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To bo Sold at Cost or Less
Our lease of store rooiti expires Jnne 1st, and we want to
close our entire stock by that time. Remember our stock is
all new and desirable. Dress Goods, Laces, Lace Curtains,
Embroideries, Hosiery, Kid Gloves, Silk Gloves, Umbrellas,
Muslin, and Wool Underwear, Fans, Corsets, Table Linen
Napkins', Towels, I.adies'-Misse3' and Children-' Shoes, &c; '
P. P. Jackets Regardless of Cost. . Everything must go by June. 1st.
The Palace D. Q. & S. Co.,
December llth, 1803,
Delight your friend with a pretty
picture and frame.
are the people for style, good work
in inship and reasonable pricea.
Local Dates..
Dee. 18. Husking Bse at First Con
gregational church.
Dec. 22. The Inventors. Benefit
for the McGee Babies by Amateur Ar
Dee. 22, 23. Prof. Chapman lecture
on English literature, Y. M. C. A.hall.
Jan.l. Y. M. O. A. reception.
Jan. 0. By Perkins comedy.
... m
Not Dead. When the suicide near ,
the reform school was still unidentified
the Journal mentioned among otbei
Tpm Graham, ploaeer janitor ofttu
Monmouth normal school, as likely .l
proye the murdered man. Tom wa9 In
the city this morning and wantv the
rumor of his death contradicted. H
how lives in Albany and has had i
great deal of trouble explaining to bit
friends that ho is not dead. Tbir
morning he -m very much alive and
will nover be convicted of putting to
much water Into the product of his
milk ranoh because of over-friendliness
to that lluld.
Vetoed, Mayor Gatch has noi
signed th bonding ordinance passed
by the lust session of the city council,
but has prepared a veto message settlor
forth bis reasons for withhnldjng hit
signature, which will be made public
at the meeting Tuesday evening. It
understood nn effort will be made ti
debar aldermen holding city warran's
from yotlng on a n w bond ordiuanc.
It is a fact that nearly all couucllmen
who are business men hold more or lei
of warrants.
A ToUQH Giieeic Dr. 8. R. Jes
sup extracted a sliver an inch and i
half long and a quarter of au I net
thlok from tho cheek of Frank Ander
sou, county commissioner, Last Jul,
Mr. Anderson was struck by a piece u
board and he has all this time carrle
the fragment of Oregon fir In his fue
without apparent discomfort until n
eontly, when he had it removed.
Change op Fikm. W tuoott & Ir
win have disposed of their wuolesau
department and entire interest In th
Bpa, Mrs. Auvw Strong being the pur
chaser. W. T. Btolz now Ins tho oon
trollng Interest, and the firm will here
after her known as W. . Stolz & C
The name "Spa" will bo retained,
i m
Marriacik Licenses'. Llcenif
were issued today at the county cl rkV
office to Molllo A. Ehlen aud Frederick
Jergen, Rosa Burson nd L. H. Thorn
as, Catherine S. Frasure aud Jasper JN.
Bell, Luolnda Harris and D. H. Craven
vjurisimas woes is a lavorue Btason ior
leading people to-hymen' altar.
Have Both. J. A. Van Eatau, tin
people's grocer, has the. best genem
-stock of groceries evor in the city, am
as to prices, his patrons say others an
not it with this house for good values.
Will RKaisTKit.--Geo. Sun, tin
Chinese merchant of Sa em, says al
the Chineee will ' r.'g'ster when man
amies along," meaulug tho proper ol
Red mountains of Alaska by W. D.
Knockabout Club In the Woods.
My Days and Nights' on the Battle
FMiii, by Chas. Carletnu Collin.
Three Vawar Girls In South America
Chatterbox ior 1893.
Little Ones' Annual.
Defwef Chivalry.
Tke Xumry.
ftwNtr Boek,
Btewalee' New Book
tS'-WfMWMV ,
Dry Goods
W. A. Fraser, of the Western Asstir
ance Co. of Toronto, was in the city to
day, inspecting ihe local agency of
Mitchell & Ferguson.
