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A ssociated Press Daily News-
paper Published on the
Pacific Coasti
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f dRL
I 9
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President Cleveland's
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Cause of llie Sudden Face About
of Democrats.
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W. A. TEMPLETON, Gen'l Agent.
Cleveland Gratified.
Washington, Oct. 25. President
Cleveland is very much gratified at the
turn affairs have taken in tbo senate,
though he has believed all atong that
the unconditional repeal bill would
pass. The president will have no sug
gestions to make as to adjournment or
recess after congress passes the repeal
bill, though he is anxious to have the
bill extending the time in which Chi
namen could register passed before the
dissolution of congress.
There is an impression at the White
House tbat no message will be sent In
until the regular session in December.
Arguments are advanced by the ad
ministration Democratic leaders, which
caused such a sudden about-face in the
position of anti-repeal Democrats yes
terday, were that up to the present
time Democrats bud by no act given
countenauce to filibustering. The
had made no sDeeches for delay, and
had come to the front and helped make
a quorum during the long night ees
sionB. To continue the fight longer they
must take an active part in filibuster
ing, which it as urged with the rec
ord they had made, they could not at
sord to do. Bucb a course would only
result In giving the Democratlo party a
very black eye, its it would appear their
course was prompted by the desire to
defeat the admlulsiration measure,
which was already endorsed by the
nnmnprfttlc house. They were in
formed they would not have a corpor
al's guard with them In such a course,
and tbat the party could not beheld re
sponsible, for any such disgrace as It
would bring on the senate. This bud
the Intended effect.
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Quiet In the Senate.
Washington, Oct. 25. There was
no quorum present at the opening of
the senate this morning. But the sli
ver men paid no attention to the fact.
There was a general air of relief tbat
the struggle was over, extending lo
even the silver men themselves. The
illver men count on getting more votes
fur some amendments than on the bill
The Faulkner, Squire and Quay
amendments meet with most ruvor.
The twenty-to-ono and slxteen-to one
coinage amendmenU.lt Is expected win
catch a number of votes which finally
will be cast In faver of repeal, especial
ly the 10 to 1 ratio, where Populism are
concerned. There Is some talk to the
Hnt i hut the Republican repealers will
..... -.Hi. Mm Ilvr men on some of
the amendment aud put them
through, but In such cases It Is likely
to lose as many anti-repeal Democrats
.. ... . .-. f i?.fMiiiiifvtnii.
aSllWUIga'" " .r
The last doubt as to what might be
done In the senate on the repeal bill
seemed to be removed this morning
when Bland, the free silver champion
of the house gave up all hope. He saiu
to an associated press reporter he had
Idea any further effort would be
... .,. ,.rBvnt a vote on the Voor-
fate's bill In the senate; that speeches
would be made, and when completed,
a vote would come.
House Repeal Straggle.
Washington, Oct. 25. Democratlo
repealers in the house to the number of
twenty-three bad a meeting Tuesday.
There was a discussion of the situation
In the senate and tbo methods that the
friends of repeal should take when the
repeal bill reached the house, but no
action was considered advisable and
the meeting adjourned subject to the
call of the chairman. There Is a dis
position among the repeal Democrats
of the house to concur with the amend
ments of the Wilson bill If it comes
over in the shape now known as the
Voorbees bill. Tho recognized leaders
of the repeal bill say' there Is nothing In
the Voorbees bill that differs from the
Wilson bill except the declaration to
the effect tbt it is tpe only policy of
tho United States to Use both gold and
silver as the standard of money and if
that is satisfactory to tho senate thoy
are willing to adopt (t,
The repeal Republicans say they are
willing to support aby bill which tbo
repeal Republicans In tho senate en
dorse. This disposition in the house is
not to delay the passage of the bill by
asking for a conference or disagreeing
with the Voorhees bill. Further than
this there is a tendency to encourage
tho concurrence in the senate bill. The
sliver men realize that any fight by
them would mean defeat In the end
and will probably oonteut themselves
wltb voting against' tho bill after a
short debate. '
After the sliver bill came tho matter
of adjournment or as some prefer a
recess. The difference of opinion over
the recess or adjournment Involves the
question of mileage. Some think if an
adjournment Is takeu now the mem
bers would ngalu be untitled to mileage
for tho regular session while a recess
would prevent the mllngo being ill
lowed. Others muiutaln the milage for
both sessions must be allotted whether
It is nil uriiouruiiieut or recess. Most of
tho Republicans, ' u Populists aud
many Democrats of the pontile suHl they
expected congress to adjourn early next
week until the first Moudny In Decem
ber. The leaders of the Democratic
party, upou whom tho decision will
largely ret are not quite as confident
of adjournment.
