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Capital Journal Publishing Company
I'.ntolllce Block. Commercial Street.
HOFER BROTHERS, - - - Editors.
liallyiby cairler, per month,
Dally, by mall, per year,
Weekly, 8 pages, per year,
Devoted to the Fraternal Societies of
the Department of Oregon.
rruHdpartwentr'dvote(l to news myl d's
cuiuilon of maltjrs of lultret to tti Grand
AriiiypOMts, woman's Relief CVrps aud mou
or Veterans of Oregon will appe-ir e icti aotur.
flay in- the. Daily CAFitai, Jouunai. uulii
further not ce. For 25 cants a suoutu you can
...niMi'.ii thnnnwii or the orders In Or i
eon but t-eoure this complete associated preb
dally -newspaper,-oenu '"""' """""
subscriptions direct to the publishers, llofet
Bros., Halem, Or.
Colonel Emil Frey, editor of the Bus
ier Nacliriobton, baa just been electee
president of tbe Swiss Republic, to take
office January first, 1894. He was In
tills country in 1801 when tbeliebellloi
broke out, and ullbnugb he bad oul
eotno to tbe United ritatea to remain
temporarily, bia iuborn military ardoi
. got' tbe better of 111 in uud be enlisted,
. beiag enrolled at Cbii-aijo and muster
edilnto service July 8, 1861, as a 8er-
igeant, with' Compauy E.Twenty-fourtl
Illlinois Infantry, to serve tbreo yearn.
August 29, 1801f ho was appointed Sec
ond Lieutenant aud transferred to Com
pany Oand Jauuary 1, 1802, waa pro
m ited to First Lieutenant of Companj
H, Twenty-fourth Iilllnols Volunteer,
from which, upon tendering his resig
B itlon, be waa honorably discharged,
to be mustered in as Captain of Com
pany H, Eighty-Second Illinois Infan
try, September 20, 1802. At Gettyt
burg be was, with mauy others, cap
tured July 2, 1803. Uaptain W. G.
Stewart of the Confederate Army, wus
placed in cell confinomeutaa a hostage
for a threatened retaliatory execution of
Captain Frey. Finally, Jauuary 14,
1805, .Oaptalu Frey was paroled at
Aihin'o Landing, Va aud upou re
porting for duty, after recuperating
somewhat, waa sent to bia regiment
i and duly mustered out of service -a
fliptalmof Company H, Eighty secouit
Illlobta Voluuteers, June 9, 1805, hav
ing been brevutted Major, Uulted States
Volunteers, "for gallant aud merito
rious services during tbe war, March
13, .1805.
Iowa State Register: President
Cleveland says In his message: "I de
sire to urge with all the earnestness at
my command that congressional legis
lation be so limited by strict economy
as to exhibit nn appreciation of the con
dition of the treasury and sympathy
with tbe strained condition of our fel
low citizens." That "strict economy"
la illustrated, so far as tbe appropria
tions for disabled Union veterans are
concerned, by a reduction of $5,000,000
fir pension payments," "an lucrease of
$1,000,000 for fees aud expenses of ex
amlnlnir surgeons." "an lucrease of
$100,000 for clerk hire at pension aneu
cies," and "an Increaso of $300,000 for
Investigation of pension cases," a de
crease of $5,000,000 for pensions and an
Increase of $1,400,000 for expenses of ex
amining surgeons, clerks aud spies
Upon disabled Union veterans! Tbe
amount of labor to be performed is to
bo decreased, but the "reformers" who
aro to perform It aro to bo paid $1,400,-
003 mora for performing it! This Is the
"strict economy" urged by the admin.
latratlon for tbe pension bureau, and
tbe rebel cougresa will undoubtedly so
Graud Army men would like to see
Past Commandor Houry H. Nor t Imp,
of Portland, made tbe Republican
nominee for governor of Oregon,
Tbe foolish lies which some Populist
and Democratio papers are prlutiug,
Ithat the editor of this paper,- whp la al
so Coinmauder of the Oregon Division
Sous of Veterans, -waa born in Ger-
many, would not be uoticeil but for
,tho fact that It might bo used to the
detriment of the order. While tho
writer Is proud faf his German ancestry
and wodld' feel proud to be a native of
tbe fatherland, he la silll prouder to
have bis birthplace in the land of the
free, our-country, It'was more an ex
presalon of Hatred for foreign-born clti
"seng'thftrranythlug else that led to the
Invention of this lie,
Ganeral order No. 10 shows 1848
eauipe Jurgo d etaud-lBg With a total of
87,30 members.
836 mustered uud 437 applications re-
Mlvedfer (ho tuomb of Novum) er.
Utwtl In lrnud of camps on December 1,
iin, Geo. A. Custer camp of Eugene,
HfWtdW, not report 'a8t quarter has
att, ?ked'6n1ccra, uud reports several
9iv'i.-rtil(. rlt will bo a vigorous
BMfitHMr Vf tki O.Vgou Division hereuf
Hft fytmj4f OitMp c-f "Satcm has Juat
Mttit jwwmbtffa'"i'inoro are com.
taj iu. IVCof th now .uulforms are '
onlfd Kd the Mtap thtbki uf inuv
lug Ittta &ri oovtifortuble bail.
1 h OtfuUatioii of camp utltose
b:utj Jum B-H ba Oitaplctttl. This
. 1.60
work should not drag as it will be-itn-possible
for tho Division encampment
to meet there in May unless tho order
is represented there.
Assistaut Adjuiaut General D. H.
