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Capital Journal Publishing Company
Postofflce B ook. Commercial Street.
i Dally, by ci rler, per month,
Dally, by mall, per year,
; Weeaiy, p,vwj'i-
Kcduced or Rejected at the Decem
ber Term of. County Com
abuffoDrsCourt. Claimant.
,.J Jiatchelor
Account. Atnt, Allowed
Coroners $
8 05
1 00
M Pomeroy
G D Hensbaw
F H Bryant
BJ Heudrloka.
W BNardne'r
F M Herren
O W Ollbam
1 20
1 00
1 00
1 od
1 (Ml
1 00
24 80
-.20 10
li , Joseph Jaynes " 1
f Newt Ftrrell 1
W C Judsou
i wm Atiaerson
iion jjico
JJrJN Bmltta
W B Morse
G V Johnson
R G Keene
F 0 rjouthwlck
Dav(l Holmes
J M Foraytbe
Robert O rowan
Wm May
U7 A Ooolnlr
P Dr L Headers'iii
A O Condit
DrcJ R Jesaup
S R Jesaup
A O Coodlt
A O Coodlt
Dr fj Heuderson
A O Condit
Dr J A Richardson
A O Coudlt
Dr J N Health
Rosa E Moored Stationery 6 9ft
J 8 Graham " 12 77
Meston DvzertBook
Mfg Co " 40 00
B B Herriofc " 6 60
Patton Bros " 1 65
faatir Dtrornrt Tlnnlr
Mfor Co 25 60
'DatiUJFry "
Consl'd Bt R'y
'Balem Water Co '.
Or Te is Tel Co1 '
Cnurchill fc Bur
rows 1 10
64 as
13 00
10 00
15 25
4 75
Gllbort&Patteroon '
i i i
2 10
n r WHn Xr Hn
3 60
9 00
6 00
7 CO
7 00
J L Cook
V Den cur
M D.Ramsby
Vf G Prunk
A U Jerman
I Conklln
Frank Parrlsb
O H Benson
A J Patton
O I Morrie
H G Bonneman
T J AlliDcbam
0 00
4 40
4 20
8 80
8 00
22 20
7 00
4 40
4 40
23 00
8 00
5 00
0 40
0 GO
3 Gil
0 00
7 60
17 60
5 00
12 G5
24 16
4 60
20 00
20 (HI
3 00
8 00
2 60
3 00
20 00
163 00
Theobolrt Klrsch
W R Townsend
O H Ricbes
Edward Boor
G D Spruguo
f8 00 eld
8 25 eld
E B Cochran
J, U Miller
John Lcchtv
F M Towdsend
;. Gray Bros
Uantlttm T. rik
B B Herriok
A M Clougb
A J Basey
.Fred A Legcr
Willis Bros
N La Fontaln
A M dough
W W Stephens
John Weiss
10 00
E C Bmall
Frank Hording
A J Banov
60 eta old
Or Statesman Co. Sta'v
18 60
6 25'
Thoe LaLo'id'a R&B
Until ItuwdAn
13 30
L O Hiirtmaa criminal 12 60 '
.Tiuuilln.tr. Parity rl.rhf I
6 00
4 00
1 40
14 25
0 40
2 20
0 50
1 70
1 70
0 40
1 70
1 70
T P Welch
G W Holllster
TP Welou
T L Pope
A H Giesv
10 45'
8 40
Mrs W W Glesy
Mrs M' Rappa
W J Miller
Eraauuel Kiel
Henry Miller
A0 .Condit
7 80
1 45
43 00
21 45
3 00
2 60
1 GO
1 GO
1 40
1 70
12 40
G A Webb
Jobs Hoefer
?2S 35 eld
oLouUna LaChapello
'.TnHn'M7.nhir I
t AtfSd Ady.
tra New bare '
tKir ftanvAfitntilng
1 70
3 00
0 50
1 60
: A B Cathev
0 Oeodlt
O XHuiuiey
1 20
1 40
6 65
8 40
1 70
1 70
Bfcinali Webb
Lmim Am8
1 70
8 8o
, 4, I
94 50 eld
r4 Meld
0 00
0 00
0 00
5 00
0 80
1 70
1 70
1 70,
... 1 70
... 1 70
... 1 70
6 00
5 10
1 70
... 1 70
0 00
1 70
1 70
5 00
2 80
W F Urager
A O Condit
H P Minto
L Revaur '
M R'iVHtix '
Ed N Edes '
R CoshnTr '
Miss Rvaux '
A O Condit
H P Minto
Ed N Edes '
A O Coudlt
H P Minto
Ed N EdeB
Geo O Will '
A O Condit ' v-
H P Minto
6 50
6 00
10 00
. 6 85
... 1 70
. 6 00
.... 3 60
. 1 70
.... 6 60
.... 1 70
5 00
. 4 20
. 1 70
. 6 20
.... 1 70
H P Mluto
Ed N Edea '
E L Towusend
A O Condit
H P Minto
L Revaux '
Ed M Edes '
W W Martin
A O Condit
H P Mluto '
E I N Edes
PJCllngle '
H P Mluto '
Mary Hawks '
A ii HiiwkH '
Cba Matbieu '
F A DePue '
Chaa Ramsby '
John Wbitlock '
J ri Cook
J li Hurst '
D Wool worth '
-t A Bogan '
A D Yergen
I1 riiimlburp '
M Smelizpr
rfophia Hcliultz '
Leo Willis '
RU Keeue
T L Pope '
J Cavaimueh Pauper
Drs. W. B. Morse und W.