8enator Harris said there was a great
deal for congress to do and ho did not
see why It should not proceed with the
work without interruption. Senators
Voorbees and Gorman refused to dis
cuss the question at all saying It has
not been canvassed. "We were ready
to bo oil," said Pefler and Kyle In uni
son to an Associated Pre&i representa
tive, "and could bavo continued the
fight for some time with little assist
ance, but were willing to quit when tho
old parties did so. We ft el badly to
have silver receive this set baok, but
politically we view the situation with
complaceuoy. We cannot mourn, for
It Is not our funeral. Wo expect the
result will make millions of votes for
the Populists."
Deafness Oannot Be Oared
h iiftl unifications as they cannot
reach the diseased portion of tbo ear.
There ts only ono way to cure deafness,
and that Is by coiiHtltutlonnl remedies.
Deafness Is caused by an inflamed con
dition of the mucous llulng of the RilH
tachian tube. When this tube is In
flamed you have a rumbling sound or
Imperfect hearlug, and when It Is eft
tlrely closed, deafness Is tbe result, and
uulees the Inllainatlon can be taken
out aud this tube restored to its normal
condition, hearing will bo destroyed
forever; nlue cases out of ten are caused
t,v catarrh, which Is nothing but an in
flamed coudltlon of tbe mucous stir-
f.Cf 8
We will give one hundred dollars for
any case of deafoeiu (caused by catarrh)
that cannot b cured by Hall's Catarrh
.... uonH tnr circulars: free.
F. J. Chunky Co., Tolodo.O.
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Polem, Orrcon.
How a Deaf Mute Will Be Tried.
St. John, N. It., Oct. 25.-Edward
VVueary, a deaf mute, charged with
ih murder ot his brother's wife, will
i riwi iimiera novel method of
r,-niiire. Four Juries will be sworn
In The first one Is lo find out whether
the prisoner is muto by pretense or
visitation of God. Ths second Jury
m Innulre whether the prisoner is
I capable of pleading to fhe Indictment.
ti, fact that he had been thowu U be
ml write, was laugut in n
News About the Oregon Pacific Bail
road. San FKANCI800, Oot. 25. It is said
here that tbo Southern Pacific company
Is desirous of controlling tho Oregon
Pacific railway and tributary water
lines which will be placed on the mar
ket In the early part of next month.
Tho Southern Pacific has recently had
Division Superintendent L. R. Field, of
tho Oregon division of tho Southern
Faolflo system, looking over the Oregon
Pacific road. Mr. Field has been ac
companied by an engineering expert
and it Is reported that tbo Boutbern
Paclflo people are favorably impressed
with tbe OregonPaclflo's plant and tbat
there are possibilities of tho former
making tho purchase. Other railroad
companies, bowover, aro interested in
tbe uortbern road. Ono of them Is the
Great Northern railway company,
James I. Blair, of Blalrsvllie, N. J.,
and many times millionaire, one of the
largest shareholders in the Oregon Pa
cific. Blair is also one of the principal
backers of the Great Northern and It is
for this line that be is making a fight
to control tbe Oregon Pacific
Tt is tho intention ofthe Great Nortl
em to make connections with tbe
Oregon lino, thus allowing it a rail und
ocean route to San Francisco. The
third party in the fight Is the represen
tative of numerous small shareholders
on the Oregon Pacific. If tbo Southern
Paclflo should et in control It will have
the same bold on tbe Willamette valley
tbat it now has on San Joaquin valley
in California.
