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Associated Press Dally Netos-.
paper Published on the
Pacific Coast,
$3.00 a Year.
SBcts. month by Mall
Prepaid in Advance.
No Paper Sent Whoa
TImo la Out.
VOL. 6.
NO. 289.
York Racket
Has just Received a new Stock of
Holiday Goods
Dolls of all sizes, picture books, toys, albums, dressing
cases, toilet sets, shaving sets, work boxes, games, perfumery,
odor sets, travelling sets, mirrors, manicure sets, fancy towels,
tidies, stamped linens, doylies, and a large line of
Silk Handkerchiefs and Mufflers,
fancy notions of all kinds for presents in endless variety.
Our extremely low prices apply to holiday goods as well as to
all other lines. Buy of us and save 50 per cent on your
presents for Christmas.
State Insurance Block, 333 Com'hSt.
Ed. C. Cross,
Wiiolcsnle and KctaU
Dealer in Fresh, Salt and
SmokedlMcatsJof a ,K . ds
95 Court and
110 State Streets.
EX Meeker & Co.,
Hop Exporters
OFFICE, Oberheim Block, up stairs, Salem.
'wrA.TEMPLEXOIT, Gcn'l J gent.
The Provisional Govern
ment in Hawaii
Will Not Allow Supporters of
the Queen
Bankruptcy Bill Defeated in Con-
favorably bills recommending admis
sion of Utah, Mexico and Arizona as
states. The Democrats, open' tbe light
for Utah as the most popular and de
serving candidate for admission. Tbe
fljrht over the bill wilt be prolonged
and bitter.
The Day's Cablegrams Around
the World.
A1 1 , 1 n n 1 1 1 I I "I If you want your house pro-
t H U K 0 H I L L perly heated at small expense call on
J&E Vusat
l- 4- Q-rccvr
U experienced when you mSoSaT
work and fine gold fillings a specialty.
Dental Parlors,
Over Gray Bros,
eod -
Holiday Goods
Th? Heufcsl. Most flflracroe
TcariFS j8. fc" 33 S'J-"
Thurston's Plan.
Washington. Dee. 8. Minister
Thurston, before leaving for Honolulu,
told some friends of the provisional
government that a plan of action had
been agreed upon by the government,
and would be carried out. TUe provis
ional government ha 1100 men under
arms, ready to espoud to the signal of
Bell. This force will not be permitted
to Are on the United States marines if
landed, neither will the provisional
government lay down its arms and
leave the government building, upon
r quest of Minister Willis, eTen alter
the marines are landed.
Tke provisional governor nt will re
main until its members are arrested
and taken out. It will resist any in
nrfarenre bv any other than armed
f.rranf the United States. It will not
allow supporters of the queen to onter
the palace or disturb the peace.
Bankruptcy Bill Killed.
Washington, Dec. 8. In the houso
the morning hour expired without ao
lion on bill for admission of Utan. ine
house went Into committee of tbe wlioie
on the B nkruptoy bl.-. Bland moved
to strike out the enacting clause anu
after an exciting debate the motion
The vote by which tho bankruptcy
bill was killed stood 131 yeas, 111 nays.
Adjourned until Mouday.
The Democratic members of the
ways and means committee of the
house have changed the tin plate
schedule of the tarifl bill from ad
..i.om a ntvclflo duty, fixing the
... f nnp.fl fib cents ner pound or
one cent lower than the present tarifl.
nr .,a DavoiitAAn members of the
conmlttee.the six Republicans. Hprlng
eruf Illinois and Sperry oi wi
cut, will vote against reporting the bill.
Johnson of Ohio, who was supposed to
be doubtful, says he Is against the bll.,
u... in rnrrt t favoraoiy iroui mv
committee to get It before the house
Hi thlnkB with a muter oi im i.uF.
laaoe, In which so many members re
interesied, the qaertlon should be
.. k. h.rr the home for omsldera-
Uon, but will reserve the right to vote
acalnst the bill on the noor ox u
Several members who were for repeal
before the message have "Pressed
Chilian Claims.
