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6Ne ' ftffr dam
Associated Press Dally News
paper Published on the
Pacific Coast.
$3.00 a Year.
2BeUi. a wmtk fcr i
Prepaid ia Advaave.
Ko Papers Start WH5j
TImo 1b Oat.
VOL. 6.
;ti v.. ovojsi
The New York Racket
Has Special Bargains in all
Holiday Goods
ia monetary
Toilet and Shaying Sots, Work Boxes, Manicure Sets,
and Silk Mufflers, all at
i I Greatly Reduced Prices to Close Out I
Also price" are reduced to close out MacKintosnes,
Rubber and Oiled Coats, and Men's and Boys' Rubber Boots.
I offer a fine line of Ladies, Gents' and Children sail
wool, mixed, aud cotton underwear, at very low prices. Call
and examine stock and prices.
State Insurance Block, 333 Com'l St.
New things Proposed
By Senator Chan-'
Proposed for Remonetization of
New York and New England Hail
road Failure.
Ed. C. Cross,
MMMW"""--m 'mmam
Wholesale and Retail
Dealer in Frcsli, Salt and
Smoked Meats of a IKiud
OS Court and
110 State Streets.
EX Meeker & Co.,
Hop Exporters
OFFICE,- Oberheim Block, up stairs, Salem.
W. A. TEMPLETOK Ken' m""
Tf vmi want Your house pro
perly heated at small expense call oi
us at ,
NOW HERE More Coming
Holiday Goods
Tb? Heu)?si, Most Attractive,
A Silver Conference. ,
Washington, Dec. 27. Senator
Chandler, Republican, from, rew
Hampshire, Is about to come iorwaru
with a scheme looking to remonetiza
tion of silver. The senator contem
plates Introduction In the senate, after
a reconvening of congress of a resolu
tion, asking that the United States In
vile all countries of the world, eastern,
- nH .miihern to attend a mon-
utr invention. The new features of
the proposed conference are, that- It
.....u - k roafrintfidto European gold
.tanrfard countries, but shall Include
South American and Oriental silver
itaudurd countries.
Moreover the Invitatious to the con
ference shall be for the establishment
,nd maintenance of an International
ratio with a specific declaration added
ko if Himh rat o cannot uo ..
upon, it will be purpose or tne um
States to adopt a single standard, and
that the sUndard-btfnotgold.butrilver.
By taking this extreme portion, Chan
Her thinks the hands or the gold stand
ud countries not now trading exteu
lvelv with western world can be
The North Pacific Labor Injunction.
Milwaukee, pec 27. To combat
Injunction proceeding against them,
the emnloves of the Northern Paul He
contemplate making a motion before
Jndge Jenkins, who issued the Injunc
tion ordering them not to combine lu n
strike aealnttt the Northern Pactflu
road, asking him to have tho old wages
anlirrlntn rnntiiiiipd. Thev are Incliued
to obey the injunction to the letter, but
say us they are parties having a vital
interest, they should be given an op
portunity to present their case to the
court. They arq now in consultation
wllh their attorneys, with a view to
taking such a step. This adds a novel
feature to tho proceedings already In
baud, which It Is'sald has had no pre-
cedent In the Uujted states courts.
Whole Family Prostrated.
Turner, Ob.( Dec 27. Bpeclal -The
fuoeral of Mr, X. F. Campbell, who
AtA Ar.VintA fuouv nn MnnrinV. took
niooo ihUnftAmnnn. Thin ia a very sad
". . -J" j.,-,,.
cue, the seven cauaren anu air. viuii
bell are all ill ofl'the same disease, al
though somewjiat Improved today.
Mrs. Campbell ,as 40 years of as aud
in her death tho family loses an excel
lent wife aiid mother.
Brazilian Rebel General
has Disappeared.
A Heavy Engagement on Christ
mas Etc.
Highest of all in Leavening Power. -Latest U. S. Gov't Report
gzmm iwmivi
The N. P. Stride.
u t.,. Dec. 27.-The Northern
Pacific railway employes and represen
tatives will meet this afternoon to con
....... i.iuct HpvfiIonment8 In tneir
contention with the railroad. Tbl
morning the feeling I. very bitter about
.. . !?. onrond on them, mey
"every much at .. as to what action
tbey will take.
can please
"T" . . L., ., hnv a Denny's worth, as we
Bee our MftaTm: Q A , TQWTTRY
you beat of all, and can sureiy sa '-g-QQgg & SAL.ISB UBl
The Piatt Receivership.
