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r"rifi FBiHMI5liltf 'BiHHI
ltnilk ami illations.
Two (Usfinct military organizations
wore at'first'creatcdin tho south, ro
epectWdly known as tbo regular and
tho provisional or volunteer army.
Tho former belonged to tho general
or state government. Tho latter was
tho offspring of tho people. One was
intended to be.pormanent. Tho ex
istence of tho other depended on tho
duration of- tho war. In a meabtne,
however, tho regular army was
merged in tho provisional organiza
tion, and its officers, who wero gen
erally graduates of West Point and
other military schools, wero trana-
ferred tto tho Jvolunteera and pro
moted to high grades.
Tho men wero not unliko those in
tho regular service in all civilized
nations and wero restrained by tho
same-rigid discipline. On the other
hand, the volunteers wero a free and
easy lot, who fraternized with their
officers, and until the severer lessons
of tho war wero taught maintained
an equal footing with them.
One day an altercation -took place
between a captain and a private. In
the course of tho dispute the subor
dinate made an irritating remark,
when tho'offlcer exclaimed, "If you
repeat that again, I will lay down my
rank and fight you." "Lay down
your rankl"- was tho indignant re
sponse. '-' Thlat won't make you a gen
tleman. ,A coward ought to fight
with straps on his shoulders, bub it
takes a gentleman to fight for $11 a
month." 31ue and Gray.
Chlnlwlok nnd His Trousers,
WIt. Chirdwick tells the follow
ing 'stery: "Once traveling through
France I reached Grenoble, whoro I
found out I was almost penniless. I
managed to go up to Thonon, a few
miles from Geneva, and on my way
there I thought a great deal of how
to reach Geneva. I passed the night
at tho Lion d'Or, and the next morn
ing when I woko up I called for the
garcon and asked him for my trou
bers. It is tho custom in French ho
tels, you know, to put outside of
your room your shoes and clothes so
that the following day you find
everything clean.
"After some search he told me ho
could not find them. I insisted and
had tho landlord called up. 'lam
sorry,' he said, 'but no one can tell
where your trousers are.' 'Well,' I
Baid, 'I want a'pair of trousers and a
ticket to Geneva I had in my pocket.'
The landlord was at a loss. He had
tho house search ed over and ove.
again, but no trousers. 'Well,' said
I. 'I shall not go out of here without
my trousers and my ticket. Send
for the chief of police.'
"Two hours later the landlord en
tered mv TOom, bringing a new pair
of trousers' and a ticket, apologizing
for all that trouble." Mr. Chirdwick
waB asked whero his trousers were,
to which he replied: "I had none. I
had pawned them to pay my fare to
Thonon." Argonaut.
8ho Was Getting Unpopular.
How strangely people are conBti
tuted! A pretty and vivacious fin de siecle
'woman said to mo recently :
"I'm going to give up playing
"Very wise, too, "'I answer ed. "You
jirG'bound to lose in tho end."
"Oh, I don't give it up.becauso I
lose," she replied, "but because I
"Explain theJparadox," I said.
"Well.'was" her reply, "I am so
lucky that Iain getting unpopular.
I really am. .
'ouknbw thatl play in the same
littlo club and with the same peoplo
once a week.
"Well, my luck is remarkable.
"Do as I will draw four cards,
draw to an interior, draw a wholo
hnml T rrnnfiraflv win.
"And I know that my friends there
ore beginning to hate me, especially
my women friends.
"I'm nearly always taking their
money, and as I value their good
uv,rt,.o ti,nn T do tho came I m
going to stop playing. "-Polly Pry
Now York Recorder.
lA Fresh Translation.
Tho small boy had been irritating
Ma fnr.w with many vexatious
questionsabout a psalm-ho
- studying- for Sunday school
Father, what does selah mean?"
was the latest.
"Shut upl" said paterfamilias.
Tbo 'boy baid nothing, but in Sun
day pchool tho psalm was under aifl-
cussiou. , ,
"Who knows what the word selah
mean3?"asked the young superiir-
tbndent. i
Tho Bmall boy's hands went up.and
ho was halfway out of bis seat
.No ono else laised a hand.
Well?" Baid tho superintendent.
"Shut up!" fcaid the small boy.
And seeing tho look on tbo teachers
face added: "It is. I asked papa and
Jio said 'shut up '"-Toledo Blado.
