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Associated Press Daily News
paper Published on the
Pacific Coast.
$JJ.OO n Year.
25clfi. at xaontk by Matt!
Prepaid ia Advance
X Papers Seat Wfcem
Time ia Oat.
VOL. 6.
NO. SJ34.
'lX4HBifiiBKir wnfi ft iH IB
Best St. Louis make at
Every pair of better grades fully warranted. "When
you want a pair of men's, ladies' or child
ren's shoes, see what
The New York Racket
A general assortment of Racket Goods at Racket Prices
carried in stock.
State Insurance Block, 333 Com'l St.
OSTON mm m STEM1 mm m-
Piessed. Cleaning and Pressing Gent's Suit 2.00 to $2.50.
" ' Ladies' " 1.50 to 2.00.
Dying, 60 cents to $1.00 extra.
Work neatly done on short notice, at moderate prices.
Btate St., 1 door below Smith & Stelner's drug store, Salem. I. GOLD & CO.
Ed. C.
E. Meeker & Co.,
Hop Kxporters
OFFICE, Oberheira Block, up stairs, Salem.
W. A. TEMPLETON, Gcn'l J gent.
t n J fl ill I A A
ll v',,.4- inn V M I II 1
ISllUU KJUIU 1U1 xivui
J. RUBENSTEIiV, - 308 Commercial .street, Salmi.
Suits made to order and cleaned or repaired.
'OF the valley.
Receiving all the
Associated Press
n.iiv.nv kill! PUR VIM
lMlul Ul luniiJ, iuu
REIY " "
, ..
These low hard times ruu "- - .r ---Ms
daily paper oml know tho rists of the market and all the
nOW8EdUoriarcomttent is fearless and independent Edited
bvitpuMistrsTsecure good government for the people,
able to deal justly and fairly with all.
Complete Telegraphic, State, Capital, For
eign, Market and Crop News.
m i
i i
Wholesale and Retail
Dealer in Fresh, Salt and
Smoked Meats of allliiuds
OS Court and
110 State Streets.
Pre '
Hre Is a chance of a life-time, Why
ppear shabby when you can nave an
elegant suit for
icr i.
i.n noi.ia ovorvfnjrmr to have
Total of Money in Cir
culation. 25.29 DOLLARS PER CAPITA.
Twenty-one Millions Increase in
Will Go Through ns Soon as
Toted On.
Treasury Statement.
Washington, Oct. 4. According to
a treasury statement issued by Secre
tary Carlisle today the total amount of
money in circulation In the United
States, October 1, was $1,701,039,018.
The average circulation per capita, es
timating population at 07,300,000, Is
therefore $25.29. Net increase in circu
lation during September, $21,377,247.
Greatest item of Increase being gold
coin, viz: $14,839,741.
Another Silver Speech
Washington, Oct. 4. In tne senate
to-day Butler made the first open sug
gestion of compromise. In an impassion
speech against the silver repeal bill he
said in answer to a question which bnd
been asked over and over again, "when
will a vote be had on the bill?" he said:
Comproml6e,is the only solution of
the struggle here "
Chinese Legislation.
Washington, Oct. 4. Strenuous
effort has been made by the congress
men favoring and those opposing the
Mc Creary substitute for the Geary bill
to agree upon a time' when the bill
shall he considered. Some of its oppon
ents wants' to put off till tho first of
Nov. There is a little doubt expresstd
that the bill will go through as soon s
a vote can be reached. Several western
membeis are preparing speeches in
which they severely arraign the admin
istratlon for non-enforcement of the
Geary law.
Two Oregon Hangings.
Astoria, Oct. 4. Judge McBrlde
this morning sentenced John Hausen
and Jobu loiter, convicted of murder,
to death, time for execution being set
at a date thirty days after drawing of
warrant, which will bo issued next
Telephone Line.
Spokane, Oct. 4.-Connectlon was
made today on the longest telephone
line in the world except that between
New York and Chicago. It Is from
dpokane, Wash., to Albany, Or., a dls
tanceof nearly 600 miles and was en
tirely successful.
Warned Not to Fire.
Rio db Janeiro, Cct. 4. Command
ers of the UritlBh, French, Italian,
American and Portugese men-of-war
here have Informed Admiral De Mellos
that, no attack on the city will be per.
milted. Germany alone refrained from
taking similar action, on the ground
(hat she does not desire to Interfere In
domestic troubles.
