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Daily Capital Journal
WEDNESDAY. FEB. 10,1390.
I hereby announce myself as a
candidate for Hie olllcc of COUNTY
ASSESSOR subject to the will of the
comity Kcpufollcan convention.
d-w J. A. YAN' EATON.
I ' The people understand what Is
I meant by log-rolling for appropria
! tlons. It Is the easiest and most un
lucrupulons way to get public money
I for Improper purposes.
! The people well understand that
;' the Portland ring politicians got con
j trol of the lat general appropriation
bill; and that, owing to the deadlock
killing a great many bills carrying
annronrlatloiH, they loaded some of
tlmlr schemes and Jobs to reward their
not and favorites upon the general
appropriation bill. The lower house
i knocked out a good many of these, but
Editor .Statesman: I notice a col! the w?natc, entirely controlled by
.imnlnTHBCAPiTALJouiWALoflastj,,,,, snion and ,,, crcw
evening denouncing the supreme court I , , .
f ,r Its decision In the Duster,. Oregon ' I''"1 rc,torPtl U,em'
narin... ..n.. i thn Piin.r of The' In Oregon the . governor has no
.founs'AL the same man who voted in1 power fo veto Items in the general
the legislature for the 8140,000 for that appropriation bill.
ajy,1,n,? IJfQCIKBK. ! T, bn, . k, d lu.fo.o. and
all appropriations stopped for two
years or a special session held, or the
governor must approve the bill.
In California the governor, under
Salem, Feb. I8th.
The above is printed in the Salem
Statesman, .'Hid the only reply neces-.
snry is the fact that when (lie last
hfrl.i1nt urn ivnc In fiitcafnri flip Vn.forn
, .,.,., .the new constitution, bus the right to
Oregon asylum case was still before
the supreme court and the original
bill passed by the previous legislature
was simply re-enacted, and no one
"pposcd lt,as It was considered merely
n matter of form. The (senate bill to
re-enact the appropriation was read
three times and passed the house un
der suspension of the rules on Febru
ary 14th, with but one opposing vote,
Mr. TJgard, of Washington county.
It was a matter of courtesy to the
Eastern Oregon people nnd of decency
to the supreme court to re-enact a bill
that was still before the court. Not
to have done so would have been to
take the case out of the hands of the
supreme court, and tho fact that
Governor Lord signed the bill ought
to convince anyone that there could
be no Impropriety about a Marlon
county member voting for It. Besides
His admitted that, more accommo
dations for insano arc required In
Oregon and bad to bo provided by an
appropriation for a new building or
wing to the present asylum at Salem,
or elsewhere. Tho umall-borc States
man who seeks to make capital at the
capital city by opposing necessary
appropriations or opposing men who
voted for them is in very small busl
new. Tiik Jouunal Is not fighting
tho location of a branch asylum in
Eastern Oregon. If the supremo court
hnd declared in Its first decision that
a branch Institution could bo located
anywhere In Oregon and that It would
hi constitutional It would have cut
the whole controversy off short. Hut
it has three times refused to con
strue the constitution, and the people
aregottlng tired of legal technicali
ties and want a square decision.
Tub JouuN'Ar. prcdluts that
Eastern Oregon asylum will never bo
in mis yeorv state tax levy, but ..o
contntoilms yot been made. It is
much to bo doubted If a contract can
owr bo made or enforced, or If money
la collated from the taxpayer If It
onn aver 1 oxiwnilwl under a law so
cbarly unconstitutional us that Croat
Ing the Eastern Oregon asylum. Tiik
Jouunal Is not condemning the su
prjinooourt, or the location In East
ern Oregon. It Is Minply Insisting on
the constitutional limitations being
appllstl In nil cases for the protection
of tUa wind people. Tiik Jouhnwu
has Imoh willing at all tluiM to ac
cord the people of Eastern Oregon fair
pi .y and a. chaiuw to develop their
resourtw. Wo fored tho
Histirn l)ro asylum unpro.
prlatlon ami tho appropriations
for the portage railway becaums wo
believe It Is fairness mid Justice to
the producers and taxpayers of thow
woilons. Hut If tho constitution
stauds in tho way It Is not our fault,
and we do not therefore or tlu'Miy
consent ton violation of the const .
tutlou, not even if the supreme court
says so.
veto any Item In the general appro
priation bill. The constitution should
be amended to this effect In Oregon.
