stand
well in Eastern climate does not meet
with the tastes and requirements of
Californians and does not Buit Pacific
coast climate. The rapid methods
adopted In the abattoirs, the spray
ing with hot water and diluted am
monia and then tho sudden freezing
rob tho meat of its natural flavor,
substitute an artificial taste and give
to tho meat as soon as it is exposed
to the air and commences to thaw a
soggy, unappetizing look.
In tho methods adopted for years
by tho old Son Francisco butchers tho
meat is wiped clean with cloths
wrung out in cold water and is then
allowed to hang. Handled in this
way it will keep perfectly healthy for
days and is in appearance and taste
all that can bo desired. San Fran
cisco Chronicle.
BU I41y Knair Hr night.
Perhaps it ia because sho is colored
that Miss Lily May Tucker, a professor
of tho divine art of cooking at Quogue,
N. Y., knows her civil rights. Anyway
she obtained one of her rights where
strong men would merely havo sworn
and walked. Wishing to go from
Quogno to Riverhead Monday, by way
of Manor, to do some shopping, Miss
Lily asked for a ticket by that route,
Tho ticket was supplied to her, and she
paid for it. Then sho boarded the train
end arrived rapidly at Manor, but was
there informed that the train which last
tummer ran from Manor to Riverhead
was not running this season. Right there
is whero a more white man would havo
made a feeble exhibition of the inferior
ity of Ma color and sex.
But Lily I She just looked over that
station agent and said:
"You mean it hasn't been running,
young num. It's a-going to run, 'cause
Tve got a ticket that calls for my trans
portation from Manor to Riverhead,
and Pm going by that route."
Then she sat down on a bench and let
the station agent walk tho platform.
After awhile ho went into his office and
telegraphed something to somebody.
When he got an answer, ho went out and
looked at Miss Lily's ticket. Then he
telegraphed Borne more, and some mora
was telegraphed to him. Then he went
out again, wiping his brow, and said
that if Miss Lily insisted upon going by
the route called for on her tickot a
special train would havo to bo made up
to carry her. Miss Lily made answer:
"I ain't a-sisting; I'm just a waiting
here for that train what's going to take
me to Riverhead.'
And the train was made up, and Miss
Lily in her lonely majesty was trans
ported to Riverhead as per hor tickot.
New York Sun.
Southern Pacific locomotives will soon
use for fuel bricks made of coal dust and
Tho Old Colony is building four hotels
cars, which aro to be put on the shore
line between New York and Boston.
In the latest style of Pullman palace
cars the sleepers are upholstered with a
plainness of decoration that approaches
Michael Maloney, one of the expert
telegraphers of the Erie's eastern divi
sion, has been appointed chief dispatcher
with headquarters at Jersey City.
Six new engines will soon be put on
the Grand Trunk road to haul fast ex
press trains. It is stated that these en
gines will be expected to show a speed of
80 miles an hour.
There is absolutely no foundation for
the Chicago stories concerning Darling
ton official changes. None ia likely to
occur among the higher officers until Mr.
Forbes, who ia well advanced in years,
chooses to retire.
The projected Philadelphia, Honeedals
and Albany road, the surveys for which
were made last spring from White Ha
ven and Honesdale, Pa., to Hancock, N.
Y and toward Albany, is to be con
structed by the Tennius Construction
It ud by Wive
about toexperitno
tba palntul ordeal
attendant npon
Child-birth, proves
an Infallible teU
la for. and obviate
tb torture of coo
Kflnetaeot, leateoloK
I tba daatcr thereof
SU tr aU dnnfeu.
For Helping Silver and
Increasing Money.
To Be Issued By the Treasury
Balfour Declares for (he Double
Financial Stringency Strikes New
York City.
Huntington Talss.
New York, Aug. 3. Colla P. Hunt
ington, president of the Southern Pa
clflo has dictated the following upon the
situatien: "If congress will repeal the
Sherman act, make, say $10 legal ten
der of silvei,and not allow any paper
issued u d r $6, that would put a large
amount of silver in circulation. Then
let tho government issue (300,000,000
gold bonds, bearing InUrest not exceed
ing 3 per cent., they to be used as col
lateral for national currenoy, and let
banks have par In currency on old
fours. That would restoro confidence,
make money plenty and, I believe, be
a good thing for silver."
The Limit Reached.