Ban Francisco, Oct. 4. Wheat,
December $1.13.
Chicago, Oet. 4.-Cash, C0; De
cember 601.
Portland, Oct. 4,-Wheat valley,
i 07J; Waa Walla .87,.
Votnrn should
be assisted to
of the blood.
Nothing does it
so well, bo safely
t's HDeciuc.
. tee uao NO CHARMS.
p- A. n I ... uXM l ! P-
PILES tfswtffi&s
Bold by Baitett Van Blpe.
30,000 lbs. of the Former and Any
Quantity of tho Latter Put
Up Dally.
Tho Salem Evaporator Works Under
the enterprising management of the
Oregon Fruit & Produce Co. are baud-
Hug five hundred bushels of prunes a
diyaud taking in all the apples they
can get,
The apples Are mostly Baldwins.
Fine fruit is packed iu boxes for the
eastern market, while common sorts
are cut up for drying. Prunes consist
of Hungarian, Italian, silver and Pe
tite, or French. They come in boxes
and barrels, by wagon and rail, from as
fur as Halsey south and Oregon City
Principal local contributors so far are
E. A. Stanton, who has several thous
and bushels; F. J. Beatty, Chemawa;
J. P. Emmett and others. Tho smaller
il rye's are all over stocked and cannot
handle the immense crop. Next year
it will take two suih dryers to handle
the prune crop. Two shifts of hands
are employed and the ovens are kept
irolng (lay and ul$ht attended by about
twenty people.
Tho company imks two kluds ot
jontracts. It agree to evaporate, grade
box and Btoro until January 1st, 1804,
for so much per" pound, green, to bo
paid by the grower when sold. The
other plan is to put up the crop tho
jatne way for one hulf the dried pro
duct. The piuuea are packed In 25 and
50 lb. boxes.
the process.
Upon coming In, the prunes are put
in Hat boxes where they will keep well
for several days. 'J 'hen the fruit Is run
through a sorter aim comes out in four
sizes. It js then dipped in an irou hoop
bucket Ina weak 'Solution oflyo and
riuBed In clear water. The fruit Is then
spread on flat trays live feet equare,
with slat or wire bottoms, ono layer
deep, and shoved Into the ovens, heated
by steam lo 170 duress heat for oluht
hours. The fruit Is then sorted.
At this work women are employed,
Mips Ida DeLong and Miss Mabel
Campbell being in charge. Theso
young ladles are experts and their crit
ical ludEtnent throws out any Im
perfectly cured specimens, atid every
pan must bo done to a turn to pass
their scrutiny. After It leaves the
sorters the prunes are piled in bins and
undtrgoa sweat before being packed.
Tho Oregon Fruit & Produce Co.
which was organized at Salem a year
ago by Messers. Broat & Glle, grocers,
has grown into a largo wholesale busi
ness, supplying the retail trade of UiIb
city, shipping to all parts of tho couutry
the products of this valley. Jas. Kile
Is the manager of tho evaporator works;
C. L. Nlman, foreman; and Sim Foster
Incbaruoof the apple and prune de
partment. He attends to receiving all
the grceu fruit.
Deafness Cannot Be Cured
t 1......1 Atmllitnltnua na llintr nannnl
UV 1ULUI H(ijiii.bu'hiu iw uiwj ..uuwi.
reach the diseased portion of the ear.
rri.rU la nrilv run, wnv In nnrn ilpiifnMtei.
and that Is by constitutional remedies.
Deaf new is caused by an lull lined con
dition of the mucous lining of the Hub-
. 1. 1.... titt. Wlin.i IIiIm fllilw. In In.
IUUI11UU !" "" ...in ,iotj .u-
llanicd you have a rumbling sound or
imperiftH uemmc, uuu Butuinotu-
.!..,.. .LuiliI luuTnudu l tlia rniiiilt anil
unless tho Inllamation can be taken
OUl. UUU linn lu"o miuiu .w.io uw, ......
condition, hearing will be destroyed
forever; nine cases nut of ten are caused
by catarrn, which jb ihuiiiij); nut uu lu
ll a med condition of the mucous sur
lit.. .. Ill ..Itri. tna Itiitifli-Af ftftllnra far
VIJ Vlll fct" ".W ..M.....WM .....
any rase otdeafnesa (caused by catarrh)
that cannot be cured by Hall's Catarrh
Cure. Bend for circulars; free.