Dr. Chapman's lecture on English
literature begin Friday and Saturday,
thU week, at the Y. M. 0. A. rooms.
Be Isn mm. of considerable culture.
J. N. Ferguson, the insurance man,
wai bout to:iay , for the first time since
J. M. Wjlluce. of the Salem water
c mpany, Is at Albany to djty.
Hon. T. T. Geer brought Mrs. Geer
in t tfp?nd th Christmas week as the
,'uest of her daughter, Mrs. Harry
The Ml?seB Geer who have spent this
.week in the city, today returned to
their, home in the Waldo Hills.
A. V. Mendenhill left for 'Frisco this
morning. He stops at Eugene a day.
A fine winter morning. People
ire going to buy some useful and ncces
varies this year for the holiday gifts as
well as luxuries. The Congregatlon-
tl Sunday school will have a Christ
mas tree and esafcIseS next Monday'
ivenln. Remember the W. R. C.
4oclaI this Monday evening. Mild'
foggy weather continues... Many
oeop'le still thluk they havo tho grippe,
or rtther th it tha grip has them.
There wlllie n gjod week's Christmas
radoandour merchants who wish to.
reioh the peop'o are getting their an
aou cements into the Journal...-.
l'hetreef oeaulng department means
to make the pe ple of Salem a Christ
mas p'etntof o'ean streets, Miss
Emun Byrne depirts on an extended
visit, on tonight's over and, to Ctllfor
nlu,New Mexico and Texas. Miss Byrne
is a sister of M a. Dr. Cartwright and a
n .mll.lv tiniiti nitnlult ln)ii Ti
fattord re, or Alex La FolleUVbo;''th?rt?f' at tb,s r a other
who was shot in the leg as doing well
...Last week people were looking at
lollday goods.t his week they arebuying
...Aunt Dinah's buskin' bee at Con
gregational church this venlng J.,
fj, Mttchel w appointed press repre
.Mitatlvo of OUy.' lodge I. O. O. F at
ti session Satu day. John Holman
rtituruedti Albviy this morning..
Members of the W. C. T. U. are re
quested t take notice that the presi
dent h i oalloil a special meeting at the
hall, 2:30 p. m. Tuesday. Important
business which must b-t attended to.
Salem 11 ur U excelled by no other
andabtrrol mtkoi a good Christmas
present. Two drunks and a vag be
fore Recor ler EJea this morning.
Bo surd t direct all holiday paoKages
sent by' mill or express to street and
numbor to Imur prompt delivery.
Postmaster Gilbert Li uot expected buok
boforo Saturday. Hi is subpoenaed as
a witness before the federal court In
Sin Francisco. .Judge E lea wrecked
his bicycle bv a sudden stop Saturday
night aud will go afoot for a whllo.
Roy. Father Lalnck, of Brooks, was in
the cltv today. Nanoy Cox, aged 40
years, was tcftlay committed to the asy
lum frmn T.n O run (In Al A Rim.
mons wa in tho cltv todav. from Port, I
land Joi.Kuerton, tho soap man,"
la at Woodburn this afternoon jjt
B. Fietoner, of Howell's, started today !
for tho Umatilla country, to spend ,
H y for Sale.
500 tons of choice hay for sale, most
ly timothy. Will be aold in parcels to
suit tho purchaser by R, M. Robertson,
Albany, Oreunn. 1215tf
Safe, Quick and Effective.
.v, u.v - -'
The valuable curative properties of
Allcock'a Porous Plasters are due to
the employment of the highest medio.
a unit chemical skill, i liey are purely xuv ""'' waving memoer or uer rami
vegetable, aud In Ingredients and lyUMra. A, O. Damon, her slater,. of
tCdo'i fiftbift A KSS
and rolleve whllo curing, and can be
uiciiiuu unvo never iH-uii enuaiieci: aara
wprn wiuiout causing, pain or moon- r.
venleuco. I Iv
Do not be deceived bv mUronrosonfa. I
tlou. All other so oilled Porous Plast-
era are Imitations, mide to sell on the
reputation of Allcook'ti. Ask for All;
rook's and let no Holloltatioq orexpla-
natioa induceyou toacoepta snbstitute j
Hewdtiuarterd for all daily naners. at
r. -n ......... i.. ..-. 4 . a ...... i .- ....
