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Daily Capital Journal
FBIDAY, JAN. 24, 1888.
Altona and Ramona
KPortJsnd, 6145 xn. 9:00 a.m.
saiem, 7145 a, m. !$ ;
Independence, 6130 ft. rn, 6o a.m.
I V3T Freieht received up to 10 p. m.3
ck lime, regular service and cheap
.... rate s . . .
Agent, Salem.
Local Hews of 8ocIl and Fraternal
The Misses Hcartly.of Moclcay.aavc
n party on Tuesday evening', at their
grand old home In honor of their
cousin, Joseph Hartley, of Washing
ton, who left for bis home on auurs
day of this week. Before 8:30 from
all parts oftho neighborhood came
those who participated In this happy
event. Many merry games wero
Business Men Say the Council Should
Walt Awhile.
A canvass of Balem buslncsn men
and taxpayers who pay taxes shows
almost an unanimous sentiment
against completing the city hall this
A number express themselves In
favoring of finishing it up and moving
In the city oniccs and saving tho rent
now paid.
A larger number express fears that
But Mttlo II
played while quickly sped tho flying! It will run the city In debt too much
mux. gjujmu jmeaBssaBesasBaaxxam nra
lion. Geo. D. Porrls returned to Eu
gene this morning.
Mr. and Mm. ('. Furlow, of Marion,
are Snlen visitors twliij.
Sheriff Catlienri returned this
morning fro-n rortlaml.
It. T. FnbJ returned this lLornlng
from a visit In rortlaml.
Rev. F. II. Owyniie rettirnrd this
morning from linker City.
Itov. P. C. Hetzlur Is home from a
trjp to Seattle and other Sound cities.
T-W. Davciiport,of the State Land
ofilce, Is reported as Improving slowly
from his attack of la grippe.
Carey Martin Is not a nephew of
Secretary Klncald'snotwlthslandlng
tills information was telegraphed to
tho Oregon I a 11 by Its correspondent nt
Salem and has been copied by the
stale press. Mr. Martin Is no way re
lated to Mr. Klncald. He Is a young
man who started In poor, and worked
his way through tho University of
Oregon. He Is holding Ills present
position on his merits alone, and the
malicious attack made by tho Oregon
Inn's correspondent, from purely per
sonal motives Is unjust, and basely
misrepresents the statements which
ho made. Kugeno Guard.
Mr. and Mrs. A. F. Hofer arrived in
Salem from Chicago by last ovenlug's
train, In company with Mr. and Mrs.
A. F. Hofor, Jr., and two children,
who went to Portland to meet them.
Thoy will mako a protracted visit
with tholr three sons, Kmst, A. F.,
Jr., nnd F, X., tho well-known news
papar men. Tho elder Mr. Hofer Is
also a veteran In newspaper work,
having lcen editor and proprietor of
tho McGregor, Iown, News, a republi
can paper, for some llfteen years. Ho
was a trenchant writer and highly re-
HpcctcJ. HtwinilJ. Fred Meyers, of
wero powerful factors for a long time
In holding tho German voters of Iowa
la tho republican party when that
party adopted prohibition, which was
repugnant to tho natives of the
Fatherland as well as to many others.
Salem Statesman, Jan. 21.
hours. Between tho hour of 11 ana z
the party were Invited to tho dining
room where a most delicious lunch
was served. The evening passed away
pleasantly In social convcrsatlon.solos
and new and entertaining game", 111
which all took a lively Interest. The
party was voted a decided success In
cTcrr respcct.J
Miss Marie CuudlfT of Corvallls, Is In
the city.
Miss Alice Stelnor is the guest of
Portland friends.
Mrs. L. C. Young, the artist, went
to Albany this morning.
The Bcrenn club will give a party
at the home of John Molr tonight.
MissCallsta Moore returned today
from a short visit at the reform school
The Unity club hold their regular
monthly social and dance at Chanulng
hall this evening.
Mrs. K. 0. Small is home from Al
bany, where she visited her daughter,
Mrs. T. G. Hopkins.
Mrs. Henry W. Myers will entertain
n party of friends nt her home on
Gaiety Hill tonight.
Miss Rose Fry, of Albany, Is the
guest of her sisters, Mrs. R. A. Kirk
and Mrs. Mel Hamilton in this city.
