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Biggest birgains ever known.
Call early and getthe best se
lections. THE PALACE.
- IF -
Vou ore golntfto bultd or makofanylrlnd of
Imtrovemoit, call on H un'er'lgued lor
material.' Wo h ve ajompletestook,;and are
ready to;supply any'piepared contract, sewer
"work, arradlnsr, etc.
Sa' m Improvere t Co.
Local Dates.
Dec. 4. Katie Putnam in "Loye
Finds a Way."
TJfin. 7. Madeline Merli drama.
ConeroL-atioDal corn soci i.
Salem Keeley Lieague enter
First Presbyterian ebu'reb
Dec. 8.
Dec. 0.
Dec. 0.
Jan. 20, By Perkins comedy.
Engine Derailed. Thanksgiving
day morning overland train bad a
narrow escape from being wrecked. Ab
it rounded the bend near the Peebles
place south of Salem it ran into a band
ot horses standing ne ir the end of an
eighty-foot bridge and four of them
were killed and the front truck of the
locomotive thrown from the rails. The
engine with its train ran nearly across
the (structure in this condition'. The
drivers kept the rails, the ties and
guard rail wore splintered some but the
engine did not run oil. It took about
an hour to replace the dorallea truck
and the train then came on to Salem.
One of Ibe horses was carried across
the brldgo by the pilot. When the train
Btoppod one leg was broken and the
animal bad to bo killed. Three others
were killed instantly by the engine
one being cut into many peices, among
tbo number was the seal-brown Alta
mont mare belonging to Ed. Herreu of
this city. She was with foal by Holm
del and was valued at oyer $400. She
bad been placed in "a ptsture on the
Cross place, upon which N. F, Herren
now resides, and where the accident
- i ..
Beats Them All. Tub Joobnal
has received many large potatoes this
fall, but now comes J. N. Grosbong, of
of Spring Valley, Polk county, and
simply knocks out all competitors in
the race for big spuds. Ho brings us a
round dozen, including Burbank, Peer
less and Garnet chill. The largest
weighs even five pounds, and the bil
anco are not to be sneozod at. Juke Is
surely the potato king of Polk county.
The other three Grosbong Brothers
who read The Journal will be inter
ested in this potato Item. In tbo mean
time these "spuds" will bo on exhibi
tion at The Journal- offlce. Call in
and see the big dozen.
Party for Salkm. A party of re
inforcements Is expected In Salem this
week, from O'Brien county, to join the
Iowa colony. They are Mrs. T.DeLong,
mother of Mrs. F. N. Derby, Miss Min
nie DeLong, Eli DeLong, Walter De
Long and family and Mr. Sondoroook
and family, a baker's dozen lu all.
None Better. Tho Glllmau coal
soiling t $8 per ton at tho Saloin Im
provement Co.'s yards, Is the best fuel
In Salem.
For member of the City Council, First
For member of the City Council, Beo-
ond ward
For member of the City Counoll, Third
For member of the City Council Fourth
Sheriff Knight left for Astoria yes
terday, to witness the hanging of a
Clatsop county murderer today.
Prof. W. W. Green, of tho Alo pub
lie schools, spent Thanksgiving in the
Hon. G. P. Terrell,-of Mebama, is in
the city.
Prof. D. W. Yoder, of the Woodburn
schools, is in tho city.
Deputy Sheriff R. G. Keeno arrested
Zeph Job Wedueeday evening, at the
residence of his uncle, one of the
Looneys near Jefferson. Mr. Job wa
there visiting and is under indictment
by the grand jury of Lincoln county,
for not accounting for bank deposits.
Found Dead. A Lockwood messen
ger is nover found in that dilemma, for
be Is always on the go. A turn at the
blue box calls hlra.
For good health take Tutt's Pills.
There were married at Los Angeles,
Cal on Wednesday, November 15,
1893, Clarence P. Bartlett and Mary E
Hendrlok. The groom was formerly a
clerk in the grocery store of J. A. Van
E:itou.r There died at the state In
sane asylum, Salem, Wednesday night,
November 29, 1893, Mrs. B. H. Ban
croft, aged 02 years. A little more
moist, mlnty mist. Albert Valentine
is the latest arrival at the State Reform
School, from Wasco county. He stole
a watch chain, aud laid In Jail in The
Dalles five mouths awaltiug trial.
