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Associated Press Daily News
paper Published on the
Pacific Coast. ,
$3.00 n Year.
KScts. a aaeatfc by Matt
Prepaid ia Advasee.
No Papers Seat WkH
Time Is Out.
VOL. 6.
NO. 209.
The New York Racket
Still occupies their old position in the State Insurance Block,
333 Commercial Street, and still offer
In all lines of goods which they carry. Their fine ladies and
misses Dongolia shoes, are away below what they can be
bought for generally, and every Bhoe of the better class war
ranted. The same can be said of the better class of men's,
boy's and children's Bhoes. In all lines of goods such as boy's
and men's fur and wool hats, wool, black sateen, and gents
light dress shirts, white laundried and unlaundried shirts;
Ladies, gents, and boys underwear; pants, overalls, jackets,
gloves, bed-spreads, lace curtains, embroideries, laces, table
linen, crash, towels, pocket knives, buggy whips, and a large
line of all kinds of notions, all sold at
We buy all our goods for cash, at the lowest possible
prices for good material, and can afford to sell at low prices for
General" Insurance Agency.
- t Representing the following well-known and reliable Companies !
'BTATB INSURANCE OO., - Itna Insurance Co.,
Traders' Insurance Co., Hun Insurance Co.. f
National Insurance Co., Westchester Fire Ins. Co.,
Iilon fire Insurance Co., Imperial Fire Insurance Ca.,
liondou Lancashire Fire Ins. Soc, London Assurance I orporatlon,
Alliance Assurance Co., Norwich Union Fire Ids-8jc.
Oldest and Leading Firm lit the City Devoted Exclusively to Insurance,
'Recovers and repairs upholstered furniture. Long Experience in the trade
enables me to turn out first-class worts. Samples of coverings. No trouble to
Kive estimates. State Insurance block, Chemektta street.
Ed. C.
K. Meeker & Co,,
Hop Exporters
OFFICE, Oberheim Block, up stairs, Salem.
Lamoureux's Stables,
hides being added constantly.
rigs nor pqor uorets.
West Printing
do better work than ever,
203 Commercial St..
245 Commercial Street.
American Fire Insurance Co., Phlla.
Home Insurance Co , New York.
Korwicb-Unloo Ins. Co.. Liverpool.
Palatine Insurance Co.. Manchester.
Over One Million Dollars Deposited With State Treasurer of Oregon for
Protection of Policy Holder in Oregon only.
All Losses Adjusted and Paid Through Salem Agency on Policies Written
, la Marion, Polk, Yamhill and Linn Counties.
Also Write Life and Accident Insurance in Best Compaq in the World.
Wholesale and Retail
Dealer iu Fresh, Salt and
Smoked Meats of all Kinds
OS Court tend
110 State Streets.
H. L. LAMOUREUX, Proprietor.
Has just received some
of the latest faces of job
'type and is prepared to
Country orders receive prompt at-
Salem, Oreg.
- Agents,
Western Assurance, Toronto, Canada.
Lancashire, Manchester, Eng.
Hamburg-Madeburp. Germany.
Home Mutual, Ban Francisco, CI,
Senate Must Pass the
Repeal Bill.
Butfovillo Hop Men Mast Employ
White Pickers.
Pfettor's Great Scheme Depart
ment of Education.
Financial Policy.
Washington, 8ep. 6. The flnanolal
policy of the administration is clearly
defined today. It Is that all secondary
financial legislation be postponed In
tbe bouse till the senate acts on tbe re
peal bill. Tbe object Is to put spura on
tbe senate by concentrating publlo at
tention on it. Tbe bouse will keep tbe
road clear for Immediate consideration
of tbe repeal as soon as It comes from
the senate.
Ohineso Evicted.
Portland, Or., Sept. 5. In tbe bop
fields at Buttevllle, twenty-nine miles
south of tbis city, there was a scene of
Chinese eviction yesterday. About 100
white men herded up fifty-six Chinee
bop pickers, drove them to the dock,
and forced the captain of the steamer
to bring the Chinese to this city. There
are about 600 more Chinese around
Buttevllle in the hop fields and more
trouble may follow.
