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v&zrsGr diJ?ia?Ali .JoTraxAi., WednesbA, ovembE i, iitfi.
Capital Journal Publishirg Company
V rioTtm Btock. CoflnnereiU Street.
HOfER BROTHERS. - - - Editors.
xnr.7 . jx month..
1 -allr.br mail, ftrftw,
Wtfr. pajM,perjrer.
A orrepeodrDi.wril:
"I Hboukl UUe tft aek If yoa are not
tabletdl.tgjriycrtir statement t bat tbe
gfivetamenWM forced to redeem the
allver ceniflkleij in gold.' Doea not
the Sherman law Bay they eball be re
deVttfd in gold or silver coin at tbe op
tion uMbo' secretary of the treaauo?
Wbere does the force come in? Tbe
Sherman law snoald bo repealed; to
make way fotiftto cofBage," undoubted
ly." While tbe law fa as above quoted lb
practical operation of tbe Sherman law
was to drain tbe treasury of gold. Tbf
large transactions at the public treasury
are not made in silver. Tbey are made
In paper and gold, and u a gold baai.
While tbe government paid out on
gold bacla its revenuts were coming in
on a silver basin, in silver dollars ami
Bilver certificates. 8-) Ihe government
was put in tbe bole and sliver wa noi
put in circulation. It waa an expen
five round about method of buying
bullion and contracting the volume o
gold without lucreaaiog tbe volume
silver money. It worked well enougl.
for a while under Harrison, but did no
aolve tbe problem. It vaanosubstltuu
for free coinage, yet Imperilled tbe golo
standard and threatened to send gold
to a premium.
Under the Democraticadminictratfon
trade became stagnated, factories closed,
tbe balance of trade went against tbr
country and, as tbe treasury bad con
stantly tbe worst end of tne bargain
under tbe silver porcb&ee law, tbe bur
den became too great t be carried with
out danger of a complete collapse. The
collapse has been averted by stopping
tbe biggest leak, the paying out of gold
to get onto a silver basis. From a busi
ness standpoint tbe national treasury If
in a better fix as soon as that act In
comes a law. It can recover itself. It
can restore its reserve fund and main
tain its credit before the world. It can
borrow and do business with the ex
changes of the world if It has any to do
without tbe disadvantage of being
compelled bylaw to cripple Its resources
with constant useless purchases of sil
ver. The, national treasury will tu
rn ore free to serve tbe nectsitles of the
government and transact its own busi
ness. Whether it shall be more useful
to the peoplo with the silver act re
pealed remains to be reen. No one
pretends that this is a final solution of
tbe financial problem. That Is still be
fore us. But that solution is simplified
and now becomes possible. It is un
doubtedly along tbe Hue of free coin
age of gold and silver, the government
retalnlog sufficient seigniorage to pay
expenses of coinage, and Issuing sum
dent paper money on a coin basis di
rectly to the peoplo for the necessities
of commercial transactions.
A Salem man asked the prico of green
tomatoes at one of the stores. The
merchant said CO cents per bushel.
That Is rather blgb,sal(l the man. Un
der tbe present administration, he said,
money was so scarce that it seemed u
high price for green tomatoes.
"But this administration Is green
like the tomatoes and besides It Is lu a
h 11 of a fix." This was rather
more forcible than elegant, but Is so far
the best description of our government
that can be givon. The old grocery
man was right. It is a green tomato
administration. It will never ripen
Into any good fruit. It niskci u man's
mouth pucker to taste of it. The peo
plo don't like it.
The city is flooded and will be until
after the holidays with fake advertising
schemes. They are solicited in the
uamo of charily, religion and educat
ion, all sorts of deudbeat enterprises,
get up advertising cards and business
men are mulcted for 60 cts., $1, f2, 15,
$10, or tbo solicitors beg trade, or ex
change of services, or oven old clothes,
Tho tramp begging for food Is not a
more formidable objoot of terror tbau
these cauvussora for ads. Of course,
there la no busluess about theso outer-prl-ses
except to get shekels into the
pocket of the sohemer. It has several
tmk effects. The art and business of
legitimate advertising is discredited,
bMUee the people who pay their dol
lars cxpectiug returns uro dlsappoluted.
