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Capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1893-1895, October 10, 1893, DAILY EDITION, Image 4

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BVjasiyg. capital joxtekal, Tuesday, October u, ia3.
MISSES' and-'
Stock of Bos
lery m the
1. Schuyler Rue, Insolvent; assign
meat. J. F. B. Bretano assignee- Con
2. Frank C. Baker, vs. Eric Ander
son; to perfect title. Continued.
3. J. C. Brown, inselvent: assign.
A. Baker assignee. Con-
-6. M.M
for money.
ness in Staytou Saturday.
Mlsa Maud Worley returned home
last week from Bueua Vista, where sho
has been visiting with her sister fur
the past month.
Ellis v. F.
Mary A. Hoen, vs. W,
for possession ot real
J. Ford; action
C. RlggsjJ
307 Commercial Street.
Going oM of Business
Everything Miisf Go.
per cent offon all Lamps and Toilet Sets.
Uisnes aud (Glassware.
' " Teas and Spices.
". " Bottled Goods, Preserves, tc.
" " Canned Goods and Baking Powders.
' Package Goods, Soaps, &c
" Collees, Sugars. &c
J-Corne early, us we will not stock up iu any line after it Is sold out.
SROAT & 61 LE, Burke Block, Below Postoffice.
- IR -
You are going to build or make any lrlndof
Improvement, call oo the uuiter uued lor
material. We have a complete stock, and are
reAdjr to supply any prepared contract, sewer
work, pradlne, etc
Salem Improvement Co.
A Kicker. The Independence
West Bide editor says of the state ed
, itorial associatien: "Forty editors pro
per, attended the meetings, but one
hundred add forty ate at the banquet.
The bangers on in journalism are the
ones who make our annual meetings
such a farce. Next year let no badges
be given those who do not attend the
meetings. The number of editors may
be less, but the profession will be more
honorable." Pentlaud, you are a kick
er. Didn't Leo Peterson raise the
money for the banquet? Why should
f not he and Mrs. P. and all the P.'s in
'act, banquet at the Hotel Portluud?
, He came aa near being an editor as any
of the officers of tho state nss'u. He
jWas one ad. manager of a real estate
advertising sheet. I
Weed More School HorsKS. The
public schools of Salem opened on Mon
day last. The number of school chil
dren in attendance was 1156. There
ire 29 teachers employed in the public
icbools of the city. Some of the school
puddings are crowded to overflowing;
-Weclally so is tho high school, in the
iafltern part of tho city. The total
lumber of children enrolled was 1.50C.
. Chat city needs more school buildings
. oaocommodatu the rapidly luereasiug
efeool population. The flue school
(lunuiugf aireauy ouni are well ar-
anged for school purposes, and would
1 eft credit to any city Dayton Herald.
' Not Fredbicksok. Chief of Police
Unto has established bv correspond.
:aco that the man Huflmau now in the
iuntyjall suspected of being Freder
ikson, the murderer of Bruce. Is not
lat party but that his uame is really
Cullman, and that he has served three
?aw In the California state prison for
mm .
jLocai, Union.- The executive com
Uteo of the Salem Chrlatiau Eudeav-
'r ( union will hold a session lu the Bap.
t church parlors on Weduesday even-1
- k, Oct. 11th, at 8 o'clock. The preal
qib auu vice presidents oral! the C.
eocletleaand Epworth Leagues In
" fc city are expected to be pr&seut.
Prosecuting Attorney Jas. McCain is
on duty at the court house.
Dr. John Nicklen, at one time a-busi-n&
man in Salem, died at bis hpii
Condon, Oregon, last week. '
.uou. w. R. Bilyeu and G. W.
Wright of Eugene are in Salem on busi
Revs. Prichard and Condtt, Mrs, Mc
"uiiagn, Mrs. Howiaud ane J. P. GhI
braltb of Eugene, and Dr. jS. J. Thomp
son, of Corvaiiisare in the city attend
ing the meeting of the presbytery.
.ueputy Sheriff Keene brought a
number of witnesses from Aurora to
day, to be heard iu the hop riot cases.
John A. Rotau, of Santa Anna, Cal.,
Is iu tne city.
Miss Helen Crawford, of Albany,
who has been visiting Miss Morris, the
tjacher, relumed today.