It will be remembered that Governor
Hudd, of California, vetoed nearly a
quarter of a million of the Items in
the bill there. lie was warmly np-
plauded fordoing It. Not only should
he have that power but the consti
tution 6houid prohibit the legislature
rrora inserting any items in the ap
propriation bill but I hose providing
for the current expenses of the state
government and Its departments.
Then spurious legislative propositions
carrying appropriations would have
to stand on their merits.
Following from the San Frauclsco
Call is of Interest, as bearing on this
Stockton, Feb. 15. Governor Uudd
was present today at a meeting of the
directors and members of the San
I Yesterday marked the birth of the
' $nlversarj,nofcs Abraham Lincoln.
Wltb true appreciation aud respect
the representative American men as
sembled in banquet halls and public
places and offered up their most elo
quent tributes to the honored and be
loved name of XIocoJo-J A .period of.
-elgUtyc.ven. years has, elapsed since
the birth of that great American nnd
a period of thirty-one yeara since be
was ruthlessly cut down in all the
glory of his sterling manhood still
fresh, and its commemoration will
ever keep ablaze In this republic the
spirit of free government and true hu
manity. 2o character In all Ameri
can history has been a safer or truer
guide In the maintenance and love of
Republican principles than that of
Lincoln; in the world's history there
is recorded no better friend of human
ity, nor one who$c unselfish life has
left such a deep Imprint upon the
human race. The anniversary of this
great and good man's birth calls the
men of this nation out of themselves;
It causes them to forego, for a while,
their petty propensities and mark the
example of a genuine man. The name
of Lincoln, at all times, appeals to the
American nation with feelings born
of admiration, love and pity. Our
great and successful men of affairs
have come out of their counting
houses and other places of self ag
grandizement, and have poured out
their sincere tributes to the honor of
his name. When all their eloquence
in his praises have been spent, and all
their fervid tributes paid, his name
adamantinc-llkc will endure through
the coming ages and will be forever
the corner stone of the American re
public. Lincoln's character will
never die, save when the nations of
the earth have been consumed and
perish. Astoria Jfcws.
r VALLEYtfLraAirEWlf
Tb spiritualist Held a -meeting in ,
"Hldir'oSll this we&. Mis- Cooley "
delivered a very interesting lecture on
spiritualism. Several spirits visited
their friends through the Inlluenceof
Miss Cooler, gave good advice to their
frJends,-.nud some good Information. s
But there was one poor, lone, fprsaken (
cr.trOfli.if n,',l1 nnt find tt4 frlfillds:
and Ms friends could not of would riot.
recognize me spirit. e "uj ."
poor thing has found rest.
At the church Tuesday night we
were favored with a musical feast, by
Professors Darby and Yanburn, who
performed on the organ. The congre
gation were greatly entertained. The
church now has two organs. Thcj
professors can now both play nt the
same time.
The nrotractcd meetincs .continue. ,
Rev. Cain gives us Mime very instruct- J1
Ive sermons. The Interest Is good, '
and a number have decided to become
James W. Moyer lias built himself a
windmill on his lot. He now wants
to buy or borrow a well.
We are sorry to record the death of
Mrs. Geo. Baynard. The funeral took :
place on Monday. Her death was I
very sudden and unexpected. She
leaves a husband and four small '
children, who have the sincere sym
pathy of the entire coinmunty. '
""" - " ' - - -n sir -.tf W ..fcl h..i " JlllBte-
' ' T ZZ. -52rTL S A 1
r Sx IK;'1! WBm Jl
Cill Capit;i ' ra"
T H. I CiM, IL- HARRY TimtK nn H
-v v i ii t. vriaiiuini ii im i - Tr.... ,. .. ---., i mif.
Wl la 111 l nmirvi(L7l'KZJJ iS. I done nrnmntl..
vaW 5 J v
i v
r- "
What Docs It Mean.
(Sautliern Ongon Monitor.