Presiding Elder Parsons was unable to
fill bis Thanksgiving day appointment
owing to u sprained limb from slipping
on a sidewalk at Halsey, Henry
Hauko was not committed to the asy
lum, although subjected to a rigid ex
amlnatiou by Drs. Smith and Richard
son. Mai. D. C. Sherman is trying
to lot go of the grippo. Rev. Bow-
ersox started for awoot lomo this
morning, by rail. The Court street
sewer was badly overtaxed for several
days, but is now doing its work with
out trouble Hon.G. P.Terrell, of
Mehnma, was in the city today. J.
E East ham and faml'y, now of Turner,
spent Thanksgiving in the city.
Miss Lulu Hirsch is homo from a visit
of Portland. Bishop Dillon went to
Sherwood today, whero he dedicates a
new U. B. church tomorrow. Mr.
and Mrs. Hugh Thompson returned to
day from taking turkey at Eugene.
J. R. Davis, of Bhedds, accompanied
by his wife and daughter, arrived in
the city today, to visit at the home of
Brother G. W. Davis.
Aunt Dinah's Husking.
There will bo a novel entertainment
ut tho Congregational church, Fildax
evening, Dee. 8, lu the way of a Husk
ing Bee and Corn social. Every out-
Hiioiilit try and attend. Barrels full of
for old urn! young. Tours, e o d
Tho only st ok of J panose
goods in Salem aro now boi g
shown at
Rubber coats, hats,
the New York Racket.
slickers, at
This lino consists of assorted
Chinawaro, such as cups and
sauoers, tea sets complete, ex
tra butter dishes, bowls, cream
ers, mush' 60 ta, chooolato pots,
cracker jars and flower vases,
lacquer cabinets, screens, wall
brackets; Japanese napkins S5o
per hundrod,
2(53 Commercial Str.et.
Heavy Floods.- The worst of it Is
about over, but Van Euou Is still re
wiving a flood of good groceries for the
people of Haleui.
The Now York Riuket has a full line
if uuderwear which they offer at uuus
ually low prices. See what they have
befoie buying. 2d lw
Reported Lost. -Word came to
town this uiorulug that Barney Pom
pellor had beeu drowued a short dla
tauoo up the lver, by the bank cay lug
in with him. His friends do not think
Baruey will ever meet suoh an end.
China Display. Hon. John G.
Wright la not a Uhluese advocate, but
when It comes to China, that Is, im
ported, egg-iholl and decorated china
ware for tho table, be is strlotly In it.
Ills entire stock u displayed on a bar.
giln counter to bo sold out. It will b
tuauguterou at nuu lhmuw wai. I
Ricliarii McGee Found Dead in a
Leaves a Destitute Wife aud Six
Small Children.
Richard MiGee, a laboring man, was
found dead at tho roar of Bill Ander
son's saloon this morning. His body
is lying at Clough's undertaking rooms.
Ho leaves a wife and six children in
destitute circumstances. His death
was undoubtedly caused by excessive
drinking of egig-nog at the aforesaid
saloon, where it was served free to all
who came.
At 5 o'clock Policeman Wells Lat
ourette notified Mr, Clougb that the
dead man was lying in the shed addi
tion at rear of tbo Anderson saloon.
Mr. Clougb found him there, and an
other man. McGee was dead, though
till warm. The other man was taken
to jail in a badly intoxicated condition
The wife of Mr. McGee, who llyes at
38 Cburob street, was notified, aud
with her baby went to the nirguo,
where her husband was laid out. It
was a pitiful sight to see the woman
bending over the remains of the man
who lett her yesterday well and strong
aud now a horrible sight, with tangled
huir, bloodshot eyes, swollen lips, black
and blue face, and bands swollen, the
whole figure a picture of debauchery
and brutality.
Richard McGee came to Salem last
spring and went to work for Tugtrart
StEarle, logging, but wa3 unable to
get his pay for his summer's work. He
was always Industrious but of late
could find no work to do. He did put
in ono day at tbe Capital Lumbering
Co. mill. There are six children, the
oldest ten years, and the youngest two
months, Tbe family Is destitute and
empty banded. They lived at Cham
poeg ten years and moved to Salem
four weeks ago last Suuday.
He boarded with J. W. Ingram and
lived since bis family came here in tbe
same house with Ingram.
