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Associated Press Daily News
paper "Published on the
Pacific Coast.
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OL. 6.
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The Silver Democrats
Forced to Surrender.
Grover a Bigger Man than His
Result in Accord with Cleveland's
Democrats Surrender.
Washington, Oct. 24. At half-past
twelve o'clocK today Senator Hard?,
who la acting for the silver Democrats,
iuformed the silver Republicans that
the Democrats bad concluded, after
taking all the circumstances Into con
sideration, that they had decided that
their best course was to drop their fight
against repeal of the Sherman law and
allow it to come to a vote.
If this decision is not reconsidered,
and it does not seem at all probable
that it will be, the end of the present
tight will soon be -reached, and the re
sult will be in accordance with the
president's wishes, aud those of the
repeal forces of the senate.
The sliver Republicans will not un
dertake to prolong the flgbt beyond the
time necessary to complete their
speeches, and will after that permit
voting to begin on amendments to thi
bill. It is generally believed that thu
will take place before the end of the
Stewart, of Nevada, resumed his ar
gument against the repeal bill, let the
administration take oft its band am)
let the majority express itself in thi
senate, ho said, aud silver would have
nearly 2 to 1.
Dubois, of Idaho, who has taken a
leading part in the light against uncoo
ditioual repeal, said this afternoon that
vote would come probably within the
Week, as tbere will be no opposition or
attempt at filibustering.
The silver men be said will oQVr
amendments and debate them, and will
probably vote for all amendments
which promise anything Tor silver, "it
Is Impossible to say when the vote will
be taken but I should think within the
week " Senate adjourned at 4 p. m.
until 11 tomorrow.
Market Bashes Up.
Mew York. Oct. 24. The news of
Hi Biirrnctr of the silver men In the
senate was received In Wall street about
9. n'n.lnck. It found the market
with a stroni; upward tendency,
uiiiinh liortnn a rush, resulting in a
decided advance In stocks all along the
The Silver Situation.
Washington. Oct. 24. Senators
Palmer and McPheroon and other re
peal senators had a long conference with
the president and when they returned
to the senate chamber, Palmer said he
thought the cloture would be under
taken soon. "It has come, he said, "to
be a question of whether the minority
shall rule; and It is more Important
even thsu the financial question. We
shall have to have that fight out."
It Is believed that Senator Palmer
expressed the sentiments of the execu
,i There la no mistaking the f-ct
that many of the silver Democratic
senator feel greatly relieved that the
compromise amendment will not be
. it. . HMiinaFl
offered, iney say mejr .'
all tbelr convictions contrary w iue.r
best Judgment and they are more will
ing to have the administration take the
ftni chUJ-U-rfne nnA,i ,ljf1i
fnffMtaz? II 1 U Uil remedy for riuaf ol
l.tW.kno,r 'yss555.
6oldbrlDrau. AnJ-T-jQ-
responBlbity of not aooeptlng a settle
ment. Some of the repeal senators
who have heretofore stood staunohly
by the administration are also criticis
ing the course which was pursued In
the compromise matter by the admin
istration. Stewart of Nevada avo notice of an
amendment he Intended to offer to the
repeal bill, proposing a conference to
be. held at Wasblneton within ntno
months between delegates of the United
States, Mexico, Central and South
America, Haytl and San Domingo
for the adoption of a common sliver
coin to bo a legal tender between cltl
zens of the countries represented.
He elaborated the arguments he was
advancing when the senate took a re
cess Saturday evening, viz., that the
standard of the country could be nclth
er gold, silver, nor a material thlng.but
that whatever the standard might be it
was quantitative and the value of each
uult depended upon the number of sin
cle standard in the country and that
one of quantity.
Lastsummer the British government,.
deslrins; to .how its sympathy with the
object of the administration In this
country, issued an order with a view
of facilitating the descent of silver.
The order was taken by Now York to
be the announcement of the doom of
sliver. During this time where was
the United States government, of all
the nations most interested ? The po
sition of the chief magistrate of this
country on the question was well Illus
trated by the Hue troin Emerson, "I
am the doubtor aud doubt," but lu a
word of ejpplemental Hue tho genius of
the republic admonished the president
as well as Great Britain that the people
of the United Stales did not propose to
be left out of consideration as to what
tbould be the material of their money.
The United States is not jot a depend
euoy of Great Britain, and the presi-
lent is not governor-general. For the
first time lu our national history, we
tiud ourselves putting into execution,
hrough officers elected by the people
if the United States, plans which, If not
formulated, aro heartily npproved of by
the horso guards aud on Downing
street. Jones remarked that he desired
to yield the floor to Teller of Colorado,
expressing a desire to resume his speech
at another time.
Seattle's Treasurer.