.. xr v Dae. 27. The ap-
Pinion for a receivers based c be
mismanagement, oi mo .-
solvency. An order to no- -,
permanent receiver suou.u . ---r
poin-ed will be made returnable Janu-
ary 10th.
in wrw YORK.
New York, Dec-Thetemporary
Bad Fire.
Port Jervis. N. Y., Dec. 27,-The
entire upper end of Narrowsburg, In
cluding two bbtels, three tttores, mill
and dwellings bjiruedj loss heavy with
light Insurance.
Another Receiver.
ALBANY, N.1 Y Dec 27.-Judgo
wii,. nnnolated Hon. Thomas C.
mo. riir if the New York and
New England railroad.
Oregon Pacific Matters.
Corvallis, Dec. 27. In the court
mm lammed wllh labor and supply
creditors of the Oregon Pacific, Judue
fullerton Tuesday afternoon sei asme
the sale of property made on the 15th
Inst. Objections to the confirmation
were made by various creditors on the
grounds of Inadequacy of price and lr-
i.i r nmnedure. In rendering
.pjgdecUlonrwlllch meets with genera
approval here, Judge jruiienon m.iu
that those most interesiouiu mc .
flrmatlou or rejection of the sale were
the labor and supply creditors and thut
they seem to oppose the confirmation.
Also that there appeared to have been
some inegularitiea In the proceedings,
In the morning will bo heard argument
for the removal of ItecelverHadley and
the appointment of his successor, a
...itinn r.ir which has been circulated
L,nnn the emnloves. The latter pro-
pose, that until such time as the sale of
the property may oe aueu.cu, w
t the road, cuaranteelug not to entail
any additional expense upon the re
ceivership. ,
The attorneys for the purchasers
stated in court that the rerusai to en-
flrm the ale wouia eno ine iu.
far as the people tbey represented were
Mello Disappeared.
Pernambhco, Dec. 27. The greatest
mystery mirrouuds tho movemeiiU of
the insurgent robel Admiral Mello.
Nothing has been seen of him slnco ho
sailed North on the 20th, presumably
to ahow light to the new government
cruisers Nlctheroy and America. Word
was received of trouble between Brazil
aud Portugal because, by order of Pres
ident Peixoto the Portugese minister Is
detalued against his will. It is atated
the mlulster tried to leave, despite the
president's orders and that rorco was
employed to detain him.
Affairs at Rio.
London, Dec. 27. Advices from Rio
Jauelro report that tho Imurgen b are
in n nrltlosil condition. Admiral D.-
Onrna ia disturbed by the uou-nrrlval
of reinforcements, but several concert
ed uprisings have been oneoK matea.
Naval Battlo Sure.
Pernambucx). Dec. 27. Mello Is ex
pected here tomorrow. It Is not ex
pected that be will make an attack lu
hroad daylight. It is now earn wiu
Nlctheroy will steam out to meet him.
Pernamhuco, Dee. 27. Tho Spanish
warship, Cristobal Colon, arrived from
ntn. renorta on Chrlstmaa ovo a heavy
enitagement betweon the rebel warships
aud forts. Both e'.des are sata to nave
suffered severely.
Salem Business Men Will Meet
Counteract His Lies About
Reducing Values 'of Oayuses-Otker
rrnK NEW
$?12ESr A'lokSbe flnealllonsinthisco & -,
m Ba rnand WBWe4ce2blocltBouH.. v
The O. P. Receivership.
...a ne.. 27. Aruuments on
JOKVAli.'l - - .
the motion t accept the resignation of
Receiver Hodley, ana me p,,u....
of I successor was concluded at noon,
j .. m 2 o'clock no oecisioii
liu K " "
rp.rhed. Tlie cuiei
receivership of the New York and New were th pay
,...i .. ldnd on last night. riv,r. sunerluten
reasons advanced
and ex-
- w a ttr PRINTING CO.,
book' and job mm
be a
J'Z ,U.ck.over .be.banKConVlt
Tlift Oregon Land to.,
,n fruit Jonds
AtBalem. t?K;B?an v "n"-WDere more
,ru;v CUUK-iX'igen.
. t a
r ,.j niiTiiri a
Uanutactnro Standard Preued Brie.
