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Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1896-1899, January 01, 1896, Image 2

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HHsfU? i -i 4 - "m " i " mt,F"mmmm.
sumhmhk .4 . . - . nnn .
lnnvw r - - wwr" ! r
She wm wBMfc-
mmiiu . ii i !
frfcoox politics in ism.
P'MfiOd will bo an oveninu yciir ,.
Jtllv. In June n IcKlBlatnrc nnt
junty offlcliils will bo chosen, aim
.iliimu' LTl II WillUloi i"v
L!S,i 1I...I f..1in II. M1LC IC1I. JHW"
"' .... it rm....
Kvlll also 'be a Judge of the supremo
mrt elected to miccccd supreme -iw
u. n m. nnnn. At the November
BcotloiiH Oregon will choose presided-
lfltelectoru and two coiirtcswiimi.
, rm. tnnn rntiirmlffll Will 1)C ft lOCftl
bampalgn In ouo kciisc and national
?ii. niintimr. As the second stato In
Lli0 Union to vote, the vote in urego"
feiii iw, u'ntf.hMl with urcat Interest.
Nlut the most heated contests will take
ilacc'ln the several counties, as It Is a
foregone conclusion that Oregon will
iruopuoiican as a uuu.
There will lx tno usual buu ."-
KvAntlntiM nnd nlatforms aim UCIvUir
nlrtdctl In the Held and national poll-
tlca-wlll bo mado prominent, over u
ppo'nntorlal contest. The state issue
over ret rcnclimont and reform, noon
Ptloii'bf tho useless commissions nnr.
Cutting off some of the sinecures will
'bsmnrio prominent.
Tlio sharp practice by wiilcii aciion
foil tho reform bills was derailed in
'tlio Inst leilslalure, will not succeed
''ngalh unless the people are asleep tt
Kliolr Interests. Tho dilatory prai
Sitlce4 of the president of tho scnat
fwlll hot bo permitted to become tut
Balvntlon of n host of suckers at tin
Mile teat as was done last winter.
nil preventing a vote in tlio seuaio.io.
wiliiOn and his followers undoubted!)
iJ$VbU the railroad commission nni
other couinilRslons and sinecures iron
demolition. Tho county reform bllb
Hint thoy pretended to champion wen
nofciidvocnted 111 a slncero mauncr.but
ilinply to punish some ono In Multiio
TV.. ,7 i 1 . I... 1I..1 1... I. Ill 11. ,.l
man county, mm mu jjhwui uiu mm
did pass left tho fees of tho shcrlfi
'or 'Multnoiiinh county untouched.
'Tho combine- lietwecn Jo. Simon anf.
Mr. Scars, that was charged as tin
cause of Jolin Mlnto's defeat, Is mor.
' (W'n' reality than many people suppose.
jit Is. to be hoped that senators will be
ULuniL'ii iiiiiii .'iiiiiiiiiiiiiiu cuiiuij
XIi YUUT, Willi Will I Id I- IHJ IIUIIIllMIOlt
Tim JouuKai. warned tho last scn-
uto In ml va i ico of Itsorganlzatlon that
U Mr. Simon was chosen forltsnrc-
guiding nlllcer all hopes of reform legls-
1 "'lilt Ion might as well Ihj abandoned.
;' 'I (.'proved true. Mr. Simon lias novel
'hi! a reform Idea In blsbniln. lib
Imir does not curl that way. Ho h
JBlmhly a smooth boss and corporation
n. .. i. t. -
lawyer. Ho uses tho llcpubllcni.
"party to feather his own nest. If lu
ljtiinl.e.s tho next senate llttlo or in
"glmd can como out of It. "Wo licllovi
'1 ho' people of Oregon aro tiled of fool-
'Ing with JoSlmon. If tho lcitlslaturi
IMs'Itepubllcan, as wo bollovo nnd hope
.'"invlll ho, and Simon Is put lu control
'Vul'tno fenato and proceeds to pack It
'for tho corporations and proceeds U
"Bivo tho bacon of his pet commission
'Tiiul reward his stickers, and deal out
'UiO'clork8hlps us ho has In tlio past-
'Nvolllhoro will million urease hikiI
i left) of tho Uenubllcan party In Ore-
L'on'. Tho jicoplo can not longer be
trifled with In this matter of lootlnu
JtBlr stato government.