Washington, Dee. 8. The Chilian
government has filed with the Chilian
olaims commission claim for dama en
In the welt known Itata case. The
South American Steamship company
onlcer in Valpaiiso is tue claimant una
wauts $227,000 damages. This Is the
only claim presented by the Chilian
,11.11 i in i
England Amine.
London, Dec. 8. -In the house of
commons the secretary to admirality,
replying to further questions regard
log the strongth of the British
navy compared with the uavlea
of other nations, and steps being taken
to Increase it, announced two battle
shins, four cruisers, two sloops of war,
and a number of torpedo destroyers, in
addition to several other ships of war
now building to be 'pushed forward
with tbe utmost possible dlspat-h.
Tho Great Manchester Ship Canal
Formally Opened.
Highest of all in Leavening Power. Latest U. S. Gov't Report.
Judgo Bellinger Spreads Consterna
tion Among the Smugglers,
Portland, Or., Dec. 8. On the
oneulncr of the United Btates district
court yesterday Judge Bellinger an
nounced that he was convinced tuat ne
had erred In the ruling he made In the
Dunbar case, to the eflect that a con
viction could not be had on the evl
dence of accomplices without corrobor
ative ttlmmy. In explaining tue
matter the court said:
"In that owe I ruled that there could
bo no conviction without the testimony
of other than accomplices. I did this
without Investigation. I have since
investigated It, and I find tbe testl
mony of an accomplice Is aufllclent
evidence for the jury convict If they
belleye the testim nyUs true. I en ike
rM, atatnment now so:ihat counsel will
not be tkk-u by wailse. x a'n 8atl9'
lledlmadoa mistake lu that ruling,
and I hasten to correct It at the earliest
polble m iment."
The ruling nude by Judge Balllnger,
which he has decided was In error, was
that on whloh the Instructions in his
charge to the jury were baaed, to the
ellect that ciuvlctlon couia noi oo u
on eight of the 14 couuts in tho consol
idated indictments against uuuoar, uD
caus there was no testimony corrobo
rative of that of the occompllces.Blum,
n.-tiinrnp. Jackllms and Berg and It
unimv."- .
was only on tbe remaining six couuw
that Dunbar was found guilty.
Several of the attorneys retained by
parties now under ludictroent for con
spiracy to smuggle Chinese or opium
were present, anu oeo.u """
surprised at the statement made by
t.. i.... nuinr. Mr. James Gleason
bad to be assured that his oars bad not
deceived him, and Mr. Henry McGinn
wanted to be certain luai imru ..
been ho lapsus llngum on me prt
tbe court. Messrs. w. ";'"
Rilelgh Btott and wuunoy o..i -not
appear overjoyed with tbe new rul
ing, but Messrs. Murphy, Geann. Dur
and and Sohnabel souied parfectly
atuned with It.
Latcat From Bio.
London, Dec. 8. The TlmeB today
prints the following from Bio Janerir
under date of Dec. 7th: Several at-
temnts have beeu made by tho Insur
gents to land at Arm ico but wero re
pulsed with considerable loss. On Mon
day riflemen on the Bboro, in front of
Sinla Luzia, fired upon the gun
ners at Viliegagnon and wounded one.
Vlllegagnon replied with machine guus
and rifle , killing and wounding twen
ty. Wednesday, a new torpedo buat,
the Aurora, purchased by Pelxoto In
England, was delivered at Peruambuco.
me government has renamad her the
Gustavo San D.io. The Insurgeut ves
sel Acquldban, weighed anchor on
Thursday at midnight and proceeded
slowly down the harbor, the Esperanca
UK) yards In advance. The forts at La
Ge, Santa Cruz aud Sao Joao opened
tire on tho two vessels.- When abreast
of Fort Sauta Cruz tho Esperanca
opened a heavy flre on the fort and
then the Acquldban, when 700 yards
from tbe fort gwe It a full broad3ldo.
The Are of the ships continued with
mrohlno and quick firing guns until
tbey were abreast ot Fort Sao Joao,
whon both opened with Btarboard
broadside. Melloand h's offlcers and
crew are cheerful and oonfldeul of ulti
mate success. Tho Acquldban has gone
to Join the Republic and bring troops
north. After clearing tho forts tho Ac-
search light upon
The Movement Sets in
Fcr Europe.