Washington, Aug. 8. No more
silver certificates will be Issued by tin
treasury department for tho present, as
the limit prescribed by law has been
reached. That is to say, as many silver
certificates are now outstandlugas there
are standard silver dollars coined in
the treasury to redeem them. Un
der the Bland act 380,930,874 standard
silver dollars have been coined.
London Disturbed.
London, Aug. 8. A meeting was
held today at the ofllclal nsidonoe of
the Lord SI tyor to consider the finan
cial and business situation. It was pre
sided over by the Lord Mayor. Tho
gathering was very largely attended.
Most all leadlug bankers were present.
Balfour made an address and disclaimed
all political motives, and alluded to the
anxiety felt throughout the business
world connected with curronoy changes
In India and the action that might be
taken by theUnlted States government.
The gold standard Balfour declared
would never satisfy the commercial
wants, while double standard alone
would prevent dangerous oscllliationa
In trade. He commended International
agreement, fixing ratio of value be
tween gold and silver.
Growing. Scarcer.
New Yohk, Aug. 3. The banks here
bavrsnut d wn on shipment of cur
renoy to the interior, as the scarcity Is
so pronounced that agents are bidding
a premium of teu dollars per one thous
and dollars today. Institutions with
large pay rolls have been compelled to
resort large y to the ue of silver.
Banks request their depositors to use
UneCKS BS Iliucu as nnmiviv, nuu wueic
cash Is required are paying a large por
tion In silver dollarsXue supply or bills
at the sub-treasury Is growing Hmlted.
The order of the sub-treasury today
that backs must deposit cash agalust
the withdrawal of currency and stiver,
is one of the results of the conference
yesterday, betweeu Secretary Carlisle
aod Assistant Bub-Treasurer Jordan.
A Decoyed Gotten.
Milwaukkb, Wis., Aug. 8. The
erand Jury was called td Investigate the
South Side Savings bank failure Pres
ident Trutupff and Casbter Koettlag
are missing. The aflalr of the bank
are In bad shape, Depositors will prob
able lose every thing.
Enough to Li a.
a.u Mu. ttntttni. Autr. B. JiuliA
Oarber this morning made an order
givlog Mrs. jane iu maoioru, wjuow
.ri.i.Oantlnr Rtanfnrrl. a. mnntlilv al.
towanoe of f5)00 out of tier kusband'f
Collector Black Begins Deportation of
PouTr-AND, Aug. 3. Pursuant n in
structions from the treasury depart
ment, Collect ;r Black today begnu pro
ceedlugs toward deportation of thirty
odd Chinese brought here by the Hay
tlen Republic.
A little girl nuswerlug to the descrip
tion of Alma Qladls Miller, who was
stolen from her home near Summer
vllle, Or., about one year ago by James
Smith, a Gypsy, was arrested at Eu
gene last night. The girl said her
name was Vclr, but officers are confi
dent she is the missing Miller girl.
They are trying to open a communica
tion with her' father whose present
whereabouts aro unknown.
Silver Committee.
Chicago, Aug. 8. The committee
chosen by the silver convention met
this morning and affected permanent
organization by electing General A. J.
Warner, of Ohio, president; Geprgo F.
Washburn, of Boston, secretary. It
was decided that tho oflloials of the
general committee together with mem
bers of the sub-committee meet at
Washington Tuesday, presumably to
remain there until the oloee of the ses
sion of congress.
Hurrah for Our Side.
Southampton, Aug. 8. The steam
er Normanula Bails hence tomorrow for
New York with 14,600,000 gold tor
American houses.
Another Silver Man.
Chicago, Aug. 8. Lazarus Silver
man, a well known private banker,
has suspended. Liabilities half u mil
lion, assets said 'to be greater; cash on
hand six thousand dollar.
Booming Harrison.
Chicago, Aug. 8. A speolal from
Shelby ville, Iud., says: L. T. Mlchen
or has taken hold of Harrison's cam
paign for the presidential nomination
in 1800. Ho is working aystematleally
from Washington. Secret clubs are
now being formed nil oyer the state.
They will magnify pension suspensions
and attribute monetary stringency to
the Democratic administration. It is
uuderstood that similar tactics will be
followed in other states.
Bearing Sea Subjects.
Pabib, Aug. 8. The Behring" sea tri
bunal of arbitration has made good
progress. It Is expected the decision
will be rendered in s fortnight. Every
point at issue has been adjadloated.
