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'ft Happy
And Later Tliey
Will Talk About
Road Machinery and Ag icultural Implements,
Latest Improved Goods and Lowest Prices.
NW Corner State nnd Liberty streets, : : : : SALEM, OR
NO .Holiday Goods to sell at cost,
all sold out, wliicli shows that the
prices are just right for the times.
Now we have evry thing else to
sell at the same LOW PRICES.
27-4L eomrriercial St..
of the Willamette University.
Modern methods. Up to date. Same as tn the eastern and European Conservatories
None but the best is cood enough for beginners oh well as for mere advanced pupils,
. V. C. HAWLEY. President
It. A HfcRITAGE Vocal Director
EMILL WINKLER, Instrumental Director.
Chattel Mortgage
Will Be
It must go, and if the price has anything
to do with it, the sale will not last long.
Their loss is your gain,
Remember, any suit or overcoat in the
store, goes for $10, Mackintoshes, $6,50,
A-massive line of gents' neckwear. underclotninglCQiiarsIuu.i,..u
liandkorchlefs, etc., suitable for senslblo holiday presents, aro all markec
SoWnSoMt. Come earlyrbeforo the assortment is broken.
Neu) Y?ap '
neckwear, underclothing, cottars, cuffs, hats
Agnt of Mortgagee,
An Invasion in South
. Africa,
Revolution Caused by
British Government
Must Face It,
The Germans Call It
English Greed,
Will Take Steps
Protect Herself,
London, Jan. 1. News from Pre
toria, tho Transvaal republic, today
tends to confirm tho gravity or tho
slttmtlon, there growing out of In
vasion of Boer Territory by an tinned
forco of the British South Africa com
pany.numborlng about 100 men with 0
Maxim guns led by Dr. Jamison,
British Commissioner of the Trans
vaal. President Krugcrhnscallcd up
on the burghers to defend their coun
try and a serious conflict Is antici
pated lti spite of the fact that the col
onial secretary, Hon. Joseph Chamber
lain, has telegraphed Dr. Jamison to
withdraw Into British territory nnd
urged President Krugcr to do his
utmost to prevent blood shed.
Afternoon newspapers comment at
some length upon this fresh troublo
which tho British government has to
farce. They recognize that the In
vasion of tho Transvaal, although
mado upon urgent requests of
thousands of Englishmen and others
who complain thoy have to pay tho
wholo rovenuo of tho country, while
being denied representation, is liable
to give particular offense to Ger
BEitLiN, Jan. 1. News of tho
Invasion In tho Transvaal republic by
armed British forces has created a
decided sensation here. Tho Kreuz
Zoltung says: Everywhere thoro Is
tho same greed nnd bad faith. Today
It Is In Africa, yesterday it was In
South America. Tho Invasion of tho
Transvaal by Dr. Jamison and tho,
forces of tho British South Africa
company, nil tho nowspapors declare,
constitutes a serious an unjustifiable
break of tho peace, against which
Germany must protect herself
Washington, Jan. 1. Now Year's
day was celebrated hero In a good old
fashioned way. All officials received.
It was an ideal day. Tho Interest was
centered in the president's reception.
At tho Capital of Oregon all county,
city and state offices and banks were
closed and business houses closed In
tho afternoon. Thero was no Now
Year's day calling of a formal char
Seattle, Jan. 1. Tho steamer
Elwood, Capt. E. E. Wyman, Is at a
total wreck in Alaska. One sailor was
drowned and tho remainder of tho
ztcw only reached tho shore after ono
of tho bravest UghtH against tho
elements fchat has been recorded in
the annalsof tho northwest coast.
Albany, N. Y Jan. 1. Hon. Ham
ilton Fish, Republican, was elected
speaker of tho houso today, receiving
08 votes to 40 for Stansfleld, democrat.
Denver, Jan. 1. Tho Rocky
Mountain News special, carrying tho
Now Years edition of that paper, nnd
Intended to break all records for
mountain travel, was wrecked this
nornlng at Melta, five miles this sldo
ofLcadvllle. EnirlneerS. G. Baker
and fireman H. Hartraan wore killed,
Pendleton, Or., Jan. 1. Up to 5
o'clock Monday afternoon, tho best
price offered for wheat lit Pendleton
was 38 cents. Between that hour and
0 p. in. nearly 300,000 bushels were
sold at 40 cents net, and sales havo
continued today. At tho closo of
business this afternoon, nt least 400,
000 bushels in all had been sold at 40
cents. Tho Flrt National bank sold
150,000; the Savings bank, f0,000;G. A.