5 ( 0
11 60
6 60
2 20
2 20
2 20
.... 2 20
9 40
7 00
7 00
7 00
7 00
7 (10
9 40
9 80
9 40
11 4l
4 20
14 40
4 20
4 40
.... 2 20
8 00
A. Cuslck,
McGee post
Jas. Ward,
mortem, $50 eld., $40 00.
allowed by W. C. Hub-
bard, $2 60.
John Harrison,
Hubbard, f 1.85.
allowed by W. C.
Prices Current by Tolegraph Local
and Portland Quotations.
Salem, December 20, 4 p. m. Office
Daily Capital Journal. Quota
tions for day aud up to hour of goiug to
press were as follews:
Apples 30o to 50o. a bushel.
Veals dressed 5 eta.
Hogs dressed 5.
Live cattle li to 2.
Sheep alive $1.50.
Balem Milling Co.quetes: Flour $1.25
in wholesale lots $2.80. Retail $3.20.
Brau $14 bulk, $15 sacked. Shorts $15
10J. Chop feed $10 and $17.
43 cents per bushel.
Oats new 25 i-uiiu;
Ha v Baled, new $8 to $10; old $10 to
$12. Wild in bulk, $6 to $8.
Wool Best. 10c.
Hops Small sule, 17 to 18c.
Eirga Cash, 27.
Butter Best dairy, 30; fancy
creamery, 35.
Oheese--12 to 15 cts.
Farm smotted meats Bacon 12;
hams, 13; shoulders, 11.
Potatoes 35o.
Oulous 2 cents.
Beeswax 34o. Caraway seed, 18c.
Aulso seed, 2Gci. Giuseug, $1.40.
Chickens- uo market,ducks,810;tur
keys, slow stile, choice, Kle; geese 5 to 7c.
Grain, ITetjil, etc.
Flour Standard, $2.80; Walla Walla,
$3.15; graham, $2.50; superfine, $2.25
per barrel.
Oats New whlto.Sooperbu ,grey,3lo;
rolled, in bags, $0.250.60; barrels,
$G 757.00; casen, $3 75.
Hay Uest, $1012 per ton.
Wool valley, lollo.
MlllstuMd Bran, olS.OO; aborts, $10;
ground barley, $18; chop ford, $5
per tou ; whole feed, barley, 70 cts. pei
cental; middling, $2328 perlou; brow
log barley, 00))5o per cental: chicken
wheat. 8i1.15 percental.
Hops New 10 to 10.
Hides green, salted, 60 lbs. 3e, nn
dor 60 lbs., 23; sheep pelte, 100c.
Butter Oregon funev creamery. 30
aji'jiaucy uairy, so(a)y7o; fair to goo
lii(io; common, id ft i7jo per iu.
Oiieese Oregon, 1213: Younv
American, 1510opor pound; California
Ho.; Svisa imp , 3032; Doiu., 1G28.
Eggs Oregon, 30o per dozen.
Poultry JNomliial; chickens, mixed.
$23 50 per do.en; ducks,$4 505.6o
gee, jouri; turiteys, live, 12je;
dresxed, 13o.
ueei iop hteers, lmo per pound; ru
to good steers, 2o; No 1 cows, 2o; fall
cows, lo; d rested beef, $3 6C5 00 pel
100 pounds
Mutton Best sheep, $2; choice mut
ton, $1 75200; lambs, $2 0002 25.
Hogs OiioIoh, heavy, $4 605 00;
medium, $4 00 I 60; light aud feeders,
$4 004 60; dressed, $0 50
Veal-$3 005 CO
Woel: Oregon E intern choice, 10
12c; do Inferior, 89o; do valley, 12
Hops 10 to 18o.
Potatoes E-rly Rose, 6065. Bjr
bauks, 3545c,
OatH-MTlllii,$.l2Jl 17.
Advice to the Aged.
triab beMolsi.xtouU Ulduejn auU bltt
der asd torpid n er.
have apeolflo effect on theae enrnttg,
1 ttUcbarirt without trlulMy tt
KI-lplHK's hh4
tho bldHoya, blatldsr am! Ut
VJtwjr - adnt4l te eltt or young.
H P Minto
H B riponcer
an rFk H M
1Z2 Ages, Sages and Wages.
If you have a wife and balfa-dozoti
daughters, you can keep them all well
by very simple tneau . Let them use
Dr. Pierce's Favurlte Premiription. It
is good fur women of all ages. You
will not need to spend all your wag!
for it. Those ancient sagis, tbeM. D.
of a century Bince, did nothing but
dose and bleed tnelr patients. Wedi
better to day: We uho Dr. Pierce's
remedies. For womankind, Dr. Pierce's
Favorite Prescription is indispensable.
The youug girl need its streugiblng
help at that critical period when she in
Diossumiug iuio woman uoou. tub
matron and motber tind in it vigoru
tlon and relief from the numerous ills
which beset their existance. And
ladles welladvaucedln years universal
ly acknowledge the revivifyiug aud
restorative effects of this favorite aud
staudard remedy.