A Bill That Una tho Snnction of
tho President.
Red, White and Yellow Iadicted
For Hiding Public Funds Away
in n Iliiuk.
Tho Gold Movemont.
NKv York, Dee. 8. (Special.) The
movement of gold to Europe Iiub set lu
again quite strongly. For bohio time
ulnnn thn reneal of tho Sherman law
tho outflow of gqld has stopped, aud It
was thought after tho repeal of sliver
coIiibko It would not begin again. To
day a half-million dollars of gold has
been engaged for export to Germany,
and a quarter of a million or mora Is
ordered for shipment tomorrow.
State Bank Tax.
Washington. D. C. Dee. 8.The
administration Is ovldeutly determined
to carry out the pledge of tho natloual
ni.ninnrntlo nlatform. to repeal the tax
on stato bank circulation nnd reestab
lish a stato bank currency system,
which has beeu out of vogue In our
country einco beforo tho war of tho
The sub-committee of the banking
nuldban threw her
... .n I.... anltnn nrhlnh flhn Iinm
tun uiuiuaijr o..vwt if m.w i
bardedfor half an uour, uomg "nnd currency committee, on repeal of "" " " " ..L:";r"., 717:
damage to the buildings. TUe govern- - - f fc fc dr. anu tioroert Auau., -
The Ohlnoao Oaass.
PoiiTiiAM), Or., Dec. 8. In tha
United States District Court today 22
of tho 21 persons arrested Wednesday
on ohargo of smuggling Chlnuso Into
this country wero arraigned, ana twen
ty of them entered n plea or not guilty.
Blum and Jaukllng pleaded not guilty,
rbe trial of till tho defendants, except
Dunbar, was set for Dee. 12, Dunbar
having beon convicted of smuggling
opium will have a separate trial.
JudcruStott. in behalf of James Lotan,
asked that tho whites and Chinese have
separate trials, ahd RufuB Mallory, rep
resentlud the Chinese was equally anx
ious to have his clients tried at a differ
ent time. Judgo Bellinger, however,
thought as all had boon ludlotod to
gether, they should bo tried at tho same
Tho grand Jury today returned au
nthflr Indictment acalnst Thomas Jor
dan, ex-captaln of customs Inspectors,
1 r.. u nnv'B worth, as we can please
r nr Mammoth Stock before you "---
you best of all, and can eurely save y-g & gBUBl,
at reaBonable prices. Xo been the finest Stallhjps in iu.o -yaN & CO.
meet all demands, Also Keep " , - lofllce, i"
Barn and residence a uiuu !
measure now.
The sub-committee of the house
hanking and currency has agreed to re
Poavowbly the bill .lluwlog nrtton
P0" . . ...... nirmilatlmr notes to
al banics io ib'uo " . .
fie fall amount ol tbe bond deposited
to secure circulation.
Against Admission of tho Mormon
.. n ' Dec.8.-Intbe
Wiling' 'ulIvoof Kllgore
bouse today WW admit
Boom 12. wix Bank blook.
Steamer flltona
, BoLe'. Cook Monday". $$$!
Jays 7;8 a. m., arrTln- m
.r.i banklnir.t)UlnM.
?-S JSftSa the wo.10.
1. Vaw DUTIJ.
and l'rlday
JOp. m. ..i.ii Tne-dy,
Fwt tlmo for P"?' erv,ee' n "
UndtDE tnitht bandJl. y
RUWDTIUP (unlimited) rww. ""
a . o ok OBNT8.
W.TOdent. -"-; h0UW today repreeeui. m-. -
commmee uu "'-: .
btr third D""m',Ju"fi o( ".
pot b. without It tor "",f0CK WLLS.
leGal JHankPH""
v-.xnreu on mriPt Li? JRflffl
BWl V' Jwal "TO MOW "L
Tinnhlsd the Ouard.
DOUUN.DC. 8 -The authorities of
Maryboroutsb, In anti Ipatlnn of an at
lempt to release the In vlnclbles confined
In the convict prison there, havo
doubled the guard.