Molded Brick n ur""":to,.n, CRT
rt J2Vn. bulldPK eclea
and aufpiy ifcebrtfl . tbe $" ,
Mali -and uearly aJI tn nD0
InthaUBP'wiu . a!l,.m.or,
Xards near FenlM""""'"
... ti-11" i.nmnailT NO.
"TheMasKea-.. oJ,awL
Tree." . . ... iiintteCor-
Elaine Gryce is io. a-:SeabrooVe,,
Aan'n niaco l "
opera company. Friu In
j, K. Emmei n -- Rosen.
Prosperity." the new play bwny
feid wrote for him. ,B
novmon Moore b - - ., called
February in a new mu
"Love's Young Dream y
Murphy and MnrrayUB &nd
Itors " have again beconP Celtiocom.
will aoon suriou
tugene fflff
Aeyndwaw -- -- corner 0t rou,-
build at w --ew york avenue.
angmuu ----,,, ,
money Tor tue juu,
If McLeod raises the Interest money
"J : tup the money
unes3 II u "- UnA r()arl.
.. .. . (h move, n-'oec
Indignation v .--- .
if he bad known m .
take place
irf in OrefOn
. vu- Ti-c. 27.-LouI Becker,
. Z Max Slmoo, acarpenter,
Bh,rt maker, Max B..
io -----
will reoover ----
" fc.-... r 0 tw w- -.
m. SL'u" n"SSrttteo WN
ajlMuJ onii "'
m tottM. wiumw '.ru
again wun-"",. tbe balip"'
Ryan and Mike KeUy, m t
Sugnro prominent 7 in b
. i. n .ymnce . r-n.iar
Here v -" wbo ts goiu w -----
tiflt. LeoiiardI3oyne.wo nAmer
Mt "frTlSSw author and
ojlm subject by jV.,i- fo
no nlUt I im J'?-rMUJtiy
a. rTT?TflAl
" .uir. nunerlutendent, at
torneys, and the possibility of his dom-
nf the Oregon l'acmc . u.....- -1.
expected that the court will order
i.tr than six months.
Bridge Company Assigns.
FfttncI.corldgoCo. made an assign
m?today. The failure was p reel pi-
. - i.- Mnnmiinv iricu ' -
JownfromCmm Bay. It broke up off
ml rtofHamlK.lt and became a lo
f,llo U ! believed however that
bVpany ha.M-UWmd.nflo
.?. cMliowwd rHm.bu..
S. ami .hut the argument is simply
roftde to gl" time of really.
A Denial
W It Andersop, proprietor of .he
E-UhraduMn."' the Joui.NAI. to
tlmt the intoxicated woman waa
ISC d or arred Bl,l-Io-;-iinuUl-hed.
The police corroborate
this sta.eroenU p
..n7hbred Poultry for Sale.
. .... .h, Mioal-C flMi i U.'.roUjbbrM
- i. '. p.as.; u, r.p'-
K ,;i'P Tddre.rc.7. of JOU NAU -,
ivffiA.'Mr.S.i. w
S.1?. urh.u L.-hrfU tkreti(
(aJ'Jn.".!. CrorfJt .rlo
''.. -Mnl.b . tolmwVii 014,
1 . ... iii ao.n.b, Iud. MVB'ii
Tbe State Bmrd of Equalization
upon rt-assembllHg Tuesday put In tho
ntmnn nn (ouallzluc personal prop-
l.i... I ..-.,.-t liiraua
erty. The uoaro uecmeu up"" i-v
andmulea In tho countlea or eastern
Oregon as follows for fourteen couuuea.
These ilgures are not final, but are sub-
Ject to change. Hcu even per ecu...
will bo aubtraeiea pa win ,, .
valuation to within a few cents of the
figures hero glvun:
County ' by Co
Klamath ?4 34
hie- "::::.": o 33
1WKVI ... f..
Harney ' ".'
Walheur lll.
Umatilla "-.
Union J
Wallowa J
Morrow -, fl,
Hherman -J !"
From the above It will bo noticed that
as regards this class of property In he
counties under consideration It Is the
.i, imard to make a deduc-
l,ur"'. "..,. h. membera
t on in tne viuUH "". ,
having decided that the horses and
mules of Eastern Oregon wcreawewed
this year at a value In advance of turir
.I .iao nr rtuul value.
The board Is continuing Its work of
nrel.ml.mry e.alLtlon. un "" '
echeduloof reductions, none, w,,. u.
reduced to $25 In Marlon county. The
light or the Journal ior no i. .
huvlng some eflut It eems.
