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BViarmtt Capital jouJfAa.,M02irDAT,DECEMBEB is.
KJBLISHED DAILY, except bdnday.
"Captel Journal Publishing Company
Postofflce EJack. Commercial Street.
HOfER BROTHERS, - - - Editor.
WKr, by earner, per mo3lb
BaHyjbr mall, per year.
weekly. p. p"- Tear
The following U btiDK copied into a
few uareafeoaaWe uewsjiapere:
"Salem wants everything. The aver
iwp Kfeof a domestic hog la less than
7..i When ihiv fattcii to a certain
extent they ceaae to be profitable aud
awniaagbtered. Baleni ia trjlog to de
"VMir all tins nH to the ezclusiou of toe
atfe-r !" ia the Htatey which eboold
kare tbe& rightful portion. Salem
' ( be BUag&tereU, AU iujuuuu-ju
ostbebntaekMylOta worild eo delay
tbat preJScT ttfar there woatd be uo
hope of Wilding it anywhere In Ext
ern Oregon under the provision of the
ftetofthe tajUlatur. and the coiistrnc
lioa woaQ be delayed at least two years,
sM perhaps" louger. Mtauwtiile tue
nmter of Insane persons taken u
Botem are daily increasing, and the
state acylom, already crowded to itr
fa! Jest capacity, becouies nrnre no, in
terfering with eauitallutj aud tusking;
ttee whole routine or worfc burdens-mi.
aod imaatisfacturv. Why should tJalew
keep Interposing obstacles to preven
what tbe legislature, the only reprvsen
tatlve of the people, enacts. Halern I
arnaivf- she hat b become cross with
mercenary passion, caring nothing for
her neighbor and nothing lor human
ttir. Bbe should be given a ealuUry
kmee. Let the next Eastern and
Bemberu Oregon representatives be
elected who will favor moving the cap
ital to Portland, the great heart center
of the state, and here let It remain."
'Ike Dalles Chronicle.
go far as the above refers to Salem,
or any acknowledged Balem citizen, it
la a lie, a wilful slander, as malicious
aad devilishly false as to spread the re
sort that Salem has an epidemic of
MBslIpox. Balem has never Interposed I
any obstacle to an Eastern Oregon asy
tam. Bakm is not doing so now. Balem
will sot la future. Every newspaper
1b Balem except the Populist organ is
opposed to such action, or any action,
or asy interference with locating any
state institution anywhere. The Popu
list organte not responsible for what
It does or says, represents no one, rep
reseats no party, represents no Idea, or
principle, or element, except that iu
ease desire far notoriety which is the
second nature of all cranks. The in
sanity that Inspired Nero to fiddle while
Berne was burning, the thirsting for
glory of the youth who fired the tem
ple at Epbeeoe, are not a circumstance
to ambition of a crank who advertises
Ida Imbecility to the rest of the state at
tke expense of his own community. If
the capital of the state is ever moved it
will be for some real cause, because the
people of Oregon are not stampeded by
flaunting In their face any bugaboo of
A Democratic paper saya: "It Is said
that the unprecedented success of
Chairman "W. T. Bobe of the Oregon
Republican Mate committee in obtain
ing voluntary subscriptions of Republi
can federal officers to the presidential
campaign fund last fall Is due to the
tact that Instead of taking their salaries
M a basis of assessment (which would
bare been in violation of civil service
rales) be took a pro rata on their
dlvys' from the opium and Chinese
smuggling. This was a 'sure thing'
game, as he could Blmply deduct the
asesnieut from the 'swag' after it bad
keen banded blm under tbo table by
Blum and beforo passing It over to Lo
tas -their chief all done by a simple
turn of'tbe'wriit aUd no bookkeeping
The above is pure mallclousncfe and
thereto not a particle or evidence that
any Btotiey waayaMcd ''under theta-
Me" to Mr. BOIffe. Tlffl federal rlogai
Portland under Tom Black, with such
angola as T. L. Cowan, under Ind'ct
rne'Bt for looting two Liuu county
banks, -at the bead of it.-can probably
,y(ve'the RefiQbliotin tuabagers on rain
Jag campaign funds. It has been pub-
llely' Asserted that a good share of the
TJbb eouuty bank money went for
fbampagno suppers and "lulluence" at
WasblBgtoe to get Black appointed
n4er the Gfsvelaad Reform adminis
tration, aud secure Cowan's son
p4ae In the custom house at Port
JUd. The Democratic reformers take
tajepV money out of the banks to
'Utrrttfl tke nViGflo service lustead or
fryiafc the "J' oufro'flasported Coin-
Fall isto Lir7eT
3Ja ts great proowpt It marches
be Ynmryi.it kuuws an uerjxus loacriu
vM'MitM'Miliiiersistbe Inspiring battle
"tpv lJf,Ire'a Obldeb Medical DU
mfmtrr.V iMr tike of march exteuda
"tOUm' tli ,oiillBnt and arouud
mU. A BaBpy Illustration of
or this world
randy. It. hi everywhere re-
ItMT BtUB, - luauiring wine,, cunug
mL 'lliriar Wood aiaonln It is
arlsdawi tfie safest, the most
iaiifrni.li & beat. Tbe liver and kid-
MMMapobd i ptteeto tbe Invigorating
ITptri ' MMk otiew.
