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In the Lead
That is where wo nre continually
striving to bo, spurred on by your
approbation and evidenco of good
wilL We think wo have surpassed
our own record, though, this season.
You aro warmly invited to pasa B please you
Never in the history of Salem
have so many shoes been
sold in so short a time as since
our Closing Sale started.
We Etill have many choice
bargains and tho3e wishing to
be fitted should come in at
onoe. Remember we have
only the best makes, and can
- IF -
You are golnglto build or nvaeany kind of
1m iroveme it. ell u t un er -giuni lor
material. .Vo h ve a complete stock, and aro
realy to supply any prepared contract, sewer
work, grading, etc.
Salem Improvement Co.
Will Filed The will or Robert
Zollner, deceased, who was accidentally
killed on November Oth, was yesterdaj
admitted to probate, Mr. Zollnerre
elded near Mt. Angtl, and left real
property of pr bab vilue of $2,000
and personal property of about $2,000
The will beara date of April 12, 1883.
and was signed In the prepuce of N. fc.
Todd and L. W.. Guerrin. There are
four sons and three daughters, and bint
wife Thereaia. To the children he gave
$1 each, aud to his wifo all the rest of
his property both r al aud persoual to
use during the time that she remain
uumarricd. In case of her marriage
then all the real estat Is to be given
to the youngest son, Kupert, aud in
case of her death then he Ib to have all
the property real aud personal. Adel
helm Odermotb Is appoluted executor
of the estate to serve without bonds aud
Martin Bottlemler, Matthew Cooley
and Thos. Fuchs are named as the ap
City Committee. Tho city repub
lican central committee will meet at
tho office of Dr. J. N. Smith on Mon
day evening for the purpose of making
a call for tin primary convention
The committee has tbe following
compesition: Dr. J. N. Smith, chair
man; Boss . Moores, llrst ward; H
G. Meyers, second; Harry Keller, third
Geo. P. Hughes, fourth.
Bound Oveu. C. O. S-irvIs who has
boon In the employ of the Geo. C. Will
Sawlug Machine and Musical Iustru
ment agency was today arrested tinu
bound over to the grand jury for em
bezztemoutof $50 from his employoi
Hd had a hearing before Justice Edr
this morula and wont to jail. Thi
money was taken ubjut N ivembur 1st.
Still Votino. Not in Now Jersey
but the housekeepers of Salem coutluut
to vote that Gla.k & Epply, the Com
Btreet grocers, are the most aceomodai
lag aud reliable i.ouse in the city t
deal with.
Insane. John Htout, aged G5 year-,
was today committed from Kliimatt.
county for the fourth time. Go. Wil
liams, ag d 28, w is als committal
from Clatsop, for morphine habit.
Movino the Remains. A forco w
men are at work today to remove lit
remalns of ulueteeu union soldlen
buriod in Rural cotnetory to tholr new
resting place In the Grand Army clrch
at City Vlow cemetery.
MoKtNLEY. The presoueo of a uum
bar of people at ThkJouunalcouuiIihj
room today with twenty dollar gold
pieces lead t,hs writer to roiuurk that
It would bo a good Idea to name thost
coluu MoKinleys,
Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Savage left Chi
cago for home on Monday evening.
Mr. aud Mrs. J. W. Thomas of Stay
ton were In the city today.
V. C. Knighton, the architect, has
ben in the southern part of the state
a few days.
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Savage and Mrs.
A. J. Wooodcock, returned today from
the world's fair, Mr. Savage having
closed up bis work as superintendent
of the agricultural exhibit.
Mrs. E. A. Lynds of Portland, who
has been a uuest of Mr. and Mrs.
Sauvain returned yesterday, her sister
Miss T. M. Eckhard accompanying
her. Beautiful MuKinley weather..
Born, in Yew Park, Salem, Friday,
Nov. 10, to Mr. and Mrs. Hurry Smith
a sou. Mrs. C. A.Baker, who bus
been the guest of L. M. Baker's fam
ily in South Salem for several weeks,
left today for Spokane, their future
home. A crisp frost last night.
Mrs. Mark Skiff is spending a week in
Portland. P. O. Levar left today for
a week's visit at Santa Cruz, Cal.
