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Associated Press Daily News
paper Published on the
Pacific Coast.
$3.00 a Year.
SGcls. . Bioaih by Ntett
Propald in Ad-aaee
No Papers Seat Wkea
Tlae is Oat.
VOL. 6.
NO. 253.
"HJgWvi ''-V
I i
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you want a pair of men's, ladies' or child
ren's shoes, see what
The New York Racket
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Ed. C. Cross,
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Smoked Meals of nllliiuds
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The Biggest Battleship
Afloat is Launched.
Description of the Sea-Going
Five Million Dollars Blown in for
War Glory.
ULiJLI l'HVlU UilUiUiUiiiuviiiuiuvuN..
MBV IaOO.k."JL".m.!JP.BM
Corner State and Liberty, Opposite Gray Bros. Hardware.
Regular auction Sales every' Saturday at 1 p. m. Second
hand goods bought and sold $$$$$;
E. Meeker & Co,,
Hop Exporters
OFFICE, Oberheiui Block, up stairs, Salem.
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Lamoureux's Stables,
At the Commercial street or,Wll,
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rigs nor poor borstB.
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The West Printing Ca5Si?
t T)nADnnnhlA TrlC6fi
Special attention to mall order. First class wore. 0reon,
nn . l-l CI
The Oregon Launched.
San Francisco, Oct. 25. Shortly
before noon toduy the batt o i-hlp Ore
gon, the first vessel of her class con
structed on the Pacific cast, was
launched from the ways at the Union
Ironwork In the presence of one of
the greatost crowds of people which
ever assembled there, to witness a simi
lar event. Representatives of the army
uud navy, civil, officials of the general
Kovernmontaud the states of California
and Oregon, and a largo number of In
vited guests were present.
At the moment the several thouBaud
tons of steel commenced to glide down
the vuys, a hundred salutes were fired,
bands of music played national airs,
thousands of spectators gave cheer afcer
cheer, and every steam whistle within
a radius of a mile of the works Joined
In the chorus. The launch was entire
ly successful, and the new battleship
now lies in a little lagoon In front of
the Union Iron works awaiting her
completion which will be pushed as
rapidly as possible.
The Oreeou is what is technically
known as a sen-going coast line battle
ship, and is the most powerful ship in
the United States navy, bbo will have
a maximum speed of sixteen and two-
leuths knots, and will tarry a crew or
four hundred and sixty men.
The cost, exclusive of armament will
be four million dollars. The armament
consists of four 13-inch, eight 8-lnch
and four sixteen breech-loading lines;
..iso a second battery of a twenty-slx-
pounder and six one-pounder rapid-fire
guns, two gatlings aud also six torpedo
tubes, aud 13 Inch and 8 luch guns
mounted In turrets.
Proceedings in Congress.
Washington, D. 0., Oct. 20. When
the senate convened the repeal bill was
taken up. Teller resumed his speech
ainuf. the bill without finishing. He
yielded the floor to Squire who spoke
In favor of his amendment io mo re-
,oi hill Tn the house discussion or
the bankruptcy bill was resumed, Boat-
ner of Louisiana taking tne noor.
Well Eecelved.
Berlin, Oct. 27. -Hon. Theodore
Runyon, the new ambassador to Ger-
many, was presented ana prouutwu mi
credentials this morning. He was cor
dially received by tbe emperor.
Street Oar Btrlko.
St. Paul, Minn., Oct. 2u-EropJoyes
of the Twin City Rapid Transit Com.
panytothe number of four hundred
Btruok this morning. Men In Mlnnea--n.
., rrwrtrd to loin the strike. Bo
far all is quiet, thoucb officers have
been ordered to protect the company -
property. -.-,. -i,h aid
Some cable cars u .uuu.ut, -
of men who refused to strike and new
men have Leen tecured.
Big Strike in New 'Sork.
New YORK, Oct. 20.-S.X nunureu
men employed on the new building o
the Mutual Reserve ruuu uu -.
Telegraph Compiny struck this morn
log against a sub contractor who refused
to discharge non-union meu.
