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f Br
f In the Lead
That is where wo are continually
etriving to be, spumed on by your
approbation and evidence of good
will. We think we have surpassed
our own record, though, this season.
You are warmly invited to iua
Going ottf of Business
Everything MiisI Go.
25 Der cent offon all Lamps and Toilet beta.
23 r '. Diihesaud Glassware.
m; i TeM arid Sjict.
30 . Bottled Goods, Preserve, &e.
j5 u Canned Goods and Baking Powders.
20 ParkaKeGxls, Soapa, &C.
S ii Coffees, bugare, &c
Come early, as we will not 8ock up in auy Hue after It ia sold out.
SROAT k GILE, Burke, Block, Below Ptstoffice.
- IR -
Yon are join r to build or mike any Mud of
Unproremeit. call on tie i er nel lor
material. - b re a mplete stock, and are
redy to supply any p epared contract, sewer
work, trading, etc
Salem Improvement Co.
Habd Lock. "John," said a Salem
paterfamilias to a friend yesterday, "I
ambavlagahard ran of luck. I bad
just saved up a nice little sum to buy
mo a new suit of c othes, but now 1
can't make it go." " Why not?" asked
bis aympatblzin.' friend. "Well you
see my wife and three daughters have
heard of Mrs. Mark Skiffs bat sale
coming off tomorrow, and they have
persuaded me to stand in with them
for they say that three bats can now be
bought for tho price ot one."
Expert Needed. County curt
meets next week. Will it appoint an
expert to examine the boobs for the
past four years at least? In view of the
results of expert examinations in other
counties, this should be done. Salem
Democrat One should be appointed
to ascertain bow Mr. Fiagg charged
$48 for a notice that no Marion c mnty
paper was charging over ?!2 tor with
lour times bis circulation.
The Ascent. The btlloon ascension
yesterday was successful as usual, Mis
Haz.-l Keyes not going as high as usual
she stopped this side of the clouds and
afforded the large crowd of spectators a
beautiful sight as the parachute Hew
Lamps. Parlor lamp?, table, bang
lug aud bracket lamps, in end lew vari
ety Just received at the BLUE FRONT.
11 5-2t
To Morrow. All the ladles are In
terested In the great reduced price bat
sale at Mrs. SklfTs Saturday.
Board Meetings. Next Mondaj
the various state boards of trustee
meet In regular session.
Bciiwaktzurod. Get your rye floui
at H. M. Brasou & Co.'s.
Way Up. The stock of surgeonV
sponges, cottons, lint aud gauges kep
at the Capital Drug Store Is uu equaled
In the city. W also have ApollouarU
Vichy, Hunyadl and Buffalo Lytuin
waters. Lunn & Brooks.
Ia word to
Our season's stock ia now on our
counters fresh, bright, beautiful in
rich assortment Now is tho timo to
MMke your selections, whilo you
Itave tho best to chooso from. Care
ful buviair has mado tho orices rhrht
CMMoM ia all tints for fancy work;
Coilulefci frames aud basket, and a
)mw Hh of ladles aud genta purses and
y wjMnhiYYffh',
r; . rs-ur . . m
SooMllcr, im CowiaarcialBt.
ever in the history of Salem
have so many shoes been
sold in so short a time as since
our Closing Sale started.
We still .have many choice
bargains and those wishing to
be fitted should come in at
once. Remember "we have
only the best makes, and can
still please you.
A marriage lcense was Issued yeater
day to Theodore Heuberger ar c
Hay Ruzniger, both reslden'
near Sublimity. Fronh Ticneno
was not committed to the Reforn
school. It w s found e was U.o ol. .
Richard Riley will hereafter assum
the leadership of the 2d Regimen
Band Mrs. S. R. Jessup Is at Port
land. For size, four potatoes left at
this ofllce by J. S. Frost f Polk count,
beats all records so far. One of theu
weighs ne rly four pounds and to
others are nearly as large of the Bui
bank variety. He makes $300 above
living this year off 15 acres of land,
and he and his wife are each about sev
enty years of age The Liberia;!
c mcert last night was played to a $170
hmse of which tue cornetist's part
got $103, It was quite satisfactory.