1 Tlio people of Orciron should not
jP illljno demand and Insist on a shedding
"'(Jlr'of tho imraslto comnilsslmiH nmi
"-professional log rolling schemes that
r- rim ill) t he r inmronr nt on lillls to
",MlOlblo what they should bo. Init tlmv
if! Ml UI.'.m.I.I o.... ...i... .1... i , ...... ,
- niiuuiu wij niui iiiu' Ulllll. tor I'llUCU
btatessonatorlii somo unmistakable
'luiliinor, b that the entire forty days
f. 1 . . a . .
oriiio legislature need not bo taken
" til) lighting over tho favorites of dlffer-
" tint elements. Tlio time of thorenrc-
t' Kontntlvos should lio left for tlio leult-
linnto work of legislation, nnd then
uivj ieopio can expect nuo relief tlmt
itlHl IWlVttl. .lllll tl.ll.l. llmlu. I.... 1 -
. ..(.. ...v. v.i.i iinvii iiiuiu 18 II Ulllg
unuui-uui; coniesi over n united
Ministers of tho pulpit and public
otucInU wlio nro conspicuous In tho
iiiiiiniiit it urn tin'c........w. .. '...,:.
tfi! ... i v ""nii'vii i usuiiuy
"r ","". hiui most, coiibc en
nfloiiBly to their dut es.
N"-TlioalKivo iwragmpli was written
Mn read "not conspicuous." Tho
I ivndor will nleaso Insert tlm nrt
l!illil tlictli It Is trim
I'-Mi' "'Tiie men who nro quietly and unos-
V'toniuiiousiy performing their duty
. arc uuio ncani or in tho press nwny
fftn their homes. Tho governors and
. iiiiiiinium nuu ol'COIUO IlOinrlmw In
i'lMthti nre.ss nt lnrun fur tin.ir cukhm.
PI-- llltnill nr u1lllllnu 1m. .. ... !...
w and dlajnmmir.
J. Plcroiwnt Morgan Is strictly In
It. whothor tho rest of ou.ooo.ooa peo-
plo of Mils country nro or not. Ho bus
tin order ror another flOO.Ogo.ooo gold
lwitU and art option on ns many uioro.
f -iiit counties oi uroiron novor naked
fec-K. i... .i...i.A .....":.
l"W VM1J, WlV HI'IVTV,WUUl ixvini
Iliad to do something to earn thelrrnll-
yail rwsif s.
fFrom th Ametleim Economltt.
Our Imiwrt duties ohould lw paid In
gold coin.
Utah's wool clip has these past two
.,, nvArnrrni1 IpM than half tllU
price that It easily brought whllo the
AlCKiniey Jim 3 in v.-...
a Democratic year."
There was a decrease of 8,23.1,303 In
tho number of hogs In tho country be
tween 1802 and 1895. Their per capita
value Increased by 37 cents but the
total value fell oil by $21,530,118.
This Is tho way tho Free Traders Im
prove the value of farm products.
If a laborer In England earns $2.75
a week all tho year round he thinks
he Is very lucky, but thousands of
them do not sec even such n small
sum as that. They rarely ever taste
.cii moat nnd Ir tlirr can eet a niece
of salt bacon they are content. At
tho end of o lire or consiani ion aim
penury they have the certain prospect
of ending their days In the workshop.
During the McKlnlcy Tariff period,
1890-1891, It can lw seen that our ex
ports more than doubled In quantity
.vhlle our Imports of foreign hops fell
jff from 0,539,510 pounds In 1890 down
to 818,022 pounds In 1891. Then the
Tariff, 15 cents per pound, was Tro
ccctlve to the American farmer, ns
the Import figures prove. Imnicdl
itelytho lower duty of 8 cents per
pound was restored by the Oorninn
Tni-IIT, our Imports Increabcd up to
j.l.Tl.MI pounds In a single year.
What an object lesson wo have, as
to the beauties of the Wilson Tariff
In tho reports from Washington of
tlio Imports nnd exports for the first
line months of the present year.
There was a falling off In exports of
noro than 818,000,000, and an Increase
jf Imports of more than $97,000,000
jclow the sales of tho same period
last year, although wo were promised
that tho Democratic Tariff would
work directly tho other way. It Is
true that the Wilson Tariff lias opened
ip the markets of the world, but wo
ire on the wrong side of the world to
let tho benefit.