Miss. Daisy Ogdcn, who has been
attending tho Academy of the Sac rod
Heart, left today on her return to her
home In Pendleton.
Mrs. R. P. Boise, Jr., Mrs. II. 11.
Thompson, Mrs. Henry W. Myers and
others have arranged to give a leap
year ball on Tuesday night, January
28th, at the Murphy hall. It will be
a hclccl affair, and no doubt very enjoyable.
and say it will cost more to finish nnd
furnish the building than It has to
put It up, nnd that electric lighting,
heating, watchman nnd Janitor hire
would co3t twice as much as rent now
costs. In this view of the matter, It
would both run the city in debt nnd
Increase expenses to go ahead with It
In 1800.
Two Lives Saved.
rrB,,I,,ltt,b0.'-V,.,oll"wi of Junction
C ity, 111., was told by her doctors she
had Consumption and that there was
in nimu ior ner. urn 1 wo bott Ics of Dr.
King's hew DlMovery completely'
cured her ; and she says It saved her
"".TJ'w-, 131) Florida
street, ban Pranclbco, suffered from a
dreadful cold, approaching consump
t on, tried without result everything
elso then bought 0110 lottlo of Dr.
King's hew Discovery nnd In two
thnnkful. It is such results, of which
meso are samn es. tiint, nmrn tim
Si'Kcui, SnsaioN. There are a
number of Portland olliclals In tho
city, nnd tho general opinion among
them Is there will lw no special ses
sion. Tho bankers of Portland arc
said to bo opjKised to a special session.
Tlie governor has locn In conference
with n number of his friends today
on tlie subject, but no formal consul
tation has yet taken place. Tin:
Journal has Ixicn tumble to learn
anything direct on tho subject from
the governor, nnd no action has been
From Pike County.
Editor Jeurnal: Ithcemsllkc the
Great Dally Statesman does not relish
the Idea of a possible nomination of
T. T. Gecr for congress from this dis
trict. Is not this the great western
Journal that elected J. N.Dolph to the
United States senate lust spring, built
the beautiful post ofilce building nt
Salem, cleaned out the Willamette
river from source to mouth, built a
three story crenmery nnd scvernl hun
dred miles of railroad, and mnde
many other and valuable Improve
ments to the "Willamette valley? If
It is, and siifllclcnt public patronngc
can be nbtnlucd to add another page
to the already eight, it may cause an
earthquake or dispatch an expedition
to .search for the North Pole.
When I lived In Pike county Mis
souri, they did not allow Democrats to
run Republican papers, but I left
theic years ago, and Journalism had
not fully developed. Let this mon
strosity keep up Its "sarcassum" nod
It may assist the farmers of the Wil
lamette valley In nominating Mr.
Geer. ".Sarcassum" may go in Pike
county, Mlssourl,but It won't In Web-
foot. Mr. Gecr has friends who will
stand by him and who would be proud
to sec him nominated for congress,
notwithstanding this Pike county
Journalism. Yours truly,
Sai.km, .Inn. 23 Pike.
A Local Club of Which
There used to bo lots of bald headed
men, and women too, In Eugene but
there isn't any more, snya tlie Guard.
About throe inoiillyjitfo these hair
less denizens put their head) together
In private consult:! lion for their own
mutual good, with the result that a
Bald head club was organized, with
place of meeting at Jerry Horn's bar
ber shop.
And now thoc men who have for so
long been defraiKll rig the honest and
hardworking barber out of a few cents
for cutting their hair, visit his place
of business quite frequently to have
the smooth and gloosy surface of their
upper sphere raked nnd scraped and
rubbed and scrubbed until tlie blood
oozes out In tlie niaces where the hair
ought to be. But they don't mind
this, ihey would foe Mining to go
tlimiidh the severist test If the wore
only Inspired with confidence In the
assurance tiiat said tct would bring
back the long lost but still longed for
hair. And the scheme ! succeeding
admirably, hi several members of tlie
club can tostif to.
As n consequence all yoitiof bald
heads wend tuelr way toward this
place or oic-cd deliverance from the
distasteful roglonsof foaldheadcdhood.
There are big bald lieadi, llttlo b:ild
heads and medium sized bald heads;
louiid bald heads, square bald heads,
and tl.it bald heads; red bald heads,
white bald heads nnd glossy bald
heads: bald heads with a little hair
Jan. 34 -Wheal, caih l6c.