' -different Way of Putting U
This ia a scientinc way: -
rnilrwnlnthositting posture with
ftn, iu n oiontific wav: "u a raim
hard palate, tho succotorial epacou
obliterated; tbesoft palate no .longer
adheres to tho roof of tbetongiio,
nn,i if niration be earriea on
uiun u.u uua - - i
keepliU juoutfa Bhut-when adoep, ft
through theuioutu tne"' doDO any ira0.b
taiubegina to vibrate." And this w AppUcant (modcBtly)-itTJ2.i--
. "it a man doesn't " sThildren. eir.-
KlllS Ui.OlBo'KiJlUH.n, t,ti
King George of Groeco is invaria
bly accompanied wherever ho goea
by a little mongrel cur to which he
is deeply attached and of which he
camo to bo tho owner in a rather cu
nous way. He was at sonio maneu
vers a number of years ago, standing
amid, his staff on tho top of a hill
watching tho movements of the
troops, when suddonly tho Httlo dog
made its appearance, no ono knew
whence, and stationed itself at the
King's feet. All attempts to dislodge
i. wero iruiuess, ami it remained
thero until tho end of tho review.
When tho king Walked to his car
riage, tho little dog trotted in front
of him as proud as Punch, with his
tail erect, and beforo any ono could
interfere scrambled into tho car
riage. "Arrived at tho place, ho dart
cdin first and insisted on remaining
with the kins. His maiestv. who is
slightly superstitious, declared that
tho dogs persistency was a good
omen, and that at any rate ho had
ono faithful friend. Sinco that day
tho dog has slept in the king's bed
room ni.d has scarcely over left him.
It i3 a most supercilious little fellow
and never takes notice of any one
eavo his majesty, whom it seems to
idolize. Now York Tribune.
Hattle's Tert Retort.
The shoppers in a well known
store wero amused the other day by
tho pert brightno6sof a littlo child
who was evidently much spoiled by
her mother. Tho latter was looking
for something and could not find ex
actly what she wanted. Finally her
choico narrowed down to three pieces
of dress goods, and she was very
much perplexed which to take.
Tho little girl, who was about 6 years
of age, was constantly asking ques
tions about things sho saw and dis
tracting her mother's attention from
her purchases. Finally the mother
became distracted between her pur
chases and her child and said, "If
you don't keep quiet, Hattie, I'll
burst out crying."
Tho littlo ono drew herself up and
as nuick as a flash responded, "For
goodness sake, mamma, don't begin
in front of all these peoplo, or you'll
make me ashamed of you."
It is to be hoped she was disci
plined when she reached home, but
from tho way her mother continued
to laugh over the child's precocity
it is not probable. Philadelphia
Milo of Creton.
Of the wonderful athletes of all
ages, Milo of Creton is perhaps tho
most known. Ho onco ran a milo
with an ox on his shoulders, then
with a blow of his fist killed the
beast and ate it in one day.
Tho strongest man could not take
from Milo a pomegranate which ho
held between his two fingers, al
though a woman ho loved is said to
have dono it. Ho could break by
contracting his veins and muscles a
cord tied around his forearm. Ono
day, being in a houso with some pu
pils of Pythagoras, the ceiling threat
ened to fall in, but Milo supported
tho column on which it rested, thus
giving his1 friends timo to escape.
His death is well Known, no xneu
to tear asunder tho trunk of a nee,
but his hands got pinched in the
wood, and being unable to disengage
them ho perished, devoured by wild
beasts. Cincinnati Commercial Ga
zette. .
A General Title.
In Lisbon years ago thero was a
very popular boatman who served
tho various men-of-war that visited
tho port. Ho was a cheerful, oblig
ing fellow, and always at his post,
nAnconnpntlv ha received a lion's
share of tho patronage of the ships.
His Portucueso name translated, or
rather spelled phonetically, was John
Fishballs, and ever since his time the
value of the name has been so well
recognized that every boatman on the
quay has appropriated it to his own
use, and on tho appearance of a pas
senger tho air is filled with shout? of
"Hero you are, Fishballs I' and a
regular scrimmago ensues iw
faro. Harper's
possession or xuu
Young People.