Turner of Portland, is a faithful friend
of the order and reports a movement
for a new camp nt Dallas. If tho Dal
las Sons of Veterans nko hold look out
for tbe crack camp of Oregon.
An elIo.rils muklni; to reinstate the
camp at Albany. There la no good
reason why Albany, eo strong In other
fraternal respects, should not have a
good camp.
Capt. elect J. Win. Wilson of Sher
man camp, has an engagement to go
to McMlunville and organize a new
camp thore Saturday, Dec.30. Me
Mluuvllle Is tho home of Department
Commauder J. C. Cooper, Department
of Oregon' G. A. R., who is taking a
commendable interest In promoting
tbe order.
Comrade J.-B. Dimlck of Hubbard,
has just organized a post there aud Is
working up a camp of Sous of Veterans
There is material for a good camp
The camp at Ashland, Or., has suf
fered a severe loss lu the removal of
Uapt. Geo. R. Auderson to Southern
California for permanent residence.
Capt. Lou. J. Adams, a member of
the Division council, will install the
iflleers of one of tbe model camps of
the Pacific coast Lincoln Camp at
Silverton. Past Col. Chas. Emmet
Drake will install Sherman camp of
Tbe Constitution, Rules and Regu
lation, of tbe Sous ofVeteraus, edition
if 1893, revised at Cincinnati, Ohio,
published by theCommandry In Chief,
la uow ready for distribution. Camps
should at once order a liberal supply.
Pr'ce $2.00 a hundred and postage add
Col. E. D. Baker camp of Oregon
City, has a Lidle' Aid Society, moat
of tbe boys have uniforms, aud a set of
ly-lawa haye been adopted providiug
for $5,03 a week sick benefit to mem
bers. This camp has a graud history
aud will have a uruntl future before it.
. m
Jemima's Beau.
Jemima, once nun hud u beuu,
lie didn't mill.) her uuiiiu, you know,
AiUiougult wu mi proxy,
Hno tm J oiturih, uud had It ho,
That hi, Ht lu. .1 wus orced to go,
'1 hd ordor wus no posy.
It hIih bad been sage iu time, she
would have taken Dr. Sage's Cnlurrb
Remedy. An oilensive bieuth is most
distrerislmr, not ouly to tbe person uf
llio.ed, if the person has any pride, but
io those with whom she or lie comes iu
cuutact. It is a delicate matter to
speak of, but it has pur ted bot onl
friends but lovers. J5tl breath aud
catarrh are iuseprable. Dr. Suge's Cat
arrh Remedy cures tbe worst eases, as
thousands can testify. $300 reward for
an Incurable case by World's Dispeus
ary Medical Assnuitinii, Proprietors of
Dr. Snge's Catarrh Remedy.
CluiosliiK an Oi-p'r.ifi T!.V.
At tho far end of Naples lies the
littlo church of Santa Maria Aninm
ziata, which, onco a year, on tho
"Day of Our Lady," wakes up into n
brief lifo and excitement. In asilen
row boforo tho high altar kneel 30
girls, all in black garments, with fold
ed handB and oyes fixed on the pic
ture of tho madonna before- them.
These aro orphans from tho neigh
boring foundling asylum, and onco a
year all thoso who have reached tho
ugo of 18 aro brought hero to the
church and may ho chosen in mar
riage by any honest man whoso pa
pers are in order and whoso charac
ter is good.
At tho door leading to tho sacristy
leans n gray headed priest, tho head
of tho asylum. By and by a young
man makes his -way from tho hack
door of tho church and hands him a
littlo packot of papors. These the
priest reads carefully, and being evi
dently satisfied ho gives back tho
papors and loads tho candidate to
ward tho row of girls. All their oyes
aro fixed uioro steadily than over on
tho altar; all their bauds nro clasped
tighter together; their faces turn a
shade paler; their hearts heat quicker
as tho young man walks slowly along
tho row. At last ho stops. His choice
is made.
Tho girl rises, casts a long look
half thanks, half entreaty at tho
picture of tho inmlonnit, puts her
hand into that of tho stranger, and
togothor thoy disappear into tho sac
risty. Boston Transcript.
lUlquette 111 u l'ructlcnl Sort.
A hpusowifo of tho oast ond con
cluded that tho only solution of tho
servant girl probloin was to teach a
green girl herself. Sho had had ex
poriouco with girls who thought thoy
know somothing, with no success.
Accordingly sho engaged a girl from
tho country, who professed to know
nothing, anil commenced training
hor. Ono of tho now servant's duties
was'to attend tho door, nnd tho lady
of tho houso tried iu many ways to
impress upon her mind tho uccessity
of taking a tray or salvor with her
whon sho answered tho boll to re
ceive cards, letters, oto. During tho
afternoon tho bell rang, and shortly
afterward tho servant apieared at
hor mistress' door saying, "If you
please, ma'am, tho vegotablo man is
nt tho door aud wants to know if you
want any good potatoes." The lady
looked up from her sowing and thon
foil into a fit of laughter. Tho serv
ant was standing as she had been
taught, holding tho Bilver troy with
thrco largo potatoes on it iu tho roost
proper wauner. Tho servant s 6enso
of tho fltne&j of things wus ovidontly j
undov?lonod. Pittsburjr Dispatch.
" " 'YftS SrHUT'EY'E TRAIN. '"""
Come, my littlo one, with mel
There nro wondrous-sights to see
As the evening shadows fall;
In your pretty cap nml Kown.
