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Capital Journal Publishing Company,
I'.taloflcs Block. Commercial Street.
HOFER BROTHERS, - - - .Editors.
Dally, by carrier, per month,.
-JO 50
Dnlly. by mail, per your,
Weekly, 8 poueii, per yiar,
At Eugene egts ore scarce at 30 eta.
aud jsUllafinriB cry bard times.
Tho Jackson county farniere alliance
deueuDCe: The luefileieucy luJbriog
Intr to tbe people ttie relief so lavishly
promlsad by all the pub(lio speakers of
tbe dominant party.
Avery JohnpjOf.owJier utt bo John
son block, d!ed&t.Ahaud, Oct. 18.
T. T. Bwan. of Lebanon, raises 00 lb
A severe winter possibly accompanied
by.froatis predicted for Oregon.
A Poyallup bop authority was askid
whyitwaaeo much better prices pre
vailed In Oregon tbau In Washington.
Ho said that because tbe Oregon grow
era were not so bound down with chat
tel mortgages as are the growers on tbe
Bound. "In New York state," said
Mr. Ually, "they are paying from five
to six cents more than id being paid for
our choice Wahhlngtous." The ques
tion does not seem to be, who has the
best hops, but who is bent heeled to sell
U. 8. Grant Is the postmaster at Dal
las. John Brown sells real estate at
Soittu Mills. Bill Nye has returned to
pullman from bis eastern trip. Will
Carleton Is engaged In the dray busi
ness at Coryallls.
The expert Nlgbswander, who went
through the books of tbe Lane county
officials for a farmers alliance commit
tee, wont through with $167 on a forged
note and baa sailed for China.
Tillamook county's total taxable
property Is $1,308,300.
Milton has no saloon.
Umatilla county has 1092 less cattle
and (605 more swine than last year.
The outlook for Oregon bacon Is im
proving. Umatilla county shows a gross valua
tion of $9,423,470, agalnBt $10,700,000
IsM year. But the net total is $8,800,
685, against $0,200,000 last year a gain
of over one-third for purpose oftaxa
Hot Lake, Union county, eight miles
east of LaGrande, la fed by a spring so
hot that It will boll an egg In eleven
It took 35,000 grain bugs to hold
farmer Pierce's (the PopullBt elector)
crop of wheat In Umatilla county.
Hon. J.H.Upton writes: "Tholargo
number of foreclosure suits and actions
to recoyer money In Coos is suggestive,
while tbe papers of the Willamette
fairly teem with foreclosure sales." Tbe
newspapers over hero do not realize any
On her last trip from Portland tbe
steamer Bandorillo brought 100,000
shingles to Baudon, and they are also
shinning them to Coqulllo bay. What
Is the mutter with that wooden coun
try "anyhow? asks the Port Orford
Washington county will Invest In a
rook cruahor and utilize tho idlo thresh
ing machlue engines to manufacture
road material.
The Hood River apple show was a
Work on the now lighthouse to bo
built at Bandon will beglu December 1.
It. D. Hume, the ploueor cannery
man of Gold Beach has published an
Illustrated work on "The Salmon of the
Paolllo Coast."
Port Orford Tribuue: Ono cause of
the extreme scarcity of monoy In Curry
I occasioned by tuo fact that sheep men
have been unable to realize anything
on their wool. Tho wool heretofore
has been the means of placing more
money In circulation among tho
jjopl than any other ouo Industry,
and this we are now deprived of,
Salmon Ushers on tho Sluslaw are
sot making expenses, Tho canneries
pay 1$ oWta for silver sides uud 25 ots.
for Gltok.(
Southern Oregon riapr are mention
ing Uwt, O, C. Applegnto of Klamath
oouuur, fe secretary of state, He la a
ThejMflh quality of the Oregon win
tw apple crop Is attracting wide notice,
Mir pawing; any state )u tho Uulou.
Newberg Graphle: There are fewer
G, A, 14. members In Idaho than in
Oregon Rev, Kellerman, the Salem
uieefcc who sat down bo hard on the
O, A. R, lt Memorial (lay, has been
appointed Keftldlufc elder of the Idaho
SraM Tina 'fer Sale.