Italian Cabinet.
t.. n fl..ioardell aba d ud
'"-l "v . ..,-. .h..a.n.
the formation or a uiu, - .
ferencewlth the king. Fr ul, pre.!.
. ... .., .i..ni. afterwards had an
.udlence with the king and wllprobv
bly t a new premier.
"" Introduced.
London, D,c. 8-Mr. OA.tbU
.fiernoon t the foreign offloe, Intro
dLdtoL.,rdRherryJ Jm : t
the new flrM wcreiary u. m.
embassy. .
Rrvices Eewarded.
T ondoh. Dc. 8 -The Ofllclal Ga
KIS "" "-1 HlrCharle-Ru.
S. Sir R.cbd Wtaler have
" i vni-hii of the Grand
brn 0T!n,,r of 8t. Michael and
crow ... --:. .hnmM Hauler40a
Ht.Ueorge.au..-- -;, . n ,. of
knieht ormmianufr ui
B"th for .hir rvlee. In connection
SIS the Behrhu e negotlatluni.
nnflnned Inebriate.
n.. Uri.l.rV
the OBiupuw' ry """ -,..
mnnt fears that Admiral Uoucalves,
with tho warships Tlradentes and Ba
hla now at Montevideo, will prooaoiy
join tho Insurgonts. Admiral Cama has
assumed command or tne lnsurgenv
vessels hero. An Insurgeut mauuesto
says: Victory of tho Insurgents Is cer
tain and calls upon the Brazilian na
tion to remedy by force of war, tho mis
takes made la a moment's temporary
m.lnfi on Nov. 15: 1889. Gen. Pego,
a strong monarchist, commanding tbe
government troops south of 8ao Panlo
Is reported as being In sympathy with
the Insurgents. Tho government Is un
able to find crews for the new warships
the now Btato of elee been prolonged
until Dee. 25.
Rumor Denied.
London, Dec. 8. A correspondent of
n, ji,.n.inr(i nt Nice denies there Is
any truth in tho rumors originating In
Italy that Frencu troops are ""
massed upon tbo French-Alpine fron
tier. He eays the movement of troops
.i.ii. -nv Hon to the report was mere-
i..u nninn with ra.Hiniz tnoue-
iy iu wui'vwii""
pleted reglmenU totuo normal euuun.o
Row In the Reichstag,
n ...,.. nrt fl Durluir the discus-
slon of the Boers' taxation proposal lu
i. .Aini...a HHrr Llebermauu von
.. i.... .nti.HMm ta. vio entiy Of
OOIIUCudik, -.. -.-.--, - '..,
MJ,,i that tbe Hoers' lax uu
with separately for a receipt tax. He
attacked Herr Singer and tho socialists
generally for Identifying themselves
with the Boers, omger .c .
shouting, "You bad bettor take up your
j i...,h i.l.L." Herr L'ebermaun
Vn Bonnoburg retort d, "You are an
associate usurer," aui m - -
overy where In 'be h.use. President
yon Levetzow finally succeeuou
storing quiet, t
culatlou, will report a bill repealing the
tnr m thn full committee this morning.
Tho bill as framed by tho BUb-commlt
tee does not repeal the tax uncondition
ally, but provides that Issues of cur
reuoy shall be under direction of the
comptroller of the curronoy and shall
bo limited In amount. It Is under
stood tho bill has the approval of tho
Bank of France.
Pahib, Dec. 8. Tbo statement of tho
Bank of France bIiows an luorease In
specie of 6,823,000 francs In gold nnd.
1,157,000 franca In allvtr.
The Premier III.
tendon. Dee. 8. Win, E. Glad
stone suffered from abdominal pnlna
today Dr. Bend said there was nottiing
Steamer Blnkt t Sea With All on
London, Dee. 8.-The Bteamor Man
.,.nrrnnrtathat off Ushatit she saw
an unknown Bteamor lu distress and
atarted to ber assistance, but beroroBiie
oould reach her bIio sank with all on
Readers oi Piasty Literature Oeme
to Qtltt.
