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Associated Press Daily News
paper Published on the
Pacific Coast.
$3.00 a Year.
85 eta.' a Meat by Matt
Prepaid ia Advance.
No Paper Seat W1m
Time is Oat.
VOL. 6.
NT). 1333.
Pictures, but our new all wool suits at
$6.50 draw trade like a house afire. Draw
in and feel of em.
a- V
BOSTON moR1NG m G mm
Ladies' and Gent'emens' Clothing Cleaned, Dyed, Repaired and
Ptessed. Cleaning and Pressing Gent's Kuit $2.00 to $2.50.
' " Ladies' " 1.50 to 2.00.
Dying, 60cents to $100 extra.
Work neatly done on short notice, at moderate prices.
State St., 1 door below Smith & Stelner's drug store, Salem. I. GOLD & CO.
Ed. C. Cross,
K. Meeker & Co,,
Hop Exporters
OFFICE, Oberheim Block, up stairs, Salem.
W. A. TEMPLETON, Ocn'l Agent.
Dress Suit for 1100.
J. RUBENSTEIN, - 308 Commercial Street, Salem.
Suits made to order and cleaned or repaired.
Receiving all the
Associated Press
WLWIV ff q T
These low hard times rafs enable every fawnir
hia daily paper and know the slate of the maiket and
news of tho world. . . , !
Editorial comment is fearless and independent
by its publishers to secure good government for the
iLl- i.r.1..l :..! ,! folrlv with all.
Complete Telegraphic, State, Capital, For
eign, Market and Crop News.
Wholesale and Retail
Dealer in Fresh, Salt and
Smoked Meats of allKinds
95 Court and
110 State Streets.
Here la a chance of a life-time, Why
shabby wuen you can noveun
to have
all the
nn h ft nm
Democratic Ultimatum
on Repeal
Chairman Springer of House
Coinage Committee,
Unless tho Senate Conies to Time
on Repeal.
Washington, Oct. 3. House. The
committee on judiciary reported favoi
ably on the Rawlins bill, providing for
the disposition of the property iu the
hands of the receiver of the church of
Jesus Christ, Latter Day Baiuts, valued
at $450,000 and authorizing Its applica
tion to charitable purposes in said
North way opened the debate in op
position to tho election laws repeal bill.
Senate. When the senate met this
morning there were only a few Repub
licans in the chamber and not a Demo
crat. After a delay of fifteen minutts,
a quorum was obtained.
Morgan offered an amendment to
house bill No. 1, the Wilson repeal bill,
declaring the act of January 18, '37, to
be in force. The bill to repeal tho
Sherman law was then laid before the
Senator Dolph took the lloor uutl
continued, the speech begun yesterdoy
iu support of the repeal bill. Hequoted
from the message of President Glevo
laud of '85 urging the discontinuance
of the purchase and coinage of silver
under the Bland-Allison act. He de
clares the success of the Democratic
party, with such a candidate and such
a platform abundant evidence of the
fact that the American people did not
desire to continue the coinage of silver
under the existing conditions. When
the Democratic party was in a minority.
It could afford to favor free colnage.but
now that It had a majority, It had nec
essarily become conservative on this
Springer's Ultimatum.
Washington, Oct. 3. W. M.
Springer of Illinois, Chairman of tho
House Committee in Coinage, says
there will bo no compromise on sliver
repeal. If the senate does not pass
the repeal bill there will be no repeal
of the federal election laws and no
tariff legislation. The vote on uncon
ditional repeal cannot be delayed and
the bill will pass.
and the bill will pass.
Manderaon of Nebraska on tho other
baud says there will bo a compromise.
It may not come for two or three
weeks, but it will come.
A Daily Occurence.
Eabton, Pa., Oct 3. Two engines
ran together this morning at Catasaqua
a result of wrong signals by watchman
Thomas Bias, causing a bad wreck.
John Ray, flreman was killed, and
Engineer Herbert James, crippled for
life. Bias seeing the result of bis mis
take went home and shot himself.
Piano Failure.
New Yohk. Oct, B.-mronian,
Peck & Co., piano dealers, failed,
statement of assets of liabilities.
We offer jou remedy which, if need
am directed, insures stetr to life
of both mother tad child.
KoU eonflMment of Iu ur. Iloaaoa sod
liuK, nuwjr testify.
"Mr wife need only two bottU of Mother
Frlioi rsbiwS eeSly nod quickly rU.vJi
U P.W i.g jjtfgfck,,, Mk)W, k. C
Bent by erpnu,ehimvmli. J "'.$
nulled free.