JhaYHprorW everal thousand
moidMrUK- twayr 9$ , grape, vines
wafttliuroHt. assorted vuritlea, suit
fcfcCJUr0jnOrKon. 25 eta each
t.tf m W. K, Wfcr, Salem, Or.,
MwitiAU oJNw. d w
AllMtloa to the ttajfr habltfcpf the
young prtveuts Buileilug, Tukobim
moos Llvr Regulator.
Interesting Object Lesson In' Crude
Banking Methods.
ConvALLia, Oct. 22. W. T. Branch,
tbe expert appointed to examine the
books and accounts of tbe bankiug Ann
of Hamilton, Job fc Co., for seven years
post, bas presented bis- report. Tbe
books of tile firm were found to have
been very carelessly kept. No trlul
balance of tbe general ledger had been
made ut any time, and any eflort to
balance accounts was made dally by
computing the amounts received add
the amounts disbursed, and any discrep
ancies were charged to tbe "long and
short" account, which account, at the
close of business June 9, showed a debit
of $2,038.32. The capital sjock of the
hou60 wasOjOOOjlSOO of which wns
to tbe credit of. ZepBln -Job antdj$21.GO0
to the credlt.of B. R. Job. The former,
however, in indebted to the bank-in the
sum of $17,454, and the latter $7002 19.
The- expense In the conduct of tbe busi
ness from January 1, 1887, to January
9, 1893, and chargeable to tbe expense
account, is $28,925 44, and losses on long
and short account are $2038 32. The
revenues derived from tbe business
were: From the interest fund, $29,
105.10; from the discount fund, $955.67.
This amount (38,062 73) shows tbe net
profit of the house for 0J years to have
been $7098.96.
All accounta or notes of tbe bank,
whether good or bad, have been treated
as good. There was invested in real
estate $20,240.13, In which Is included
$4,970.88 for which the books do not
give auy information. Tbe Niagara
Mill company owes tbe bank a balance
of $43,034.84. The Messrs. Job were
the largest holders of stock in tne mill
and advanced money freely. The mill
property will most likely realize very
much less than it cost.
Tbe bills receivable account calls for
notes to tbe amount of$102,709.77. An
Inventory of the notes found in tbe bank
amounts to only $78,384.34, a shortage
of $24,315.43. No records were kept of
tbeso notes, so It Is impossible to tell
what notes are missing. It is believed,
however, that two uotes, amounting to
$13,500, given by Jacob & Neugass,
were used to purchase half of tbe lot
aud building adjoining tbe bank build
ing. Tbe property was bought for $17,
000 and these notes used in payment,
but no record was made of tbe transac
tion. The same may be said of tbe
purchase of the Cauthom warehouse
a.id the property mortgaged by T. J.
Blair to secure certain notes, and which
was sold under execution to Messrs.
Job. No entries were ever made of
these matters. These notes, together
with a few hundred dollars of outlawed
notes, will practically make up the de
ficiency. The expert Is satisfied that no funds
were diyei ted from the proper care of
tho bank by either of the Messrs. Job,
except in the purchase of tbe mill pro
perty and Its subsequent account, aud
the purchase of the real estate men
tioned. The valuation set upon tbe as-i
setB of tho firm by the assignee is upon
the supposed depreciation always oc
casioned by the closlugofany business,
and shows a large deficit, Tho ultl-
mato result as to tbe amount of the div
idend, Bays tho report, will depend large
ly upon tho careful administration of
its affairs.
Not a Miracle, Now.
Until recently consumption was con
sidered incurable, but now people are
beginning to reullzo that the disease is
not incurable. The cure of consump
tion Is not a miracle, now. Dr. Pierce's
Goldou Medical Discovery will cure It.
if taken in time aud given a fair trial.