8kattle, Oct. 24. Tho bondsmen of
Adolph Krur, the defaulting city treas
urer, together with the banks of the
city have made arrangements to return
to the city treasury the amount of the
shortage. The actual amount whtoh
Krug defaulted was $200,73. The city
took possession of the warrants, notes,
checks aud other securities found In
bis vaults which amount to ?S2,70U
leaving the net deficit of 122,607. The
bondaraen have nlso wade arrange'
ments with the ban'is by which some
of the heaviest borrowers of city funds
will be able to reduce this am Hint by
$40,000, leaving about $80,009 for Krug
and his boodsmen to put up. 0-vlng"
to the financial daprd3ilon but few of
the bondiraen were able to nuet their
share. To save the credit or tuo city
the cleirlng hnnib mki furnUbed the
$80,00!) taklnir seourlty for oxn. Tho
proportion wm submitted to the coun
cil and will probably be accepted today.
Deafness Oannot Be Cured
by local applications as they cannot
reach the diseased portloti of the ear.
Ttmre Isonlv one way to curedeafnean,
and that Is by constitutional remedies.
Deafness Is causeu ny an imiameu con
dition of the mucous lining of the Ru
tachlan tube. When this tubo lu in
flamed you haven rumbling sound or
Imperfect hearimr, and when It Is en
tirely closed, deafuesaJs the result, aud
xniHu the inflamallon can be taken
out and this tube restored tolls uormal
condition, hearing will be destroyed
forever; nine cases out or ten are caueeo
by catarrh, which is nothing but an In
flamed condition of the mucous sur-
w will ulve one hundred dollars for
any case of deafness (caused by catarrh)
...r. ..( iu.oi.r1 l.u irull'y Pulnrrli
mat cauii" v.-- , -... -
Cure. Send for circulars; free.
F. J. Cheney & Co., Tolodo.O.
j0Sold by Druggists, 76c.
The Corbett-Hltchell Match.
Phii.adkM'HIA, Oct. 24. Charlie
Mitchell nays If the Coney Island match
Is oft be Is willing to no to New Orlean
to meet Corbett, hot has advices no
boxing can be Indulged lu lu the Crea
cent City. He will go to London unu
meet Corbett before the rutnnal Hporl
logclub. Heihluks they would have
to come down lu the lz of the purse.
However he's wlllln. to meet Corbett
for any pure tne latter win ac;epi.
Brady, Cornell's manager, says, lie sun
has hope the match cn come oil at
Coney Uland.
Wanted.-City, cinty and state
warrants at he BLUE FRONT, d2t
Hofrig&ratlon io Sole East of the
8t. Paul, Oct. 24. The cold wave
which struck this section last night ex
tended west to the Dakota and Mon
tana boundary, where the mercury reg
istered 14; at Bismark it was 17; east
of there it ran up to the freezing point.
8now fall of one Inch Is reported In
Dakota and Northern Minnesota. To
day the weather is clear.
The Dally Wreck.
Effingham, III., Oct. 24. A passen
ger train on tho Indiana, Illinois and
Southern railroad was dltohed this
morning. Thrltoen passengers were
seriously Injured. .
Idaho Exhibit Robbed..
Boise, Oot. 24. A Statesman special
from Chicago says the Idaho mining
exhibit was robbed of gold nuggets and
a bar of bullion from tho Delamar
mine. The loss Is about $6000.
Shot Himself.
Moscow, Idaho, Oct. 24. F. P. Zelg-
lor, the postmaster at J ullaetta, com
mitted suicide by shooting himself.
Domestic infelicity is said to bo the
cause. He had been married less than
two months.
Robbers Surrounded.
Wallace, Idaho, Cct. 24.' The rob
bers who entered Otterson's store Sat
urday night and took $700 were tracked
by a posse to a cabin near Pottsvllle
where shota were exchanged. The
posse drqve the robbora up the moun
tain side aud surrounded them. It Is
expected they will surrender soon.
Held up a Blue Ooat.
TacomA, Oot. 24. Policeman M. Ja
cobs wan held up betweeu 3 and 4
o'clock last night while on his beat. He
thought he heard ft nolso In a butcher
shop on O utreet. He started to Investi
gate about tho rear, As he was turn
lug a corner a man shoved a pistol un
der his nose aud said: "Throw up
your hands you blue-coated d s b."
Jacobs did so. "Now get out of hore,
you are not wanted. Bee?" continued
the man. Jacobs saw and upon arriv
ing at the police signal station tele
graphed for help. Upon arrival It was
found that tho men had attempted to
open the Bafe with n poorly contrived
ratchet and bit, but had left before ac
compllsblng their purpose.
Brief Foreign Dispatches.