Don't detain
Tho Shut Eye traln-"Tlng-a-llncr
tho bell It goeth,
"Toot, tootl" tho wlilsllo bloweth, ,
And wo hear the warning call,
"AH aboard for Shut Eye Townl"
Over hill and over plain
Soon will speed the Shut Eye tralnl
Through the blue where bloonf the start
And the Mother Moon looks down.
We'll away
To land of Fay
Oh, tlusslguts that 'we shall'see therel
Come, my little 6ne with me there
Tis n goodly train of cars
All aboard for Shut Eye Town.
Swifter than n wild bird's flight
Through the realms of fleecy light.
We shall speed and speed away)
Let the night in crtvy frown
What care wo
How wroth sbo bet
To tho Ualow land above us,
To tho-Halo w folk who love us.
Let Us hasten vrhllo wo may
All aboard for Shut Eyo Townl
Shut Eye Towirls passing fair
Golden dreams await ns there;
We nhall dream those dreams,' my dear,
Till the Mother Moon goes down
See unfold
Delights untnldt
And In thoso mysterious places
We shall see beloved faces
And beloved voices hear
In the grace of Shut-Eye Townl
Heavy are your eyes, my sweet,
Weary are your little feet
Nestle closer up to me
In your pretty cap and gownl
Don't detain
Tho Shut Eye tralnl
"Ting-a-llngr the bell it goeth.
"Toot, tootl" the whistle bloweth
Oh, tho eights that wo shallscel
All aboard for Shut Eyo Townl
Eugene Field in Chicago Record.
German Bulls.
A German newspaper man, evi
dently jealous of the Irishman's rep
utation as n maker of bulls, took tho
troublo some years ago to look up the
German record in this line. Among
others ho found in the published
works of certain Teutonic writers
the following curious examples:
"Among the immigrants was an old
blind woman, who came to America
onco more before she died to see her
only sou." "After tho door was
closed a soft female foot slipped into
the room, and with her own hand
extinguished tho taper." "Both doc
tors were unable to restore tho de
ceased once more to life and health."
"The Ladies' Benefit association has
distributed 20 pairs of shoes among
tho poor, which will dry up many a
tear." "I was at the table enjoying
a cup of coffee, -when a gentle voice
tapped me on the shoulder. I looked
around and saw-my old friend once
more." San Francisco Argonaut.
Accomplishments of a Montana Girl.
Paul Van Cleve, a member of tho
Montana legislature, owns a big sheep
ranch in that state. His daughter
Helen, aged 14 years, is his constant
companion in his rides about the
ranch and is reputed to bo one of the
most accomplished riders in that part
of the country. She is a picturesque
figure on horseback, as sho dresses
somewhat after the cowboy style,
wearing trousers, colored shirt and
broad sombrero, and rides in tho true
cowboy fashion, often bareback. She
is also a good shot with tho rifle. Al
though living in an isolated Bpot, Mr.
Van Cleve has had his children care
fully educated, and his homo is one
of refinement, being in fact a social
gathering place for ranch owners for
miles around. Illinois State Regis
tor. The Editor's Iteward.
Editor (at the gate of heaven) Can
I come in?
St. Peter What was your business
on earth?
"I was tho editor of n Now York
daily paper, but I never once claimed
that my circulation was greater than
that of all tho other daily papors
"Give this gontleman a pair of
golden wings and a crown studded
wi tli tho gems of tho orient and mark
him 100 in truth." Texas Sittings.
Making It Pleasant.
Lady (to hor cook) I am now going
to tho seasido, Mary. You can come
homo late from tho market, or lot the
milk burn as often as you like. Now
and again you cau'tako anything tho
butcher offers you, and if it is too
tough you can lot master grumble as
much as ho pleases, .otherwise his
uowly acquired freedom will appear
altogether couleur do rose. Wiener
Hendquarters for all dally papers, at
J. L. Bennett's post office block uews
stand, If
Eiillf, Quickly.
Pemnsnlljr Rtttortd.
ud all the train of evils
from tmrly crrui or later
exoruet, Ute results-u!
oterHoik, slokneis.
worrv.ua rullstraurb.
derclcpmeiit sua loos
sit rn iu ery orgn and
pnitlnn of the body.
swn. PnllureliapuMlbl.
2.0.U references. Book.
exUn(lon and proofs
Ballet! (teAledJ free.
II M lC JTOniNa riUU known ter raeutur
.. whjnwirm. This form nd HUN?
Ynil BUiouta or rsOTMUiuwa laui
nnr M.BO-SAN-Ko-spii.eREkKsr.
13 II I which wu dirMtlr sa ntru sJfooW
. " . Uobtttraorfcs0siWlitiiiT,eU!i,
CJLEO oraU. Sr,UJ)ke,niUsrpu.o
Eo.d b B akelt A Vb bi p.
Prices Current by Telegraph Local
and Portland Quotations.
'Balem, December 23, 4 p. in. Office
'DAI1.Y 'UapitaIs JoUKNAL. Quota
tions for day aud up to hour of going to
press were an follews:
Apples 30o to.bOc. a bushel.
Veals dressed 5 cts.
Hogs dreaHed 6.
Live Cattle lto2. -
Bbeep alive $1.60.
Salem Milling Co.uuetes: Flour $1.2")
In wb'olesale lota $2.80. Retail $3.20.
Bran $14 bulk, $15 sacked, tihorts $16
16. Chop feed $16 and $17.
43J cents per bushel.
Oats new 25 to 30c.
Hay Baled, new $8 to $10; old $10 to
$12. Wild in bulk, $6 to $8.