Head (iiarters for all daily papers, at
J. L. Bennett's post office block uews
stand, tf
Timorous Reply of a Mlisnurl Editor to an
Alleged Superior.
It is always the joy of a certain class
of people to seem scholarly, stiperior and
philosophical. Persons of this sort talk
about geographical influences on civili
zation and spin theories about character
and climate. They do not understand
these theories, but they think they will
startle common people much a3 the witch
tales of the garrulous grandsire scares
the children.
People who talk about the prevalence
of outlawry in the west are of this ilk.
Given a little less intelligence, and they
would operate a "divining rod" to locate
gold; a little less, and they would mint
up "charms" in the dark of the moon to
drive away the "roomatiz;" a little less,
and they would be voodoo doctors, dis-
pensing snaKe ou anu Drotn inaae oi DiacK
cats' eyes. There are very few removes
from tho voodoo priest to the piggish
simpleton who gibbers about the outlaw
ry of tho west.
Thers is no more outlawry in the west
than there is in the east. It wasn't so
very long ago that Oliver Curtis Perry,
a New York highwayman, robbed a train
and stole an engine on which to make
his escape. Just last week a gang of
tramps, less than 100 miles from New
York, stole a train of Pullman cars and
held it 24 hours, and tho officers dared
not approach to molest them.
Tho Homestead affair happened at the
east; tho Borden murder and the Christy
Warden murder both occurred in a por
tion of the east that is particularly effete;
Mrs. Halliday of Newburg, who killed a
mess of summer boarders for breakfast
and butchered her husband for tea, is an
eastern product. Tho man who raked
$105,000 out of a treasury vault was an
castorn man, and Carlyle Harris was of
the east eastern. He rolled his "r's,"
broadened his "a's" and wore a pointed
The list might be continued indefinite
ly and tho whole west searched for a
parallel to any of tho horrors of tho east
Tho "outlawry" in tho country beyond
tho Missouri river sounds wise, ponder
ous and scholarly when used on the other
side of the Alleghanies, but it will not
bear a closo inspection. Outlawry has
no "pent up Utica," Ithaca, Elmira, Al
bany, Kings county or Springfield,
Mass., to contract its powers. It is as
broad in extent as man is depraved.
Kansas City Star.
Peu Picture ofMellllo.
Upon an irregular squaro peninsula of
ragged limestone rock, less than 15 acres
in area, the fort of Melilla stands. From
a height of 00 feet to 100 feet and more
its grim, gray walls frown upon the dark
blue waters. It is a stronghold of ap
proved mediajval and romancist type;
mighty walls, strengthened by many
high, round towers, drawbridges, port
cullis, profound gateways, dark case
ments aud rock hewn labyrinthian pas
sages and dungeons. Within tho dovious
lines of the fort's walls is built tho true
Melilla, a town of ups and downs, whose
streets are lanes barely wide enough to
lot a panler laden donkey pass. With
out, on still more irregular and uneven
ground, an outer and inferior wall in
closes probably 20 acres of land given
over to a kind of market placo by the
water's edge and a few shanties aud
places of business.
The outmost girdlo consists of six de
tached stonobuilt forts. Three are like
those at Spithcad, and tho others are
larger works of rectangular shapo akin to
thoso on Chatham and Potsdown heights,
but of course without the big ditches.
Tho Spaniards havo evidently bestowed
caro upon all of them, as they are far su
perior to anythiug our military authori
ties thought fit to erect at Suakiu. At
this moment it is a town crowded beyond
all English notions of dangerous over
packing. London Telegraph.
An Indian Adept aud l'ortuno Teller.
Delhi rejoices in tho possession of a
remarkable fortuuo teller, whose ex
ploits, according to a correspondent, are
causing mwch excitement, and it is
trango to iiavo to record that the man
appears to havo tho power of second
sight or rather to bo able to antioipate
tho questions he is to be asked.
Ho is either a very clover impostor
or a wonderful phenomenon, for he
places no restriction on the questions ho
should bo asked, so that from the most
important to the most trivial queries
are put to him and answered correctly.
Ho discloses the past and reveals the
future with equal facility, A native
gontleman, well known and respected in
Delhi, yiaited tho "Joshti" with the ex
press object of testing his capabilities
for thought reading, and on betnir ad
mitted into tiio "Joshua presence the
latter at onco said:
'I know what you have come to ask.
You wish me to tell you the date and
hour of your birth,'' and, mlrabilo dictu,
tho "Joshti" furnished the gentleman
with overy particular of hi birth, giv
ing the correct date and even specifying
the hour of the occurrence. To saythei
least of It. the man doea moat nitnmr.
dinary things, London Glob
Sparrow Fired tlie lliiildlng.
A pair of English sparrows who built
their untidy nest in a cornico of the
Girls high school were tho indirect
causes of some excitement and of a (ire,
about which tho bright faced pupils will
outchattor the sparrows for days to
coino. Tho damngo was small, but that
was not because of the good intentions
of tho feathered interlopers. For aught
any ono knows, they may have wished
to burn down the whole building, tho
housekeeping season being over with
them and they little better than feath
ered vagrants.