Rev. J. H. Roork left today for Corval
lis, where he will spend Sunday
Mrs. O. E. Krausse and child arrived
today from their trip to the world's fair.
Mr. Krausse stopped oft at Colfax,
Wash., to visit his sister Agent Al.
Herron Bays that while the other boat
lines are quarrelling the Elwuod is
hauling freight. Grand btfloou as-
c-mslnn at the opera house tonight.
The Eastern Oregon Gold mining com
pauy, with a capital stock of $200,000,
toduy filed articles of incorporation.
T. M. Whlttler and wife, who have
been tho guests of Howard Asbby, to-
lay sturted for their home at Omaha.
, Lee Slelner took a run to Portland
tills afternoon.
Republicans Will Paint tho Sky
Crimson This Evening.
The committee met last night and
arranged the program to be observed at
tbe opera house exercises to begin
promptly at 8 o'clock.
Music by the Second Regiment band.
Five minute speeches by the follow fellow follew
ing: Claud Gatch, C. B. Moores, Til.
Ford, John Minto, H. J. Bigger, Lydell
An original campaign composed by
Judge L D. Henry aud sung by H. G.
Music by the band.
More speeches: Judge Walton (by
request), M. H. Hunt, F. E Hodgkln,
VV. E. Copeland, E. Hofer, T. T. Geer,
Capt. Saunderson, , H. W. Cottle, Dr.
Pbllbrook, W. H. Odell, Geo. G. Bing
ham. Chief marshals of tbe parade Capt. D.
C. Howard and Capt. Gesner.
The procession will start from the
Hotel Willamette In time to reach the
opera house by 8 o'clock.
The line of march will be up Com
mercial to State, up State to east end of
Willson avenue, down Court Btreet to
opera bouse.
There will be a bonfire at the post
office and hotel corner, oue at the inter
section of Commercial and State streets,
aud one at the opera bouse corner.
There will be quite a procession of
protection Democrats, Free Silver
Democrats, Anti-Cleveland Democrats
an i McKinley Populist?.
Last Saturday was a great success. Every article went at
half price, just ae advertized, and all buyers were more than
pleased. This will be continued for several days longer to
meet the demands of the trade. Call early.
Mrs. Mark Skiff.
291 Commercial Street.
P. S. Store closes at 7 o'clock p, m.
County Court Proceedings.
The petition f r the appointment of
W. S. Hurst as justice of the peace of
Uironi, Hubbuid aud Butteville pre
finds was grunted.
In the matter of the Like Labish
lr.Uuao district, the report of the
ru-tees was allowed and the commis
sioners Wm. Englund, J. C. Thompson
mil .1. L. Thompson were ordered to
isst-HH tlio amount of the estimated
cost for deepening the lands in the
drainage district proportionate to tbe
whole expeuso aud buneflt to retult
from euoh work.
J. I. Thompson was appointed a
o 'inmli-Hloner for the Luke Labish
drainage district.
In the mat tor of the application of
Wm. Jory for the refuudlng of money
paid by him for property bought at do-
uuqiient tax sale which property
Judge Hubbard Allows One Thou
Band Dollars Attorney Fee. '
A number of farmers have been writ
ing Thr Journal to Know about tbe
two attorney fee bills of $5000 each in
the Salem steal bridge case.
The bridge was built some years ago
and was showu up at the time in these
columns as a barefaced piece of jobbery
by which the county was muae to pay
about two prices for one of the poorest
aud rottenest structures ever erected.
The contractors sued for some thou
sands of dollars additional pay for
work done not according to contract.
The two Salem law firms entered a
demurrer and Judge Boise sustained it.
No court on earth could allow it. Pub
He sentiment was so aroused by tbe
exposures made in The Journal that
tbe mere mention of the jobbery con
nected wltn the whole scheme threw it
out of court. The people will be very
much surprised to learn that at this
1 ite date $1000 attorney fees has been
allowed in that case. No oue will
blame able and shrewd criminal law
yearn for getting such a fee if they can.
To Be Married. Tomorrow Chas.