The Silvor Debate
Washington, Oct. 23. The repeal
bill was taken up and Pugh spoke
agatnst It. Referring to the recent com
bromlse. Push Bald tho Dimooratlo sen
ators had held a caucus aud selected an
equal number of senators from those
friendly to unconditional repeal and
those opposed to It, and with the full
knowledgo of President Cleveland aud
Secretary Carlisle that such an effort
was being made to bring the Democrat
ic senators together upon Borne common
ground that could bo enacted Into a
law. They accomullshed that laudable
undertaking so far as to agree upon a
compromise that secured tbe signatures
of every Democratic senator but six.
The fact was not considered doubtful
that 43 Democratic senators would have
sanctioned compromise had not the
president Interposed any objection, and
demanded unconditional repeal at all
hazards. Pugh was now satisfied that
all effort at compromise had failed sole
on account of Cleveland and the secre
tary of tho treasury. He was satisfied
he could get a sufficient number of seu
ators to Join him In filibustering, aud
ha wns forced to record his vote acalnst
this diabolical measure, and to appeal
to the people to organize their rorcea lor
the creat battle of the future. Pugh
said he wus willing us he had sufficient
support to resort to any and all means
to defeat tho impending bill. Ho was
proud to be called a filibuster In defeat
lug a conspiracy pqual in ruinous con
sequence of Its success to war, pcstll
once, and famlno. He would rather
be called a filibuster by the conspirators
and lickspittles of the gold kings than
be called a traitor and faithless repres
entative by the state and pooplo who
houored him with their trust aud con
fidence. As for himself, he would do
his duty as a senator as ho understood
It and leave tbe consequences to God
and his couutry.
Stewart then resumed his speech.
He sp'iko of tho gold combination as
having agenta in the capital to dictate
legislation and as having elected a
president determined to oarry out the
policy. The president was in tho sad
dle und congress was helpless. The
time might come when tho haughty
K-r.intj. would meet arebuke from tho
7--" l t
nnmile. i. V
taken, so general Is tho desire on the
part of the members to get away. It
would be next to impossible to hold a
quorum of either bouse in Washington,
oyen should It bo attempted. Atone
time it was believed there would be an
effort to pass the bill for the extension
of the.Chluese exclusion act but that
probability lias been averted.
Sherman Will Wait-Populists Will
Not Filibuster.
Washington, Oct. 20 Senator Qher
man says he has no intention to ofler
an amoudment to the repeal bill for tho
Issue of two hundred millions of gold
bonds to stongtben tho gold reserve at
this Bcsslon. At tho regular session,
howevor, he will introduce a bill for
that purpose.
Senator Peflcr denies that popullstB
intend to filibuster against repeal.
Supposed Vindication.
Wabhinuton, Oct. 24. A telegram
has been received by Secretory Hoke
Smith announcing administration has
been vindicated by a largo demoorstlo
majority in tho eleotiouB at Perry, Ok
lahoma. The Intention of tho telegram
is to Bhow that tbo method of opening
the Gherokeo strip does not seem to
meet with so much dissatisfaction as
has bcou alleged.
Woman Indicted.
Eugene, Oct. 20. Special. Mrs.
Patterson Wallace, of Albany, waB in
dicted by the grand jury for practicing
medicine without a license or diploma.
She will outer a plea tomorrow.
A Fino Electric Wiro Doea tho Busi
ness With Neatnoss and
This nftcrnoon a flue gray horeo of
Lon. Gesnor'a wa? shod at Wlllard's
blacksmith shop on Btftto street, and as
ho waB taken out by a youog man on
his back ho passed through tbo back
door Into tho alley near tho fire alarm
bell, he stopped upon a small wiro that
was down, and was klllod without
Tho boy at once siczed
Highest of all in Leavening Power. Latest U. S. Gov't Report
mm ivmiCl
fa i
The Day's Disclosures by Cablo
Enforced Slavery Abolished
San Jose, Oct, 28. -President Reina
Barrios decreed that labor should
henceforth bo frco all over tho country.
Ry this deoreo tho oldest Institution of
enforced labor is abolished. This per-
uleious system was nothing lesa than a
form or slavery, thinly disguised.