I? you MjyaklialiHoed,dcbilltaten
WBsT, piim fr BiaUrious or
of ur polaoua, you'll find the ('Qolden
Medical Dfcoowy" Mw Mwlv to re-tomyou.
The oldest man in Oregon Uvea at
Oregon City, and he Is 105 years old.
Albany and Corvallla both hare far
exceeded their charter rights, which Is
limited to $3000, to more than three
times that amount. -
B, H. Rutberford.of Marion, Oregon,
is in San Frnnd'co making arrange
ments for the exhibition of his long
maned horse Montezuma.
The Seattle council has passed all or
dinance abolishing daocebouses.
"Doff-Doisoners are doing their con-
temptable work at Rsseburg.
Seven bars of silver, each weighing
100 pound, were brought Into Baker
City Wedoesday from the Monument
al mine, aUGranltel
The Tacoma city treasurer has called
in $150,000 worth of warrants, Interest
upon which c-ases January S.
Konatorriuire. of Wasn., has been
petitioned to apply lor an $100,000 ap
propriation, to be used In dredging
Salmon bay.
On the Nelson &. Fort Bbepard road
through trains from Spokane to Nelson
will be run all winter. A rotary snow
plow will keop the road .open.
Seattle houe of delegates has de
cided to amend the charter so aa to
create the office of labor commissioner
nd to maintain a free employment
About two inches of wet snow greeted
the eyes of Asbland people on tbe
streets on the morning of Utb, but bad
uearly all gone before evening. It ba
been suowiug iu Klamath county, too.
Ellensburg, Wash., ia to have a be t
sugar factory ir the proper arrangement
can be mide to have beets grown by
the farmiug community.
A rafher and eon In Coos county
eIop?d with two sisters, a niece-and a
cousin respectively of their liege lords
and bearing the same name.
V. L. Arlington, late treasurer of
Diuglas county, was arraigned at
R eburg last week and pleaded not
guilty to the charge of larceny or public
The soaking rains have drowned
rainy or the ground squirrels in KJaaj
atb county. Tbey are a pest.
The recent heavy rains did consider
able damage to tbe Rogue river bridge
at Urauts Pass. Tbe bridge over Illi
nois river beyond Waldo was washed
out, also tbe Simmons and China
Fawn mining dams in tbe same section.
An active volcano on tbe Anierican
side or tbe straits was one or tbe'scenes
witnered by the passengers on the
steamer Maud which returned from AW
berul to Victoria, B. C.
The National Trotting association
has rerused to reinstate William Henry
or Portland, expelled in 1886 by the
California State Agricultural society
and the Santa Clara County Agricul
tural society.
County Commissioner Fawcelt, of
Pierce county, will give bis second an
nual Christmas dinner to tbe Children
or Tacoma. Last Christmas day be
entertained about 1UM boys and girls.
Henry Allen, tbe musical medium,
who gave an exhibition or bis mysteri
ous powers at Can by and Oregdn City
during tbe past summer, Is being Inves
tigated by the psychological research
society of Oikland, Cal.
Four carload or prunes and one car
load or winter apples were shipped
from Riddle this week.
The continued high water In the Tu
alatin bottom is working a hardship on
tbe coons. Their hunting grounds are
much restricted by tbe overflow and
the food supply is becoming exhausted.
The Oregon Observer says J. C; Lewis
the mining man or Portland will put
up a ten stamp quartz mill on tb'e John
Bolt mine at Gallce creek.
From the Rural Nerthwest: Dr. J.
Guy Lewis, after looking up tbeimatter
thoroughly found Oregon captured 75
medals ut the Columblau Exposition
Of tlii-ws 17 were In the horticultural
department and 23 In the agricultural
The varieties or peaches scut) for ex
hlbltlou and competition rrom the
Peachblow Paradise Orchard, were
Early Crawford, Canadian Cling, aud
Sal way, covering a range of not less
than three months in tbe period of
ripening. The Crawfords began going
to market In August and the Sal ways
were not all oQ the trees on Nov. 5th.,
the date of the last shipment.
The proposed change In the thrill on
prunes will reduce tbo price or prnnee
by about a ceut and a hair abound.
The output or prunes on tbe Pacific
coast next year Is likely to reach 70,000;-
OOOpouudn. The loss resulting rrom
this bill will bo about $1,000,000 which'
will mean a depreciation of at least
$10,000,000 In tbe value or the prune or.
charda of the Pacifiu elates.
Mr. M. 8cheydecker fluds so much
call for hN service.- from orcliardlsta
wUhlug lustrtiotlons Iu tbe matter of
pruning that he has changed hla plaee
ofresldeuco from Portlaud to Salem,
tho latter point belug uearer than
Portland to the larger number oror.
chants lu the V lamette valley, there
is urgeut need of u gieat deal f inch
Instruction as Mr. Scbeydecker ia cap
able or giving.
Special attention was given to bawks
aod owls by Pror. Washburn. "The
farmer'a boy reels it bis boundeu duty
to destroy every bawk aud owl wblcn
comes within reach or bis gun, Mid our
worthy sportsmen go through our
main streets boldly flaunting the great
horned owls which they have shot
while tbe China pheasants are snugly
stored away In tbe back pockets or
their hnntlne coats." While this is
tbe case tbe results or very thorough
examinations by agents or tbe U. B.