Miss Fanny Splcer returnedhome to
Eugene last night after a short visit
with Salem friends.
Supt. Frank Davey, of the Forest
Grove Keeley Institute, speaks at Leb
anon tuls eveuiug to the A. O. U. W.
-Private Secretary Glltner, of the
state department, returned from Port-
laud today.
Jonathan Sturgill, special agent of
the State Insurance Co., has returned
Uoine to Baker City for a brief visit.
Hon. T. C. Hyde returned from Sa
lem yesterday, where on Thursday last
he argued the case of Juiiub Darkhel-
mer vs. S. A. Heilner and 8. Ottenhei
m -r, appellants, In supreme court as
attorney for appellants. Baser City
iurs..u. D. Gabrielson and eon Carl,
returned last evening from their ex
tended visltJa'tbe East. They were
met at Portland by Mr. Gabrielson and
Miss Ruth.
Rev. W. S. Gilbert, Mrs. W. T.
Eakiu, Mrs. L. S. Linn, Mrs. J. F. j
Robinson and J. M. Day. ofEuiren
aredelegates to the Presbyterian assem
bly. Rev. G. W. GiliesDle. of nll r i
Continued for settlement.
8. Heness Bros. vs. Allen & Smith,
and Searle & Deane, action for meney:
garnishee. Continued.
10. James McCloskey, vs. W. P.
Bennett; action for money. Dismissed
for want of prosecution.
11. Marx & Jorgenson, vs. A. E.
LaRoquej'equIty, Pogue, IreTefee. For
hearing. I
12. Charles Reichsteln. vh. W. P.
Bennett; foreclosure of lieu. Dismissed
for want of prosecution.
13. Snell, Heitsmj & Woodward, vs
EL W. Cox; action for money. Contin
ued for service.
14. John F. Searies, vs. Olive P
Pennington et al.; foreclosure. Motion
to confirm report and also to set aside.
15. Thos. Taylor vs. Metzger and
Messenger; action for money. Contin
ued for service.
- 10. Arnold Wlnk.vs Clarance Brown,
. ai.: iorecioaure. Continued to take
17. H. D. Norwood, vs. Ellen M.
Farnsworth; foreclosure. Continued by
18. Allen & Lewis, vs W. H.Shields,
et. al.; action for money. Continued by
19. Thos. J. Ford, insolvent; assign
ment W.-C. Day aEssiguee. Coutiu-
If! to amend return on notice of appeal.
Amended. Motion to dismiss appeal
75. Allie Brewer vs John H. Brewer
divorce. Default entered.
78. L. J. KetDD VS. A. V. Clnnoh. np.
Hon for money. Demurrer to com- -r aumsvillb.
plaint overruled with leave to answer ., , , r ,Bavard u,w certainly got tho
ion payment of $5 to plaiutlfl. .lauum .uimp," ananas been rub-
70. T. AI. Witten vs. J. E. Barte- "'", or eise ue nas struck it rich In
land and J. B. Standard, foreclosure of . Jl0"1011011 ue talked of Boing
mortgage. Settled. .into, tie atone time offered to give
81. A. Bush, vs." 8. z Mlfrhpii t i away hs old clothes, but no oue would
acllou for money. Motion to dismiss e them tliev were uo oetter-tbrtn
the complaint. , ,lia neighbors wore. A few days ago
82. Brant & Gile, appellants, vs. H. W,e were 8UrPrtsed at his buyiuSa farm
A. St. Earl, appeal from justice' court. ,3 '' ucre8 Hardl- bad we got our
Settled. i minds settled when behold he bought
83 Stella Mlze va. F. B. Mize.divorce. a blocb of Ittnd ou Merry ,,eId addition
Default of defendaut entered. Test!- and lmu,ed,ale'y commenced building
mony taken. ' ,a dwellimr, and like Aladdin he was
86. Kwong Chung Lung & Co. vs. Verv quick about lL
ChanChong You, action for money. Mr. L. Miller has bought thn Weim-
John Kirfe,
Swart z,
89. Mary a. Kirk vs,
divorce. For hearine.
90. Robert4Jussell va. R. L,
action for money. Settled.