Tho police aro busy tearing down
posters, calling upon Guatemalans to
defend their rights. Circulars are se
orotcly distributed, denouncing Presi
dent Barrios and his wifo, tho latter
being characterized as an "Interloping
Amerlcau." It la stated that tho gov
ernment is banishing all arrested per
sons, but it la believed that ono or two
have been shot. The prisoners nro con
fined in the military barraoks, which
no one else ia allowed to enter.
nun. iuu mucu struggle, xno ooy at ouce bh-zuu
' ru . . ...1li.,. limn anlninl anfl PA.
B(mc. rBaKStafcvu "IWKOioiuvo vuu nu..u., ?u .v-
Wuen atewirt nan inizeu au uuui u. cuiVca considerable oi a shook uiuikcii,
903 Commercial St.,
K. V. PAHKHURflT. PwaldenU
nvn wn.LIAMS. Tremurer
Vf. Jrrv.iv Mannrer.
K. V. PAHKHURflT, JWiaeai. y,(, uuiui. "
PadMand and Orchard Co.
Five and Ten Acre Fruit Farms
I ii I
I 7TTn I
Hu proren an tnWHU
!lttio for all itiu,t.
e womu no oiii "
tiKt. If ttlen In time It
ISllliT ctlonofll luna
tions oi tut BD""L?
orpuw. Vonoc Udlrt
UiS ee ot iUnr, n
so, he yielded the il or to his colleague
Jones, saying he would finish his re
marks at another time. Jones dis
cussed at leugeh tho relations of work-
Ingmeu to the money system.
The committee on banking and cur
rency will probably report u bill today
remitting the 10 per cent. .tax which It
is proposed to tevy on olearlng-houto
certificates. These certificates In the
Bouth were not handled In the same
m-inner as those In New York. Iu the
South they passed from baud to hand,
and were mde to take the place of
money. It was stated upon them that
tliev should be redeemed at the bauk
Issuing tbom on a certain date. It waa
the opinion of most members or tue
nnmmlttee that these certificates clearly
ca ne within me meauiug oi mo mw
and that a bill la neoesjary to remit tho
The prospeot at the close of the son-
ate was favorable to voting on me
amendments to the repeal bill by Fri
day. Senator Jones will couciuue auu
Senators Ttller, Martin, Allen und
Stewart each desire to talk. So far as
Is learned there will be no otner
speeches and when the last of these Is
concluded voting will ue luonexiimug
In order. A ltr Inquiry confirms the
oredictloa heretofore made that some
of the amendments will receive a suffi
cient vote to Insure their adoption but
It Is possible that none of them will re
noi na hlch a vote as will be recorded
In opposition to the bill. The reason
for this Is found in tne raci inesiiver
men do not expect any of them to carry
and therefore consider It unnecessary
to attempt to have any of them adopted.
A majority of the free coinage men are
of the opinion that oothlng can be
.rHtinon that would banavanw-
,m. tn llver and many of them an
nounce their Intention of voting only
for the free coinage amendment ana or
giving no countenance to any of the
other amendments.
Tbe Republicans have abandoned all
Idea of Introducing the amendment as
h nartv measure. Sherman thinks au-
thorlty shouiu oo kv" ".
bet a dimeulty in gening suuh .r
vision through at this time and will, In
all probability, not attempt It.
It u bhve.I If voting n tne uinei-u-
inent(nb be,can early Kridy mo
dual vote en Im rwcuen iy n...n.jr
and tbe Wll ot to tliH hou forac
... ivi,.. the huutethall have act-
mn tbe bill there U very
but was not eorlously hurt. Tho wire
which did tho fatal work was tho small
alarm wiro running from tho engine
house to tho fire boll. It had been
down all tho forenoon, but up to this
tlmo It cannot bo learned from what
cause. Tho wire out a deep gasn inio
tho breast of tho horse between tbo foro
legs, whloh fact probably causod tho
sudden death.
Funeiial. Tho funeral of Miss Olive
Conwell will take nlace at tho resldenoe
Friday morulug at 11 o'clook, after
which tho remains and friends will bo
conveyed to tho pissenger depot by
electrlo car, whence tho body will be
taken to Iowa for burial.