Under the Republican Tariff live
nllllons of men were given employ
ment at better wages than men thus
engaged over received anywhere else
on earth. Did that make of tho tariff
a fraud ? Under It, tho United States
In thirty years caught up and exceeded
oven Great llrltaln In tho production
of Iron; and all ihat Is needed to mnko
iron Is labor. Under it, more men
came to us from abroad lu thirty
years than nro found altogether In
somo of tho kingdoms of tho old world.
Why did they como? Uccauso lnbor
received a better reward In this coun
try than In any other.
After consulting tho bankers, law
yers and insurance men, as to what
legislation Oregon needs to restore
prosperity, tho Statesman should now
rfct tho concentrated wisdom of cap
ital city Journalism. That would
furnish tho farmers, laborers and me
chanics a rich symposium so rich
thoy would not liavo to work a lick In
Wo cxiwct a great deal from tho year
ISIHI.-Salem Statesman.
You'vo got a draw on tho Stato Re
form school, tho SUto Agricultural
Society, and tho Stato Hoard of Equal
ization, dear Urother. What do you
.vnnt, tho earth, or a United States
It seems neither tho Republicans
nor tho Domocrats will bo responslblo
for what Is dono or not dono In tho
lonato. Tho threo Topullsts hold tho
balance of power, and wo can all glvo
tho Populists h 11 In tho coming
Roosters that depend on n market
for tho purpose of crowing in our
Democratic victories wo fear will bo
a drug on the market In 1890.
Tub Jouknal man will namo his
big buff cochin roostor Governor
Flotchor on ono condition, that ho In
dulges In no Domoerutlo crowing In
These times a man who can iratf 1000
or $1500 a year out of tho public, oven
at hard official labor, should bo will-
lug to put up with It and lot const mo
tive feo-grnbblng alone.
This Is lean year and it would not
lw a bad Idea for our bachelors to ask
to have a receiver appointed.
So It Is said our next Issue of bonds
will bo placed In Germany. Wo will
bo placing thorn In Ireland next.
four out of fivo who
utror Benrousntu,
tae&Ul yntxft t tack
Mtr WCMMi. Ylo-
tlm, yoUIb your
vitfor. Dou't lslr. Bnd for book Uh
wi4nUota4 proof. &Ulll(Mioafre.
ERIE MEMML 00M lufftlo, H. Y.
Tho beat farmer lo often the farm
er's wife.
Horses and hops will havo their
day, and growers of both will lw re
warded for their present losses.
The fnst-borsc owners and Jockeys
meet In Portland Jan. 7, to organize
tho "circuit for 1800."
Farmers, If you know something
good In your line, let your fellow till
ers have the benefit of It by writing
for the Jouiinal farm department.
Ulg farm, poor managcmcnt,povcrty.
Little fnrm, sense and work, prosper
ity. Think of it, The Wekly .Toukval
18 months nnd the Toledo Hlndo one
year, all for $1.50.
The French government Is about to
make a severe fight on that terror to
prices, grain gambling.
English farmers aro being driven to
co-operation in shipping, In order to
get the best railroad rates.
Renew your JonitNAi. 18 months for
$1.50 nnd get the "Farm News" free
for a year. It Ha good, reliable, ag
ricultural paper published at Spring
field, Ohio. Ik
Look up Tun Journal's premium
list, nnd profit by the liberal offers.
When eggs are sold by the pound
Instead of the dozen wo will raise
Iwtter poultry.
Make your family comfortable but
at the same time don't forget your
dumb animals.
A swarm of bees, a few sheep or
goats, somo chickens, turkeys, ducks,
and geese, do not represent the cost of
a horse to the farmer, but they will
bring him moro cash these days, to
say nothing about the luxuries af
forded the family.
Laziness Is a worse pest than the
Canada thistle.
The nursery business Is Improving,
as a result of profitable fruit crops.
Keep out of dobt and you'll never
John C. Calhoun said: "Three elc
incnts arc essential to tho property of
a nation; agriculture, commcrco and
manufactures. Neglect one and you
destroy tlio other two.
There has never been a time when
strictly flrst-clnss draft geldings
would not command a profitable price
over the cost of production, nfid It
behooves all breeders at the present
time, especially, to keep their stand
ard of excellence at the highest possi
ble notch.