How1 they managed to firo the build
ing is not very clear. Professor Barthol
omew thinks they carried a match in the
nest just as they pick up all sorts of oth
er trifles; that- it got very dry and was
ignited in some mysterious way. The
woodwork of tho cornico was easily set
in flames, but it never got much of a
start. The fire was discovered by Miss
Olive Catlin, one of the teachers. She
informed Professor Bartholomew, who
at once ran upstairs and threw a bucket
of water on tho blaze. Louisville Courier-Journal.
Professional Jealousy.
"Talk about professional jealousy,"
eaid a young woman who can danco a
minuet like her great-grandmother.
'Why, it makes mo feel old when I think
of it.
"I appeared onco at a benefit matinee
performance, for which I had rehearsed
two whole weeks. Tho only chancol got
to get in front was in the minuet, which
was to be such a feature that an encore
was expected. A few days before the
performance wo were taught the encore.
The woman who was to tako the leading
female part happened to come in,
" 'What's this? What's this?' she yelled.
" 'The encoro for the minuet dancers,'
answered tho dancing teacher.
" 'Encore for the minuet?' she l epeated.
'Tho minuet gets no encore here, and 1
want that understood. If these fools in
the orchestra chairs encoro that dance, I
want all of you dancers to go down in
your dressing rooms. If there's any en
cores hero your good old Aunt Mary'
tapping herself on tho chest 'will tak
them all see?'
"Wo saw and said nothing." New
York Herald.
A Studio Trick.
In the corner of an artist's studio in
this city is an ingenious arrangement of
screens, upon ono of which, over an aper
ture about tho size of a face, is an in
scription, "Likenesses taken instanta
neously." The innocent visitor peeks
through tho hole and is astonished to be
hold an exact likeness of himself as a
humpbacked jailer in a scarlet coat,
opening a prison door. The secret of
this effect is simple. The jailer is a life
size painting strongly rendered. The
placo for the face is cut out and a mir
ror inserted, reflecting the features of
the spectator. The conception of this
amusing fantasy is not entirely original.
It was imported from the studio of
Wiertz, the Belgian artist. Philadelphia
IJrltUh Army Flfers.
Fifers do not appear in the pay list of
tho Coldstream guards till 1797, when
two of these musicians are charged in
the company of grenadiers. After tho
restoration tho hautboy, or oboo, ap
pears among tho other instruments of
tho band. A warrant of the time of
Charles II was issued in 1078 for pay
ment of the stato clothing of the haut
boys and four drummers.
In the early years of the following cen
tury hautboys were introduced into the
different regiments of foot guards. Tho
pay of the soldiers who served at St.
Quintin's in the reign of Mary was not
so unlike that of tho present day. Tho
private soldier received 8d., a druinmor
or fifer Is. and a trumpeter Is. Gd. a day.
Tired, Weak, Nervous
I had rheumatism so severely that I was
obliged to use a cane. I was tired oflle and
was a burden to those about me. I often
suffered from dfizincss, worried much, and
was subject to nervous spells. Hood's Sar
laparllla made me feel like a different
Hood's Cures
pern. I owe my present good health to
Hood's." Mns. Maiiv C. CnvDKnsiAN, La
Fontaine, Kansas. He sure to get Hood's.
Hood's Pills cure allllror tils, bilious
feus, Jaundice, lndleestlon, sick headache.
HOUSE Painting, Decorating,
11 Hardwood Finishing,
i"an gle good refereocM Enttmaten furnish-
t. vddrtt.K, ilea, tv-chntru'l, r'uleni. Meal.
dcne on -aleui Motor lUltway. North Balem
l.e ve order at tttelner & lllosserv. ll-bd
SA.L,ICrvI, ... Orogon
1'rtvate wort a apeclalty.
a 11. OI J5M KNT, Manairer
Leaveorden at Uoltle-VrkUurt block .room ,
Mra. Mary O. Grydennan
Hi for Asylum Supplies.
Orecon state Insane asylum Invite Bealed
proposals for furnishing at the asylum
near Salem, Orcccn, the following sup
plies for the six months ending June
30, l&l.
1 loz. each U. . . . 1 and 2 Inch
1 doz. each , , IVi, ltt, and 2 Inch
1 doz. each and Inch Keystone
1 doz each 1, 14 and 2 Inch flange
1 doz. each U, , 1, VA Btreet ells.
1 doz. each S and V Inch sockets.
1 doz. each Y. and 1 Inch plugs.
2 doz. each -4 and Inch ctmpresslon
bibs, finished.
2 doz. each i and hi Inch compression
hose bibs, finished.
100 feet each of . 94. H. . 1, and 1
Inch black pipe.
100 feet each of , and 1 Inch galv.
hi doz. each , and Jenkln's valves
removable disks.
1 doz. each and 1 Inch Jenkln's valves
removable disks.
21 sq. feet 3 ply rubber packing.
10 lbs. each hi and sq. Ilax packing.
1 Jackson's Hue scraper, 3 Inch.
20 bushels charcoal.
100 lbs. solder, hi and hi-
2 each extra jaws and nuts for 12, 18
and 24 Inch Stlllsons wrenches.
10 lbs. Asbestos candle wick.
141 sq. feet sheet lead 4 lb.
2 doz. Sampson's battery cells.
2 doz. and glass gage washers,
lfO vnrds oall bent.