Wool Best, 10c.
Hops fcjuiulj 8.-ile, 17 to 18c.
Engs Cash, 27 J.
Butter Beat dairy, 30; fancy
creamery, 85.
Cheese 12 to 15 cts.
Farm suioaed meats Bacon 12);
bams, 12 J; shoulders, 10.
Potatoes 35c.
Onions 2 cents.
Beedwax 34c. Caraway seed, 18c.
Anise seed, 2Gc. Gluseug, $1.40.
IjIVE podltby.
Chickens- no murket, ducks, 810;tur
keys, slow sale, choice, 10c; geests 5 to 7c.
Uruln, t'eed, etc.
Flour Standard, $2.75; Walla Walla,
$3.15; graham, $2.40; superfine, $2.2-5
per barrel,
Oats .New whlte,35cperbu.,grey,34c;
rolled, iu bags, $0 250.50; barrels,
$6.767.00; cases, $3 75.
iiay nest, $ui(o)lii per ton.
Wool valley, lollc.
Millstufls Brau, 1G 00; shorts, $10,
i;rouud barley, $18; chop teed, $15
lef ton; whole feed, bulley, 70 cts. pel
cental; middling, $2328 per ton; brew
ing barley, 9(l5c pn eenial: chicken
wheat. 751.15 percental.
Hops N w 10 to 10.
Hided green, salleii, 00 lbs. 31c, un
der 00 lbs., 23 ; bbeep pelts, U)G0i
Butter Uiegou fitney cieamery, 30
32lo;funcy dairy, 2627e; fair to fiOoii,
2()22c; common, Id to J7e per lb.
t.'neeee Oregon, U13; Younj;
American, 1415eper pounU; Califnrniu
14c; SvvibM imp., 3032; Doiu., 1018.
EgHH Oregon, 30u per duzeu. Jias
em 2327J.
Puiiiiiy jNomlnnl; chickens, mixed
r33 60per dozen; dueks,$4 60o.5n
a;eeee, $9.00; tuikeys, live, 12jv;
Uresfed, 18 15c,
Beef Tup e-te'ew, 2c per pound; fail
to good steers, 2c; Nol cows, 2e; fail
vows, ljc; dressed btef,- $3 6t'6 tiO per
100 pouuusTS
Mutton Brat sheep, $2; choice mut
ton, $1 7o2 00; lumbs, $2 P02 25.
Hogs Cnoiiif, heavy," $4 605 00;
medium, $4 0()4 50; lluhtiuua leedeib,
H 004 60; oreobed, i C 50.
Veal-$3 ()05 00- .
Woel: Oregon Eiisteru choice, 10
12c; do inferior, 89o; do valley, 12
Hops 16 to 18o.
Potatoes Erly Rose, 6055. Bur
tiauks, .3545c.
Oatu Milling, M.12J1.17.
Sick ITeddachp and reltera all the troubles Inci
dent to a bilious ktuto of the syntem. such as
Dlzzlnuss, Nausea. Dron-klness, Dlhtress after
eaUng, l'aln In the Side, 4c. While thelrmost'
remarkable success lias been shown In curing
IToadache, yet Carter's Littlb Livkr Pius
are equally valuable in Constipation, curing
and preventing this annoying complaint, vrhllo
they also correct all disorders of the stomach,
sUmulate the lirer and regulato the bowels.
Even U they only cured
ch thoy would be almost priceless to those
who suffer from this distressing cemplaint:
but fortunately their goodne does not end
here, and those who once try them will nnd
these litUe pills valuable In so many ways that
thoy will not be willing to do without them.
Hut after all slclc head
Is the bane of no many lives that here Is where
we make our great boost. Our pills cure it
while others do not.
CiRTin's I4TTI.K t.irER Tills are very small
and very easy to take. One or two pills make
a dose. They are strictly vegetable and do'
not gripe or purge, but by their gentle action
please all who use them. In vials at 83 cents;
fire for $1 Sold everywhere, or sent by nuuL
b!l Ulh. Ml Ma
SALBM, - - - Or.gon
Private, work a specialty.
0. 1). OL.UM KNT. Manager.
The drug and medicine Arm hereto
fore doing business under (be style of
Smith & Strloer, have this day (lis
Milvwl rtartuffsblp by mutual content,
Dr. J. C. Builtb retlrfmr. Tbe liunint-a-will
lo coutinufd by Lie Btelnr, nt
be old red corner stand, wbtro all
bl'laand accounts nrt to be settlid,
tjalem, Dec. 1st, 1893.
J. O. Fmitii, M. D.
LKi. bXKlNElt,
Bids for Asylum Supplies.
Oregon state lnisanc nBylum Invito sealed
proposals for furnishing at the asylum
near Salem, Oreccn, the following sup
plies for the six months ending June
30, 1891.
1 doz. each -& . , . 1 and 2 Inch
tees. . ... ... . , , .
1 O.OZ. each , . lii, i. ana men
1 doz.
and Inch Keystone
i doz each 1, 1 and 2 'inch
1 doz. each U. , 1, IU street, ells.
1 doz. each and V4 Inch socKets.
1 doz. each U, and 1 Inch plugs.
2 doz. each and Inch compression
bibs, Ilnlshed.
2 doz. each and Inch compression
hose bibs, finished. -
100 feet each of . . V4. , 1, and 1
Inch black pipe.
100 feet each of , and 1 Inch galv.
pipe. ,.,, ..
V4 aoz. eacn , ana, jcnKin a imrci
removable disks. ...