Wet Feet and Cold.
rw nwn-Sfiouard recommends
tho following as tho best way to
overcome susceptibility to taking
cold from getting the feet wet: Dp
tho feet in cold water and let them
remain there a few seconds. The
next morning dip them in again let
Sdb tbemieinain in a fewEeconds
linKcr. The next morning keep them
f little longer yet and continue
Sis till you can leave them in haU
an hour without taking cold. In this
way a person can becomeaccusomed
the cold water, and ho will not
take cold from this cause. But be
i Thoroughly understood that the
A Young Critic
"Papa," said tho pastortllttiesW,
wateffir him constnictog and
" - - - t t wnter "Yes, my
tell you ?tat o wnwi
vising wou-v --,,
II Was an Eipert.
I am the fa
Boaton Wro-
'JOVMlJNti 'OAtflTAi
- wjc- -Kl,l sij.
When llrmlnttetl, theUaroe of Football All
Came Hack to Her.
Sho told him wheit ho asked her if sho
would like to go out and see tho football
game that she would bo only too glad to
go, because she did enjoy a ball game ed
much and that she hadn't seen one for
two years, when Charlie Joy took her
and told her all about it. That pleased
him immensely, for ho didn't like Char
lie a little bit and did dote on a girl that
knew something besides embroidery and
caramels. So thoy went, and sho looked
on, apparently in great interest, for half
an hour, .and he was so absprbedithat'he
almost forgot her. It occurred to him
after awhile that aheas there, and he
turned to her.
"Do you understand it?" he inquired.
"Oh, yes," sho said; "that ia, most of
it, but I'm a httlo rusty, I. think, and
some of the terms I hear I don't quite
"What, for instance?"
"Well, what is a 'touchdown?' "
"That's when a player touches tho ball
back of his opponents' goal, and it counts
four points."
"Oh, yes, and what is a 'putout?' "
"That's when a player of the side which
has made a 'touchdown' kicks the ball
to a player of his own sido, the object
being to get into a better position for a
kick at the goal."
"Yes, I see," sho responded in some
doubt, "and what is 'charging? "
"That's rushing forward to seize the
ball or to tackle a player."
Then she waited a few minutes until
a lively tussle was ended and he could
give her a moment's time again.
"Wasn't that perfectly lovely?" she
exclaimed, "and how stupid of mol I
remember distinctly now that Charlie
told me nil those points, and that three
strikes were out, and when a man stolo
a base tho batter pounded him for threo
hits, and when the ball got foul they
fanned the air. Of course I ought to
have remembered, but I was thinking
about something else when-wo camo out
this afternoon. There, see that man
making a homo runl Ain't he just too
lovely?" and the young man gave her
one long, agonized look and shrieked
aloud. Detroit Free Press.
The Scene of Conflict.
"This talk," said tho bachelor, "of
woman's engaging in the pursuits of man
is all nonsense."
"I don't know," said his friend doubt
fully. "There's no doubt of it. Suppose a
war should arise. Womon couldn't fight,
could they?"
"What's tho reason they couldn't?"
"Why, because they are not naturally
constituted for warfare."
"Humph! Just come over to.tho bar
gain counter in our dry goods store some
day, and you'll change your mind."
Washington Star.
Too Had.
Edith's grandmother had come from
Maine for a visit, and the ) oung woman
she is almost 10 years old took her
into the parlor to show her a lion's 'head
done in crayon. Edith made tha picture
and is proud of it.
Grandmother adjusted her epectaclec
and gazed admiringly at the drawing.
"You don't know what that is, grand,
ma," Edith said.
"Don't know what it 1st" responded
grandmother, a little touched. '"Lived
on a farm CO years and not know a chlf a
head when I see itl" New York Times.
I" by All Dleanc
Let us havo P's. Persons who patron
izo papers should pay, for the pecuniary
prospects of the press have peculiar pow
er in pushing forward public prosperity.
If the printer is paid promptly and hit
pocketbook kept plethoric by -promptly
paying patrons, ue puis mo jjou w ifi
in peace, he paints his picture of i passing
events in more pleasing colors, jand o
perusal of his paper is a pleasure td the
people. Paste this pieco of proverbial
philosophy in pumpkin pieorderin some
place where all persons may seo it plain
ly. Exchange.
Yet Hb Oava It the Shake.
Uncle Allen had dropped into a cob
bler's shop for repairs. As-heiroso up
after putting on the mended shoe he
pulled tho chair up with him.
"That lump of wax," said the shoe
maker, "seems to have formed a strong
attachment for you."
"I don't reciprocate," replied Undo
aUpii. "but I confess I'm a good deal
stuck on tho chair."-Chicago Tribune.