91. H. A. Thomas vs. C. E. Williams
et al., forclosure of mortgage,
me ameuued ooniplaint.
92. Archie T. Edmonson et al., vs.
Musa Miller and D.J. Miller, partition.
Decree of partition on pleadings.
94. L. M. Kirk va. J. TT. Kft .nH
I. N. Bentiey, actit n f jr money. -Default
and judgment with order to sell
attached property.
96. J. H. Settlemier vs. Southei n Pa
cific Co., action to recover money. De
murrer to complaint.
100. Jamea Bell vs. Order of 8t. Ben-
euicc, action for money. Motion to
ten property on Dearborn street. The
house he will fix up in first class style,
. aud the barn into a livery stable.
1 Two shoe makers have located in
( Aumsville in the last week.
. Our"Nimrod" Mover and hig inm.
Leave to gun had a startling exnorlamv. .n r,.t
that he has hardly leen himself since.
Way up in the mountains iu a valley
he ran across a bear, or the bear -ran
across him. Trembling in every limb,
he brought the long guu into position
and fired, but haying only fine shot he
cnougnt best to run away, aud he ran
as only Moyer can run, saying, "By
gracious." at every jump. It, is sup
posed that "Dog Bob" had followed
him and Moyer mistook him for a bear.
Bob not being hurt is nn virion t
Don't Pick Over None
of 'em.
You can get nice, clean new
goods, ALL WOOL, Home
Made arid Home Prices
VI00iEl flii STORE
Ida I.
the city.
Attorney Geo. W. Wright, of Albany
ia uucuuiug court.
Presiding Elder Uowersox la In Pnn.
24'KCJAL. Communication
Mgo No. 4, A. F. and
ipway eveulng at
td, M. Rowley, W.
rsokla, eecy.
of Snlem
A. M. this
7:30 o'clock.
M.,Thos. II.
Justice Court, The cabe of Ellis &
Hiu8i eury iiutlumu came te-
Justice Batcliolor vestenlnv. Th
llull(1n.4 t...t. 1. . . ...
r muii kx juuBuiem uy tieliiuit iu
BUB) of f 102.40.
Hon. VVeruer Breyman is at Wood
bum today.
Surveyor General Byars went to Port
laud today.
General W. H. Odell is InsnectlniF
some government laud surveying con
tracts In Washington county.
Rev. I. N. Mulkey and wife, of PIml.
ant Hill, Or., are vUltiue friends In s..
lem aud atteudlug the mlnlBteilal as-1,!,..
v....,uu , iUO .uris(iau onurcu.
Dorrance Lumbering Co., insol
vent; assignment. F. Feller assignee.
22. Gilbert Bros., vs Whale & Galli-
uer; action ior money. Continued for
23. Amos Strong, et. al va H. P.
Mlnto, & the C'ty of Salem; injunction.
Continued by conseut.
24. A. Bush, vs Chas. Stewart, C. B.
Kulght and Win. Wood worth; action
ior money. Continued for service.
25. F. Van Der Baan. va&imni
Ramp; mechanic lien. Settled.
26. C. Darst, vs U. S. Banking Co.;
action for money. Continued.
27. V. Wattier, vs U. S. Banking
Co.; action for money. Coutinued.
28. Paul Fundman vs. U. S. Bank
ing Co., action for money. Continued.
33. Sherman, Clay & Co.. vs. P. H.
and Hittie E iston. H. P. McNarv nnri
the City of Salem, foreclosure mortirairp.
oonunueu oy consent to take deposi
oM. Irvine L. Lindsay, vs.
Lindsay, divorce. For iiearinc.
37. George W. Waterbury, vs. G. A.
Van Derbeck, aotlou for specific ner-
formanco of contract. Settled.
41. Minnesota Thresher Mfg. Co.. vs
L. W. Benson, et al. Action for money.
Motion to strike out part of answer of
wm. Benson sustained. Demurrer to
part of answer of L. W. Benson, over-
42. George E. Sly, vs. Lulu Sly, Di
vorce. Nonsuit on motion ofplaint-
43. Thos. Holman, appellant vs. T.
P. Welch, Appeal from Justices rnnr
Verdict for plaintiff; defendant to re
turn goods aud pay 900 damage.
48. G. M. Lease vs. Harvey Massay
Foreclosure. For hearing.
