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evening Capital journal, Wednesday,- ootobeb 25, is.
&Z. 5S
1 A Peculiar Stage
' of the Game
Tho Bituntion is almost as peculiar
with us just now. Too many goou.
Shall wo carry them over? NO I
Low prices phnll cause our stock to
melt away liko ico under a Summw
sun. It's your opportunity.
Going otif of Business
Everything Mtet Go.
25 per cent offon all Lamps and Toilet Bets.
20 " " Dishes aud Glassware.
25 " ' " Teas and Spices.
20 " " Bottled Goods, Preserves, &c.
15 " " " Canned Goods and Baking Powders.
10 " ' ' Parkajre Goods, 8oaps, &o.
5 " " " Coffees, Sugars, &c.
jSTCoihc early, as we will not stock up in any line after It Is sold out.
SROAT & 6ILE, Burke Block, Below Postoffice.
- IF -
You are going to build or make any t-lndof
Improvement, call on the undertlgued lor
material. We have a cotnploto stock, and are
ready to supply any prepared contract, sewer
work, grading, etc
Salem Improvement Co.
Mothers' Class. A meeting is
held at Kindergarten hall every Friday
at 1:30 p. m. for the study of child
training after tho methods of Froebel,
the founder of the kindcrgtrten. Mrs.
P. S. Knight gives instruction in the
famous mother play, white Mrs. E. B.
Philbrook gives lessons In drawing after
the celebrated Prang system. This
work Is receiving the recognition and
endorsements of the world's ablest edu
cators, and it is pleasant to state that
many Salem mothers are availing
themselves of this fine opportunity. A
nominal fee Is charged for the year
which brings It tvlthlu tho reach of all.
Tho drawing lessons alone would cost
more than the entire course. All the
ladles of Balem should investigate tho
work, and are invited to attend the
meetings and become members of tho
WelTj Advektisud. A well-meant
and good nutured Item In The Jouit
Nai about Win. Kaiser, a Balem crim
inal lawyer, who cleared a horse thief
at a recent term of court, lias given
that gentleman uot a llttlo notoriety.
The Oregouiau says: "Ingenuity Is
rampant among the Oregon lawyers.
A Baiem man was acquitted of horse
stealing upon tho theory advanced by
his counsel that ho was only stealing a
rldo, and now a Pendleton attorney
suggests that an employe cmi't be con
victed of larceny In a store If ho took
tho money homo in accordance with
custom and nover brought it back.
Meanwhllo tho man who steals a loaf
of bread "goes up'' for three yoare.
Tho ladles of Unity church will give
a sociable In Channlng Hall on Fri
day night. Oyster supper from 5 to 8.
The usual amusemeuts from 8 to 11.
Exquisite. When one Is buying
toilet articles, the greatest object is to
got puro goods and first quality. If
you need soaps, ppouges or perfumery
this oud can bo attained by selecting
from tho elegant new stock of tho Cap
ital Drug store, Holtnan block.
. & iw y
wjz. '7ar
. ..j n r-,-. . . i--'-"
It's High Time
fm knw of a pleasant combination
tw hY formed in thceo days of
(KWMhm nl tho lilco. This is a
combination, though, that you will
(ld to hear of. It ia tho cornhi
ftttuon of high quality and low prices
that 1, everywhoro visiblo throuffh
ur Mock of JWtIp, I am nfterlnir a
ftuulmt Oxford Teacher's Bible lor f 2 00
; iuMxa w.oo,
. pxm ..
Our stock is still unbroken,
and our styles the best, but we
do not wish to carry over any
stock, so will make sacrifices
Postmaster Gilbert, of Balem, will
not attend the launching of the Oregon
at Ban Francisco.
Miss Julia Capwell of ibe Portland
public BChools came up last evening on
tho overland, called hero by the death
of her sls'er, Miss Olive M. Capwell.
