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Capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1893-1895, September 27, 1893, DAILY EDITION, Image 3

Image and text provided by University of Oregon Libraries; Eugene, OR

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ttfvmaxi& ' 'OJCiUT&X. 6iff3tJ.BD2raSAeTBMil2sfif, MMJ.
Nottco (f ASsi-sSiiicuffor the Im
prbvoment otCommorcinl street
nnd tvparfc of'Ferfy, State, Court
and Contre streets.
N itli-ols 'terjb.-gWeu thitthe Vs9siraflnt
toado b Oidluauoe No 'tfoforthe Improve
U'enti full Hint, pa I '-fCorhniercUl street between-.!
be nnrili end ufthu bridge.acrotis South
Mill reekund llit'noi lb sldeot Centre street,
alLUiu l;n tnHUc and Court stroots bt'ieen
tli- wtideiliBlmtreot andtbe east side of
ITri.nt Street, k i thill part orFerry street be
rfwr'ou'ha.Ot t Hid" of Liberty strcetitnd the
Aertnalduor Kifjut t.1 reet, all that part ol Oentto
,Hr8et.biitwcen tti west side side of Cummer
cliil street! and th west sldeot Front street, In
now flue anppnynble at the office or t be City
Treasurer in United S'ntm gold and sliver
cein: and unless paid within ten d.ysfrm
laaanienimra nonce, mo uommon uouiull
wllVotdcf- warrants tor the colled ion thereof.
tMjrfo8 In bidet No. 50, owned by
. ltt4btotou,
JUtifln blockNo, 61, owned by
Eae Oregon. LandlCo -i .
sax ASS'D
I 332 CI
SU 85
XiANp4ltt bloalCNor. 6l,05Tne.t by
i. l. luwnpsoil.
292 00
408 77
113 71
o;60, owned by
Lint NoliUH00BfNrt5ff.--Dwned by
Thos. Johnnou, .
Lot No. 3, and a strip ofland 11 Won
of the north side of lot Mo. 4, In
b!ock No. 50, Salem, Oregen: ex
cept a strip of land 25 feet wide off
of the north sldeot lot No. 3, scld
to B. F. Parkhurst, owned by H.
.- W. Cotte .. a
103 77
,ue'larjln?at the northeast corner
of bluci 49, Salem, Ore; thence
southerly alsmgtbo block line 4?
feet j thenar- westerly parallel with
the north llneof the block 12(Lfet-t;
thence northerly parallel wii h the
cist line of the block 45 feet to the
TiTth line of wild block; thne
e.is: erly a ong the north line of said
b ook 120 loot to lbt pmce of be
ginning, ownod by the First
tfhtliu.it Bank of "alen1'Or'gon, 79 45
Uf(,'lnt)lxjr at llio northwest corner
oi lot .Nu, l, u bleck: In bock No.
49,-aioui. Oregon; thence south
;rly along tho alley In said
lilk. !78 fret, 'h'nee nater'y
fiaraliel with Chernekita street,
0) feet; thence northerly along
the ens Una ol' block No 49,2254
fuet; thence wes'crly par.illel to
tue north line of said block. 128
foet thenre northerly 4i feet to
the north 1m of tho block; thence
westerlyM) feet to the plRceof begin
nlng.uwno.l by Mn. A A Wheeler 87 41
All that p rttou f land In Liots No.
1 and U lu block .o. 49, Siilcin,
Oregon,- described as follows,
lieglnnlng at a point 2268 feet
soutbofthesoutheast corner ofthe
building now known in the Krn-t
National Bank, and running
southerly alonjr the east Una of
the iilock.aiS'i test then,e west
erly, parallel with ihesonth wall
of the bank building, lh5 feet to
the ahey lu said block; .thence
nbrtheriyalongBnld alley 22 MIect,
thence easterly 165 feet to the
pUceof beglnnlng.owncdby B.H.
Lamport .
AUlh'Upirt on or tract uf land In
I.ol No. 2, In block No 49, 8i em,
or., debenbed as follows, to-wlt;
I!el .nlntr at a point 45.13 feet
south of the southeast cor .er of
the building known as the Kirot
N tlonal Hank, and running
sou' he-)y along the wst line of
Commercla streets'; 51 feetjthetice
westerly, parallel to the south
wail or tho bank building, 185 feet
to the alley In said block; thence
northerly along the alley 12 58 feet
tUeuoo easterly 165 feet to the
Rlace of beginning, owned by W.
Ladue and T. Ford... 1
3'hut portion or tract ofJaud in l,ot
N . 2, In block 49. Malem, Or., des
cribed as beginning atapolut87 58
feetBOUtp of the sou iheast corner
oft he bnllalng known as the First
National Bank and runnlngsouth
erly along Commercial street 7.75
fci-i; theuce westerly parallel with
thesouth wullof sold bankbulldtng
IG feet to the alley In tnld birck
I hence nurt herly 7.75 feet along the
alley; thence easterlv to the place
of beginning, owned by E. B. Lam
port. W.N. Ladue, T. Ford. John
Hughes. A A. 'Wheeler and: jj.
Fostner .
BealnnlDgnt the foulheast rorner
of lotNo 2, in block No 49 Salem,
Or, thenco westerly along the
south line of said lot. ItSfcet to the
alley; thence north along theailey
45 3U leet; thence easterly parallel
with Uhemeketas'reet, ltta feet to
the east Hue of said block; thence
southerly a'ong the easf Hoe of
said block 45.30 feet, to the place of
beginning, owned , by John
Hughes ...- ---
Commencing at a point 13.085 rtet
north of the southeast corner of
lot No. 3 In block Ne: 49, Hilam.
Or. thence north along the east
lino of said blor-k 28 50 feel; thence
westerly at rtghtanjlos with oom
merclal ktreet 185 leet to the alley;
ttienco southerly along the alley
28.50 feet; thence easterly 165 fret
to the place of beginning, owned
byJ.O. Brown
ilegjnnlng at u point 11.083J feet
south of the northeast' corner of
lot 4 lrt block No. 49, 8alem, Ore-;
thenceforth along theaslllneof
said block 31.16 feet; thence west
erly at mbt angles with said past
line 165 feet to the alley: thenco
south along tho alley 41.18 teel;
thence easterly 183 feet to the
place of beginning, owned by A.