This world renowned remedy will not
make now lunge, but it will restore dis
eased ones to a healthy state when
other means huve failed. Thousauds
gratefully testify to this. It la tbe
most poteut tonic, or streusth-restorer.
alteratlvo, or blood-cleanser, and nutrl
tlvo, or flesh-builder, known to medical
science. For weak lunge, splttlne of
blood, "liver complaint" and dyspepsia
or Indigestion, It Is an uuequaled rem
edy. TUTT'H
PILLS euro constipation
and piles,
During tho mesozolo agoonespecios of
frog grew to tuo weight of a ton,
Street Commissioner Knuckles of Gal
lipolis, O., recently killed a rattlor 0 feet
6 inches long.
It is believed that crocodiles live to bo
hundreds of years old. The Egyptians
embalmed thorn.
An Albany (Ga.) sportsman has, it is
said, a dog, a large Better, that will eat
half a watermelon any time,
Mrs. James Rose of Ottervillo, Mo.,
had a bird in a cage banging iu tho yard.
A blacksuake thrust his head tbrongh
tho bars and swallowed tbe bird ns far
as tho wires would let him. Thoro ho
stuck and was killed. And tho bird still
sings in the cage,
Tutt's Pills
will aav tbe dyapeptlo rrest many
daya of misery, aud enable fetus t? at
whatever h hIimim. They MvMtt
Siok Headaohe,
lah (to body, five heats uppetlta, tuttt
Develop Flejtli
and stolid muscle. XHewstwtljr. aiursup
coated. trtce, UScta. per hoi.
is Life
Worth Living?
That depends upon tho
Liver. IT tho Liver ib
inactive tho whole sys
tem ia out of order tho
breath is bad, digestion
poor, head dull or aching,
energy and hopefulnesa
gone, tho spirit ia de
pressed, a heavy weight
exists after eating, with
general despondency and
tho blues. Tho Liver iB
the housekeeper of tho
health; 'and a harmless,
simple remedy that acts
like Nature, does not ,
constipate afterwards or
require constant taking,
does not interfere with
business or pleasure dur
ing its use, makes Sim
mons Liver Kegulator a
medical perfection.
, I haro tested its virtues .personally, and
know that for Dyspepsia, Biliousness and
Throbbing Headaohe, It la tho boat medi
cine tho world over saw. Have tried forty
other remedies beforo Simmons I.tvor
Itetrulator, and none of thorn gave icoro
than temporary relief, but tho Itegul&tor
not only rclloveil but cured.
H. II. Jo.nks, Macon, ifc
Before doing to the World's Fair
Enquire About
Tho Limited Express trains of the Chi
cago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Railway
between St. Paul and Chicago and
Omaha and Chicago.
These trains are vestlbnled. electric
lighted and Bleam heated, with the Qu
est Dining and Sleeping Car Service in
the world,
The Electric reading light in each
berth is the successful novelty of this
progressive oge, and is highly appreciat
ed by all regular patrons of thin line.
Wo wish others to know its merits, a
tbe Chicago Milwaukee & St. Paul Rail
way is the only line In tho west enjoy
ing the exclusive use of this patent.
For further information apply to
nearest coupon ticket ageut, or address
C. J. Eddy, General Agent,
J. W. Casey, Trav. Pas3. Agt.
225 Stark St., Portland, Or. tf
Preachers aud WliUkera.
Whiskers was the chief subject of dis
cussion at a rather informal meeting of
the Ministers' alliance yesterday morn
ing. When Dr. Armstrong appeared
with a freshly shaven upper lip and a
face as devoid of hirsute adornment as a
new born babe's, the subject was found,
and he was promptly called upon to ad-'
dress the alliance upon the "Rise and
Fall of tho Mustache." Dr. Armstrong
told how he had cnt oil his mustache
and nearly scared bis little ones to death.
Upon being questioned he admitted that
the operation was performed late Sun
day night, bnt said that it was done for
the good of his congregation and for the
Improvement of his voice. Ho wanted
the word of God to proceed from the
month clear and plain and distinct, un
hindered by any obstruction. He closed
his remarks by saying that he had sac
rificed his beauty for tho benefit of his
congregation, and that he was aware
that the moro his face was covered the
better looking ho was.
Dr. Tigert responded with a fervent
"That's so," and Dr. Armstrong came
back at him by saying ho had already
been mistaken for Dr. Tigert.