Department or Agriculture were quoted
bv Prof. Wasbbura to show that as a
class bawks and owls are-tbe Mends or
man and deserve protection rather than
annihilation. This comes rrom the fact
thai their diet is so largely composed
or mice, t quirrels and gophers. Tbe
two exceptions are C-wper'a bawk aud
tbe cbarp-sbinned bawk.
The newspapers which are advising
tbe planting or bops In Oregon -and
Washington at tbe present time have
noi studied the matter very much. If
there is a good crop of bops on the Pa
cific coast next year and a Wr crop in
the rest oMbe worla, there will be no
money in hops except for the skilled
growers who can produce and cure tbe
very choicest grade or hope. It is so
easy to ovT-etock tbe markets or the
world with bops that tbe price rre
quently falls below the limit pf profit
able production; when so many grow
ers quit raising them that 4be price
a.'ain rises to a figure which allows a
margin of profit. The good prices of
the rwst two or three years have de
veloped a craze for planting hops and
tbe price is sure to go down.
A California paper says! "Oregon
appropriated ffl0)00 for her exhibit at
the world's fair and she made an ex
hibit and a good one which will send
thousands or settlers to tbe state, and
be. worth millions or dollars. AH this
snot so very surprising although the
money named would sc-irc-ily be
enough to send one of obr public func
tionaries on a oleasure trip to the fair.
But tbe thing which paralyzes the
average Callfornian is that none or this
money was stolen or wasted In riotous
living and little over hair or the appro
priation was expended.
It takes a man down this way some
time to pull himseir together after see
ing such an announcement in print,
and get bis bearing. Tbe Idea or there
being anything left ! That Is what no
Cnlifornian can possibly understand.
However, we must accept the state
ment on authority aa we accept tne
atory of Jonah and the wbale. Of
course it must be so but we don't un
derstand It. Tbe announcement ap
pears all tbe more astonishing
when we learn that Oregon took
eighteen medals or award in horticul
ture, .nineteen in agriculture, four in
mines, four In education, six in fishery,
two In woman's work and two ;in her
barium." a
Stricken Down with Heart Disease
Dr. XUo XedteaS Co., IZkhart, Ind.
OcrrLtME: I fcel tt my duty, ta veil as a
ple&sare, to wibllih. umoUdted, to tho wot Id the
benefit received boa dr. Macs- rcstortivc
Rcucoics. I was (trtckea dutrn wtlh Utari
XiUraim and Its eompUeaUoai. anpld pobo Tarj
lnj from W to 110 boats ir talnnte. a ctottns or
bntcluz "M la the triul pipe, oppresuaa
rlon of tao heart and below knrtr rib. pein la the
anas, ihortnex oT breath, ilceplezscof. caksess
and renetal debUltr. Tbe axtertes In my ncclc
woald tbtob Tlolenuy. the thrototn; ottaf heart
could be heart across t Ursa room aud would
ah&ko dt whole body. I was ao nerrocs that I
could not hold my band steady. X hart been
undrr lh tratomni of rmtiunt phyMant,
and hav takrn galUnuof PnUt HedlHni
itllAmt A Imtt hmeto. X Mend recom
mended ynar mnedles. bho was cored by Dr.
Vllle remedies. IbtTeuVen -. .-p.-.
three boulea tS your Mvr (J II H E. J
Heart Care aod two, bottles 7 V " ' " ""
Kenine. My pule is noimal, I bare no more
Tlolentlhrooblnj of the heart, 1 iuiwiuuik
1 sincerely reeommead enrery one with irnptonu
of lleart DUeue to tak Jr. Miles' 2ltton
tt nmUm and So cured.
Gypsum CJty.'Kens. L L. CiUB.
eeJd by D. J, Fry, druwtiat. Balem
MaBBtaetare standard Pressed Drlckt
Molded Brick In all lattems for KronU
and supply the brick lor the New ftaleni City
liall and Berly all tho Bne bulld-ngs erected
la ike Capital city,
V ard aear realtentbtiy. Salem, Or. 8-3 dw
Th VM hotel Mwmb PorUand aad Baa
yyaasssso. rtraf-etaaalBalllUafipolnuntaU.
Its taMM are served with the
ChkUmt Fruits
Grown la the WUtaaaeUs Valley.
A. !. WAGNER, Prop.
F&r H
Hood's Cures
ifr. a. n. tuu
"Every Dose Helps M
fVhen 1 tale Hood's Birsaparm. and I
think It Uie best ssedktae for tbs Wood.
Kt ilx-jeax-oUJ boy had torwpn nls feet,
eansed "by reiWw IVT. TBey ba
So large and palatal be could not wear his
IhoS. A weekalter I bejaa rrtnc bis
Hood's Earsaparuia taa lores bezaa to neai
SSTJrhea be tad taken two boHM? be was
Sred." Mas.&H.Trrus.So.Gaoa,f.
" HOOD'S PltAS i"T TtetUbJuJ
4. not porje. ila or jrli. Try box...gc.
Prices Cnrrent by TClegraph Local
and Portland Quotations.
Salem, December 18. 4 p. m. Office
Daily UapitaiJoobsal. Quota
tions for day and onvo hour of going to
press were aa follow':
Apples 30c to 50c a busbeL
Veals dressed 45cts.
Hogs dressed 5.
Live cattle 1 to 2.
8beep alive $1.50 to $2.00.
Salem Milling Co qnetes: Flour $1.25
in wholesale lots $2.80. Retail $3.20.
Bran $14 bulk, $15 sacked. Shorts $15J
16. Chop feed $16 and $17.
43 canU Djr bunel.