BfiTSold by Druggists, 75c.
Mahhikd. At Salem (Ills 4lh day of
Octobt-r were united In marriage. Mrs.
Emma Anderson, widow of the Jate
Erie Anderson, and Mr. Hugh F, Jory,
Itev.Jos. H Erly, offJclstlng. The
groom Is a prominent real estate man of
this city
AKRMr V m:'wo.- Wm. Kaleor, at
torney, eecuriHlttU order Monday vacat
ing a writ "f arrest ugalnst T. r.
Ooodrlch In the uivll action of J. W.
ileatly vaT. F Goodrich In the circuit
court. This n-lwthed Mr. aKlrlch
from hlsbail In an action to secure pay
ment of an account, m berelp ho was
chsrgd with being au absconding
debtor and restored bliu touts noeny,
Economirs In Paper.
Clean newspapers, llwl In hiimllt of
100. not out, lor mIo at this olllco at
fifteen cnts a bundle. A heavy straw
wrDDlo( trr, Urge shells, two cents
rjoMd. Next door to lb postofflce.
Eight Hundred to
Thousand Dead.
Ono Island of 150 People all
Drowned. -
Bays Filled with Dead ami Islands
Wiped Out.
Nkw Orleans, Oct. 4. Tho disaster
at Grand Islo and at Chonloro is un
paralled in this section. The first au
thentic news came this morning, whon
several survivors reaohed here. Tbey
tell a heartrending story, A tidal wave
swept over the Island, destroying lives
and property on all sides. Ono hun
dred and forty-five families are said to
bavo perished. Tho death list will run
up into hundreds. Among tho dead
are Dr. Froy, a prominent physician,
and wlfo.
Tho steamer Joe Weber was blown to
pieces and several of the crow lost.
Home pcoplo hero familiar with tho
topography of Grand Isle aro inclined
to think tho stories of destruction there
are exaggerated. This is not tho first
time tho Island has beon reported
washed away.
Tho island Is practically cut of! from
communication, and the only means
of obtalnlug Information' la through
ttio passenger steamer that piles be
tween this city and tho island, and
luggers in tho oyster trade.
Reports coming from Plaquemlno
and Jefferson parish of damages by the
storm are of the most alarming charac
ter. It Is impossible to verify the loss
of life reported, but there Is no reason
to doubt that It is very heavy, and the
storm was much worse than around
New Orleans. The worst news is from
Bayou Cook, wbenco New Orleans gets
Its supply of oysters. This Is midway
between fiaratrla bay and mouth of the
Mississippi. Here a colony of oyster
fishers, numbering 150, are reported to
have become totally annihilated, with
nearly the entire population killed or
drowned. Boats have gone down from
New Orleans to the settlement, but It
will bo Impossible to get any news from
the relief party before tomorrow. The
following Is a summary of lives lost, ho
far as known up to midnight:
Below Baratrla bar.-.- 150
I'olutoala Haohe... . ... .. 4
Emnlro mill 8
Hlnglei 2
Daisy poeiomco
Point Pleasant
Fort St Smith
Caspar Smith's 1
Nichols postofllco.- 3
Fosterling.. 4
Grand Bayou and Bayou Shute. 26
til James.... ............ ...... 1
Plgnoola ...... ....-..---- 1
Grand Prairie 4
Total 200
It la now estimated the loss of life at
Grand Isle and Cbaulere, aud in Grand
and Adams bay, and Cook, Chuton and
Oyster bayou settlement will reach
eight hundred to a thousand. Jobu A.
Hebut, a flihermsn from the shore of
bavou Cook, told a representative of
the associated press that nothing was
left either on tne shores of tho bayou or
Islands. On bayou Simon, situated on
In Grand bay were fourteen fltbermeu;
all drowned. It Is said that not a
house left on bayou Cook, and where
the people are the Almlght only knows.
Only one person was saved from the
Oyster bayou catastrophe. He was
found hanging to a post unconscious
aud will die. On Simon islo were 18
Inhabitant of oyster camps, 10 were
drowned On Hazor Island was a camp
of five men all drowned. On Bird
Island about 160 people lived. All
are drowned. On Grand Bank eight
persons are Killed.