DANVILLK, III.., Dee. 8.-Vy
Pate aud Frank Htlrw wereBUCcefully
executed her- at 1 o'clock this after-
.... i ... rm tuiMflii iiinv i;miu
noon, ine cniuo iu wu.v.. . .. .
the penally was committed August
25tu last. They, wltu isuas -..
and Charles Bmoot, ail youug ,
ranging from seventeen to tweuty-one
...t . were read.ra of fUshy
,..- "---- ... .,..,. two
literature, ana r-i I--- -
years among the cow boys of T-xas.
They wayUld Henry Houmlek, a wea
iby f.rm.r and wlf- on a o -uutry ro-U.
When oideml tosu-P. ""wir.J ,uol
b r'r with a whlu, and 1 .! "
" asvi -& a-sts
pffiTwflwSSi""' '""'"J
111 Fated Orew.
London. Dec. 8, The body of one of
the crew of the steamer Nyatca was
washed ashore on the Cornish coast,
adding to the probability of the sup
posed foundering of that veoI and tl e
Iohs of her crew of 18 In a recent gah .
An Attack Denied.
ir.uuui nn.fl KruindenliUtt- de
v in itm ..
nles the statement of the ParU Figaro
that Italv onteroiilated an attack up
on France In Heptember lt aud was
only preveuted by energetio iiungnr.
Ian Intervention.
Brazllllan Torpedo Boat.
Nbw Yokic, Dm. 8 -The H4ntu:t
with the Brazllllan torpedo lat In tow
,imiifif Handv Hook. No flags
. . ..a il.n -.- -anti atvlr.-i
were shown except m- -i" - "t
from the walnniast of the BantulU
O. R. & N. News.
Boston, Dee. 8 -In rexpotise to a
call the shareholders or tuu uregon
Railway and Navlatlon wropany io
gathering here for the purpote of de-
mandlng oetter repro-uiv ... .
nirairs of the Union Pacific
Editor Challenged.
Pakjb, Dc a-Drumont, rdltor of
the Jew-baltlng paPri L,or,, l1Jro10'
. . i .(..iimimI to a duel by a
of the BteamQC .Wilmington, for emug-
gling opium. Major John Wilson, of
Victoria, was ulso inuioteu on ton au-
ditlonal couuts.
Tho grand Jury ulso Indicted "No
Shirt," chief of tho Walla Walla In
dians, on tho ohargo of criminal assault
upononoAdlo.awoalthy Indian widow
of Umatilla reservation. "No Bhlrt"
claims it Ib & conspiracy to qompol hint
to marry tho woman.
Tho grand Jury today Indicted George
B. Markle, president of tho Oregon
National bank; D. F. Bhorman, cash
i.r .ni PAimmbra Kollv. sheriff of the
county, for failure to pay Into tho couu
ty treasury about $H,uw oi couuiy
funds. Kolly had tho money on de
posit In the Oregon National when U
failed last July. The bank only re
mained closed ono mouth but tbe sher
iff oould not draw out tho money Im
mediately for fear of closing tne Dans
again. The "Committee or 100" iok
tho matter In hand anu tno inaiciniom
are the result of their work. The opln
lou Isfeoly expressed by many that
tbe committee has taken tho wrong
course to get the money the quickest
nephew of l'ieoilor Oulmlr Perl", on
account of an artlola In nls paper M
etln that If the premier was "--)he
had a remedy In a challenge to
the editor.
Ton Know
that you can nocur al
most immediate) roliei
from Indigestion, and ;
that uncomfortable full
noaa after raeala, by Bin
ply taking a doao of Bim-
rnona Liver Regulator?
Bomo people think that
because it ia called Liver
Regulator it has nothing '
to do -with Indigestion .
and tho like. It ia tha
inaction of tho Liver that
causes Indigestion, and
that fullneaa; also Con
stipation, and those Ed- ,
Joua xieauacuco. u.
havo been made to under
stand this and have been ,
cured from these troubles
by Simmons Liver Regu
latora medicine unfail
ing and purely vegetable.
flia1 iDebruw v-.
For frelxht U. and lM&ff& ,0jSlm
r. i

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