H. Morris, of this city, will be married
to Miss Minnie Splfarth. at the hnm
The groom's
of her parents InDtllas
parents, Mr. and Mrs J M. Morris,
also Mr. and Mrs. D.M.Morris went
over this afternoon to witness the ceremony.
A Little More Ciijer This Is the
season when everybody wants a good
drink of cider, and If you would know
what you get order of J A.Van Ea'on,
who makes his own. Sweet or boiled,
always choice.
Fine Lecturo
In the university course hv Rpv. W.
O. Kantner of Corvallls, Wednesday
ovenlnir, November 16rh. at tup chapel,
aul'Jpot "Move On." Tickets 25 en In
for sale at the bookstores. 11 ll-td
Chas. H. Lane, the wellknown tnllor
nas moved to Haines' tailor shop near
the White Cnrnor s'nre whpre lw will
was . be elm to have his friendn en 11 nn hit..
""" - " niui,
11 10(12t
For Rbnt. A
Wo nro in advance of tho season.
ns usual, In
Novelties. But
then wo lead
in ovcrything
in thought
ful selection
of doalrnblo
Roods, in care
ful attention
to yourwants,
in high qual
ity, and the
moat impor
tant of all
in prico. That
w snouia be,
ii Curios.
A km ami complete lino of Japanese
GoodeJtMt nwlved at
lucorreotly docrlbed and for which tho
sliHtllt cannot give a deed, the court
decided not to allow the anulicafion.
lu the matter of back pay duo W. L.t- !rfM"Uu!verBlty
Wude for an amount advauced on pau-i
nor account of Mrs. J. 11. MMnimnnr. nn'
was ordered nald. I araP Vines
The matter of maklug the tax levy
scholarship in WM-
Apply at tins of.
11 9 If
for Sale.
I hayo propojrated several thousand
rvruiH Brrnnrt tiun.aiM nl.l HAA i
. . -r . -" "wwiim. unrirai II II L!IIIim VII1HH
was continued unm uecetnbor term, forsettlnirout. uWirtPil v,,rin. ..m. L . 'i
l.i 7.1...1' , .".l "" ...., . uuu
1T "mime iii wrrmui. iz) firs eacn
$3 00 per dozen. E. Hofer, Bulem. Or.;
Ann.. . nnl.
uiwu unlet.
d w
Following claims were allewed:
COURT house.
Sohn Knhiht. sherlfi'.. . frnn on
D DCuII'ey, assessor MSOO1 Ask Your Friends
D'Aroy & Blughum. atty fee... 600 00 TO, . f , xour rlenas
Ford & Kaiser atty fee 600 00 W'lo have taken Hood's Sardaparllla
A O Coudlt, atty- 6 00 wt they think oflt, and tho replies
ni uo immuvu iii us ravnr, Hiniply
I what Hoods Barsannrllla does, tells the
45 00 ory of Its merit. One has been cured
1 25 Indigestion or dyspepsia, another
finds Its indispensable for sick headache
1 or biliousness, while other report ro
flO markable cures of scrofula, catarrah,
00 rheumatism, salt rheum.eto.
Salim Indopcndeut $
D J Fry...!.
II W Cottle $20.00
Oregon Stutesmuu tH 50
Uruy Bros-T fill 05
Leo Brown & Co fWOO
'1 here are a number of bills allowed
that aro not yet entered Into the rec
ords, The court adjourned.
A Jusr Complaint. Complaint bus
been made to tho til iers of the Baleui
Humane society th it a muu aud wom
an llvlug In Etst Salem about Trade
aud 17th streets cruelly beat a little boy
ofthelra ucarly every day, The matter
will be Investigated,
00 Hood's Pills are purely vegetable.
Regular services tomorrow Morning
theme "The Great Need." Evening
a practical talk to young men. Subject
"The Social Young Man."
Morning service at 10-30. Subject,
Sermon to young men aud parents. "Is
the Young Men Absalom, Safe " Jun
ior Endeavor at 3 p. m. Y. P.'S. C. E.
at g:15. A cordial weleome to all.
At South Salem M. E. church tomor
row, Rev. Mulligan will preach in the
morning and Rev. Bhulse in tbe even
ing. Servkes will continue up to Fri
day evening, at which time they will
close. J. M. Bhulse, pastor.