Most farm animals will stand low
rnnges of tempernturo well enough If
protection from cold rains or sleet and
a dry bed at night are furnished. Not
all farmers can house their stock In
tight barns, nor Is this essential. In
fact too close confinement lu poorly
ventilated stables, Is a positive dam
age; but it Is folly to leave stock ex
posed to cold, wet storms. Tho man
who cannot provldo open sheds or has
not good natural shelter, ought not to
try to carry livestock through tho
rigors or our winters at all. Ho can
make no money by tho operation, and
Imposes needless suffering upon dumb
A writer In tho Pilot Rock Record
has tho following Ideas on econemy:
"Economy does not consist In allowing
your stocK to go on half rat Ions, or In
keeping your children homo from
6chool becauso It costs too much to
buy clothes for them. It is that
which Is wasted that breaks men up."
Ministers Should Use
Dr. Miles' Heart Cure.
Ubors BO.ovcroly tax the norroiu bji
tem, m that of tho ministry. Tho do
rnjment of tho uerra center of tho bralu
by overwork froquontly brine on attack
of heart trouble, and uorvous prostration.
Itor. J. lUCoster, M. D., 1'astor U. B.
church. London Mill, Ills., htmsolf a phytl
clan, wrltoa Fob, M, IBM: "Heart affection
and norrou prostration had become bo
serloua last tall that a llttlo ovur work In
tho pulpit would so complotoly protrato mo
Dr. Miles' tlmt " wwod curtain I
y 1 mustrollnqnUU tho work
Heart CUre ministry entirely,
TActnpac "oartpttlpltatloubecamo
ACMUlCb bo bad that tny auditor
TlPllf h woula Mlt mo ,f ' l,ld not
"v"uu haro heart disease Last
November I commenced taking Dr. Miles'
Now Heart Ouro alternately with Dr. Mile'
Norvlno and derivaJ ttm rMt..i -...i.i.
benefit. I havo Just closed revival work of
cv, pnucuiugucariy every night and
twlco on the Sabbath. I can speak for hour
without ufferlng a I formorly did. Hard
worklug ministers should kcop Dr. Miles'
(rand romodle on hand."
tlLriM,J?,?vM "y U 80ia oa suwacteo,
m bottl will benefit or tt-jneji refunded.
Quito a number of tbo nolgbboro
gathered at P. S. round's home to
spend Christmas day. The time wns
pleasantly spent in rcasiing, bjubihb
and playing games.
Amusvllle will have a live news
naner. the Marlon county Record.
v t rnn,.ii. nrMcMltinv lie. spent
part of tho holidays at his uncle's F.
L. Pound.
mu Xntt.ln Andrews, who has been
viau.inir imr oistpr.Mrs. Sidney Porter,
for the past month, has returned to
her home In Washington.
vmt. fiPilrtns.nf tho Sllvcrton school,
spent the week visiting friends of this
Mr. Ilcllebower Is thinking of visit
ing his old homo In Kansas.
I). W. Smith has gone to Portland
on business.
The ladies of Aumsvillc nro getting
up an cntcrtnlnmcntfor the benefit of
a new sidewalk.
A very lino supper wns given nt the
Aumsvillc hotel Christmas evening
after which tho young peoplo nnd a
dance In the dance hall.
Last Friday evening n wedding ball
and oyster Biippcr was given by Lee
Rantlnl at tho Aumsvillc hotel.
Er. Thomas has returned to his
home In Kansas.
Miss Katie Baynard and Miss Joy
Porter nro visiting friends in Albany.
Quite a number of tho young people
attended tho ball at Stayton Christ
Mr. Blaxton's brother Is out from
tho east on a visit and may locate
John Johnburgh, our Peg driver,
bad business in the capital Tuesday.
Mrs. Bruce Jones paid a short visit
to her parental homo from Saturday
until Tuesday.
Mrs. Herald returned home Monday
after several days visit with her
Clias. Hoover returned Monday to
bis troop at Vancouver after a live
days furlough. We aro sorry tosa
that he returned with a sad heart,
caused by the death of llttlo Albert
Hoover, a highly esteemed nephew of
Sam Snyder left for Portland Mon
day whero ho goes to accept a position
on a milk dairy.
Mrs. Wm. Hoover Is on the sick list.
Dr. Scott was herein a professional
call Saturday.
Tho W. C. T. U. will moot at tho
homo of Mrs. Chapman Wednesday
tho 8th.