Patient Man (with
ntwpper, lo
lenv - . . t j,ow
yo0rrereihngT I've gone brWoclu
lutt my strwt airedr-Pnck.
..yontnay think you'u, ".artW
wltb late lamented ben fruit, bati
Sink rou're nutWns ? IrWttjr Ud
Jiot Dnreaevnablc
ftrotjim. and Urateiy Are No Earthly
Use to n lira I 7 inn,
, ,01d Pflto was a phdosophor. Ho
was described to mo as having both a
retrospective and philosophical cast
ox countenance. Ho had been a sol
dier, having belonged to ono of tho
most gallantly behaved colored regi
nionts that fought in the battio of
Tho person to whom I am mdobted
or the following dialogue discovered
old Peto upon tho hurricane deck of
vl Mississippi steamer and by way pf
an introduction said:
"I suppose you wero in tho, war,
for you look liko a soldier!"
"Yes, sah. I had a Jeetlo taate ob
it at Fo't Donolson."
"Stood your ground, did you!"
"Not sab. Runned."
"Ran at the first fire, did you?"
"Yaa8, sah. Would hab runned
soonah if I'd knowed it was comin."
"Why, that was not very credit
ablo to your courage."
"Massah, wah wasn't in my line.
Cookinwere,niy perfoshin."
"Well, but had you no regard for
your reputation?"
''Yaas, sah. But reputation's nuf
fin whatever to me by do sido pb
"Do yqu consider your life worth
more than pthor people's?"
"WvtU inoah to inot sah."
"Then you must value it very
"I does, sah, inoah dan all dis
world; moah dan $1,000,000, ,for
what am dat to a man wid do href
out'n himself. Preservation am de
fust law, sah."
"But why should you act upon a
different rulo fiom other men?"
"Case different men has different
vallers on dair libes. Mine am. not
in do market."
"But if you had lost it in tho war
you would huvo had tho satisfaction
of knowing that you died for your
"Wot satisfaction, would, dat be,
massah, wld do power ob leolln
"Then patriotism and honor pre
nothing to you 1"
"ifuffiu whatever, sah; nuflln
whatever. I 'gards 'em as 'mong de
"Do you think any of your com
pany would havo misbed you if you
had been killed r"
"Mobbo not, massah. A dpad
white man ain't much account ,let
alonoadead uiggah. But I'd miss
myself awfully, and that was do pint
wid old Pto." Pluladplphia Times.
Mrs. Sarah Mutr
o! Minneapolis.
For Women
Hood's Sarsapnrilla Is Especially
Adapted to Cure Difficulties
Peculiar to the Sex
The restoring and Invigorating properties
of Hood's Barsaparllla, combined with Its
power to vitalize and enrich tho blood, es
pecially adapt It for all troubles peculiar to
women that tired feeling, or debility
caused by change of season, climate or life.
Hood's Sanaparllla lias accomplished very
gratifying resulu In many cases, lleadtblsi
" I was for a long time a sufferer from
Fomalo Woakness,
and Wed many remedies and physicians, to
So good purpose. One day I read one of the
IloodT Barsaparllla books, and thought I
would try a bottle of tht medicine. It made
so great a difference In my condition that
I took three bottles more and found myself
perfectly well. I havo also given
Hood's Sanaparllla
to the children and It keeps them In good
health. I am willing that this shall be used
for the benefit of others " Mita. Bakam
Mum, 808 10th Ave., B.JWnneapolls, Minn.
Hoory8PlLL0 cure all Ursr llli. BU
looine... Jsnudlce, Inaltcitton, Blcfc UswUthe
S3 SHOE koWf,
Da wo wer tSs7 Wkea wort Ii ti try pair..
Vest In the werW.
If vm wot t DRCS8 SH0L m4 ts th Mas!
K?l ,; t6 U VS, try 3, W, UM
.TeVL tLi ft wail b csitsn iu4Mvi
.Lj.l J.l. H.V
tltuuvtS, frotUhtoKcolMl7oorMisrj
it it W prtkMl; w. u yr 9m. -"?-
prlt & w tfis Wto, tx fr It wU. yW
V.UVOVaW' rekto, Has. BoM kf
Kkai'khk Hiwa.
.. i hsvetts-t'd a O'WOM HOUHKr ol
."own ob But. street, peer O -ff.