Stiver, WjfciiMd,
Mav 64K
New York, Jan
3 3'
San Franclaco, Jan 24. Wheat; 1.07
Wool.. Oregon, choice. ltof Inferior 7
8c, valley, CX3JIIC J(f.1'
Hop Quotable at d6c. '
Potatoes 50 1075c per sack. ;
Oatl Milling. SoV$.
Portland, Jan. 24. Wheat valley, 60
Walla Walla, 55.
FlourPortland, tt.75', Henton county,
3.60; graham, it 20; superfine, S3 per bbi.
Close At Hand,
Oati-White, 33(33405 grey, ioji;rolled,
cases, 3.75
Inbagi, 4.355-35. barrel, 4-50 7-i
January 27th wc will commence to move to 257
Commercial street, the building.now occupied by
G W, Johnson & Son, Our removal sale will
close on Saturday next, to take advantage of our
extremely low prices while you have an opporv
Potatoes,. NewOreeon. IhcOsoc per lack.
Hay.. Good, 5.50(3850 per ton.
Wool. .Valley, 11c; Eastern Oregon, 7oc.
Mlltstufls. . IJran. Stt.50i2.50; ahorts, 13
n;chapfeed,!2l5 per ion; rjre. 75c per c.
lltaen..gieen, &aneu 00 10550; unuer
60 Ibi -((Sc; heep pelts, lo"oc.
Horn. Oregon, 4 to SCi according to qual.
Duller.. Ureeon fancy creamery, 400945;
fancy dairy, 35; fair to good, 3o35J
common, I7c.
Cheese .Uiegon full cream, izi3c,
Enes . . Orecon. 1820 per dozthastern,
iSc pcrdoz.
Poultry.. Chiikens, 250 per doz J
ducks, J4 oo6; geese, S6.oo7.oo; tur
keys, S9c; dressed, iot2c.
Jieet.. lopsteers, 2(0)23.50 per lb; lair
to good steers. 2y,2 3-sc; cows, 22c;
dressed beef, J5VtC.
Mutton.. Heat beef, 2.oo2.25; choice
ewes, i.craU 00: dressed, 4C
Hogs.. Choice, heavy, $3 0003.40; light
and eeders; $2 75; dressed, 4VJe per Id.
Veal., Small, choice, 56c; large, 34c
uer id,
Wheat, .50c per bu., market firmer.
Oats .17c.
on them and bnlrl hear! with tin linlr .,"' .. 4.505.oo; timothy,
.. !..., ., 11 ir... ..t .1... ii J 5
The Last Week,
As tills is our last week on 1Stte street, we win
offer all remnants and broken lines regardless of
Shoes, Hats and Furnishing Goods,
The remainder of these lines' we will close out
at half price this week, Call before the sizes and
styles are broken,
5. M. & E. ii. STOCK
OPEKA HOUSE Grand Successful Week. OPERA HOUSE
on them at all. Most of the bald
heads belong to the sterner sex, but
the club lias a special dispensation
which grants ladles with l:Id heads
tlie privilege of lcroniliic members
of the club with all the rights that
the male members have in regard to
talcing the test, And theynre taking
advantage of the opportunity afforded,
toe: for there are several Indie who
have hcemiie members of the bald
head elub and are taking the pre
scribed course of treatment.
wonderful elllcaey of this medicine In
nM&ii,,,iCo1' -, I'wtrlnl bottles
at J' red 1. Lemr'Milrnt'iitnm i,.nin.
sire ROo and 91. h
LKawLATOKB.-Hiraiii Smith of
the city council. J. T. Mntiiinun ..r
Knglowood nnd K. M. Wnite, tho
printer, aw mentioned by their friend
for legislative honors.
Ocwate Of Ointmsnts for Catarrh
contain Mercury,
JmSii' ". "Ve,i ,U,,ry e sense of
smtll and completely deiangc U whole y(.
tern whii enieilPE U ihrouch the uuewi
wifKM Such anlclfs sl.ould never be uinl
eseept on prcscilptiont icpuiable physician
"the damage hc- will do U ten folj to , ih
ft f a Jri;e Iron. then.. U
Catann Cui. inanufa,iiu,rd by V. J. Cheney
ft Ui , lolli O . 101m in u .S
In.n. II.. .-.!." .."...""" I " u
Moiii'iiiNK Victim. Kdgnr M.