49. W.P. Miller, vs.Valller Wat
tier, Buit to declare trust. For hear-
51. J. J. Shaw, executor of the last
will of Henry Shrum, deceased, vs. M.
X. Ahalt, confirmation of sale. Sale
54. McKlnley MltchU vs. N. La
fontalne, action for money. Settled.
65. H. & L. Black vs IT k ri...
action for mouey. Motiou to strike out
complaint for want of "verification sus
tained with leave to plaintiir to amend
50. D. H. Ambrose vs. W, D McGje
and Eva McGte, acilon for money. De
fault and judgment, i
60. FirHt National bank of Salem vs
iv. r. .uauue, et ux foreclosure of
mortgage. Default aa to all deiendants
except J. O. Hall.
67. R. B. Duiicau va B. S. Rtihi
baughet al, action for money. Set-
Ihn rn ..... ..,.i. .. ,
rfatnrdnv nthtfio 7 -"""v "" lers ana pointed out to them the voca
nrhXeDntblislS: ' ! UU ln lQ Whiob a
106. Geo. G. Bingham vs Emma I"?' ""c" ""us painter, s-years-Simmons,
action fofmone ' ul Z I f',0 e?tbU9,a8lIc that he 'ied
107. John Newsom vs. S ake e al ? 1 U tUe DGW 80bo0, bU3e' 0ne
108. Vf. T. Barrows vs N. R Gay! SSJ h"" T, '
lord, confirmation of sale. Confirmed S., r' W th, Pot of,paiut of "v
109. D'Arcv A Bingham t Ti. S I Xt?' 8 a"ed up a long ladder, hold
ing me paint behind him, but just as
uo uau opened me naint. rwit ,.
... fw( wuu iM
et al., confirmation.
110 F. Levi ys. C. H. Neal, motion
for leave to issue execution. Default
aud leave granted."
111. The W. B. Allen Co vs Ron n
Will, action for money.
112. W. H. Hughes et al.. vs. Albert
Clemens, app., appeal from J. P. court.
In the suit of Caldwell &Sprague,
real estate agents ys J. W. Lyous. the
jury found for defendant.
in James eil va A. R. Richards,
action of forcible entry aud detainer
flud defeudant guilty es charged,
3S. Mary A. Denhani. vs. fJ Af
Kutz, et al, suit to quiet title. Default
and decree.
40. N. M. Coomer, vs. John Pennln
ger, acliou for money. Default and or
der to sell property.
t i0 -A JtAiM
Happv B,s. A marriage license was
issued to Mrs. Emma Benson and John
Boyce, J. E. Howard, witness.
New buckwheat just In at Clark &
The Southern Pacific has placed the
price of rouud trip tickets, good for 10
days to the Portland exposition at $3 35,
including one admission to the exposi
tion. Tickets on sale MondavH. Wed
nesdays and Fridays only. tf
-- m
Vermont maple syrup, genuine, on
tap dally at Clark & Eppley'a.
"Grandma Yocum," so-called,78 years
oi age, led in the grand march at the
ball at Myrtle Point recently, savaho
Roseburg Review. She also "tripped
the light fautastlc toe" to the strains of
the enlivening music with the agility
of youth. Our Oregon pioneer women
are always iu the lead.
the members of the sonool board made
Uls appearance, aud frightened the lit
tle fellow so badly that he spilt his
paint upon the side of tne house.whlch
did not leave a very encouraging mark
for the future great painter.
Our enterprising blacksmith has as
sociated with himself in business, our
old-time frieud, Andy. May they
prosper and have plenty of hard work.
Dr. Starling's new sign is encourap-
11 A-.. . "
, iug io mose wuo may need his skill.TJu-
. fortunately for the doctor, no one has
j been sick since he has been with us.
Some enterprising man or woman ought
iu gei sick to neip me doctor. He will
soon begin to think that he is ln the
"land of milk aud honey."
We report progress on the new school
house. The carpenters take advantage
of every hour, and are rushing the
work as fast as the rain will permit.
One good week will find the building
Mr. Ball is on the sick list.