Tb legitimate field of advertising suf
fers, in tbe dally aud weekly newspaper,
Institutions that are inulntalued at great
xpeae for dispatches and to encourage
all enterprises aud proinoto tho welfare
U the city. The third evil eilect of
tkke advertising is thut It enubles u lot
etldte persona to beat their way through
... .till r I
JIM uy a lasuiouaoio aiuu in uegnnry. (
Cauy oftkeo autue people aud thote
tbey gull continually figure in tbe
newspapers at their expense. Tbe
newspapers are tbe greatest sufferers
from fake advertWng.
Mr. John Nott has commenced, fin
ished and moved into his new house
this week. Great credit Is due to Ar
chitect Bueker and Master Builder
Roberts for their energetic and pushing
'Bill Jones was In town last sum
mer." Lon'Gregory has commenced bnlld
log bis new residence in Reader addi
tion to Aumsville.
Mr. Baynard baa fininbed'and moved
in bin new home.
Tbe new school bouse 'Ui nearing
completion, and to say the least the
building makes a fine appearance, and
itis'no wcidder that when the Aums
vlllfans visit neighboring towns that
tbey step a little bigb.
Our enterprising neighbor Mr. Weav
er is making things bum on bis ranch.
He Is starting strawberries and frnit
trees, sowing gran seed and ditching
be land. If tbe neighbors don't louk
ut Weaver will have one of the best
fruit farms in these parts.
"Bill Jones was in town last tam
ner." Mr. King has commenced building s
residence on Bismark avenue. '
Aumsville is booming, new buildings
ire being built in every direction.
Rev. Gunners of Torner held a series
f meeting at this place laat week and
II1 continue this week, a minister
inoe esid "That one man and God wat
t majority." If I was a minister I
ibould want to be sure of God being on
ny side, before trying to capture the
Mr. Kirk pa trick has moved into bis
uew houe on Blsmark avenue.
"Bill Jones was In town last sum
mer." William White has not been in town
C. Parker has moved away from
town and is building a residence on bis
own place.
Tbe little daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
Bill has recovered from her late sick
ness. Mr. Moyer and James Cole went to
Portluud Friday.
Dan Smith will open store in tbe Nott
building. "Dun" to Bell lots of goods,
will be expected to be very accommo
dating aud to give lots of credit.
Mrs. Swank returned from her ex
tnded trip Etst. She visited old Kau
sas, Iowa, Ohio, Michigan, and tbe
world's fair, aud when she gets rested
up we expect to hear all about tbe trip.
"Bill Joues was in town last sum
Rev. Royal aud family were guests of
Mr. Chupau one day last week.
Ed Lark is nursing Job's afflictions.
Our butchers are kept busy.
Rhv. Swain preached here last Satur
day evening.
The presiding cider preached Sunday
evening to a large audience.
A bouncing bay arrived at Geo. Itofl
Monday. He will be a good People's
Party mau when his time comes to
Mrs. F. Massey was a passeuger to
Salem last Thursday.
J. W. Shaffer had business lu Port
land Mouday.
M. L. Joues went to Portland Tues
Our little village can boast of a
butcher shop, ru'u by Shailer & Shaw.
Mrs. E. K. 8haw and Mr. J. W.
Fruit drove to Salem Saturday.
Rev. Farusworth and family dined
at Wm. Walker's Saturday.
Mlt Fannie Norwood came down
from Salem Saturday.
Elton 8haw and Guy Loouey attend
ed Sunday tchool at Huzel Greeu Sun
day. a
A Wonderful Machine.
Tliero is no doubt that man Is a fine
meuhuulsm, but like every other ma
chine he wears nut by friction. It is
said that he is born uguin every two or
three years. Ills body is virtually re
inude from food. To retard this mak
ing over Is radically wrong, us a mau
loses to much vitality in the deluyed
process that It takes u long time to re-
cuperutc The process of making auew
is so accelerated by pur-dmr with
uraudreth's Pills that a uew umu, as it
were, may bo made lu two or three
mouths, uud the changoln tkomechau
bm it such that the worn out part U
replaced iy tue new witiiout tno usnai
runnlug down of tho eutiro machine.