2,500 yards cotton flannel, Nashau XXX.
1,200 yds. pequot A unbleached 45 Inch.
1,000 yards Mariners stripe.
C-00 yards Lonsdale bleached.
l,50i) yards pequot A sheeting, 36 Inch.
500 vds. Continental check flannel.
500 yds.
200 yds.
glass crasn towelling-, is men.
bleached linen French towell-
U0 yds. blue- denim.
100 yds. bleached sheeting pequot 9-4.
100 yds. Marselll8 check, York Mfg.
6 boxes white stay binding Inch.
12 dozen Turkey red handkerchiefs, 24
GO dozen Coat's thread, white IJo. 36.
lidziiiiiN irMil wul N . IK
15 dozen Coat's thread, black No. 36.
12 doren Coat's thread, black No. 16.
12 dozen black linen thread, No. 25.
50 yards table oilcloth, white.
12 dozen papers pins.
50. doz.. prs. men's socks (half hose.)
1 doz. prs. men's gloves, Nos. 9 and
10. extra heavy.
15 dozen pairs suspenders.
100 yards nllesla, 40 inch, drab.
1 great gross men's pants buttons.
1 grent gross pants buckles.
6 great gross men's shirt buttons, me
dium size.
12Kroi8rnokrt re rl button.
2 dozen corsets (assorted sizes, 20 to 30
t dozen thimbles, Nos. 9 and 10 closed
6 pairs Jean pants, 2929.
6 pairs Jeans pants, 3030.
12 pairs Jean pants, 3131.
12 pairs Jean pants 3333.
12 pairs Jean pants, 3332.
6 pairs Jean pants, 3331.
6 pairs Jean pants, 3234.
12 pair Jean pants, 3533.
12 pairs Jean pants, 36 32.
6 pairs Jean pants, 3733.
6 pairs Jean pants, 37 M.
6 pairs Jean pants, 3832.
6 pairs Jean pants, 38 T3.
6 pairs Jean pants, 3933.
6 pairs Jeans pa it", " Q.
?00 lbs. heavy white wool yarn.
150 lbs. cheapest grade wool yarn, as
sorted colors.
200 lbs. Crown mills carpet warp.
15030 lbs trrnDulated sugar, extra fine, dry.
12,000 BuGORUgnr.
0 m lb rolled oats.
fi 000 lbs cracked wbe?. .
fiolb corn menl. b,r.t-'
500 lbs hominy, small cracked.
1,500 lbs liomlny.
500) fin rlc.
Wifin. bluing.
300 gUlonBMnegsr.
I Oirullnns N. O. molnBes.
l.OfXl lb. corn fcta'ch, Oswego.
HUM) lb. Liverpool salt.
40 lbs Curb, fcortu, A nnd H.
lbs. cream tarter Folcr.
so group wifnty ma chea (Vulcan;.
1 bale broom corn,
3 doz ns wli pk brooroB.
35 dozen outers, cans fA. Field's Cove).
15 dozen 'fins co n (IChw Vaiie )
800 Eh. soda crackers, XXX, furnished as re
quired. 2 1X10 gallons syrup (Standard),
40 Rm candles Bturl" wax).
2 dozen Worcestershire sauce, In qts.JLoe
nnd KerrliiRl
21 0 B. gprmea.
imttn. nago
fiOlhs China 8tnich,
TA R. Rrtl oda.
2" dozen blooms.
2(H lbs peirl b-,rlcy.
'00 lbs. stnroh, glos-.
20bneR macaroni.
8 boxes vermicelli.
rocflbs. cheeo, ( rauston's or as good, fur
nished as require!,
75lbs, mustnrd.
4fl lbs. black pepper.
KOIh-. glntter
23 lbs. ullsplce.
ldnz'n ta cups
15 do7en tea Riucern.
5 dozen qusrt Bend bowls.
2 doz n 1 kuI on p t-hera.
3 dozn kouo plut"8.
1 in reu howl mi d pitchers,
1 dozen chamber pots.
1 d zhii bed pans.
1 dozen pint a rim pitchers.
2 di zen Ixntcrn clo e
3 dozen plntcrenm pitchers.
8 dozen 9 Inch dlone plutrs.
2 doz -n 7 pch nlo plates.
H dozen 12 Inch vegetable dishes.
4 d z u 10 I noli vegeta ile dirties.
1 dozen nie-ir howls
' 3 rtoz-n 12 Inch p utters.
2 duzm 11 Inch platters.
650bsrrels, ron-oor lets, best roller process,
delivered s rcqulret.
"5 bsrrels gruham, moro or less, delivered as
requl ed.
2,503 lbs. extra pale savon.
10001 . ivory
2n lbs. shivlns, fn cakes J. 11. Williams &
".OOlhg ngil h breakfast, blaok.
1,000 lbs..uuoo!ored Japan, green.
000 lb. costa Rica.
400 lh. Java
'.-no lbs, Moca.
600 lbs. chicory.
325 lbs. a we, k, more or less, best creamery,
3,009 lbs. Bledge Ilninmer.
BOO lbs. per day, more or Jefg, of beer;
rtqilicd In equal parts oflore and bind quar
ter aoibs. of mutton per week as required,
Fish a required. Klvine price per pound for
lnrnl8hinKthadlirereut kind perfectly fresh
dozen oil grain cai', 40lb to the dozen.