1 doz each and 1 Inch Jcnkln'8 vtlves
removable disks.
21 sq. feet 3 ply rubber packing.
10 lbs. each and sq. llax packing.
, 1 Jackson's Hue scraper, S inch.
20 bushels charcoal.
100 lbs. solder. V4 and .
2 each extra jaws and nuts for 12, 18
and 24 Inch Stlllsons .wrenches.
10 lbs. Asbestes candle wick.
141 sq. feet shqet lead 4 lb.
2 doz. Sampsons battery cells.
2 doz. and glass gage washers,
KO vards rallni best.
2,500 yards cotton flannel. Nashau XXX.
l,zou yas. penuot -a unmeacneu to iiicn.
1.000 yards Mariners stripe.
E00 yards Lonsdale bleached.
1,500 yards pequot A sheeting, 36 Inch.
500 yds. Continental check flannel.
500 yds. glass crash towelling. 18 Inch.
200 yds. bleached linen French towell
ing. BOO yds. blue denim.
100 yds. bleached sheeting pequot 9-4.
100 yds. Marsellis check, York Mfg.
C boxes white stay binding Inch.
12 dozen Turkey red handkerchiefs, 24
50 dozen Coat's thread, white No.- 36.
12 d z u U' !' ir 1 1 wul N . 18
15 dozen Coat's thread, black No. 36.
12 dozen Coat's thread, black No. 16.
12 dozen black linen thread, No. 25.
50 yards table oilcloth, white.
12 dozen papers pins.
50 doz. prs'. men's socks (half hose.)
1 dez: prs. men's gloves, Nos. 9 and
10, extra heavy.
15 dozen pairs suspenders.
100 yards nilesla, 40 Inch, drab.
1 great gross men's pants buttons.
1 great gross pants buckles.
8 great gross men's shirt buttons, me
dium size. .
12iiri.8'i'ok'd i o rl hnnn.
2 dozen corsets (assorted sizes, 20 to 30.
i dozen thimbles, Nos. 9 and 10 closed
6 pairs Jean pants, 2929.
6 pairs Jeans pants, 3030.
12 pairs Jean pants, 3131.
12 pairs Jean pants 3333.
12 pairs Jean pants, 3332.
6 pairs Jean pants, 3331.
6 pairs Jean pants, 3234.
12 pair Jean pants, 3533.
12 pairs Jean pants, 3632.
6 pairs Jean pants, 3733.
6 pairs Jean pants, 37 A.
6 pairs Jean pants, 3832.
r pairs Jean pants, 38 S3.
6 pairs Jean pants, 3933.
6 palrbjeuus pa it. ifli 8.
POO lbs. heavy white wool yarn.
150 lbs. cheapest grade wool yarn, as
sorted colors.
200 lbs. Crown mills carpet warp.
If. (XXI lbs eraDUtated sugar, extra fine, dry.
(i mlb rolled oats.
fi 000 lbs cracked neat.
fiOK'B) torn meal.
600 lbs hominy, small cracked.
i,fi00ttn homtuy.
5 OO-i lbs. rlo.
Hii lb 4. bluing.
EOO gllona vlnegir.
2 0 nitons N. O. molases.
l.OX) lb. corn sta'Cb, Oswego.
in.000 ttn. Liverpool nlt.
40 lbs Orb. EOda. A ond H.
wi'Ibs.cea in tarter Folgers.
SO gross RHfMy ma chen (Vulcanj.
1 bale broom corn,
3 doz n wh Kk brooms.
R5 d( zen o-lero, enns (A. Field's Cove).
15 dozen ansco n IKnw Valie 1
800 ibi. soda crackere, XXX, lurnlshed as re
3 000 gallons syrup (Standard).
4ii lbs enudles 8tiirl' wax).
2 dozen Worcesterbblre sauce, In qU., Lee
ai'n n-rnnB)
2"0Ibs. gerraea.
I no lbi. Kiigo
60 lbs China starch.
ft K ft) '. Hill '0(1(1.
21 dozen brooms.
SimibH peirl barley.
'00 lbs. Btsrch, glos-.
20b'ies macaroni,
8 botes vprmlcelll.
fOU lbs. cheese, Cranston's or as good, fur-
uisnt-u as requires,
7Slb. mustard.
4ii0 lbs. black pepper.
F0 lh. ginger.
25 lbs. allspice.
I doz -n ta cups
IS dozen tea saucers.
S dozen quart soup bowls.
2 dux n 1 gal on p'fhers,
8 dozn sou n plates.
1 nor.en bowls nd pitchers.
1 riozu chamber pots.
1 d zen bed puns.
1 dozen pint svrup pitchers.
2'd zen lantern glo'-es
S rtQzon.pInt cn-am pitchers.
H dozen Ulnrh dlnne pluUs. .
2doz-n 7 inch nle ptntns.
K dozen 12 Inch veeetnble dishes.
4 d z-u 10 inoh vegeta'de dlFhes.
1 dozen mpr bowls
3 c1oz-n 12 Inch n Hiters.
2 dozen Ulccb platters.
(150 barrels, mo'e or le-s. best roller process,
iiruvHrud b lequire-i.
?5 bsrre!s gruuam, more or loss, delivered as
rriiiii c.
2T0 lbs. extra pale savon.
). 1 s. Ivory
20 lbs. shaving In c.bes I. II. .Williams &
WOlhs Kngll h breakfast, blnok.
1,000 lbs. uuto'on el Japau, green.