You don't have to stop for renulnt
Purgn away with Uraudreth's Pills tbe
old, diseased aud woru out body. They
are purely vegetable, absolutely harm
less, aud safe to take at any time.
Why suffer from ludlgestlon and
dvspeitsla? .Simmons Liver Regulator Is
ploisaut audcuns.
Tutt's Pil.uj require uo changa of
drape Vines for Sale.
I have pnipoguted several thousand
good strong two year old train) vine
I for beitingi lit, nKttorleu vurtttes, mil
... . .. -..
ing nit nuiiuis III uirK"li U lit CUGUj
K ,r ,, tM jj. Holer, buleui. Or,.
Juuhnaju ofllce. dw
It takes 1,500,000 men to work the
world's coal mines.
The United States and Australia are
nearly equal in area.
A single trip of an ocean steamer re
quires $7,000 worth of coaL
A secret, like an oyster, cannot be kept
too close, for the moment it is opened it
The Russian authorities have forbid
den the publication of marriage offers in
the newspapers.
Tbe Mount Vernon association holds
the key of the Bastile presented to Wash
ington by Lafayette.
On the body of a notorious brigand
recently killed in Turkey was found
1,000 and a notebook which showed he
had murdered 103 men.
A New York cat, whose teeth had
been knocked out by a ruffian, had a
false set made for it hy a dentist and
wears them comfortably.
China is about to establish a postal
system, beginning with the seaports. It
is hoped that within 10 years it will be
extended throughout the empire.
Tbe most skilled workman in New
York is an operative whose business it
is to make the lenses of astronomical
instruments. This man has but one eye.
Drummers are to be attached to the
Paris police. When riots are appre
hended, the beating of the police drum
will be equivalent to reading the riot act.
Tbe official organ of the Vatican has
denied that the pope owns several mil
lions of dollars' worth of land in Lon
don from which he derives a princely in
come. Queen Victoria now rules a popula-
fcon of 557,000,000 a larger number
jhun ever acknowledged the sovereignty
of any other person in ancient or mod
ern times.
The "goober" industry of Norfolk is
unique. Here is a little city in Virginia
that has become the greatest distributing
center of peanuts in the world. A pea
nut is a pretty small item, but an an
nual crop of something like 5,000,000
bushels, worth millions of dollars, makes
a pretty big item.
Frank T. Starr writes to the New
York Sun: "I see a great deal in the
newspapers about little Esther Cleve
land being the first baby ever born in
ihe White House. How about James
Appleton Pierce, son of Franklin and
Jane Means Appleton Pierce, born in
the White House, Washington, April 12,
1803; died March 4, 1834?"
A Mecca Caravan Seized by Arab.
Hag Ahmet-el-Assal, a pilgrim lately
returned from the Mecca pilgrimage,
has been narrating the terrible expe
riences of his party to the editor of a na
tive Egyptian paper called The Mokat
tam. The p'irim, wjiose respectability
is vouched for, we are told, by an Egyp
tian sheik who is greatly respected in
Cairo, declares that on returning from
Mecca, the "rafilat," or detachment of
the caravan to which he belonged, and
which was composed of about 700 cam
els, left Bir-Said at daybreak and baited
at sunset at the foot of a mountain, on
tho road to Yaniboo.
A few minutes after arriving there the
rafilat, composed of men, women and
children, found themselves attacked by
Bedouins of the desert, who attacked
them with the utmost savagery, slaying
and maiming the men of tho party. The
hot, dry sand was wet with blood. Some
of the women, after being robbed of their
clothes and valuables, were left to their
fate. The younger and better looking
ones were carried off as slaves. With
great difficulty the narrator of these facts
escaped with his life.
The poor pilgrims so cruelly outraged
had actually paid 0 plasters each and 20
piasters each for their camels to the gov
ernor of Medina to secure his protection
against the Bedouins. The conclusion
drawn by the Egyptian paper is that the
Ottoman government is not really mas
ter of Arabia, but that it leaves the
sheiks absolutely free to rob and plun
der, provided they profess a nominal al
legiance. London News.