He got on a spree once in awhile;
was on a spree two weeks since. Yes
terday be left home at 1 o'clock after
getting his dinner at home with bis
wife and chlldreu. Mrs. McGee is
an intelligent looking woman. Of
course, she is nearly heartbroken and
lu great distress. She has two brothers,
John and Alvln Countryman, single
men, but no one to whom she cau turn
for help.
Mr. McGee was forty-eight years old
and baa no relatives. He was six feel
high, a giant in strength and well liked
by his fellow-workers. He was a lov
ing father and except for bis occasional
drinking habits was a good citizen. He
bad work promised him on tbe Lake
Labish ditch improvements, and was to
have gone to work this week. His
Thanksgiving day spree was too much,
for him.
at Bill Anderson's saloon attracted a
great deal of attention yesterday among
drinking men and saloon habitues. It
Is tbo regular custom at this saloon
since years to fiot up free egg-nogg on
Thanksgiving day. At noon there
wore nearly a hundred men at tbe bar
where tbe liquor was ladled out In
small mugs. Several of tbe men bad too
much by 2 o'clock when a Journal
reporter went into tbo place. Two men
were rolling on the floor and ecu filing.
This was not considered any thlug un
usual, though It was feared trouble
would result. McGee was drunk early
in the afternoon and evidently made a
hog of himself with the free liquor.
The saloon people tried various ways to
restralu him aud sober him oft. Pepper
was blown up his nose to set him sneez
ing andgetblm offhoio. Asa hint
resort he wus put out o the back door
and 1 .id out in thoshed whloh was his
ileatb bed. His facial expression In
dicates that he died In great aguuy and
was probably killed by the direct efleot
of the Hquo-,
THE inquest.
Coroner Btott was notified aud in
structed Recorder Edes lu proceed with
au Inquest. Messrs. F. B. Southwlck,
R. G. Keue, R. A. Crossau, David
Holmes and J. M. Forsythe we-e lm-
pauuelled aud a doze or mor wit-
utsses beard. Coroner Btott came up
ou tbe 11:17 train u d a o took hold of
thd InqvlesL He (summoned several
more witnesses nbd at noon turned tbe
body over to tbo doctors for an autopsy.
the Witnesses.
Policeman Jos. Janes, Newt. Farrell,
Wm. Anderson, Will Judson, Ben
Dice, Dr. J. N. Smlth.Wm. May.Eflel
Cooper, E. E. Cooper, were examined
and their testimony tnken down in
writing. Dr. Smith was present this
morning, when the body wob taken up,
Dr. Btott ordered the uutopsy, appoint
ing Drs. CuBlck and Morse to makoa
post mortem examination, which they
did, taking out the stomach and blad
der, to ascertain if the liquor was poisoned.
At 11:30 Judge Edes adjourned tbe
inquest to 8:30 when the) testimony of
the physicians will be beard and tbe
jury will render Its verdict in accord
mice with tbe facts as hero published,
ns there was no evidence of foul play.
There was some evidence that the
liquor had a remarkably quick effect in
making tbe men beastly drunk.
Street rumors were abroad that sev
eral more bad died from tbo excessive
use of tbe free egR-nogg. But these ru
mors were without foundation. Abe
Burnett, the city crosswalk cleaner, is
confined at bis home sick of pleurisy
brought on by drinking some of tbe
"egg-nogg." A young man, Cbas,
Hubbard, who took a drink of it was
rendered very ill at Hellenbrand's
restaurant. Agent Smith of tbe El
wood took one drink and says It was
an unusually powerful drink. No oth
er fatalities have attended victims of
tho free "nogg."
Nominated for Alderman in
tbo Several Wards.
Following were tbo nomination's
made for alderman in tbe several
Democratic ward primaries Wednes
First ward John Gray.
Second ward W. H. Holmes.
Third ward G. Stelner.
Fourth ward J. H. Albert. '
There was only a light vote cast, the
largest in the fourth ward wtoere J. H.
Albert received 23 votes. The fourth
Is tbe "bankers" ward and the fight to
carry the ward will be tbe most spirited
of any in the city. Tbere is quite a
floating vote and the Republicans who
have two thirds of the votes of the
ward are confident of electing their
candidate. Geo. Hughes the grocer Is
tbe Republican candidate.
In tbe first ward R. B. Duncan is
the Republican nominee. He 1b a fine
business man, but bis election is by no
means sure. The Democrats will make
an unusual effort to carry the ward,
having a strong man for candidate.