Bold t7 M PfttfjUU. AlUTA, 0 A.
Ohuen Moy Rescued.
Portland, Oct. 3. Mrs. Clarkson,
matron of the Chinese Mission Home,
accompanied by Attorney Nathan D.
Simon and City Jailer Moore, Saturday
visited a Chinese Iioubo of ill-repute on
First street near Abu, to gain possession
of a Chinese girl held in durance there
under protest The application for her
deliveranco was made by an alleged
member of her family resident in Ban
Francisco, who, ostensibly, wishes to
furnish her a respectable home there.
The girl's namo is Cbuen Moy; she Is
above 20 years old, and has a very
pretty face. She had formerly been an
inmate of the Home' there, and when
she saw Mrs. Clarkson sho manifested
much delight, feeling that she was to
be removed from a career evidently re
pugnant to hor. Intuitively recogniz
ing the purpose of Mrs. Clarkson's visit,
Cbuen hurriedly gathered together her
few belongings scattered about tho
room, and in a short time she, with her
face wreathed In a very pretty smile of
pleasure, accompanied the matron.
Arrested for Insanity.
Albany, Oct. S.Conslderablo ex
citement was occasioued ou First street
by a tall geutleman rushing down tbo
street with a revolver iu his hand look
ing after a la-vyer. Going up stairs
over the Oregon Bunk be ran uoross a
doctor and insisted ou being allowed to
enter an adjoining ofllce; but was told
the lawyer was In another block.
The man was finally steered to tho
sheriff's office, where he was taken in
oharge, and on complaint was arrested
for insanity. His name Is Perry Mo
Quean aud his home Sweet Home. Ho
had bad no trouble at all with his own
lawyer for whom he was looking, but
said he was ready for another ope, out
of the city. He Imagined a libel suit
had been brought agatust blm, and his
illB goucrally seemed to be Imaginary
ones. Tho revolver was loaded and
would not be a safe toy In a crowd In
tho bauds of a mini at least full of pe
cullur notions.
Fan-American Bi-Metalists.
St. Louis, Oct. 3. Tbo Pan-American
bl-uietulllo league assembled here
this morning. About a hundred dele
gales' were present. Psesldeut A. C.
Flsko of Denver, called tbo convention
to order. The delegates were welcomed
in bohalf of the city by ex-Congress-man,
Nuthau Frank, and on behalf of
the state by ex Governor Stone.
GovernororG. P. Tillman of South
Carolina was chosen temporary chair
man. In an address tho'goveruor took
occasion to charge reduction In antici
pated numbers of delegates due to pow
er of the press.
Suit to Have Dlvorco Set Aside.
Tacosia, Oct. 3. Mrs. Evelyn P.
Ferry, in an amended complaint in her
divorce suit agalost Col. C. P. Ferry,
"Duke of Tacorna," asks that tbo de
cree or divorce grumeu oy mo uistrict
court of Washington territory to Col
Ferry be set aside. She claims he rep
resented his estute to be worth f 160,000
when It was really worth (750,000 and
she accepted (59,000 us hor share. She
now wants u reapportionment, She
denies all unfaithfulness to her mar
riage yows while In Paris In 1889.
Three Chinamen Killed.
Santa Rosa, Cat., Oot. 3. A report
Just received from 8ebantopol says three
Chinese were killed there. Several
Chluamen became Involved In a quar
rel and three were shot, two being kill
ed Instantly and the other dying later.
The Chinese who did (be shooting aro
supposad to have taken to the brush.
Friends of the dead men refute to
divulge the particular of the shooting,
or cause of the trouble.
Two Confidence Men.
Dknvku, Col. Cot. 8, President
Wheutcrolt and Heoretary Prledlauder
of National Rem fit Truitt Association,
iritanized last spflug uuder laws of Col
orado, with capital of a million dollars,
are under arrent charged with obtaining
money by a confidence game. Its
orospectus connects names of large
numbers of prominent rwoph of Deu
vxrKtul ehwwbere as being ornclally
connected lib It,
To Be Extended for Six
Geary Denounces it as a Make
Big Storm at Moblle-Coftco Will
Be Cheaper.
New Ohinoso Bill.
Washington, Oot. 3. Tho committee
o i foreign affairs has decided to report
favorably the McCreary substitute Tor
tbo Everett bill. As agreed on it ex
tends tho Chinese registration period
Blx months from passage of tho act. It
strikes out the word "white," from tho
Geary act, bo as to permit testimony of
any body except Chinamen to bo ad
duced to prove that "Chluamen aro en
titled o register. It defines tho term
Chinese laborer. Geary declares the
bill a make-shift in keeping with the
courso of tbo administration and that
he will tight It tooth and toenail.