One Woman lias Her Say,
The lords of creation aro bo convinced
of their competence to manage all sorts
and conditions of affairs that it is often
a surprise to them that their woman
kind resent their intervention in matters
domestic. The average husband feels
confident that if ho but had his way the
children would be well disciplined, the
servants obedient, tho household bills
reduced by half and the whole estab
lishment worked with clocklike regular
ity. If, however, ho is allowed to put
his theories into practice, tho result is a
goneral confusion and irritation, which
lasts until the house mother again gath-,
era up the reins of power, dismisses her j
ill advised assistant to the more appro
priate employment of his business or his
The reasons for the failuro of mascu-1
line interference are not difficult to dis
cover. A man's mind is quito unfitted
for tho ever varyiug miuutho of house- j
the routine of an office or barracks is im
possible in a family chiefly composed of
women, and that tho only way to secure
domestic peaco is not to attempt rigid
dlscipliue, but to exercise tact and for
bearance, adapting general rules to par
ticnlar cases. New York Commercial
Connecting and Primary Classes open
Xottda), Sept. 25tli,
Oor, Court and Liberty slrceU, opposite oner
for teachers and mothers will benu October
Id. at the tarns pfaoe.
For particulars apply to
Mrs. P. S. Knight,
- madia!,
Heigh hat riihtu aad battercsps
Fair j-ettow daffodils, rtareir a&d taU.
tVbea th wtad wake, betr ther rock la tb
And dance with tbe ciwloo bods, tknder and
Here's two boner bo7s,az.d here's mother's
own lassies.
Eager to gather them aJL
Heigh ho! daisies aad betteraps,
Mather shall thread thera a eVater chain,
sling thrra a ws of the prettr hedge tparrow
That fsTeil her brown fcfttle eses, lored them
fall fain:
Bine. "Heart, tboa art wide thoGgh the bouse
be bet narrow
Sins once, and ting It again.
Heigh ho dailies and batlereaM. i
Sweet wagging towjHp. they bead and thtr
A ship sails afar over warss ocean waters.
And bapir one msdng dotb stand at her
O bounj brown sons, and O sweet little daugh
ters. Marbe he thinks on roa now.
Heigh ho! daisies and buttercup".
Fair reiiow daffodil, statelr and tall:
Jl snnshlnr work) fail of tasghter and leisure
And f reb hearts nncoatcioos of sorrow and
Send down on their pleasnre smiles pauing ite
that is over us aJL
Jean Ingelow.
Pbotographs on JIarblev.
The desideratum of printing pho
tographs on marble has now been
realized to such a degree as to insure
a genuine artistic result and this by
a process both simple and econom
ical. In carrying out this method an
unpolished plate of marble is care
fully coated with a solution consist
ing of 500 parts benzine..500 parts
spirits of turpentine, 50 parts of as
phaltum and 5 parts of pure wax.
When dry, it is exposed under a neg
ative, which will take in sunshine,
about 20 minutes. After developing
with spirits of turpentine or benzine
and washing in plenty of water, the
plate is covered where it is intended
to be left white with an alcoholic so
lution of shellac, and this is im
mersed in any dye which" is soluble
in water. After a certain time has
elapsed and when a sufficient quanti
ty of the coloring matter is found to
have entered the pores of the stone,
it is taken out and polished, the prod
uct being very satisfactory. Photo
graphisches Archiv.
The pastor of a church in the state
of Washington when a boy stole a
ride on 'the cowcatcher of a locomo
tive on an eastern railroad. His con
science recently pricked him, and he
sent the company $3.45, the amount
of tie passage, with interest
The Human Electrical Forces!
How They Control the Organ:
of the Body.