Oats old, 38 to 40c. new 25 to 3fc
Hav Baled, new 5& to 511'; oia iu to
$14. 'Wild In bulk, $6 to $8.
Barley Rrewlng, at Salem, 2o. 1.
95 to $1.00 per cwt. No. 2, 70 to 85 cts,
Wool Best, 10c
Hops Small sale, 17 to 18c
Eirs Cash, 27 30 cents.
Butter Beat dairy, 35; fancy
creamery, 35.
Cheese 12 to 15 cts.
Farm smoked meats Bacon 12;
hams 13; shoulders, 11.
Potatoes 35c to 40c.
Onions 1 ti 2 cents.
Beeswax 34c Caraway seed, 18c
Anise seed, 26c. Ginseng, $1.40.
Chickens-no market,ducks,810;tur
keys, slow sale, choice, loc; gees 5 to 7c
Grain, Fred, etc.
Flour Standard, $2.80; Walla Walla,
$3.15; graham, $2.50; superfine, $2.25
per barrel.
Oats Jiew wniie.3opperou.,grey,o-tjj
rolled. In bags, $6.256.50; barrels,
$6.757.00: case?, $3 75.
Hay Best, $10 12 per ton.
Wool valley, price nominal.
Millstufla Brau, $15.00; shorts, $16;
ground barley, $18; chop reed, $15
per ton; whole feed, barley, 70 cts. per
cental; middling. $23:S per ton; brew
ing barle , 90S5c per cental: chicken
wheat. 1.101.15 per cental.
Hops O.d, 10 to 16c, n-w 10 tn 16.
Hides gren, salted, 60 lbs. 3c un
der 60 lbs., 23-; sheep pe'ts, 1060c
Butter Oregon fancy creamery, 30
321i-;fancy dairy, 2527c; fair to eood,
2022Jc; common, 15 b 17c per ft.
t'neese Or-eon. 10 12: Younc
American, 1516-per pound; Califurnla
14c: Swiss imp , 3U3z;uom., it&-M.
Eirgt Oregon, 30o per dozen.
Ptiiiltrv iemiual: chickens, mixed.
$2 53 50 per dozen; ducks,3 50.i.50
geese, ?a.eu: turBeys, live, isjt;;
dresced. 14c
Beef Top t-teers, 21c per pound; fair
to good steers, 2c; fcnl cows. 2c; fair
cojvb, ljc; dressed beef, $3 505O0per
100 Dounris
Mutlon Best sheep, $2; choice mut
ton. SI 75ffi,2 00: lambs. $2 002 25.
Hog Ctiutiv, heavy, $4 505 00;
m-dium, $4 005 50; lleht ana leeaere,
fl ixi4 on; nreAea, tuou.
Veal-$3 005 00-
Woel: Oregon Eastern choice, 10
12c; do Inferior, 89c; do valley, 12
Hona 10 to 18c.
Potatoes Erlv Rose, 4555. Bur-
banks, 3045c
OatM Mlllliie, $1.151 20.
EsaHr. ,ulckir,
Psrmsacsll; Beater.
aad all th trata of erfls
ttvm tttj mfs or later
cinuu, Uu milii oT
oterwork, sickness,
nomr.tte. FnllitRfiitb,
deitIapmDt sad loa
glD w eisry orxaa aad
txttton of tbe bodr.
ElmpU. Bstnralmelhods.
K-rn. rrllur linnioiaAi.
1MB rrrcrracntTllMak,
czplautton and pnMH
wiled (Malei) StM,
surrf. n.y.
Person wNhlog to ergae tnusln for the
holidays or any ni tier occasion will do well to
sea us. rvnrurnuh oneormnra violins or as
mirar nlfas sired. Klrvt boate soath
of Lincoln Hchool bxvus. or aalesa PoeKisass.
Geo MtaiVEK, manager. U-fVusu
HOUSE Painting, Decorating,
1 Hard Wood FinisWne.
Cans;lTeswdrerf-raa. Estimates fumtsa.
d. 4ddrva. (Iwv Kcbta'h, Malefo. Heat.
drneon air-m Motor K' i;wr.ortaSem
L.uve orders at attlasr A Wafers. lUd
Bids for Asylum Supplies.
mrii. Tmnn nc TnrrfrnTES OV THE
Oreeon state Insane asylum Invite sealed.
proposals ror iutomiubs -" '!
SeaSrHilem. Orectn. the foUowtar eup
plles ror the six months endlns June
SO. 1JS4.
1 dot each . . H, . 1 and S toca
i-. . . -, ... ... j, .
1 dcx. eaxa , . 15. . ""
U. . ., . . .
1 doi. ea.cn s ana uoi .!.
unions. a
1 doa each 1. 4 and 2 Inch fianee
1 dox. each . X. 14 street eU.
1 doz. each H aad hi Inch socketa.
1 dox. each K. H. aad 1 Inch piu-
2 dox. each it and H Inch ceropressloa
bibs, finished. ,
2 dox. each K and H laeh eomprtssloa
hose bibs, finished.
I feet each of i. !t . i. 1. and 14
Inch blade pipe. . ,
ICO feet each of H. and 1 Inch salv.
"?c- . .. .. ., ji ,1 T..VI.'.ntrM
j aoz. eaca . 7 -"i 7t -rn... -
removable rtlnlta
1 doz. each ana 1 men jnuani tutd
removable disks.