Protracted meeting will commence
Thursday evening, January 2.
Mlunloyou wnnt to look out now
for this Is leap year.
Wllllo Jones took a trip up in tho
bills Monday. Ho will return to his
studies at tho Willamette today.
Frank Evans is on the list with n
bud cold.
Tho social nt tho Harold hop houso,
on New Year's eve, given by tho
Epworth League, of Brooks, was n
decided success. A short program
was rendered, In which all did well.
but the great lilt of tho evening was
iuiss uarsio ltoyal's acting song, In
which sho did tho part of a jealous
Irish wife, to perfection. Ono could
scarcely believe but Hint Mlw Tinvni
Just landed from Old Ireland's green
snore, wmio air. Geo. Dorcas, as the
Injured husband, was lust immnnso.
After tho program an oyster supper
wns served in winch everyone took
part. Then camo the real fun of Mm
livening, games, songs, music nud a
large uuncii of mistletoe that hung
lu the doorway mado tho hours pass
too quickly, that everyone was sur
prised when the pastor, Rov. T. F.
Royal wished them n lmnnv vw
Year, sang tho doxology nnd pro-
..wV..w.. iu wiii-uwwuii, xncnuicro
was a rush nnuln far tim iiini.n ...,,i
moro soup was tho cry. And ns it
'Miaiuciiii-uiJji-ur, ono young lady
popped tho question to n young man
which was accepted.
Tho Discovery Saved Ills Llfa.
Mr, G. CalUoutte. DrucgUt, Beavenville,
III., savs: To Dr. VW. v..- rvi ' ' !
owe my life. Was taken with La Grlom.
ynd tiled all the physicians for miles about,
but or no avail and was civen op and told
I could not Itve. Having Dr.Kinc' New
Discovery in mv ct.iro t ..... I - 1....1 .
i ,.' ,,' - ."v" wine ana
lcan Its use and from the first dose beoan to
j... "-... - u.inc mrec Dottles wn
Ull and about Dnuln l.T. ...u i.. ....!,:
In cold. We won't keen store or house
without Jt. Get a freetrial at FredA!
Lejc'sDrug Store. '
When Baby wm tick, we save her CastorU.
When the was a ChUd, ahe cried t or Oastorla,
When ahe became Miss, she clung to CastorU.
When ahe had Children, she gave them CastorU.
Bucklen'a Arnica Salva.
ntt:. T' v?..,n ?.e. U for Cul$.
Z '"", uicen, aau Kneum. Fever
.de.llSWerFCh!PPed Chilb"
riles or no dsv r.-on!rri i, si :.. ,
Cvc perfect satisfaction or mini f.. j
nice ac ... . 1 t" -:;.- v."Mi,s
Ues. -7 a
--J v ! uiu . nnp en r raa a. mm. a
No Trouble to Show Voif Through
Barb?d Wire, Blacksmiths Supplies,
Examine Our
Always Prompt and Courteous
Chicago, Jan.
New York, Ian
1 Wheat, cash 5c;
1. -Silver, 66c;lead,
1 10.
Sun Francisco, Jan 1. Wheat, o8.
WooL.Orruon. choice. T(thti.n: Infrrlnr.
8c, valley, o etc
Hops y notable nt 57c
Potatoes 2$ to 40c per sack.
Oats Milling. 6s7tl'
Portland. Ian. I.Vlirnf vnllcv o
Walla Walla, 50. ' "
Flour Portland, J2.60; Benton county,
2 60: graham, $2.3o; superfine, 2 per bbl.
Oats-White, 2224cj grey, 202i;rolIed
nbags, f4.2SS-2S, barreli, J4.50 7.00;
cases, 3.75.
I'otatoes . . New Orecon, 254oc per sack.
Hay. ,Good, 8j8 50 per ton.
Wool.. Valley, lie; Eastern Oregon, 7OC.
Mlipaufis..Hran. $n.soi2; shorts, i2
i3;chop feed, $i2Is per ton; rye, 7scpera
Hldea. .Rreen, salted 60 lbs 44Jc; under
60 lbs 36c; sheep pelts, lo7oc.
Hops. .Oregon, 4 to 7c, according to qual.