State Senator C. A. Cogswell, the
well known polltlcan of Lakeview,
who recently changed his party front
by leavlui the Democratic party and
declaring allegiance to the principles
of Republicanism, had a $50 write-up
and double column portrait in Fri
day's Oregonian. It Is stated that
doughty senator was once a Repub
lican but came to this section when
the district was overwhelmingly Dem
ocratic, nnd from that time ou nfllll
atcd with tho Democratic party. Mr.
Cogswell's promtnenco increased until,
after his election at Jolntsenator to
represent Klamath and Lake counties
In the state legislature, he came to be
recognized as the political pooh dab of
Did You Ever. I
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trouble? II not, get a bottle now and get
relief. This medicine has been found to be
peemiarly adapted to the relief ana cure ol
all Female Compla'nts. exert a wonderful
direct influence in giving strcncih and tone to
the organs. If )ou have loss of Appetite,
Conttipation, Headache, Fainting Spells, or
are Nervous. Sleepless, Excitable, Melan
choly or troubled with Diny Spell. Electric
Bitters is the medicineyou need. Health and
Strength are guarcnteed by its me. Fifty i
cents ana SI.oo at J-red A, Lecg, Drug Store
When Baby waa tick, wo gave her Castorla.
When the wm a Child, he cried for Castor!.
"When aha becarn Alias, ahe clung to Castorla.
tllflt. lvirflnn nf tlin linnnli unci
Joaquin Valley Fair association, and region. He Is an attorney of rccog
In the course of his Indirect comments .nizedablllt as his career In the legls
on President Shlppec's statement, al-. iature Indicates. With the aid of the
leged to be derogatory to his oOlclal
treatment of the district associations.
bo made some interesting statements
Portland ring he secured a fee of $2000
In the last general appropriation bill,
for legal services In reclaiming from
Every reader of The Journal
should look up the list of premiums
given absolutely free with this paper.
The Weekly Journal at n a year Is
the cheapest paper on the Pacific
coast, yet with it we give yearly sub
scriptions to any of tho following
valuable publications, each known to
the world as a standard In Its field:
The Toledo Blade,
The largest piece of
Good tobacco
ever sold for io cents
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Ixave orJ... ?
V I j ri P rt i
Meets all mail and pasenEM t
gage,and express to' all $
rrompt service, Telephone N J
President " Kl
UjHtal. NaU
Transact a general banting Lun,
On farm land security. Spew!
rates on large loA,.
considcied withiut del
n.hi i...!iji.o -" atmii
mm mm
The Queep of Fashions,
In regard to his veto of economy. In tho cptinrnt mnrmm.ni. .nriin i.in The Farm News.
regard to the vote of tho fair appro ror the tatc of Oregon, although it is T,ie c,,,11 Garden.
prlatlon bill, the governor said that a 'admitted that his interest In tho re These valuable publications are
S Zt u"T WhS S ?? 1 -ter each wortha Si a year.yet weg.ve
unnn hiq iinrr fVr,w.V i iT .1 uian luat --e state. lie repaid for you your choice, one year free, for a
dhtrlc 2 ! fatb.totadlnSt"e. the assistance necessary to get this M.60 subscription to The Journal,
district raira out of the state treas- annronrlaMnn thmiifh hv i.ni,unni.. Ritlmrthn hatta tn d . . '
Dealars in alt,ktnds of fresh and salt meats
t3PFresh sausatj a soecialty.
3al Commercial st Cottle Block
Successor to C. M Beck & Co.
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lowest prices.
On city or farm propet'y.
OvcnHtish's Bank.
Shasta Route.
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nnnmnr nr nil mmitnii n imi.iin i. niriinrtiiA 11. rr. am niw .1..
iipv lnuninl. u l. - -"-I" "" uh.. ut uvmiii8 me " '' JHUI1HIS Of
16 000 w thniCr irZZZJT Ucmocrata " ' legislature bound to the Weekly for eighteen months.
ISinn (,lrectors of th0 I a party nominee when otherwise they See the list, and don't neglect to profit
UQn 1 would have assisted the cause of silver by it.
