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Associated Press Daily News
paper Published on the
Pacific Coast
$3.00 a Year.
OB eta.; a, caenila hjr Me
P epaJd in Advance.
No Papers Seert Wkw
Time la Out.
IjAl 1 JL
VOIi. 6.
NX). 231.
Pictures, but our new ali wool suits at
$6.50 draw trade like a house afire, Draw
in and feel of em.
.. V
'" General Insurance Agency.
Representing tie following well-known and reliable Companien:
htatr lNRim.NCK CO.. jEtna Insurance Co.,
-riir4- Insurance Co . Son Insurance Co..
National Insurance Co.. Westchester FMre Ins. C,
iSotmralnsaranceOo.. Imperial Flro Insurance Co..
London 1 LaeMMre Fire Ins. Boc., London Assurance Corporation,
Aiii-nma! Assurance Co.. Norwich Union Fire Ins.3oo.
Oldest and1!"adlngF?ru?hec'lty Devoted Exclusively to Insurance.
i AniPQ r. oaks RFMnnFI Fn. A SPECIALTY.
J 1 1 1 , ... . Rpn,i.mensi ciothlner Cleaned, Dyed, Repaired and
Pressed. Work neatly done on short notice, at moderate prices.
State St., 1 door below Smith & Stelner'a arug store, Salem. I. GOLD & 00.
Ed. C.
E. Meeker & Co.,
Hop Exporters
OFFICE, Oberheun Block, up stairs, oallm.
W. A. TEMPLETOX, Gen'l J gent.
f i am.nn
a sjomerciai " ooDerweek. for Cooperative Suit Club,
Suits made on payment of $1.0U per wee, iui v
a membership.
The West PpintiDgCo.KK-
Rnecial attention to mall orders.
203 Commercial St.,
845 Commercial Street.
.i ., wiro Trmnrance Co.. Phila.
Hone Insurance Co , New York.
Palatine Insurance Co,. Manchester
- .ua
a m.,.y, sulem Agency on Policies Written
in Marion, Folk, YuntaU and wnn
AIM Write Life and Accident Insurance In Best lmru
Wholesale and Retail
Dealer in Frcsli, Salt and
Smoked Jlcats of allKiuds
95 Court and
110 State Streets.
tailoring, dyeing, cleaning
. ejus,'
First-class work.
Reasonable prices.
Balem, Oregon,
Western Assurance, Toronto, Canada.
Lancashire. Manchester, fctig.
HamburK-Madeburp. Oermauy.
Home Mutual, San Francisco, Cal.
with BUte Treasurer of Oregon for
Yuma ReservationShooI
Attacked by Miguel,
And Rio
Again Has
The Irish Flag Hauled Down
but Restored in Honor.
Indian Outbreak.
Washington, Sept. SO, A serious
Indian outbreak is threatened in tbe
Yuma reservation, California. Miguel,
the deposed chief, with a band of his
tribe, Is reported to have attacked tbe
reservation school house. It Is not yet
known bow serious the attack was, or
whether any one was killed.
San Diego, Cal., Sept. 30. Col. Kei
logg, commanding the United States
military po9t here, will this afternoon
send thirty soldiers to protect the In
dian school at Yuma, from the threat
ened attack by Indians.
Foreign Powers Intefere.
London, Sept. 30. A disputch from
Rio says: Tbe intervention of foreign
ministers and war vessels in the harbor
prevenented further attack on the forts
today. It is bellved that a favarable
modification of the situation was taken.
The same dlspatolies declare that the
Argentine situation grow worse hourly.
Wires are cut in every direction, ouly
news from government sources can be
bad, which Is not much believed.
At Washington.
Washington, Sept. 30. The
president today appointed W. H.Brunk
postmaster at Ashland. Oregon.
If J. J. Van Alen has written a leltei
to the president declining the appoint
ment to the Italian mission, it has not
been received at the White Bouse. It
is learned on good authority that thero
U a probability of tbe president with
drawing the nominatiou.