Dr, Haley said he thought all ministers
should either ba smooth shaven or wear
a full beard. The doctor himself sup
ports a very luxuriant beard, slightly
tinged with gray, and it was thought that
his opinion might therefore be biased.
He urged all young ministers to shun
the alluring mustache unless backed up
with a crop of chin whiskers. A mus
tacho, ho said, looked unclorical. Kansas
City Times.
vigor nm
Easily, Quickly,
Permanently Restored.
and all lh train of erlli
from early errora or later
exeruet. tbe reaultt of
overwork, ilckuoii,
worrv.eto. FulUtreugth,
derclopmeut and tone
gl ven lo ei ery organ and
portion of the body.
Rlniplr. natural method.
torn. Failure InipoMlble.
2,OU referenwi. Book,
explanation and proofs
moiled (sealed) free
Deutscher Advocat.
Admitted to practice In all the courts.
Hpeolal attention given to German speak,
lug people and buslneoa at the ooui.tj T and
late offiooa. K. HOKKH. roUry Iubili.
2ISX Commercial St., - Saltm, Ortgos,
(Next door to Klein's.)
Bpeclalty ol Bpeotaolee, and repairing Clocks
WairliM and lewelrv
J. H. ALLEN, Prop.
The very best of meats at all tlmea,
ami tbe Iwst of service.
iJjrOppohlto Wade'a Btore.
..Ii?l.v0i, tOotUe-larkHarst block.rooai
13, B&leiu, Oregon. '
it vidTiA IUi))
The Second Class Tourist Parties That Now
Go Quickly, Cheaply and Merrily.
It is now possible to cross the conti
nent to San Francisco and make friends
in tho way and have as jolly a time as
when you cross tho Atlantic on a fast
liner in tho same number of days. That
nsed not to bo so. The old way was
to tako a .numbered seat in a sleeping
car and go through with the chance
that no ono but the conductor and the
train newsboy would over speak to you.
Tho new way is by means of what aro
called tourists' excursions. They are
run at second class rates, but on the
fastest time and with special cars. Tho
conductors will tako a first class passen
ger if Buch a one should offer himself.
There aro at least two of these compa
nies running personally conducted excur
sions over opposition lines, and both ad
vertise, very low rates and quick time.
The cars are plenty good, enough for
anybody, but are not as ornate as tho
regular palace cars. In them the peoplo
start at New York or Boston and go
through without change, eating their
meals in dining cars out as far as Coun
cil Bluffs, if they want to, and stopping
at dining stations along the rest of each
route. A great many, who push to tho
farthest extreme that economy which
is tho distinctive characteristic of such
carloads, carry their own fare with them
in baskets and either buy nothing but
tea and coffee or even make that for
themselves on tho road.
The passengers in tho first class coaches
on the same trains are quickly made
aware of tho fact that their trains carry
these tourist parties, for they hear the
laughter and singing and romping of tho
tourists, who by the end of the second
day out are all acquainted with one
another and bent on having a jolly and
fraternal time. They share their deli
cacies, their paper covered novels and
their hopes and fears with ono another,
stream out of the cars in great parties
when there is a long stop to gather flow
ers or to "take in a new town," and in
all ways fraternize as though they had
all known each other for years.
The circular of one of these excursion
companies announces that it "guards its
patrons against the presence of the im
migrant and the untidy" and against
the intrusion of tho way passengerT
Everything that will contribute to tho
general pleasure is welcomed, but noth
ing offensive is tolerated. Some of tho
cars have smoking rooms, but if there is
one without it the men must go forward
to the regular train smoker to enjoy
their pipes and cigars. A special con
ductor goes with each party and saves
the tourists the annoyance of being
awakened to show then: tickets during
each night.
Tho tourist cars look like regular
sleepers in tho raw, being built on tho
same plan, but not finished with the
same elegance. Unlike the immigrant
sleepers, they are equipped with car
pets, curtains, mattresses, blankets,
sheets, pillows, pillowcases, towels,
combs, brushes, etc., requiring nothing
of the kind to be furnished by the pas
senger. Each car has a stove for the
making of tea and coffee, and each sec
tion can be fitted with an adjustable
table. A uniformed colored porter ac
companies each car to make up berths,
keep the car clean and to make himself
useful. New York Sun.