, A. Htarkey -. --
,'.B4lng a fracllor-al nt'rt of lot 4, in
' block 49rialem. Or., described as
lollows; Beginning at a point on
the east line of said bloofc 60 feet
northerly Irom the koutbeast cor
ner ot said block 49: thtnoe along
the east line In anoitherly dl ec
tlonai feet; thence westerly at
right angle witbsa'd.east linear
block if, 165 leet U the alley;
thence southerly along the alley
3t feetr thence easterly 16) feet to
the place of beginning, owned by
K. rt. Lamport
Beilnulngat the soutbetst corner
of block No. 49 Salem, Ore-.ttiencs
north along the east line ot said
block 2d feet; thence west, parallel
with Court street, 185 leet to the
Hlley; thenue southalongthea'ley
aifoettothe wiuth line of aid
block; thence east alongsald south
line to the place of beginning,
owned bv W. ft. Anderson., . ,.-
AIsololNo 4.bIock49,aalem,Ojre.
XiOtNo 8 In block No 4. Halem.Ore.,
owned by K. O- ftttton k . '
Beginning at thenortbeist corner or
block-No. 48, in balem, Orv,;tbence
westerly along the northllneofsald
bloof.105 feel to the alley; thence
south along the alley i-760 feet,
thenre east, para- el with Court
Htrevt. 165 feet to theeast line ol said
blocx; thence north along sld twst
line 270 feet to the pluceof begin
ning, owned by A. Uuh-.. ,,,...
Beelnntng at point on the east line
ot block 43 In'balem.Oregon - Vl-W
feet siiuth of the, northeast corner ol
sjH ol.ick; th-no south to g the
block line 270 feet; thence wet
paraiUl with Court streut IM fet
lothe ailej; thence north aongttie
alley S7J0 leeU ueee IPjwUd
with l.nrt strtet, 165 feet Jo the
plow of bernntng, Owned by w
JJeurKOnThe e4lt""fiul ofTbiock
45.Baleiu.Oreon. said tolnt being
87 41
37 41
13 II
76 90
43 04
278 31
wieei oui '-- r-rr TM
t . ft sl.eTt.UB feTt tothTeast line
if Mid I bio k; tbence south atonr
laid fast line MJeet tothe Pceof
b.nnl it'ownedbyArocirttroor.
SlMlnnini: at th-J southeast cornerof
nS "i l.n block ..n?,en0fft0of
thenort north aloug tbe east llnof
i"ldblo,k ! h7e? J"? I&
attel with Court tttreet, l5.,ne?t,i
the al'ey. tuenee soutU ";?'
all" to leet, to the ulhwesl
SorneMU lot i In said block, thenee
Sul along tne lot line 113 feet to the
nlaoeaf b gmnlnif. owned by A.
uTnlPt at point WBWJiww"
tbe ontheit corner of lot S In woe r
4A, eal-in. Oregon; th-nce north
alon the block itoe to Ibe northeast
coruerof sldlot icthence west l
mhtKHKle Ita feet tij the alley;
then&r.utb suone .aid alley W
point JM feet nyttlfiUe putb;
vt corner of aa-tf iot-Jbeiw n
lftl fM t thi place ol beginning,
owns by W.BreytuanaudE.Broj.
with t ourt sueet,l8 li0."?
,rLoiii n Tick: lueura vim .
40 70
110 80
Jtextnuln t ts volat on tbe tst Ue
'btlota In block 48, Salem, Oreuoa,
the samo being 7.50 feet i orth of the
""southeast corner ol said lot 3! thence
south along said east line 25 feet;
thence west parallel with State
street 165 feet to the alley; thence
north al mg the alley 23 reet, thence
east 185 fie' toftbe p!n--e ot bejln
nine, owned by Harry Ktapleton 48 68
Lot N j. 4 in b o-k 48 Hulem, Oregon,
excepting 17.50 feet oil ol the north
side of s.ild lot 4 extending Its entire
lougtb, owned by Ellen Moores.n,
H. Moored, A N. Moires. Bertha
Moo , Carrie Moores, V. L. Moores
suit Utiy Miller 416 17
tot No o lu block No. 4S, baiem, Ore
gou, owned by K. P Boise SCO 02
Allot lot 8 In block 47, -alem Oregon,
excepting 61 feet offof the etst end,
owned by Taos. Jorynnd thetllly
ol Halem; owned bv m. T Northcu't 182 39
Twentj-nlueft ott ofthe east end of
lot No. 8 In block 47, salem, Oresron,
owned br the Oitv of Hi, pin 57 3S
Lot No 1 In block No 47, owned bv J. J.
Mnrphr, E O. ilurphy and B. W,
Chuich ; 413 77
Tbe north third of lot No- 2 lu block 47,
Halem, Oregon, being 2770l'et rroni
on Cominerclal street, nud extending
the same width ba k to the ul'ey,
owned oy J, G Wight 45 27
The central otie-thlri or lot No. 2 In
block No 47, tialetn, Oregon, beln?
27,711 feel tmutonComme clal street
aid extending the same width back
to the alley, owu'd b.' Jnii.e.v.-i'iino 45 82
The s.iuth one third ol 1 M No 2 In blw k
47, Salem, Oregon, being 27 6u left front
on Commercial Bt reel and extending
tho same width baok to the alley,
ownod by J.N. Knight, Addle 1'la
monflon, J. J Plamondon, M. A . I'la
Enndon .. .. . 45 82
Beginning at the northeast corner of
lot No- H In b'ock 47, H ilem, Oregon;
thence south along th-lilo kUuol.tO
feet; thence west par Uel with Kerry
street, 185 feet to the alley; thence
n nh along the alley 2 1.50 f-i t; thence
east to the place of beginning 183 feet
owned by J. C. Thompson -12 45
Beginning at a point on the ease tine
.of lot 3 In block 47, Halem Oregon,,
which point Is' 3 50 feet south of the n
e corueror said lot No 3; thence south
along ibe lot line 23 60 leet; theuce
west parallel with Feiry street 165
feettotbealtnv; theuoe north alone
the aller 3$0 feet; thence east 16)
f etio 'he place of beginning Owned
by E C. Hmall , -42 23
Beginning at a point fl 16 leet north of
the southeast corner of block Mo. 47,
Salem, Oiegen: thence north along
the b'ook line 22.0S3ifeet thence east
parallel with Ferry trot, IBS feet to
the aliey.thenro south nloogthoalley
22 08!3ret; thence east 163 leet to the
place or beginnl g, owned oy m.
nalrt. (ft 17; bat. S.B.77.