CoLOdNK, Ojt. 24. The national so-
clal-demooratln oongrois openod here,
Herr Hengsbaoti presiding. There were
present 220 delegates from all parts of
Germany. Her Bone delivered the ad
dress aud was warmly greeted. In his
speech .ho deolared that Cologne was
the center of socialism, and referred to
the number of socialistic- leaders who
were either born In or bad made Col
ogne their headquarters since 1811.
Si'KZzrA, Oct. 24. The British squad
ron .arrived ;and anchored In tho gulf.
The town Is elaborately decorated and
everything possible has been done to
give the British sailors an enthusiastic
reception. Countless small craft laden
with people met the fleet on Its arrival,
and warmly oheered the visitors. Sal
utes wore exchanged between the ships
and forts, and then visits or courtesy
between tuo naval and military com
manders commenced.
Madkid, Oct. 21. Advices from Al
giers announce a disaster to the French
troops. A detachment of 40 soldiers
were attached near Kl Golea, a caravan
station of Sahara desert, some days ago
by Turages. The French troops are
said to have made a desperate defense,
lasting the entire day. Twelve soldiers
were killed aud a number wounded.
Gap-Town, Oot. 24. King Loben-
gula has divided bis forces, soudlug a
portion against the northern colony,
Tho remainder of the Matabeie troops
are being directed against Tales colony.
Officials of the British Chartered Com
pany regard this as favorable to their
Pa HI8, Oct. 24. The Russian naval
officers contluue to enjoy theenthul-
astlo hospitality of the French capital
Pa mis. Oct. 24. Maharslsb d' Hu-
leep Blutib.au Indian rajah, died yes
terday afternoon.
Two Line Tied Up by Actios of
Two Men.
Comimhi'B, Ohio, Oct. 24. There Is a
strike on all street car Hues of this city
precipitated without warning this
morning as a result of a quarrel betwMo
two employe. The police were seut to
the car Urns to preserve order and
many old employes returned to work
after a two hours tie-up, though two
lines are still qnmaqned,
Highest of all In Leavening Power. Latest U. S. Gov't Report
Rc?l Baking
H r r Hf WLk.
IX Powder
The New Yerk Senator Makes a
OutUnoi tho Furposo of Congress
on tho Tar 111.
Buooklyn, N, Y., Oot. 22. Tho
Kings county Democrats tonight began
the campaign with a mass meeting in
the Academy of Music. Despite the
rainy weather, 4000 pooplo were pros
ent. Senator David B. Hill was the
principal speaker. In tho course of his
remarks, he said:
"Foremost among tho uroat question
passed upon at tho last uatloual oleo
tlou was the Isiuo of tho existing tarlil,
The Democratlo party took tho ground
that the constitution does not authorize
any species of tarlfl or other taxation,
except for the direct purposo of raising
the necessary revenue for tho support
of tho government, and the pooplo sus
tained us In that contention. In my
opinion, tboy aro not disposed to re
verse that Judgmout now, when the
country Is on the ove of the realization
of the enforcement of our polloy. Tho
commlttoon ways aud meaus of the
houfloof repwaeatatlvea Is engaged In
preparing a bill embodying tho sunt!
ments of tho Democratlo platform, and
probably by Dee. tho measure will be
ready for the consideration of congress
"Wnllo disclaiming all authority to
speak for that committee, aslo details
of the measure, wo may, nevertheless,
anticipate somo of Its general features.
It will be a revenuo bill. Its purposo
will bo tho raising of needed fuuds for
governmental purposes, strlotly In the
mode and ways least burdensome to
the masses. Raw materials needed lu
manufactures will be placed upon the
free list. This relief will give an Im
petus to certain manufacturing indus
tries and aflord work to tens of thous
andsof Idle laborers. Necessaries of
life will bo substantially tcee. In fixing
the necessary tariff upon manufactured
articles, duo consideration will beglvon
to the difference lu wages between this
aud other countries, aud sucudlfler
enco will bo equalized In the rates lm
posed here. There will bo no unjust
discrimination anywhere tolerated
among Its provisions. Bounties aud
subsidies will find little favor lu its
After expressing dtssaprovsl of the
polloy of federal control of elections, as
affording federal olllclals an opportuni
ty to Intimidate honest electors, Mr,
Hill went on to discuss (he financial
situation. He said;
"That tho financial polloy of our op
ponents has proved a disastrous failure
and the McKluley law has been found
Inadequate for the requirements of tho
government, are facts shown by the of
ficial statement of the receipts and ex
penditures of tho government during
the fiscal year. That record shows that
tho receipts were 1385,810,023, Tho ex
penditures during tho same year were
$383,477,054 This shows a dlflcrence
of $2,341,074 between tho receipts aud
expenditures, a narrow and dangerous
margin, too close for convenience, con
fldeuoa or security, It is a poor finan
cial exhibit and naturally led to public
distrust and anxiety aud Injured our
credit abroad.