VO00 lb. Costa Rica.
40il ln. Java
'.ro bs. SLkh.
suo lbs. chicory.
825 lbs. a werk,-mnre or less, best creamery',
2,000 Its. Sledge Tlnmmer.
600 lbs. ner dav. more nr lea. nf hff
required lutqnul pwr b of lore and hlndquar-
&i01bs.of mutton per wetk asNrequlred.
Fish as reonlred. slvlns- nrlna nr nnnnit r,r
furnishing the different kinds perfectly fresh
X dozen oil grain caK 40 lbs to the dozen.
1 doseurnliKklnR.'iOlbs. to thadnnn.
I dozen Imitation ur nui. uilthi t.r
iiipiidii iur buiwq null.
,... rf... l .;. . - w -
a uoien sneep kku jor uninr, sh ed.
A buckitlus for lining, shared.
K alned kip ak n, mrmit-Slbs. each
1 doz, kin skins, average 5 lbs. each.
S sides skirting- 15 to IS lbs. each.
COO lbs. Santa Orus sole leather, extra
heavy No, L average -weight 25 lbs, to
the side.
I doz. balls Kntcllsh-shoe-web.
II yards English shoe cor 6 in. wide.
1 ox, Russian bristles.
I doz silk, twist P.
6 Bpools linen thread, No. 25.
6 spools linen thread No. 35.
2 lbs. Harbours shoo thread No. 12.
6 bottles leather cement (Cub brand.)
6 bottles rubber cement (Brazilian.)
3 doz. pieces shoemaker's wax.
$ lbs. 1 oz. shoe tacks.
8 lb,. 4 oz hue tucks
tt lbs. briiHs units, Improved.
12 lbs. 6-8 brass nails.
12 lbs. 4-8 brass nails.
12 lbs. brass nails.
12 lbs. 8-8 Iron heel nails.
12 lbs. iron heel nails.
12 lp e-a iruu heel uiu.
12 lbs. iron heel nails.
2 doz. Bradbury machine needles
(wedga point) No 4.
2 sq. feet rubber cloth for patching.
20 yards heavy ticking for lining,
5 doz. pressed pans, 8 lnoh.
16 doz. pint cups.
24 duz. table spoons.
1 doz. wash baslnB.
6 doz. knives and forks.
2 doz. ladles, In two sizes.
1 doz. slop palls with covers.
',4 dozen wash tubs, small' sices.
IV ids, uces wax, yeiion.
2 doz. dust brushes.
8 dozen scrub brushes, with handles.
3 dozen shoe brushes.
2dozen hair brushes.
1 dozen whitewash, brushes.
i4 dozen kalsomtnlng brushes.
-2 dozen shaving brushes.
6 doz -u buxe.suoe b ticking T, M.
3 dozen boxes hair pins.
3 dozen combs.
3 dozen papers needles Nos. 2.
3 dozen papers needles Nob. 3.
3 dozen papers needles Nos. 4.
6 dozen papers needles r,os. o.
6 dozen papers needles Nos. 6.
4 gross satety pins.
6 dozen mop handles.
12 dozen mop rags.
50 packs playing cards double headed.
1 -gross shaker pipes.
200 gallons kerosene, more or less, deliv
ered In tanks as required.
.0 gullouu Albuy -piud.o, or as godd.
iO gull itis Uuuuy cylinder, or us good.
100 gallons turpentine.
2U lb. Alb t y unup m.id No. 3, r as good.
2 dozen bottles sewing machine.
200 lbs. parralline In 1 lb cakes.
ICU OHXIUtlttuilMi, H.aild '.til hn good.
Mens shoes.
20 pairs No. 6.
20 pairs No. 7.
20 pairs No. t.
20 pairs. No. 9.
Men's boots.
20 pairs No. 7.
1 doz. pr. rubber boots, Blzes"from 8
to 10.
20 pairs No. t.
10 pairs No. 10.
10 pairs No. 11.
Men's leather slippers.
20 pairs No. 6.
30 palr3 No. 7. .
30 pairs No. 8.
30 pairs No. 9.
30 pairs No. 10.
20 pairs No. 11.
10 pairs No. 12.
Ladles shoes.
20 pairs No. t.
20 pairs No. 4.
30 .pairs No. i.
30 pairs No. (.
10 pairs No. 7.
Ladles carpet slippers.
20 pairs No. 5.
20 pairs No. 6.
20 pairs No. 7. "
15 pairs No. 8.
10 pairs No. 9.
10 gross shoe laces.
3 gross pens, London Incandescent -No. 4
2 gross pens, London Incandescent No. 8.
2 gross pens, London lncandesc Jilt No. (
1 gross pens, Gillotts No. 404.
1 dozen pen holdars.
5 dozen lead pencils.
10 reams Wedgwood letter paper, half
Bliegros3 Indelible Ink In bottles, Payson's
2 doz. bottles mucilage, Sanfords Uni
versal. DRIED FRUIT.
In barrels or boxes.
, 2,500 lbs. apples.
2.000 lbs. peaches.
1,500 lbs. prunes.
100 lbs. raisins.
1 dozen leather dusters, OHtrlch.
1 doz. wash boards, best quality.
2 packages each 2, 3 and 4 lb tinned
1 pair i lb soldering irons.
4to feet each and round Norway
100' feet each 7-16 and M round Norway
r?5n'feot each lx; lx, lWx flat
Un eeyt eTch xtf , x, lx. 4x flat
Norway Iron. . , . ,
10 feet each , , octagon tool steel.