Bring In social an I fraternal items foi
Saturday's Journal. It will a-
tuual be a paper of many important
features. Mrs. It. 8. Wallace left
lust eveuing for Los Angeles. She
joined tbepriv'e p rtyof J. T. Wal
lace, chief engineer of the Illin ia Cen
tral railroad, who also left on their re
turn trip East. M . an I Mrs. Elmer
Harritt, accompanied by their litt'e
daughter Alice Lever e, are guests at
the home of J. W. and Mrs. Merrill on
Cottage str et. Prof. T. H. Atwood
succeeds Prof. C. W. Barr in the Cap
ital Buslneis College E. P. Spald
ing, the insurance agent and broker, !
confined to his room at Mrs. AikenV
residence n State street, with malaria
fever. Mr. and Mrs. E. F. Osburi
aro expected home from the world'?
fair nu tonight's tralu. Judge Bur
nett will resume court at Albauy next
Miuaay, Miss Margaret Kinsey re
turned this morning from a two
week's v sit t P atland.
The best nickel cigar on earth thest
bard times la the oue you don't spend
t nickel for. Miss Augusta Glesy, a
itudeutof the summer school, will re
main In Chicago some time before re
turning to her home In Oregon, having
been given a position in the Oregon
educatioual exhibit of the world's fair.
-...A light sprinkle last night was fol
lowed by a morning t rammed full of
prlug bretzM, ..Several replies are hi
to I'liK Jouk.vai, prize query. Now
push the "mum" show. Graudpa
Burnett, of tho poatoflleo newstand,
has a 1 pound pear, raised on his home
lot. The Altoua is duo up tonight
Bilua Jones has a new peanut en
gine A. Is. Bunta, of the fair
;rouuds has mating d the p op rty of
tho society so well that last tight he
was rewarde i by tho m rival of a
laughter Mrs. Biuta'a tlr t child all
well. A new porch on Hotel D' An-
lerson. .. To Robert Postl r, of Yew
Park, a son was born yesterday. H s
piMterlty Is we 1 established. .Hoeye
i Mills have a nice, neat, uew, and
modest sign before their otllo.....The
tuuuuucenieiit of high-class entertain
ments at M. E. church In thesa columns
bxles certain success two hundred
foketa bflug already sold
J. G Bcbarfl, of Portland, lareglste
ed at the Willamette Rev. Gwyune
Is at Gervals for a few days. ft, L.
Swarlz left for Portland this afternoon,
...Thos. Kay, the wool king, Is tt
Woodburn for the day Saturday
here will he slight rains with chang
ing temperature.
Receiver Appointed.
Coldmhus, Ohio, Nov, 3 The
Farmers' Loan and Trust Co., of New
York has asked a receiver to be ap-
minted for the consolidated Wellstou
Coal and Iron Co., of Ohio, .on the
round that It lias defaulted on Inter
st on Ave milllous of bonds ever sluce
Independent Evangelical Church of
Oregon Organized-
The following was received by I. B.
Fisher today from Judge Williams, at
With reference to the contempt
case here In Portland, we have In our j
possession letters from Bowersox and
also from Rev. Poling In which tbey
state that tbey and their ministers have
agreed to adopt and use the name of
"Independent Evangelical Church,"
o that we rezard this as now the pet
tled name of their organization in Ore
gon. They have also promised to fur
abb ns with the books which we re
quested them to furnish, and have sent
us three or four packages of books,
which we have not yet examined, but
take tbem to be records which we re
quired tbem to deliver prior to the set
tlement of the case."
Thus t nds the litigation in the Evan
gelical church case, and as will be eeen
Rev. Bowersox and his followers have
adopted a new name for tbeir organizt
tion in this state, "Independent Evan
gelical church" and will hereafter be
distinguished from the church of the
Evangelical Association.
O.nrae of High Grade Entertain
ments at the Salem First M.
E. Church
Beginning Nov. 8ih, and ending
Dei. 20th.
I. Lecturers secured are Prof. Yerex,
o' Willamette university, the world's
ftir illustrated by fifty stereopticon
vlsw". This entertainment Wednes
day evening, Nov. 8th.
II. D . Chas. Edwin Lake, Taylor
s'reet church Portland, "Every Inch a
III. Dr. Arthur Brown, of First
Presbyterian ebu'eh of Portland,
"F-uher Time."
IV. Rev. G. W. Grannla, "Funny
Tnlnzs In Dixie as Seen by a Preach.
V. Grand concert by Salem artUis
Course ticket la $2.00. 8ln.jle admis
sion is 50 cents. Tickets for nale at
Dearborn's bookstore and Aitken's
grocery store, State street, 11 3tf.
Governor Pennoyer proposes free sil
ver aud turkey for Thanksgiving.
Rev, J. 8. White of Salem, says he
will not read the free silver proclam.
tion in his church.
Gov. Boies of Iowa, la so HI he has
cancelled all his campaign appoint
ments. The election is held next Tues
day. It was Pennoyer's lastopportunlty to
get before the people in a public docu
ment, and he made poor use of it for
Thankglying d y.