At present tho Oregon Paclflo oper
ates a Hue of steamers on the WiUam
e'.te river which holds the Southern
Paclflo down to low rates. Goueral
Agout B. R. Vaughn, ofthe Oregon
Paclflo, said: "Tho plautof the Oregon
Paclflo Is valued at about $15,000,000
There Is $250,000 in labor claims that
will have to Jbo satisfied In addition to
tho outstanding receiver's certificates
amounting to ubout $00,000." The road
is bonded for $25,000 a mile. 'I tin ac
quirement of proprietorship of tho Ore
gon Paclflo system by the Southern Pa
clflo would give the latter company su
premacy over tho whole of Western
Oregon from the California stato hue
to Portland.
Parliament Assembles to Resist the
Home Rule Bill.
Uelfabt, Oct. 26. The Ulster par
liament has assembled to make meas
ures to resist home rule. The meeting
of the parliament aroused a great deal
of interest in tho city. The streets were
crowded wltb people.and tbe neighbor
hood of Ulster ball was packed to Its
utmost by people desirous of witnessing
thoassetnbllng of tho antl-bome-iulo
delegates. The meeting was conducted
In private, but It transpired that tbe
Duke of Abereorn was unanimously
elected president, after which tbo na
tional anthem was sung amid great en
thusiasm. While the Ulster parlia
ment was in session a simultaneous con
ference of unionist women wasslttlntt
In assembly hall. A heated discussion
took place on the question as to whoth
nr all unionist people should bo Included
In the contract conference. Two Pres
by termn clorgymen moved that only 10
should bo allowed to sit in council, and
this motion was carried. Cann sup-
I ported the amendment, and the result
was threat wero made to dethrone
him from tho mastership of tbe Orange
society. Most of the members wero
dissatisfied with tbe proceedings and
left tbo hall. The meeting resolved to
raise a quarterly fund which should
not be called on until a parliament was
established In Dublin. Resolutions
carrl d unanimously declaring allegl
ance to tbe United Kingdom and thank
Jug tbe boue of lords for rejecting the
home-rule bill.
Highest of all In Leavening Power. Latest U. S. Gov't Report.
.1 Baking
ggf? lunuvi
Before tho Stato Congregational
For Errors .of Conduct Wlillo a
Minister ut Salem.
nruiNfi LIKE
W ..-,. ....11. nnllkeUlT 'htu In Thl S
&J!S.WZZ!iL deaf mute school, and whu the lndb't
. . . ! Traatirf.
ma.i. UEO WIIiA"". "
K.fl.'DHBY,N.n .
u ttia
Pale lid and Orchard Co.
Five and Ten Acre Fruit Farms
f . t-r A T "V
A Sf1
SMS. Ty-iffi-i Wnri ri
SffigySE-A" wucb .-toflac
w..vl wuUdlr PoUoned Ut WA
jotbo'o rm l " TwSSS n0
and tbelr
m,ntHBlveiil' .io!ii n in
made signs that lw wa not guilty, will
doubts be beld to w tuMuient eyl
dence for the icond Jury to return an
inuive verdict. Tho third Jury
ni find whether he hnane. If this
Jury flnds the prisoner U ne, a fourth
i... -in trv the prisoner upon the In-
J . ...Iln.ru -u.U .)t
dlctment, m ""- ""-- ,- .
that the verdict mut be Interpreted to
the prUoutr,
A dose of Huuinon lvr IlgalaUv
U&oXiy, will relieve and. prefe". U,
Mitchell and Oorbett Will Do Battla
In Some Southern Oity.