139 84
Beginning al the southeast corner of
block 47, In Silem, Oregon thence
noithalonx the block linn 80.10 feet
thence west parallel with Ferry street
183 feet to the alley; thence south
uloug the alley 80-16 fert to the south
line or the block; thence east along
said south line 1W reet to the place or
b ginning, owned by Geo. 11, Turner 817 71
Lot No. 5 In block No 47, Salem, Or.,
owned bv H T. Northculi 1BT46
Lot No. 8 In block 48, Salem, Oregon,
wnert hv tin! Southern Pacific Hall
road Company 198' 48
Beginnlug nt tbe uurtbeast corner ot
block No. 48, Bal-m, O'egun; thence
west a'ong t he north llneof tho b ock,
163 leet to the a'ley; tnenco south
along the alley 68 feet: thence east
47 50 f et: thenoo north 4t leet and
Mlli Inniiftk; thenco east 117 5) reel to
thcieust llneiottbe nlocE-.tbeuce north
22.125 f-et to the place of beginning,
owned bv F. F. Miller
" . 214 88
Beiuulug at a point on the tast line ot
blk40, dttlem.Oregon, 43.125 teetsouth
ol the northeast corner o said block;
tbence west paialiel to Ferry street
117.50 leet; thence sou h parallel with
Commercial sireet 23 875 reo-; thence
east 117 60 leet to tbe east Hue or satd
block; thsnee north along the said
east line 22.875 feet to the p uca or be
einnlng. owned by J. O. Johnson and
si T. Rlcbardson
... 41 49
rt.-iMnmner at tbe southeast ixiruer ot
iota In nlock 46. Balem, Or; thence
went parallel with Kerr street to the
alley; thence north along theailey W
reel; thence east 103 reel to the east
llneof -lock 48: thenue south along
th block line 8J feet to the place of
beginning, own -d by Kd Hlrsch
Beginning at thenortbeistco nerofl.il
3, lnblouk48 Salem, Oregen: tbence
west 18. feet tethe allej : thence touth
along tbe alley 25 reet: tho ce oast i6t
ileet to th easi line of tb bleck:
thence nor-h along taM eos( line 25
feet to tho place or bejlnnln.;, ownod
by Ed Ulrsob .
Beginning at a point on the ensi line
orblk 48,alem,Or .10 reet north ol the
southeast corner of lot 3 In sa d blocUi
then e west parallel with Tradestr-ei
115 feeti theme no tt p rallel with
Commercial street 950 feeti thenci
164 38
60 96
eat 115 leet to inn easi nuu oi mo
blocii thence south 39 50 leet to the
Sluoe or b g.nulng, owned by w. E.
urke .- ,
Beginning ai the southeast comer or
'otSlu block 48, Halem, on thence
north along the block lln 10 reeti
tbence weat parallel with'I'rade tre.-t
60 reeti tbeoce pouth 22 60 re t; thence
east pra.loi with the north line, 50
reel o tbe east line or the block;
tbence nort h t'i 50 feet to the place if
73 '61
beglnulog.owneu d j.uuapmau uu
17 15
l). Simpson
Batdnhlngat the southeast corner ot
blocs Vi, a neni, ureijuui lutmo " "
nlooe the block line 2 le-t; thenc
west at right aorjle with Onrumero'al
treet, 60 leet; thence north ! 60 feet:
thence west 65 feel: tbence north WA
feet; thence west 60 feet to the alley:
tbence south alonr theailey Il feet
to the south line of the block; thence
eUstalooettiesoulh line 'fllieetiothe
Slaoe- oi oeginuiuK. unu , .
r,llprn l-iU'lfln It It Oo...
Ul 75
Lou 1 und 2 In b.ook 45, Balem. Urwiu,
ownea nytne roimtiumius ......
All i f lot 7 In b ock. 3(1, 8ale.uLore , ex
optastrlp7ieet wldeofflbe north
sldeot said lot, owned by the ralem
yr'?n, and a strip of ;and 7 feet wide
off ol trie uorthslleoflotNo.7lnsald
block, owned by Ed.Hlrsch .
tot Wo 6 in Mock No 85. SHlera.Ore..
owned by b- E. Kord, K. J. Ford, O. A.
ATraHtrong.J M. Ko'rd K.M.Kord.l,.
Kord.G. IZ Kord, O.M. Baker, 1. J.
Kord! J U. Koid, It R. Kord and W,
A Kord-,..-----
Bczlonlue at tbe southwest corner of
lot ISO. 0, nblo-kfio t, Halem, Ore:
thence north along the block lme7S
f thence east at right ajgle with
Smmerctoi street. i ft to the
158 61
US 61
nlley thence south along tue "
feet: ihenco west H5 feel to th Place
of beginning, owned by M. K (nger
... 1M0I
LoS No-7andTln block 35, em. Ore.
owrnsd by A Bu-b and V.H. Lodd 4 05
LutNo.ltu block
to, iiera, uiovu,
Bush and W. rt. Uiaa aw i
Lot No 4 In blok 81. Haiem, urnsou,
ownea by J O Umith ---.---"--.;
uwucu j "-.- : . . t
Beginning at the soutne si """'"";
bl k No. S, ta em, Oregen: tbsneo
ut at rlfhi angle with Oomin rclal
SrVe to tie alley; ' benoe non h along
theal evl70lee; tbence we.t Pir-Ij
lei w.lb Kerry street to be east U m of
ruomnureUI 'strwt! thence soath
alo.tfiidllneB7Jieeiioioeo "t
K.irnlr,o nnul bv I. U HlrSCh ..