The story told by two fishermen of
the disaster at Grand Isle la horrlfyl Jg
In tho extreme. They said tho sea wm
rising all day. It Increased alarmingly
toward night. About 10 p. m, the wind
shifted to the southwest. Iar out at
sets, as flashes of lightning Illuminated
the darkness, mammoth wavt could
be sea traveling with woaeWrful rap-
Highest of all In Leavening Power. Latest U. S. Gov't Report
Idlty toward tho island, accompanied
with a nnlse like thunder.
On came the terrible thing, growing
larger momentarily. The Island wax
wrapped in slumber when tho tidal
wavo struck. Tho Island was all dark
ness, and as far as the eye could reach,
wa& covored with water. Tho next
Hash of lightning, the two fishermen
found themselves far ofTto the north of
tho Island and looking about could see
nothing but a sheet of water, tho Islaud
havlnor totnllv dlsBaneared.
Malhew Souurlz of Goldshoro, one of
tuo survivor or the Cuenlere, Uamlnda
commnnity, arrived this morning. He
estimates tho loss of llfeon Grand Isle,
Cbenlere and In Grand and Adams bay
aud Cook, Chaltou and Ouster bnv pet
tlementa at 800 to 1000 Wlu-u he left
Chenlere Islaud yesterday he c tinted
but five houses standing out of total
about 800. The land is covered with
A Little One
Atlanta, Ga , Oot. 4 Tho little
town of Hocan. Ga.. is demolished by
a cyclone; nine Iioubcs are blown,
dowu. George Bernett was killed.
At Mobile.
Moiiilr. Ala.. Oct. 4. Loss of life
In tho recent storm cannot be estimated
ns yet. It is uow known that eight aro
Fun at Aumsville Interesting Notes
From Other Places.
Saturday mornlmr. from residents of
Aumsville, namely Dan Smith, Moyor,
Weaver, and another one were seen to
leave town in a double rig, golug east.
Mr. Weaver, tho areat horseman, hold
tho rein's, aud continually Jogged our
minds bv tollluc of his great feat in
driving behind the hack being led by
Moyor was tho famous horse, "Yellow
Hammer." On passing the residence of
Mr. Goodbll, tho owner on mo out to
the road, walking sideways, crab fash-
iou, and climbed Into the hack, but in
stead of sitting on tho seat In the ordi
nary way, ho tried to sit on the middle
of bis back. He says that "Job" bus
bis sympathy, and like Job, has not
sworo yet, but nas ttiougui it oneu.
Passing William Smith's estate, we
were startled at seeing tho owner
standing .'u the middle of the Hold,
an axo In his hand, looking at a large
tree. We were afraid that he might
over exert himself. Dan said there
was no danger, and wo camo on aud
Boon arrived at the beautifully situated
village or Sublimity. We passed
through In silence, still going east, the
destination being the public saloandfreo
lunch, on the Mountain. Deep ravines
and high hills were overcomo, aud at
12 o'clock we arrived at our destination.
aud as we relued in our horses, we
heard the auctioneer, Mr. Downing,
praising up an old worn out harvest
machine, declaring that l was as good
as now and better, because it had been
Tho freo lunch was early eaten. Mr.
Weaver saved his until bo goes that
way again. Mr. Weaver was tho bid
der of tho party. Ho bid on everything
but some ono always went a Ilttlo high
er, He uppearod discouraged, aud we
told him if ho went down to where
thov were selllnK water iuoIoub, we
thought he would be more successful.
His first bid (25 cents), captured ono.
In a little while we were outside or tue
melou. Weaver was satisfied, and
would not try his luck again.
One lover of nature took me to a high
bill and pointed out to tne tho beau
ties of the scenery. I said to hlm,"dou't
you dare pralsa up that scenery. I left
Aumsville early Ibis mornlng.anu uave
been wadlnir throuah that scenery ever
since, and worried for fear I would be
lato for the freo lunch."
After returning home, the owner of
the hack aud team feellug that he was
mi good a driver aa Weaver, thought he
would show oil a little, lie mounteu
his seat, first having engaged Andy,
aarlng master, commenced driving a
clrolo In tho middle of the road, with
bU horses at full rUn; round and round
they weut, whllo Andy yelled encmir
agement, The Inhabitants of the city
all ran to see the great feat In hum."
manshlp. When the driver tHoughl
that he had Weaver fairly "squflchrd,"
be drove quietly home.