Passing to the consideration of the
Sherman silver law which he termed
"Another legaoy left us by the Republi
can party," be said:
"The law Is illogical In construction,
vicious In tendencies and Injurious In
operation. The president of the United
States, Drover Cleveland, performed a
patriotic act In pjomptly convening
congress, andreooiumeudlngthe repeul
of the rlhermsa law. In a denperato ef
fort to prevent or delay the passage of
this bill, the freedom of debate was
abuted. No matter what may be the
outcome of the present struggle, the
nec-lty lor a change In the senate
rttlM ! abundantly ckraoMtrftU-. I,
prjmHo y.m the effort fir a obange will
be continued Irrespectiva of the fate of
the present bill. The majority must,
bo permitted to dominate and control
Its proceedings or elsa legislation jvlil
oecomo impossible"
During tho meeting Its promoters
took occasion to have a" long series of
printed resolutions distributed. They
contained a plodge to support Cleveland
and tho national domooratlo admini
stration, aud demanded the prompt and
absolute repeal of the silvor-purcbas'ng
clauoo of tho Sherman act.
Woman's Terrible Tramp Across this
Mohtiibal, Oct. 24. Left destitute
In San Francisco, Mjne, do Laval le
started fur mon t real several rnoutbnago
with a horse and buggy. She reached
hero lust evening on foot, and is la the
Notre Dame hospital In a dying oondl
tlan from the hardship and exposure of
thejournoy. Mme. de Lavalie's hus
baud dlod about a year ago, undiier
three children were also carried oil by
the smallpox. Havlue relations here
she started on her Journey. At the end
of a fortnight her horse gave out and
from that time tho widow pursued her
long walk ever tho prairies and moun
tains until Detroit was reached, where
she rested awhile. Sometimes she was
given a ride by trainmen. For food
she depended entirely upon charity,
and her shelter at night was as often
uudera treeaslu a shed or farmhouse
When Montreal was readied horolothe
were lu tatters and hor Bhoes worn out.
Still alio persevored, and was leaving ,
here for her home lu Lougueull when '
sbo broko down entirely aud was pick
ed up In an unconscious condition on
tho wharf noar tho ferry landing and
takon to the hospital, Her skeleton
llko appearance aud her wandering
mind attest her complete phg4lo.1l and
mental breakdown.
Bankers in Trouble.
NkwYoiuc, Out, LI. President Jos
eph Blant of the Madieon f quare bank
and Director Simon Ottenberg, were
arrested this morniug under charge ot
mismanagement In addition to those
arrested yesterday.
Counsel for tho recelvors of the de
funct Madison equaro bank had a long
conference with the assistant district
attorney. It Is understood he submit
ted proofs of forgorlea that had been
committed amounting to $100,0(0.
Adolpb Kaleche, ono of the directors,
was arrested tbnlght charged with
fraudulent bankruptcy. Frederick
Uhlninu, and othor directors, were ar
rested oil tho charge of forgery In lb
third degree In uttorlng a promissory
note Issued by the Fort Wayne Elec
tric Light Co., for $40,600,73, by felon
ously adding to the enduneiaest the
words "Not negotiable only la accoid
ance with tho contract by which notes
havobecn mado." Warrants Rrsout
fur several other arrests. .
Think ok it. Oxford renrlnt teach
ers' bibles, maps, concordance, all tbe
b Ins, and aids for only $2.00, Indexed
;i bu, ai .uearuoru's uook store.
Before Going to the Weill's fair
Enquire AWut
Tho Limited Expreea trains of the Chi-
cjko, Alliwaukeo & St. Paul Hallway
Utween St. Paul and Chicago and
Omuha and Chleago.
These trains are vestlbuled. ele4fM
lighted aud steam heated, with tb fin
est Dining and Sleeping Car fctarvtat b.
thu worldi
ThoEleotrlo readlns ll-ht la
Iwrth Is tho successful novelty of
progressive age, and Is highly apprsohM
ed by all regular patroua ofttoW-tt.
We wish others to know It mettta, m
tho Chicago Milwaukee A Bt. Pawl Beit
way Is the only line In tbe west eey
Ing the exclusive use of tkta pat t.
For further luforu4tHtt swly to
nearuft coupon ticket ant, or sjrawa
C. J. Eddy, General A ,
J. W. GASKy.Trav.PaM. Agi
& Stark St., Portland, 0r. U
--r- W
Deutsctier Advocat
AdmlllMl to piMtie la aU tlM i
UPMlttl atUDttOS SlVM tQ OilllllH su
gg-sa. si-T&aur I
fc 1
U fi
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