In the angaageof John L. Sullivan,
Governor Pe.inoy r "let himself out for
a punch bag" in that message.
Tub Journal does not believe that
as a whole a better class of business
man can be got Into our city govern
ment. "Despise not the day of small thincs"
in the tlnv pill taken from a vial of Dr
Pierce's Pleasant Purgative Pellets said
otbe 300-pound man. suffering from
udigestion. As a gentle, thorough lax
itlve, these Pellets resemble Nature
nor closely In tbeir action than any
hlng before discovered. Business and
professional men, whose habits are Bed--ntary,
need something of this kind to
ward off sick headache, btlllousness and
lyspepsla, but which will not strain
md rack the digestive organs as did the
ild-fash'oned pills. 25 cents perUal,
at all druggists.
If you want a sack of sugar you can
tret it at a reduced price tbls week at
Clark & Eppley's.
Two Drunks. One paid
went to Jail at the hands of
Edes today.
ana one
Judge R. S. Bean was a pasenger for
Eugene this morning.
Geo. Johnson, of Fox Valley, Geo. C.
Johnson and Henry Stout, of Mehama,
were in the city today.
Sauerkraut Is Ipe t H. M. Branson
& Co.'s popular . rocery.
State Treasurer Phil Metsch n, with
his daughters, Julia and Amelia, went
to Portland this afternoon.
Ex Gov. S. F. Cbadwlck Is In the
metropolis on legal business.
Dr, Jas. M. Bunn and wife returned
yesterday from Newport, where they
have Uen visiting, and are uow tho
guests of Dr. 8. C. Browne.
Tbe only Pure Cream of Tartar Powder. No Ammonia; Nq Aluaa.
Ud ia Millions of Homes 40 Vcars the Standard
On Saturday, November 4, we will make the
following cut on
$3.00 Hats for
4.00 " "
5.00 "
All others in proportion.
windows. They are beauties,
A Queer Tet or Strength.
The recent French expenmentupon
50 persons of both sexes, in which a
machine for compression aa a test of
strength was used, demonstrated that j
the strongest man was able to pro
duce with his right hand a pressure
equivalent to 85 kilograms, the weak
est 40, the average being 56. One
curious conclusion arrived at as a re
sult of the experiment was this: The
short men were all very nearly as
strong as the tall ones, the average
difference between groups of the two
sizes being only three kilograms. The
force of the strongest woman of the
50 amounted to only 44 kilograms,
and that of the weakest to only 16,
while tho average was only 33 kilo
grams. St Louis Republic.
The First Ojtter Eater.
The gluttonous Vitellius is report
ed to have eaten 1,000 oysters at a
sitting. 'He was a very valiant man
who first ventured on eating of oyB
tere," King James was wont to de
clare, a sentiment echoed by the poet
The man had sure a palate covered o'er
With bra&a ur eteel that on the rockr shore
First broke t no oozy oyster's pearly coat
And risked tin uvlnumoixldown his throat.
A Mls With a Mlulon.
"What sort of a girl is shel"
"Oh, she is a miss with a mission."
"And her mission is seeking a man
with a mansion." Sketch.
A Happy Birthday. Mrs. F. R.
Smith, who has been quite ill of late, Is
much Improved and today celebrated
her 64th birthday, by coming down
and taking dinner with her son James
"Watt on 15th street.
Grape Vines for Sale.
I have pmpogated several thousand
good strong two-year old grape vine
for setting nut, assorted varlties, pult
able for culture In Oretron. 25 cts each.
12 00 per d-zn. E. Hofer, Balem. Or.,
Journal office. d w
The great vegetable substitute for
pills Is Simmons Liver Regulator
Cures sick headache.
SnALPS. C. Hurue received bounties
aa follows teday: 40 gray digger squlr
rels, 52.00, 10 gophers, $1.00.
To Wed. A marriage license was
issued todsy to Mies Leah Orsella
Gulss and Edwin Cooke Patton.
Tulare City, Cal., has three Chinese
left, and tbey are reg stered.
The Bale of cattle In Baker county
has put a large amount of money In
circulation, and stockmen are laying in
larg winter supplies.
More money Is being brought Into
this country from the sale of fruit tbls
fall than ever before. The Bales will
increase from year to year as the young
orchards increase in tbeir bearing
Those who hive tried fruit raising In
the right manner And it pays well and
the acreage of fruit throughout Eastern
Oreuou is tn-lnc lanrely Increased. That
is what U wanted in this country. It
pa much better than raising wheat.
The D4lles T. M.
L. MiGregor, of Roseburg, Is now
shipping fwo car loads of dressed meats
a week to the Portland markr t, and Is
well eatlsfUd uitb his growing business
He supplies thirteen retail markets in
that city.