Bought by the Blair-Wharton Com
mittee for Only $200,000.
Cor vallls News: Promptly at 1 o'clock
Friday Sheriff Osburn appeared at the
front door of the court bouse and an
nounced the Bale of the Oregon Paclfio
railroad and other properties belonging
to the Oregon Pacific company, which
have so long been in litigation. The
reading of the lengthy decree and exe
cution consumes almost an hour's time.
Attorney Gilson, of Portland, then
eime forward, and lu behalf of Alexan
der, Well, Cahn, et al, notified intend
ing purchasers that a HUlt bad begun In
the U. 8. district court against the O.
P. R. R. Co., for the possession of the
Willamette Valley aud Cascade Moun
tain wagoD road and the Deschutes
wagon road.
Then Attornoy Wolverton, of Al
bany, who appeared in tbe interests of
the Oregon Paclfio Rill way Co,, of
whioh T. E. Hogg Is president, read
the-followlng notice of adverse claims:
In the Circuit Court of tbe State of
, Oregon for tbe County of Benten:
The Farmers' Loan and Trust"!
Co., of .New York h gains
ad verso ol'ms,
The Oregon 1'a-lflo Katlroad
CVi. and tha Wlllumatte
Valley Coast H. H. Co. J
The fo lowing notice Is hereby pub
Holy given to all intending purchasers
of the property and franchises of tbe
above mentioned Oregon Pacific Com'
pany and the -Willamette Valley &
Coast Railroad Company, or either of
them, under the decree of foreclosure
sa'e, rendered by this court on tbe 13th
day of April, 1891, under a certain
mortgage or deed of trust, executed by
the said companies to tbe Farmers
Loan and Trust company, dated Oct.
1, 1880.
In pursuance of said decree of fore;
closure, tbe said property and franchises
were duly sold on January 20, 1802,
aud were purchased at the said sale by
Zephin Job, of Corvallis, Oregon; and
a certificate ofeucli sale, acknowledging
tbe receipt of $25,000 on account of the
purchase price, was duly executed and
delivered by tbe sheriff of Benton coun
ty to the said Zephin Job. The said
sale was thereafter duly confirmed by
the said court, and, for a valuable con
sideration, the said Job duly assigned
and conveyed all tbe property, rlgbtp,
franchises', titles and Interests, which
he acquired at the said foreclosure sale,
and also tbe said sheriffs' certificate of
sale to the undersigned, tbe Oregon Pa
clfio Railway Company, a corporation
duly organized and existing under the
laws of the state of Oregon.
The said saio and the rights acquired
by the undersigned have never been
abrogated and could not be abrogated
by any proceedings in this court. No
part of tbe said sum of $25,000 has ever
been returned; and tbe said sale Is still
in full force and effect; and the undei-
slgned will assert aud enforce all rights
thereunder and In and to tho said prop
erty and franchises existing In its favor.
Whoever buys orattempts to buy tbe
said property aud franchises, or anv
without the consent and approval of
the undersigned, must do so subject to
all rights and claims in and to the said
property and franchises, existing in
favor of the undersigned.
By T. E. Hono, President.
Attorney Weatberford als gave no
tice that the Giant Powder Co. held a
Jeln against tbe last fifteen miles of the
road built, for the amount of $7,800.08.
( Now Sherifl Osburn Invited bids for
i the Oregon Pacific railroad and tbe
other properties when F. M. Clark.
with Mr. Hughes, both attorneys from
New York, represented the Blalr-
Wharton committee, made a bid of
$200,000. This was the only bid ottered
and to Mr, Clarke was the road knocked
off, It was a great surprise to almost
, everyone of the muny people who were
present at the sale that the road did
not bring more, and they wonder how
tho Indebtedness of the company will
be paid oft with $200,000 when the pre
ferred claims amount to at least four
I times as much, so we have been in
formed. But may the affairs of the
company now bo satisfactorily settled
with all Interested.
