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VOL. 8.
,. SAiiUM, okegon, Wednesday feuhtjaky r, i8G.
?i -
r s TTiri
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the eastern and European Conservatories
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u. 1. iunvL,n.r. ircimcni
R. A HtRlTAGE Vocal Director
EMIL L. WINKLER, Instrumental Director.
Agent Mortgagee.
The Government Trying to
Prevent It.
Mexican Officials On 'thTAlort for
the Fight.
El Paso, Feb. 12. Corraul Buford,
the American representative nt
Juarez, thinks the Fltzslmmon-Mnhcr
fight will take place. He so declared
In nn Interview Tuesday. "What
action he will take he declined to say,
but admitted that ho had received In
structions ns to whut he was to do In
the event that the pugiltstsattempted
to meet lu the ring.
"I believe tho big fight will take
place," the consul said, with an air of
conviction. "No, I shall not seo It. 1
might, were the conditions governing
nic here different. I have received
instructions from Washington. They
are, of course, secret, and I am not at
liberty to talk. I am convinced, how
over, that tho fight will take place.
The Impression prevails that Consul
Buford has information that make
his declaration authoritative, and his
mannor when lip said tho big mill
would be brought off convoys that he
speakB by tho card. Nor aro tho dec
larations of tho governor of Chihua
hua and the mayor of Jaurcz greatly
out of 'olnt with those of tho Ameri
can consul. The gist of the Mexican
officials' remarks aro as fpllews: "If
we can prevent it tho light will not
take place."
The governor and mayor seem to
doubt tholr separate and joint power
to prevent tho fight. Miguel Alunuda,
governor of Chihuahua, 'arrived from
tho scat of government of that state.
lie was accompanied by a gubernator
ial guard of 50 state- troops. Infantry
front tho garrison met tho governor
at tho Mexican Central station and
acted as escort. Tho governor Is a
flnc-looklng military man.
El Paso, Feb. 12. Tho rural militia
aro arriving at Juarez this morning,
and were sent byGovernor Ahumada
to patrol the river bank of an Island
in tho Rio Grande, which is disputed
territory. The governor directed it
should be occupied by his men, with
instructions to allow no prizefights
upon it. Tho governor reiterates this
morning that, while ho was personally
in favor of allowing a fight, ho could
not, in tho face of positive orders
of President Diaz, allow it to bo held
on Mexican soil. Later in tho day tho
governor will hold a conference with
Adjutant-General Mabry of Tcxasand
United States Marshal Hall, of Now
John L. Sullivan and Paddy Ryan
arrived this morning. Stuart is con
fident as ever, and says tho fights will
surely come off.
Venezuela to Act.
London, Feb. 12. It is announced
on authority that following tho ad
vice of tho United States, "Venezuela
has practically decided to send a rep
resentative to London, with power to
open direct negotiations with tho gov
ernment of Great Britain for tho set
tlement of the boundary dispute.
Durrant Given More Time.
San Francisco, Feb. 12. At tho
request of the district attorney, who
delres more time to examine the bill
of exceptions in the Durrant case,
Judge Murphy today granted Durrant
a further stay of 20 days.
The very next time you need
a flavoring extract try Fry's,
They are fine. Made in Salem,
Co 10c, 25c aoJ 50c,
Policy of the Council That Will Try
V H!m.
I Uiv Vmupiorvi V.ili 1' 'I'lwi mill.
IsterawhoAvill sit an Judges In tho
council Summoned to try Rev. Dr.
BroWn have decided iiUti the policy
which will mark tho trial. Dr Brown
will not i only bo tried upon these
charges which arc generally known,
hut lie- vfoll bo asked to answer other
charges', which, lu tho projfrow of In
vestigation, may be made.