The electrical force of tho human body, ar
the nerve fluid may bo termed, lj aa espe
cially attractive department of science, as It
exerts so marked an influence on tho healtl
of the organs of the body, herve force U
produced t)y the brain and conveyed bj
means of the nerves to the various organs o.
tbo body, thussupplylng the latter with tht
vitamy necesjary to in
sure their health. Tho
pneumnastrlc nerve, as
shown here, may be said
to be tbo most Important
of tho entire nerve sys
tem, as it supplies the
heart lungs, stomach,
boirels. etc, with the
nerve force necessary to
keep them active and
healthy. As will bo seen
by the cut the Ions nerve
descending from the
base of tho brain and
termlnatlnz in the bow
els is the pneumogastrlc,
while tbe numerous lit
tlo branches supply the
heart. lungs and stom
aeh with necessary vi
tality. When tho brain
becomes In any war dis
ordered by irritability
or exhaustion, the nerve
force which it supplies
is lessened, and the or
gans receiving tho di
minished supply aro con
seouentlv weakened.
Physicians generally fall to recognize
tbe Importance of this fact, but treat tin
organitselfinsteadof the cause of tho troublt
The noted specialist, Franklin allies. Jl. I).,
hit. B., has given tho greater part of hi life
to the study of this subject, and the prin ipi
discoveries concerning it are duo to hi e .forts.
Dr. Miles' Restorative Nervine, the unri
valed brain and nerve food, lspreparedonthe
principle that all nervous and many other
difficulties originate from disorders of the
nerve centers. Iu wonderful succeai lnc irlng
these disorders is testified toby tnousands In
overypartof tho land.
Itestoratlve Nervine cures sleeplessness;
nervous prostration, dizziness, hysteria, sex-
ual dobiuty, St. Vitus dance, epilepsy, etc.
ii ireoirom opiates or aangerous urugs.
U sold on a nosltlvo irunrantee bv all drug
gists, or sent direct by the Or. Miles Medical
Co.. Elkhart, Ind., on receipt of price, f 1 per
botrio, six bottles for (S, express prepaid.
Jold by O. J. Fry, urtiKKial, Balem
In riiiios a fwnllr of ulna children, ray only
rme4r (or Oouh. Cold and Croup wu onion
Trap. ItUJaluffeUTtc-dyuUwasfort7
Ter aro. How mj irandehlldna Uka Dr.
nuna Onion ftrrap, whloo U already prapuvd
cd mor ple.nt to U tad. Soli vorrwtxi.
Lars bottlM CO tuti. Tax no uUUtuu for It
Hold bv lUvkett it VniiHIvrx.
Legal Blank Publishers.
ilusb's New llrltk.over tba Unk.Com'l street
Manutartcre Standard Hreaaed Brick,
Molded Hrirk In all Patterns for KrvnU
KAvJvjr JNL Jisj
and supply the brek torthe New Kt)em Cltv
Hall aud nearly all that nuo building erected
Ywd now i'vultenUary, Salem, Or. 8-J-dw
Bex at tb WroDz; Ksd.
A cigar dealer near Qoincy market
has frequent occasion to joke abotjt
some of the methods of business in
vogue among his patrons, who are
mostly marketmen. One morning
recently a customer of one of the
fruit venders near by was complain
ing about the poor quality of a barrel
of apples that had been sold to him a
day or two before.
Why," said he, "the farther I
went into the barrel the poorer the
apples were."
The man who sold them was non
plused for a reply, but the cigar man
came smiling to his rescue by remark
ing: "You made a mistake, sir, in open
ing the barrel at the wrong end. If
you had begun at the other end you
would have found that the fruit im
proved the lower you went into it"
All laughed, and while the apple
seller made the required concession
the cigars were on the man who com
plained. Boston Herald.
m,mm&M uz
Mr. Grant W. Barnes
"For years I have had heart difficulty and
kidney trouble. I was unable to sleep on my
leftside. I am now free from kidney trouble
and can sleep on either side, thanks to
Hood's Sarjaparllla. My wife had chronic
sore throat for 20 years. Since takinj
Hood's Cures
Hood's SarsapariUa she has not liad sore
throat except once when she took cold."
Ghaxt w. Babxes, Klchford, X. Y.
Hood's Pills are the best after-dinner
PUIs, assist digestion, cure sick headache.
rrCHEtO PTT.V.-1 ksown by laotitsrs
lice penplraUon. caose intense xtcnur
wnen warn. This form and B7.IKD,
Buxuii'a or raoTRPSixo yn.rf
which acta diroctlr on part aJTocted
a permanent core. JMoo COc I-uirx1ta
or num. Ir. Bounko,PsUdelp)Ua,Fa.
