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"f "W(WPWS
Associated Press Daily News
paper Published on the
Pacific Coasti
$:?. a Year.
One cent daily i
V r-
Oxxl 1-
25cU.;a meath byj WiUlf
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N'. 3iJ.
M !
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Receiving all the
Associated Press
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Complete Telegraphic, State, Capital, For
eign, Market and Crop News.
Wholesale and Ret ill
Dealer in Fresh, Salt and
Smoked Meats of allliinds
95 Court and
110 State Streets.
Tiara la ft l-lmtlPft of ft lire-time. Wt)V
appeal shabby when you can have an
elegant suit tor
Cleveland Against Re
peal to the Last.
Contradictory Reports as to the
Damage Done.
Would Result In Establishing
Free Coinage of Silver.
No Compromise.
Washington, Oct. 2. "Carlisle has
consulted again with President Cleve
land on compromise terms but with no
satisfactory results," says a morning
paper. It is understood the reply be
has authorized Carlisle to give the ad
vocates of compromise, is be will listen
to no compromise until a supreme ef
fort has been made by the friends of
unconditional repeal to avail them
selves of the conceded strength as a
majority of the senate to force tbo vote.
If all efforts fall then he may listen to
compromise terms as the less of two
evils. Silver senators assert that they
are certain of support at the critical
The senators who have been most ac
tive In trying to effect a compromise
on the repeal bill do not express them
selves as discouraged by the outlook
this morning. They say nothing Is
likely to transpire In that direction dur
ing the present week, but express an
opinion that the beginning of next
week will see a change in the situation,
by which time the senate will be more
thoroughly Impressed with tho futility
of its effort to pu the pending bill In
Its present shape.
The extreme mea on both sldeB are
still holding out stlftly, however, and if
there is any Improvement of the situa
tion it does not appear on the surface.
Dlusmore, of Arkansas, opened the
second week's debute on the bill to re
peal the federal election lawn, with au
argument in favor of repeal.
In thp senate the silver repeal bill
was taken up and Kyle addressed the
seuute iu opposition to the bill.
Democratic- members of the ways and
means oDmtnltleo are making progress
with a tariff bill. The ground work Is
understood to be free raw materials
with compensatory reductions on all
other productions.
These Is a growing Impression that
the consequent deficit In re celpts must
be met by Increased internal revenue
taxes on whisky aud tobacco. Carlisle
Id understood to favor an Increased tax
on whisky to $1.20 cents, caculatlng
this will Increase the revenue thirty
million dollar.
Some silver advocates who have been
studying repeal bills proposed In the
senate by Voo-heea, and In the house
by Wilson, reached the conclusion from
a silver standpoint, passage either these
bills. Instead of proving an unmixed
evil may be a real benefit. Tbey claim
the enactment of either of these bills
into a law will have the effect of re
storing free coinage of silver. Their
rcasonlna Is to the following effect:
The repeal leaves untouched the fifth
bectlon of the Sherman act, which re
peals the purchasing clause of the
- .. ... ,. ivl Medicine. becanM
US'": ViM It a.UU nature W throw o the In.
tlm. tone ni. Hie entire wpuiUm. TOUii JuM
ScKeVTand I VlLg7 Ttcr.foVe, tat a
LrouUt .an fare Un Tery ocmmI. 1
iwni on Mood and kU OUeitf uudUd .
It nnd-.Vlltaiii uct. This they argue
leaves the Bland-Allison act in full
Bio Bombarded Some Moro.s
London, Oct. 2. A private cable
gram announces that the rebel lleet at
Rio Janeiro bombarded that city all
day yesterday, resulting In further
damage to the city and a great loss of
life. On the other hand the Brazilian
minister here furnished the following
dispatch under date of yesterday giving
the government side: "The Insurgent
squadron Is still In the bay, and muoh
weaker by desertions dally. Some of
the vessels are, damaged by the shore
artillery. The forts vigorously answer
ed yesterday's bombarding. The two
steamers which escaped have been re
pulsed Pt Santes: At Santa Catharlua
they failed to land. The troops are
united and loyal to the government.
Publlo opinion Is opposed to the Insur
Heavy Libel Suits.
Trknton,- N. J., Oct. 2. Tho Mon
mouth park association has begun a
libel suit for- $100,000 against the New
York Tribune and Times for the publi
cation of an article declaring It n mon
strous gambling hell.
Fatal Wrecs.
Cincinnati, Ohio Oct. 2. The south
bound fast freight tralu on theCleveland
Cincinnati, Chicago & St Louis road
this morning ran into threo freight cars,
carelessly left au the track near Edg
aroit, maklug an ugly wreck, killing
two tramps and fatally Injuring two
Switchmen Strike.