2t q. feet 2 ply robber packing-.
19 lbs. each H and an. nax packing.
1 Jackson's Hue scraper, 2 In en.
S) bushels charcoal.
10) tbs. solder. Vt and .
2 each extra Jaws and nuU for 12, 1
and 24 Inch SUllsons wrenches.
19 ibs. Asbestes candle wick,
ltt sq. feet sheer lead 4 lb.
2 doa. Sampson's battery cells.
2 dox. H and slass gas washerar
K0 Tard calkv. best. -,
2JC0 yards cotton flannel. Nashau XXJC.
L2M yds. pequot A unbleached 5 Ieob.-
1.0CO yards Mariners stripe.
SOJ yards Lonsdale bleached.
L500 yards peqnot A sheetlne. S inek.
50J yds. Conlir.ental check flanneL .
600 yds. glass craaa towelltog. II tnc.-
2C0 yds. bleached linen French toweH
Inp. 3u0 yds. btue denlra.
100 yds. bleached aheetinp pequot aC
10) yds. MarseUls check. York Mfs".
C boxes -white stay blndlnc H .i..
12 dozen Turkey red handketxhlefa, 24
tnch. . .... .. ..
60 dozen coat's tnreao. -wniw .-.
Ut!liliil,4''iWl rul--N. 1.
IS dozen Coat's thread, black Na tS.
12 dozen Ccatf s thread, black Na 14
12 dozen black linen thread. No. 25.
50 yards table oilcloth, white.
12 dozen papers pins. fc...
ca .IA. vm, mt.n'm Em-Va iiiftir nose.j
1 dot nrs. men's cloves. Nos. and J
10. extra heary.
15 dozen pairs suspenders.
100 yards nUesla, 40 Inch. drab.
1 ereat cross men's pants buttons.
1 great cross pants buckles.
6 treat cross men's shirt buttons, me
dium size.
12crosmokd re r!hn'on-
2 dozen corsets (assorted sizes. hw
1 dozen thimbles. Nos. S and 10 closed
C pairs Jean pants. &-&.
6 pairs Jeans pants, SO 30.
12 pairs Jean pants, 2131.
12 pairs Jean pants. 33 SJ.
12 pairs Jean pants. 33 32.
6 pairs jean pants. 3331.
6 pairs Jean pants. 33 34.
12 pair Jean pants. 3533.
12 pairs Jean pants. X 32.
5 pairs Jean pants. IT 33.
pairs Jean pants, 37 Z.
6 pairs Jean pants, S& 32.
6 pairs Jean pants, 3S-C3.
Dalrs Jean pants, 3-a.
6 pairs Jeans patit. S 1
ft) lbs. heavy white wool yam;
150 lbs. cheapest grade rool yarn, as
sorted colors. . '
200 lbs. Crown rants carpet warp,
lKOOOrMeraonlaied suear, extra flnej dry.
KfiX SiOC ragar.
0 oib rolled oats.
5.000 Dm cracked wheat.
Sf-Ib. rom meal.
600 tbs hominy, smaU cracked.
JECO?yt hominy.
5.001 Cas. lie.
OT Eh. blalne-
300 gallons Tlneenr.
2.0 raUons N. O. molases.
Mm tt.corn tU'ch. Oswego.
10.000 6. Liverpool salt.
40BH.Cnrb.EOda,A and H.
ail ' B. cream tarter Folerra.
SOerosaniMy ma'ehe(Valcan).
1 bale broom corn,
3 ooz-ns whsk bronms. . .
dozen oj ter, cans I A. Field's Cove).
15 dozen ian oo-n (Kw Valle-).
sm tb. soda cracxen. XXX. lurnUhed as re
aujugwiBynip i-sduiu
40 ft- etndle BUrt-wax). .
2 d-zen Worcestershire sauce, la qU., Lee
and Perrlns
3:0 Bx germea.
lOOBxaaco ,
509m rhloa starch.
av tt. sal oda.
25 dozen brooms.
aai lbs perl barley.
100 lbs. sturcb, glow.
8 bnxea vprmtcelll.
fOO lbs. cheese, Cranston's or aa good, fur
nished as required.
75 lb. mustard.
0 It's. bUck pepper.
.lOlb. glngtr.
35 lbs. allaplce.
is rloxn ta cun
15 dozen tea s-tucers.
15 dnzrn quart snop bowls. '
2dn a texl on pfhers. .., ,
3 dozn Knap plat.
1 dozen bowls i d pitchers. . .
1 dozen chamber pots.
1 d zrn bed pans.
1 dozen pint arrun pitchers.
2 drzen lantern rlo'-e
3 dozen pint cream pitchers.
S dozen 9 Inch dlnne- plates.
2doxn7 Inch pleVlatm.
8 dozen 12 Inch vegetable dishes.
4 d-z-n 10 Inch veketaMe dl he.
1 dozen urr bowls
3 doz n 12 loch p alters.
3 dozen tl Inch platters.
650 barrels, mot or le s, best roller process.
aruverea reauireo,
5 barrels era!
am, more or leas,' delivered as
80 AP. i
2O0 lbs. extra pale savon.
l.OOOlwt, ivory
SO lbs. sbavlnr.tn cakes I. B. "WlUlams A
SCO lbs Engtl'b breakfast, blsek.
1,000 lbs. uncolored Japan, green.