1 doreu call kkluR, 0 lbs, to the dozen
quarters for shoes It to 21
6 buoksfcln for lining, shaded,
ii g u'ned kip str ns, averagA 8 lbs. each.
1 dor. kip skins, average 5 lbs. each.
3 sides skirting U to U lbs. each.
lbs. Santa Crus solo leather, extra
heavy No. L average weight -25 lbs.- to
1 doz. balls Engllih shoe vreb.
13 yards English shoe core S In. 'wide.
1 or. Russian bristles.
1 doz silk twist D,
6 spools linen thread. No. 25.
6 spools linen thread No. 35.
2 lbs. Barbours shoe thread No. 12.
6 bottles leather cement (Cub brand.)
6 bottles rubber cement (Brazilian.)
3 doz. pieces shoemaker's wax.
6 lbs. 1 oz. shoe tacks.
8 lb,. 4 OZ nil jo UiOHH
tlb. uriiH, null., Improved.
12 lbs. 6-8 brass nails.
12 lbs. 4-8 brass nails.
12 lbs. brass nails.
12 lbs. 8-8 Iron heel nails.
12 lbs. Iron heel nails.
12 lb,, ti-o iruu Ihxj! muiu.
12 lbs. iron heel nails.
2 doz. Bradbury machine needles
(wedgo point) No 4.
2 sq. feet rubber cloth for patching.
20 yards heavy ticking for lining.
5 doz. pressed pans, 8 Inch.
18 doz. pint cups.
24 doz. table spoons.
1 doz. wash basins.
6 doz. knives and forks.
2 doz. ladles, In two sizes.
1 doz. slop palls with covers.
hi dozen wash tubs, small sizes.
10 lbs. bees wax, yellow.
2 doz. dust brushes.
8 dozen scrub brushes, with handles.
3 dozen shoe brushes.
2dozen hair brushes.
1 dozen whitewash brushes.
hi dozen kalsomlning brushes.
2 dozen shaving brushss.
B doz u bo.e-8u-e b aukingT. M.
3 dozen boxes hair pins.
3 dozen combs.
3 dozen papers needles Nos. 2.
3 dozen papers needles Nos. 3.
3 dozen papers needles Nos. 4.
6 dozen papers needles Nos. S.
6 dozen papers needles Nos. 6.
4 gross safety pins.
6 dozen mop handles.
12 dozen mop rags.
50 packs playing cards double heaftd.
1 gros3 Hhaker pipes.
200 gallons kerosene, more or less, deliv
ered in tanks as required,
0 gullous Aiu any i-uindie, or as good.
'Ogall ir Miiiinv cvllnaer, orus good.
100 gallons turpentine.
2ii li Alb i v " up ti id No. 3, "r as good.
2 dozen bottles sewing machine.
200 lbs. parralllne In 1 lb cakes.
1 en e axii-grouse, II. arid . hi ks good
Mens shoes.
20 pairs No. 6.
20 pairs No. 7.
20 pairs No. 8.
20 pairs. No. 9.
Men's boots.
20 pairs No. 7.
1 aoz. pr. rubber boots, "sizes from 8
to 10.
20 pairs No. 8.
10 pairs No. 10.
10 pairs No. 11.
Men's leather slippers.
20 pairs No. C.
30 pairs No. 7. '
30 pairs No. 8.
30 pairs No. 9. .,
30 pairs No. 10.
20 pairs No. 11.
10 pairs No. 12.
Ladles shoes.
20 pairs No. 3.
20 pairs No. 4.
30 pairs No. 5.
30 pairs No. 6.
10 pairs No. 7.
Ladles carpet slippers.
20 pairs No. 6.
20 pairs No. 6.
20 pairs No. 7.
15 pairs No. 8.
10 pairs No. 9.
10 gross shoe laces.
3 gross pens, London Incandescent No. 4
2 gross pens, London Incandescent No. 6,
2 gtoss pens, London lncandescmt No. i
1 gross pens, GUlotts No. 404.
1 dozen pen holders.
5 dozen lead pencils. .
10 reams Wedgwood letter paper, half
" lgr'oss Indelible Ink In bottles, Payson's
2 doz. bottles mucilage, Sanfords Uni
versal. DRIED FRUIT.
In barrels or boxes.
2,600 lbs. npples.
? -I -T 7 peaches.
1.5(10 IbsV-prunes.
100 lbs. raisins.
1 dozen feather dustflrn, ostrich.
1 doz. wash boards, best quality.
2 packages each 2, 3 and 4 lb tinned
1 pair S lb soldering Irons.
40J feet each 'A and round Norway
feet each 7-16 and hi round Norway
r75n'feet each lx, lx?4, ltfxtt flat
Norway iron.
75 feet each xVi, x, lxU, lxi flat
Norway Iron. . . .
10 feet each . , octagon tool steel.
10 feet each round tool steel.
hi keg each No. 3, 4. B front horse
shoes (Burden's light.
hi keg each No. 3, 4, 5 hind horse
shoes (Burden's light.
10 lbs. each No. 7 and 8 Putnam's horse
shoe nails.
5 lbs. each No. 6 Putnam's horse shoe
25 lbs. each No. 3 and 4 Sweet's Amer
can toe calks.
