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i rjii'irtiiii.twiM ummmUif lyfMjME
n j
liH KMAffl I.
'bw "r1
With oofToo, tea or milk; alio potatoes, bread
nnd dairy butter.
Wrloln Steak
Mution Chop ........ !Wo
TotYc Sausage...---- "
Veal Cullot, plain . Mo
Ham and Kgg 20"
)tioon nnd Kga 20o
Hamburg Btcak 25o
Hlrloln Btoak And KgjfH.-.;.- ...2)0
Hlrloln Btcak with Onions. 36o
Hlrloln Bttak BpanUll 25o
" lMlone Hlrloln So
Veal Outlets, breaded ... .... 25o
JmlgoO. K. Wolverton enmo home
lUis nftoruooii.
V. F. Dugan took lu Portland today
ob a bUHlni'83 trip.
Mrs. W. E. Calkins returned to-day
from a visit at Eugene.
Doll Dlnsmoro wont to Portland this
morning to bo absont sovoral days.
Mrs. Dr. Byrd and family wont to
1'orest Grove to-day for a homo visit.
Mrs. M. A Portor and Miss Lenu
Button returned last nixht from Port
land. Professor J. T. Matthews and family
' mtnrnnd todav from seven weeks at
Hon. G. O. Rinoarson, tuo bright
Oregon City lawyer, was in the city
last night.
The Bard of not Avon but Aums
vllle was Ih town today. Ho has built
a hophouso.
Miss Ella Pohle went to Albauy to
day to attend the Peacock-Vance nup
tials In that city.
Mrs. Al. Burton, of East Btato street,
with her two boys left today for a few
days' visit at Turner.
n. L. Jones and wlfo of Mornlnzsldo,
left today for Newport, to pay their
first visit to the calm Paolllo.
Assistant Postmaster and Mrs. J. A.
Belwood went to Turner today for a
short visit with Mr. Earl's family.
Jos. Hlraohborg, of Independence,
camo over last night and went to
Portland this morning on tho local.
Oliver Arell, of Gorvals, was In town,
today. He says ho has a touoh of
rheumatism, but none of populism.
Mrs, 0, H. Laughead, who has boon
spending a month with her people in
and about Balem, returned to Albany
Ed Keene, the hustling salesman at
Gray Bros., returned today from a
week's outing at Waterloo and othor
Gov. Lord returned to Beal Rooks
where he will remain with his latully
until Monday, when they expect to
return home.
Senator I. L. Patterson and family
returned today from the season at
Newport. They report that over a
hundred visitors left thore today, but
that many are still coming In.
Dr. Contrlsand "Turf'Muehlhaupt,
who have been taking in Ban Francis
co, Oakland, Ban Joeo, Banta Cruz,
Berkeley and other California points
on their wheels, arrived this morning
via Btoamer at Yuqulna and landod at
Balem on tho afternoon train. They
had a rich rip.
Man. Bllver all oyer,
Insldo and out,
Is Beth Hammer, the
Balom lawyer. Now ho is a sliver
knight and wears a shimmering silver
suit. Upon examination It proves to
be a boautlful check of tho 11 nest wool
made by Lauo, tho tailor.
PnoMATK, J. J. Shaw administra
tor of tho estate of W. J, Herron today
petitioned tho county county court for
an order to sell proporty of tho estato
at Astoria at prlvato salo, to socuro
funds for exponsea of administration.
At 8ai.em. The finest fruits ever
grown In tho world aro this year
raised In aud about Balem, Bonne
raanu'a grocery, 124 State street, Is
headquarters for the beat'
We have enlarged our Dross Goods
department and Increased tho Stock,
Note the bargains:
25o a yd. All-wool Fronoh Novelty
Dress Goods.
350 a yd. 80-1 nob all-wool Ladles'
fiOo a yd. 60-1 n o h all-wool Ladles'
Cloth, a model oloth for
winter wear.
Come in aud eeo our lines of Bilk
Flulshed Henriettas, Fine French
Herges, Blaok Bolells, High Novelty
Dread Goods.
New, fresh stock of Foster's kid
StovwJiMt received. The 'William"
J-kook-fl por pair; tho "Fowler" 6.
A 150 black bilk drew pattern to be
given away it) our Drww Goods depart
went, WVJowUg-ftwuu-.
ofladlea', meu's aud children's shoes.