An eye-witness gives tbe following
"Tbe evictors were under tbe leader
ship of u young man, apparently not
over 25 years old, with singularly reso
lute features. The men started for tbe
hopflelds in a body, and acted very or
derly. The first place they called was
at tbe bouse of Mr. Ellers, of the Hop
growers' association. He wan not ul
home, but Mrs. Ellen, who answered
tbe knock, received the men very kind
ly. In response to an inquiry by tbe
leader, she said that Chinamen were
employed in tbe fields. Then the lead
ersald: 'We have not come to make
trouble, but to get work. Our families
are in need, and we must buve employ
ment.' Mrs. Ellers replied that so far
as work was concerned, -she would
pledge her word that the six Chinese
on tbe fields would be returned to Port
land at once, and tbe 100 or more en
gaged by Mr. Ellers and on tbe way to
Buttevllle would be stopped at Boon's
Ferry and sent back to tbU city. Mr.
Ellers returned home soon afterward
and carrried out bis wife's promise.
The army then moved on to Beck's
hopflelds, three and a half miles west
of Buttevllle. The same demand was
made, and was refused by Mr. Beck on
the ground that be bad written con
tracts with tbe Celestials and could not
discbarge tbem without losing a largo
sum of money, "if you oannot, we
can,' was the arm repiy oi tue ieaaer.
Mr. Beck was politely told to step
aside, and then the men began search
ing for tbe Chinese. Rumor of a riot
bad been floating about Buttevllle for a
day or two, and on tbe first appearance
of tbe men the Chinese bad scampered
away to places of safety. Borne sought
refuge iu tbe fllelds, some under bog
f Mothers
Colrlfl. t., D6 ' ,'84,
My w ud "MsUkW FrUni" blor
htr third conlUwaMnt, and ar bweuI4
not U wltksut It lor hundred of dollar.
fait brtxvnu on rtttlpt of prlea, f
YUttl. took ToMithm" Bil& it
Fr U Vy U droslrtt.
pus, some in hay stacks, but all were
rounded up In the middle of the road
They were greatly frightened, but
when given to understand that they
would not bo harmed, overcame their
fears of tbelr captors, and chattered
pleasantly witb tbem in broken Eng
lish. There were forty In the gang,
and tboy were marched back to Ellers',
where tbe other six were taken Into
custody. Then all were taken to the
dock and placed under a guard. The
whites then returned to Beck's neigh
borhood and visited a hopfleld and no
tified tbo twenty Chinamen employed
there to pack up and prepare to leave.
This tbey did quietly, and they were
escorted to tbe dock aud placed with
tbelr countrymen.
"The eviction was conducted in a
very orderly manner, and was all over
by 1 o'olook. There was no sign of
vlolouce until preparations were made
to put tho Chinamen on tbe boat.
When the Toledo arrived at tho dock,
the crowd, whldh then numbered about
400, ordered the captain to tako tbo
Celestials to Portland or anywhere else
out of tho city. He refused, and was
then told that there would be blood
shed if tbey remained in Buttevllle
The captain was 'determined not to
tako them on board and then someone
shoved a Cbluameu oil thedook. He
fell to the boat but was not hurt. An
other one was pushed offand fell to tbo
deck. Borne one in the crowd shoved
a third one off the deck but bo was not
so lucky as his companions for bo fell
Into the river and got a drenching.
Then the captain saw that if he did
not take the Chinamen on board there
would be bloodshed, and accordingly
brought them to Portland.
Public Building for Salem.
Washing itN, D. C, Sept. 5. Bills
have been prepared for the erection of
publlo buildings at tbe following places:
Roseburg, Or., 525,000; Balem, Or.
$100,000; Bandlego, Cal., $200,000;
Fresno, Cal., $100,000.
Iowa Prohibitionists.
Des MoiNES,Ia.,8ept. 6. A citizen's
prohibition atate,conventlon met here
today. Only a hundred delegates were
present. Dr. Emory Miller was made
temporary chairman. Ho said if Gov
ernor Boles was re-elected, It would be
tbe result of tbe Republican conven
tion of last August, not of this. Tbe
question was to have as many mem
bers of tbe legislature an possible, for
prohibition. Rev. G. D. Wella was
made permanent chairman, and tbo
usual committees were selected.
The convention will nominate Hou.
L. I. Coffin, of Fort Dodge, for gov
ernor but will name no other candidates
for state officers. The convention will
resolve to unite In securing tbo oleotlon
of members of the legislature, who
will vote to retain the prohibition law.