Died. This morning, at the home
east of town. Mre. Mary Dexter, aged
28 years, of consumption. Deceased
leaves a husband and two small chil
dren. Funeral will taUo place Friday
at 10 o'clock a. m,
Fresb smelt at Davison's.
In the City. rtome 'taw may not
know It, but there Is now In Balem the
best selected stock of groceries over In
the city. This will please hundreds,
who will crowd to Clark & Eppley's
for them.
Deafness Oannot Be Oured
by local applications as they cannot
reach the diseased portion oftheeur.
There Is only ono way to euro deafneiw,
and that Is by constitutional remedies.
Deafnw Is caused by nn imiamea coo
dltlon of the mucous lining of tbe Rus
tachlan tube. When this lube Is In
flamed you have a rumbling sound or
imriArfwt hearlnir. and when it is en
tirely closed, deafness Is the result, and
utile the lnflsmatlon can be taken
out and this tube restored tolls normal
condition, hearing will be destroyed
forever; nine can out of ten are cauted
by catarrh, which Is nothing but an in
flamed condition of the mucous snr-
We will give one hundred dollars for
any case of deafness (caused oy rniarrui
that cannot oe curea oy u o wwiu
Cure. Bend for.clrculars; free.
F. J. ChbnkV A Co., Toledo,0.
IfirSold by Druggist, 76o.
Fresh shad at Davison's.
Washington. Oat. 20. The navy
department has learned by authority
late by telegram from Rear-Admiral
Stanton, In command of the United
States naval forces at Rio Janeiro, that
this 'officer bad saluted the Jhg of Ad
mlralWeilo, commanding the Insurgent
fleet. This salute was unauthorized by
any Instructions tho admiral una re
ceived. It was an unfriendly act to
ward a frlondlv rower, and tho secre
tary of the navy, after consulting with
the president and secretary or state, M .
ued an order detaoblng Admiral Stan
ton from the command of his squadron,
turning It over to Captain Picking, the
next officer In rank. This was In reply
to a telegram of Inquiry.
Rio Janeiro, Oct. 20. Polxoto'a gov
ernment issued a decree October 16
which extended the period of martial
law, under which tho city has been
placed from that date up to October 28,
LThe same decree restricts tho liberty
or press entlrely.provldes for the expul
sion of foreigners from tho country
who may render themselvoo obnoxious
to Pelxoto, and removes any guarantee
for the safety or their lives aud properly
which heretofore has been rendered.
Silver in Pom.
Lima. Peru. Oot. 20. Tho houso of
deputies has approved several clauses of
the monetary bill now unucr consiuera
tlon, and the export duty ou silver bars
has been abolished. Twenty-five per
cent of tho Import duties will be pay
able In cold coin atfor April 1 next,
and onlv Peruvian silver coin will
thereafter be legal tender throughout
tbe entire republic The senate has au
thorized tbe administration to Issue a
loan of 1,000,000 silver tols, guaranteed
by the excise duties, tho tax on opium
and 40,000 tons of guano from tho
Chinch! Islands.
You know a good thing when you
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JUT. Simeon Staples
Had a Running Sore
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tiounclng It rheum. It continued to In
creua In U, until I eouunencod taking
Hood's Bwiapwiua. and using Hood's Ollro
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Ointment In two J I wai completely
cured and hare nd no trouble with tt itncc
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tick. Ueadaeto, ad eonillpaUon. 2S.
tgif No Pape-i tent al"ier time of THIS ORDER Is out.-
gllver Bricjc Case.
Umtucio, Ills., Oct. 20.-In the case
ofA.T. Barker, accused of complcity
In stealing a silver brick from Idaho ex
hlbltat tbe Fair, waa continued to
November 2.
Important Decision.
Ottawa, III., Oct 26.-In the Sup
rerun Houri todav was decided that the
weekly pay that was iaed by tho last
3ooTnnow that an adjournment will be legislature was unconstitutional.
Balem, Okkoom.
For one month find
For two months
For four months "
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Capital Jouunal by mall. (Krase lines not
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ii .-. 80tl
posrovricj. .
-.1W..".. f
I OOT THIOUT,fllllnnMn4sBlMSptt-olSO'fl
atawjMBot tJtM
tt -i
saeem; ' -
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