E. Yerger, of Aurora, was in tho clt.
A marriage license was issued today
to Josephine Woolery and Elza Parker.
Couuty treasurer Brown returned
from Portland today.
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Cooper, both
'ministers of the Friend's church, who
have sojourned in Balem the paBt year
for the former's health, leave this even
ing for California. Mr. Cooper found
Oregon climate very beneficial to him
Looks like more rain. A score or
more of charity and fake advertising
schemes make appeals to Bulem busi
ness men every week. Most of them
get a very cold shoulder among careful
investors Nicholas Braunau, of Tal
ent, Or., Is a new student at the mute
school C. B. Brown, who will be
remembered us a witness in the De
Leon slander suit, has left Balem for
Califorulu. Griddle cakes and honey
these frosty mornings Try a Aye
view photo of yourself to be bad per
fect only at Oronlse Photo Studio, Stale
street D. of H. social this evening
at A. O. U. W. hall Tlie Altona ar
rived in Ponlaud last night on time
and will bo at Baiem this afternoon.
H. A. Snyder, of Aurora, was in the
city today Jack Hurkins. the Inde
pendence blacksmith Is in the eity
Mr. and Mrs. H. S. Jory returned to
day from Corvallls Supt. It. B.
Fleming is In Portland for the day
The horticultural meeting at Corvallls
Is proving a great success Cashier
H. P. MoNary, Prosecuting Attorney
A. O. Condit aud Prlsou Superintend
ent Geo. B, Downing wero among the
Portland passengers this afternoon.
Tho Salem Improvement Company
received a carload of hoy this morning.
Wn.ru Build this Fall. The state
board mot this morning In consultation
and decided to proceed at once to build
the south wing of the reform school.
This is the smulW section of the new
work, aud It is hoped it can be com
pleted before tho permanent rains. A
large force of brick layers will be put
ou at once uud Contractor Ilazell will
push tho work as rapidly as possible.
1 i
Pensive and Expensive.
Many a woman shrinks from con
sulting a physician about functional
deraugemeuts and weakness, and pre
fers to sutler In alienee. She is bad ami
pensive, aud her neglect of her ailments
will prove expensive, It may cost her
her life. One of the most uklllAil phy
sicians or I no day. who has had a vast
experience iu curing diseusos peculiar
to women, has prepared a leiuedy
which Is of inestimable aid to them.
We refer to Dr. Pierce's Favorite Pre
scription, tho only remedy for woman's
peculiar weaknesses aud ailments, Bold
by druggists, under a posltlvo guarantee
from manufacturers, that it will pIvh
satisfaction lu every case, or money re
funded. Allectloua of tho bowels, so prevalent
in children cured by Sliuuious Liver
IN A HuuuY?-Ifso rltiK tho blue
box for ix Lockwood metueuger. Ho
will do your bidding correctly audi
quickly, Otllee oneu nights.
Duowkku It Is rumored Llberattl'a
lciuiitig iiiUHlciutia was drowued last
ulght while playing "Down on tlia
tiuuneo Jliver," lie fell lu but he hud
un ueclilt'iit policy vlth Mitch..!.
Wright A Co,
Salem Loses a Prominent Member of
the Educational Profession.
It was known yeslerday that Mis
Olive M. Capwell, asslstaut principal of
trie Lincoln school of tbia city, was to
have a difficult surglclal operation per
formed for removal of a tumor.
Her many friends lived through a
day of greatest anxiety, ending In the
terrlblo shock caused by the news of
her death at half past three. Drs
Cartwright and Jessup, assisted by two
other Balem physicians had placed her
under the influence of anesthetics short
ly before noon and successfully removed
the tumor, which was large and serious
ly attached, and the patient had not
strength enough to recover from the
The news of Miss Capwell's death
soon spread over the city and there
was a constant stream of Inquiring
friends tendering sympathy to her ber
eaved mother who only recently came
out from Iowa to make her home with
her. They bad fitted up a comfortable
cottage and wero enjoying life together
in South Balem near her school work
when the rude messenger came so sud
denly and unexpectedly.