OlotklUK. hata and fumWhlug goods.
Taw aU Dry .Gootte, Cletblnar Mid
itatfHou. i
Wheat Is Going SHU Lower in
" , Price.
Fruit and Wool Mnrkot Oilier
September, opened 00c; closed 69jc.
December, opened 02J Jc; closed
May, opened OOjc; oloaed GGjo.
Tho Liverpool markot opened with
Spot wheat easy, Fnturea dull. No
chango in llgures since yesterday's
Tllero Is no now feature in the mar
ket today. Tho gold syndicate still
seems to be bearing.
Tho Salem mills dropped to 40 cents
Tuosdayaud have been paying that
Tho Southern Pacific's low rato on
oats is cuuslug Boaio shipments to Cali
fornia. Salem browery Is paying 35 to 40
cents for barley.
continues to bo firm. The Oregon
Fruit & Produce Co., ships only on
consignment and uonds two carloads of
silver prunes aud pears least tonight.
Tho flrst carload of pears was shipped
this week from Shaw Btution, Thir
teen Goodell rofrlgorator cars of fruit
will go oast this week from Balem.
O. F. fc P. Co., send eight and E. H.
Rhodes ehlps five cars of Wallace
orchard poors. Melon shipments from
California continue.
The flrst two cars of pears shipped
from tho Wallace farm wont direct to
Loudon consuming 17 days from the
tlmo of shlpmont from Balem to Eur
lanJ. Only first-class fruit can stand
that sea voyage. Those pears loft here
August 24 and should bo In London
Boptembor 10. Fruit now crosses the
Atlantic In six to seven dayB. This
lot's arrival will bo anxiously awaited.
Is quite easy. A groat deal of money
is being put out on hops by Balem
buuks, ono bank loaning $160,000 to
1200.000. Bankers llguro that at tho
lowoat hops will bring 0 to 7 conts and
poeelblo 0 to 10 cents. Thero in no
trouble in men ot good standing get
ting money to roako their crop with.
Live beeves sell for, 2 to 2 conts;
Bheop for mutton $1.60 por head; live
hogs, 31 cents; calves aro scarce, worth
4 cts dressed with hldo on; horses, no
markot. Baoon at wholcsalo Is worth
8 cents; hams 11 cents; lard 8; shoul.
ders 0). Tallow Is worth 6 cents, tried
From the American Wool Roportor
wo tako the following quotations of
Oregon wools at Bosten: Eastern Oro
gon 12 to 13o; do average 10 to Ho; do
heavy 0 to lOoj valley No. 1 12 to 13o;
do No. 2 14 to 15o; do No. 3 15o; lambs
12 to 13o.
Weather: Light sprinkles of rain
occurred on the 20th aud 21st, in moat
places not being mora than a few drops;
It was not su illclou t to do any damago,
nor to even lay the dust. The winu
blew from tho south for Boveral days,
which, together with the rain falling
over the forest flres of Western Wash
ington, decreasing thore the supply of
smoke, the smoky donditlou of the
atmosphere has Leon much rellovtd
during the weok, but the past few
days it has been Increasing again,
especially In the southern counties,
and within a few days deuso smoke
will again prevail over tho entire
portion or Western Orogan,except along
tho immediate coast. The temperature
was lower than during the preceding
week; this Is especially true of the
maximum temperature which averaged
from 0 to 60 degrees, as agalst 70 to 00
degrees of the preceding week; the
minimum tomperaturo rauged from 40
to 00 degrees. The season of high
Ur. Prlc Crura Baking I'owdor
$VU'a rk tlM?t Awart
temperature for any length oft!ols
now about over for this year, and for
several weekB longer temperatures such
as have been experienced during the
nast week mav bo oxnectcd. General
or destructive frosts do not, us n rule,
occur much before Octobor 16th, except
on the higher elevations', where frost
may occur, to do damage, from and
after September 20. The general move
ments of the atmosphere, 1. o., tho
course of tho storm era, Indicate the
near approach of the commencement of
the rainy season. As a general thing
rains do not become heavy and general
untlll the latter part of October, but It
Is probablo that Boptembor will havo
more than tho, average rainfall.
Creps: Harvest of cereals Is over
and threshing Is now being completed.