The decision will give entire satisfac
tion to Great Britain and Canada. In
every Instance the claims advanced by
counsel for Great Britain are held good.
The decision will be unanimous on all
points save one, In which Justice Har
lan and Senator Morgan, the American
arbitrators, held out for the American
claim. The tribunal is no v discussing
the question of regulations to govern
tho seal fisheries.
Paris, Aug. 8. JVlth reference to
the London report that the Behring sea
case had been decided In favor of Great
Britain Hon. C. H. Tupper, Canadian
minister of marine and British agent
bbre, said that all forecasts are mere
surmises. The arbitrators hadarrlyed
at a decision in regard to half the
points presented but did not know
when the work would terminate,
Mews of Ha wall.
Honolulu, via Ban Francisco, Aug.
8. The royalists who presented a cane
to Claus Spreokel Just before the Aus
tralia sal ed, have deeply offended Min
ister Blount by the unauthorized use
of his name and the matter has become
the subject of dlplomatlo correspond
ence. Just before the steamer Austra
lia left port a prearranged scheme of
presenting Claus Spreckels with a cane
Inscribed with a list of names beaded
by those of Lllluokalanl and Jamas H.
Blount was carried out amid the pop
ping ol champagne furnished by friends
of Mr. Spreckels. The royalists took
the occasion to assert on the boataud
on the wharf that Mlnleter Blount bad
allowed the use of his name to show
his appreciation of Spreckels and the
ex-queen's caitee. Withlu half au hour
after the matter became public Miukter
Blount denounced it ia an excited
manner aa an outrage aad authorized
a reporter to publish his statement.
On July SO Minister Blount seat the
provisional government a note calling
its attention to the matter and the gov
ernment at ouoe began investigating as
to the persona responsible for the out
rage, The provisional government is
fully in earnest in sifting the Matter
and Itte understood that it wilt sot
stop short of full reparation to the
American taloUter,
Highest of all in Leavening Power. Latest U. S. Gov't Report
Hops SUraer.
New York, Aug, 8. Hops show an
increasing firmness under ilrm foreign
advices but no Improvement in trade,
and quotations are unohanged.
Ban Francisco, Aug 3. Wheat
weaker, December $1.2f, seller .03;
cash number, one shipping, $1.10.
Chicago, Aug. 8. Cash, 66 J; Sep
tember 68.
Portlamd, Aug. 8. Wheat valloy,
1.00, Walla Walla 87j.Pfl.
Pour or Fit o Bloala a Day Hoi-tiuI on the
Transatlantic! Llnom.
Yachting may bo puraucd chiefly
for pleasure, but incidentally it is for
sharpening tho appetite. Tho capac
ity of the ocean traveler's stomach
is proverbial, and unlostt scasicknesp
intervenes ho becomes u gormandia
er from tho timo ho leaves shore un
til ha lands on it again. So thor
oughly nppreeintod is this that the
steward's department on yachts and
tho great Atlantic steamers is made
a very important office, and nothing
contributes so much to tho pleasure
of tho voyage as a comploto and va
ried larder of the most tempting na
ture. Social life on yachts centers around
the table in tho richly upholstered
cabin, whero tho ontertaimnont can
bo as expensive as tho owner desires.
Indeed tho cost of yachting ia often
tn direct proportion to the amount
of money devoted in eating and
drinking. No less important is tho
dining room on board tho first class
ocean steamers, and the four or five
moalu a day that aro served aro in
dicativo of the passongers' marvel
ously increased appetites.
Tho dining service is elaborato and
costly, equaling in quantity anil va
riety that of tho finest hotels in the
world. For a six or eight day voy
ago the floating palaces aro provi
sioned sufficiently to support a good
sized city for several days. Every
thing is of the finest quality, served
in the most approved stylo and at
tractive form, making tho pleasures
of dining on shipboard alluring
enough to elicit praise from tho hy
percritical epicure.
Although tho sorvico varies slight
ly on the different lines, one steamer
will typify ail the others. Tho dishes
and tho art of cooking are similar to
that found at leading hotels. The
German liners givo dinnor services
that aro not excelled by any, but
there is a slight savor of Germany
and hor people in the various odd
compounds and mixtures that daily
appear on tho table. Tho English
steamers aro likewise distinctively
English or American, and tho tables
are loaded with all tho delicacies no
much appreciated by tho travolor.