At the W. C. T. U. hull, preaching
at 10:30 a. ra. and 7:30 p. m. Sunday
school at 12. Young Peoples' meeting
at 6:30. Come and welcome Bays J.
Bowersox, pastor.
workman's hall.
Dr. Corwiu will preach at tbe Work
man's hall. ..Iusurauce building at 3
o'clock. You" are invited.
Football is being played.
New term begins Tuesday, with all
Its new experiences, conflicts aud victories.
Bishop Dillon, resident bishop of the
U ilted Brethren church, addressed tl e
school in chapel on Wednesday.
The lecture delivered by Pr..f. Yerex
with the aid of some huudred views of
the world's fair, at the M. E. church
on Wednesday evening, was both
pleasant aud instructive, aud showed
that the professor had made a thorough
study of this greatest of displays.
The college Y. M. C. A. gives a social
gathering at the home of Bert and
M.trk Savage, on High atreft, on Mon
duy evening, to the young men of th
school. An enjoyable time is expected
Prof. Marie Craig Is now organizing
a beries of classes, with terms and
times to suit all who wish to improve
themselves In art. Quite a numbenure
now doing good work, but there is
room for mauy more.
Several new students will enter at
the beginning of next term. Among
tho number ure V.J. Sheppard, his
sister, aud Miss Bolhe Mann, of Zena,
Polk county, JMIs Eva L. Dlmm tt
late of III , and Mr. I. P. Calllson of
Mossy Rock, Wash. Messrs. Sheppard
and Callisun were hi last year. Now Is
a good time to euter as new studie-
will be takeu up and those which are
continued, the baok work can be taken
next year.
Tho Bocieties at their regular joint
meeting last ulght, were greeted with
u large aud appreciated audience, and
did justice to the occasion. The pro
gram was us follews: Instrumental solo,
Ernest Wilson; recitation, Helen Mat
thews; play, "Courtship of Miles Staud-
Ish;" characters, Floyd Field, Miles
Blandish; C.J. Atwood, Jno. Atden;
Edith Frlzzell, PrlrdlN; Peroy Brown,
1st Puritiin: G. H.
I Tucker, 2nd Puritan; Ray L eman, In-
aian aud 1 E Browu, Elder Brewster.
Vocal boIo, Nellie Carpenter; Greek,
Misses Myrtle, Venna Leeman and
Anna Alderson. The program wkb
rendered lu the chape! after which tbe
coiupmy repaired tothe Halls for the
social repast which always follows such
occasions, and dlsp-jsod at tbe appoln-
eu uour or 10:30.
Corner Liberty and Marlon streets,
Rev. M. L Rugg, pastor. Preaching
at 10:30 a. m. and 7:30 p. m. Sunday
scuooi at close of mornlug services
Ymng people's meeting at 0:30 p.m.
Subject of morning service, ''Wall
Building;" a sermon to young men,
"The Influence of Companionship."
Christian church services morning
and evening as usual. Sunday school
at noon.
Services in Congregational church
t imorrow at the usual times, 10:30, 12,
6:30, 7:30. Preaching by Rev. B. M.
Freeiaud at 10:30 and 7:30. Toplcs,'The
use of a Y. M. C. A." and "The At
tractions of Heaven."
The testimony of the referee, M. E.
Pogue, In the equity case of Murx &.
Jorgenson vs. A. E. LaRocque. This
U a contention for partition of certain
real estate in this county.
The bank of Woodburn vs. D. K.
Remington, foreclosure of mortgage;
default of C. J. Hall entered and decree
as to all respondents as prayed for.
Scott M. Wilcox vs. Lottie M. Wil
cox, divorce, demurrer to complulut
In the case of Mary B. and T. W.
Rutherford vs. Nathan O. M rris, sup
ervisor of road district No. 2G, injunc
tion, demurrer to amended complaint,
A motion wus filed for a continuance
until next term of the case of the state
v.h. Dr. Wing Lee, accused of the un
lawful practice of medicine.
Tbe three cases of the Oregon Land
Co. vs. W. H. Stubbius etal, E. F.