Extent of Loss at Mobile.
Mobile, Ala., Oct. 3. Yesterday's
storm left a complete wreck. Damage
can only be conjectured, but It Is Bofo to
say It is nearly a million dollars. So
farsevoral deaths aro reported. It is
belloved many lives aro lost. Tho home
of Stephen Walter was swept away,
aud Walter's wife and nelco wero car
ried away and wero drowned; only one
wire out of tho city; no street cars are
running. At Grand Bay, on thq lower
coast, four churches wore destroyed;
at Soranton five churches, and homes
have been scattered, crops ruined and
desolation appears on every hand,
Peace in Brazil.
New Yoitic,Oct. 3. It Is reported on
Coilee Exchange today that the trouble
Brazil is at an end. Coffee Is very
weak In consequence.
Four Person's Drowned.
Maiisiivield, Oct. 8. Four people
were drowned near North Slough Sand
point by tho capsizing of a sail boat.
Their names are B, M. Delouney and
his two ohlldron and John Wlkland.
Delouney, his wife and three children,
Miss Bettle Benson and John Wlkland
comprised the party who had been
picking berries at the Baud hills. They
embarked for home early In the after
noon. When they were about sixty
yards from sboro a gust of wind came
up and caused the sail to gibe, which
knocked Wlkland out of tho boat and
capsized it, throwing all the occupants
Into the water, They held on to the
boat, however, aud Delouney started
to swim to the shore with his 6-ycar-old
boy. Ho had not gone far until they
sank and wero drowned. Wlkland also
started to swim ashore but succumbed
in a few minutes. Miss Benson laid
the sail flat across the boat to prevent
It from turning over and in this way
paddled to shore. In the meantime
the little girl fell oft and was drowned.
The bodies of Delouney and his
son were recovered yesterday.
Deafness Cannot Be Cured
by local applications as they cauuot
reach the diseased portion of the ear.
There Is only one way to cure deafness,
aud that Is by constitutional remedies.
Deafness Is caused by an Inflamed con
dition nf the mucous lining of the Rus
tacblan tube. When this lube Is in
flamed you have a rumbling sound or
Imperfect heariuir, and when It U en
tirely closed, deafness Is the result, and
unless the luflsmatlon can betaken
out and IbU tube restored tolls normal
condition, bearing will be destroyed
forever; nine cases out of ten are caused
by catarrh, which is nothing but au In
flamed condition of the mucous sur-
We will give one hundred dollars for
any rase ofdeafoesa (caused by catarrh)
that cannot be cured by Hall's Catarrh
Cure, Bend for circulars; free.
. V. J. Ch bnby fc Co., Toledo.O.
iQrBold by Druggists, 76o.
Highest of all in Leavening Power. -Latest U. S. Gov't Report
That Swept Alabama With Death
and Disaster.
Fifty Miles ofRailronilnro Under
MoniLK, Ala., Oot. 3. A terrlQogalo
struck this sootlou of country, coming
from tho southeast, before daylight,
Monday morning and afternoon it was
still blowing over flfty miles an hour.
Water was blown from the gulf unUl
the river reached Royal street, four
blocks from It aud an elevation of about
fifteen feet from tho main river height,
There is no way of estimating tbo
monoy damage tonight; All tho whole
sale and a largo portion of the retail
district of the city is four feet under
water and thousands of dollars worth
of goods are damaged. Bovoral tug
boats and other small crafts were driven
ashore aud it is reported that three
dredges working on the channel bavo
been lost. It Is also reported that tlftv
miles of tho Louisville & Nashville
road along the coast aro under water
and that the Blloxl brldgo has been
swept away.
Nothing bos boon heard from the
gardeners In tho marshes cost of the
city and tho worst h feared. Telegraph
communication Is cut oil In almost
every direction and from the present
outlook everything In the way of wires
will be gone before late at night. Two
men are known to have been drowned.
Tho storm reached its height at about
3 p. m. when tho wind reached a ve
locity of seventy-fivo miles au hour,
Rain wus falling In torrents durlug the
entire day and tonight the city Is in
darkness, not an electrlo light of any
kind burulng. Nearly every bath
bouso along tho western shore was
blown down and at Morgan's an at
tendant was swept away with Ave bath
houses and drowned. Magnolia & Coo-
ley's warehouses were blown down and
two unknown negroes drowned In tho
cotton yard. Houses all over the city
were unroofed and fences blown down.