Stupendous Trust.
Ddxutii, Minn,, Sept. 6. The de
tails of a stupendous ,dea), backed by
the Standard Oil 'Company, have Just
come to light. It Involves nliio-tentbs
of the product of tbe Bessemer Iron
mines In this country and Cuba. Ik
will be knowu as the Lake Superior
Consolidated Iron Mines.
In tho Senate.
Wasuinoton, D. C, Sept. 6. In
tbe senate Pfeffer Introduced a bill
creating tbe department of education
under tbe supervision of tbe secretary
of education, who, within three yean
after the passage of tbe act, shall cause
to bo constructed a college of scientific
learning In which shall be taught all
classic and professional studies, arts,
etc., to be knowu as tbe Bcleutlflo uni
versity of the Rf'd, White and Blue
Cross. Tbe bill appropriates $10,000,
000 to construct tbo college, aud eight
millions more Is appropriated to create
an endowment to be known as the
Scientific college fund,
Tbe secretary of the treasury is di
rected to purchase aluminum to tbe
total amount of the appropriations and
coin in denominations from one cent to
twenty dollars.
Stewart took the floor iu opposition
to tbe repeal bill.
Octegenarian Murdered for
Her Gold.
Job Brothers Arrested Now Pen
sion Order.
Brutal Murder.
Seattle, Wn., tiept. 6. Charlotte
Felting, a German woman, 80 years
old, was brutally murdered some time
last night and rubbed of $700 In gold.
Her head had been beaten to a Jelly
whilo she was in her night dress. Tbe
body was discovered by her Bon, who
came home from tho theater about 2 n.
m. There were probably two of tbo
fiends, who knocked at bor door and
and tbe old lady thinking it was her
son, unlocked It, when a cloth was
thrown over her head, preventing any
outcry. There is no clue to the mur
derer as yet.
Job Bros, on Trial.
Cokvallis, Or., Bept. 6. Zephln
and BenJ. It. Job, partuers In tho pri
vate bauk of Hamilton, Job & Co.,
which suspended on Juno 0th, were ar
raigned yesterday in tho Justices court
for having failed to pay on demand
county funds to the amount of $11,000
on deposit when tbo bank suspended.
Tboy waived examination and wero re
leased on bonds of $4000 to await the
action of tbo grand Jury.
Record Beaters.
Fleetwood, 8opt. 6, Directum, tbe
"Blaclr Whirlwind" from California
yesterday broko tbe world's stallion
record. Ho beat all four-yoar-old figures
and wont ahead of all marks given to
trotters of five-year-old, and one-half of
bis mile was the fastest ever trotted by
unv horsu on any track.
He was entered to start ngalnBt tbe
world's stallion record of 2;07J mado on
the kite track by Stamboul; tbo kite
record of 2.-00 mado last Thursday by
Nancy Hauka and the world's record
of 2:04 made by tbe mare. If be broke
tbe track record ho was to get a purso
of $6000.
Wbon bo started away Directum was
followed by a running horse, Tbe
black stallion fairly Hew to the quarter
in SO. Tbe Journoy to tbe half was all
down bill though it bad one turn. It
was mado in ooo minute and one-fourth
seconds. Then Kelley urged the black
stallion with all bis skill. Ho passed
tbe three-quarters' in 1:32 And as ho did
so tho running was moved up another
peg. Turning into tbe stretch Kelley
began slapping the record breaker with
his reins. Tho borso was pretty well
winded but continued on his ournoy
at a fast and even pace. Thirty yards
from the wire, however, he appeared to
be all through and despite Kelley 'a slaps
tired to a walk as tho watches clloked
2.-07 on tbe mile.
Pascal, tbe black gelding stepped five
miles In 12:46. This cuts fifteen seconds
off the best previous record which wa
bold by Lady Mack whose mark was
18, gained on tbe track in California as
far back as 1874.
New Pension Order.
Washington, Sept. 4 Commission
er Lochran, of tbo pension bureau, is
sued an order withdrawing that of
Juno 12th. It says: "Hereafter in af
fixing rated under ninety medical
referees shall weigh each disability and
determlno tbe degree each disability or
combined disabilities disable tho claim
ant from earning a support by mauual
labor and a rate corresponding to this
degree is to be allowed. In cases in
wblob tbe pensioner reached tbe ago of
seventy-live bis rate Is not to be dis
turbed if be Is receiving tbe maximum
and If bo Is not a pensioner he shall
receive a maximum for senility alouo if
there are no special pensionable disa
bilities shown,"
Han Fbanoiboo,
Bept. 6. Wheat,
December 9l.llf.