Hnrtman, 15,000;thc Orcgou Mortgage
company, 15,000; the elevator com
pany bought fjrom 00,000 to 75,000,
held as collateral for advances, nnd
ninny smaller lpts went at tho same
figure. I
On most of th) total, advances had
been made of from 20 to 25 cents, lot
ting a largo amount of money go Into
active circulation hero. Inquiry Is
still active, and.Targo sales aro antici
pated tomorrow Reports have becu
current of more .than 40 cents offered
tonight. Soniof "holders assort they
can unload at from 42 to 43 cents, but
buyers deny tills.
Louis Estcs iwas held beforo tho
United States grand Jury, by Commis
sioner Bean, oi a crime of counter
feiting. The evidence is quite dam
aging. Estcs nrfd E. A. Crawford will
im taken to Portland to await tho
grand Jury. Last year a largo amount
of spurious coin' gold nnd silver, was
circulated In Eastern Oregon, and tho
authorities aro inclined to bollcvo It
was mado somewhere near here. This
Is the fourth ffrrcst within a few
months on thlshargo.
London, Jan. 1. Tho Westminister
Gazotto In a leading article, headed
"Tho Way Out, 'Wb:
"While tho question Intrinsically is
not important, Jncidentally It Is of
great importance. Great Britain can
not retreat fromitho position sho has
taken, and tho United States will not
rotrcat from thefrs. The only method
ofcscnpo from llils dead o :1c which
shall Impose nelfhor humiliation nor
retreat on clthci sldo to find some
thing which Is tiot arbitration, but
which Is as Ilk as possible."
Tho Gazotto suggests that both
countries ngreo upon a board of con
ciliation, not binding themselves, as
in thb case of arbitration, to accopt
Its decisions, but on tho chunco of
conciliators being able to suggest a
compromise acceptable to both coun
tries. In conclusion, tho Westmin
ister Gazette remarks: "Wo firmly
bollove a couple of sensible, impartial
men, say the chief Justices of tho two
countries, could easily scttlo tho mat
ter by this method.
Tho afternoon newspapers all regard
tho utterances of Senator Sherman on
President Cleveland's message to con
gress on tho Venezuela question ns a
plain warning that danger has not
yet passed.
Tho stock exchange opened dull and
Inactive, but later tho tone of the
market improved.
Two firms involved in American se
curities were declared defaulters to
day on tho Liverpool stock exchange.
Woodbuhn, Or., Jan. 1. Mrs. D.
A. O'Brien died of heart disease,
after a very short Illness. She was
ono of the oldest residents in this
city, having loented here with her
husband In 18(10.
Sho was born in Ireland In 1838,
and, while ll cll,1(1 n,0VC(1 with ,ier
parents to Australia, where sho mar
rled D. A. O'Brien who survives her.
In 1807 they moved to California.
From whore they came to Oregon nnd
settled nt Woodbitrn, which was at
that time a wilderness.
Sho left six children, all girls, of
whom flvo aro sisters f charity. Tho
oldest daughter Sister Alfred, is tho
druggist at St. Vincents' hospital;
Sister Mary Roso Is directress of
Mount Angel academy; Sister Marga-
ret Is teaching at tho Grand Rondo
of tho Catholic school at North Ya
kima, Wash., and Sister Genevieve Is
teaching in Portlnnd. LUHo had re
mained at home with her parents. It
was tho wish of Mrs. O'Brien that all
of her daughters should become sis
ters. She was herself a good Samari
tan to all who were sick or in distress.
Sho will bo burled at Gcrvals tomor
New York, Jan. 1. At tho meet
ing of tho chamber of commerce
mi...,iA. nnvt lir Antrim! tfjiA nil
fonlmmeSa will submit a rjport
on tho Venezuela question, and ad
daucpnthewWccbwillboroadobyiWX.n. ini-i ,i,i .i.o
eminent; speakers
Die. Brown.