Mr8 N J Di Dead.
The ead newB wlilcU'bae.beeti looked
for from day to day waa received yea-
terday Mrs. Damon passed away at
Psaden' Ca,, at 2 o'clock p, m. In
lU6 presence of her busbaud and the
two youngest children. The remains
will be brought to Salem and thefuner
al will probably be held from the resi
dence Friday afternoon.
Fannie Gage was born at De Witt,
Iowa, in IMS, where she was married
io . j. amiu in ioo, ana continued
to live in that couuty, until removing
toOreiron law than fnnr -
D . tuan four yoawago.
to N. J. Damon In 1875, and continued
y r "rgut Tr,y oua y'ear
Ki survive a true and loving moth-
tnia n tv K'niirnh rin m.i.i..,. m
Mrs. nmoa naaueen ill forear
a veer, but no serious rnanlia wak
t.j.., ..., ,.,... . .
-HP"uu uuu, w.uun me past two
moalb8 as soon as It was considered
safe to remove her to California Mr.
Damon started south In hopes of im-
provemoot la her condition, but It was
evidently too late for the advanced
.. .. ......- i.i .... .
Tbe steamer Elwood came up last
night, from Portland, with a load of
miscellaneous merchandise for Balem
and upper river points. This morning
she Went to Independence, after a load
of wheat for tbe Salem Flouring mill
company. She will lay here at ber
dock tonight, and leavo dowu for Port
land and way landings in the morning
nt 6 o'clock.
The steamer Three Sisters name down
Saturday, with' a load of wool from
NIohol's landltm for Portland. It was
transferred here ito the Elwood. Capt.
Young, of The Three Sisters, feels high
ly elated over securing this load. It
seems, the Uulon Paoltlc had been
promised tbe frieght, and had named a
rate on it from Nichols, to Balaton,
Mass, The Sisters was one day ahead
of the Modio, whioh had been ordernd
to go to Nichol's, after It. Capt. Young
succeeded in talklug the oonslgnor at
NIohol's Landing luto giving him tho
wool for Portland. When the. Modoc
arrived there the next day there was
uotblng for here,
It is said, Captain Smith made the
air blue for miles around.
The Modoc returned Saturday nlglit,
nd went dowj Sunday morning. Bbe
will be up tonight, on ber run to Cor
Catarrh Cannot bo Cured
with Local Applications, as they can
uot reach the 4eat of tbe disease. Cat
irrh is a bloo&or constitutional disease,
nod in order tf cure It you must take
internal remitHes. Hall's Catarrh Cure
is taken internally, and acts directly on
tho blood and mocous surfaces. Hall's
Catarrh Cure is nut a quack medicine.
It was prescribed by one of the best
pbyslcanuin thiscouutry fer jeers, and
is a regular prescription. It is compos
ed of the best tonics known, combined
with the best blood purifiers, acting di
rectly on the mocous surfaces. The
perfect combination of the two ingredi
ents is what produces such wonderful
results lu curing Catarrh. Send ior
testimonials, free.
F. J. CHENEY & CO., Props,
Toledo, O. Sold by drugglsta. Price 75o.
The drug and medicine firm hereto
fore doing business under tbe style of
.Smith & Steiuer, have this day dis
solved partnership by mutual consent,
Dr. J. C. Smith retiring. The business
will be continued by Lee Steiuer, at
the old red corner stand, where all
bills and accounts nrp to be settled,
Salem, Dec. 1st, 1893.
J. C. Smith, M. D.
Leii Steineu.
For Christmas Week.
Have finest Hoe of single decorated
pieces and sets of porcelain, bisque fig
ures, and imported China ware ever
shown in the city. Am closing out a
large assortment of dolls. Have a full
line of candles, nuts and fruits. Will
meet any cut of any cash store in Ha
lera on staple groceries. John G.