. 89183
BiySluiTat point K JJ
tnesoothwest corner pfb'a ",
lem. Oregon, and o i tbe west llneof
utld bloetc; thence east al right apg e
with Ooramerelal etreet to tb alter:
tbeue nitb .long tho alley line i WJ4
fi; iHenoe west to the west line of tbe
bleck: thence south tin iee. to tnj
pUce of bealnnlig. owned by a,
Beginning at apMnt rnth-east line of
lommerclal slre-t 75 feet north of
the southwest cornerof lot No 0.
block 51, "ialem, -rrgon; tbeoc east
t riht anirlei wf.b OimmercUl
sirteilei feet to the alley; thence
Jrvi along tbe alley l feet
tbence west to Ooramercl.l street!
theno'souin.wn'.r, r" " t-til
nninr nwned by A. Blub - M01
Biifnnlagat th. southwest corner of
t ?bt. angl.wltb a,.m.rcW
"reet to the alieyt tbww oulb along
theailey 4Weetilbnee wewt tothe
west Iiu of tbm. tbence north U
ft?t W tbe place of b lnolJ, ownei
by t. i toeru -i
northwest corner ol ioi 7, bJtH. rj
i.m iir mi thence south 1A . feet hX
inebe ; tnsa east at right angit wiin
S.nunercUUtree totneail ,'nence
Sortba.04g IW tB42?LS" SSSf.
tneno" wtv o mii"
jvginaineattbe nrtbw.t '?
i Ti U, tuiera, Or tbeoce outb aloof
the blk lino lrZ feet) thenotre-ist at
right angles with Commercial street,
180 feet to th t allej ! theuo j ni.- .herly
aloni- the ii.iey 2a feot t II. N. K
corner or lot blk 31, ibeuco west
along the lot line 91 feet; thonoa north
parat.ol with Commo- ulu b.reettothe
north line of. aid block; tbence wo t
almg th'i block lino 75 leet to the
place or beginning ow icd by A Uu 'i 211C
Beginning at the northeast corner or
lots, block 3, I'alem Oregon; thSiioe
Bouth along Inn east Hue or said lot
tothesoutbeastcornerthe eof; thence
wet along the lot line 91 .'eft; then e
north parallel wlthtVimmerclalBtreet.
to the north Hue ofthe blk; thence
easterly ulo.'g 'the nor.h lino of bk
91 leet to place f beginning, owned
hvTnrvs Mnh I'ntJim 117 91
Beiflunli gntlh? northwtt corner of
lot i, ok 31, "ateoi, urcgon; memo
east along the blk lice 2160 feet;
thence south at right angle with
btat street 119 leet I tho south line
or lo' 2 In said b k; theme wes nlonj
the lot HneSl Sleet to theailey; thenoe
nirth along the alley 149 reet to the
place ot beginning, owned by O.
Paul us . . ...... .. 42 37
Beginning al a point on tbe north Hue
orblk 31. balem, Oregon; VIM reet
west or the northeast corner thereof;
thence wen along the blk line 49 68
feet, to a point 21 5 feet east or the
alley; thenoo south at Ight anglts
with State street 149 feet to the south
line of lot 2, lh Bald bU; tbence east
nlontbelot lino 49.88 reet: tbono
north 149 feet to tb place of begin
ning, owned by B. Ad 'iph 82 43
Beginning at a point 67 feet and 7 in
ches west of the northeast corner of
blk 84, Balem, Oregon; the co west
alomr the north line of tbe brk24feet
nnd 10 Inches; thence south at light
angles 149 leet to the s -utu line of tot
2 lu said blk; thence 'ea-t alnnt the
lot line 24 reet and 10 inches; tbence
noith 149 reet tot hi plao-or begin
ning, owned byJ.O. Thompson, J.
Larore, Chas. amlth uud Lena
Kmlth 41 OS
Beginning nt the ni.rthwest cornnrol
blk 20. Balem, Oregon; tbence east
oloni the bock line 60 reet; thence
bouth at right angles 101 reet: thonce
west 60 feet thenco nor h along the
block line lOl feet to tbe place Of
beginning, ownea oy me uny oi
.88 07
Beginning at a po.nt 60 leet east ortbo
norinwesi corner ui uik a, natcuu,
Oregon, tnence east along the' blk
line 30 feet: .thence south at r right
angles with -late street, 143 feet,
thence w st 80 feet to theeast llneof
Liberty street; thonce north along the
blk line 2 feet; ttence east 60 feet;
IhniiMnn Ih A t.liA hlnr-A ol hpcln-
Inn natnAtl hv lf.M ITlimt. 4A fi2
Beginning at a point 100 feet and 6lnch
eseastof thenoithwest corner or blk
iW.a.cm. Oregen: thonce south at
right angles with State street 14860
reet to the south line of lot 7,1a said
blk; tbence west along the lot line
20.10 reet; t bono north lis 5 feot to
State street; thence east 20.60 feet to
the placed begtnulng. owned by D,
tjtel uer and A. iilrwser 85 69
Beginning at a point 18 feet east or the
nort boast corner otthe west hall of
lot 8, blk ac, Halem, Oregon; thence
easterly 23 reet and 3 Inches;, tbence
south at right angles wuh Htate street
to tin north line or Ferry street;
them e west '23 reet and 3 Inches to a
point 18 feet eastof the southeast cor
ner or the west hair otlotS In sad
blk, th' nee north tn the plaoe ot be
gin ntng, owned by M.T Itlnomau... 30 42
The east nail or tbe east quarter ot lots
7at)d81n block 20, Balem, Oregon,
nurnnil hv I'. Htrontr. N. titrone. A.
Strong and M 1 Kinney 854
Beginnlug at a point 124 foet 1.125
Incbej east of the northwest corner ot
blk 20, S Hem, Oregon thence south
ni right angleswlihStatestreet to tin
south line lot 7, In said blook; thance east
erly along the lot line 21.27 feet; thenco
northerly to State street; thenco went along
State street 21.27 feet to tho place of begin
ning, oned by Annlo M. 1 McCormaclc .. 85 83
Beginning at the northwest corner of lot 1 In
blk 20, Balem, Oregon, thence south along
Mia alley to tbe southwest corner of lot 2 In
bald blk; tbence cast 40 feet parallel with
State street; thence north to tho south line
of State street, thence west to the place of
beginning, owned by P. II, D'Arcy.... .. 5 57
Beginning at a point 10 feel east of the north
wont corner of lot 1, in blk 20, Salem, Oro.J
thence south at right angles with State
street to tho south Hue of lot 2, in said blk;
thence east along the lot line 42.50 feet;
thence north parallel with the alley to State
street: thence et 4i50 foet to tho place of
beginning. Also lot 3, blk 20, Salem, Ore.,
'owned bv Q . P. Hutches and J . Hughes . . .