"Be Yi: Therefore Spirtually
' Minded Always."
San Francisco, Jan. 1. At the
residence or Rev. Dr. C. O. Brown,
and In tho prosenco of Mrs. Brown,
Miss Mattle Overman told her story
of the chargos made by Mrs. Mary
Abbot Davidson, alleging a criminal
intimacy with Dr. Brown.
"I have iwon a toohln tho hands of
a dlslgntng woman, sho said. "My
relations with Mrs. Davidson wore of
such a friendly nature that I regarded
her as a mother. Indeed, sho trentod
mo as a daughter, greeting mo with
kisses every tltno wo met, and seem
ingly taking a mother's Interest In
my welfare. What an Insult to my
Intelligence and perception to bo
forced to tho avowal that sho de
ceived mo and used mo as a tool for
tho furtherance other nefarious plans.
Mrs. Davidson is an artful, plauslblo
woman. I have discovered that now.
Sho says sho was uhawaro of my ar
rival In this city rroin Tacoma last
August and that she was amazed to
seo mo. Tno ract is, siio wroto to mo
to come, Baying that she would find mo
employment as n stenographer. Wo
wore to llvo together like mother nnd
daughter, sho agreeing to pay my ex
penses, I consenting to aid her by
doing sowing on Saturdays."
Mr. Overman referred to tho state
ment that Dr. Brown was contribut
ing $35 a tionth to her support.
"I novcj'know this money Vas paid
to Mrs'' Davidson," remarked she.
"Is it rcasonablo to bcllovo that 1
would havo fjowcil for Mrs. Davidson
had 1 1con guilty of relations with
Dr. Brown relations which forced
him tq' contribute to my support?
Had I Wn guilty, as Mrs. Davidson
says, 'l "Vvotild havo rccolvcd this
monoy -pronally from Dr. Brown,
nnd spent It without Mrs. Davidson's
aid. Tho fnot Is, I know nothing
about this alleged money transaction,
but licllovciV, as Mrs. Davidson told
me, that this money had been sent to
her by friends In tho East. In fnct,
Dr. Brown was not even mentioned to
mo after my arrival from Tacoma."
"How is It that you called upon Mr.
Simpson, of tho Chronicle, and offered
to sell him n sensational story for
"That Is the only ugly fnct to this
ugly business that I will bo compelled
to face," answered Miss Overman.
"I will tell tho truth, however, no
mnttor what Interpretation Is placed
upon my statomont by tho public."
"Sho convinced mo that it was all
right, and sho asked mo to go to tho
Chronlclo otllco and ascertain If bucIi
a story would bo acceptable. Ask
$1000 for It,' sho remarked, 'becauso It
Is worth It.'
"Well, after repeated requests on
tho part of Mrs. Davidson to go to the
Chronlclo office, I went thero nnd saw
Mr. Simpson, tho city editor. Ho did
not appear to relish my proposal, and
began to question mo so that I lecanio
nervous, and to escaiw more cnslly, I
agreed to call again. I did not admit
to Mr. Simpson, as Is reported, that I
was the woman wronged. If ho made
that statement ho Is mistaken."
"Dr. Brown made the horrid rove
Jntlon," said she, "in tho presence of
Mrs. DiiVHilson, We lioth confronted
hor with her perfidy, but sho would
alllrm or dtfny nothing. I becamo
very angry and demnnded that sho
should return tho $500 of which sho
had robbed Dr. Brown. Sho answered
that sho had given it to Mrs. Baddln.
T grasped her by tho arm and shook
hor, and as I did ro I heard monoy
rattle In her dress.
"Mrs. Davidson says you mado a
confession to her," suggested tho re
porter. "It'sn Ho," exclaimed Miss Over
man, excitedly. "I mado no confes
sion to hor, for I had nono to make. I
uover told her that I accompanied Dr.
Brown to any room, or that our re
lations were anything olso than lion-
orablo. I nover said ho had given mo
ergot, or that I was 111 because of tho
use of that drug. My changed ap
pearance was caused by tho grip,
which nttacked mo nt Tacoma. I
will tell all tho world that Dr. Brown
Is an injured icsn, aud I"
"Ye3," Interrupted Mrs. Brown,"ho
nnd Miss Overman havo been mal-
lncd bitterly
But I will novor
bcllovo tho charges, for I know thorn
- . . ...!.. l
! t i V i iMmntowit
had gone to llvo nt Dr. Brown's house
nt the request of Mrs. Brown herself,
believing thnt would bo tho bot
course to pursue.