Wright, Pioneer Grocery.
Tbe largest stock of brooms and.
brushes for household use ever brought
to Salem at Clark & Eppley'u.
HOLMAN. To Mr. and Mrs. Frank
Hotmail, at Salem, Dec. 17, 1893, a
Bukrouchib. At thehomeon North
Commercial street, 8alem, Friday, Dee.
15, 1893. to Mr. aud Mrs. T. Sherman
Burroughs, a sou.
None BErrEit. The Gillman coal
pplllnir Ht $8 per ton at the Salem Im
provement Co.'b yards, la the best fuel
in Salem.
To enjoy life use Tutt'a Pills.
Nn old stock freshened up, but all
made for the occasion, are tbe choice
candles at S. L. Jones' on 8tate street.
The freshest and best candies for tbe
money for the holiday trade.
OaaTi Prices for Christmas Week.
Dry granulated sugar $5 25 a Back.
Extra C sugar 34.75 a suck.
M uscatel raisins, uew crop 5 cts. a lb.
Candy we are almost giving away.
Fine line of decorated' chlua at half
At the Postoftlce grocery,
Ask Your Prie'nds
Who have takn Hood's Sarsanarilln
what they think of it, and the replies
will be nostlve in Its fuvor. 8imuK
what Hood's Barsaparilla does that tell
the story of Its merit. One has been
cured of indigestion or dispepsia,
auother finds It Indispensable for sick
headache or hillousness, whlje otherc
report remarkable cures of scrofula,
catarrh, rbeumatlsm'saltrbeum etc.
Hood's Pills aro purely vegetable.
Salem, Dec, 18, '03.
H. M. Jameson, and A. F, Johns,
apps., vs. George L. Caldwell, resp,
appeal from Multnomah county, Ar
gued and submitted. E. R. Watson,
attorney for app. J, T. McKee, altor
ney for resp.
Awarded Highest Honors World's Fair,
A MkbIk For Calendar.
Wo have seen it mentioned that an
eminent jurist, whohaa lately passed
away, had a great mania for collect
ing and Btoring up a copy of ovory
calendar heard of. No matter to him
what nostrums were in connection
advertised, whenever a page revealed
the signs of tho zodiac and the
phases of tho moon it immediately
settled the question off purchase and
ownership, and it is added that piles
and piles of them, limitless in varie
ty, wero fotmd among his treasured
things. It has been estimated that
this collection by an American gen
tleman may be regarded as the most
extensive of its kind known. Har
per's Bozaiv
Dlrebtum's dam has a race record of
2:S0i. ' '
Providence will give five meetings
next year.
Alix cost her present owner $750 when
a yearling. . .
Alix stands 15 hands and weighs 840
pounds in racing trim.
Walter E., 2:10, has won $15,000 in
stakes and purses this year.
It needs just as honest a man at the
distance flag as in the stand.
Lot. Slocnm, 2:17, was distanced at
Honolulu last month in 2:31.
The get of the Jewett Farm stallions
won $30,000 in races, this year.
Waterloo Girl, trotting record 2:101,
will be out as a pacer next season.
Colonel Lawrence Kip won $1,010 in
prizes at tho New York horse show.
Skin grafting has been successfully
tried as a means of effacing blemishes on
Nine times out of ten the character of
a man can be told by the looks of his
Directum has won more heats in races
in 2:10 or better than any other four
To name a horso is nn easy enough mat
ter; to name one well is an entirely differ
ent thing.
Dr. Seward Webb won $2,240 in prizes
at the New York horso Bhow and wob the
largest winner.
' Princess Clara, 2:26J, drew 85 pounds
overweight when she made her yearling
record of 26J.
Alix is a pet. Her owner says he can
take her by the halter and lead her. up a.
flight of ordinary stairs.