Many silver mon are not favorably
Impressed with the proposition of the
enemies of silver for the compromise.
They especially object to the proposal
to Issue two hundred millions of bonds
to build up the gold reserve, and this
probably will have to be modified.
Many also think the proposition to
purchase two million ounces of silver
too small and are Inclined to take the
chances of defeating the repeal rather
than submit to It. it Is understood
further that eflorts will be made to
reach a compromise and many senators
j.peak bopelully of reaching a settle
ment on some basis.
The resolution offered yesterday by
Chandler of New Hampshire, calling
for Information as to the commission
invstlgatlng the New York custom
bouse, came up. Chandler spoke In
favor of Its adoption, called the atten
tion of Senator Hill especially to the
matter In order that he might tell tbo
senate If he wanted to, whether any of
the vacancies made by commission had
been filled by anti-snapper democrats.
Chandler said he was now supporting
the President In bis eflorts to secure
tbe repeal of tbo silver law, but this
would not deter him from crltMz'ni
V Qr DebiUW Wcsus Should Uto
BruHMci's Finale Riplator
Every ingredient i wperb Toulo
properties werti a woorful Influence
In tonlnf op and trenjtlnlns br JteB
by driflnc ttroueb U proper conelf 1
imparities. HttlUiawUUtoethpia'anUrf
r wife who m bedridden for eluUn
J'iSSgtSSnS lift?
the President, who, he thought, was
glveu too much to disregarding
the provisions of tbo expressed law
and to make a. law unto himself, and
when he reached n determination ho
attempted to carry it out whether he
saw law for it or not.
House-Tho committee on appropri
ations today presented for immediate
consideration, a bill to extend tbo time
for tho completion of the llth census
to Juuo 10, 04, passed.
Debato on tbe bill to repeal tho na
tlonal election laws was resumed.
Patterson, of Tennessee, spoke In sup
port of tho measure. He maintained
that President Lincoln went to his
grave never dreaming of universal suf
frage. He declared that bad Lincoln
been permitted to live and carry out
bis polloy thero would have been peace
and prosperity in the South 25 years
Irish Flag Hauled Down.
Chicago, Sept. 30. Tbo Irish flag
which was run up ou the electricity
building this mornlug In honor of Irish
day at tho fair, was hauled down by
order of P. D. Millet, who has charge or
tho national colors. He says tbe reason
for this act was that uo colors were al
lowed on tbe world's fair buildings ex
cept those of independent nations.
Later. An appeal was made to tho
council of administration and the green
(lag was restored to Its position above
tbo electricity building. It spile of tbe
rainy weather Irish day was a success.
Snubbed Again.
Chicago, Bept 30. Tbo Arcbduko
Franz Ferdinand, of Austria, Count of
Este. and Modeua, helr-presumptlve to
tho Austrian throne, spent tbrco min
utes yesterday In the art gallery at the
world's fulr, and gave Chicago's society
representatives, as well as a number of
foreigners of note, a good round snub.
With Ferdinand wero Prince Isenborg
Blrsteln, whose nainp has been coupled
with that at Miss Fletonce Pullman by
society gossips as a probable suitor, and
Count Wurmbrand Htuppaoh, con
troller of tho archduke's household.
Red curtains were stretched ncrobs the
entrance to the Austrian section In Mr.
Atwooo's beautiful building at 3 o'clock
yesterday afteruoou. Within, two
Fcore of well dressed men and women
tiptoed about, glanced at tho pictures
and talked in low tones. They had
been bidden to the section to "private
view," aud tho diplomatic) attache ox
the Austrian embassy, who had de
livered the card, bad dropped a verbal
bint that the next ruler of Vienna
would be on hand at the appointed
hour. The party wus yery select, only
the most prominent of tho foreign com-
mlitslouers, a dozen leaders of Chicago's
society, and two world's fulr officials
being bidden.