1000 lbs. Costa Rica.
400 Ids. Java
STOIb. Mnca,
Beoiba, chicory.
SS lbs. a wetk.-more or less, beat creasaery,
2,080 lbs. Sledge Hsmtaer
800 II. per dav. more or les. of bft
req tired I a equal panaaf Kiaad fclndquar-
., . Birr f
34tima4sBliaW.etkaa required.
Pl4aTali.tWltCTrteepeTpoatid for
ralhlot tbe dUfewal kkaas perfecUy freak
THr3ssaridinano arooc
I dozen oil grain cal'. '4o"lbs to the dozen.
1 ekiaea call skiaa, 40 !. io the daxea
Idoaea lwWttoo ifr4!i goat, suitable f.
u.ifif. tw-wmwwm i ui n
isek1aMaMa4!Sw.aia. aa.
a tHtefeattaa tee Hoig,-s4ci.
g a'oeJ kp Ur aa, avensgaSlta. each.
1 dox. trip 'aktrt. -average, t fts. each,
X aides stxtrMswK to M tbm. eadi.
CM Ri. -Saata Cnsa awie leadier.. extra
heavy No. L average w statu lbs. to
the aide.
X doa. balls JfrHsiUst saa wa.
13 yards Enill -WiocoVe 5 to. WUa.
1 or. Rusnlm ariaUea.
1 Am s44k twlt X,
C spools linen thread. No. 35.
( spools linen thread No. 3S.
2 lbs. Harbours shoe thread No. 12.
C bottles leather cement (Cub brand.)
bottles rubber cement -Bratllan,)
3 doz. pieces shoemaker's wax.
lbs. 1 ox. shoe tacks.
S lb.. 4 oz kboa tccs
6 10. bras, nails Improved.
12 Tbs. S-l brass nails.
12 lbs. 4-1 brass nails.
12 lbs. S brass nails.
12 lbs. S-i Iron heal nails.
12 lbs. H Iron heel nails.
12 lb- s-e-trun btxl uiu.
12 lbs. H Iron heel nails.
2 dox. Bradbury machine aeedles
(wedge point) No 4.
2 sq. feet rubber cloth for patching.
20 yards heavy ticking for lining.
5 dox. pressed pans; Inctc
II doz. pint; cups;
24 dox. table spoons.-
1 Box. wash- basins.
tC doa rknives -and forks
2 dox. ladies, in twarfuieac
1 doz, slop palls, with covars.
-ti dozen wash tubs. smaTl sues.
10 Tts. bees Wax, yellow.
2 dox. dust brushes.
( doxen scrub brushes, with haadles.
2 doxen shoe brushes.
2dozen hair brushea.
1 dozen whitewash brushes.
H dozen kalsomlnlng brusJaest,
2 dozen shaving brushes.
s dox-u buxe ub ackng T. aC
3 dozea boxes hair pma.
3 dozea combs.
3 dozea papers needles Nos. 2.
3 doztas papers needles Nos. 3.
2 dozea papers needles Nos. 4.
'doaea papers needles No. E.
$ dosen papers needles Nos. .
4 gross safety pins.
5 doeaa mop handles.
IS dozea mop rags.
H packs playlag cards doable hest..
1 groaa shaker pipes.
Sea gallons kerosene, aoreorjess. deHr-r
red -In tasks as required.
.OvaUotm-AlbUny rpiudie, or as good.
10 gall ns vioany cvllnaer, oraa good.
10) gallons turpentine.
ajlbvAb y raimpiund Jio. 3, or as good.
2 dozen bottles -sewing machine.
20 lbs. parraBine In ,1 B cake,
lea eazircreHse. H.aud..w sagVxid.
Mensf shoes.
29 pairs NWi.
30 pairs No. T.
20 pairs No. t.
20 pairs. No. 9.
Men's boots.
1 fioxTpr. rubber boots, sisea from t
te 10.
20 pairs Na .
10 pairs No. 10.
10 pairs No. U.
Men's leather slippers.
20 pairs No. .
20 pairs No. 7.
3T, pairs No. 8.
Jj pairs No. S.
30 oalrs No. 19.
20 pairs No. 1L
pairs No. 12.
Ladles shoes.
'j0 pairs No. 2.
0 pairs No. 4.
SO pairs No. I. .w
31 pairs No. 6. .'- -v
10 pairs No. 7. '
Ladles carpet slippers.- 4 ,
20 pairs No. .
20 pairs No. 8.
20 pairs No. 7.
15 pairs No. 8.
10 pairs No. 8.
10 gross shoe laces.
2 gross pens. Ixndon Ineaadescent No. 4
2 gross pens, London Incandescent No. fc
2 gross pens. London incandesc-jnt No. i
1 eros? pens, GUlotu No. 4H.
1 dozen pen holdara.
3 doxen lead pencils. , v-if
10 reams Wedgwood letter paper, nail
Bllis3 Indelible Ink In bottles, Payson's
2 dox. boulea mucilage, Sanfords Unl-
In barrels or boxes.
2.500 Tbs. apples.
2.000 Tbs. peaches.
LSOO lbs. prunes.
100 tbs. raisins.
1 dozen leather dut,ouich.
1 dox. wash boards, best Vf";,..,..
2 packages each 2, 3 and 4 lb tinned
l'pair 6 lb soldering irons.