Ciiioaqo, Bept. 6. Cash, 631;
ce tuber 681.
Poktland, Sept. 6. Wheat vallo;
valley, .02J.W; Walla Walla .821
Rkcokdkk'b Cooht. John Dee was
sent up five dsys for drunkenness.
Capt. Dllly at an early hour chased
down a vag who bad been stealing
lodging from Mrs. Wilson. He was
I also given, five days.
Highest of all in Leavening Power. Latest U. S. Gov't Report
At tbe Encampment.
Indianapolis, Ind., Sept. 5. This
Is a great day In the Grand Army en
campment. The vetoraus aro all here,
and havo possession of tho city, which
is ablaze with decoration?. Tbe weath
er Is perfect. In tbe procession Illinois
bad tho placo of honor, turnlug out
two thousand men. In tho middle of
the lino, a company marched, singing
"Wo'll hang Hoko Smith on a Sour
Applo Troo." The sentiment was both
hissed aud obeored.
Tho procession numbered between
20,000 and 80,000 men.
Ex-Prealdeut Harrison, who was
marching In the rooks of the Iudlana
posts, was loudly cheered.
Oelostial Deportation.
Los Anoeles, Sep. 6, Judgo Rosa
today orderod tbo deportation of Chin
Chang Yuen, and decided that there lb
no money to deport Chinamen under
sixth clauso of the Geary act.
Indian Blarcr? Ia Connaetleut.
Dr. Bernard C, Stoinor, librarian
of tho Enoch Pratt Freo library, has
complotod a monograph on "Slavery
n Connecticut" Among tho inter
esting facts in the work Is tho state
ment that tho first slaves in Connect
icut wero not negroes, hut Indians,
being of tho Pequot tribe, -which was
overthrown by Bottlora in 1088. Tho
drat law against tho slavo trade, too,
was passed in 1715 against tho im
portation of tho Tuscarora Indians,
who hod boen captured by tho Caro
linians in war. Tho first idea of
slavery in Connecticut was thon that
captives in war woro Blaves. Soon
after tho foundation of tho colony
negroos woro introduced, a few at a
Umo, chiefly from tho West Indies
and not from Africa. Thoy woro
owned for the most part as house
hold Borvants, and tho Connocticut
notion of Blavory was tho patriarchal
ono, that slaves belonging to tho
family of tho master differed from
apprentices only in boing bound to
servico for life.
Slavery was tolorated everywhere
In Connecticut throughout tho co
lonial period, but with tho coming of
tho Revolution came tho idea that it
was unrighteous to hold men in
bondage This fooling led to tbe act
of 1774 prohibiting tho foreign slavo
trado, and that of 1784, providing
that all thereafter born as slaves
should bq-froo on reaching their twenty-fifth
year. This ago was after
ward lessened to 21. Connecticut is
romarkablo as boing a Btato -which
succeeded in gradual emancipation.
When Blavory was finally abolished
thoro in 1848, fewer than 20 slaves
wore in tho state, nono of whom
was under 64 years of ago. Balti
more Sun.
Emotional Efle of Mr. Slddon' Acting.
Every ono knows tho stories of tho
effoct Mrs. Siddons produced. Her
audloncos lost all command over
themselves and Bobbed, moaned and
oven howlfcd with emotion. She
could somotimoa scarcely be heard
so loud wero tho lamentations of the
pit. A Scotch poet described the ef
fect at tho Royal theater, Edinburgh,
in 1784
rrora all Mi of tht houte, hark, th err-now
It twclU,
Wull th boxa aro torn with mot btart
pltrolaf yellI
Younsr ladies used suddenly to
shriek, going off as though tbey had
been stuffed with detonating powder.
Men were carriod out gibbering, in
hysterics. Fashionablo doctors at
tended in tho theater with the ex
pectation of being amply occupied
throughout the close of the perform-
anco. umo. tie utaoi has given a
celobratod description of Mrs. Bid
dons' fronxied laugh In the last act
of "Tho Fatal Marriage," a sound
which was always the signal for
genoral swooning and moaning.