Ilrynn, of Wlllamlna. Yamhill county,
brought lwforo County Judge Hubbard
today .by K. It. Scelcy, on charge of
insanity. A llttlo Inquiry revealed
tlie fact that he Is a morphine tlcnd.
Judgo Hubbard telephoned to County
Judgo Mngers at McMlnnvllle, and ho
would not stnnd more tlinn tho ex
lenso of a doctor's examination.
Judgo Hubbard declined to try the
man for Insanity unless .Mngers would
guarantee tho entire o.xpemo of tho
Nkw Majoh. An election has been
ordered to tako place lit this city on
the 3d of nuxt moth for the selection
of a major to tho Second lteglinent,
to 1111 tho vacancy caused by the roslg
nation of Major 1). C. Sherman.
Lieutenant-Colonel M. V. Hunt. nltl.
de-campon tlio start of Governor Lord,
win act us Inspector or the election.
Maolkay.-T. T. (ieor, AV. T.
Unuis(l(ii..lriliii Crtili. Up .,11, 1 rin.
Slineral were chosen delogatos to tho
lortlUllil t'liimmttini 1 tf P.iiMii.ii
0,ni,M,.,iT,.lc c,Hh ls lw,nK re-orgaulmi !
linn inn in- iiiui in ino strongest 11
IlK Is a "Con." -Con. Kellohor.
wiitencedto tlie penitentiary for ten
yours, was brought up from Portland
last oenlng by ShOrllf George C.
Soars, the crliuo, for which he will do
time, was burglary.
Republican Ctubs.
The McKlnley Republican club of
South Salem meets at Dane's brick
store Saturday evening nt 7::t0 to elect
The Abraham Lincoln Bimetallic
Republican club will meet at Uarron's
hall at Woodburn, at 2 o'clock In the
afternoon, Saturday, January 23, 1890,
for the puriioso of electing delegates
to the stato convention of the Young
Men's State Republican club, to bo
hold at Portland, February 4. Music
will bo furnished by the Glee club.and
an address will be delivered by I).
Hofer, of Salem.
President. Secretary.
A meeting of the McKlnley Repub
lican club, of Woodburn, will bo held
Saturday afternoon, February 1st,
commencing at 1:30 o'clock. HonT.
T. Geer and other prominent speakers
will address the club. Campaign songs
will bo sung by tho Woodburn Glee
club. Delegates will bo elected to at
tend the State Republican Leacuo
convention In Portland, February 4th,
u ne annual election of olllccrsof tho
club will also take place.
. layman, w. W. Hall,
President. Secretary.
hvcry reader of Tin: Journal
should look up the list of premiums
given absolutely free with this paper.
The Weukly Journal at SI a year Is
the cheapest paper on the Pacific
coast, yet with It we give yearly sub
scriptions to any of the following
valuable publications, each known to
tho world as a standard In Its Held:
Tho Toledo Illado,
The Queen of Fashions,
The Farm ?ews,
The Child Garden.
mi...... .... i....i ...
nicsu wuuauie puoucations are
each worth a SI a year, yet woglve
you your choice, one year free, for a
Sl.f0 subscription to Tiik Journal.
either the Daily for six months or
the Weekly for eighteen months.
See the list, nnd don't neglect to profit i
by it.
uon't do deceived Into paying for
Mj-caucd premiums offered with high
priced papers at a slight advance.
Kcmeinber The Journal Is the
cheapest newspaper on tho Pacific
coast, and It gives you high grade
premiums without additional charge.
Hour .In wholesale lots, 3.50; retail,
2 80; bran,, bulk 9.00; sacked, 12 00;
shorts, M. oo 1 2.00; chop feed, 2.oo
VeaL.Dressed. ,
1 1 os.. Dressed, 3&.
Live Cattle., 1 ;2f.
Mieep..Live, 2.00.
Vool .Rest, I2c. "
nop ocst, 4(Se.
Fk'us..Ca.h. Ih'c.
Huitcr.,Rf dairy, 150; fancv
creamery, 25c
Cheese.. Iu(h,I2c.
lann Smoked ileus. . Itaci, 7.; ham
t" J shoulders, 70.