It is understood that Dr. Brown at
tempted to Influence the action of the
deacons as to what members should
constitute tho connclj, and In tho
characterisation of the charges them
selves. He exerted every energy to
secure tho admission of churches
south of Tyhnchnpi, and also to elimi
nate froui tho invitations to the
churches 'the phrase, "certain
charges." tin both efforts he was un
successful. A
Mrs. Sarah B. Cooper, having boon
made the ntjcct of attack by friends
or Dr. Brown,, bus become naturally
the leader oT hls opponents. She has
asserted that she held in reserve a
witness who would prove conclusively
tho guilt of the accused pastor. Some
thing of the personality of this wit
ness nnd something of the testimony
which tho person will give have boon
learned. )
Tho first 'important developments
occurred at tho meeting of thosovcral
ministers who will try Dr. Brown. At
tho Monday club the gentlemen who
have becomo members of tho council
because they arc pastors of tho
churches which havo been Invited,
held an Informal session In one of tho
parlors of tho Y. M. C. A. The let
ters missive, or invitation", were dis
cussed. An endeavor was made to
construo theso letters so far as they
had referenco to Lho.6cupunf tho In
quiry. It was decided In tho first
place, that tho deacons oMho First
Congregational church meant, with
out qcstlon, to ask for tho fullest In
quiry. This Investigation, It was
decided, should not only Inclulo tho
consideration of evldenco lu referenco
to tho charges mado by Mrs. David
son, tho Stockton episode, and tho
affair In which Miss Ovormau Is In
volved, but also charges which any
person should dcslro to make.
It was also tho opinion of tlioso
present that any person, either tho
accused pastor or a witness, should bo
given tho right to bo represented by
attorneys'. This means that Mrs.
Cooper, as well as Dr. Brown, will bo
represented by an attornoy,
Tho council will demand that tho
representatives of the First Congrega
tional church explain tho meaning of
tho letters missive sent to various
churches. Thoy aro assured theso let
ters place no restrictions upon tho In
quiry, and with that assurance, they
will proceed. Tho deacons of the
First Congregational church spent
several hours In framing tho letters
missive to the various churches.
"When tho original draft was mado Dr.
Brown objected to tho phrase, "cer
tain charges." Ho preferred to havo
the accusations characterized us
"rumors," but tho deacons Insisted on
tho word "charges," and so it was
sent out to tho churches. Dr. Brown
also asked that tho Southern Congre
gational churches of tho state, bo in
vited to take purt in tho council, Ho
was anxious to have tho Rev. Dr. Day,
of Los Angeles, as a members.
Photography and Surgery.
CaiOAao, Feb. 12. Cathode rays
were put to uso for tho first tlmo to
day In surgical operation. Casper
Smith who had been shot In the hand
several years ago, offered himself as
a subject. Tho bullet lu his hand was
small. The Injured hand was ex
posed to cathode rays for about an
hour. The plato disclosed an excel
lent likeness. Physicians removed
the bullet. Smith suffered but little
Children Cry for
Pitohtr't Cattorla.
CO '
February 12 to Be Made a
Legal Holiday.
The American League Are Now in
Washington, Feb. 12. In tho
senate today PelTcr came forward with
a lengthy resolution, proposing a
senate Investigation of tho circum
stances of all the recent bond Issues.
The resolution proposed nspcclal com
mittee of live senators. Merrill asked
that the resolution go to tho tlnanco
committee, but it went over by tho
rules until tomorrow. Among tho
favorablo reports presented was ono
on Hale's bill making February 12th,
Lincoln's blrthday,a national holiday.
In the house Cannon presented a sen
ate joint resolution appropriating $75,
000 for tho purposo of making a Joint
survey, together with England, of tho
tho boundary lino between Alaska and
British territory. Tho resolution was
adopted. Tho house then resumed
consideration of the bond sliver bill.
Baltimore, Feb. 12. Vlco Presi
dent Perkins was in tho chair of tho
leaguo American Wheelman today
and took up tho consideration of now
business. The motion was adopted,
authorizing the president to appoint
a coihmlttco to draft a resolution to
bo presented at' thV various legisla
tures, declining bicycles to bo personal
baggage. Amendments to tho consti
tution were then taken up.
Tho first considered was tostrlko
out of article 1, section 2, tho words,
"and to promote and regulate cycle
racing on tho track." Tho amend
ment was rejected by a vote of 130 to
10. This means that tho leaguo will
retain control of tho cycle racing.
Los Ancielks, Feb. 22. S. S. Wells,
of tho Syracuso racing team, broke
tho three-quarter mllo .flying start,
class B, world's record this morning,
paced by two quads. Time, 1:18.
Decorated by the Mikado,
Wichita, Kan., Feb, 12. C. II.
Davidson, president of tho Kansas
National bank, or this city, has re
ceived notlco thai his son, James W.,
has beep decorated by tho emperor of
Japan with tho order of tho Rising
Sun, ho being tho first foreigner so
honored since It was conferred on Sir
Edwin Arnold five years ago. Tho
decoration wns given on account of
tho valuable Information given tho
Japaneso troops in Formosa by which
they gained tho capital.