Miss Capwell had conducted her
school Friday last with her usual
bright and cheerful spirits, and it was
only Saturday that she was Informed
that an operation would have to be per
formed. As soon as the surgeons dis
covered the nature of the growth they
realized that it was an unusual one and
could only be removed with the great
est difficulty but that it was their im
perative duty. She had slept very well
the night before, was brave, courageous
and hopeful to the moment of bidding
her mother and friends farewell, and
had made all her requests aud business
arrangements before undergoing the
terrible ordeal. The physicians worked
with her for three hours but no resus-'
citation seemed possible. Breathing
ceased long before the heart ceased to
beat and the patient had evidently
grown very much weaker in the last
few days of the development of tne dis
eaee. The litt'e school children came
by scores and mournfully gathered
around the late home of their favorite
teacher, and It was a sad and most
gloomy day to the entire neighbor
Olive M, Capwell was born in Wyo
ming, Wyoming county, New York, lu
1851, and at the age of 7 years went to
Monroe, Wis., with her parents, where
Hhe received her education and gradu
ated at Milton college ir 1870 and com
menced her career as a teacher in a pub
lic school at Btoughton, Wis. Time
years later sho went to West Union,
Iowa, where she resumed her profession
in a high school. In 1870 she accepii d
the position of principal of the Lwa
soldiers' orphan institute at Divnport,
with six assistant teachers uud 400 pu
pils, which position she held for four
years and was compelled to resign on
account of ill health, In 1881 sue no
copied a position as teacher in the pub
lic scuools or iiol-ve, luano, and re
mained there some time, and then be
came principal at Canyon City. Before
completing her term there she was ap
pointed to the position of superintend
ent of the State Institute for the blind
at Salem, when she removed here aud
has been a resident eyer since.
Later she resigned tho position and
became one of the teachers in the Salem
public schools. Miss Cupwell wus
chosen vice president of the Salem
Teaohers' Association, and from her
many years of experience and her high
standards in her chosen life work as a
teacher, she ranked among tho leaders
of her profession In Oregon.
Ollvo Capwell was a very consclen
tlous teacher. Refined, Intelligent and
kiud hearted; her soul seemed udupted
to tho work of drawing out the chil
dren, bringing them close to ber uud
making them love her. Under all cir
cumstances her spirits were suuny aud
cheerful. While she has undoubtedly
suffered greatly for mouths, not even
her closest friends heard her complain
and her duties wero performed with
unflagging zeal and enthusiasm. Her
inllueuce in the school work of this
city will be long felt aud It will always
operate as au Influence for good.
The fuueral of Miss Capwell will
probably tako place Thursday, await
ing a brother of deceased from Boise
City who la expected to arrive. There
Is a married sister In Iowa who emtio!
atteud. Miss Julia Cupwell of Port
laud Is already here. A service over
the remains will be conducted at the
residence by Rev. G. W. Grauuisnf
the First M. E. church. The remains
will probably bo taken to West Union,
Iowa, where her father is burled. Su
perintendent Anderson and the princi
pals of tho Salem schools will act as
Tfae only Pur Cream pf Trtajr Powder, No Ammonia; No Alasa.
Vtm in Millions of Homes 40 Ycrs tU ftt.mda.Tf
The hats at
our Closing Out Sale
Tb? Git Prices Do If !
And hundreds are saving big Dollars by buying now. We
are bound to go out of business, and prices shall
not stand in the way.
291 Commercial Street.
SPECIAL. The entire stock and fixtures for sale.
Growing Out of Giving a Bill of
Sale on Some Hops.