He said that tho brae had lioon bv votlntr for a bIIvop 1iAnni.11,..,.. f- Don't be deceived
renilums without additional charge
bracr had been by votlntr for a sllvor itfnniiin:,n rn uon't be deceived Into navim? for
matic inui tney could bring un In- United States senator. , so-called premiums offered with high
fluence to bear upon him which weuld: The decline of Democratic power In -irlced PaPcrs at a slight advance,
force him to sign the bill. j this Judicial district has brtuightwlfh -member The Journal is tho
"When I heard that," said the gov it the Impossibility of success of the c,ieaPcst nowspapcr on the Pacific
cr""r'"1 cussed." j doughty senator's ambition through coast and lt Blvc8 you high grade
aiio governor oeueved that the jieo that party, and besides his short aso
rs, ere taxed to death last vearand clutlon with tli i-in .. v. -.i
A) nintis determined to stnml h iiis im. Kn few ...., 1.. ... ...
hJlbvutmlscs of an economical admlnls llslied In liis homo naDer tlmt. i..
iratlou. If it had not been that hn would liArnffor ..nnin,- ,..m. .,.
Some money has leon le vied lHeved that it would entail consider Republican party. Of course In his
wit iMniuiin upon some or the in eminent position, his following nt
mates, ho said he would have vetoed home would Increase rather than de
the appropriation for two of the crease, and then, whatever ho wants
..-.v,v,ii.jiuuijl us wie present uis meiroDolItan friend
Office: W.llamelte Holt? Building
For water service apply at office. Bills
payable monthly in advance. Make all
complaints at the office.
t Open spicket to prevent freciing, posi.
lively prohibited. Care should bo taken
ifindanaer of freetinc to have smn .,!
waste gate closed see section 3 rules and rec
ulation No deduction in bills will be al.
ueu torausenceor torany cause whatever
unless water U cut of from premises.
California Express Train Run dai.7 between
Portland and San Fiancisco.
South j
8:50 p. m.
ii:oop. m.
i 0:45 a. m.
S.111 Fran.
J North
Alxve trains stop at East Portland, Oregon
City, Wo tlburu, Salem, Turner, Maiton.
jetterson, Albany. Albany lunction. Irvine.
Call It a Craze.
Children Cry ft
Uf-r'g Ctorl.
system Is entirely unnecessary.
him to.
can help
f "The habit of
lucrcatiug to an
hurther, the governor -said that he ut what Is It. Some papers Intl
would be In favor of consolidating San luoto t,l' would be n presidential
guoniln with Folxipj, cjp,ilng tho elector, others a delegate to the SMilSu Mo
former Inst tut on. an nmlor n,, ....... nat onal IfennMiLnn n,,v.i-. , thir niS?KSii,i5??i,,Z- ,I!V.Ktnu .derful remedy ever known
:;r.. .-- vv.ii ., .-.-." -v..ui.iuii, auu f.rt7rruW':"r""S"?,ne.niuu. Thehalfh n-v k ..u.
For could we witi ink the oce
The A'rM Yoti Ttibunt tn
Ukln? headache powders' 1
and no one is hurt. The undersigned have
dissolved partnership on State street, and has
op.ned a waon and carriage shop at o
Commercial st., in connection with Spracue
SUounk't blackMnith shop, oppo.ite the
Slate Insurance building where 1 will carry
a complete line of carriage and wagon wood
raateiUI. and I am ready to build or repair
any kind of vehicles on short notice, from the
heaviwt to the lightest, and will give prices
which have never been heaid of befo. I
guarantee all oik to give perfect satufactlon.
Give rue a call.
Salem, Oregon.
agomentthe crluilnals would Reared "! others Intimate he Is after num 5r,nci!?'liranyt0
tor at n fur less expense mthe state, crotis ather ottlces. It Is usually the SSteS'T ,0or-
When asked why ho approved the case that when a staunch partisan f? Mt&Z
S iSn"lt!,,,B.n,f tulhostl fa'M'o ; w to tho enemy he Is hailed tfaXlf,,',
Mid hat that Institution seemed to w" flight und nccortled a hearty vW&&&
stand in gnmt need of temnomrv,, i.i welcome. Uenubllmn i xv.Z.i w&nuS$rLW?.Jttau?lr
and that, as a state fair, It was a tati fegon havo failed to do tills in iw Fte-'SKSi'.BS JESllPStaWtof uwdV
Institution. well's case. Is it on account of his ,r,he'PPomfi.thcV?et.Ydo7e:."paU'
Ho a.tld that he ooiislil.r.,i 1 1,, i... record, or do tlm wi,n . .... . . -1- nne cases out of ten. Hip tm,,w i.