All this appears very odd to us and
may in part, no doubt, be attributed
to an emotional habit of the times,
but at least it was the expression of
a highly intoxicating popularity, and
loss than justice has surely been done
to tho manner in which the great
actress received her plaudits, Ed
mund Qosaa in Century.
Commissioners Adjourn. The
meeting of the railroad commissioners
have adjourned. Tho board at this
meeting have taken under considera
tion the case of W. F. Wilbur of Mc
hama whose complaint charges that be
boarded tbo Union Paclflo train and
tendered tbe conductor tbe regular fare
but was put oil for refusing to pay 26"
centB extra. Ho further claims there
was a fetation building where he
boarded tno train but no agent
was lu. A petition was pre
sented by tbo citizens of Sbelburn ask
ing that a depot, building bo elected ut
that plaoi'. Tho ooinmlsxloners held
tbfct-o waa uot'sulllclent tr UIu tojustlfy
u depot building at Shelburn. The
board dismissed the case of tbe tramp
who was killed n ar Roseburg. The
0.180 of Hon. Henry Buxton of Wash
ington county was taken under advise
ment. Mr. Buxton complain that the
Southorn Pacific company charges at
the rate of 20.000 nounda ner oar for
shipping bay and the cars furnished
uaven't tho capacity for more than 18.-
000 poundB.
A Sheet Waif.A man by tbe name
or James Angrew placed a 3-year-old
child and bundle of clothes in a wheel
barrow on the street near Gray Bros,
store yesterday, and asked a Mr. Graut
to watch It till tbe erstwhile protector
wont to tho offL'o of Attorney Condlt.
Angrow never cumo back. The child
was carrl d to tho offlco of Recorder
Edes who took it to tho orphan's home
aud applied for admission. That
Institution docs not receive children
with living parents without consent of
both. It developed in this casotbat
the child's mother Is living In Bouth
Salem and Id known as Fan Thomas
who "did not want the kid around,"
Its father Uvea in Washington separ
ated from his wife aud it 1b to him that
Mr. Edes wroto today for his consent
Mr. Edes has vory generously agreed to
stand good for tbo care of tbe child un
til -omo disposition o a be made of It
The man Angrew who loft tbe little
fellow on tho mercies of a strange world
olatmod to havo taken tbo child for
adoption but could not secure the fath
er's consent.
Tub Fiiist Rain. This morning
Balem was treated to the first shower
of tbo season. It has brightened un
things quite a bit and would be aoeent-
able to all concerned except the hop
ploklng interests.
i m
School Boi'ehintkndpnt. Prof.
E. H. Anderson was tcJay elected su
perintendent of schools, and Miss
Smith, of tbe East school, was elect a
to succeed him m principal.
Tbe contract for printing 1600
pamphlets of sobool literature was let
by Supt. Graham today at $86, that
being tbe lowest bid.
' o !
An Unburlctl Klug.
Few pcoplo know that Alphonsus
XII, king of Spain, who died six
years ago, is not yot buried.
Simply wrapped in flno linon, the
body of tho king rests on a slab near
a spring" which runs through a cavorn
In tho Bido of tho mountain upon
which the Escurinl is built, Ho -will
remain hoio until ho is completely
mummiilod, when lie will bo placed
in his nicho in that marvolous vault
of jasper under tho cupola of the
Escurial, whore tho kings of Spain
and their mothers alono are placed.
Bomo bodies, notably that of Queen
Isabella, remained from 20 to JMf
years in tho cavern before being ia
condition to placo in the vault
Tbo cavorn is called the Ptslrido.
Now York Herald.
On Wife Was Euoagh.
When tho lato Dr. Lawrie yrm ex
amining a fow of his pariehiooers,
ho asked John Anderson, s4olW
farmer, to repeat tho Tenth com
mandment John Btnmmored out;
Thou shalt not covet Uiy neigh
bor's houao," and then stopped.
'Comoon,"aidthedoctor. "Thou
shalt not oovot thy neighbor's wife,"
"Na, na," said John, "sane o' tltat,
doctor. I have eeeuch to de wi' oor
Tiaaie at basse to wast aysaaas
we "Ffctielik Pert, ,
3 H

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