Lrs I wt be Mal U- l Jr" "fr,
-r.A r.lntr o W ne''tn Wsn t
,;;S m VUi !ood fits, go.-! maurw a-4
W.7 WM.AWT0a.
t rft9fl9HBA7W.7rrcHHiHHIH'-J
m- XtZIm
m.j Kss
SBSt. t iftlf
ml i7
mt00kF ran sbys
v ssssssser- -sr ia
wvuvwvvvwluvwvuvwv, .v. w. v wn Ywuvuwwvtfvvv!
What Is tho condition of yours? Is your hair dry.
JHk harsh, brlttlo? Docs
OfS lifeless appearance?
Ill brushed? Is it full of
Is It dry or in a heated
your symptoms bo warned In timo or you will become paid. '
SkookumRootHair Grower
liwhtlvnnn. Tt nrtttlnfltlon !l not an accfdanL trat thervanltof Hrfantlfla I
rensreh. huowledraot the dlneateaot the hair and ecalp led to thedlicor. i
eryot bow to treat thorn. 'akootum"cootlni neither tnlneralu nor Dll. It i
liUotaDye.lutalellghtrauycooingana reiresnrat Tqnia. iiy (timuiaune ,
the follicle), (t ttopt falling hatr, euro dandruff and erou hair on tali .
pr Keen the lealp etun, hestthy, and fr from Irtltittoc'nipUons, Jr
the uj o &ooum 6l Soap. It dettroja parotitic towctt, ulikh fttd on
and dtitroy ! Aafr. . ..... . ....
K your drugfrlit cannot arp!r you iend direct to o, and w will fonrard
prtpald. on receipt of, price. Grower, 1W per bottle 1 1 torVV-Oa 8oap,t0e.
perjtrif lortuu.
",7iL,;53 bomb Jfiini
Natural Wood Finishing,
Cor, 30th and Chemeleta Street.
J. E.
Geo. Fendrich, m
Beat meat and free delivery.
136 Mate Street.
Better Than a Shoehorn.
"Horo's ft good trick to know," said
a man ominont in tclephono.oirciSs,
"I learned it from ono of tho English
dolegates to tho electrical congress.
Wo woro both stopping nt a menu's
house in the suburbs and wero occu
pying tho sarao room. I found I had
forgotten to bring a shoehorn and
asked tho Englishman if ho had ono.
'No, I haven't,' ho Baid. 'Why don't
you ubo a towoir 'A toweir i ro-
pliod. 'Yos, a towel. Hero, lot mo
show you. Take a corner of tho
towel, so. Lay tho point in tho hool
of your shoo, bo. Put your foot in
as for aa it will go, right on top of
tho towel. Now, grab tho towel and
pull up on it. Boo how easy your
foot slides int It's hotter than a shoo
horn."' Electrical Raviow.
oCMUuTfoUvJoU ouOU jTlVult OOVJviO
j Hair Deatli
Instantly removesnnd forever destroy nob-
jecilonablobalr, whether upon the bands. I
I a s.i soix AiKaia iihah tin nanni
me nrrnHor neck, wllbout dlscoloruliou
(ace arms or ucck, wiiuuui. uisiaituiubiuu
urlnlurv to tho most delicate skin. It
icim fnr flftv vfiftrs tho secret 'ormt
hMimni Wllsnn. Acknnwlfldffea DV TJIlVSl i
id by
clans as tbo highest authority audtuo.
rnnai. eminent derinatoioeisi ana nair spa
iMallsltmu ever uvea, uuringnis pnyuui
praotloxolallftlme among the UDulllly
.na nrisiooracy oi n.uropa uo preienu
hli rwlnn. frleti. IL liv 1114 I. sei'urciT
acked I'orrespondence confidential. Hole
gent s tor vmenca. Auunn
jpt. It. 67riouih Filth Avonne.New Vorkj
KV'nnnrKM)nrMniiH nmnmimii
TifK Cheapest. JHave tho Dahv
Jouhnai. left at vour office or resl
i nrp. Oulv 50 eta a mouth. Iiy mall
25 cts a month.
Easily, Quickly.
Permanently rtestorcd.
and all the trsln of ell
from iarly errors ur later
eict-tui. tUo results of
ovsrwork, slekness,
vrorrr.fto Fullttraufib,
deTilupmsnt and iuu
ilvrn toevsryorisasod
tHiitlim of the bodr.
wen. fnllure finpoaMMs.
j;io rersreacrt. liook,
ezlsntlnn and pruofs
mailed (sealed) free.