Our chairman of the board of educa
tion has been absent for several weeks,
and In tho meantime the school house
has made rapid progress, it being near
ly enclosed.
Dutton Yoder Social Event at
Wednesday evening, Sept. 27th a
small party uf invited guests assembled
at tho homo of Mr. aud Mrs. Andrew
Dutton, at Hampden Park, to witness
tho marriage of their ouly daughter,
MIbs Llda to Levi P. Yoder, a well
known and popular young man of this
vicinity. At eight o'clock p. m. as the
'irgan pealed forth tin strnlns of the
"Weddliiir Mnrbh," the brldnl party
eutertil the room. First camo Mr. and
Mrp. J. Yoder, brother and sister of tho
uroom', next the groom with tho bride's
mother, then came the bride leaning on
the arm of her father. The bridal party
then took their places beneath a lloral
horse shoe suspended from a handsome
arch of sweet brier branches and berries.
Tho ceremony was performed by Itev.
Joseph Early, brother-in-law of the
groom. Tho bride wore a beautiful
drees of cream henrletta out prlnceps
en-train, the entire front elegantly em
broidered with white lilies, the work 6f
the bride. Tho bridesmaid wore cream
colored nuns veiling, whllo the groom
und best man wore the conventional
evening suit, Next came tbe congrat
ulations, which were given very hearti
ly, After whloh the company were,
summoned to tho dining room, where
a delicious wedding supper was spread.
The brldo received many handsome
and UBoful presents. After a few hours
of pleasant Intercourse the party broke
up, regretting very much that there
was only ono daughter Iu tho family.
Rhyme With ReaBon.
To eeiim the number, who ould dare to
Of alt tbe Ills that limb Is heir to,
To near I lie tiu.tr yon could not brur to;
And lovely woman bus hor share, too,
Htio'd have some less If she'd repair to
Dr. Plerco's Favorite Prescription. For
'.'run-down," debilitated and over
worked women, It Is the best of all res
torative tonics. A potent specific for
all those cbronlo "weaknesses aud dis
eases peculiar to women; a powerful,
uoncral, as well aa utenUe, tonlo and
nervine. It Imparts vigor and strength
to the whole system. It promptly cures
weakness of tho stomach, nausea, Indi
gestion, bloating, debility and sleepless
ness, In either sex. It Is carefully com
pounded by en experienced physician
and adapted to woman's delicate organ
ization. Purely vcgetabloaud perfectly
harmless Iu any condition of tho system
tho only medicine for women, sold by
druggists, under a positive guarantee of
satisfaction In every caBe, or prlce($1.00)
TDTT'S PILLS make a robust body.
No pill or nauseating potion, but a
Ion, but a
pleasant tomo aim laxative id
Liver Regulator,
Falbk Imi'bibonmknt, Papers
were filed this afternoon In a suit for
false Imprisonment on tho following
facts: That oil September 18 one J. W.
Beatty commenced a civil action
against T. F, Goodrich on a note la
order to procure arrest and Imprison
ment of said Goodrich, aud that ho
falsely charged Goodrich with belngan
absconding debtor, aud had him Itr
prlsoned at Portland, He gave ball
and upou showing writ waa vacated by
Judge Burnett, aud Goodrloh asks
f 1000 damage and altornoy fees at this
term of court. Wm, Kaiser Is his at
torney, Pabsknouh Boat. A, B. Graham,
one of tho owners of tbe AUouaaail
Horaoua boats, run between Oregoa
City and Portland, Is In the city txlay
looking up tho ohaucea for a paeteager
business for the Altona, the finest boat
on the river. She will be run to Port
laud and back every other day If enough
business can bo secured. She would
carry through ireigm only .... tim
Three Bisters brought down Hfty toe
of freight from the Oregon I'aclHo rail
way. County Court. CotnmtasioM
Anderson aud Watson aud Judge Hut
bard met as county court this morhjm
at 0 o'clock. The l?ynnlds bridal,
low Ur ground waa let toJnitnX.
McCoy at 11,17 per foot, Two
viewers reports were read au4
bill allowed Judge Hubbard wm '
feellug well aud was uuabletoi
with the other meraWe of ttoeawt
inie evening.

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