Salem business men almost unanim
ously denounced Governor Peunoyer'B
letter to President CUvelund, eo far as
it conveys tho Idea that two-thirds of
the penple of Oregon are out of employ
ment and one-third aro starving, x
President Cottle has called a meeting
at Hotel Willamette this Wednesday
evening at 7:30 o'clook, of the SUora
Board of trade and all citizens and Busi
ness men to tako proper action lu ex
pressing tho sentlmettts of tho Capitol
cltv with regard to tho Governor's
slander of the siato. It Is the universal
uDonlon that It is a misrepresentation
calculated to work great Injury to Ore-
gou nil over the United tf tinea ami in
foreign couutrles to allow his omulat
lltiel to go unanswered.
Salem and Marlon county havo ex
pended thousands of dollars In adver
tising this state lu the East anu tne
people do not bollove that Oregon n less
prosperous than other states on tho Pa
cific coast. They believe on the con
trary that Oregon has fewor tramps,
lets distress, fewer unemployed, nun
less suffering than any state In theUn
lou aud will say so to the world. Let
there be a big attendance at Hotel Wil
lamette this Wednesday uveulug to an
swer Penuoyer's He.
President Cottle has called this meet
ing as an open meeting of business
men and If there aro any ruot upou
which the governor nan bae his asser
tions there should bo an opportunity
for him to bring them out, or for bis
friends to prosont them. They should
, hrnunht out rluht then and thero lu
opon meeting, and If tho givornor hi
told tho truth lot him uo euu rs-m. n
ho has not toUt tho truth lot ths meet
in .immune.! his offlolal talumiilatloii
.. It. deserves to be. Let tho truth bo
told, though the ueavons full.
Tim Ilarnov countv nrteelari well w
down 820 feet, and a fair flow of' water
Is reported. v sr
Tho snnir boat. Corvallls. is olMBlnx
up the Yamhill of snags and obstruet-.
Some IQo.OOO was expected (o b dt
oursea by tne diviueuu chocks, wus
the Linn county bank opeued.up t
Albany touay. , -
Sol McOloakey found a piece of qu-artz
in ironioi uis store, at myrtle uree;
slnco tbe late rise In the river that con
tallied about $3 In free gold. .
Tho trial of V. F. Fonlmore.ox-clerk
of Whatcom countv. Wash., 'has:
been postponed utitll the next term of;
tho superior court. ,. ,,,- jS
G. II. Carlson, of Hoqulaai, Vfaikjf
has receutlv natenled a device for hI1
Izlug the action of ebbing and flowlss;
ti. H. Hurt, the absconding banker
Buckley, Washlngton.tn In the custody;
of A. G. Matthews, sheriff of PUm
coun.y. . Wia
Paul Jones, of Pendleton, wag fhoj
In the hoel by an officer while tryfntr t
escape. The arrest wax made for eelllBg
liquor to an Indian. yf
The Grant coiiutv neoole have 'their
hoped built up by the report that the
17. P. oontemnlates bulldlntr a rowi
from Baker ctty aoroes the Blue Ba&aat-"
alns into John Day valley. -4
Charles Reed, the owner of a kr
tract of land In Benton county. kA
laid oft a deer park and lias alreadyllV
Iw.nnlirnl uliUn.fullrlil utiuMtnltu'U Uu
(15 00
15 IK)
10 00
10 00
10 00
10 00
15 00
12 00
10 00
10 00
10 00
12 00
12 00
12 00
BanFkancsoo, Dec. 27. -Wheat
01PortiD, Dec 27. -Wheat valley
,03J; Walla Walla J.BSJ.
n. ..,, rifinnotbo Cured
S in -.s.Arffi ffi
Sun ?ftWiZg&
.rr.i.tflo. eiil.Ub l,,r"wiSi ...h. Bend lor
Tell the Truth.
Richard II. Thornton of Portlaud ad
dresses the following open letter to
nnvnrnnr PanDOVer:
Tho extraordinary circumstance of
mir nhrlntmw letter to thrt president
of the United Htates must bo my excuse
for writing to you. You therein state
tti.t mr.r than two.thlrds of tho people
of Oregon are without employment and
more than one-third are wuunni sum
dent means of support. Consider for a
moment what this moans, ai iea
210,000 people, according to your letter
luoludlng men, women anu onuuru.i,
residing in this state, have no employ
men! land at least 120,000, again Inolua
Ing men, women and children havo not
sufllclent means of support.