Potatoes.. 20c per bit.
Onions, ,2c.
kV kV ky t
oiocK c onit)ariv.
Entirely New Repertoire of Plays,
Wfx: A Kentucky
Janu.ary.2A . TU4mrU'UuJ
s r n tr r ms
Ten Dollars Given Away Every
The same pleasing price of admission, 10c, 20 and 30c
rtus-M-Vf d eats at Patton's Bros.' bookstore without extra charge. '
$1.20 Fresh Arrivals, $1,20
The Union Bargain Stare has just opened some great bargains
in Shoes-
Shoes, Worth $1,50 for $120,
This is a fine dress shoe, and is sold by some dealers as high
us mgii as oi.o3, r ou cannot attord to buy
shoes without seeing us.
M, J, Matson,
The Salem
Woolen Mills Store,
ta)lt.BIUil'. CMwih fu,e U su'VS el"
tho cenulne hUii.ni ,i..' . M
- ii iiiit hiiii inkii
n ai,i, i ii.. .. .... .-
iliM.l.frr y,,J' thenC.Te
.Soll, by nrujguu. ptM ccllf a U(
'! JJMUtlJf!
I Big Reductions
Winter Drc&3 Goods . ,
Woolen Underwear . , ,
Mens and Boys' Suits
Mackintoshes. . . .'.
All must Ik wild. Prices out deep.
te&!'1 Ji W of Jni
wSr Try thefir r OMUe ,tmtu
mhhis Hitos. & co,
ru i wil V?rt ?,ua HS'ty street.
lNCOIH)ItATHl.--Tllu Xnrlli Pm.lil..
lu.nu spirit of Portland has
urucius or lucoriKinitlon
with the
iHM.Mussongor System Is now giving
a much Improved sorvlco having Me.s.
muni; iiuiiinieii on hlcyclos.
Wbatiikh FoiutoAST. - Saturday
there is rain In store for the injoplo f
AN esturu Oregon.
Hood'? u WonderfulT
o iuM wonderful are the curtum.
wunpllshed by H.hkIV ,11."
m do u li ? 1'ro'" wcnielem
25 cents. ' ,hV' 1M,n or Rl.
Children Cry for .
Pitohr'i Onftor!.
The Albany attorneys for Lloyd Mont
gomory, have received a letter from
Judge llurnott, stating that ho would
not render a decision upon tho bill of
exceptions for an appeal to tho sn.
promo court until the attorneys on
lH)th sides have lieon heard. Wednes
day, January 20, was set for tho hear
ing. As this Is only two davs before
tho date bet for tho execution of tho
iiiumcror, u is almost certain a stay
or execution w 111 be granted.
KX'K"-A-1, tl'o famllv home, corner
vk .Wi m,0H,nK. Janary 24
Sit.' a,ul Mrs" JauMW K.
Oaths! Dathsl Dathsl
, aitoyo porcelain baths, six baths
or . Children's hair ou tt ng, Sffir
12 years of age.16 cents. K' r
l'l J. C. Miu3, Prop.
The Chase Stock Company.
"Damon and Pythias" was played
at the opera house last night by tho
favorite company, every member
proving himself to bo an artist In tho
strictest sensojof tho word. They
. ii iiiiyiiiuig, uetter lifted to
uaiuiio legltmate nnd blank versn
parts than melo drama and farce
comedy, which however, Judging from
tho respective size of tho audience,
please their patrons bettor. "Dr."
T. C. Smith was called for the $10,
but bolug absent, .Mrs. A. M. Patrick
received It upon the second call. To
night tho wants of tho masses will be
catered to and a sensational and
comedy drama entitled "A Kentucky
-Thoroughbred" will bo presented; a
very realistic horse racoseonn win.