10 feet each round' tool steel.
y keg each No. 3, 4, 5 front horse
shoes (Burden's light. ,...,
keg each No. 3, 4, 6 hind horse
shoes (Burden's light. . , .
10 lbs. each No. 7 and 8 Putnam's horse
Bhoe nails. . .
5 lbs. each No. 6 Putnam's horse -shoe
nails. , ...
25 lbs. each No. S and 4 Sweet's Amer
can toe calks.
10 lbs. each No. 3 Sweet's Ameri
can tod calks.
2 horse rasps, 14 Inch, Hlller's.
1 Iron saw handle for key-hole saw
with Un.tvin.rt in it in h Dil"ii'n.
2 each Morse twist drills H to 7-1S by
M6lh ulth tucti fhuiik
30 lbs. each of , 1. 1. 1, 1 I Inch
round head rivets "4 Inch.
2 each 6 Inch and 12 Inch monkey
wreiii!iii-H, Coo 's
4 dozen each , , and 1 Inch of
Nos. 7, 8. 9, copper belt rivets.
2 belt punches. No. 7 and 8.
1 revolving punch with four punches.
100 each 1x3-16, 21,4x3-16. lx, 2xU,
ix,i. 2',ix and 6x Inch carriage bolts.
100 each lxS-16 and 4x6-16 machine
25 lbs. each V4 and H iron washers.
10 lbs. each Vi and blank nuts.
400 feet K inch manllla rope.
400 feet Inch manilla rope.
200 feet Vt inch manllla rope.
2 gross screws each, 1 Inch No. 7 and
11, 2 in.ch No. 14, VA Inch No. 9 and No.
11 JilncoN" 7tuiii ."Sn.U.
2 lbs. brads each, , and Inch.
1 h i Jei i u" b -i bl s. 11-bl quality.
1 set glmblet brace bits.
H doz. compass saw blades, from 8
inuh ml' in n. ii n'
1 diamond for cuttng glass. No. 1.
1 set biui.il puuth, uooUeu, otuuiej's best.
1 Uaw liuiniLer r.u.7
1 bet Firmer eocket rhlpeU, (Harton's best.)
5 lbs. acid carbolic cryst. pure.
10 lbs. acid muriatic commercial.
1 lb nitric acid C. P.
1 lb acid sallcllto powdered.
1 lb acid tannic.
10 lbs. aqua ammonia concentrated in
4 lb bottles.
10 lbs. ammonia muriate powdered.
2 lbs. ammonia carbonate.
5 lbs. ammonia bromide
2 lbs. antlfebrin (Kalle and Co.)
2 Us. blue ointment.
8lb. oliu Hi -no Mi ( qulbbn.
2 lbs. chalk prep.
SO lbs. cotton absorbant hospital.
1 lb calomel
2 lbs. chloranodyne.
5 lbs. chloroform (&iulbbs.)
10 lbs. chloral hydrate (Merck.)
Vi lbs. ether In ty ID cans (oquibbs.)
50 lbs. epsom salts.
M lb- - xi ! . -umraldo of calcium
comp. (Tilden and Co.)
6 lbs. glycyrrhlza comp. powdered.
1 lb golden seal powdered.
5 lb hematic syrup hypophosphatea (P.
I), and Co.)
lb Jalap .powdered.
6 lbs. mustard ground.
1 lb opium powdered.
2 gallons oil castor (Baker's A. A.)
5 gallons' oil malaga.
U lb oU cloves pure.
i id on orange pure.
',4 lb oil peppermint pure.
U lb oil lavender pure.
H lb oil bargumont pure.
3 lbs. pepsin sacch. (Falrchllds.)
x in pepsin luouaauus.j
4 lbs. phenacetin (Bayer.)
25 lbs. potash bromide bulk,
2 b . h ,
3 lbs. potash chlorate powdered.
6 tba. potash Iodide gran. iMalllnch
krodu.) 3 tts. potash citrate gran. (Mallluc-kredts.)
5, lbs. pyrophosphate of iron (Bqulbbs
J4 lb tartaratet)tlron and potash '
2 lbs. soda boras. - powdered.
8 lbs. soda bromide.
1 lb soda hypopliosphate,rran.
2 lbs. soda phosphate "gran.
2 lbs. solution chloride-of Iron (Malllnc-
6 lbs. syrup hypophoephate compsund
(Fellowr.) una
1 lb vanilla bean (Mexican.)
6 lbs. sulfonal (Buyer,.) ,
vi lb antlpyrlne (Dr. Knorrs.)
30 gallons alcohol, 95 per cent.
5 gallons glycerine pure.
20 lbs. vaseline XXX ref.
60 oz. quinine sulphate (K. and M I
2 oz. lunar caustic pure.
i oz. morpnine suipnate tp. and vr
oz. strychnia suipnate cryst.
ob. red Iodide mereurr.
oz. Yellow tixlda mrrnurr
6 oz. menwioi.
V, oz. tocalne muriate.
1 lb sponges surgeons No. 1.
1 lb sponges carriage No. 1.
1 lb solution subsutphate
of Iron
1 cross phials 1- oc
2 gross phials 4 os.
1 gross phials t oz.
2 gross phials 8 oz.
2 gross corks' each No. 4. 6 and 8(taDer)
3 . gross pill boxes assorted sizes N.
29. 3o and 31. "'
2,600 empty capsules No 1 (P. D. anfl
Co. u
2.500 empty capsules No. 3 (P, D. and
Soluble hypodermla tablets.