40jfeet each tt and round Norway
100 feet each 7-16 and round Norway
7 teat each. IxH
4x4. lxS flat
TrSt eaHxtt. Kxtt. lxtt. lUxttflat
NloTeei eachH. H. i octagon tool atccl.
10 feet each H round tool steeL .-
V4 keg each No. 3, -4, 8 front horse
shoes tBurden's light.
Vi keg each No. X. 4, 5 hind horse
shoes (Burden's-light.
10 lbs. each Ne$7 and 8 Putnam's horse
Srba. each Jfo. 6'Putnam's horse shoe
nails. . ; . . , ., .
IS rbs. eacn j. -aaa owe" ":-
Thrseli inch. HUler-au
1 iron sar--handle for key-hole aaw
witbaHio&ayiu bPinnV
2 each S wistjdrills H to 7-1P ajr
M6th ullh1jWoc7'hank
30 lbs. eafcjof. K..l.,Xtt. VA. 1 toe
round head'TIVeU tt men.
2 each Inch and 12 inch monkey
wrvtenm. l ""
dozen "each S. Vt. and 1 Inch of
Nos. 7, 8, 9. copper belt rivets.
2 belt puricBeaTTJo. 7 and 8.
1 revolving punch with four punches.
100 each lx3-16. 2x3-l, lxtt. &U.
txtt. 2HxH and GxH Inch carriage bolts.
103 each lttxS-lt and 4x5-14 machine
bolts. - . .
2S lbs. each Vi and H Iron washers.
10 tbs. each tt and- blank nuts.
,460 feet tt Inch manUla rope.
,400 feeC.W inch manOla rope.
200 feet-H inch manllla rope.
2 gross screws each. 1 tseh No. 7 and
II, 2 Inch No. 14. ltt inch No. aad No.
lLKluoliKo YH7Td.N4i.g. - -
2 lbs. brads each, H. tt and inch.
1 art Jhhi. k' tut bi a, dtsl quality.
1 set glmblet brace bits.
H dox. compass saw blades, from
Inch ton In b. .u-vn'-1
diamond -for cuttng glass, No. L
1 Set bucb planeawoiMleu, Stanley 'a best.
1 claw hammer Mo.7
1 set Firmer eockn chisels, (Barton's .beat)
S tbs. acid carbolic cryst. pure.
A, tbs, add muriatic commercial.
J. Jb nitric acid C.P.
Si lb aMd sallcllic powdered.
3 rt' aid tannic t
19 ITjsJ aua ammonia concentrated la
4 lb bortles.
J) lbs. ammonia muriate powdered,
i lbs. ammonia caxbosate.
Stba. ammonia bromide,
tbs. antitebrin (Kalle and Co.)
2 Its. blue ointment.
3lbibUlulbri! Ml (Jqulbb.
2 tbs. chalk prep.
20 tbs. cotton absorbaat hoapKaL
1 lb calomel
2 lbs. chloranodyne.
S lbs. chloroform (gqulbba)
10 tbs. chloral hydrate (Merck.)
U lbs. ether In V, lb cans (liqulbba.)
M lbs. epsom salts.
12 lb oixtr lir'ittmmlda of caldam
comp. CTilden and Co.)
S ILs. glycyrrblza comp. powdered.
1 lb golden seal powdered.
5 lb hematic syrup hypophosphatea (P.
D. and Co.)
tt lb Jalap powdered.
8 rbs. mustard around.
1 lb opium powdered.
2 gallons oil castor (Baker'a A. A.) ,
s nuoii on raaiaca.
id ou cloves pure. '
oil orange Dure.
tt lb oil peppermint pure.
V n on lavenaer pure.
H tb oil bargamont pure.
2 lbs. pepsin aacch. (Vaii-chllds.)
1 tb pepsin (Boudaults.)
4 lbs. phenacetin (Bayer.)
25 tbs. potaah brosalde bulk.
!t v li - . , ,
2 lbs. potaah chlorate ow4asi. . .
6 lbs. potaah iodide grau. (k4ailtack
krodta.) 3 Ra. potastt citrate graa. (ItaUtae.
S tbs. pyrophosphate of Iron (Squlbba.)
tt n tartarate of troa and potaah.
2 tbs. soda boras, powdered.
2 tbs. pwda bromide.
1 re soda hypophoephata graa.
2 tbs. soda phosphate gran.
3 lbs. solution cklorlde of troa (Malllnc
krodts. S lbs. syrup hypophosphate eompeuad
1 id vaniua oean tjuexicau.;
i tbs. sulfonal (Bayer.)
tt lb antlpyiinc 0r. Knorrs.)
gallons alcohol, t per cent.
$ gallons glycerine pure.
a lbs. vaseline XXX ref.
iO ox. quinine sulphate (K. aad U.)
2 ox. lunar caustic pure.
I oz. morphine sulphate (P. and TT.)
tt oz. strychnia sulphate- cryst.
H os. red Iodide mercury.
1 ozr.yeliow oxide zasreury.
2 os. .menthol.
tt'ios. ocaiztfe'ttrartattt
1 RTpongurgJoa Ne. 1.
1 lb sponges carnage No. L
1 n 'sotuUotr rsbsultots of troa
"2' tlWBf phBtlSJgWs-
lrgross phiala oc
2s groasi phials 8 zau.
3itrrc-ss.coTk eah.N. 4, and K taper.)
la crossw.aUl bexes assorted sizes He.