MemI'IUS, Tenn., Oct. 2.-It Is stated
that the switchmen in nil the yards ex
cept the Tennessee Midland have
struck. No disturbance is reported.
Yuma Uprislug.
Washington, Oct. 2. Au uprising
amoug tiie Yuma Indians In the south
west of California headed by Miguel,
the reueguiie chief, and several of his
followers, Is telegraphed to the interior
department today by Indian Agont
Portland Bank Resumes.
Portland, Or., Oct. 2 Commercial
National bank resumed bmluesB today.
An Iowa Sensatlcn.
Des Moines, Oct. 2. Tho greatest
political sensation of tho Iowa campaign
this tall was sprung this morning.
Senator L. It. Bolter of Harrison Co.
Iu a letter to Chairman Bcott, of the
Populist central committee, announces
that he has bolted the Democratic
ticket and will support Joseph for
Governor. Bolter has been a democrat
ic leader Iu Iowa for several years.
First Regiment Officers Resign.
Portland, Oct. 2.-At tho Armory
while the reglineiit was' drawn up for
orders. (Jolrnel Beebe caused to be read
the retaliation of Lleutenaut-Colnnel
Summers, and Immediately afterwards
gave notice that his own resignation
would be submitted within a few days.
The Gascado Reservation.
Wasiiinqion, Oct. 2. President
Cleveland has signed a proclamation
setting apart a large tract of land as
forest reservation under uct of March 8,
1891. The reservation to be known as
the "Cascade Forest reservation" It
extends from the Columbia river
200 miles southward about twenty
miles la width, taking ui the Cascade
Range. Hereafter no settlement will
be allowed within Its boundaries.
Bardalejr Oullty.
PiTTsmmo, Oct. 2. The supreme
court has decided John Bardsley was
the officer of the city of Philadelphia
and Us agent, and Judgment was ren
dered against the city for a million
dollars paid In tuxes on Pans (o Bard
sley as city treasurer and by him em
bezzled. Severe Storm.
Nahhvimx. Tenu., Oct. 2. A dis
patch from Mobile, Ala,, says: A very
.......a .turiii r.LMtiir. tiurt of town Is
submerged, water rovera the wharves,
tflegraph wire- are down and housts
unroofed. It 1- the worst storm ever
known la the city.
Program of the Parties in the
Tho Gorman Emporor Hunting
Elk in Sweden.
Berlin, Oct. 1. Among many per
sons who sent inquiries as to the condi
tion of Princo Bismarck was Slgnor
CrlBpf, tho Italian prime mlnlstor.
Slgnor Crlspl'a dispatch was received
September 17th, but no answer was
sent until Saturday, when Prince Bis
marck personally indited an answor,
suyluiz: "I thank you heartily for the
Interest you tako in my recent Indispo
sition, which was painful but not dan
gerous. I haye commenced recover
ing.'' According to dispatches receiver hore
from Stockholm, Emperor William Is
now hunting elk In the Hunsburg.
The imperial party have already shot
forty animals. The Hon. W. W.
Thoma9, tho American minister to
Sweden and Norway, Is taking part In
tho cbaso with the emperor. Elks are
now found only In a limited area of
Sweden. Many of the animals have
been driven within tho royal preserves,
where they fall an easy prey to tbo im
perlal party. At the conclusion of the
shooting Emperor William w 11 return
to Germany on board the Imperial
yacht Hobenzollern. Ho will travel
to Berlin by way of Daulzlc.
Unsuccessful efforts bavo been made
to get German bankers to tak a great
Italian loan. Tho amount of tho pro
posed loan is teported to be $120,000,000.
Italian and German agents, It Is said,
tried to Induce Loudon bankers to Joli
the proposed syndicate, hut their over
tures iu this direction were repulsed,
tho scheme was then abandoned. Sev
eral papers today announced that the
loan has been floated here, but they
have been misled.
Interest In tho l'rusalan elections Is
heightening In proportion as the great
party groups develop their concern li
the result. Tho Indirect oleotlon sys
tem that prevulls In Prussia with clast
representation, has always tended In
the direction of popular difference to
ward the elections. This year, how
eyer, there Is somo reflex action, caused
by the agitation accompanying the
relchstag elections, and this livens U
party spirit. Both factions of tbo Frol
slnnlge party, tho national liberals,
centrists and conservatives alike, in
tend to take part in the fray. Tho bo
clalist leaders differ as to tbo polloy to
be followed by that party. Herr Singer
udvlsea tho socialists to abstain from
voting, urging that as Indirect elections
paralyzed tho popular will, tho social
ists can do nothing except through
political combinations, which the paity
ought to despise. Under the influence
of Herr Singer, a majority of the social
ist committee has advised tbo party to
hold aloof from the elect'ons. An in
fluential minority insist, howover,
that the party should take part In the
elections, and doubtless a number of
socialists will respond to this advice.