bad saved the state 11011,000 by his cn faithful In the ranks fear that Sntf1MJ!2d.n? a sin,P,e
rccortl, and he would contlnn in J ' his only deslr l. i i 111 . ' ?ffl"nlte t0. fe,"d. retve the
n t.i... .... - '. - tv.uv mi, iiiu "...., uuiiiu which (lernncrM i.
uiioiiiswnien ho considered a t.Mh Wiling of tho fattd oiif
Into the public treasury. The most Interesting feature of the
After some dlcusslon among the dl Interview referred to above Is Cones
rectors and members of tit ni.. well's liicliu..tiii, ,u
Hon a committee of tWwitw wa a)u I-Icy for his new love. Tt nol. y
r '-"I- - - -ww W MJ t4
otienuinc matter uhtrli .lm., .,..
KtnmiMi hm.1 .. .. . . . luc
.. ul4 umica iUe ueauactie. Dr.
S?tS2 P1rCnt rcUcts nre composed
?.of tl-e purest, concentred,
egeUble extracts. One Pellet is 1
dose; sugar-coated, easiiv swun.
1UM :.mJ - i - -;-vni,ul
v4 MWf aiways in qivr.
I have a very simple home treatment which I
7" 'T LiT? V! ,u"ln5 women. Cure,
icioi every nature, Moit won-
ijr ever Known
cugene, t.reswll, Drain, and all stations
from Koeburg to Ashland, inclusive
8:30 a.m.
11:00 a.m.
5:20 p.m.
lv. Portland ar.
lv. Salem lv.
nr. Roseb'g lv.
i North
1:40 p.m.
2:20 p.m.
8:30 a.m.
4:00 p.m.
0:15 p.m.
lv. Portland nr.
ar. Salem lv.
I North
10.-03 a.m.
8:00 a.m.
1 nave 95000 to loan inoneu-n
iracuon.ii part i:ot less ihin ii T.u
naicm (luring tne next 3jdjvi. ,Ui
wnn particulars,
... . J. II. HAWLEY,
aoOJ hiUrk street, : PortUti,!
Miss Bata's Sc
Will receive children from 3 yeiricnl
Special attention to beginners. All iJ
branches for theolder pupiU tanghl, ml
ing urawing. modeling, mnsic pliuwj
tistic l.eeflle work All work djnc o4i
dividual plan in which each chiUlil
vanced according to its own cipactr,!
terms and particulars apply to Mui Uli
lou. Twentieth and Chemekeusti.
German Lessoi
Given by a qualified teacher, a nou
01 ucimuny. Classes lot cniiaitasi
Sat lrday ut Channinc Hill. I
t : Mrs. Kapsev. 454 Marirl
Given on reasonable terms vv an cxpec
teacher. A. W$l
and second -class sleeping cars attached to all
uetween Portland and Corvallis, daily (ex-
iEfi ouimay, 1
7:3am.l I.v. Portland.
isiSpm.f Ar. Corvallis.
Ar (6:20 p.
Mbany and Corvallit miuim ...;..
tra.ns of Oregon Central & Eastern Railroad.
Weiceverv blade of crate n,.;n
e e thi; whole world of parchment made
Ana every woman a scribe by trade
To tell ihc merits of Balm of Fics
l.woo d drain ihin.un ... " '
Nor would iheKcroll contain 'the whole,
Though stretched from sky to skv.
Express train dally except Sunday.
4:45 p.
I L,v. I'oriland Ar.'
I Ar.
. JtfcMinville Lv
8:25 a.m.
6:50 a.m.
to all points in the Eastern States, Canada
and turope can be obtained at lowest rate!