Most of the large eteamors furnish
four or fivo meals a day, and each
one is elaborato. To attend thebo ta
bles about 100 cooks and stewards
aro employed, 80 or 40 saloon waiters
and a dozen or more carvers, dish
washers and stewardesses. Tho force
of men required for the kitchon and
the dining room on a large ocean
steamer is thus much largor than the
crews of many ocean ships. Break
fast to generally served at 8 o'clock,
luncheon at 2:30, dinner at 6 and
cold meats and salads again at Op. m.
On somo of the steamers coffee
and rolls aro served at 0 in tho morn
ing to accommodate early risers. Be
tween these meals anything can bo
ordered by applying to the steward
or by tipping the waiters. Drinking
to no less important than eating, and
the bar to so well patronised in the
summer time that aa ettonao-ua stock
must be carried. Buying provisions
for one of the large steamers to a
work that requires experience, for it
to more important than buying for a
large hotel.
The supply muat be large enough
to last for the entire voyage, and
of tea for emergencies when a storm
keep the steamer out from port sev
eral days later than usual. The
quantity of provtoioas also varies
with the number of passengers en
gaging bertha, but as the ltote are
generally made up weeks before the
steamer sails this to sot a disturbing
element in the steward's caloula
Uofcw. New York Mall and Express.
Effect of Gm on FarnUnre.
Gas conBumors often complain that
books, furniture and pictures are in
jured by tho small quantity of sul
phur which, despite all precautions,
passes through the burners. But Dr.
Odling, F. R, 8., and Professor Le;wis,
in giving evidenco boforo Lord Sand
ford's committee on tho Crystal
Palace gas bill, declared that this
idea was an error. Tho damage was
not duo to tho sulphur, but to the
heated zone of tho atmosphere above
tho chandelior. Tho sulphurous in
gredient was so small that four or
dinary lucifor matches struck in tho
courso of Bix hours would yield as
much Bulphur in a room aa tho burn
ing of 100 feet of gas.
IullueiiL'o or Rzainple.
Factum You'd hardly think that
Buch a dumb thing as n hen would bo
influenced by tho example of man,
but it's bo.
Rawlins That scorns Btrange.
Factum I know it does,.but it's so.
Rawlins How do you know?
Factum From observation. You
remember tho other evening when
the crowd of sports came up from the
village and had a eetto in my barn!
Rawlins Yes.
Factum Well, it was only a day
or two after that I found two of my
bens clucking around looking for a
placo to set too. Boston Courier.
Chinese Designation.
Nover is a Chineso wif o Bpoken of
by hor husband in a plain, straight
curyrufd way. Buuii piayiui terma
aa "My thorn in tho ribs" and "My
dull companion" aro most usual, but
leave something to bo desired on the
wore of elegance ' 'Tho mean one of
the inner room" has a distinct flavor
of masculine selfishness about it
Miss Etta Hughes, tho English gov
erness of the Spanish infantas, receives
$5,000 a year.
Emil Ney, a grandson of the marshal,
Is living in San Francisco, according to
the newspapers of that city.
Lioutouant Otto E. Ehlers, tho Ger
man explorer, mado an Asiatic journey
of 7,000 miles on a Himalayan pony,
Mr. Stanley is carrying out his often
expressed intention of writing up the
folklore of tho African regions which he
has explored.
Doputy Marshal Oroder of Watcrville,
Me., is 88, and his wifo is 84, They have
a family of nine children, six boys and
three girls, tho eldest 17 years of age.
Miss Kato Sanborn, tho author, is in
California and proposes to write a book
on the northern part of tho state, the
character and resources of which are
comparatively unknown to the general
Professor T. K. Cheyne, the distin
guished Biblical scholar of Oxford, is al
most blind, and yet ho has' written
several books, tho preparation of which
required a vast amount of original in
J. K. Mentzer of Lancaster, Pa., owns
a Biblo thnt wns printed by Christoffel
Froschaner of Munich 863 years ago.
The Bible, it is claimed, caino oyer ia the
vessel iu which William Penn made his
second trip to America.
A popular ballot lately taken in France
as to the rank of authors resulted in
Victor Hugo leading tho list. Shake-
spearo was third, and Ilomcr, who was
put below Lumartiue, was twelfth. Zola
didn't got mUho Hat at all.
laaMe, MtaM. aad eH the war Umm&,
1 Koot
TUUk-rtTera(arorllcl ?TT"

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