Nkw Yonic, Ocf. 25. It has been
piactlcally decided theCorbett-Mltchell
prize fight will come oil anyhow.
Mitchell held a conference today wltb
llrody, Corbett's manager. It Is not
decided where the tight will take place,
but It in thought H will be In wrae
southern city.
Llfo Is a Misery
To many people w ho have the taint of
scrofula In their blood. Tlw sgonles
caiiied by tbe rtreaurui runni ok wiv
and other ruuulf-itatlous of thU disease
arcbeyoud description. There la no
other remedy equal to Hood's Sawapur.
Ilia for scrofula, salt rheum anil every
form of blood disease. It U reasoualtly
Portland, Oot. 25. A gray haired
old goutleman apparently 00 years of
age, with slightly stoopod shoulders
ana an anxious expression In hift face,
was on trial this afternoon before tho
Willamette Congregational association
on charges of immoral couduot.
Ho wns Rev. C. L. Corwln, Iato pas
tor of tho Salem Congregational church
against whom charges of Immorality
wero brought by members of bli con
gregation at tbo regular meeting of tho
Wlllametto association bold In Corval
Its last April, resulting In his suspen
sion from tbo ministry pending an In
vestlgatlon of his conduct.
Tbe matter was first brought before
tbe association at Its April mooting In
tho form of reports, wltbout written
charges being made, and n committee
of twolvo was appointed by tho moder
ator to investigate these reports and
submit their findings to the association
tho committee hold frequent meetings,
taking the testimony of several witnes
ses, and endeavored to have Rev. Cor
wln appear before them to refute the
accusation. He, however, failed to com
ply with tbe committee's request, aud
thoy roported accordingly to the asso
ciation and were discharged,
In tho r-eaiitlmo written charges had
been preferred against tbe minister by
members of tbo Balem congregation,
another committee of twelve, the mem
bers of which were tho samo as of the
former committee, was appointed to
further investigate the conduct of Mr.
Corwln and roport. to au adjourned
meeting of tho association, to bo held
In this city this oftornoon, preceding
the opening session of the stato associa
tion of Congregational churches In tbo
First Congregational church this eveu
Ing. Tho committee mot In tho first church
this morning and adjourned at 12:16
o'clock without haying finished its
work. Ouo of tho members told a re
porter tbat tbo evidence was strong
osalnst Rev, Corwln.
He catno to Balem from Denver about
two years ago. In earlier life he was
an attorney at law. and, it Is said, au
lnildol, being converted by Moody
about five years ago. He at once enter
ed tbe ministry, In which his caieer
had been one of marked success to
about tbe lime of his suspension last
spring. Ho has been married but
divorced, his former wife being at
present a resident of this city and a
member of tbe First Congregational
At 1:30 Tuesday the committee reas
sembled In the church and proceeded
with the Investigation of the charges,
Roy. Corwln being present. Ho asked
for u rehearlug of the testimony fakeu
by the committee In order to permit of
tbe introduction of evidence by hlmstlf
U rebuttal. The committee was unable
to prepare IU report for submission to
tbe ar-soclatlou at the hour set for It to
convene, and the meeting was post
poned until such time as the committee
could conclude Its work.
Grand Trunk Victims Nearly
Wrecked Agaia.
Battle Creek, Mich., Oct. 25. The
Grand Trunk train bearing tbo wound
ed from tho Battle Creek disaster to
Chicago, barely escaped a fepretltlon
of that horror, through gross violation
of orders, similar to those which caused
the first bolocast. Tho train rah" by a
station at which It was to await au east
bound, heavily loaded passenger train,
aud but for the fact tbat east bound
craw Infracted tho rules by remaining
over tlmo for tho men to lunch, the
trains would have met at full speed be
tween the stations.