Mr. Davidson Is only 2.J years old,
and Is one of tho young men who went
searching for tho North polo with
Peary. Ho practically lost tho use of
a leg in tho north of Greenland while
saving two companions from a snow
drift. His father and friends aro
highly elated over tho honor con
ferred. Wicked Mob Work.
Sullivan, 111., Fob. 12, Grant At
terbury, tho murderer, was taken from
tho Jail hen this morning, dragged to
tho court yard in hh night shirt, and
hung to a tree. He pleaded plttously,
protesting his Innocenco, crying:
"Thank God, you aro -hanging an In
nocent man."
The mob was wild and restless until
tho mun was strung up in the air,
when they Immediately dispersed.
Tho gang woh well organized, and
masked with white handkercalcfsor
pairs of whlto cloth, and wero all
heavily armed.
Weather Fouoast. Haln tonight
t and Thursday.
Thursday and Frltluy cvo our people
wero greatly interested In listening to
lectures delivered by Charles Nott.
Also on Friday evening a ball was
given at Hold's hall. Tho proceeds
will bo given to build sidewalks.
Sattuday the teachers' institute
was held In our line school house. Tho
teachers from the surrounding schools
were well represented. Professor
Graham performed tho duties of
chairman with his usual vim. Tho
program was-full, Including patriot
ism, reading, writing and grammar.
Miss Ganns of Stayton and Miss Anna
Alderson if Aumsvlllo established
the fact that the gentlemen teachers
had better look a little out.
Rev. Kayno preached Sunday morn
ing and evening at the Christian
The sidewalk Is completed from the
church to the depot. Thanks to the
ladles of Aumsvlllc.
Protracted meetings nre to bo held
at tho Christian church all of this
week. All aro praying that our editor
may get converted.
Mrs. Susan Smith and Charles
Smith havo been quite sick, but wo
understand they are better now.
Marlon district school closed last
Friday night, with a good program In
the evening,
It. TVltny has been a great sufferer
for the past two weeks, with Brlght's
dlscnso Ho was some better at the
last report.
Mrs. Joseph Cook, who has been dan
gerously 111 for tho last week, Is on
the mend again.
Mrs. M. R. Nortln has also been 111
for tho last week.
Miss Mary Buthorford had another
attack of hemorrhago of tho lungs
last Sunday, whllo at church.
Mrs. Suesbo and Mrs. Mnttlo Ellis
havo both been suffering with neural
gia. A. B. George, who has been on tho
sick list for three weeks, with rheu
matism and neuralgia, Is sgalnablo to
bo up about the houso.
Mt. and Mrs. Will Barnott, of Al
bany, wore tho guests of N. J. Had
ley for a fow days, last week. Mr.
and Mrs. Barnett wero again arrang
ing to start soon for California, on n
health seeking tour,
W. J. Hadlcy and Will Fresh has a
contract for a lot of railroad wood,
and Will Fresh, Ed. McCain, M. D.
Ellis and Johnny Walker, aro tho
Jolly company that Is doing tho
Al Patton also has a contract, and
Is assisted by Mr. Hack and Mr, Bai
N. O. Morris, who has been at Now
berg for two weeks, Is at homo again.
Reports say that quite a number of
farmers around Marlon havo started
tho plows this morning, preparatory
to spring sowing, nnd good spring seed
wheat Is in good demand.-
William Webb, with his now grub
bing muchlno, commenced pulling
stumps for B. F. llonshaw last Monday.
Mr. Webb knows ust how it Is done,
and it is a protty good sized stump
that ho can't pull.
Frank Wiseman has moved hlnshoo
shop from Tho Eplor houso Into tho
building occupied by Mr. Forsythe,
across tho railroad.
Mrs. Drako was called to Portland
last week, to tho bedside of ono of
hor sons, who was dangerously 111
Tho Woodmen of tho World organ
ized u lodge here February 3d with
fourteen members, whllo Dr. Hawk,
of Jefferson, took In $14 for exami
nation of applicants.
Salem quarterly meeting of Friends
church convenes at Marlon on Friday
tho 14th at 2 p. m., und contlnuo over
tho Sabbath following.
Mrs. Will Fresh, who wont to
Kansas last Ml, returned to Marion
again last week.