An attachment suit in tho circuit
court involving Insurance of a lot of
hops belonging to Riley J. Ritchie has
just been settled in this city. The facts
were that the insured bad given a hill
of sale for picking money to the Gdod
mau's of Gervais, who had their inter
est Insured for $975. Prior to this, but
after giving the bill of sale, Mr. Ritchie
had bis hops insured with Mitohell &
Co., of this city for $1500. Shortly
after the property was burned and the
company represented by Mr. Mitchell
gave him full power to settle the claim.
The attachment has now been dis
solved and the following will show
that Mr. Ritchie has received his man
8alem, Oregon, Oct. 18, 1893.
To whom It may cencern:
This is to certify that Mitchell, Wright
& Co., special agents for the Western
Assurance company, of Toronto, Cana
da, has this day settled with me in a
fair aud square manner, for the loss of
my hops by fire, happening on the 27th
day of September, 1893. I desire to say
freely and voluntarily that they have
acted honorably In every way In set
tling this lobs and that they protected
my interest in every way possible. I
round tnem as wilting to pay me as
they were to take my application for in
au ranee. They have settled this loss
without resorting to technicalities.
Riley J. Ritchey.
And Grand Double Parachnte Jump
at the Fair Grounds, Oct. 26th.
Will take place at Salem Thursday,
Oct. 26th., at 3 p. m. at the state fair
grounds. Aomisslon free. There will
be a grand balloon ascension and dou
ble parachute jump by the most daring
i iny aeriatist in tne world, lUiss-tmm
Keyes, who will astonish all beholders
by her marvelous and graceful uara
ehute descent from the clouds to the
earth. And also tho world renowned
pTforming monkey Jennie Yan Yan.
The monkey Jennie Yan Yan will as
cend at the same time, and come down
In her own monkey parachute. Re
member Thursday, Oct, 26 at 3 o'clock
sharp. Admission free.
Winter underwear and hosiery for
ladies and gentlemen, at out prices, E.
F. Osburn's Racket store. 2d-lw
The Artist.
If you have not Been Hart's new
suitings and overcoatings go at once.
He is an artist in selections and at tail
oring. Next door to Ladd & Bush's
Attention to the dally habits of the
young prevents suffering, Tako Sim
mons Liver Regulator.
The following letters remaining in
the Salem postofflce Oct. 25, 1893, un
called for. Those calling for them
plea3o fay "advertised1"
Alexander Lou BowenWm
Bumgard Hattle I Benson'1 Emma
Cimphell W A Clark 'Gltibs
UUkeJas DaLeon Belle
Drake Geo
Fillers Geo
Uedrick J as
Heqsley T D
Johnson D.tvld E
Lane Fauuio
McConiuan Jno
Massy W P
Raymond Alex
Roberts Wm Mrs
-?mlth O B
Shufer WAS
herbuok P
Woolslde L B
Wilson L M
Ekerklns MD
Haul Etnor
Hensley'G M
Johnson David
Murthu Mrs Jane
McCoy J F
Mercer W L
Rlohey Jas
Russell Riley
Bmlth B W
Semona P
Sullivan Chaa E
Woods Ammr
Watson Lizzie
are going off like 'hot
Compson Will Be There.
When Adjutant Generul Mitchell
found that be could not go to San Fran
cisco to participate in the launching of
the Oregon, be communicated with
Governor Pennoyer, suggesting that
General Compson should go In his stead.
The governor, feeling that the state
should be represented, accepted the
suggestion and directed the adjutant
generul to designate the gen
eral in bis place. This was done,
and General Compson proceeded to
San Francisco last night. He will act
as escort to Miss Alnsworth in the cere
monies incident to the christening of
the battleship.
Tinware. We have aimply every
thing In this line, and can please the
masses on lower prices than any com
petitor. The stock includes galyanized
pill), tin basins, steamers, cups meas
ures, stew an 1 eauoe pan?, and thous
and ut other articles. At Osborn's
R.cket store. 2d-lw
One Cent Daily by mail. 25 cents a
mouth. No papers sent after time is
For Working
Phuih and overalls,
prices ever made,
Racket store.