special scenery and effects will be one
oi uu mam teatures of the play. In
lfl1 1 1 trtt A 41.. ... . "
..V.M.V.U.. IU VW 3,0 glVen Uway
Kin, me liaiulsoinost. in,iv nr.j
homellst man will each receive
presents. Their qualifications to
cla m theso gifts by vote of tho
"' ?."CeA For th0 mat,neo tomorrow
Little Coquette" w bo repeated
by request when every child attend-
Jng will receive a package of candy
100 Dozen Chickens.
What price will they pay ? The higlv
est price ever paid in Salem, Don't be afraid
of bringing too much, as all can be taken
care of, Poultry must be delivered on Feb,
nj or 4, Call and see us,
Our Patent Poultry Car will Leave Salem Fcbruarv 5
Must have poultry by that time, rcoruary b
iniynMAMNyilh h?y thr" month, old
" - - K. .:. ,u uo General houjework
Enquire at C. W. ScrllwSomh Salem
WANTED.-A bell-a arm bell
formaton in Lock box 368, Salem
trTl oav .. -'
"Kt; iw omce. nth ki. v.. .. . . r:
Urop In
' 3-3t
OM People.
Old people who require medlcinn
vgu ato u,o tawoia And Udnffw
"! "VV,? wly In Electric II
vif 1 uih iiiinirMiik iIaa .
l aCtS as IttnillPnml
It acts inildlv 1.1, .1...
aYA 'pbowels. adding stwng h
i.v.Miirt..t..;.L;.i" "'."'" is an
old PoOT
mitu , Children Cry for
Itohr'i Ottorlii.
(Ilfrliest Honors World's Fair,
Medal, Midwinter Fair.
vMoit Perftct Made. j
32 3f
WANTED-Man and lf ,n ..... ...I " .
lde for a term of three monthi or loneer ad
Wrd proprietor, AddreX. this office. "J
WANTEn t. ...". : .
P.O.NEWS STAMn if... - .
leadine dllv nlZZZ.JVK" " the
ription, .4en for The Weekly C' f"b
Rne toek of eieau n.l wl.-' hxa",her.
Miller Prop eCOnfec,,0ne,y W.
. 1 LL I 14 Im
"When Baby wm tick, wa care her Oaatoria.
When aha w am, the cried for Caatorla.
Vhca iho became Jllsa, tho clang to CaatorU.
Wh the had Children, the WT8 them c,,,
Ete. Vh of
d Ai tnTufc and !i"uTP
The clothing busk
ness in Salem during
the past year has, in
a general way, had its
rough sailing, But the
Woolen Mills Store
has stood like Gibral
ter and sold the most
and best goods, It's
home-made and all'
wool goods, coupled
with square dealing,
nas done that busi
ness, and the intention
of the managers is to
put in a large stock the
coaling season at
prices that will corres
pond with small in'
comes, and at the
same time the standi
ard of these popular
goods will be fully
kept up, and its many
friends and patrons
can rely in the future
on getting reliable
goods, the same as in
the past.
MdeooHntaton. IuSmK, '
Kacine, Wu. -i,' uo.,
maiion from JrSof 2.7uff nfot7
country from the lWri-,e,C01$t a"J
(Allen',, vSX&kSSSir .B-UL"?.
TT-r ---.., mj nrr
LAk'F iiinisr: :
brown Zr.n';r-w io
. Vk- -rrun HPr ior sale chfm y
aD6o&Ul,ln8 Undtr - 'baft!
hi. IS :-" ", "r. c?t, bat
EU,e office, up"sair, SZSTJffi
i-a im
2SS. 1ff5?SSdg2S
iclatic rheumatism eat' AUTn' filtu,J
We have a SSSSffih i?1"0' d"e,
Box 169,
CO.. for
We cure
... 011 wmch is irorkinn
Traveling AEent, Eugene, Or,
horse, weighing utaot 1 ,to..d,,k XY
forhead. hr.ndXi:.",,'-VIS0:.wh"e tar in
y mate weUJhuTg abou, , Z ' h ' 'W
knuwn. Liberal reward i.,:.ra?d
uorsw or Information ibaat ,C v a l?r Ulc
AdamSm, c..7?Sut wera. Address
LiAirm. .--.
. .., w,,
Dealer in groceries, paints, oils,
window glass, varnishes, and
the most complete stoce of
brushes of all kinds in the
state. Artists' materials, lime.
hair, cement and shincles. and
finest quality of grass seeds.
W. F. R. SMITH & CO.
(Successors to Smith & Schindier.)
Tftnfid R afthmit k
viuuviUJ. UlWVllULlllVUVt
IHorseshoelng a specialty. New shois
full set, $1.50. Only the best work done.
Job work a specialty. Prices the lowest
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