BUrfALO, N. Y.
p. U. D'ABCY.
D'AllOV 4 HINOHAM, Attorneys at lw.
Itoomsl.a and , U'Aroy Hullding. HI
tute street. Bpoclal attention given to bail
new In the supreme and circuit oourUof the
rnIL.MON KOHU, Attorney at law, Balem,
1 (iregoa. Ufflce up stairs In Tattoo block
Hj, I11GO Kit. Attoi ney ai Jaw,Halem, Ore
, gon. Oflloe over Hush's bank
I Attorneys at law. Offlre over Cajmal
Sallonal bank, Halem, Oregon.
JoTlN A. OaTi-)N. Attorney at law. rooms
8 and t, Bush bank building, Halem.Ur,
ii . iiriMHAM.
niiuiliu A llni.MKM. A
tlorneys at law.
K oino In Hush block, between Btateand
ourt, on Commercial street.
tV)lletl(inmadai.d promptly n-mllted
.: .. t.i..-w . . u .t. nnii iimineroiAi
.ireu rtalern, OrcK'in. "'
WaKNIOIITON-Arcbllect and jurerln
teLdeul Office, room J and llu.ti
urey wan block. -ln
MB. fUUUK, Htnographer and Tipe
, wrltiil Hist equipped tywwrltlngof.
tnl one In Oregon. Over Hush's bank,
rlalsm, Oregon.
Dlt A.OAVH."lit 1'istOraduateof Kew
Vork.glVscUI attention to tbe dis.
ee. of women and children, no. ibrsMt,
IffllStfSSftiS. HUUeeCn;uUa:
Uou from v w i a. iu sumw a v "
, U HltOWNK. M, D, !"" ?"ST
geon. iuiv iv .,
omnurclai street.
K,T O MMITI1, MW..JuSm .-
Balem. urwoii. r iuiu. r'" rn.i"
ns of VT1 dCTPtlOU. nuBK" wt.w
lions specialty,
U. i'Utill.
spec) flea.
AI.MI''n V . '
A.tltMl .il&na.
tioqs ?.4 """".finsk. Kl. J51
ol buildings,
Office 2M Ooramerclal
street. npsUIr.
PTntNhiir,Iu fclS5
j, A. tZLWQQV, Wf 4r.
SONHOK VrrKKAWH -WiropUrCarnpWo,
.rVosol Veterans, V. A m . Tbur.
lavavoiilnMaHWt'-lb(! I, . T
hlfu VUlSo. VrottieT r cordially InvSJed
attend i l'LJLUlJi-'l, fi-?f!!!
It split at the ends? Has It a i
Docs It fall out when combed, er !
dandruff ? Does your scalp Itfeh ?
condition ? If these are some of
atwih, swtr r, n. i
and Tile-
nnd Candies.
P. O. JBloolc,
Take It!
bnlyacentaa day delivered at
your door.
The House Mow.
451 Marlon Street.
Has the best facilities tor movlnfr and ruls
Ins bouses. Jbedvo orders .at tirnyiilros pr
address Hal em, Oregon.
From Terminal or Interior (Viols tho
I .Is the line to take
To all Points East and South.
It la the dining car route, it rune tbrouv b
vestibule trains, every day In the yeanio
;(No change of ears.)
Oompased qfdlnlngcara unsurpassed,
millman drawing room sleepeni
Of latest CHjulpnteni
Sleeping Cars.
Host that can be constructed and In which
accommodations are both tree and fur.
nlsbed for holder of first and second-elms
Aoontlnuota line oonneptlng with all
lines, aoordlng dtreot and uninterrupted
Iullman sltr" rtTvn Ion can be so.
cured in advance ton, any agent, of
the road.
Through tickets to and from all point
In America, England and Europe can be
purchased at any tloket oflloe of this oqm
KuU Information concerning rates, time
of tralns.routes and other dotalls furnished
on apollcatlon to any agent or
Assistant General PanenLer Agent, No,
131 first street, ft Washington; l'ort-
Biiavv & Downino, Agents.
Iours the Oulckest Chicag,
Hours Qu,cker t08as0mcta, and Kan
Through Pullman nd Tourist Slo pen, Free
Reclining Chair Cars, Dining Cars,
for rate and general Information call on
or address,
W, M. MUllUIUnT, Aist. p. V, A
V Washington HL.C'orAl
SALUM, ... Oron
I'rtvat work a epeeialty.