There Is a movement on foot for tbe
O egon Prets Association, or at least
re 'resfnUllvenf hat organization, to
visit the in dwinter fair at Sau Francis
I co In a body.
CO i
One day only,
and must be sold.
See show
Mrs. Mark Skiff.
291 Commercial Street.
-The entire stock and fixtures for sale.
D. W. Coolidge, secretary of the state
board of equalizatlou, goes to Salem
next wek to begin his work in prepar
ing prrllmmary tables for the use of
the i card, which meets the first Tues
day in December. Eugene Register.
A bany Demecrat: The Sunday
Welcome says that a slate litis been pre
pared that bas Governor Pennoyer for
the People's party candidate for mayor
of Portland aud Mofiett for the People's
party candidate for governor. We had
supposed the Populists themselves
would have something to siy as to
whom they would select for their gub
ernatorial candidate.
A Eugene paper says: The Excelsior
Fruit Co. Is putting out 11,000 more
prune trees this fall, bringing the num
ber of trets planted up to 22.000. The
rchard Is situated near Monroe and
tbe company intends adding 100 acres
to it yearly until 600 acres have been
planted in fruit trees. There will be
00 acres planted when the work of this
fall is completed.
Tbe Ochoo Review says: Mrs. R. E.
Darsey has tbe honor of Introducing
the first Mongolian, or Denny, pheas
ants into Crook county, she having ar
rived here from tbe Willamette valley
last Monday with five of these beautl
ful birds three bens and two cocks.
Mrs. Darsey offered tbe birds to the res
idents of PrineyiUe for ?20. This
amonnt was readily raised, and the
birds were turned over to tbe care of
Wis, Combs, who took them to nis
farm three miles above town, where he
will care for tbem during tbe winter,
and next spring will turn them loo Be to
propagate. The birds Increase very fast,
one ben raising from 20 to 30 chicks
each season, and if not molested, these
five will in a year block tbe whole
country with the finest game bird'
A Benton county paper says: Ever-!
green blackberries, just ripe, and ex
ceedingly large and luscious are to be '
seen growing on the vine on Judgs Bur
nett's farm near town. As somebody
once remarked: "Oregon beats tbe
wotld." j
A single fourteen-acre hop yard
brougbt tbls season into Polk county
$3.5(10, and netted Us owner $2,334; a
larger profit, perhaps than was derived
from the largest wheat farm in the
county; and while the wheat growers
are waiting for a market, tbls man has
sold bis crop, paid bis debts, and bas a
neat balance to bis credit in the
bank. j
The Coryallls Times thanks S A.
Hemphill for a basket of peaches grown
ou a peach tree planted fourteen years
ago, by Mr. Hemphill, which from the
year it began to bear has never failed
to turn off a crop of from five to ten
bushels. It is of the yellow freestone
variety, and its history of faithful pro
duction pioves that properly acclima
ed peaches are a sure crop In Webfoot.
Old Time
of treating
Colds ana
Coughs were
based on the
idea of sup
pression. We
now know
that "feeding a
cold" is good doctrine.
Scott's Emulsion
of cod-liver oil with hypo
phosphites, a rich fat-food,
cures the most stubborn
cough when ordinary medi
cines have failed. Pleasant
to take; easy to digest.
VnptrrA brlWt Baw W V. AIMrnrnnti,
One Cent Daily by mall. 25 cent a
month. No papers tent after time is
The Cheapest. Hava thn tiitt.v
Journal left at vour office or res--dent.
Onlv 60 cts a month. By mail
5 eta a month.
No one ver trid Rlmmcni T.lt-or
Isolator without lelngaatUfled with
em looi
BUY " - 'f ' '" UNDERWEAR
Tbey Have tbe Largest flssorlraeol id
Teachers' Examination.
Notice is hereby given that for tbe
purpose of making an examination of
all persons wbo may offer themselves
as candidates for teachers of tbe schools
of this county, tbe county school super
intendent thereof will hold an exami
nation at Salem, Oregon, at one o'clock
Wednesday, November 8tb, 1693,
Applicants for state papers will be ex
amined at tbe rame time and place.
luted tots aa day or oetnber, vsa.
J. S. Grahasi.
w2t-dlw Co. Supt.
Bids Wanted.
For painting on reform school work,
up to Nov. lOih, 1893, at tbe office of
W. C. Knighton, architect, where plans
and specifications can be eeen.
10-30-2w A. J. Hazell, contractor.
Buy your bread at Strong's.
Catarrh in the Head.