Cragln et al, H. T. Coflee et al., havt
been coutinued.
Largest and Best Assortment
A trotter's average life is 20 years.
There are 19 trotters with records of
2:10 or hotter.
Tho average life of the thoroughbred
horse is 10 years.
There aro over 1C0 trotters with rec
ords of 2:15 or better.
Forty-four of Lord Calthorpo's horses
recently sold for $151,080.
Thero is quite a demand for outclassed
trotters and pacers for road use.
Thetis, 2:101, by Mainbrino Wilkes, is
the fastest harness performer bred in
New Hampshire.
Hugh. A. Walker, a wealthy Virginia
tobacconist, was killed in a gentlemen's
running race recently.
Tho Kentucky association will have a
$25,000 Futurity stako next year pat
terned after the eastern Futurity.
Mascot's mile in 2:01 in the second
heat of the Detroit free for all this sum
mer is tho fastest second heat on record.
Stromboli, the Australian horse now
in California, is a giant in size aud out
measures the horses of the Pacific slope.
Eight of the Washington park stakes,
including the Derby, Sheridan and Queen
Isabella, for 1895 closed with 800 entries.
St. Leonards won something like $17.-
500 for the Keenes out of eight starts.
Ho was first four times, second in- the
American Derby and Realization and
once third.
R. A. Alexander sold the stallion Nor
folk for $15,001, the odd dollar being
tacked on to win a wager that he would
sell n Lexington colt for more than the
$15,000 paid for Lexington.
FOR RKNT.-A Hum of 70 acres V m. hii
from ll-o city, part) In hoc. fLn.tal1'.
U.J.Flemlnjt. oVeVRuih'?banPk' iilBJW
1 F A N r. 11 A. ... i
notjpius. Appij- io mm. John FltiMWrt
care Hotel Monterey. PMinmv..
.. -t"vwyurt1ur,
Wm.-7fil!,?F.w?'r ofpxxfS
wVSklv. r.SUl"..WMSIMld
Rkda: i-o "Nr,m-".' !.. "ww
, -- .,, ....., uiiiauu,urprAn.
TaVUx A!?'." u Kepton file at E. c. Date'i
j kinds on sale at 826 JJberty street W-i,
Candies, tresh made every day, plain
aud French the best at Stroug's.
Carrots for feed, cheaper than ever
before by tho ton at J. G. Wright's.
An orchestra has been engaged and a
Iterary program arranged fir the W.
B. C. social M mdiy evenlmr.
Salem W. C. T. U. give a Thanks
giving dinner on Nov. 30th at their
ball on Court street.
The African M. E. society of North
Salem will erve a Thanksgiving dlu
njr at the church regular old down
ou the Swanee rlbber ooaery.
Last evening a uo3t of friends, young
aud old, guthered at tho home of Col,
J Olmsted, In honor of tbe return of
Mrs. Olmsted, who spent tbe summer
it her old homo In Mioblgau. A rich
luuch was had, and after an enjoyable
reist all retired tithe Grange hall,
wh redauclng was indulged In until a
la e hour. JTue eveut was a fine com
pi ment lo tbe popularity of the hostess
and hoit, whose friends in the capita!
city ure legiou.
Headquarters for all d illy papers, at
J. L. lleunelt'a post ofll.-e block uows
Btand. tf
remain thin just in
to their inability to
Book Slore,
Cwlimware, Bronre Gooda, Screen
Mum Qi JJasketa, L'cq-ier ware, etc.,
mv. m vouuutwm wrm.
Choicest eilerv, greeu onions rad
iIIhIh's and Bw Is oheet-e in the city atj.
G, Wright's Plouoer Grocery, j
UHM 1 iliLill. o
jriK HBtt m a
i -rw: r umu t r:
Theonly Pure Cream of Tartar Towder -No Ammonia; No Alum.
Umi in Millions of Eomes.io Vears the Suwdaxd
Thin Children Grow Faff
on Scott's
fat fo o d s
make fat
They are
thin, and
assimilate food rich in fat.
Scott's Emulsion
of Cod Liver Oil is especially
uuapiaDie to tnose of weak diges
tion tt partly digested already.