Tho special Austrian commissioner
for Hue arts at tbu fair called tho party
together, and did his best to entertain
the guests axulust the coming of Ferdi
nand. Four o'clock came and went and
royalty failed to appear. Most of tho
guests bad left, when, at 4:10. three men
appeared at the southeast entrance. The
first of the three was six feet tall, with
black hair, dark eyes and bronzed fea
tures. He wore u mustache aud short
close-oropped side whiskers. One day
ho will bo tbe ruler of 40,000,000 people.
Trotting along Inside Ferdinand was
Isenberg, Prince of BlrsUin, tbort and
jolly aud blonde. Count Wurrobrand
Stuppaeh brought up thenar. With
out clanclug to the right or left the trio
stalked through (be gallery. Aa they
passed Victor TllgDer's bust of Em
peror Franz Josef, each man dolled bis
hat. They did not linger to receive
these suembltd to greet them, but
paued ou and out of the halt. Ferdi
nand and Count Wurmbraud Stuppaeh
readied Chicago Wednesday evening
in advance of the archduke's retinue of
army oflleers, rci Harks aud physi
cians who have accompanied ultn
rtnnl the world. When itls travel
ing companions reach tho city next
Wednesdey. Ferdinand' "arrival"
may be nWUIIy announced. The
Austrian oomefrom Yellowstone Folk,
where they have oen hunting for a
fortnight. Their abiding place in the
world's fair city is kept secret,
How the Men Wore Buried Under
Ore ad Water.
Tko Pollco Convinced that tlioy
llavo tho Man.
Details of the Horror.
Crystal Falls, Mich., Sept. 80.
Mansfield was tho only producer of
Bessemer ore In tho Crystal Falls dis
trict. It was located six miles from
hero. Tbo caving in of tbo mine
caused a property loss ef fUOO.OOO. Tbo
Mansfield working levels ran directly
under tbo Mlohlgamme river and par
allel with it for several hundred feet
Tho first level was thirty-five foet bo
low the bottom of tho river. The live
lower levels ran parallel to tho first, tho
bottom ono being 428 feet below the
surface of the water. Tho accident is
supposed to have been caused by tho
giving way of timbers on tho fifth level,
allowing tboso abovo to follow aud at
last the river to pour In upon tho fated
men. After tho cave tho river bed be
low tbo mluo was dry in an hour and
forty minutes.
Tho bodies of the dead men novcr
will be recovered. Most of the survivors
wore at work on tho bottom level which
had not been sloped out and conse
quently did not cavo when tbe leyols
above fell. Tbe men beard the crash
of tbo cave aud started for tbe ladder
way. All but four on this level reached
tho ladderway bofore the torrent of
water down the shaft out off that avo.
nuo of escape. Tony Bullotto, a skip
tender, was standing with Frank
Rocko, night boss, at tbo abaft on the
fourth level. They hoard tbe crash
and realized what was coming. Rocko
went Into tho drift to inform his men
oftho danger aud did notreturn. Bui-
lelto canio to tho surface la tbo skip
alono. Andrew Sullivan, nnother
night boss, was on th sixth level at
the time of tho accident. Ho called
his men to follow him quickly. All
but four men on this level reasbed the
ladderway in safety. As tbey ascended,
however, they wero nearly suffocated,
so Kroat was the air pressure caused by
water pouring down the shaft. They
wero able to broatho only at each land
ing place and came to tho surface more
dead than alive.
Mine Inspector Roberts says his dep
uty has been employed In tho oilno and
bus given tho work dally attention.
Ho also says ho visited the mine
personally at required intervals and
that a proper amount of timber had
been placed in position by tho com
pany. "It Is clearly demonstrated"
said be "that the timbering system of
mlnlug cannot beem ployed in this sort
of ground. Tho company bad taken
all necessary precautions in tboconduct
of work." The mine was developed
about six years ago and worked con
tinuously since. It is estimated that
200,000 tons of ore were In sight when
the accident oocured. Today it Is a
worthless pit, only marked by a small
bay caused by tbe sinking of th
natural bed of the Mlohlgamme by the
TLo Dynamite Outrages.