Mr. Weave has had on exhibition a
very-flue bunch of white beans.
flnA1 l..i
va'siru iiiitk in vrtit ni , i ... ...
be to everyone who takeadvanta M
Boring ,h?.7,?'8hoe or four leafclover can
urine you such nnnnrtnntitai .j zrrt
t?6ll.ire.n tohe SUtostreet bo
.tore for their school supplies.
Patton Bros.,
.ooKBewers and Sttlr.,
wiL.L.iAMS In 8alem, a'thlsroo,
in the Anderson block, 'corner ffi
merclal and Court streets at 8:30lL
m. Monday Oct. 9, 1803, Hial
Williams, aged 56 years. "iaiJi
The cause of Mr. Williams' rlp.it.
was paralysis, although his health bad
been failing for some years. He was
an old resident of Salem, having been
employed in E. C.'Cross' meat markets
for many years. The fuueral will be
held Wednesday.
Zumwalt. Of lung troubles, at tlie
home of his brother, in Lyon, Linn
Co., Oregon, J. W. Zumwalt. Was
born Dec. 3. 1853, in Lane countv. o..
and died Oct. 6, 1893, being 39 years, 10
ujonius and 3 days old. Rrotber Johu
united with the Disciples of Christ at.
LaGrande In the j-ear of 18S0. From
that time he made the word of Godi
his study and died a faithful defender
of God's cause. Albany Democrat
Lefal Blank Publishers.
Bash's New Brlckjver the bank. Com'I street.
Local Correspondence from Towns
in the Valley. "
Times: Creditors nf tua
Job bank will realize a few dollars out
of the failure of the holders of a number
of small claims to present them. The
time for presentation expired vtatirrlv
and somewhere between fifty and sev-enty-fi
ve claims aggregating a thousand
or fifteen hundred dollars have not'been
presented. This windfall will swell
the percentage that will be realized
irom tne assets about oue per cent.
Bates, $2.50 to $5.00 per Day
The best hotel between Portland ni ...
Choicest Fruits
Grown ln tho Willamette Valley.
A. I. WAGNER. Prop.
Castorla is truly a marvelous tbib$
LPhi,,d,ren- doctors prescribe Itt
medical journals recommend it and!
more than a million mothers are usine
n. y .. , "Boric, jKdtemaD's
Urops, so-called soothing Byrups and
other narcotic and stupefying remedies.
Castoria is the quickest thlug to regu
late the stomach aud bowels and ctve
healthy sleep the world has ever seen.
U is pleasant to the taste and absolutely
Uarmlesa. It relieves constipatiou,
quiets pain, curat .Hnrrt.m. h i,.ih
colic, allays feverlshnesa. deatroygi
worniB, and prevents convulsion!.,,
soothes the child and gives it refreshinz;
and natural nlpon r'00in.i. i .
children's panacea the mother's friend.
Castpria Is put up in one-elze bottles
only. If Is not sold in bulk. Don't
allow any one to sell you anything else
on tne plea or nrominn iimt w iQ ix.f
as good" and "will ansyer every pur-'
pose,'.' Bee that you get Caatorla.
Headquarters for all daily papers, at
J. Li. Beunett'sDost ofllr hit .
Beunetfa'post ofllce block news
Manutacture 8tandard Pressed nrirk-
MoWed Brick In all Patterns for Fronts
Vards near Penitentiary. Balera, Or,
.'y... ftiii.MDtA5BiSf1"KBTiWff
uo Nnrberyman, Portland, Oreyon.
10-7 1m
Thin Children Grow Fa!
on Scott's www 1(
fat fo o d s
j make fat
They are
thin, and
assimilate food rich in fat.
remain thin just in
to their inability tn
Scott's Emulsion
uNAr, left at your office or resl
m, OalyfiOctaa luouth. By mall
w a month.
S. J. L. Mitchell & J. H. Limn va
. r . . n. .-..-...- . '"
mku-b neavy boots, Just the thlug for l' ' imerford, action for money.
muter, hi prices oeiow all competition 4,cu
at 13. F. Osboru's Racket store. 2d Iw ' n' cKluley Mitchell. vs U. C. aud
I settiire cl,on for moay-
' 3 ill -iy",a lv "ryiieii cnnutig uo. vs
Hue a herd
to m. That la whv thv ..n I Ml at noon...
wifli hiiik auu cream.