Mbh. Cottouade
at the lowest cash
at E. F. Osburu's
Burglarizes a Room and Leaves
Corvallis, Or., Oet. L5, A warrant
was sworn out before Justice Holgate
for the arrest ot one Hermann boliro
der. He 1b charged with burglarizing
a room lu the Occidental botel, from
which he took a suit of clothes aud
other valuables belonging to George
Bowers, who claims to have supported
him for tho past several mouths. He
was captured at Albany and brought
back here by Sheriff Osburn, and was
today bound over in the sum of $500 to
await the action of the grand jury,
There can be no doubt of bis guilt, as
he left a note stating be bad taken the
property and threatened Bowers with
prosecution on some other charge If be
made complaint. Prior to coming to
Corvallls, they were botb emrasred in
the barber business at Alblna.
Two Stepping Stones
to consumption are ailments we
often deem trivial a old and
a cough. Consumption thus ac
quired is rightly termed " Con
sumption from neglect."
Scott's Emulsion
not only stops a cold but it is re
markably successful where the
cough has become deep seated.
Sfott's Emulsion is the
richest of fat-foods yet
the easiest fat food to
taket It arrests waste
and builds ut healthv
PnprdbySooU&nowiia,N.Y. All drauUU.
3E is hereby given that in pursui
an order of biaIr tnAdA Rtiri .nfmn
county diurtnt the Htnte t Oregon, for
th county of Marlon, on the 'ilsiday ofdef-
oer A. ii. ihu, in th rattler of the estate of
t'ernielU Howard deceased, the nnderslgned
administrator otx.ld state w IUe'1 at publics
auction, sunjn-t to Ciinlrmntlnn by said court,
the following dno Ibert rt-al prone'ty, to-wlt:
1-ots nnmbrrs nve and U of block number
four of the SonthweH Addition to the city or
Halem In the nuntv of Mmlnn. nminininr
Orrgon. Haiti rale will be made on tbe2'th
day or n vember. A D. 1B. atriorln kinili.
nnrnoonof ild davat h wct frout door of
the OiuntvOnu t llnn tn Ihn alrt nitr
U.I.M ... ....I.. . . ... . m ' .
r.ir,u, iu uiu uiuui)iiuu m.te. ifirmxot sa;o
wm uo ujiu in uiina
It. a KKRNK.
Administrator or said ntate.
Oct. S5-Sw
Attorney (or administrator.
Largest Gun In the World.
Is on exhibition at the great world's
fair. You ought to uee it. '1 his is the
month of months to visit the falr.pleas-
ont days, cool ulghlB, delightful travel-
msr w eat tier.
Maximum comfort enrnute to Chi.
caKoon the vesllbuled limited trains ot
the Chicago, Union Paclflo & North
western line. Bee your nearest Union
Paclflo agent for rates or other informa
tion. 12-9-tf
ii ' m .in
Belchlnrr at any tlran is du to Indl
jreat Ion both are. cured by Simmons
Liver Regulator.
BUY ".;,'-
BUY " ';
b 1
iEl ?ttAi STORt
They Have Ibe Largest flssoplmenl in
Get on the Inside we will tell you a se-
Itbe "busy marts of trade." Manufacturer
rui. i umiTH uavo Deen on a BinuaBim 11
Iieeaed money badly we bouijut exten
lvelv tn ord-r to elve our customer th
Ebeneflt therefore woareofferlDBabargalD
Box Stationery.
Call and look at our sneclal brand. Noth
ling like it ever eeen belore.
Patton Bros.,
TnE RUSTLING booksellers
And I have started a "CUSTOM HOUSE" oj
my own, ou Btato street, nexr Commercial,
where I will bn pleased to meet my old custo
mers, and plenty ot new ones In want ol
boot or Hhoes. uood flu, good material and
good honest work.