The-mare Pasadena Belle, that ob
tained a mark of 2:18 this year, was sold
for $100 last spring. Turf, Field and
The queen of England's favorite wall
paper has a bright blue ground sprinkled
with white stars.
Miss Brlggs, daughter of the famous
Professor Brlggs, is studying to become
a deaconess in New York.
Even in premierships the record has
given way under M. Tricoupis, who has
become prime minister of Greece for tho
fifth time,
The ideal orator of all Spanish speak
ing people is Castelar, who was once
president of their short lived republic.
Before speaking he is restless and cannot
keep quiet.
Grand Duke George of Russia, whose
sojourn in Algeria' and the Riviera failed
appreciably to benefit his health, now
lives in the Caucasus, whero the climate
suits him well.
Tho Princess Beatrice, following tho
rule of the late prince consort and the
Prince of Wales, places in the zoo any
ferocious animals whereof she may be
come possessed.
Nathan Parker, president of the Man
chester (N, H.) National bank, is said to
be the oldest bank officer in active serv
ice in the United States. He celebrated
his eighty-fifth birthday recently by giv
ing a dinner to the employees of his bank.
Thomas M. King, third vice president
and now practically general manager of
the Baltimore and Ohio lines, almost in
variably, when going over the road, rides
on the front of tho locomotive. After
seating himself comfortably he lights a
cigar and tellatho engineer to. "let her
Indisposition caused Patti to abandon
ber concert in Rochester.
IdaMullo has joined the vaudeville
forces of Manager B. F. Keith.
Tho Lotus club of New York will soon
give a banquet to Henry Irving.
John Drew is rehearsing Henry Guy
n .. .. " - .--.. qPq
Hteinway, Krater, Webber, Emmer
eon and others pianos,; Storey A
jihik ami jwne. organs, also all flrsi
clan different makes.
Sewing machines, smaller makes of
musical instruments and supplier
Needles,oII and Hew parte for all makee
of machines.
Hewing machines and
paired and cleaned.
organs re-
Two doois north of postoftlce, Salem.
Slaughtered al Cost
The Largest assortment evor brought to Salem.
They Must Gc
AVi IF JJU1.IAU V DICU 1H SlinWll IIV IIIA mt t. Hit f Ilia rmnai I
ness of any Foreign Insurance company on the I'aclllc coast In 1SW..
Neal Will Contest.
The probate court was occupied tori ay
with the case of Luoy A. Robinson et
al, petitioners, v. Jesse M. Neul,.et al'
respondents. The eiFort is being made
by plaintiffs to break the will of Calvin
Neal. Tho will was made March 3,
1691, at his home near Ale, Marion
county. On Sep. 10, 1891, the will was
admitted to probate, and Jesse M. Net 1
aud Ann Elizabeth Neal, now Ann
Elizabeth Russell to.be executors. The
suit is to show that Mrs. Rossell and
W. H. Nash used undue Influence to
get him to make this will, when he
was uuder great mental distress. There
were a great many witness called and
tbe attorneys for the will are Til.
Ford and A. O. Condit, for petitioners
Bingham and D'Arcy. Trial to the
The Spa asks reasonable prices for
iiandy for Christmas. W. T. Stolz &
Special bargains for this week in
towels, table cloths, handkerchiefs,
noslery, and in fuct everything at THE
FAIR, 108 Court Btreet.
Economize in Paper.
Clean newspapers, tied iu bundles of
100, uot cut, for sale at this ofllco at
dfteen cents a bundle. A heavy straw
trapping paper, large sheets, two cents
i pound. Next door to the postofUce.
The Cheapest. Have the Daily
fouBNAii left at your office or resl
tence. Only 60 cts a mouth. By mail
2S cts a month.
Grapo Vines for Sale.
I have propogated several thousand
;obd stroug two-year old grape vliiep
ir setting nut, assorted varities, suit
tile for culture in Oregon. 25 cte each.
'2 on ixr d"Z-n. E. Hofer. Balem. Or..