01 01
Eat u .11 oi low I aud 2 tn blk 2 1 Balem,
Or.i ownea uy J. nos iiu uarj.
. HI 18
Eitt half of lot ft, lii bis 2, Sail ni. Or.,
ownea Dy j. j. nurvay hhu jw u.
Murphy 'IS
We.th-ff of 101-6, lu blk al.batem.Or.,
owned by J s. vleranl . ... . 1 il W
The eost uulf of lot i. In blk No. .11, sa-
lem, Or.,excoptK)leeioii oi ine east
end the r-sof, owned by U. v. Uray,
owned by los. KonUlne ........... 60 61
The west ball lilkol lot JNo. 1 In bik 1,
f alem, ir., owued by Hriurd Karrar,
J.K. Karrar, K. K Farrar, K. Kar
irar '"
UutnulDg at the coutheast corner'jf
Jot 5, blk aa,tlem, Or.; tbence morth
along the west line of the alley HU0
leet, thence west parlll with Mate
street 17.3 i feel ; tbence south O60 feet
tothe north llneof Htstuslreeti tnenoe
hnit.4T.it foHt to ih nlace of bctflu-
nlng, owned by Jno.Fiijne and oeo.
88 M
Beslunlng at a point t'l leet cast of
the southwest corner of 'itk St, Balem,
Ork'theoue north prall-l with Com
mer UUlreet 60 feet; thence east par
allel with Htate street.ll Olfeetitbence
south 60 feet to tbe north llneof Htate
street: thence west UiJBH feet to the
place of beginning, owned by J. J.
'Murphy aud K. O. Murphy B8 J7
Bi ginning on the soutu line of blk S3,
halem, On 80 feet east of the south
west oiruerol said blk.tbeaoe north
parallel with Commercial street; 60
feet: tbeneft east purallelwlth -Hiae
street: tbence sou'U 60 f-Mi tbence
west 14 feet to the place of beglnnleg,
owned by K. J rjer.j. j. nuiyur,
K O Mnrphy, V. 8. Dearborn, fc. K.
Bozaith, Klia uearboin. Kau Dear,
born. It U. Dearborn, aod Mrs. II. Aj
1 1 l-41.BDt'irsFl
fjfltllK J. Kreyerpald fftvi. bal due' J7'M
Brglnu ng nt a point, 2500 feel north
of the southwest corner of blk !M. Ha
lem, Or.: tbence rwrtb a-'ong tbeblc
llneii feet;tbence eastat rlgbtang'es
wlthC'oratuercial street 80 fet: tbence
south 23 feeti tbence west K) feet to
ibe place of oegtnulng, owned by V.
H. Dearborn, E. K. Dearborn, Ella
Dearborn, it ". jjesn-oru ana '".
II. A. Dearborn . ....-;
Beginning at ibe northwest corner of
lot 6 In tilk 83,-talom.or itbence north
along th. blk line 1 fee't thecce-, east
at right angle wl'b Commercial
street- to the alley I tbence south along
the alley 61 feet: thence west to Com
inerclal treet; I hence north S3 feet to
47 18
tbe place of orginniug. uumu;
ur u nti und Jennie rhSDman ...
.. 84 IS
Tbe south half of Ibe north tbreo.
lourintiuioio m ui j, iui'
oo. owned by Adam lUsjen and
AAnun ILirm ..... .-...rf
41 81
Tbe north ha f oi tne no ill tbree-qu sr
ters or lot u, in uia on ruKiii,vi.wu,
Owned by A. Hush . -.- -j-
Asttlpofland feet -wide off ol the
south sldeof lot 7, In bkW,Halotu,
Oregon. Owned by E. Krkerlln.......
Lot No. sand 11 SI feel off ol the north
side 0 lot 7 lu blk 83, Balem. !ryn
Owned by W, Breyman abd K Breyr
Lot'Sb. I and tbelTortb Usif jifine
.5k hiirnf lot No. n tn blk-Kf.Ha.
44 19
as 04
lem.Or, owned by Leo "Alllis. Bu.
ceni Wlflls. and K P MeOwp ?---
817 08
W0 07
Ths wl hll of ot in oian.Du-iu,
orwaedbyFerey WTUsand L4
43 Wlhlls- --.,-- -r-iT'
The . ","J-JTa,;,,,:"
Tand" i fn ? i. JMSEKoZ
owned by fhmeketa Lodge Ho, 1. 1,
. .. u AsTUfslasm. Or
Beginning at tbe soul beat rorner of
5tvo J loblktt. Halem. Or., thenre
north along Hlgb street ICO ffU
tbence wAt feet- beoce
iiotb 100 feet, to Court tret,tbene;
isst gl leet to tbe Place ofbelnolg,
SwnedbrD. Y Wsgner -?-..
" 10 07
IleKlDologflapolnt onihenortnnoe
oi Court sireeti aald point being bl
fit Wrt6f the southeast corner of
lot 4 in blk n, Ha em. Or, Ibenre
north 100 feet, fnenee west 17 tet.
tbeoee south 100 Ustv (
VtZZTiXSit .trt 17 frettolbP'f
of beginning, owned by Oeo U'ljlns.
BerfnoiDe at Ibe aoolbireet corner ol
lot 4 In b'k . HUin. O'f-'b0,0
tSrth along tbe wm Muffin tot
KOtet, thine east at ftii
iJS then - soa U HO.I.v the
norTbi neof teuniUt.lbweii'rMt
j fet to IM Pk o Utflonlog,
I enltryJes.MejM ... vsii
'rUnstUlIUtheesstbsli vW .
TliUllaW U's Shrewdness.
A very common practice among
tho hrtwks of this country is to fol
low.closo intho track of a railroad
train, flying low down near the
ground. The small birds along the
linp, startled by tho roar of th'o cars,
fly upin clouds, and tho hawk takes
bis pick of tho fattest of tho lot. The
littlo birds aro so alarmed by the
noifidof tho train that thoydonot
see, tho hawk, and boforo they can
getaway ho has replenished his lar
der. Tho fact has often been ob
served by persons living along the
lines of railroads, and is a singular
Illustration of tho faculty of adapta
tion possessed by animals that are
forced to hvo by their wits. Ex
change. TTrnlthy Indlnus.