There will bo llttlo threshing to be
done after tho close of the current
week. Though the season has much
dryer than usual, yet thero Is a fair
degree of satisfaction expressed by tho
correspondents ovor'the goucral results)
of tho year's labor. Tho corn Is doing
very well. It would bo materially
benefitted by rainfall.
Peaches and pears aro ripening
rapidly. The weuther Is moderately
favorable to them, yet u greater amount
of sunshine would be boneflcial. Prunes
are ripening and within tho uoxt ten
days prunedrylng will bo In active
Hops contlnuo to bo lu a fair Btato.
Tho weather Is in their favor; warm,
sultry weather produces greater activity
among tho lice, and there has been an
ubsenco of them tlilt year; lice aro
presont, however, yot most of tho hop-
yards aro In good condition. Active
preparations aro now in progress for
the picking of tho hops, which will
commonce within the next' ton days.
Owing to tho long period of dry
weather tho grass has dried up, more
so than usual, and as a result the dairy
Interests aro allected qulto materially.
Several correspondents report a de
creased milk ou p ply from tho cows.
Govornor Lord Will Bo Moro Strict
With Bills.
Weather forecast for Thursday, fair;
Governor Lord Is oil" for a llttlo more
vacation with his family, at Seal Rock.
J. A. Rumble, Joseph, Or.; E. J.
Cowllshald, Goo. W. Hoyt, Portland,
and J. A. McCall, Ashland, woro today
appointed notaries.
An expenslvo bill of $110, presented
at tho executive offlco yesterday tor the
arrest and roturn from Walla Walla of
a man wanted at Tho Dalles, was
allowed by Governor Lord with much
hesltanoy. The governor expressed
himself as intonding to scrut!n!z,moro
closely than over, all bills against tho
stato in connection with requisitions,
and will particularly object to allowing
the railroad fare and othor expenses of
an otllcor lu vlsltlhu Salem to eecuro a
requisition, because tho mattor can
havo as ;aroful and prompt attention
by mall, at almost no expense. Stricter
rules for procuring requisitions will, It
Is understood, soon bo adopted. There
will bo no variation from this course,
except in very Important coses.
DOWE-SEARS. Frodorlok J. Dowe
and Mlns Maude Isabella Sears, of
Marlon county, wwro married today
In at. l'aurs JSpiscopui onurou, by
tho Rev. Laurence Sinclair.
A select company mot to witness tho
ceremony among whom wore the
parents of the bribe who was given
away by her mother.
Hanokd Himself. August Duller,
a patient of the Insane Asylum,
hanged himself by a small rope ou the
baok of a chair. Ho mado a noose,
put It around his neck, laid down and
strangled himself. Tho ooronor's Jury
acquitted the asylum authorities of all
Vkky Productive. A. W. Veaoh,
of Euglowood, yesterday seut The
Journal the flueat limb of plums of
tho season. It has two branches not
over a foot.loug, and contains over GO
big plums. It broko oft from Its own
New WAUC.-Hon. J. Q. Wilson
uas begun worK putting aown a
cement walk on the south and west
sides of his residence. This wll) be a
good Improvement, and, by the way,
Liberty Btreot Is sottlug the pace on
cemeut walks this year.
ALono Ride. J. W. Duutouand
family, consisting of a wife and four
children, loft today by team to Veu
tura, California, where thoy will make
their futuro home. They will Lo
Joined at Eugene by Henry Rogers.
Sturgeon Doty's
Court street mar-
Children Cry for
PItohtr's Cattorlia
wt ii
North Howell Prairio.
Rev. Rojal, of Brcoks, was a caller
lu'lho neighborhood Inst But urduy.
Eddie BartoHCh, of Portland, Is visit
ing relatives and will Hpend the hop
picking season hire.
J. Cutsforth burned ono of his feet
quite seriously lout week by stepping
on the ground over u root to a burning
stump, lie sank in ovur hiioo top uuu
his shoo tilled with hot usbis and dltt.
TheMoPoland threshing outfit nro
doing some satisfactory work and at
present are on thu funu ot Geo. Weeks,
the rustling dairymen.
The Stevens and Waltmau crow uro
now on Webster Smith's place and
have threshed tho moat of tho grain In
that part of the praiile.
John Johnson, of thts place will be
gin picking hopn next weok UHlng the
Bame crow that will pick for P. K.