New Ouleak8, Oot; 8. During a
high wind and rain storm Sunday
night and Monday tho Louisville &
Nashville suffered the most disastrous
washout in the hlfttory of tho road.
The line Is Impassable east of Chemen-
teur, eighteen miles from New Orleans,
for a distance of fifteen miles and from
statements by trainmen it is learned
tbo entire lino to Mobile has suffered
Bo far as can be learned, twenty-four
or more persons In this vlolnlty have
been killed and probably three times aa
mauy wounded, some fatally, besides
destroying a large amount if property
at New Orleans.- The wind re acne 4 a
velocity of 48 miles an hour at 8 o'clock,
when the weather bureau Instrument
was destroyed, The crash of sheds
aud buildings blown down, treei torn
up and houses unroofed, caused Intense
alarm, and most of the popu'atlon of
the city stayed up all night, eipeotlog
their hous s to be blown down. Amo g
the. buildings destroy d was a 'arge
market, which crushed several build
ings in Its Ml. The Burdett-Strw t
MUslon church, the cotton yards of
the Northwestern railroads, the Colo
man boiler shop aud the Pythian hall
were also wrecked. A number of other
bulldlugs weie unroortd. Below the city
resuth of the storm are woe. In Pla
quemtne parish the wind reached a ve
locity ol 100 mlloa an hour, In Justice
parish, at Pointo la Hachlp, a town of
2 KM) Inhabitants, not on3 ho'i3e escaped
Injury by tho storm. Four grown per
i ons and several olildron were Mlled.
Among the kll'cd aro M'sj L on A.
Franche and Mrs. E. La Vanders, two
of thj most prominent ladlo? in the
city. In the Immediate vlolnlty ether
deaths are reported, and still thirteen
others In the country below. When
the news from the gulf coast is received
it Is feared tho mortality list will be
greatly Increased. Tho loss' to the
orange Industry la estimated at over
850,000. Tho loss Is very heavy In oth
a crops and properly, but the news is
too vague to yet form estlmatej as to
the amount.
A Napa Girl.
Portlanp, Oct. 8. Mr. G. Sblndler,
the Swlse vlce-consel for Oregon and
Washington, Is in receipt of the follow
ing letter from Mr. D. b. Kyser, a mer
chant of Napa, Cal., which bears date
of September 27:
"About five weeks ago there was a
man named John Lamberger, who was
killed here in Napa county by the ex
plosion of a boiler connected with a
steam threshing machine. Lamberger's
widow's father and mother live in Port
land, Or, , so I am told, but no ono here
knows their names. Lamberger belongs
to the Auutro-Huugary consulate of
San Francisco, or at least they know of
blm. Ho has loft unprovided fqr a
child about 8 years of age. Now If you
can only give; me any olue to them I
shall be very glad. lam doing all I
can for the comfort of the child, and do
not wish to place it in the Orphans'
Home If I can help It. As public ad
ministrator and coroner of Napa county
I wish to ascertain If you know of any
one connected with Lamberger,"
Tbo loiter Is published In the hope
that the relations of Lamberger's child
may bo made acquainted with the cir
cumstances undor which it Is provided
for. Mr. Kyser fulls, howeyor, to men
tion in bis letter where tho mother of
the child Is. If she Is still alive she
could easily throw light on the subject
as to tbo name and present whereabouts
of her parents. If the grandparents
should see this letter thoy will confer
a great favor by communicating with
Mr. Kysoratouc.
what a comfort it ia to
havo ready at hand a
romedy that novor fails
to roltovo Constipation,
and that, without pain or
discomfort; and almost
immediately cures head
aches, and dispela ovory
symptom of Dyspepsia.
Such a remedy ia found
in Simmons Livor Itogu
lator not a sweotened
compound to nauseate, or
on intoxicating Ixivorngo
j cultivate an alcohoha
..ppetito, but a medicine
pleasant to tho tasto, and
perfectly harmless when
given to tho smallest
child. 8. L. R. novor
disappoints. It possesses
tho virtues and porfec
tiona of a roliublo remedy
of tho kind endorsed by
eminent physicians,
H Mfojdi ws pUmuuis loaiM arUU
moay to Hiom jrm receive uunully i
reference to your vlulU tnWtMU I
eooeldtr Mmtaoiie Liver UulUr tfc?
Ltl ftuntljr medicine on the w'W. t
tuive prescribed It with excellent nMwHe."
-W. r. lit, H, P., Trwy City, Tea.
-a 5-.iAljia

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