Tho Coour d'Alenes are the wealth
iest Indian tribe in the nortnweet
Many of the Indians have from $1,
000 . to $5,000 on deposit in the local
banks, "with the local merchants br
in Spokano. They all own good
farms, most of which are fenced and
being rapidly placed in cultivation.
They have good houses, and many
aro Betting out nice orchards, which
will bo bearing fruit in a few yoars.
They aro very careful with their
money, (buying but few things they
da not need and paying cash for oach
article as it is purchased, thus allow
ing no chance for cheating in figur
ing up a bill. They understand mak
ing chango, but cannot compute fig
ures. Many of them, especially the
children, can read and write, and tho
latter can be heard reading the signs
aloud as thoy walk along the stroots.
Portland Oregonian.
Great neadsand tittle Wit.
Qreat men nro usually rutid to have
great memories, but it does not fol
low that all who have great mem-ories-aro
great men. I remomber-nn
idiot in Ohio who was a. great curios-'
ity many years ago. Ho know tho
wholo Biblo by hoart from beginning
to end, and if any verso was read or
repeated to him ho could toll exactly
in what book and chapter it was to
be found and its verso number in tho
chapter. He was considered a great
marvel in this particular, but in ev
ery other ho was a mental imbecile
and could not bo trusted oven to food
himself. St. Louis Globe Democrat.
Tlio Chicago rostottlce.
Tlio cost of tho Chicago postofflco
is oneithird of its rovenuo. Chica
goans not only pay for their own
postal facilities, but pay three-fifths
of tho deficit in tho postdflico depart
ment on tho entire mail service.
Kato Field's Washington.
A woman says that a man can en
dure tho pangs of hunger on a des
ert island with a bravo spirit but ho
cannot eat his brido's first pudding
without a smothered ojuculation.
hlk 22, Salen, Ort., owned by 1'. S.
Knight 8168
Itarluiiln.' tt s K)lnt 41.2R feet west of tits
wiutlieast comer of lot 6, In blk 22, Salem.
Ore.; thence west along the north line t.f
Court street It feet, thence noith 82.60 feit
llienceetkt 14 feet; thence south 62. M fett
to the place of tivghinlng, owned by J. W,
Thonms., ,, 28 41
Beginning at tlis soutliwest oortter of lot No,
6, lu bio k 22, Halem, Ore; thence east along
the south line of uld lot 110,70 feet; thenoo
north at liglit angles 82.60 feet; thence west
along the norm line oi saia ioi zawu
feet; thence south V feet; thence west 82
feet) thence south along the east line of
l.llTtv strest 67 60 feet to the ulaco of be-
vlnnlnir. uwnftd br L. L. ltowknd
217 OS
Lots No. 3 and 4, In blk 32, Balem, Oregen:
exctptlng s piece of land of! tit the west end
, Inunded u follows, to-wlt; Beginning at the
southwest comer or ton, uisaz, naiem,
Oregon, thence north along the allev 100
feet, thence east 60 feet; thenco south 100
feet, thence west 60 (iet to tho place ef be
.imiliirr. owned br D. F Wairner .,
210 00
ru rtnntnir at the southwest corner of lot 4 In
blk 32, Balem, Oregon; menoe nonn aioug
the alley 100 feet ; thence east 60 feet; theuce
south 1(0 feet to the north line of Court
Street, thence west 60 feet to tho ilac of
beginning, owned by H. M Croisan and J.
II MsKary , . . .
(It 84
Ileirliinlng ai tlio southeast comer of lot ft In
blk VL. halem, ure. tnenco west aions; mo
north lino of Court street 2lfoet whence north
st right angles 70 feet; thenoo oast 24 foot;
thciuw south 70 foet to the plaeo of begin
ning, owned by B. B. Bteoressnd O. W.
8eo.es .... ?::
Beginning at a oInt 24 feet west of the
southeast corner of lot 6. In blk 32. Halem,
Ore.; thence north parallel with Commer
40 00
cial street iu vo, tnenco wrsv z icoi)
thetios south 70 foet; thonce east 21 feet to
thoplsze of beginning, owned by Vm.
England . MM
Beginning at tlio southeast corner of lot 6 lu
blk 32, Balem, Ore.; thence east along the
south llue of said l(.t, 111) feet; thenoo
north i-ralkl with Commercial street 70
feet, thenco west 84.68 feot; thenco south
4 42 feet, theuce west I.2S feel, thence south
23 feel, thenco west 75 foot to tho west
Hue if said lot, Ihenco south slong the aald
west lino z leet u mo putco oi beginning,
ownedbrll M Wads .......:
218 M
Beginning at I he northwest corner ef lot t, in
Mk 32, Balem, Ore: thenoe east parallel to
Court rtrvst 76 feet: thoneo south 12 60 feet;
thonce oast 0 40 feet; thenco south 23.83
feet, thence tet usratlcl with Court street
76 feet, thence portb 40 foot to tho place of
beginning, ownod by n, England .
Begtonisgatspol'it 32.7S feet enulli of the
northwest corner of lot 0 In Uk 32, balem.
Ore ;thence oast (ouallcl with Court street
ltO feet to lbs alley; thonce south slong
tho alley il feet and 0 Inches, thenre West
ptitiW with Court street 1U1 feet; thenco
north 40 feot and B Inches to tlie place of
begtnuing, ownod by It. H Wsde
Uorinnlnv at the northwest corner U lit 0, la
blk 31, Balem, Oie ) thenoo taut along tho
north Hi of said lot to the northeast cor
n.r thcraof. thenco sou th sloug the east
86 41
78 89
line 76 fet. tbenso west parallol to
Court street, lOd foet to the west lino of
oejtl tet: tkenoo north slougosld west line
32,76 feet to lbs place ( beginning, PwsM
byW rVBoolhbr
Ms 7 and la tlotk St, Hslota, Oregon, tho
owner U unknown
M 04
t)7 11
m 18
113 47
Lot No. 6, Ip Wk 31, Balem, Oregon, ownea
by It I" Mm
Lot. OluUkil. BJetn. Ore., ownod by
L Deguiro and V Degulre .... ...
Lot Vol, In blk 11, ktsUei, On.,owud by i.
W Crawford -
Lot h'u. t. la Uk 81, Bsleia, On , ownod by
CsrioM-Ogl . .