In so writing you have st impau your
self as a disseminator of Inacouraoy
and a llbeler of the cop.mon wealth,
which ha made you Its chief magis
trate. Your only s ifety Uei in retraot
Ing your luworll 111.
And why should you not do o7 it
Is hiiuoraale to spak tho truth, and It
Ib dishonorable, hiving tiu mean. u.
knowledge, to state what l pa pauv
errone.U', IIH uimmy """i
In publlshligstatomenw wmon uu Uv
....- .n.i.. tint fuot. to luluro your
OHIO l' " '- - m .
own constituency lu the eyes of the na-
.Ion. , ...
You also are a father, and you doubt
lew feel gateful to tbe supreme being
for lhl and tint. Allow in . k
..... .... .iiniild enlarge tl.9 1 P
your vision, and see whtt a bid ex
inple, In pomioi nvww, - -ttl0Ktyour
beautiful whlto-tailod
Thomiw Godfrey, tho young.
who killed James Smith, noarBfrklyrm,'
011 HundiW night, Hop.. 2 lib Inst, l
now In Jill at JiuHsinvdlo, nwaltlci
trial under Indictment for murder.
Rlnnk Insneotor. Luwls A. MU'er. afi
Gilliam county, reports Uje nuwVK efj
- nun.... ... 111'niMi nuu'o
Bliei'I' 111 Ulllinui t'iuiivjr, lll,l.-J um;
ber of hands. 70: number of baad.
i dipped, 4. There la only one band new.
iW l,l i.l4tl AAA It A(l llin(f 1M
nilt'WUU Willi nuu, mm muv unvv i
,. - - . .B1
carefully dipped, anu aro a'moet Wwu
On Friday last, as the eon of Mr;
Btaub. of Now Era, 17 years of rm,
wan nlnwliic 111 tho field, lie u B4t4t
In tho ove. ono bird shot strlklHK Ib tb
j upicr lid and ope In (he loww. Tb.
ooy WII9 uiiiiucu nun uu g,uivu ura n.j,
homeward as best M couiu. uom
reckless hunter was the cause.
Minors may prove up on Port Aa
coles town lots. Captain O'TeoW,
about a month ago, after cotntausleat
Ing with United States Attoraey
Drinker, decided that under tin
(ructions received minora could oa-';
cupy and prove up on tho town let. a
.uoii ,. o 1 Tqn. This ruling cabm rro
CommUsloner Lamoreux In tlw &1
nf a te earam. whlou stateu iui mm
... A..ilfl itiutrn ntiiti n nof.
ma niHiM m..-.w .-- .. . 1.-
II A o nl1 &
tinvor oxcoll- ''3
cd. "TriodJ
mid proven .
of jnilliona.H
Llvor BcCTt
lator is ta.
lWnnlv Llvet1
JJOffiGf and Kidaay.
r.kuiu In rurmg ww
Uti.oUU, fr.
H w -r- . tr 1 I Ill'.nivi w'-'.-i !
n&Jg"''- ..a i-SUMT mToledu;a'rio.dbyu.u(Wa.rnc.-jawaiy
- sj- TL bmo CO, U i ?"i' .iff?
,WsWf!pw,(M jUiW,-
The piano will be given away on
New Year's day ut Krauww Br., as II
arrived too late for Christmas Day.
rr. nr.in Panlflo iy ear !ia Start
ed out with M per"10" Pul'II,llr
aalarle, . , ... ... .
A Bsstt'e nrm l wmvuw .
i.in.. r.irmAriv u.ed In th rtorlli
iiii;iiiivi -..-- -- ---
Dalle, shoo factory.
ri....tt .nrl In ntlrlimvd tlei for
Wallowa county the flrt Moodsy la
DruggiaU J Lirjuld, or U "$
raodirinQ t
wMcU yo.
can dir vaar
fnitk ' for lb
ottre. -M
111 1-A.
" "'i ..!
puroiy tu
-t: m
Bys. ITT ii
v mi
.;.. ' - --- tamtf IA ksBB
Tcr 1 1 m t,iai
. Jlour,
" I Have t4
hM fc m4
BVwiUe.w Vlir. caa subject y y ,
A, f WAGNER, Prop- p"""
..k-mt.nM 4iP
S---...i ,

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