Johnson, his father, who owns a yard
near Mt. Angel.
Tho.Enworth Lencuo will rIvu a
benefit soolal ou Thursday eyonlng of
this week. Ice urora aud cake with
watermelons will bo surved y the
young ladles who aro also preparing a
musical and literary progrum.
The JounNAX agent uud correspond
ent struck Aumsvllle la;t week. Wo
told him that, we would subscrlbo for
The Journal. If he would rtmoye
tho present correspondent, which he
immediately promised to do.
Threshing is llulshed lu this immedi
ate vlolnlty, the yield has been Butls.
factory. All got more grain than they
oxpoctod. All they want now Is for
silver to inoroaae In price bo that they
can get a good price for their whoat as
they believe that tho moon regulate
tho quanlty of wheat and sliver the
Mr. Crum has moved from Aums
vlllo to "Kloa" addition to Aums vllle.
Wo aro going to hovo a blcyclo
ordinance in Aunnvlllo. It will for
bid any ono carrying a light or boll on
tho bloyolo, for people, whenever thoy
soo a light, or hear a bell, always jump
In front of liloyclf a. Tho Aumsvllle
riders aro intelligent btlngs and can
guide n blcyclo lu ttufuty provldlug
people uro not frightened by a light or
bell to Jump 111 tho way.
Most people who visit Salem on a
bicycle, furnish themselves with a bell
and light. This thlug should be made
Rather Soapy
For a good article in Laundry Soap,
fcry our Savon. It is good and tho
price is 10 bars for 25c. Unequalledl
was tho remark made by ono of our
customers after using our famous long
bar toilet This is a scented article.
Price 6c por bar. Machinists, black
smithb, and any one wishing a soap
that will romovo groaso and oil, all
stay by Orandpa's Wonder Soap.
Price 10c; 3 for 25c.
P. 0. Grocery.
clear for people have not the monoy to
spare to pay fines with nor tlmo to
sparo to go to Jail.
Last week wo saw a track in the
dust, which looked as if mado by a
loug snake. Following it up It proved
to bo Bert Heath on a bicycle doing
some fanoy work.
Thomas Johnson looks natural lu
tho mill again,
Charlie Cole lost something last
The Aumsvlllo mill Is payiug 40cents
per bushel for wheat and tho Btayton
mill 48 cents per bushel. A largo
amount of wheat has been taken in.
People visiting Aumsvllle will re
member that they can get flrst-clasa
meals and accomodations at the Bouth.
ern Pacific hotel,
John Porter was In town last week.
The Santiam Mines.
W. P. O'Donnell, who Is Interested
with Manager W. B. Lawler in tho
Bautiam mines, returned to the work
today on his way back from Portland,
where ho had beeu to get some assay
ing. A new 30-lnoh ledge of very rloh
ore was recently struck In the Red Bull
mlae,whloh makes a satisfactory assay.
The machinery for the forty stamp
mill arrived at Albany today aud will
be hauled to the mines from Mill City,
as the bridge on the road from Gates Is
in bad shape. Sixty men are uow at
work and ou Bept. 2 the crew will be
increased to 75 men. Good mliiera can
securo employment mere uow, xue
mill will be in operation by Nov, 1
Many visitors ajid prospectors are iu
that country uow, aud it is ex pen tod
that when the work of this company
becomes kuown many local enterprises
will take hold ot mining lu this eeo
tlon. Salmon Doty's Court street market,
Let's oh; lost time Yatnian got
$1,600. How much will hentrlke the
town for theB-,coud time?
We are very sorry to have to call
Brother Heifer down on tho abovo
fltutement. It Is uot correct, and we
think that when Mr. Hofer finds It
nut ho will make the ueceesary cor-
After Mr. Yatmnn left Balem
the Iluanco commllleo who had tho
mutter lu charge mp.de a report and
had it published In the BtatcBUian.
From that leport we make the follow
ing extract:
far riillrrmri nnd nlnptilmr car faro
from Ban Francisco to Salem ?32 60
Eleven das boaid at Hotel Wll
lamotto 33 SO
Total 106 80
In addition to tho abovo there wero
threo free will oflorlngs given Mr. Yot-
man. What theso amounted to no
one knows, but It Is certain thoy did
not exceed (16a collection. That, then,
would aggregate soy $45. Now $45
added to tho (05.80 would make tho
whole expenso of Mr. Yatman's meet
ings amount to (110 80. 01 this Mr.