188 18
87 80
LotNo 1 In Wk 81. Salem. On., owned by
Mrs. O M Cross, M"- H'-en " Mdaa.
Mrs. Juaeildoo BotnuUi, Mrs. AinslU
Birsogoby, A E. Htrang. Anna II. II uo
uUr.X i Brt.eratkaandOw. Williams.
IAs 6 and Ui Wk 80. tulotn, Oro , owned by
B Brum - " " ' .. "
Lots 3 sad 1 to blk 00, JSalcw, Or., owwsd Vy
Josopb Meyers. .. .. . ..
UA s lu Uk 22, 8li, On, mvA by U. M.
37 80
89 87
78 43
18 M
Lot 7 to Wk 21, fcskje, Ore., owpod ly K. M.
Ufore and IfaaltB hairs -......,
lot .So tolkJl,fa.CrMoiHlly
V II. IAr, W. ktalgsr and BojJOa
17 M
llyoriUrftb Ctotwwrti Cocuidl, JWiu.ttfW
WMBW"" ..&..
What is the condition ot your? Is yourliiali' f r-,
harsh, brittle? Does it spilt fat thtn ends?' Has ? a
lifeless appearance? Docs It fall out when combctl or p
brushed? Is it full of dandruff ? Docs your. scalp ttcti? t
Is it dry or in a heated condition ? If theso aro some of r
yoHrsymptomsbo warned in time or youwlll become br-.W,
Skookum Root Hair Grower f
liwbat yon need. Its prodoetloa is not an accident, bat the result of ecteutltte '
research. Kuonlsdra ot the diseases ot the hair and scalp led to the rilscor. c
ery ot bow to treat tEem. "Skooki)ra"contalns neither mlnmlsnnrolls. It tr
the follicles, ft slops aUlaa
nr Keep the scalp clssa. healthy, and tree from Irritating rnnUoni. by
tbe use of Stookum stiit Soap. It destroys parotitic ttutett, which jetA on
meV AaMs ffJhA sVAsfl
It your druggist oainot eupfly yen send dlrset te w, and we will forward ,
prepaid, on receipt ot Price, Orower, i.00p bottle tor (M0. Soap, 60c ,
per jar I rer saw.
: MASS SV U.lt. W(ftT
vjM.liL "' "--
Natural Wood Finishing,
Cor, 90th and Onemeketa'Atreet,
Geo. Fendrich,
Best meat and free delivery.
136 btate Street.
r. It. b'AROV. GRO. o. dinquXm.
AR0Y & BINQHM, Attorneys at Low,
Itooms I. 3 ana 3. U'Aroy Uuiiatne. ill
tale street, snental attention Irlven to busi
ness In the supremo aud circuit courts of the
state. 9 11
RP.UOI3B. Attorniy at law, Halem, Ore
, son. Offlce 'J71 Oommerclal strvvit.
TILMON FORD, Attorney at law, Balem,
Oregon. OHloe ,up stairs In ration block
rr J. II IQQ Kit, Attoi ney at law galena, Ore-
jLXr son. ojnoe over uusus oans,
1 . Attorneys at law. Office over Capital
national uann, naiem, urcRon,
JOHN A. OAR-ION, Attorney1 at law, rooms
K nnd 4, Bush bank building,! Hulom, Or.
B, f. HON 11 A it. W. ll HOLM KH
BON HAM A. nOLMK, Attorneys at law,
Offloe In BuilU blook, between State and
ourt, on Uoulmerctal slrcot.
iollea,lons mndauiiA nromntlv remitted.
Nluiphy block, tor. Htate unci Commorclil
.lreet,Hlam, Oregon. 0--lf.
TtTO. KNIGHTON-Arehltect and surerln.
VV lendent, Office, rooms
nnd S llui.li.
Breyman block.
E. 1-oeUE, Htenografher and Tjpe
, wrltest Rest equipped typo writ I tic of
but one In Orcaon. over Rush's bank,
aleni, Oregon. ,
TEI.LA HIIERMAN, Typewriting and
commercial stonorruriiiy. room il, uray
ock. KlrsUslaxs work. Rates reasonable
DR. A. OAVId, Late t'oslOrnduatOor Now
York, gives special attention to the dls
eases of women and children, nose, tLTOut,
lnnirs. kldnevs. skin diseases and snntery.
OOlce at residence, lot titate hlreeU Coiisulta-
Ion from to 13 s. m and 'Unj p m. 7-l-em
. Aiorr.
ce 3lorotnmerctal street.ln Kldrldge block.
itrsinunce 470 uommerciai sireet.
. I
O, IIUOWNE, M. D.. I'hysiclan and Htir-
geon. tiiuce, ftiurpuy uiu.ib, rosiuuuoe,
mmirciai sireet.
T (I HMirif. Dentist. VI Btoto street
n e
lions i
Balem, Oregon. Finished dental opera,
of every description, l'alnlesa opera
tions a specialty.
DH OI.AKA M. DWiDHON, graduate of
Woman's ledloal College, of l'ennsyl
vuu'n, tuilce. Bush.llreyniin Block, Halem,
WD. I'UUII, Architect, plans, speaifica
. tlons nnd superintendence for all
classes ol buildings. Office ZOO Commercial
street, up stairs.
Meeta In tbelr ball In Htate Insurance
bul.dlng,evory Wedntoyn
j, a. BKUwoou, lteooracr,
Vl DAYS to
Hours 9",cker ,0,0mct Md Kan'
Through Pullman snd Tourlit Sleperl, Ffee
Hecllnlng thJir Lri, uining uan,
for rates and general luforsaoWon call oa
or address,
84 Wasklngton ft-j Uor Jd
Hetel MeMterey.
Hewort, tow
Locaud oa the HecJi,two rollt apt ih
of Newport on Cve Cove, ft beautifully
belteft pot, wonderful aceuery, e
I.-.I.I.,,, flna driVMt to Cant) l'oUlwttll'
o.iii.iiwiii. Hotiise uew.roomilartw
--. . J ..111.. 7.M
...I irv. irini-ai rt-aort lur lauiiucn ui
.. . . . .. .....! nA.m.
Invftlltl. Uf,H ll wiHter. '""
moderate by dy or weelc. IntendlBg
visitor can drop a postal card to Xiw
port and be wet by bwilf.
John Fitzi-atuicic,
d-2 ni Proprietor.