Journal office. . d w
Weak Digestion
strange as it may seem, is caused
from a lack of that which is
never exactly digested -' The
greatest iact in connection with
soil's Emulsion
appears at this point it is partly
"v--- . " we most
weakened digestion is quickly
aiibujjLiiciicu uy 11.
The only possible help
in Consumption is the
arrest of waste and re
newal of new, healthy
tissue. Scott's Emulsion
has done wonders in Con?
suviptionjttst this way.
Propsred by Beott t 1 :rao, II. Y. All drnwrUti.
Steamer fllfona
rkrA tiii! A.t. i .
nKOUMD TRIP (unlimited) B.00. One way,
-uFw Mtt ';
Grbat - Christjvias - SAL3
-Bargains in Kvery Department
Come where yo e8 bjr tb bert ga fc Um UU mmmmj.
OYBRAHOUBi: CORN, . . . . JtLf . OJW
T , . ., ... . . I
C: D. Gabrielson,
-Hesdnt Agent
-5aY5years,?.x,,erl0no': '2rover?,8hty,ir8a7B,slant8ecreUrTot8teleInmiranfrf
ny it Oregon. Temioiary office Mtelners fled Corner Drue tore. I'lH Ul-r wwf it
l UHEltAIi Which la shown by Ihe fan t ml this ronipSy ha. doneihe !??
done the largutb
TTIOK tiALK. An unabridged encyelopf
ft Brltannlca, worlh SM. at greal ridu tl
VV. L. West, tlecirlfl light station. IJH
MUST PAY y-'.-Pcron.,o-.nitHarrii
Mcldtyrc must u . up before Dee.
JbU.i, or costs will be ndded. IJ.ij ;
P i APERa.-Portland. Wacrawenio, at
Tucomunnd !au Krancltco papers oat
nt UeKnett's, Postofflce Llotk
EVT MAUKH.T. Opposite brick ston
ouiera, uciiverea cneap. lJ-lMi
mANTED-Pa'ty without children ton
IT a furnished houseandboardovrnfr I
qure at Jouk.vai. office. 12-188
kinds on sale at 828 Liberty street, it
rriHIB PArEtl Is kept on file at E. O. D
JL Advertising Agency, 64 and 65 Merchs
Exchange, Ean rranclsio, California, 1
coatrac'jiforadvertlblnr can be made fo;
1JARM FOR 8A.LB. A desirable farm o
C acres for sale on long time Town rrop'
will be taken In part payment. Apply to
Willie, In Opera House Block. 13-3 1
YOU WILL be; loaded.
Vluttnr Vhafhfl. InUnillttn .. a x
nor not, are always welcom e. , We are t
'"" Bverj-i nine, ana inenieiyouro
Judgment decide whether or not.you wi
to buy. We never Insist or emJole.
ell strictly on the merits nf the goods,
ran yUlt our store, you. will wlthoui
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jthecjue. '
lPft ChO Tl. A-.1T Tmtr f-tnnH If inoh ia i
Patton Bros.,
Chrlatmas goods, Stationery, Eto.
AenU for "Old Nick." 86 state stmt
,lave orders at OotUe-Parkhurst blocks
6. Baiem. Oregon.
of Denver, has opened Dreas-msk
Parlors In 'theEldridge block, In
ro ims formerly occupied by Mrs. Ba
and guarantees '
A perfect Fit or No Pay
Infant, Couneotlngsud Primary clar
every week day.from 0 a. m. to
12 m, except Saturday.
MISS 0. BALLOU, - - Princfj
for teachers' daily practice work fr
9 a. m. to 12 m. in Kindergarten.
On Monday, Wednesday and Frit
from 2 to 4 p. ni. Classes meet
study of Froebel system. Mrs. P.
Knight, Principal.
Meets Friday from 2 to 4 p. m. w
training olass, conducted by N
Knight and Mice BalloH. For ternn
Information apply at Klndergan
rooms, corner Court and Llberiy Mi'
v TO- xWLw
taailt U Utayed.
VM ia Miibocu of Hom-- V.,
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. :lL'w,4.

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