Tho radical unionist, one faction of the
Frelslnnlge party .still maintains Its cob
illct with the other faction, tho Rlohter
Ists, though no great question ought to
divide them on the Prussian elections.
The recent feud in the party over the
army bill baa left, apparently, irrecon
cilable hatreds between the lenders.
Herr Rlohter Is again distinguishing
himself by the violence of bis denun
ciations of his old political friends.
The national liberals will appear In
the lists with a definite and practical
program. This party will demand the
extension of tho stato railways and
canals; Improved navigation in the
rivers; reform in the finances; amended
taxation, and finally extension of ec
clesiastical Influence in tho national
schools. The elections will largely (urn
on financial, taxation and educational
Tim tbiiihstair will not resume its ses
sions before November 2d. When tie
house opens the voice of Ahlwsrdt will
again bo beard, loader and more pow
erful than ever. Disgrace and social
dlnrepute do not aOect' Ablwardt'a In
fluence, as at ft recent congress of
North German atitl Semite his pro
cram found uuaoluious acceptance.
Amoug the propoaalc they submitted
and accepted waa the absurd one for
bidding Hebrews to have CJermau oerv
ants. The congress declared new de
parture ou the oart of the anti-Semites
In denouncing an alliance with the
conservatives, with whom the party
Highest of all in Leavening Power. Latest U. S. Gov't Report
at one tinia tfUlated. A lesolutiou
adopted declaring that the anti-Semites
should oppose all direct taxation that
burdened tho lower and middle- classes,
proved the desire of the party to split
with tho conservatives. Another sec
tion of tho antl-Semltea held a meeting
at Chemnitz, and by their proceedings
appeared to be less Inclined, to desert
tho conservatives on hearing fiom Herr
Llebermann and Von Sonnerberg that,
with tho pledged support of tho con
servatives, their faction would obtain
places on tbo relchstag committees.
An Ingenloni Prnceia bjr Which Thouinmli,
ofOrmimmiU Aro Produced.
Tho processes by which Cliinoso pro
duco artificial pearls aro as remarka
blo as tlioy aro ingenious. This busi
ness constitutes quite an important
industry in tho northom part of tho
provinco of Chihkiaug, which is a
silk producing region. In tho months
of May and Juno largo quantities of
mussels aro brought in baskets from
a lako SO miles distant, and tho big
gest of the mollusks aro selected for
thooporation that ia to bo performed.
Into tho Hholl of each mussel is in
troduced a nutnhor of small objocts
which it ia intonded that tho bivalvo
shall coat with tho pearly substance
it Bocrotes. Sometimes littlo pills of
earth aroused. Such pollots aro mode
of mud taken from tho bottom of
watercourses, dried and powderod
with tho juico of camphor treo seeds.
In tho same way aro omployod di
minutive images, usually of Buddha,,
but often of fishes. Thoy aro made
of load, cast vory thin by pouring
tho molton motal upon a hoard
which is carved with tho impression.
To placo theso nucloi inside of tho
mussels is a process of no littlo deli
cacy. Tho sholl is usually openod
with a small instrument of mother
of pearl, and thomantloof tho animal
is gently lifted. At tho samo timo
tho images or pills aro laid in two
rows honoath tho mantle. Tho Bholl
is then permitted to closo. Finally,
tho molluskH aro deposited in canals
or pools five or six inches apart at
depths of from two to five foot in lots
of 6,000 to 60,000.
In November tho mussels aro cot
looted and opened. Tho animals are
removed from tho shells and tho pel
lota or images aro dotochod hy a
sharp knife. By this timo thoy aro
fastened tightly to tho iunor surface
of tho shells, and havo bocomo cov
ered with a coating of nacro. The
next process is to cut away tho mat
rices of earth or lead about which
tho artificial pearls havo formed. Into
tho cavity thus made in each ono is
poured moltod yellow roslnf and the
oriflco is artfully covered ovor hy a
pioco of mother of pearl.
Tho poarls formed about tho earth
en pollota aro flat on tho bottom, and
In shapo aro somowhat more than
hemispheres. They bavo much of
tho lustor and beauty of tho real
goma ami aro sold at u rate so cheap
as to bo procurable hy all who care
to possess thorn. Thoy aro omployod
to a considerable extent by Jowolers,
who sot them in tiaras and various
ornaments of fomalo attiro. Those
inado from images aro employed as
ornaments and amulets on tho caps
of children. A few sholls aro sent to
market, with tho poarls adhering, for
salo to tho curious or superstitious.