Astonishing how quickly a thin
person.gains solid flesh by its use!
Almost as palatable as milk.
-.g-PWdhBoU Bo.n.. N. v. An dro,,
in,.?ottV'.ff,)r"?ra"1,kheH,'4n8 am men
lonner. It la not ceoiary. Curtvi'a iiui.
I-w Pill, wm cur- you. I an muo pm
Bmallprlco. Hmali aoe. Hmall pill. P"1-
T1KiJhBm,,no, "M. Ohio, wrltet:
Pale rose colored, ciol blue and mauve
watered silks dotted with black aro
trimmed with ruches and flounces of
jetted net.
The combination of lace with velvet
and fur, bo popular in last winter's milli
nery, will be seen again on French bon
nets and on the soft small muffs en suite.
Cloth round waists, with rounded cir
cular akirts added, have corded silk
vests, braided or gimp trimmed. Cloth
sleeves, with silk shoulder puffs, are
The newest camel's hair textiles for
dresses are declared positively to come
from India looms. They are expensive
compared with other qualities, but it is
claimed that they pay for themselves in
tho end.
English feather turbans are again in
troduced to wear en suite with costumes
or tweed In mixed colorings. These tur
bans are, composed entirely of feathers,
and much variety is observed in their
One of the handsome autumn fabrics
is the Rochemont weave a very fine
woolen rep, with a dot of silk of another
color, which, though of pure wool, is re
markable for its lightness. It is used ex
tensively for both entire costumes and in
Although the rich russet, wine, nas
turtium and other dark dyes seem to be
in the majority this season, thn fnwmH
almonds, grays and many half tints are
worn at weddings, receptions and simi
lar entertainments both here and abroad.
New Yoik Post.
rremendous strides have been made Ii
during the pait year or two. Bfstextir-
pies oi mo pi ogress you wlli And In our
-.tock. All tiielatemund newest lhinnei!
lant aro tepresented lu our attraciitt,
ihow windows. With prices attached
Call and Heetbom. It will repay joa.!
Peonle are ruslilnp- tn avail thmtmi
3i our oner on tnesu goods.
Patton Bros.,
Chatwin House.
Jut toaih of the Methodlat Church.ln Balis, I
Kverythlugncwand clean. Table uanll
Wllh the Deal Of MVjtrvthlv.fr In th m.rfcut.
b peci a I attention lo commercial lravrllw-
ueaiiizacu, Heard and longing irom Ki
" uki riTO UFO ui JJlUUUf
The Oregon Land ft,
Atyalem, la enraged In aelllne fruit lnd
in the vicinity of ra)em.Oregn, where mo"
fruit la now growing than in any part of Ui
" ."!:. . uuuii. a 4uruun ,
10-13-am Manager!.
The Rustler f oi Sn
And he doesn't burn up half your wood, 1
fuel, when he aawa It. llabe your contrao1!
with Dim personally orlcave orders at Veatcti
cigar itore Dearborn's book store,138 Summer
street, or address me by mall. -Hu
Choose such pleasures as recreate much
and cost little.
Things don't turn up in the world un
til somebody turns them up.
Only what wo have wrought in our
Characters during lifo can we take away
with na
Uoanectlngand Primary Clasiea open
Monday, Sopt 25tb,
Oor. Court and Liberty atreet. opposite ojJ
For teachers and mothers will begin OetoUr
2d, at tbe same place.
For particulars apply to
Mrs. P. S. Knight,
1 5I2ni?.lu ' wompt andpoMllre cure
rsiek hcud-che. blouno. 'on.tlil. ilia
fuV value. R men Pllce thp lowest. Our boya 5.00 mucklutesh U
?umeTro8rwhPaUt8, Thebtt,t8ood8.on the market, at the lowcat prices ever
win.1 ??y fa,Joy Pricea f"r y"ur f'Wtwear, when you can tret the same goods at
eSU ! priced fr " 8reat deal ,m U10n' A le ofVuraWe sboet loir
Latest st ies, correct trlmmluga, elegant colorings.
y.&mS&issg m bJtek' wmfM "
- n-Jj JaAM.1.

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