E. P, ROGERS, Asst. G. f. & p. A
R.KOEHLER, Manager. PortU 0r'
1 county, Or
They posl.
pointed to devise ways and means for "Trc Is a considerable number of Wi f.,s! wJcUe and feuiove
iiiK iiwuebiaiul continuing the -tepublicans now arrayed with tim r; ""i"0' "
fair Without Mat .1.1 1, ..,"!? fn.i.ll.1. ....U Ml" U,e Mr-K-VAaoasw., or OtUr UU, LxHtr a..
... -. . ...1.. j if,,,..,,. -.ww v.biv. viLuirni. 11:11 in ,nw... .. ... jr.w ..i. u . -r
"i. mn: i not
Uck of the headache.
II usually cornea ou la
the forenoou,- At my
.. u ia.c ou or
two of Doctor rieice'i
raising the debt, and contlnuliu; tho
iaie am. President Jree -ver clement that the party will
Ol l lie trovernnr
BucWen'i Arnlc&
i The brtt Salve
uruises, K.ve, V
uinuu iuiiv cfuvi 1... -.. ,
the Democratic nartv."
If IHh dltuni Is correct the -tlma
honored principles" of both nartiea
iJn 'c',0! fo Co,. fPuut for uauSt and the dlvidlm?
Tni.rcirft.vl,"' "" nwdoou new issues and
l?S.3S Taiered a! Children Cry for
of rzzi
New factory shoes.piain ,
With toes and calks !
Handmade steel shoe, .;;;:;; I
Track shoeing .... "
Chemeketa street." "'"t
Makcsasrwialivnr;n. , . ' '
asr-sisigg -n"-. r sss.ssr
lT ir ."" nour my
headache U cured an!
no Ud effect. I feti
bltr ewry way for
.wf taKcu in
iw wane, ai l
a c:cr.i;.'a A...crican
f$L Agency for
YllAflR A.m
For Inrorm-tinn . y.7.1"-HT, tJ
rJ TVm Ukcn out hT t hiS'r?f
uvue or a naru tH. r". Ti-r--T--"'
C. H.
l r rv r.TT 1 rm rn
2U Com-n-rcitl st . SilemO(
rSuiti $15 upwards. Pants opwa
Chicago, Milffiii
ft Si. Paul Rj
M.lNEBOTAtlPS''4jV j
1 XHI tWAM,l
,Wl o W A X
tte MtuTbV rsasA5'i" ?? J
. o t.
n. .. U.I.....1.U ina '
ui me tnicaco, fliii"- -- -.u
Railway and note its connrtiio" -n
transcontinental lines at Su --''"
after UUae other kind.
.1..1 - mublou. rn inuiiir
".- r,'.,??ai.,.Hwe?kir,.3.,i wita
mV'B to u nrttwn.
-"ZI Tttu cUrlao
... i. t.n ic cuD;
jkicain. m cuuipuj- -z ...
tk ButTet. lihrarv. wnokinc and WJTL
-.t . 1- - Fiffl J'
free rccl.r.ing cna..., . lj9,
car eith as an eiecinc i . -a
or piu. Tit,,,, p,,.
Jh'.M ?.", wot', wok
new f-t,l v.m
i i Is a Don.BolMBaaa
chr "??.' ".
Jr.". or aor lnflimmi-
'i?i?' '"luilon or tniS.l
CVI..V -.,,
.it .K ht IV '
'" un.nB car, -.;-,,,.. W
utner ucs are longer .. -.,111
re shorter, and no other offers UJ
unous accommooanon. - - a
1 ii r ftt, amnts 19 fr'j
road office will Bive yon farther iw
itoher' Catto'rla'.11-
MH iiiw WCIShl If.
-" -.., uiocir tA.uk r
InKEfusbuiuiCo. bru,. 1iSac-5,ut,
JLVa?J; -L. &"L"t& PleueelwuiZTi .i.C0J oe.
rain-juTt,o.MHS neMbrUmnbta.
V nu. . .. . , rZT ' -WSbARD & SIMPKINS.
or . in Min nr
P7 !. KncaJJ ' tai
iijn n ...i." x r
-- - r
bAi.V ".r?l" -.
- - m uu
im. U.S.X. BT

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