"Adam Bbdb." The local union of
tho Y. P, B. 9. E. of tho city have en
gaged Miss Mabolla Blggart of Novr
York City to deliver ber dramatized
reading of Gporge Eliot's "Adam
cde" In the M, E. ohurch next Mon
diy evening, Miss Blggart will be as
sisted by Miss Mario Louise Gumaer, a
contialto soloist of very pleasing abil
ity. Admission to tho eutertalumont
will bo 25 eta, procteda to bo used for
tbo local union expousea.
Men's Heavv Boots Unm, rubber,
oalfaudoll grain, all tho beat makes
for winter wear, and ut prloes 20 per
cent below competition. At Osborn's
Racket store 2d-lW
Manitoba Burning.
WiNNU'Ea, Oot. 25. Terrible pralrlo
flrea uro ruglng near here. Throe or
trtir peoplo uavo lojt their lives and
much stock h in perisbod.
"Hit oyer tho head with a rolling
pin," E. F. Odboru's Raoket store baa
a largo line of wooden waro of all kinds,
including butter mouldB, bowls and
Iadels,at astonishingly low prices. 2dlw
Ban Fkancisco, Oot. -25. Wheat,
Dee. fl,12j.
Chioaoo, Oot. 25, Cash,- 031; De
cember 05,
PORTLAND, Oct. 25. Wheat valley,
$.05;Wnlla Walla $.65.
Nkw Btorr. Tho Willamette
Trading Co. Is erecting a store building
at Aurora, und will ot once open a gen
eral mcrohaudlso business.
If you anticipate visiting the world'a
fair, or your friends In the East, take
udvantuno of the present opportunity,
as the fares are now bo low they cut no
figure In tho espouse. Tho Chicago fc
Northwestern J call way nave pisoea in
service a solid vestlbnled train, between
Portland and Chicago, the famous
Wayner tourist cars, hen reclining
chair cars, and dlnlag ca,r "par excel
lent." With the accommodations fur
nlBhcd, rates now ofiured, togetherwitu
the short tlmo consumed In staking
the trip, It Is within the reach of all.
For further Information, apply to any
ticket agent, or write
A. G. Bakicku, Gen'l Agt.
272 Washington street.
Portland, Or,
sure to
benft all who give it a fa
Potto ftce Robsei.
aAKVlKf.D,Vafa.,Oct.25. Ablg haul
was made here andPottmuterQuliin Is
loser. Burglars entered the postofllce,
blew open the safe, and took f 6000 in
cash and 11600 lu notes. Thora Is no
clue, but officer are worblog on tlio
case aud (be government sefvloi has
been notified,
Bsfore dots to the Wartd'a
Enquire About
The Limited Express trains of the Chi
oako, Milwaukee Bt. Paul Railway
bit ween Bt. Paul aud Chicago -
Omaha ana Culrago.
These trains are vestlbnled, elcetm
lighted and steam heated, with the nn
est Dining and Bleeping Car Bervte In
the world, . .
TheElectrlo reading light la eaek
berth ts thu successful novelty of tnki
progressive age, and Is highly we
ed by all regular patrons of tM 1mm.
We wish other to know Its wr, m
tbe Chicago Milwaukee & St. Paul Rail
way Is the only Hue In the west esjoy
lug tbe exoluMve use of this patent.
For further Information apn'y W
nearest coupon UoUel aent, or adtweaa
V. J. Ei)DV General Agents
J. W. Cabby, Trav. XHwe. Agt,
225 Btark Bt,, Portland, Or, tf
HoodV.PlH cure all liver Ilk.
Cashier Arrested.
iMNaiNa, Mich., Oot, 2V-Cabler
Nelwn Bradley, of the failed Central
Michigan B-vliig bank lias been ar
ttl ili,r.rul wltli amlteizlnmant of
I $&2,Q, and waking fete reports.
Deutscher Advocat
Admitted prMtlc In U lbs eowa.
BtxcUt atuotion rtroa to attaa.
tu b A Mr 1
jb, MBjwam mmmm fnk
I a t- P

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