Mow Manufacturer! Get Idea.
In society thero aro women who
havo unquestioned right to their po
sition and who aro not rich enough
in mtnnntn with til(MU) who h&VU both
title aud money. By somo means tho
largo dry goods nhope miccood in get
ting such women into their employ
and pay them royally for revealing
new things in tho way of houeo, din
ner and reception dresses. On tho
first night or a play you win seo men
anil women in tho audionco busily
drawing la akotehbooks. They aro
artlata who aro busy taking down
tho tollota for fashion papers, minor
dreasmakera and for all the shops
which sell made up clothes. Their
employoru have paid for the entrance
ticket $3 and $10 and beeidos Fv
the artista well at so much an hour.
Paris Cor. New York Tribur.
Hardin, the Lost oftke Ceitralia I
Description of II Im hy a Woman
Causes Ills Arrest.
Crntiialia, III., Oct 1, Hardla, the
last of tho Contralla pang of train, rob
bers, who was captured In Cincinnati,
waa conveyed to the Salem jail Satur
iny afternoon where his pals Jonee and
O'Owyer ate confined. He then, made
full confession.
'Thero were three of ua Implicated, '
Jones, O'Dwyer and myself, tie said.
"The robbery was planned at St. Lou,la
iver three months ago. Jbuea waa too
trunk to play his part well, He held
up the engineer and fireman before
O'Dwyer aud I were ready to attack
the car and our plans were thrown nto
iionfuslon. When we entered the oai I
found myself in the grasp of Baggage
nan Armstrong. I saw a man oooilpg
into tho oar with a gun and supposed
a'o had been trapped. From, that nio
ruontmy Bole object was to get out of
he car. I endeavored to keep Arm
itrong between myself and tbeBiiotguu
md did so pretty successfully until I
impulsively reached fur tho bell cord to
itop the tralu. It was then that Saun
ters shot mo In the arm. The shooting
filled tho car full of smoke and I man
iged to jump out at the east door,
O'Dwyer wa a few feet ahoad of me.
We both landed outside about the same
"We ran east until we reached
O'Dwycr's house where he stopped. I
passed on in h circuitous route until 1
tturued to the Illinois Central track
nearly a mile from where we held up
tho train. My arm was paining me
'earfully and I crawled Into a culvert
uidlatd down. While I lay there ft
wild engine bound for St. Louis on the
air lino pulled up to the depot and
(topped. While tho engineer and are
man were in the telegraph office I
irawlod out and secreted myself on the
engine, on which I rodo Into St. Louis,
"I went directly to Mrs. Kay's about
7 o'clock on tho miming after the rob
bery. From there I went to the depot
in East St. Louis and at 7 o'clock p. m.
Sept. 21st I was iu Cincinnati and went
direct to tho city hospital wiiere I had
my arm dressed. I leglstered under
the name of Kay. I have beeu read
ing the papers regularly aud supposed
detectives were searching for me la
Missouri and Indiana. It was this that
caused me to bo nit my guard when I
was arrested. I think It wae the de
scription of my wound given to the
press by tho St. Louis woman that
caused tho city noptlal authorities to
Identify me and give mo away."
Without a doubt Simmons Liver
Regulator will cure you. It ha cured
Ban Fuanoiboo, Oct. 2. Wheat,
December f 1.13.
ChioAoo, Oct, 2. Cash, G8J; De
cember 00.
Portland, Oct. 2, Wheat valley,
I.07J; Walla Walla .871,
Deafaeee Caaset le'Gwe
by local applications ae they 'oap not
reach the diseased portion oftlwear.
Thero le ouly one way to cra deafoese,
and that ia by contltutloul pemedke,
Deafness Is caused by an I nfltutea con
dition of the mucous lining of (he Rue
tachlau tube. When thli tube l Id
llarued you have a riiW4u aaund or
Imperfect herlur, and when It k en
tirely closed, deafueM Is the rult, and
unlet1 the Inttsination can be takeu
out and this tube restored toils unyt&al
condition, hearing wilt be destroyed
forever; nine cases out or ten are oauaedi
by catarrh, which l nothing but an in
flamed condition of the utueott aur
fucts. Wo will give one hundred doiiart for
any cane of dsafuese (eatwed by eaUrrh)
that cannot be owed by llalra Catarrh
Cur-. Bend for circulars; torn.
V. J. Uhknky 4 Co., TaWdo.O.
Sr3old by DrufujWU, 76c
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