"Wo aro very friendly," sho added,
"for we havo known each other for
four years. At no time did Dr.
Brown make an avowal of love to ino
or I to him. 1 was surprised to hear
that people spoke harshly of mo at
Mrs. Davidson says Maltlo and
Brown consulted together, and deter
mined to arrest her; then alio told all
sho knew. Mrs. t Davidson further
ndded it was notorious in tho First
Congregational church that Dr.
Brown had contracted an unholly
connection with tho mistress of ono
of the rich members of his church,
and, to avoid cntnuglemcnt, was
forced to pay $000. Mrs. Davld'sob
promises toireveal many more nnines
of guilty members nt her trial. Sho
says sho Is confident of her own vlndl-
Dr. Brown tonight gave his version
of tho story that has been current for
several days with regard tohlsaetlims
with another woman. Tho doctor
said that, ono night about a year and
a half ago, ho was summoned to tho
bedside of Mrs. Stockton. Tho woth
an was said to bo dying, nnd wished
spiritual consolation. Dr. BroWn
visited tho woman's homo nild was
ushered Into a dark bedroom. To tho
minister's surprise, ns ho says, tho
woman, who was lying on tho bed
with all her clothes on, arose nnd,
throwing her arms about his neck,
kissed him. Brown robuked tho wom
nn and wont home. A few days after
ward, ho says, Mrs. Stockton said sho
had bcon insulted, and demanded
$000. Brown refused to pay tho
money, and consulted a prominent
resident of this city, who know the
woman. Brown says this man went
to Mrs. Stockton, nnd Induced her to
withdraw hor demand for monoy.
Tho thorniomotor registered 13 dog.
below zero ono night recently In Lake
vlow. Tho Burns Times says tho Jordan
boys, who escaped from tho Hnmoy
county jail, havo gone to tho Owyhee
Ono hundred nnd ilfty-flvo conver
sions aro reported as tho result of
Row Emma Barrett's revival work
In Grant county slnco November 30.
Tho Salvation Army has fitted up
headquarters In Eugcno, and tho
branch of tho sorvlco thoro will bo
under tho command of Captain II. P
Elk appear to bo quite plentiful In
tho Looking Glass country this sea
son, several having bcon killed thoro
recently, Frank Ensly nnd W. II.
Gibson lwlng among thoso who have
bcon successful.
A. G. MoEaohcrn, of Mitchell, re
cently traded to Rums McGrow 37
head of rango horses for eighty acres
of land In Columbia county, near St.
Ilolens. Both pnrtlcs to tho transac
tion seem well pleased.
Junction City people think thnt a
creamery for that town is now as
sured. Tho plant will cost about
$2000, and will bo ablo to work up tho
milk from 1000 cows. Tho product of
215 cows has already bcon promised.
Thero is no trace of murderer Snm
Brown, who escaped from tho Rose-
burg Jail Monday morning.
Statk ov Ohio, City op Toledo, I
Lucas County J
Frank J. Cheney makes oath that he it the
lentor nattner of the frnn of F. J. Cheney &
Ci, doing buttneM In ihe City of Toledo,
County and State aforesaid, and that said firm
will nay the sum of ONI? IIUNDKUD DOL
LARS for each and every cane of Caturrh that
cannot lo cured I
I by the use ol Ilall'r Catarrh
Frank J. Ciikney
and subterlled In my
of December, A. V
Snorn to before me
pretence, tills 6th day
Notary I'ublic
Hall' Catarrh Cure Is taken Internally and
acts directly on tho blood and musouu surface.
of the system, bena lor icjiiniunii. imc.
F.J. Cheney &Co.,Toledj, O
tjySold by Drucct'i 75c
Rhaumatiam Hums Slot.
When them Is lactic acid In the blood.