Alderman Hunt was elected in that
ward over Gray by only one majority,
and that was given him after a hard
fight. Tbe street rumor that Mr. Dun
can is a Populist is false. He has al
ways beeu a straight Republican and
will conduct a winning canvass.
In the second ward the Republicans
put up Thos. Holman against "Billy"
Holmes, the attorney. Tom Holman
Is the nerviest man in town. During
all tbe time the panic wus on last sum
mer Thos. Holman kept a large force of
men at work putting up bis new block.
Such metal as that Is deserving of every
progressive citizen's support regardless
of politics.
In the third ward .Thos. Kay who
can worn and pray is tue Kepubiican
nominee. He Is another llye and let
live man, an employer of labor in tbe
woolen mills and tannery, a self-made
mau who has lots of good business com
mon sense in his cranuim and will
make a safe nominee. His opponent
Gld. Stelner, tbe fish-market man.
Kay will probably lead all the tickets.
Remember the shoe sale go-
iiiK on ut Krausse isros.
Miss Sarah Baltimore, of Albany, ar
rived in the oily today, to visit bei
cousin, Mrs. r.Hulversou. The latter'
mother, Mrs. Rebecca Leedy, is dan
gerously ill. .
Boat Niws.
The steam r Altoua sturted for Inde
pendence at 8:30 this morning. She
tried to go up tho old channel through
the slough, but bad to give it up owing
to too muuh drift wood.
The Elwood came up from Lincoln
this morning. She went there after
grain, but fouud tbe water so high she
could not get under the warehouse
chute. She will probably lie here until
Suuday afternoon. Bhe is having a
heavy run this season.
T'io Hoag Is due from Corvallls this
Awarded Highest Honors World's Fair.
xSLS Pewder:
Tbe aly Pure Cream of Tartar Powd.-MnAmmnni.. w ai..
Xhd ia Millions of Home 40 Years the Standaxl
Sad Thanksgiving fof tbe
McGco Family.
Mrs. Richard McGee and the six lit
tle McGees all took dinner at home on
Thanksgiving day with the hutband
aud father, Richard McGee. Mrs.
McGee prepared it with her own hands.
Today he lies dead from drink and
she Is nlono In the World with her chil
dren. Baby McGee 19 scarce two
months old. The family aro without
relatives or friends. What is worse
they are without means. Such a case
of destitution does not often occur in
this city. It appeals to tbe heart of a
stone to see a woman with six babies
left thus. Who would 'not help them ?
Yet what can be done?
They should not bo turned upon the
street. Tbey should not be sent to tbe
poor house. Yet that is what will be
done, probably. Tbere should be Im
mediate provision made for tho neces
sities of this family by the Salem
Board of Charities. All who feel dis
posed to help Mrs. McGee and her un
fortunate babies can leave their mite at
this office and it will be turned over to
tbe family. They live iu a rented
house, and are without money, food, or
sufficient clothing. It Is an extreme
case of misfortune. It should meet
with a hearty response. The commu
nity that licenses tbe liquor houses
should feel some responsibility for the
care of such a family whose protector
Is taken away from them. The Mo-
Gees should not be allowed to suffer
nor the family sent to the poor house.
To Marry.
Marriage licenses were iBsued as fol fel fol
eows: November 0, Jane Anna Peregoy to
Broer Otto, John D. Peregoy, witness.
December 1," Miss Pearl Berry to
Henry L. Scbneckenberg, Herman
dtolle, witness. By consent of James
Berry, father of the bride, who is under
Incorporated. A Red Men'e.lodge,
of Portland, and the Security Invest
ment company, of Oregon City, with a
oapital of $50,000, fl ed artlo'es today.
: t TmMlw
A. C. Henderson has signed with "Mr.
Potter of Texas."
Will Norman has sold bis play called
"Love on Castle Frank" to Charles Ross.
May Wheeler has joined "The Land of
tho Midnight Sun" to play Maida Mait
land. Charles T. Vincent's play, "Old Glo
ry," is underlined for production in Jan
uary. Joseph Menley is at work on a new
comedy-drama called "Two Country
Robert Griffin Morris is to have his
comedy called "King Pin" brought out
by a Philadelphia syndicate.
Haddon Chambers expects to come to
America this season as soon as his' new
play has been brought out in London.
Gus Heege's new piece, entitled "Rush
City," is to bo produced in January.