On in pr .ved lie Estate, In w
llmo.os.ilU ModelaylMCousldertsf kBs.
FEAR & F0?D,
rtoom It Hush Hank block, alM"
ManulaelU' iUndard PrMd Wrick.
Molded Hrtek In all 1'aUern for mnU
and supply Ihebfek tor tb Wew Kalcta Ctt;
Ha'l andiirilyslllkeBnebuUlDgsrertd
Tardnaf fltll.ry,lAlm,Or. Iw
On Vetcr System."
TharMlem JUght and Power Company at
KTOtt expenta Cave equipped their Elrctna
Light plant with the n mi modern appnratu
nnd monowKhle to ofler the publloahrfr
Unlit than nnr nr.leiii and at n. rate lower
thau nuy city un tho const.
Arc ami iHcamlcsccnt Light;
ing. Electric Meters f er all
purposes -where power Is re
Ro'ldenrca can be wired for as many light
ai dralred and the comtumere puy lor only
men llihta ai are ttnod. This belDK rcltoie
by au Klcotrlo Meter. Office
179 Commercial St.
IIliNT, tho North Si'emButihe
Sija be ha set. sold out but
Imply moved hie (hop to the
old aland at Iilbetty ttrett
David McKillop,
lieavel orders at Baleta Im
provement Co., 05 State street.
The London
San Francisco, Cal.
TUTK, located perm.anently at 71V Market
Htreet.Han Itanrlsco, Cal., fcrtha cure of all
diseases, atlllctli ns and deformities. A. staff
of physicians and surgrons. having diplomas
and the tndorstment of the best college of
America and huropc, skilled specla sut who
have had long experience In treating special
andohronladlseasep, aro In constnni attend
nnro. A phsrmiry Is ntlached, nnd all prs
sorlptlons tilled true of charge,
$1.00 VrlHl Bottle
tfUr.OO Full urio
Bufforer from Asthma, Uhnmatum, Con.
sumption. Catarrh. Dysponslt, Inlffestloa,
Borohila, ICpllepsy, Kemaln Wrasufus.Cancer,
llestt Disease, tiiotichltls, .'ruptloss, fait
llheum. Ualdness, Tapeworm, l)efn, any
sexual Disease, I-ost Manhood, Malaria, Url
mry Troubles, I'lles, Dowel Trouble, should
consult at once. lAvr rhargr, wiihla tbo
reach ol all. combined with the best medical
and surgical skill.
Young, Middle Aged and Old Men
Who insy bo snnerlnc from VOUTHKUh
eOULltrji, or the excessos of matured lite,
should consult at once, before It is too lute:
theso Veteran practltlnnrrs who havo no equal
11 ths United Htstes, as tlieyoitii and will le
store to you. perfect health when all other
have fulled.
Broken Down Conslitulions
are rejuvenated and manly vigor restored by
their new and wonderful metbod of treat,
ment, tin Injurious drug used. Worn out
ouslness men, call for advice, especially If you
are suffering from Nervous Debility or falling
power, pf any disease of the Kye, tor, Throat,
i.unr. Heart. Btomacti, Hkln, Kidneys, or
Blood Diseases
Cured In the shortest time by vege
table re in edits.
ADC VniMlfhhe,thJr,",avlorou
Mill YUU as you should bI Are you
free from every trae of disease of sickness 7
Do you look weilr Do you feel welit or la there
omel hmnlo Treuble: which, like ranker
worm In the budding flower, is rspWIy
stroy In j our very vitals.
Who suffer from Nervou I'rostratlon,
tes.ness, llespondeney, IbdlgestloB.Oosellpa
Unn, lAuultuds. 1'alo In the llaok or 44ej4
disoase peculiar to their sex, consult Ibsee
physician wtu tbe utmost coufldence.
S5.00 FULL COUrtSi
719 Mrkti Strett
San Frttrftet, Ci.
ssssssssHlViiiiwIiBAr L tPl ft flMTcSWPcPsetsBM
Leave n Kraaels, Not. , a 4 1
IavsA Ymukv UT. i,lW, us"-
Yor freight and ttMnr rtls ais; mf
us vrP- . -gSn7W rtfc
Wul soor."-:Loriaoa xivvt.
ErA sfsi.

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