Is undoubtedly a disease of tbe blood,
aud as sucb only a reliable blood purifi
er cau eflect a perfect and permanent
cure. Hood's Sarsaparilla Is tbe best
blood purifier, and it bas cured many
very severe cases of catarrab. Catarrah
oftentimes leads to consumption, Take
Hood's Sarsaparilla before it is too late.
Mood, 8 Fills do not purge, pain or
gripe, but act promptly, easily effici
ently. 25c.
ueion tne inside we win tell yoa a se
teu Thincs bave been on a. ttaudatlll In
tbebmymartaaiftrade." Manufacturer
eeaea money badly we bougnt exten
sively In ord rto elveour cnatiimem Ihp
(x-neflt therefore weareoflerlneabamtn
Box Stationery.
Call and look at our medal brand. Noth-1
iug ine iv ever seen oeiore.
Patton Bros.,
15, H&iem, Oregon.
And I havi started a "OCBTOM HOUSE" ol
my own, on State street, ne- r Commercial,
where I will b- pleased to met my old custo
mr, anl plenty o lewnnir In want ot
Boot or Phoe. uood flu, go-d material aod
good hone.t work.
"3" )vM
i S55tv Er 'kflr?
n i .i t . r. . 5.16 Commerclnl Btreet, Balem.
Only tbe Beat Stock BourIii. -- Only tho Beat Meats Sold.
Good service. Prompt delivery.
Aro a necessity tbla cold weather. We
... Kiatirq j. m-r-a very low.
j , W,N needed again, as soon as it rains. We bave a fine line
or Reed values. Boy's mackintoshes f5.00 each.
.. . , for men aud boys. Just tbe thing to keep out lbs
cold. Call and let as fit vou out.
,. ...... ntcei c'm stock ot reliable good, soch ai
It pays to buy in hard times.
'A larm or TO u is
L' Tr
a milt
irom iob qit. nniv in hnn. i..u:.
. -..".
J. inmn.- rCiDwTCr'T J??"'
-....... uiHuuiutiMnK il-IM
WA?'.TK.1i '?ove"ie In private finally
Start be able tn teach tnoile na toofcl
keep!Dr. Apply to Mrn. Jobn Flupttrlrt
care Hotel Monterey. Pcttofflot, Xevport, Or
WANTED Probing canvasser of good nJ.
dress. Liberal t&larr and eipema Md
weekly. Permanent poclilon B HOW if
BHUd. Co,NarMTyman,Portlnd,Orma.
1M ha
rnUIS PAPER Is kept on nie at E. C. Cakt'i
I Advertlalnc Agency, and 65 Merehantt
Exchange, Sau Francisco, California, when
contract for ad vertiklne can be made tor It.
kinds on sale at 328 Liberty street.
or in
For Sale. Two extra fine Plymouth
Rock cockrels. $2.00 each. E. Hofer,
Journal office, Salem.
(Old Court House. Court 8 tree t)
Glres Instruction In eut'lnt rafters. SIbc
sawi, building; common slain, and tools asl
mater-nls furnlf bed. all fur 110. This count
Is worth 1100 In any rear's work of any bib
who has not perfected the carrenter trade li
all Its branches Also teaches framlcr. of
houses and construction of bulldUg; in ererj
detail. E wry farmer should b a carpenter.
The Oregon Land Co,,
At "alera. Is encaged In selling frnlt lands
In tho vicinity of eaiem. Oregon, where mora
fruit la now growing; loan In any turt of ths
10-13-1 m Managers.
The Rnstler M Saw
And he doesn't burn up half your wood, In
fuel, when he aaws It. liaie yoar contracts
with blm personally or leave ore ers at Veatchs
cigar store Dearborn's book store.438 Bnmmer
street, or address me by mall. 6-lt-U
Connecting and Primary Classes open
Monday, Sept 2oib,
Cor. Court and Liberty streets, opposite opera
For teachers and mothers will begin October
2d. at the same place.
For particulars apply to
Mrs. P. S. Knight,
Chatwin House.
JuU south of the Vsthodlst Church, In Balem,
Rverythlngnewand clean. Tables served
with the best of eTsrythlng In tbe znsrktt.
grecial attention to comu.erclal travellers.
Veals 35 cts. Beard and lodging trom HCOa
week up. Free ue of piano.
Rates, $2.50 to $5.00 per Day
The best hotel between Portland ad Ban
Francisco. Flrst-claaa In all Its appointments.
IU table are served with the
CJwlcest Fruita
Urown In the WUlamette Valley.
A. I. WAGNER. Prop.
have a big stock of good ones of differ-
jiATf-gif, OREGOX
I Oar JackUaGdDrMCIoodapkaMth 4lt,

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