The Rustler Wood Saw
And he doesn't burn up half your wood, In
fuel, when he saws It. Make your contract
with him personally orleaveordersatVeatcbs
olgar store Dearborn's book store,4S4 Hammer
street, or address me by mall. 6-14-tl
Legal BlanU Publishers'.
Bush's New Brlck,over the bank, Co m'l street.
Rates, $2.50 to $5.00 per Day
The best hotel between Portland and Ban
Francisco. First-class In all Its appointments.
1U tables are served with the
Choicest Fruits
Grown in the Willamette Valley.
A. I. WAGNER. Prop.
Manufacture Btandard Pressed Brlek,
Molded Brick In alt Patterns for Fronts
and supply the brick for the New Salem City
Hall and nearly all the fine buildings erected
In the Capital City.
Yards near Penitentiary, Balem, Or. 8 S-dw
, , 316 Commercial 8treot, Salem.
Only tho Best Stock Boujtbt. - Only the Beet Meata Bold.
Good Bervice, Prompt delivery,
If bo, come and select one from our complete assortment. Mattings also, and
oilcloths and linoleums.
Will come next,
Iu these we are oflVrlng some great bargains. Prices and patterns and
styles to suit everyone.
We are closing out the balance of the Fleming stock of shoes at very low
prices. Also we are ebowiug a nice clean stock of new goods.
&.Our Drew Goods and Jacket ate objeeta of a4utioaf
Teachers' Examination.
Notice is hereby given that fur lbs
purpose of making an examination of
all persons who may ofler themselves
as candidates for teachers of the schoolj
ui wiih cuuuiy, me couuty sciiooi super
intendent thereof will hold an examl.
nation at Salem, Oregon, at one o'clock
Wednesday, November 8lb, 1803,
Applicants for state papers will be ex.
amined at the same time and place.
Dated this 23d day of October, 1893,
J. 8. Graham,
w2t-dlw Co. Bupt.
Headquarters for all daily papera. at
J. L. Bennett's post office block oewi
stand, tf
Economize in Paper.
Clean newspapers, tied in buudlcs of
100, not cut, for sale at tbis office at
fifteen cents a bundle. A heavy straw
wrapping paper, large sheets, two cento
a pound. Next door to the postofflce.
The Cheapest. Have the Daily
Journal left at your office or real
dence. Only 50 cts a mouth. By mail
25 cts a month.
WAM'ts.1). To rent lu cltv. two furolihsl
rooms for light house-kteplng. Aldrtti
Mrs. M, C Brown, Salem. 10 'Sf
HOUE AND LOT. No. 100 Seventeenth
ptreet, Capital l'ark, for sole rlieo :t
T 0-T. A
Betboot. at armory, or lnito-
XJ ingto
o. 13 Court street. Leave at tnu
WAITED Puvhlnt canvarscr of good ad
drew). Liberal salary and ezpeuees paid
weekly. Permanent position. UHOWN
BROS. Co., Nurseryman, Portland, Orepn.
31HIS PAPER la kept on file at E. C. Dake'i
. Advertising A gency , H and 65 Merchant!
zchange. Ban Frauclsco, California, where
contract for advertising can be made for Ik
kinds on sale at 826 Liberty street.
of all
Chatwin House.
Just south of the Methodist Church, in Salem,
Everything new and clean. Tables served
with the best of everything in the market.
Special attention to coraiuerclal travellers.
Meals 05 cts, Beard and lodging lrom MOO
week up.
The Oregon Land Co,
At Balem, U engaged in Belling fruit lands
In the vlclnltv of paTiom. Orphan, where more
fruit Is now growing than in any putt of the
Connecting and Primary Classes open
Monday, Sept. 25ili,
Htor. Court and Liberty streets, opposite orera
For teachers nnd mothers will begin October
2d. at the same place.
For particulars apply to
Mits. P. S. Knight,
Princlj al.
We have them alo. A large aud varied stock of elegant

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