Yatmun actually received no moro
than $45 probably not that much.
This Ib a very different thing from
Mr. Yattnan Is an excellent mau and
a powerful preucher, and while hero
did a vast amount of good. Our peo
ple will bo glad to welcomo him baok
to Salem, Thoy will glvo him a rous
ing and enthusiastic reception. Ho
will speak but on ono occasion Tues
day, tho 17th of September. If Mr.
Hofer has any doubts about his popu
larity in Balem, all ho will havo to do
will be to attend tho meeting when
this grand 'evangelist arrives. Salem
Wo cladly ucceut aud publish the
abovo correction from our rospeoted
contemporary. It was our Impression
that Mr. Yatmun sold books aud took
a good deal more monoy out of tin
community. With so many of u
regular churches poorly supp irted, anrl
tho Y. M. C. A., certainly a'so a verj
worthy Institution, being almost aban
doned becoiiso tho rent and fecrctnrj
cannot bo paid, It is certainly tlmo ic
epend less on the wandering eyangc-
llBts like Mills and Yutmtu whocomo
a fow days, creato a great deal of ex
cltement, aud go away leaving the
churches not perceptibly stronger, and
tho community but little improved by
their labors. No moro money should
be Invested ou such sensationalists
until tho legitimate existing organlz
tions and institutions cau be better
supported than they ure.
Brof. S.E. Weimor.
late of tho Rati conservatory, Frank
fort ou tho.Mttlu, has opoced a class In
dnlem for Instructions ou the piano,
organ, violin, mandolin, thorough-bass
and harmony. Terms reasonable.
Call at Will's muslo store near post
office 6-21tf
"A New Teacher." Wo have In
our city now a flrst class German
teaoher In muslo, both In Instrumental
and vocal tralnlug. Make a call and
you will have her for a teacher lu your
home. Terms aro reasonable. Hho
stays at tho home of Mrs. M. Blglln,
662 17th and Ferry streets.
Highest Honors World's Fair,
Medal, Midwinter Fair.
tMost Perfect Made
Every economical ho f-owifo should call on ua boforo pur.
chasing anything in tho dry goods lino nnd if. wo cannot miit
yon wo can at lens: post you in rogard to prices.
Capes and Jackets
Elegant New
Special Sale of Underwear.
Grand clearing ont of all summer goods in this lino.
must go.
S. M.&
Hop Stores and Pipe.
Plumbing and' Tinning. See us before ordering.
214 Commercial Streot.
i i
rim wagons u
Road Machinery and Agricultural Implements.
Lbti-Bl Improvod Goods uud Lowest Prices.
W. Cor. Sla'e and Lllertv SU. SALEM OREGON
All grades and dlmetiHlons of Buldlug Lumber.; ILargont stock and Lowest
Only good horses used. Satisfaction guaranteed,
back of Stato Insuranco block.
Tho Northern Route
Are you going East? Havo you de
cided whloh routo you will tako? Do
you know the Northern Paclilo la the
only lino runniug Upholstered Tourist
Bleepors direct from Portland to tho
East without chango or delay ? Do
you know this Is the only lino running
elegant dinlug cars from Portland to
tho East? Do you kuow that theso
extra accommodations are given pas
Beugers without any higher rates than
via inferior lines? Do you know that
you do uot have to jump out at 6 or 0
o'clock In tho morning on this lluo for
breakfast and only have 11 f teen or
twenty minutes lu which to gulp It
down? Do you kuow tho Northern
Paclflo Is tho scenlo tranncontluental
lino of America? Do you know you
can travel as cheaply yla this lino as
via inferior routes?
Call on or write us for additional in
formation, which will bo cheerfully
given you.
Thos. Watt & Co.,
EGO Commercial St.. Balem Oregon.
When Babjr wm etclr, we garo her CostorU.
When h u a Child, chs cried for CastorU.
When the became Miss, (he clung to CastorU.
; ih had Children, "die cavo them CastorU,
How's This!
We offer One Hundred Dollars
Reward for
any cBe of Catarrh that cannot be cured by
nail' Catarrh Cure.