Butter.. Oregon fancy creamery, iStsMVl,
fancy dairy, 2o22; fair to good, I5I7U;
common, 10c. f
Cheese.. Oregon full cream, 9Mloc,
Eggs.. Oregon, iS2oper doz. 5 Eastern,
18c per doz.
rouItry..Chlckens,i.So$3oo per doz;
ducks, $4.o4-5o; geese, J6.oo7.oo; tur.
keys. 0llc; dressed, ioi2c.
Beef..Topsteers.22 3.Sc per lb; fair
lo Reed steen, a2 3.5c; cows, 2tf2tfc;
drcKsed beef, JSVc
Mutton.. Best beef, $2.oo2.2s; choice
ewes, i.5o(nj2 00; dressed, 4c.
Hogs.. Choice, heavy, 3 oo3.4o; light
and eeders; $2 75 ; dressed, 4e per Id.
Veal.. Small, choice. cr?6c lin -,rz.
p ,b. ' --"' ".' Ov
Wheat.. 44c per bu., market firmer,
Oats .17c.
Hay .Baled, cheat, J4.55.i timothy,
o 50
Hour. .In wholesale lots, Jj.so; retail,
00, iiran, nuiK 2) 00; nacked. "12 00;
ahorti. ;u.ooi2.oo; chop feed,"i2.oo
Veal..Dressed. 4,
Hogs.. Dressed. 3.
Uve Cattle.. 1 23.
Sheep.. Lire, "200.
Wool.,Uel, laijc.
Eggs.. Cash. 18c,
Butter.. But AuWv mim.. r...
creamery, I52c '
Farm Smokad krsi iu. u. i....
H-; shoulders, 7c. ' '
Onions,, 2c
Apples 4oc.
t oullrv..Hens. ce rwiim "1 n.. .1..
and not wanted; ducks, ;2.5o3.oo per dos.j
turkeys, live 7c; eggs 12, cents cuh.
I hive fl Vrv ttmnYA I.mm. . . . . ,
Will readilv curt, all f..l .it, . r.
rVrlodt. llirnrrltrwtt JI.1.. !.
Uregnlaritles, amH will gladly send it free to
' "i""P won,n. Aaaress Mrs. j,, B
Box 96, Talloisn Unn Co., Ore, i i-a6.!.V
Large and Complete Stock
The Willamette Hotel.
Reduced rates. , Management liberal. Electric cars leave hotel for all public buildings
and points of interest. Special rates will be given to permanent patrons.
On farm land security. Special
rates on large loans. Loans
consideied without delay
Bush Bank bulldlnS.
On city or farm property.
Over Bath's Bank.
YTLZ & MIES'KE, Props.
Dealars In all kinds of fresh and salt meats.
CPTresU sausage a specialty,
32l Commercial st. Cottle Block
Successor to C. M Beck&Co.l
Best meats in tho city, Prompt delivery at
lowest prices. '
German Lessons
Given by a qualified teacher, a native
of Germany. Classes for children on
Satirday at dunning Hall.
By Mrs. Rapsey. 454 Marion St.
Given on reasonable terras y an experienced
"" H, A. KAI'&JiY,
4S4 Marion st.
Parlors Over Gray Bros.
- ' j w iu ioid in one sum or anv
fractional iuri in I... .1. X, . ' V
,i. j.i" . ." J" o loan in
ShX ?JL,BB next 3oyi. Address
T IT irinfrn,
Stark it.c.i, 7 'Portland. Or.
j' , uoiiuir.
and Give pr
211 Commercial St.. Salem Or.
lySults $15 upwards. Panls$ upwandi.ty
Will receive children from 3 yean upwsnL '
Special attention to beginners. All desjrM
branches for theolder pupil tanght, inclnd-1
ing drawinR, modeling, music plain and j
tlstic t.eedle work All work done on the in
dividual plan in which each child It i-'
vanced according to its own capacity F
terms and particulars apply to Miss O. Bil- $
iou. 1 wentietn and uncmeucta sis ,
Office Willamette Hotel BuUdin,
For water service apply at office. 1M j
payable monthly In advance. Mike ,u ;
complaints at the oflice.
Open splcket to prevent freezing, pw-j
tlvely prohibited. Care shriuld be t"
If in danger of freezing to have stop u
waste gate closed see section 3 rules andrez-j
ulation. No deduction In bills will tc"'
iuwcu lor nosence or for any cause ww
...B witr n cm ot irom premises.
President. iCaa
Transact a general banking business.
Capital Transfer Co.
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Prompt service, Telephone No. 70.
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