10 lbs. each No. 2 Sweet's Ameri
can toe. calks.
2 horse rasps, 14 Inch, HUler's.
1 Iron saw handle for key-holo saw
with 6 xh." 8. K to l In h Dwon'8.
2 each Morse twist drills H to 7-16 by
MCth lib 5-iJ inch .hunk
30 lbs. each of , 1, IVi. 1. 1 2 inch
round head rivets hi Inch,
2 each '6 Inch and 12 inch monkey
wreiu-iies, no'
hi dozen each . hi, and 1 inch of
Nos. 7, 8, 9, copper belt rivets.
2 belt punches, No. 7 and 8.
1 revolving punch with four punches.
100 each lx3-16, 23-16, lx, 2xU,
3xU, 2x and CxH inch carriage bolts.
100 each lx5-16 and 4x6-16 machine
25 lbs. each V4 and Iron washers.
10 lbs. each hi and &! blank nuts.
400 feet 34 Inch manllla rope.
400 feet Inch manllla rope.
200 feet hi inch manllla rope.
2 gross screws each, 1 Inch No. 7 and
11, 2 Inch No. 14, IVi Inch No. 9 and No.
11 H Mien No 7 Mini .No. 0.
2 lbs. brads each, , and Inch.
In. i.Ihii. u' br i 1)1 s. flihl quality.
1 set glmblet brace bits.
V4 doz. compass saw blades, from 8
Inch to win ii. . n'
1 diamond for cuttng glass, No. 1.
1 Bit brniti pluneb, uooUeu, etuulej's best.
1 uliiw hammer No. 7
1 set Firmer cocket chlvels, (liarton's.best )
5 lbs. acid carbolic cryst. pure.
10 lbs. acid muriatic commercial.
l lb nitric acid U. I.
1 lb acid saltclllc powdered.
1 lb acid tannic.
10 lbs. aqua ammonia concentrated In
4 lb bottles.
10 lbs. ammonia muriate powdered,
2 lbs. ammonia carbonate.
5 lbs. ammonia bromide
2 lbs. antlfebrln (Kalle and Co.)
2 Its. blue ointment.
31b-. blr-miuli Mitt Mi (-qulbbiO
2 lbs. chalk prep.
20 lbs. cotton absorbant hospital.
1 lb calomel
2 lbs. chloranodyne.
5 lbs. chloroform (Squlbbs.)
10 lbs. chloral hydrate (Merck.)
U lbs. ether In hi lb cans (Squlbbs.)
60 lbs. epsom salts.
li lb- -xi- In ,1-iii-nmlde of calcium
comp. (Tllden and Co.)
0 iua. giycyrrniza comp. powdered.
1 tb golden seal powdered,
5 tb hematic syrup hypophosphates (P,
I), and Co.)
H o jaup powdered.
6 tbi, mustard ground.
1 lb opium powdered.
2 gallons oil castor (Baker's A A)
5 gallons oil malaga.
hi lb oil cloves pure.
1 tb oil orange pure.
hi lb oil peppermint pure.
U lb oil lavender pure.
hi lb oil bargamont pure.
J lbs. pepsin sacch. (Falrchllds.)
1 lb pepsin (Boudaults.)
4 lbs. phenacetln (Bayer.)
25 lbs, potash bromide bulk.
2 b- i Ii r , ,
2 lbs. notnsh rhtnrntir Tvtxp1ir,i
6 lbs. potash Iodide Brun."-(MaJllnch- i
3 tta. potash citrate gran. (Mallloc
6 lbs. pyrophosphate of Iron (Squlbbs 1
tf lb tartorata of iron and potash.
2 Iba. soda boras, powdered.
3 lbs. soda bromide.
1 lb soda hypophosphate gran.
2 lbs. soda pnosphate gran.
2 lbs. solution chloride of Iran m.m...
5 lbs. syrup hypophosphate compound
1 lb vanilla bean (Mexican.)
5 lbs. sulfonal (Bayer.)
A lb antlpyrlne (Dr. Knorrs.)
30 gallons alcohol, H per cent.
5 gallons glycerine pure.
20 lbs. vaseline XXX ref.
50 os. quinine sulphate (K. and M.)
2 oz. lunar caustic pure.
1 oz. morphine sulphate (P. and W.)
os. red iodide rnercurr.
oz. rellow oxide mereurv.
i oz. meninoi.
V, oz. eocalne muriate,
1 lb sponges, surgeons No. 1.
1 lb sponges carriage No. 1.
1 lb solution subsurphate of Iron
(Squlbbs.) "
1 gross phials 1 oa.
2 gross phials 4 oz.
1 gross phials 6 os.
2 gross phials 8 oc.
2 gross corks each No. 4, t and 8(tapr.)
3 gross pill' boxes assarted sizes Na
29. 30 and 31.
2,600 empty capsules No 1 (P. D. ana
2,600 empty capsules No. 2 (P. D. and
Soluble hypodermic tablets.
1,000 hypo, tablets No. 9 In ca.se3 10
bottles each (J. Wyeth Bios.)
2,000 hypo tablets No. 45 In eases 10
bottles each (J. Wyeth Bros.)
200 hypo, tablets No. 61 (J. Wyeth Bros.)