29. fcl and IL
tKO empty capsulea Ne 1 (P. D. aad
200 empty capsules No. 2 (P. D. aad
Soluble hypodermle tablets.
1.000 hypo, tablets No. In cases tt
bottles eack (J- Wyeth Bros.)
2.060 hype taMets Na. 4 la eases 1
ttotues ea u. wyeta- isroaj
2C0 hypo, lawets n. m. (j. wyeta Bres.)
4 dox. cod liver oil Bm.- (TklUlps) large.
1 doa. Davldoon'a syrtace Ne. L
2 doz. DaVMtsoifs i synsws Ho. x.
8 doz. ctuaets hatr EeaeSJs
doz. piasters .aiieeesrs perw.
4 doz. plasters Wetis atrgthealag.
2 bexes plastertr Meadw aaaesive (3.
aad J.)
2 boxes Ptas4ers i0Kc Iseaglssa sar
gees-s bk p. obiJJ
-2 bexes Plasters sMk
Magtasw but-
sreoa's Waek. JB-ad J.)
2 boxes Plasters- eapaletaaf S. aad JJ
2 Ra. p4s c .- tsa. getatla coated CP
IT. aaa COL,. .
.2Na'aeB l-fc araas (r. u. ana ce.
"aw,p(ii stteiae tt'iesdn (P. D. and Co.)
00Ws.se4 eesap. (P. D. and Co.)
200 pflKC.'C.wraa. pink tt gr. CP.
D. and Co.)
OW'pMS,sjrCWtiaa-1 gr. (P. D. and
ptlls assafoeilda 2 gr. (P. D. and
ii tmI rintosFanrttt irelsllne coated
V (t6Kr aadsR-r
900 puia aioes ei m ri.
1 tb Hold extract aconite root (P. D.
and Co.)
2 lbs. fluid ext. buehn (P. D. and Co.)
2 tbs. fluid extract belladonna (P. D.
and Co.)
b lbs. fld. ext. eascara- sarrada (P. D.
and Co.)
1 lb fluid exC eapsteum (P. D.
and Co.)
1 lb fluid ext. corrtam seed (P. D.
and Co.) ,
2 tbs. fluid ext. cinchona comp. (P. D.
and Co.)
1 tb fld. ext. dlgitaUls (P. D. and Ce.)
f ry id. ext. ctrsrer (P. D. and Co.)
1 MA. sat.- geatiaa (P. D. aad Co.)
2 ft, sd. ext. keabaae (P. D- aad Ce.)
b u nu. ext. lpwcxcaeanaea (P. D and
5 lbs. fld. ext. ialsp (P. TX. and Ce.)
B Ifes. Sd. ext. licorice (P. D. and Co.)
1 lb fld. ext. sax TOEB4caP. D. and Ce.)
1 tb fld. ext oraage peel (P. D. and Ce.)
2 lbs. fld. ext. rhubarb (P: D. and Co.)
-1 lb fid. ext. seaeka (P. D. aad Co.)
6 lbs. fld. ext. seaaa (P. D. and Co.)
-, . 1LA v wrulll X. T Ud CO.V
1 lb fld. ext. Squills comp. P. D. and
C?0 . .
lea. bo. exu nuvsp&nuK way. ...
syrup (P. D. aaa Co.)
i lbs. tie. ext. wUd eherry (P. D. an
208 Alter papers, rouad grar, Ne. 33
Dla. 13 inches.
2 lbs. soda et potas. tart.
Samples may be seen at the efflee ef
the board. Goods must be In accordance
therewith, and be la oririnal packages
when possible. The right to reject any
or all bids Is reserved. Delivery of sas
pltes will be required within ten days"
notice of acceptance of bid. A copy of
the advertisement must accompaay each
Wd.. and the name of the dtn of sup
plies must be oa tho ecvelope. Bach
bid must Include all the Items asd to
tals In full of the respective elars. with
exceptions of flour, meat aad fish. Au
diting officers are prohibited from con
firming accounts ot pureaaeea -whea the
advertisement does' aot contain a full
and complete .deaeriptlaa.of the articles
to be-purchased. BldswlB be evened at
2 o'clock p. m.. Tuesday, January 2. 1K4.
at the offlje of the board. Salem. Oregea.
Board of Trustees.
Wm.- A. MUNlVr. CVvskjiof Beard.
Leave orders at OaHla-Parkhnrst block joosa
6, Balem, Oregon.
Hetel Mefiterey.
Newport, - - Oregon.
Tjmlirl nn t tin "FWoh.twO mllW DOltb
drNcwporCGO Care Cove, a beantifnlly
BDeiterca spotwonaeriut eceucj, y
bathlnir, One drives toCapeFoulweath
er lighthouse. House neif, rooms large
and airy. Finest resort for families or
invalldn. Opea all winter. Tenni
moderate by day or week. Intendm"
visitors can drop a postal caid to New
port and be met by bact.
John Fitzpatbicjc,
d-2-m Proprietor.
BALEM, - - - Orgtozx
Private work a specialty.
a B. OLEMKNT. Manager.
Legal BlanhPHillahers.
Ba.h'sNiiw Btlek'jvcrtba.tank.Ccra'ltreet
sr rLvlnVffHrer
KMn4y Compimi
kM stMurswtiwin
tsa. Jli7rsT -
Isaxsa sMXk4 HT gkAtt H
j- ' SMI
. . I mar
yd bseajCei
- . -

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