Art atm. -.John Holm has again
opened a blatihaivllU shop In Halem, t
-T- n.y'm tiniet. All friend in
vlied to itlve hi to a 4 and Ket work
donein&ebmaer. . lw
ttKiiX. -if,.
Aatr, curss VandrHIT and ortKcs o(r on bail J Z
lm. Nar Vark. N. V.
-. '----'-."-'--- --
and .lie-
Onljaoentsa day delivered at
your door.
nnd Candles.
P. O. Bloolc
ITT f 1i i'1
2I5K Commirclil St., Stlom, Orejos.
(Next door to Klein's.)'
Bpeclaltyof Spectacles, 'Mid repairing bloafc.
w aupncfs) isbu j ewninr.
Smith Premier Typfiwriter.
Sold on easy paysaenU. Ko-r Rent
W, I. STALEY, Agents Salwn.
H.N.IHUlU'KB.aen'llAgent, Wl 1'llird Bt.
Cortland. Bend fortcatalogue.
Do you vntv them? When next In na (ry 8j pair.
est In the waflti.
42.01 ron BQVft
IfyouwintsHnoDfiESiSIIOC, iMrk h the lM
UylM, Ml m $0 to Wi try my $3( I3.W, W.W tf
$i Shot. They fit Hud to eyttom mseeand kekrMs
uur as wll. 1 1 vm whh ta economlto In wirfsoWosr,
it to by purchMfng W. L. Doagtu Sec. Nirso w4
pries ittmpsd on tho bottom, look for It wbn X y
Sold by
Hair Deatb. I
naianilv mmnvAsand forever destroys obl
Wectionable hair, whether upon the bands,
iince arms or nvca, v.is"'u "
r Injury to tbe most delicate sklu. Itl
as lor nny years iub svervs urmw.w ...h
Krnsmus Wilson, acknovrledgea by pnyyii
nost eminent dermatologist and Imlrspol
faim aa ltiA niivnftaL. aainaniT uuu ma
.iniist tiisLsiVBriivea. uurinr nil piitsh
itractlo ola life-time among the noiiMlty
.nn sniivrsflr ni aiiiruDa us uicsuiutb
blo recipe. 1'rlce, 81 by mjll, 1eM"J'
aoktd. Correspoadence confidential, Bote
vgenu for Ainenco. Auuresw
tept K. t7Houlb VUXti Avenue.New York
innnnruvvintvi'vi orVirvv) fvvwinfvi
Frei Ttmial w laterior lVwU Km
I la tha line to lake
To all Points East and South.
It Is the dining ear route, itruus tb rough
vestibule trains, every day lu the yjr to
(No change of cars.)
Competed ofdlnlugcars uusorpassed,
l'uliman drawing room sleepeig
M latest eqlmet
Sleeping Cans.
jteei that can be eoaotraeted aud ta teuton
aooommodatlens arsj both tree anjt
nlhs4 tor hoWkM of atM aad i4(Md-4w
Aoontlnnoi lln oMWIa -wHIt all
l!nt.aJlordlqalrt-ti and UBltsrupl1
fullmAn sli pf rtons can be se
cured In advt' r aet 4
Tbrougb tlcksU to aud from alt twUVl
la Anurias, KugUsnd and Kuittpa o a
parohaeedatany Uckt W
'"jfli tatos-iUoaeonelwtest Mm
Assistant Ueoerat isaeiti'er Aiteqf. Ho,
m nret street, curs w iijuhsstvih s w
Hhaw k Dowmimo, Agent.
sssssiHr m
SSlBlBlBlBlBKlk)l-,( . 4.uJU'sB
run rni.ssssssssssssT-ak.
Northern Pacific Rtulroad
Octrio Lights
On Mew sy&tetn. &
Theynlsm Wght and Power romrr t
aicvit ttxpecse have equipped their Eleotne
Light plant with the nnt tnodtm appKitttuti
said are now able lq qfler the public a bttr
tlirllt Ibrto nnyv-'l'njin(l at ft rate lowr
than any cltj on the eeikt.
Arc and IiicHdesceRt Liftht.
iig. Electric Mtrs ior all
j tMriHes 'vfli'cB jwiwer is re
bexltlenceecanbe wired forasmany KghtB
as desired and the oonsumerx puy.lor only
nh ItsTiits on ki) ned. '-ta bclug fssjlUl
byanMetrteMe; 9m",j ' a
179 CommftrcTalS.
" t i t .Ln
" iTcWYlteVieikVrwandle
tnl...lf..rMl rurnllnr rrlrnL-
Haaa xretlr. iCHiyH, 'street.
HtRte Insurant? bloe.
. BaYldJlj!KilJlpJ
Steal' Food Saw
Leave: orders at ftateaa. Im
provement CO., 05 State street.
t3SlANNIBTHORNT0N( Cotfwvatorr
oi Musio, uresoen, uormany.
and instrumental saao.-in'rne8c es rrvavn
and Oerman at witiatrettej university.
Rooms 6-7, Bank Bulldte. IM-tf.
E, V. HADLEY, Bec?lyer.
Leavf San Franciseo, 81 p. VHb iand 97lk
Leaves Vnqulns, Bcrt.'istb' and Bird.
For frelk-ht
aqd passeDger.wtejs apply to any
erof this company. r- "
a.H.VULtlAHY,Qs'lpL "
igent or purser
n m nrintn iW r it . u a
' ' d. M. fO wS?Agfcnt, 8:a eSr.
East and South
of la
Southern Pacific Company.
oAtiFoituiA xxvnssa traim utjjt'iiAriT
twm roBTLAttpAwpa. r.
nssuTHTi 'ryorssr
ttl&p. in.
fttup. tn.
10:11 a.m.
Ban Vran.
I Ar,
Above trains -stop) nt all stn lions from
I'orlinnd to Albany innlusl.Yoi alio at Tangent
Ihedd, Ilalsey, MaiTsbnrir.v,MrVrtrri City,
Irvluir, Kusene end al) sU'.loar, fro wKow berg
o Asuisnu inclusive.
rJtSt) sum.
IH17 a. a
vo p. m.
Kalt4t jl.V. l!40p.isu. I
jwswbhisT air. I (aw F. m
biMiMK Cure h 'iii4st.t
Second Class 'Sleeping Csrs
lAtUwhed to all ttatmeb tntUM.
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