BAN Fkancisco, Sept.80-Itls quite
thoroughly demonstrated tbat Axel
BorensoB, the sailor whose name Is on
tbe valise found filled with dynamite,
did not explode the bomb In front of
Curtlu'a boarding bouse last Saturday
night. Tbe clerk at tbe hotel at which
tbe valUe was left says that Borensen Is
not the man who left It there, and It Is
thought that his name was put on the
valise as a trloU to throw the police off
the track of the real dynamite fiends.
Although tbe chief nolloe la confident
of Borensen's innocence, he will be
he'd to await further developments,
At the coroner's Inquest this morning
William Graham, an engineer, testified
tbat a few minute before the explosion
Highest of all in Leavening Power.
ho saw John Tyrrell and two othei
men in the back yard of Doyle's board
ing houso noar tho sceuo of the ox plos
ion. Tyrrell carried a bundle. Tyrrell
Is tbe man who was arrested shortly
after tbo explosion on suspicion. Ho
was In bed when arrested, and said
that ho had been thero all tho evening,
Graham is positive that Tyrrell la the
man he saw, and as another witness
has also testlflod that ho saw Tyrrell
running away Just after tbo explosion,
It looks as If tho police had tho right
French Ultimatum.
Bangkok, Sept. 30. Tho French
onyoy presented a new demand on
Slam today, presenting also an ultima
tum of acceptance within 48 hours. In
caso of refusal the French envoy will
leavo Bangkok.
U P. Withdrawal.
OMAHA,;8ept. 30. The Union PaciQo
bos given offlelal notico of withdrawal
from tho Western passenirer association.
r-ieaauro ana Dancer lu uonttnc.
Wo aro acquainted with a retired
sea captain who gains a livelihood in
summer by renting boats to ploasuro
seekers. To tho often repeated ques
tion, "Is this boat sofot" he has but
ono unvarying reply, "Every boat is
a dangerous boat." And ho is right,
in tuo sonBO in wmen uo moans is. a
boat io a dangerous thing to play
with, but it is n valuablo and obedi
ent sorvant if rightly understood
and subjected to perfect control. Ev
ory summer tho public is warned, in
regard to tho dangers of rowing1 and
sailing, and with each returning va
cation time como sad talos of loss of
lifo. Novorthelcss tho idea that no
ono must use boatB, because a small
proportion of those who do aro
drowned, is as foolish as it is useless.
Thnrn In mm kind of water craft
that is growing in publio favor with
each opening surntnor, and that is
tho canoo. We nro heartily glad of
this, yet hero as olsowhoro a word to
tbo wiso is sufficient, and as to tho
foolish, thoro is littlo or no hope for
them. Boston Advortisor.
Two Lfteonlo Yunkeef.
Speaking of laconics, Tho Listener
has hoard a chnractoristio oxamplo
of Yankeo villago talk which has a
certain folkloro valuo, in spito of its
profanity perhaps ou account of it
A follow in tho villago had gone
west with a littlo money in his
pockot, intending to accomplish won
derful things. A few weeks after
ward ho returns to tho villago out of
pocket. Directly after his appear
ance ono villager moots another in
tho street and tho following conver-
uitinn ensues :
"Bill's got home, b gosh."
"Has ho, b' gosh I"
"Yea, b' gosh."
"Well, b' gosh I" Boston Tran
script. Hotr.tb Price of Lod V-rle.
A pioco of land is worth on tho
Strand, London, $27,000 for 12 foot
frontage, or not quite $2,000 a foot.
On tho eorner of Fifth avenue and
Fifty-seventh strcot, $3,000 a front
foot perhaps moro now. That'B
what Huntington paid Bonnor. On
lower Broadway, in corner plots,
$18,000 to $20,000 per front foot.
Conior of Wall and Broad streets
can't bo had at any price. On Long
Inland, far from railroad. $5 per aero.