Hold by Baskett fe Van S ype.
Rheumatism; .
Lumbago, Sciatica,
Kidney Complaints.
Lame BacK, cu
With Electro-Magnetlo SUSPENSORY
T.I..I P.I..I.I It... a
enr without medicine aU Weitaoa rem lilae frora
oreNmiionof brain nrrre force.: czceaaes or lnol.
ereuon. as arrroca debility, leeplemes. Unrnor.
rheojaiuim, kidney, lirer and bladder complinta
Umebac. Jombato. aditJee, all female complaint?
J?S"0"''ftSr eferor.'w forfeit $1,000.00, and
wUT cure ail of the abore . dUeea or no par. thoo.
St. ?, ZZJ?1 '2re1.OT tu' rnawelooTTnTenaoa
-. i -- inn7naa i
tnitaaUy f eu tor wearer
will cure all of the abon
aTtlMla hrs Soami unrl
ft TiTfalf Tl-T TeTa.lIV eTU TKIUUil
asilSSX&SJ'SSi ssss
of teeUmonUla In this and erery other Rate! ""i
jrw him zxectric rc&rxxsosT. Us
Nd- Bend for lflneM IHunphlet, inaJled.ataJed. tro
kTa. Z7aPlrstatrcet.PORXxaVa'Xe OKZ.
Reduction in Price of Gas.
From and after October 1st, 1893. the
price of gas will be as follewa:
Less than 600 .'cubic feet per month
$3.50 per 1000 cubic feet.
Over 500 cubic feet per month $3.00
per 1000 cubic feet.
Special rates for large consumption
given on application to
J. H. ALLEN, Prop.
Tbe very best of meats at all times,
and tbe let of service,
8Opposite Wade's Store.
213XComnrcl c . StUra, Ortros.
(Next door to Klein's.)
ipoclalty of Stxystacles, and renalrtac aocka.
Waiche-t nnit Jwlrv
On Improved Ileal Estate, in amonnts and
lime to suit. 9 delay In coru-ldtrlDc loans.
Doom 12. IniHti Itant blnrk. 8 IMw
Rates, $20 to Spo.00 per Day J
The beat hotel between Portland aad Baa
PVe'fOQ, rnrst-claaa In all IU appointment.
Itn utile are served wttn th
Choicest Fruits
nrw .vhvv7'i'
Unnro In the WUUmeVU Valley.
A. I. WAGNER, Prop.
- - " " "
It is the small annoyances, like a lost collar,
button,, that fret and worry. Sour milk over
night; no milkman in the morning; no cream
for the coffee; no milk for the baby. The
Condensed Milk is always" ready for use. Use it
for tea, coffee and chocolate; for ice cream, sum
mer drinks and general cooking purposes.
Your Grocer and Druggist sell It.
fl -Ja&3?
This Cormtrj b fall of far, healthy
Completed and ready to wait oa cub torn era. Hones boarded by day or wwk
at reasonable prices. We keep a fall line of Truck, Drays and Exprwa to
meet all demands. Also keep tbe finest Btallinnn'lta-ttsls county, fororTriee.
Barn and residence 2 block Booth of postofSce. RYAN & CO.
. O - .Q-. . .,
Only One Gent Daily Newspaper
on th& Pacific Coast.
Receiving all1, the
, Associated-iPress
- j
? y
- up f irl.'
o ,. . .
These low-hord times rates nable evefyfajm r to havo
his daily paper and knowthe stateofftrfe imarket and' all the
news of the world.
Editorial comment is'fearJess and - independent. Edited
by its publ;sher8 to secure good government for the people,
able to deal justly and fairly witKall. .
Complete Telegraphic: State; Capital, For
eign, Market' andcBfop'News.
. ,A a. A
t t i iVtmaa' lain' (i it -- ,,
babies raised on the Eajie brand.
- " il"
r T i tv. ITiiOrfx
a ucuDie Mra8iier 1,
- iV - aV MA JIU -A

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