1.000 hypo, tablets No. 9 In eases 10
bottles .each (J. Wyeth Bros.)
2,000 hypo tablets No. 4S In eases II
bottles each U. Wyeth Bros.)
209 hypo, tablets No. 1 (J. Wyeth Bres 1
4. doz.. cod liver oil Bm. (Phillips) laree.
1 dor. Davidson's syringe No. L
2 doz. Davidson's syringe No. 2.
o .aoz. cameis nair, pencils assorted.
4 doz. plasters Alleock'a porui.
4 doz. plasters Wells strenrthenlnir
2 boxes plasters Meads adhesive (S
and J.)
2 Doxea Piasters sine isinglass surgeon's-
pink (S. and J.)
2 'boxes Plasters silk Isinglass sur
geon's black (S. and J.)
2 boxes Plasters capsicum 8. and J.)
3 lbs. pills e. c Imp. gelatin coated (P
D. and Co.)
200 pills aloln 1-8 grain (P. D. and Ce.)
S00 pills alolne grain (P. D. and C'.)
500 pills aloln. comp, (P. D. and Co.)
200 pills C. C. gran, pink Vi gr. (P.
D. and Co.)
200 pills assafoetlda 1 gr. (P. D. and
200 pills assafoetlda 2 gr. (P. D. and
60) pil s emmeneagngue gelatine routed
(McK. and R.)
800 -pills aloes et Ferri.
1 lb fluid extract- aconite root (P. D.
and Co.)
2 Tbs. fluid' ext. buchu (P. D. and Co.)
2 lbs. fluid extract belladonna (P. D.
and Co.)
6 lbs. fld. ext. cascara sagrada (P. D,
and' Co.)
l id nuia ext. eapsicum (f. d.
anil C?nA
1 r Hula ext. conlura seed
T .. "f -. -
(P. D.
and Co.)
2 lbs. fluid ext. cinchona comp. (P. D.
ond Co.)
1 lb fld. ext. dlgltallls (P. D. and Co.)
2 ib. fid., ext. glrger (P. D. and Co.)
lib fld. ext. Keatlan (P. D. and Co.)
3 lbs. fid. ext. henbane (P. D. and Co.)
, d iub nu. a.i. lpecMcuuannea (P. D and
5 Tbs. fid. ext, jalap (P. D. and Ce.)
5 tbs. lid. ext. licorice (P. D. and Co.)
1 lb fld. ext. nux vomica (P. D. and Co.)
1 lb fld. ext orange, peel (P. D. and Co.)
2 lbs. fld. ext. rhubarb '(P. D. and Co.)
1 lb fld. ext. seneka (P. D. .and Co.)
5 lbs. fld. ext. senna (P. D. and Co.)
1 lb fld. ext.- squills (P. D. and Co.)
1 lb- fld. bxt. Squills comp. P. D. and
i tbs. fld. ext. sarsaparllla comp, for
syrup (P. D. 'ana Co.)
h Ids. rid. ext. wild cherry (P. D. and
200 filter papers, round gray, No. 33
Dla. 13 inches.
2 lbs. soda et potas, tart.
Samples may be seen at the office of
the board. Goods must be In accordance
therewith, and be in original packages
when possible. Tne right to reject any
or alt bids Is reserved. Delivery of sup
plies will be required within ten days'
notice of acceptance of bid. A copy of
the advertisement must accompany each
bid., and the name or the class of sup
plies must be on the envelope. Bach
bid must Include all 'the Items and to
tals In full of the respective clafs, with
exceptions of flour, meat and fish. Au
diting officers are prohibited from eon
llrmlug accounts of purchases when tbe
advertisement does not contain a full
and complete description of the articles
to be purchased. Bids will be opened at
2 o'clock p. m Tuesday. January 2, lb94,
at the ollije of the board, Salem, Oregon.
Board of Trustees.
Wm. A. MUNLY. Clerk of Board.
Btelnway, Kuabe, Webber, Emer
son and otber pianos, Btorey &
Clark aud EarheiT organs, also all first
clans different makes.
- Bewiug mncbinea, smaller makes of
musical instruments and. supplie?.
Needles, oil aud new parts for all makes
of macbiues.
Hewing 'machines and orgaus re
paired uud cleaned.
Two doois nortb of postofflce, Salem,
llotfel Monterey.
Newport, - - Oregon.
Locattd on tbe Beach, two miles noith
of Newport on Cave Cove,-a beautifully
sheltered spot, wonderful scenery, sea
bathing, fine drives to Cape Foul weath
er llgbtbouse. House uew, rooms largs
and airy. Finest resort for families or
invalids. Open ull winter. Terms
moderate by day or week, Inteuding
visitors can drop a postal card to New
port aud be met by back.
John Fitzpatbick,
d-2 in Proprietor.
Legal Blank Publishers.
Bush's New Brlck.over tbe.bank.ComT.gtreet'
Persons wishing to engage muslo -for the
holidays or any otber ooeaalon will do well to
see us. Gin furnish one or more vinllus or ss
mamy pKceas rslred. First houne touia
of Ltnociln Softool house, or 84lem Postorace.
Oao -HiiiVBit, manager, Uim.
Tiie Oregon Land Co,
At Salem, Is emrnged In ae'llu fruit land'
In th" vleluily of-aem,Ortgn. wuere more
fruit Is now gruwlug tbjn In any irt of tne
stata. in.(iK . MINTHOHV.
Mi nafrs.
end for
-mnvmsm r
ttrUi, Nk4bbF

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