On government land, 60 acroa for
nothing. In most of the Bouth
American republics a mg iann lor
nothing and a bounty for settling on
it. Now York Recorder.
la XJgklulnr Cauaed by Halnf
It is popularly Bupiwsetl that the
sudden downpour which usually fol
lows a bright nasii oi ugiumng is in
sonio way causeu ny tuo uosu. ao
teorologists have proved that this in
not tho case, ana tuat, oxattiy ui uiu
nnnlrnru It Itl lint OlllV TKtehiblO but
highly probablo that tho sudden lu-
cream! precipitation w wbtohwwm
or tuo iiosn. ivxcmm;i'-
Tbe road to wealth for the Oregon
farmer W better roads to market all tbe
I year round,
Latest U. S. Gov't Report
Pig Tails Must Go.
Washington, Sept. SO.-Aeelstaut
Secretary Hamlin has Issued tbe follow
ing Instructions to tbe collectors of cus
toms at San Francisco concerning the
Chinese bold for violation oftho Geary
and othor aets:
"Chinese porsons, whether convieted
under the Geary act or previous acts,
must not bo received by you, but must
remain In custody of the marshal until
deported. You are authorized to pay
actual and necessary expenses incured
by the marshal in tho transportation
of Chlneso from iuland ports to Ban
Franclsoo; also stoamsblp charges for
deportation ou vouchers certified by
tho marshal to be taken by you in
each case. You will be made special ,
disbursing agent for this purpose.
Should any case occur before your .
qualification as special disbursing agent
such expenses may be paid from funds
In your bauds, to bo reimbursed from s
the Chinese appropriation. Make the
best temporary arrangement practicable
with tho steamship companies aa to
rates and advise tbe department"
Portland Indictsasuts.
Portland, Bepl. SO. The grand
Jury indicted O, P, Mason and B. P.
Watson, proprietors of a Sunday pater
for criminal libel. Fivo other indict
ments were returned, but not mads
public. It Is thought tttey saay con
cern some of tho city ofilolals, who it is
stated are being Investigated.
Hop Market.
Nkw Yobic Sept. 30. Hops show
a very light movement. Brewers are
doing a band to mouth trade. Dealers
are unwilling to stock up too heavily.
Tho best Pacifies soil at 21 23 cents
How's Tklsl
Wn nil... fina Htlnrivfwl Dnllaru VA.
ward for any case of Catarrh tbat can
not bo cured by Hall's Catarrh Cure.
F. J. Chknkv & Co., Toledo. O.
Wo, tbe undersigned, have known F,
J. Cheney for tbe last 15 yearn, and be-
novo nun penesuy uuiiurnuiv m -
Knulnnoa f tunuantlnnn nrill Hnnnolallv
able to carry out any obligations made
oy uieir arm.
West & Iiiuax, Wholesale Drug
glsts, Toledo. O. Waldino, Kinnan
& Marvin. Wholesale Druggists. Tole
do, O.
Hall's Catarrh "uro Is taken Intern
ally, aclluc dlreotly upou the blood
and mucous surfaces of the system.
Testimonials sent fre. Price 76o per,
boltli Bold by all Druggists.,
Ban Francisco, Bept. 0. Wheat,
December $1.18.
Chicago, Bept 80. Cm1, 96
cember 00,
Portland, Sept. 8P. Wheat valley,
$.071; Walla Walla .87.
Deutscher Advocat.
Admitted to pr-otloe In all tk ocmrU,
Hpeci-I attentlou aivem to CUrnwn par
na tennle end buiTueae at the county aaa
Ktule offioe. K. HOKKK, Notary ttibllc.
Reduction in Priec if Gas,
From aud after October Irt, 18M. tha
price of gas wilt bo as renews:
f than 600 cable feet Mr tuoutfc
$3.60 per 1000 cublo feet.
Uver 600 cubic feet per iiwntb $&,(
per 1000 cublo feet.
Bwclal rates for lre cowwmiptU;
given ou application te
Manufacturer ef Wae, Oar
riaM, eta,
Repairing at
sjms Maw

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