Mr. and Mrs. Joo Doran drovo to
Stayton Monday, and whllo returning
at about midnight In passing Mr.
Norton's their team shied at some
thing by the roadside, and by tho
breaking of ono of tho lines tho team
became uuniunageblo and Jumped tho
fiont fenco Into Mr. Norton's front
Highest of all in Leavening
DVaI Baking
yard taking buggy and all, and after
making two or three circles In the
yard during which time Mrs. Doran
leaped from the buggy nnd barely
escaped being run over by tho team in
making .tho next circle. They mnd6
lortucgnp mndcunon entcrlntr the
yard where tl.ey left Mr. Doran who
ty this lime was considerably shook
up. In making a short turn for town
the buggy was unset and vulv rtr.
mollshcd. Tho team was caught at
Jelfcrson later by Mr. Allen. Tho
team is badly used up ami Mr. and
Mrs. Doran feci the elfect of their ox.
Miss Mary Rutherford had threa
attacks of hemorrhage Tuesday morn
King Hlbbard, chairman of thePop
ullst county central committee, called
that body to order at the city hall at
10 a. m. today.
Report wns adopted making appor
tlonmentof Marlon county ono dele
gate tit large nnd ono for each ten
votes or major fraction cast In tho
precinct for Natulan Pierce for gover
nor. Wednesday, March 25, io a. m. was
set as tlmo for holding county conven
tion at Salem, aa;l March 21 at 1 p.
in. as date for primaries.
Following niembors of tho county
central committee wero present:
O. D. Weaver, F. J. Beatty, J. M.
Payne, It. It. Ryan, Frank Allen, S.
Wood, Chas. Miller, G. W. DImlck.K.
L. Hlbbard, W. II. II. Darby, D. E.
Swnnk, J. P. Murphy, M. Bailey,
Geo. A. Robb, T. T. McClellen, Thos.
Lalond, G. P. Cadwell. J. S. Rosier,
King Hlbbard, I. M. Wagner, J. P.
Robertson, John Jory, Thos. Jory,
About twenty others wore In at
tendance. World's Oreatent Jockey Dead.
LrxiNQTON, Feb, 12. Isaao B. Mur
piy, a fomons negro Jockey, died this
morning of heart disease. Ho was
35 years old, and for years tho great
est Jockey In tho world. Ho leaves a
fortune of about $50,000.
The I'attlson Doom.
IlAimisnuna, Ph., Feb. 12. Tlt
Patttsou boom for tho presidency was
launched with much enthusiasm to.
day at tho meeting of tho stato Demo
cratic committee, to arrango for the
next stato convention.
Against High Schools.
Eoitoh Jeurnal: Tho nrtlelo In
In the Daily Jouhnal or February 0
from tho Roseburg Plnlndcalcr, hits
tho right nail on tho head, In regard
to high school appropriations. Our
hearts beat In unison to tho sama
tunc Yes, wo consider this as one
of tho many Impositions which have
beon heaped upon tho many for tln
upbuilding of a fow, who, as ho says
aro amply nolo to educate their own
children. Let the ball bo kept rolling
onward until tho common children
can sharo In all tho appropriations
mado by tho leglslaturo for school
purposes, Is our prayer.
A. B. Geohok.
Marion, February 11.
Almobt New. A Minnesota binder
lu Reed condition almost new. will
sell cheap. D. M. Evans, (lvo miles
cast of Salem. d-w
Five carloads of hogs, bought In
ITnmtllliL iTiiintv. whom shinned from
W ,.. v n..V(rf ..--w- -,.--ft-4-,
Pendleton to Portland Monday,
The D scoy ry I or d UiL '
Mr. G. Calltoulte. Drngcltt, lieavcnvilte,
III, ayi; "'To Dr. King'a New Dlicovcry I
owe my Hie Wat taken wiih l. unppo
arut Hied all the pnytlciarts lor rmlc alxiut.
but of no avail and ura given up and lold
I could not live. Having Ur.King' New
discovery In my tt re I tent for a bottlv and
tKgan its ue and from ihe firu ilOe trgan to
Hd better and after using three bottles was
up and about ailu It is worth Its wclftlit
In gold. We won't keep store or house
without It " Get a free trial at 1'redA.
Legg's Drug Store.; ZHSSm
Power, Latest U. S. Gov't Rtftfrt
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