Anointed the Bridegroom.
There is a row in tho firo department.
It grew out of a joke played upon ono of
the paid men attached to Hose 17, who
was to be married last night.
Before dressing for the ceremony he
went to the bathroom to have a bath.
The boys had previously removed the
lock from the door, and when he got in
to the tank they made their appearance
and gave him a liberal painting with
ointment used on horses' hoofs. His
body was smeared with the Bticky stuff,
and then ho was scrubbed down with
brushes and water.
A neighboring druggist was applied to,
who recommended oil to remove the
stuff. This only set the ointment all the
harder, aud the victim bad to don his
clothes and go to his wedding with his
uniquo adornment.
No formal complaint has yet been
lodged at headquarters, but ono will be
whon tho honoymoon is terminated.
Providence Journal.
The Iloyal Oak.
The Royal Oak, first class British bat
tle ship, which was launched iu 1693,
will, it is expected, be ready to be
handed ovor to the naval authorities by
the end of October. Her length is 880
feet; beam, 75 feet; draft, 27 feet 0
inches, giving a displacement of 14,150
tons; her engines will give 18,000 horse
power, which is calculated to give her a
speed of 17J knots. She will be pro
tected by armor 18 inches thick along
the water lina aud 4 inches thick above,
the armored bulkheads to bo 10 inches
thick, and the barbettes will be plated to
a thickness of 17 inches. Her heaviest
guns will be four 07 ton guns, bat she
will carry in addition a powerful arma
ment of quick firincr and machine guns
and torpedo fittings. The Resolution and
Revenge, of tho Baino size and power, are
also in process of completion at Barrow,
and will probably be taken over from
the builder before the end of the year.
London Times.
llarou Frlck Turns Showman.
Baron Pricks, a Russian nobleman,
living in Copeuhagefi, has just turned
showman. Ho is enormously rich, but
his eccentricities had put him indisgrrce
with his family. He doesn't care a fig,
and, happy as a tramp, he is traveling
now with one colored man. two mon
keys, three bears, oua lion, four pigs, 40 (
parrots, innumerable cocks and hens
and a brand new Hungarian wife of ex- i
traordmary beauty. '
Tho DlnckUst of Paris Tailors.
In Paris tho Tailors' syndicate is pro'
paring a new edition of their blackbcok,
which was originally published 17 years
ago. The blackbook contains the names
and descriptions of those persons who do
not pay for their clothing. Onco a man
is inscribed iu it he is unablo to obtain
clothing at any establishment unless he
is prepared to pay cash before delivery.
The work in question contains a num
ber of curious details with regard to the
delinquents abhorred of tailordom.
Among them aro 254 tradesmen and only
1 concierge; 185 commercial travelers to
2 priests and 2 antiquaries; 94 students to
8 translators, 8 hairdressers,- 8 waiters
and 8 house painters; 81 publicans, and,
curiously enough, precisely the same
number of journalists and men of letters;
72 professors, CO engineers,- 40 artists, 40
actors, 40 servants or waiters, 37 drug
gists, 80 financiers, So" architects, 27 doc
tors, 27 jowelers, 24 workinginen, 10
musicians, 14 persons of independent
means, 12 bookmakers, 7 sculptors, 1
Egyptologist, 1 ex-mayor and 1 "negro."
Even as it is, with the aid of the infor
mation given in this book, it is said that
the Parisian tailors aro cheated out of
from 2 to 5 per cent, of the monoy duo
to them. Paris Letter.
IfiuiBffi? of Wsite's Qelsorated Oomedr Oo,
Premium Bana and Orchestra.
Jhr. Xlle Medical Cu., Elkhart, Ind.
Yoa.'will remember the condition! -was in flTO
rears ago, when 1 was afflicted with a combina
tion of diseases, and thought there was no hclp
ran Mr. I tried all kinds of mcdlcInes.nrHlFooroa
of eminent physicians. My nerves were prostrated,
producing aliilnc-i, heart trouble nnd all the Ills
that mate life miserable. I commenced to toko
and In three months was ptnrrcTLv cunco.