4 doz. cod liver oil Em. (Phillips) large
1 doz. Davidson's syringe No. 1.
2 doz. Davidson's syringe No. 2.
5 doz. camels hair pencils assorted.
4 doz. plasters AUcoek's porus.
4 doz. plasters Wells strengthening.
"2 boxes plasters Meads adhesive (8.
and J.)
2 boxes Plasters silk Isinglass sur
geon's pink (S. and J.)
2 boxes Plasters silk ' Isinglass sur
geon's black (S. and J.)
2 boxes Plasters capsicum S. and J.)
3 lbs. pills c c Imp. gelatin coated (P
D. and Co.)
200 pills aloln 1-8 grain (P. D. and Co.)
SCO pills alolne hi. grain (P. D. and Co.)
600. pills aloln comp. (P. D. and Co.)
200 pills C. C, gran, pink hi gr. (P.
D. and Co.)
200 pills assafoetlda 1 gr. (P. D. and
200" pills assafoetlda 2 gr. (P. D. and
W)l ptl a emincneacocue gelatine coated
(McIC and R.)
300 pills aloes et Ferrl.
1 tb fluid extract aconite root (P. D.
and Co.)
2 lbs. fluid ext. buchu (P. D. and Co.)
2 lbs. fluid extract belladonna (P. D.
and Co.)
6 lbs. fid. ext. cascara sagrada (P. D.
and Co.)
1 lb fluid ext. capsicum (P.
ana co.)
1 lb llu
uld ext. conlura seed (P. D.
ana wo.j
2 lbs. fluid ext cinchona comp. (P. D.
ond Co.)
1 lb fid. ext. dlgltallls (P. D. and Co)
? rts fid. xt. cririrer (P. D. and Co.)
1.1b Sd. est. gentian (P. D. and Co.)
i lbs. Ild. ext. henbane (P. D. and Co.)
ilh jiu. jkt. lpecuLuuannea (P. D and
5 lbs. fid. ext. Jalap (P. D. and Co.)
'6 lbs. Ild. ext. licorice (P. D. and Co.)
1 lb fid. ext. nux vomica (P. D. and Co.)
1 tb fid. ext orange peel (P. D. and Co.)
2 lbs. fid. ext. rhubarb (P. D. and Co.)
1 lb fid. ext. seneka (P. D. and Co.)
5 lbs. fid. ext. senna (P. D. and Co.)
1 lb fid. ext. squills (P. D. and Co.)
1 tb fid. ext. Squills comp. P. D. and
6 lbs. fid. ext. sarsaparllla comp, for
syrup (P. D. ana Co.)
6 lbs. fid. ext. wild cherry (P. D. and
200 filter papers, round gray. No. 33
Dla. 13 Inches.
2 lbs. soda et potas, tart.
Samples may be seen at the office of
the board. Goods must be In accordance
therewith, and be in original' packages
when possible. The right to reject any
or all bids Is reserved. Delivery of sup
plies will be required within ten days'
notice of acceptance of bid. A copy of
the advei tlsement must accompany each
hid., and the name of the class of sup
plies must be on the ervelope. Rach
bid must Include all the Items and to
tals In full of the respective claps, with
exceptions of flour, meat and fish. Au
diting officers anj orchlblted from confirming-
accounts of purchases when the
advertisement does not contain a full
and complete description of the articles
to be purchased. Bids will be opened at
2 o'clock p. m., Tuesday. January 2, 1K94,
at the ofllje of the board, Salem. Oregen.
Board of Trustees.
Wm. A MUNLY. Clerk of Board.
Hteinway, Kraler, Webber, Emmer
80 n und other pianos, Htorey &
Clark arid EarlielT organs, also all first
clues different makes.
Bow i iiu macblue8, smaller makes of
musical Instruments and - supplies.
Ncedles,oil and uew parts for all makes
of machines.
Bowing machines nnd orgaus re
paired und cleaned.
Two dooia north of postofllce, Salem,
Hotel Monterey.
Newport, - - Oregon.
L-icattd on the Beach. two miles nuilh
of Newport on Cave Cove, a beautifully
sneiterea spot, wonderful scenery, sea
buthinir, flue drives to Cane Foulweatu-
er ligbluouse. House uew, rooms largu
and airy. Finest resort for families or
Invalid. Opeu all winter. Terms
moderate by day or week. Intending
visitors can drop a postal card to New
port and be met by back.
John Fitzpatrick,
d-2m Proprietor.
Legal BlanJc Publishers.
Bush's New Bilck.over iho.bank.Com'lireeU
Xersoni wishing to eogae muslo for the
holidays or auy other occasion will do well lo
see us. Can furnish one or more violins or na
ma ray piece as nrslred. Flrat houee soutls,
of LI ti col u School bouse, or Balem Post oflloey
Gko MUUVEK, manager. I81nat'
Rheumatism; - ,
Lumbago. SolattoftY
Ktdnay Complaint
Lame Back Ac
wmh HMtrfrNtagneftlo UMHtfMORT.
LalMt rnurMt IbihiwhU I
wm can wMfcoat wtdWm all ffl
OTrtiitoeC brala urrttonH
- iw urn wm oi
kMiugr, Uwud
e. mim,
lit inlilal
.aniaJku n
aav'xiw fto aa
lfew VMttawtsMreeZn

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