Liniment and lotion will be of no permanent
benefit A euro can be accomplished only by
neutralising this acid and for this purpose
Hood's Sarsaparllla Is Hie best roememe i.
cause llood.i Sar.spnrllU Is the only true
blood purifier prominently In tho public eye,
Hood's nils become me lavorite
with every one who trie them.
35 cents.
Higkwt of all in Learning Power.
a Bloody
Sikzurk ov
Tiif.y Finally Succeed in GKTYUfti
tiik Lacur,
Bridcjwort, Conn.. J.u. I v
battle iHJtwccn soldiers and jjpVj.
occurred In Saddler linll last nW
About thirty men were serimisk In.
Jurcd. Tho soldiers were defeated
and twenty were locked up. A raiding
party went to Saddler hall whom tin
Kosciusko guard military organization
wcro noiuing a dance, to execute a
wnrrant for a Folzuro of beer. Thej
soldiers drew their sabres nnd Am
tho officers from tho hall.
A reinforcement of lo policemen
was tvtllcd. They attempted to enter
the hall but tho guards bcat:th?m
back with their sabres. Tho police
wcro badly cut nnd slashed and several
were seriously injured. Tho cantnlu
of tho guards Is hardly rccoenlznblo
from tho bumps nnd cuts on his fuee.j
All tho prisoners bear marks of tho
fight. Thoy were spattered with
blood and their uniforms me ithrctls.
The Fiddlers Jumped onto the police.
scratched their faces and tore their
hair out by iiandfuils. After a light
llvo other halls wcro visited and about
100 kegs of beer seized.
London, Jnn. l.-Tho Pall Mall
Gazette published an artlclo from tho
pen of M. Flourens, formerly French
minister of foreign affairs, upon tho
Venezuelan controversy. Comment
ing upon It, the Fall Mall Gazotto
"Wo want to hear what Frenchmen
thought of Secretary Oluey 's cxtontlon
of tho Monroa doctrluc;but ho scarcely
touches upon that nnd Improves tlw
occasion by giving us somo homo
truths. He accuses us of hulylngjuid
breaking faith,"
M. Flourens says.
"Tho French do not bollove In the
probability of .war, as both Great
Britain nnd the United titntcs aro
prone to weigh profit and loss. More
over, vo aro accustomed to cool pru
dence of England, which will tncrcaso
in proportion ns tho youthful Impetu
osity of tho United States gives ItsoK
frco course. Franco Is far more dis
posed to accept tho Monroe doctrine
than you In England arc, but wo re
serve anterior rights ami do not agree
with President Cleveland's conception
of arbitration. Wo aro great advo
cates of arbitration, and would gladly
seo it applied to all International dis
putes. Notably, we liellcvo that dif
ficulties such as may arise betweeu
American republics aud European
states aro all of a nature to Ira settled
by arbitration, to tho great advantage
of tho parties Interested. To this
effect, wo should llko to seo a perma
nent tribunal of arbitration erected:
"Bjitlsh diplomacy still retain? n
violent procedure, which Isrout of
place in our epoch. Unless sho alloves
sho Is faco to faco with a t ronger
powor thaij herself, her wea ns of
discussion tiro ultimatums. Tills un
bridle manner docs enormous harm to
hor reputation, whether It Imposes
hor will on the people whoso weakness
obliges them to submit In humilia
tion, or whether she gives way, as hha
will havo to do in tho quarrel with
Vcnczuoln.beforo unforseon resistance.
Her moral authority was r-orlously im
paired, for instance by Lord Sullsburys
menacing langiiago to tho sultan. A
European concert in regnrd to the
East, Far East or America docs noti
exist, becnuso no one wishes to bo
addrt'wl- 1th England's diplomatic
arrogance or exjiosed to tho dangers
of her breaches of faith."
Nu Youk, Jan. I.r-Tbe special ty tli
World fiom Caracas saynj Active military
preparation are going on. (icneial GarcU
Gointt baa been appointed to command tk
troops organised In the federal distiicts. Us
has ordered iliM sU males between 18 amla
who luve been enrolled be drilled immedi
ately. A retired oftiter of the French artillery
is dally inotrucilmjc the national tioop JsT
the me of the modem guns, Target practice
is Imd very afternoon.
Latest U.S. Gov't Ktjrt
261 Commercial st.
4k- lfc

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