In my travels each year, when I see the thouMuids
of physical wrecks, suffering from nervous proa-
n A traUon, taking prescriptions from.
U kS local physicians who havonoknowU
l a - gdge of their case, and whose death
Is certain, I feel like going to them and saying,
err On. Mats1 Nervine and be curio." In
my profession, m tritw, where thcro
aresomanysuBTI J W I- lJ Borers from
overwork.men'' tal protra
tion and nervous exhaustion, brought on by tho
character of tho business engaged In, I would.
aa a sura euro for all Buffering from theso causes.
James R. Watte.
gold by D. J. Fry, druggist, Salem
If you anticipate visiting the world's
fair, or your friends in tbe East, tako
advantage of the present opportunity,
as the fares are now so low they cut no
figure in the expense. The Chicago &
Northwestern Railway have placed In
service a solid vestlbuled train, between
Portland and Chicago, the famous
Wayner tourist cars, free reclining
ohalr cars, and dining car "par excel
lent." With the accommodations fur
nished, rates now offered, together with
tbe short time consumed in making
the trip, it is within the reach of all.
For further information, apply to any
ticket agent, or write
A. Q. Barker, Gen'I Agt.
272 Washington street.
Portland, Or.
Reduction in Price of Gas,
From and after October 1st, 1893, tbe
price of gas will be as follews:
Less tban 600 cubic feet per month
$3.50 per 1000 cubic feet.
Over 600 cublo feet per month 53.00
per 1000 cublo feet.
Special rates for large consumption
given on application to
On Improved Roal Estate. In amounts and
time to suit. Mo delay In considering loans.
Boom 12. Hush Bank block. 6 13lw
Lumbago, Solfttlca,
Kidney Complaints,
i.ame oaoKa o.
With llMrtrrvMnirnnMn RIlnmuonDv
LalMl rtmtt i:t.t ImBiwTcmeaU I
MtuUoa of UJi
la nrrtratarcni axreneaorlndS
"ii umrvwim
Pylft lUta. etc. fUt lortrio BriteSiula
Hi. kV
ni br ISii
MTU CUT! by tklm IUALnaa fnM..tt.u.
'cSEfilSSTOt f A k EutfttS
O"? fMi4 Uipta "w1"". "T"nnrT th
hZ tx?vr.iiJK.'-
-gSJffSS-1111"1'11 iii
Tln i i i s iff n 9
JwKMsWnflMPPfllfffl' In
Take no substitute
'v w'w m
Completed tend ready to wait tan" customers. Hersea boarded by day or wwk
at reasonable prices. Weiteepia full: line ofiTrucbp, -Draya and Express to
meet-all demands. 'AlBO&eep febeHnest BtalltosinObto csuntyU'or service.
Barn and residence 2 block south of postofllce. RYAN k CO.
' i.i.i iC i O .
;Mi o 5 '- "
Only One 'Cent Daily Newspaper
ion? the, Pacific Coast
Receiving all- the ' - - -
' '-McfciateHress-f
4, f.K
These, lowhard timesratcs cnablefevefV farmer to have
hia daily paper and know the state of the market and all the
news of the world.
Editorial comment is fearless and independent. Edited
by its publishers to . secure goodr government for the people,
able to deal justly and fairly with all.
CompleteJelegr.aphic,, States Capital, For
r.eign, Market
w 1 "V
J- -i.rnLrTiia
Is often ruined by manufacturers, who
relying upon that alone allow the char
acter of their goods-to .deteriorate. The
Condensed Milk is always the same.
Rest assured 1that its standard of excel
lence is constantly maintained. ,lt$
purity, cleanliness, richness and perfec
tion of process in manufacture has never
been equaled. It stands First. It has
or aChirtjjr Years.
Your Grocer arid Dhifgtet sell it.
for - tbe Eagle brandr
' i. mw"
f'X, i '
' !
r" i
.I Lhl .'
B. A MtoJ-uMi'

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