Weather fotwast for Wednesday i, IJ.'JlL, A1 v.' "lPHnt, appeal rom
rainy aud oootor.. ri.... ...",... J"'" " TOU"' eave '' 'ou Bher-
- --.----ww. va nviClOW
MllllfltikF I !.. k...
wi I'u n uuii.v nre I ..- i . . .
of Jersey otnva as ",uu OH""or ,0Uay. u"t quite a hall
BkHjIona ofuuderwoarfor
"4 IS, F, Odborn'a Racket Htore.
Mwgw tH lowest. I'd 1 w
mWnt koey. frcah at Clark t
oay, is th a to last till i
Jun?... W. D. Dempster started '
ior ua ven port.
Iowa, totay.
' iUMt MM of Urut class cisara In
dMwa tWe 8okera to Limn &
t4I ftt atore, Holiuau
Two DEKKcnvts. Isabel Bennett, n '
student of the deaf liuitM Tiwiihu. r
tills city from Union county, and a '
young deaf mute boy from Wallowa
county, were brought to the cltv todav '
by frleuda and plaotxl Iu the school. I
Riley Thomas went to Albany Tues
day. Mr. Mitchell of Lyons spent the week
in Stayton.
-HISS .Maude Coates rotumNllnhprl
uome Monday, near Mill City. i ol -od Liver Oil js especially
.. ....v..... uu 4U.IUUIO dingers -- " muac ut weau dirres-
weut to Silverton Monday. , tion-;7 , parity digaUd already
J. M. Dnuivln went to Portland on Astonishing hnw o..:i.i.. .. . "
hiinii.a i. ...- 1 " M"y a wnn
M.u- ,":....., rson gams solid flesh by its use!
. ....... .v.. uvuuuieu ine iinii.r.
cuurcn putpit Sunday morning aud
Mrs. Kerns was iu Salem the latter
part of the week.
Dick Kecue of Salem was dolncbuti-
Connectlnsand Primary daises open
Monday, Sept. 25th,
Cor. court and Uberty streets. oppote opera
FOr tMfhN amlM..il ... .
m VtViT . luo,uc" wii bepn October
2d. at the same place.
For particulars apply to
Mrs. P. S. Knight,
Princli al.
ifcrhinl?1."!0' and 65 MerchanU.
c-ichanee. San Kranrlim ciiin.i. ,,,..
for advertising can be made for It.
0H?ii871AN .ClENCfi-Uterature
Kinds oo tale at S28 Uberty street
or aU
WatervUle, H,X
Hop Buyers.
Office ahnvA uriitia.- . .-. ..
ealen,. Growers mvlted to efiE"'"1' Da",
w'-'r H.awHiTyAy, Agt.
The Wlcr Food Sur
futLwhenhe'f, nPt'TOur wood, In
wuknlMa.Wi-1', X yourcontricu
FRESH refrigerated-MEATS
Only tbeRest Stock r fe
:Goodervlce. pToTpt deuZVl1 Meata 8old
Men's boots for
tho mouey, at E.
$1.00, worth double '
P. Osboru'a Racket '
UsS 'iTwU Creaa ? PWder-No Ammonia; No Alma.
UcJ in Millions of Homes 40 Years the Staadwi
nimox as palatable as ,,!.
PrPm by Scolt Bo. y. Y. A dru,
J. H. ALLEN, Prop.
nH.tVtrjr.betof,neata Rt all times,
and the best of service. ""co,
ww-uppoaite Wade'a Store
1 mil 1, tailor
have made another big cut
Largest Gun ln the World.
f?v"hlblt,l?Dt the great world's
?n?. lLJ "ia.? visit the fffiSit
Ing weathen 8 ueKUUu. travel
Maximum comfnrt nmi. . -.,.
cago on the vwtlbuled limited traltw of
the Chicago, Union P.dfln v".tT
western line. a ...,. . V. :"
gteUU. Wt for ?oVoSe7inm
Uoa' 12-tvw j
will be sold at anv nri
own price.
ontheprlcea. QSS SSKL" .&!i. We
Come In and pick one out, and take Itawavat vour
v-tr. MiUl lUUIttTH.,! IIAU a&1, !... ' - .
UMBRELL.A8. UAi3Q83S&l&'

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