Tho pieco is announced as a "spectacu
lar farce."
Charles H. Hoyt has finished tho last
act of "A Milk White Flag," a satire on
the citizen soldiery, and it will be pro
duced in Wilkesbarre, Pa., on Dec. 28.
Clyde Fitch is to adapt Sardou's play,
"Mme. Sans Gene," which was recently
brought out at the Vaudeville theater of
Paris. Henry E. Abbey has secured the
American rights.
Charles Klein is at work on the libret
to of a comic opera for Do Wolf Hopper.
Tho title of tho opora is to bo "El Capi
tan," and the scenes are laid in Peru.
John Philip Sousa ia to compose tho mu
sic. Herbert Hall Winslow has settled
upon tho title of "The Great Northwest"
for his now comedy-drama. "The Little
Speculator," a new farce-comedy by Mr.
Winslow, is to bo produced next season
by Eloiso Willard.
A Pure Norwegian
uu is me Kina used
in the production
of Scott's Emul
sion Hypophos
phitesof Lime and
Soda are added
for their vital ef
fect upon nerve
ana Drain. No
mystery surrounds this formula
the only mystery is how quickly
it builds up flesh and brings back
strength to the weak of all ages.
Scott's Emulsion
will check Consumption and is
indispensable in all wasting dis
eases. PrPra by Boolt 1 Sown. N. Y. All drowl.U.
The public is hereby notified
that we propose to sell meat at
margins barely consistent wif.ri
fair profit. j.
Satisfaction guarSpeecl to all
customers, T V
bter?d af Cos
The Largest assortment ever brought to Salem
They Must. Ge
river is at nearly the 25 foot
Washout of the filling of a brldgo on
the Southern Paciflo near the fair
grounds Thursday morning delayed
trains some.
Agent SRinner, of the Southern Pa
cific, has received word that a heavy
rain fell in the Southern part of the
stato and as far north as Eugene, all
night. 1:53 inches fell at West Forks,
and 1:80 at Merlin, so a good rise in the
river cau still be looked for.
Tbe fair makes tbe lowest prices.
After the Ball Is Over, and the
Thanksglying feast is eaten, don't
forget that Clark & Eppley sell every
day groceries at bed rock.
When you can get tho choicest laun
dry work done by a steam laundry at
low prices.you can't afford to patronize
a China wash house.
The Advertising
Of Hood's Bareaparllla Is always with!
the bondBof reason because It It tZ
It always appeals to the sobor, commot
sense of thinking people because it
true; and it la always fully euteten tli
ed by endorsement which, In the
nanclal world'would be accepted with
cut a moment s hesitation,
Hood's Pills cure liver Ills, codjUm
tlon, biliousness, jaundice, sick heed
ache, indigestion.
Special clubbing rate with Wetllj
Oregonian at this office.
B 8AITwo freah cow, Ctiutihoc
4 Westacott'. llvtrjr.
WANTED-VVork ot any kind, bj a jom,
man who la a Uranter In tin dii
Wam no object. Juhn Loumenu, at II
Cottage UHt
WANtrd. Position aa h uitkeepr,cliuii
.u?.,..hote, 2rJ'T Portion reqalrlnt w
ponilbllity and buslneea ezperrnoa. Bad
r firences. Mm. John Plnkeitoa, recwiii
from 0-a!a, Florida. Addresa BrooU ft
13 It If
XU neo. man or good hablta,
Course of High Grade Entertain
ments at the Salem First M.
E. Church
IV. Dr. Chas.Edward Locke.Tavlor
"Every Inoh a
street church Portland,
Man," Dc. 6.
V. Grand concert by Salem
December 20th.
Course tin- ' nn Single admis
sion is 50 cnt. Ticket i for nale at
Dearborn'b . . ,, . -nd Altken's
grocery store, State street.
Laird, S holier & Mitchell's
ami all other mukt-s of shoes
at cut prices. Kraussc Bros.
Headquarters for alt dally papers, at
J. L. Bennett's post office block news
stand, tf
There are many forms or nervous debility
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uuijr ucrve ineuicine ior ine price in market.
yoDDi mi:
years exirlenoe In general mercbult
store. Willing to work. Laree iratea s ti
peeled. Aadreti D. C. L.. JocnsAr, offlct
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ever before- Tbe Ubscrlptlon "Ji'iSriM
year, but we offer 8PKUIAL BKUUV
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