F. J. CHENEY & CO. Props., Toledo, O.
We the undersigned, have Lnown F. T.
Cheney for the last 15 years, and believe
him perfectly honorable in all business trans,
actions and financially able to carrv out anv
obligations made by their firm,
VV & T.. XIU-1 ,. TV .. rr l
..v.iw UUU, MUU1C3UIC LirUggWS, iOJCUO,
0 Waldlng, Kinnsn & Marvin. Wholesale
UruggistB, Toledo, O.
Hall's Catarrh Cure Is taken tntemallv.
actincr directly upon the blood and mucous
surfaces of the system. Price, 75c. per bottle.
""" "t ui"ti;iiw. tcsiiuiuuiaisircc,
Did You Ever Think
That you cannot be well unless you have
pure, rich blood? If you are weak, tired,
languid and all run doun, it is because your
blood Is impoverished and lacks vitality
These troubles may be overcome by Hood's
Sarsaparilla because Hood's Sarsnparilla
makes pare, rich blood. It is, in truth the
great blood purifier.
Hood's Pills cure liver ills, constapation,
biliousness, ianndlce, sickheadache, Indices,
. I " -.! 11 IP 'I
Dr.Prlc'8Cr(Mm Baking Powder
AsmhM (Mi Ma.)KwMr Fair, 8a VavxU
- i
in- Endless Variety.
Line in Linens.
'J hey
J K.
harhk. niHrmuwr
Dealer in Groceries, Paints,
Oils, Window Glass, Vnrnlsliea
nnd the most complete stock of
Krushes of all Kinds in tlio
Stato. Artists' Mater ials.Llnic,
Ilnlr.Cemcnt uud Shingles and
finest duality of GRASS SEEDS
HOP llOXKn-Iteady Tor Immediate dellv
try; accurately cut lrom select dry white
II r, light and strong. .Prices to suit the timet.
OiplUl l.umberlUK Co. 2H-SI
WANTfiD-ln lioneot, active gentleman or
TT lady to travel for establlsbed, reliable
house, Ualasyt7b0, payable SIS weekly and
expenses. Hltuailon permanent. Heterenees,
Knclote belf-uddrcused stumped envelope. Toe
Ho iilnlo 1 Compauy, 318 Omulia building.
Chicago. 8-n-Iia
BUcINK&i OHKNlhO-I'arty wanted to
atart and run. livery and reed stable la
town without mich buelueas. Corner lot will
uedopnted. Inquire at tuts office, 8t7-la'
AM 1 KU Aoilve man to cuuvuhTou umij
for Hie cheapest and most popular newt;
puper for the people. Apply ut tbu office at
ONE MAN IuodnVrow'n.Tnr
luuu with iiu.hundacommou education oa
do as wolt and only work 8 hou a por dr.
We wonk a representation In every school flit
trlet and town In tue state, Address Box Jl,
Hilem. ' 7 sun
Li: 1H11KU, M ewspaper Advertising Agent,
. 31 Mercnauta' Exchange, San KraneUoo.
is our autherised: agent. This paper Is kept
tin mo in iMHoniofl.
TJSUUA rtllKHMA.N Typewriting and
commercial stenography. Orace, rww
Iray block. Tho best of work done at ru
inaoie ratea. ' "
JAPJilto.-i'orUuua, nacramento, cwi
Taooma and Ban Francisco papers oa nu
Hopfa I'omomra hlook
Marsh. N00.1
i'ost Office block.
UHiaTlAN BClENUB-Lltruture of all
V kinds on sale and Christian Bolenee tt
vloea at XM Wberty street, corner Cheiurttu.
CTK (( to JIM 10 a month paid to J
wlO.UUone to repreeut us. Vjors
uuuuoi easy enough for a child to ar!;i,
V7. Mlxou, llolseuit;
oneweeK. Wary 13 iu
a i. iv ia xureo
eo davt Ilev. Wm. caru".
Aberdeen ti Uuk.iiiadefUULho0rstdayJu
capital or experience nooeary. Term.
pamphlets tree. Addrestiatimoe.abepP'SU'.
MM OPentuut ut . t'UUadelphla- tn
Miisic Teaching.
l'lano slnglnK In the Italian metujU and
harmony taught. Keguhtr course Inmwj
given by Ur. turlu. Will d lu Halem uw
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